A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 1

Title: A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 1

Author:  Big Sexy

Celebs: Rhyon Nicole Brown

Codes: MF, anal, oral, cons, nc, rom, first, spank, masturbation, footfetish

Disclaimer:  This is fiction!  None of this never happened.

This event start in L.A. by a guy name Raj!  Raj is 29 and half year old personal assistant of young actress Rhyon Nicole Brown best known for playing Lizzie Sutton on Lincoln Heights, Get Rich Or Die Trying & playing Michel’le  in the bio movie Surviving Compton.  Raj been working for Rhyon since 2005.  Him & Rhyon has such a great relationship.  They Get along very well.  Raj enjoys doing things for Rhyon running errands taking her & her shopping, getting her snacks & buying her food.  The two occasionally go to the basketball & football games to have fun.  They also enjoy going on trips to get for rest & relaxation.  Raj love making Rhyon happy.  He also very close to the family.  Rhyon really likes Raj.  Raj was always there for Rhyon .  He tutor her while she in college and helped pay for her college tuition as well.  Raj seems to be an around got it together guy however Raj has a secret a very dark personal that Rhyon doesn’t know is behind Raj’s kindness is another side to him.  Raj secretly has a crush on Rhyon  but that’s not the dark part.  The part is he is sexually attracted to Rhyon & wants to fuck her real bad.  He has it bad for Rhyon.  Since Rhyon was 13 Raj had a hard on. When Raj first started for Rhyon , Raj was 18 Rhyon was 13 at the time.  When Raj and Rhyon first met Raj thought it would great opportunity to help upcoming actress & he always his dream work with actors but when Rhyon  came down stairs she was wearing a green tank top and extremely red shorts and flip flop sandals.  Raj thought she was very cute.  Rhyon was exciting to be working with Raj.  You see when Rhyon saw Raj deeped down she had a big crush on him (typical teenage puppy love crush).  Rhyon want to greet Raj, but Raj was staring at Rhyon’s legs.  He couldn’t how nice & shiny & sexy they are on a 13 year old , he also started staring down at Rhyon’s  pretty feet & natural toenails.  Not only Raj was sexually attracted to Rhyon but he was also has a footfetish.  As Raj begin to stare at Rhyon’s body he begin to drool and get arouse until her mother came & greeted him.  Rhyon’s mother noticed Raj was drooling.

Rhyon’s mother: “Boy the what the hell is wrong with you.  Why are you drooling like that”?

Raj: Sorry haven’t had any lunch.

Rhyon’s mother:  Okay I’ve made some sandwiches you can come have lunch with us while give the interview.

Raj: “Okay but do have something very cold to drink?

Rhyon’s mother” Sure I have some pepsi in the fridge…Rhyon what hell you got on…girl go upstairs & put some clothes & stop walking like lil kim with you lil fast self.

