A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 2

Title: A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 2

Author: Big Sexy

Celebs: Rhyon Nicole Brown

Codes:  MF, anal, oral, cons, nc, rom, first, spank, masturbation, footfetish


This is fiction!  None of this never happened.

Raj’s  10 inch dick grew rock hard again.  His dick grew long hard inside Rhyon’s pussy.

Raj:  Awww now doesn’t that feel sooooooo good!!!!!!

Rhyon’s:  Nooo!!!!!!!  Please pulled it out!  Pull it up!!!!!!  Take it out of me.  I don’t want that inside of my please!!!!!

Raj!  Sure right after I’m don’t fucking you.

Raj got on top of Rhyon & started fucking her like crazy.  He never fuck anything like this before.  He has never fucked a virgin.  He was fucking & pumping Rhyon like crazy. Rhyon tried to get him off of her but he was too big & heavy.  Raj was constantly banging Rhyon very hard.  He grabbed on to the bed rims as he was tearing that pussy up.  Rhyon was in so much pain, she didn’t know when he was going to stop.  Raj was banging Rhyon harder and harder until he pop Rhyon cherry and he busted a huge wide load of hot seamen inside her.  Rhyon was relieved that he finally stopped  Blood and seaman was dripping out of Rhyon’s battered pussy but Raj’s dick was still inside Rhyon & still was still rock solid hard.  Raj got second wind & fuck Rhyon some more.  Rhyon was hurting & crying.

Rhyon: Please stop….you’re really hurting me.

Raj:  Shut up!  I’ll stop when I feel like stopping.  Not take  this dick bitch.

Raj was fucking the Rhyon even harder.  The two was sweaty as Raj continue to bang Rhyon very hard.  Soon his dick was making a huge slurping noise as his meat was beating inside Rhyon’s pussy.

Raj: Oh yes I love the sound of that.

Rhyon:  You’re disgusting!

Raj: Shut up!  You’re know  you’re enjoying this shit.

Raj continue to hump Rhyon’s pussy hard.  Raj rock hard dick was killing Rhyon.

Raj: Oh yes it’s hurts doesn’t it…You like that don’t you?  Does it hurt?  Does it really hurt?

Rhyon : FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Raj: You’re the one is being fucked.

As Raj continue to fucked Rhyon , he saw Rhyon’s tits jiggling around so Raj pulled out her cell phone & starting posting snap chat videos of her tits.

Rhyon: Please stop!!!!  Don’t record me.  Please!

Raj: You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about your body.  It is a work of art.

Rhyon was hurt & humiliated.

Rhyon:  Please hurry up & cum already.

Raj release huge load of cum inside Rhyon.

Raj: Awwwwwwwwwwwww  That’s feeeeeeeeeeel soooooooooo goooooooooood!!!!!!!!

Rhyon:  Please you are wearing me out.   Take it out of me now.

But Raj’s dick got hard again & he lift Rhyon’s legs upin the air  & started to lick her feet while fucking her.  This went on for hours and hours nonstop.  All morning, all afternoon, & all evening.  By then  Rhyon was worn out.  Rhyon was wondering when Raj was going to stop.  Her body was numb. Raj’s dick felt like it was glued inside Rhyon’s pussy.  Then suddenly Raj’s head of his dick has touched Rhyon’s cliterus & Rhyon was turned on as her nipples grew long & hard.  Raj’s dick & Rhyon’s cliterus was rubbing each other.  Rhyon was breathing hard as something took over her body. Then Raj’s head of his dick got inside of Rhyon’s cliterus which made Raj even hornier.  He fucked her even more.  Rhyon was about lose control.  She tried to fight it but it was too late she screamed out a huge orgasm as Raj exploded a huge load of cum as Rhyon climx all over Raj.  Rhyon was shocked & confused.  The two collapsed in bed exhausted.

Rhyon: Oh my God!  what just happened to me?  What the hell did you do to me?

Raj:  Haha You just had your first sexual orgasm.  And it was beautiful.

Rhyon: Shut up!

Raj was kissing & licking Rhyon’s backside.

Raj:  Hmmm you taste so good.  Admit you liked it.

Rhyon: No I don’t!  I hate it. I hate  every minute of it & I fucking hate you.

Raj:  Don’t lie about it.  You nipple is hard & your cum is all over the bed with mine.

Rhyon: You’re sick!  You didn’t make me cum.

Raj:  Okay so lets try this again.

Rhyon: No wait.

Raj: Nope too late.

Raj opened Rhyon’s legs and started fingering her & started to play with her clit.  He was pulling & twisting