Rhyon’s mother spanked her & sent Rhyon up to her room.  As Raj saw Rhyon’s booty being spanked & seeing those tight red short crawled up in her tight ass he was getting aroused & a major hard on. Raj was really attracted by Rhyon’s nicely shaped booty & wondering how it feels to stick his dick between her nicely round butt cheeks  Raj was puzzled and wondering why is he getting sexually aroused by this kid.  Then he notice his Johnson was sticking out.  It was 10 inches long & because he had on some tight jeans it looked noticeable so he quickly sat at the table try to cover his dick before it pops out.  As Rhyon’s mother gave the interview Raj quickly thought something very boring to get his dick down.  By the time he was no longer aroused Rhyon’s mother told him that he had got the job & he will start first thing tomorrow morning as she begins to film the tv show Lincoln Heights.  Later that evening sitting at home Raj was really disturb that he was sexually attracted to a minor & how much he wanted to fuck her.  He thought about quitting at first but he realize he needed money very bad because his rent is two months overdue & his lease in apartment is almost up.  Plus he have overdue bills to pay.  Later that night Raj was dream about him  being in a boiler room with rock hard dick & he saw Rhyon from behind butt naked. He snuck up on her & shove his huge long cock up her ass.  He was ramming and jamming his dick in her anal and he was enjoying it.  The two was sweaty and Rhyon was breathing real hard just until he was about to cum Raj woke up with hard dick and he was freaked out about what he had dreamed. He rushed into the showers and started masturbate very hard until he ejaculated all over the bath tub.  Raj was relieved but disturbed at the same time.  Fearing for sanity & fearing of becoming a pedophile he have found a way to control himself around Rhyon’s presence.  The next day before Raj went to work He went to the store & bought himself huge ice pack to put around his dick so he can work professionally.  And it worked for awhile.  Him and Rhyon got along & was able to though the day. It worked for the next three years until in 2008 Rhyon was sixteen and she was doing a photoshoot she had on a nice shirt and some white daisy dukes shorts and she was barefooted.  The shoot was going well until Raj came in bought Rhyon’s food as soon as he saw Rhyon & noticing how sexy & beautiful she has gotten, Raj quickly got aroused.  He took of ice & dumped it in his pants but the ice no longer working & his dick got even more harder.  His Johnson was sticking out & was ready pop out of Raj’s pants.  Raj tried to keep his dick down but it was no used.  As Rhyon went to grab her food she greeted Raj & asked him to rubbed lotion on her back.  Raj was nervous and freaking out as Rhyon lift her shirt up.  Raj realize Rhyon wasn’t wearing a bra which made his dick budge even more so.

Rhyon: “Raj what are you waiting for?  Please rub lotion on my back.

Raj was so horny he accidently squirted a gallon of lotion all over Rhyon’s back.  Rhyon had a weird looked on her face as she was wondering Raj used a huge load of lotion all over heard as he begin to rub her back. Raj was beginning to feel comfortable and enjoying rubbing lotion on her warm soft silky body.  Raj never felt anything like this before.  He been with many women but he never been with women who’s is so soft & smooth.  Rhyon was enjoying it as she feels Raj strong firm hands rubbing up & down her body.  Then suddenly Rhyon looked below & Raj pants zipper unzipped and his slung was beginning to pop out.  Rhyon was shocked but giggled at the same time and decided to have some fun with Raj,  As Raj continue to rub Rhyon’s back  Rhyon’s move Rajs hands down to her lower back side.  Raj was really getting turned on as Rhyon was secretly being turned on as well.  Rhyon decides to play around & shake her booty around. Raj was sweaty & dick even more harder as Rhyon  decided to rub her booty against Raj’s cock.  Then Raj begins to rub himself against Rhyon & enjoying it however Rhyon slowing starting to feel weird & uncomfortable.  She wanted to tell Raj to stop but as soon she was getting to ready to make him stop Raj’s huge cocked popped out of his pants.  Raj was horrified when he saw a bare slung sticking out in the air.  Raj quickly covered himself & ran to the bathroom  started to jackoff.  Rhyon giggled & laughed until she noticed there was white stuff on the back of shorts not realizing it wasn’t lotion it was Raj’s cum.  The photographer came to Rhyon & asked her what was going on her & her personal assistant. The she said nothing we just playing around but I really think he’s in badly need for some hot sex.  “Yeah I think you need to help him a find a girlfriend will bad.  Although it seem he is attracted to you” said the photographer.  “Yeah right!  He’s not my type.” said Rhyon in denial.  Meanwhile in the bathroom Raj wanted to ejaculate so bad but everyone was on the toilet.  Then Raj ripped the door down & toss the guy out of the toilet.

“Yo man I haven’t finished wipping my ass yet?” said one guy.

“Shut the fuck on up & get out of here.” said Raj.

Raj got on the toilet & jacking off until he squirting all over the washroom.  Raj was relieved once again.  Then suddenly a Janitor came in & he notice there was jizz all over the bathroom walls & mirror.

The Janitor: What the fuck?!?!

Then the Janitor saw Raj lying on the toilet with a relief.  He noticed the Raj was sexually active and want to have sex with Rhyon.  He also notice Raj was trying to feel on Rhyon as he was putting lotion on her.  The Janitor came up to Raj.

The Janitor: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, why you trying to front?  Why don’t just do it. Why tortured yourself?  Why don’t you want just have sex with that little girl? So why even front?  You know you want to fuck that little girl in the ass.  Just let it out.  Go inside her already.  Wham bam thank you ma’am!  Woo wee what a relief it is.  BANG! BANG! BANG!   What is holding you back son?


The Janitor:  So I won’t tell nobody!  I promise!  Just loan me twenty dollars & your secret is safe with me.

Raj got up & pulled his pants up & pushed the Janitor out of the way.

Raj:  Man just get the fuck on outta here.

As the Raj left Janitor screamed.


As the years went by Raj did everything to control himself.  He tried icy hot, ice cream, taking cold showers going to strip bars & having sex with other strippers but nothing work.  His sexual desire was getting stronger & stronger.  Rhyon as got older she was becoming more & more beautiful & attractive.  She was blossoming into a beautiful woman especially as hit her 21st birthday.  The hotter Rhyon became the hornier Raj has gotten.  He had more and more difficulties getting his dick under control.  By the time 2016 came Rhyon was 24 years old.  Rhyon was officially became an adult and legal.  Raj couldn’t believe how grown up & beautiful Rhyon has become.  However Raj couldn’t control his sexual desire to fuck Rhyon.  Raj soon realize that since Rhyon is officially legal he can finally get a chance to have a romantic relationship with her.  He can get a chance to ask her out on an actual date & finally get a chance to fuck Rhyon up the ass.  He figured eleven years is worth the wait.  He was finally going to get a chance to be more than Rhyon’s personal assistance.  So Raj was excited got into the shower get dressed heard over the Rhyon’s house.  When Raj  arrived at Rhyon’s crib the door was open but no one was home.

Raj:  Hello Rhyon are you home?

There was no answer soon he arrived at the back door Rhyon was lying down topless on her backside next to the swimming pool.  As Raj watched he started to a major hard on as Rhyon was taking snap chat photos of herself.  Soon Rhyon got up & decide take quick dip into the pool.  As Rhyon got up Raj saw Rhyon crack sticking out of her bikini bottom.  Raj’s dick got rock hard and started to jerk off.  He no longer felt guilty because Rhyon is over twenty one.  As Rhyon got out of the pool water was glistening all over her body.  Her booty was nicely fat and round.  Her tities was small but perfect with two dark brown nipples sticking out.  Raj almost lost his breath seeing Rhyon nicely small tities .  His mouth was drooling bigtimes as he so desperately want to suck the nipples off of those small tities of hers.  As Rhyon walked into the house Raj quickly hid behind the couch.  He didn’t want Rhyon to know he walked in unannounced and he was watching at the pool area.  Rhyon notice the door was opened. Rhyon was a bit suspicious on why the door was open so she quickly closed the door. & soon head to the bathroom to take a shower. As Rhyon  got into the bathroom.  raj tip toe quietly & peeped in the bathroom he saw Rhyon turning on the shower and took off her bikini bottom.  Raj was amazed to see Rhyon sexy pussy.  There was barely any hair on her pussy it was nicely lined up.  As Rhyon got into the shower & started washing up raj was watching & dropped his pants down & started to jackoff.  He was enjoying every minute of it.  As he was watching Rhyon something funny happened to her.  She felt like someone was watching but she begins get sexually active.  Rhyon’s nipples began to harden very stiff.  Rhyon couldn’t understand what was happening to her.  She feels someone was presence  & is watching her & it is was turning her on , not realizing Raj was watching.  Rhyon began to play with her pussy.  Raj was really getting turned on starting to jerk off even more as Rhyon was rubbing pussy even more.  Both was horny as fuck as the two was playing with themselves.  Raj was jerking off like crazy as he saw Rhyon’s butt cheeks smearing against the shower glad.  Rhyon was constantly fingering herself even more then she took a bar of soap and started to fuck herself with it.  Began to have a orgasm as Raj dick got even more harder.  Raj could no longer control himself.  His dick was rock hard and wanted to fuck the shit out of Rhyon.  He didn’t care he was ready to run in & hop into the shower with shower with Rhyon but as soon as he was ready to do his deed he was upside the head with a vase.  Turned out it was Rhyon’s sister Ravaughn.  And beat the crap out of Raj.

Ravaughn: What the hell you doing with your pants down watching my sister in the shower?  You fucking pervert!!!!!!

Raj:  It’s not what you think?

But Ravaughn continue to whopp Raj’s ass.

Ravaughn:  Shut the fuck up!!!!!!

Rhyon  suddenly heard noises & quickly got out of the shower and wrapped around herself as she ran out to see what was going on.  She quickly her sister beating up Raj!

Rhyon: Ravuaghn  STOP IT!!!!!!  STOP IT!!!!

Rhyon finally pulled Ravaughn off of Raj.  Rhyon was shocked as she saw Raj with his pants down.

Rhyon: Raj what the hell are you doing here with no pants on?

Raj quickly ran out of the house with no draws on.

Ravuaghn: Getting his asswhipped!

Rhyon: What!??

Later this evening Rhyon’s parents was all there as Ravaughn explained what has happened.   They were shocked & horrified to hear what was going on.  Ravaughn also mentioned Raj was jerking off won Rhyon pictures, magazines etc. for years.  They parents demanded the Rhyon fired Raj immediately but Rhyon refused & decides to give Raj the benefit of the doubt.  Rhyon folks are very disappointed in Rhyon’s decision making.

Ravaughn: You about one stupid girl!!!!!  You are making one big mistake.

Rhyon:  You’re just jealous!  Raj will never do anything hurt me.

The next evening Rhyon was laying on her couch barefoot reading a magazine until she heard the doorbell rang it. Rhyon opened the door & it was Raj.  Rhyon doesn’t whether or no she should invite him after what has happened yesterday.

Raj: Aren’t you going to let me in?

Rhyon: After what has happened I’m not sure.

Raj: Look I’m deeply sorry for what happened yesterday.

Rhyon: Why did you do that Raj!

Raj: I don’t know!  I don’t know what has come over me.  You have grown into such beautiful woman.  I just I lost control of myself.  Can you ever forgive me.  I promise this will never happened again.

Rhyon: Okay!

Raj: Let try focus on being friends and being professional.

The two sat & talk & drank wine for hours.  Rhyon revealed that when she was little she had a big crush on Raj.  Raj also revealed that he had feelings for as well. Raj also Rhyon she had very sexy legs.  Rhyon was flattered.  Raj noticed that Rhyon was barefoot and white toenail polished.

Raj:  You also have the most sexiest feet.

Rhyon: (laugh)  You’re really weird.

Raj: No I really mean it.  You most definitely know how to take care of your feet.

Rhyon: You’re drunk lol!

Soon Raj began to massage Rhyon’s feet.

Rhyon: Raj please don’t touch my feet…Oh my god that feels good.

Rhyon was enjoying getting her foot massage by Raj.

Raj:  You liked that huh?

Rhyon:  Oh yes please don’t stop.

Raj couldn’t believe how soft and pretty her feet was.  It was so soft and smooth.  It was a dream come true for Raj.  He’s finally rubbing Rhyon Nicole Brown’s feet.  Her feet wasn’t smelly or stinky.  It had a pleasant smell.  Her feet smell like fresh roses from the garden.  It felt like springtime.  Raj continue to massage Rhyon’s feet for hours until they both fell asleep.  Later that evening Rhyon woke up & notice & felt something weird was going on with her feet.  Rhyon saw Raj pouring win on her baresoles.  Rhyon was horrified as Raj began to lick her feet.  She quickly snatch her foot back.


Raj: I just want to have some fun with you.

Rhyon: I think it’s time for you to leave.

Raj refuse & soon he grabbed both Rhyon’s feet and started tickling her.

Rhyon: Raj stopped please don’t tickle my feet.  I hate being tickle.

Raj refuse to stop and continue to tickle her. Rhyon was hated being tickled & is now being annoyed by Raj refusing to stopped so she kicked him in the face to get him to stopped.  Raj love the taste of her feet.

Raj: That taste so good.  I want more.

Rhyon was shocked she tried to get away but Raj grabbed Rhyon by the anked & started to lick her lick a starving dog.  Rhyon was gross out by it & demanded Raj to stop.


But Raj continue to lick her feet as Rhyon was trying to fight him off of her.  Then Raj pull down his pants & pulled out his 10 inch dick.  Rhyon was horrified as Raj grabbed her other foot & started humping on her baresole.  Rhyon was grossed out by the whole thing as Raj was licking and humping her feet constantly.  Rhyon couldn’t escape & she wanted Raj to stop. Raj’s dick got rock hard as he continued to stroked his slung up and down & all around Rhyon’s baresole.   Raj was rubbing his dick against Rhyon baresole very rough & hard.  Rhyon begin crying.

Rhyon: Raj please stop you’re hurting me.

Raj continued to rub his dick on Rhyon’s foot until his hot steamy cum exploded all over her foot.  Rhyon was shocked & disgusted, she got up & slapped Raj & told him to leave.

Rhyon: GET OUT…GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!

Raj: But…


Raj left as Rhyon ran & soak her feet in the tub crying.  She couldn’t believe that Raj violated & molested her the way he did.  Rhyon wanted to tell her parents so bad but she doesn’t want let on that they were possibly right about him.

As Raj went home.  Raj couldn’t understand what came over him.  It was almost like he became this other person.  Someone he didn’t like and it started take over.  He hated being this other person but he enjoyed feeling & groping Rhyon.  Raj realize he was walking on a thin line.  He was about to lose his job and very good friend.  He needed to make it out to her Rhyon quick fast before he lose his job.  The next he went over to pick Rhyon up.  Rhyon was still pissed & refuses to talk to you.

Raj: Rhyon please let me explain what has happened.

Rhyon: Shut the fuck up!

Raj: Rhyon please!

Rhyon: Don’t fuckin’ touch me.  You lucky I don’t fired your ass or worst.

Raj: I was out of line & I had too much wine last night.  I’m sorry!

Rhyon: I don’t know…look I’ve been thinking it’s obvious you can’t control yourself so I think it’s best…

Raj:  Please give me one more chance.  Look we know each other for a very long time.  We’ve been friends far too long to let something like this come between us.  Your vacation time is coming up and you are overworked so instead of going out of town lets spend the weekend at the cottage I have rented in the woods.  Peace & quiet & relaxation.

Rhyon:  I don’t know Raj, I don’t think this is smart.

Raj: Haven’t I always been there for you?

Rhyon: Yes

Raj:  Let me make it up to you.

Rhyon  reluctantly agree to go one the trip with Raj.  And soon enough the two hugged & made up.  Everything was going well until Rhyon’s cell phone rang it was her boyfriend.  And he say he is coming over for the weekend to spend time with her.  Rhyon was so happy because she and her boy friend haven’t seen each other since she was filming Surviving Compton.  However Raj was shocked that all the years that he has worked with Rhyon not once she has mentioned that she had a boyfriend.

Rhyon:  Oh I’m sorry Raj but we have to postponed our trip my boyfriend is in town and I haven’t seen him in awhile so I need to spend time with him.

Raj:  Wait a minute you never mentioned you were seeing anybody.

Rhyon: I’ve mentioned this last year we’ve been seeing each other for five years

Raj:  I thought you liked me?

Rhyon:  I do but as a friend and a personal assistant.

Raj:  But you say you had a crush on me.

Rhyon:  Yeah but that when I was a long time ago.  I grew out of it.  Wait a minute you actually I fancy you?

Raj: Rhyon  I open my heart to you.

Rhyon:  You’re sweet but you are too old for me…sorry.

Raj was hurt and offended.

Rhyon: I gotta make this phone call right quick then you can take me to work.

As Rhyon was making a phone call Raj sitting down all broken hearted.  As Raj looked up he saw Rhyon talking on the phone.  Rhyon saw Raj all hurt and she really felt sorry for him so she gave him the sympathy look & blew him a kiss. Raj smile a little. As Rhyon turned around Raj was staring at Rhyon’s ass.  He started to get aroused.  Rhyon at Raj and smile.  She was giving mix signals.  Raj lust took over as his dick got rock hard he got up & walked up behind Rhyon & started groping her.  Rhyon was shocked & quickly pushed him off.


Suddenly Raj grabbed Rhyon & bent her over pulled down her pants as he pulled out his hard jammy & started to jerk off on Rhyon’s ass. He was rubbing himself against Rhyon silky white panties with with pink bunnies.  He was rubbing it roughly until he came all over her buttox.  Rhyon got up & slapped Raj again.  Raj soon tonge kissed Rhyon but she kicked him right in the balls. & through him out of the house.


Raj shock & in disbelief that he has lost his job and have his heart broken at the same time.  He ran home & started to tear up shit.  Suddenly an his lustful evil growing more and more and it finally took over.  Raj has now turned into a sex crazed freak and will stop at nothing to fuck Rhyon Nicole Brown.

The next day Rhyon was getting ready for her date. She had on a dark navy blue dress she dyed her hair blond and had on some sexy opened toe high heels shoes.  Rhyon was so excited to be with her date.  Suddenly the doorbell rang, Rhyon thought was her date but go to find out it was Raj.

Rhyon:  Raj what are you doing here?

Raj: I want to apologize.

Rhyon: Forget it!  I gave you chances after chances it’s over so don’t bother getting your job back.

Raj: Rhyon please!

Rhyon: Stay away from me.

Raj:  Can we talk?

Rhyon: I don’t want to talk to you so please leave or I’ll called the cops.

Raj: Alright, Alright I get the hint.  Can we at least end things as friends?

Rhyon: No!

Raj pulled out a couple of glass and a bottle of wine.

Rhyon: Raj which part of I done with you don’t you understand?

Raj: Come on baby!

Rhyon: I’m not your baby.  My boyfriend will be here any minute now and will not be happy seeing you here.

Raj wasn’t hearing that so pour the glasss of wine and spike Rhyon’s drink with Night Quill.

Raj:  Come on just one drink.

Rhyon:  pulled out the phone & getting ready to call the police.

Raj: Just one drink & I will leave.

Rhyon: Just one drink and after that you have to go.

Raj: Cheers!

The two drank.

Rhyon:  Okay you have your toast now get out.

But Raj won’t leave.

Rhyon: I say get out.

But Raj won’t budge.

Rhyon:  If you don’t leave by the time I count to 3 I’m calling the police…1…2…21/2

Then suddenly Rhyon passed out.  Raj scoop her up and carried.

Raj: Sorry Rhyon you are going this little trip raher you like it or not.

Raj threw Rhyon in the trunk of his car & drove off.  Raj was driving for hours and hours thinking all the sexual he was about to do to Rhyon.

The next day Rhyon woke up & saw she was in bed fill flower pedals and she was in her bra panties and barefoot as well. Raj soon arrived.

Raj: Morning beautiful.

Rhyon: Where am I?

Raj:  You are at my humble cottage I rented out.

Rhyon was frightened.

Rhyon: What are you going to do to me?

Raj: Not to worry we are going to have some fun.

Raj started to get undressed.  Rhyon started crying.

Rhyon: Please Raj!  Please don’t do this you’re much bigger than that.

Raj: I’m not going to hurt you!  I’m wanna fuck you!

Rhyon: Nooooo!

Raj:  Can’t you see this is fate.  Our bodies is attracted to one another.  And we need to be connected.

As Raj was getting undressed Rhyon took a vase and hit him over the head go to realize it was plastic.

Raj:  Oh you are going to get it now my little fuck toy.

Rhyon quickly ran but Raj grabbed her body slammed her to the bed and started kissing all over her.  Then he began to French kiss her,

Rhyon: Stopped I don’t wanna…you pig!!!!!

Rhyon soon kicked Raj in the balls and started screaming for help.  Raj grabbed Rhyon by the blouse and ripped it to shreds.  Rhyon kicked Raj & stomped him with bare feet.  Raj chase Rhyon over the cottage like cat & mouse.   Rhyon was finally an opened front door & ran out & screamed for help but Raj grabbed Rhyon by the ankled and slammed the door shut and locked it.

Raj:  Your cute little ass ain’t no where.  You belong to me now.

Rhyon:  Raj what happened to you?  This isn’t you at all.

Raj: Shut up.

Raj man handled and through Rhyon on the bed.  Soon Raj grabbed some dark red lipstick & told Rhyon to put it on.

Rhyon: I don’t want to.


Rhyon starting crying as she slowly putting on the lipstick.  Raj was getting impatience he snatch the lipstick and smear lipstick all over her face looking like a clown.  He soon grabbed Rhyon and they both looked in the mirror.

Raj:  Look at it…I say look at it dammit.  We both looked good together right?  Right?

Rhyon: ,,,,Right.

Raj:  Good enough to fuck right…am I good enough to fuck?

Rhyon:  I never say that…

Raj: Shut up and put it on me…I say put it on me.

Rhyon slowly looked a Raj eyes she pulled him closer to him and spitted in his face.

Raj was pissed that he grabbed Rhyon but he refused slugged her.  Raj maybe messed up but he was never a women beater so instead he tore off Rhyon panties and put her across his lap and spank her violently.  Raj was spanking the shit out of Rhyon.  He was spanking her hard.  Rhyon was crying begging & screaming him to stopped.  Raj was spanking Rhyon harder & harder until her rear end was totally red.  Then he kissed her butt cheek and said now the real fun begin.  Rhyon slowly tried to get away but Raj grabbed her and said I’m ready to feel you up with cum.  Rhyon saw Raj nine inch rock hard dick as begin scream and hollow as Raj slowly slide his dick in Rhyon sweet tight pussy.

Raj: Yes  it so damn tight.


Raj nine inch cock deeply in Rhyon’s pussy.

Raj:  Yeah that’s a lot of cock isn’t it.

Rhyon was crying and was rolling down her face.  Then Raj notice there blood was coming out of Rhyon’s  pussy. At first Raj though he his rock hard dick made her bleed. He soon realize that Rhyon was a virgin.  Rhyon first time want to be pleasant to it was going to get violent.

Raj:  Don’t cry my sweet little virgin. The first time is always painful but you get used it.

Soon he grabbed her breast & started humping Rhyon like crazy.  Raj was fucking Rhyon like crazy. He couldn’t believe he was finally fucking Rhyon Nicole Brown.  He was enjoying every minute of it.  Rhyon was screaming begging Raj to stopped. But Raj continue to fuck hard Rhyon harder and harder. Raj dick inside RHyon deeper and deeper and deeper until it was all the in.  The tighter Rhyon’s pussy was the harder Raj dick has gotten.  He continue hump very hard and violently until he came inside her. Hot seaman was pouring inside her.  Rhyon was in tears because this isn’t what first was going to be.

Rhyon:  You fuckin’ happy now?  You got what you wanted.  You probably got me pregnant you asshole.  Now let me go.

Raj:  No Rhyon the fun has just begun. You are going have my babies.  You make beautiful love together.

To Be Continued….

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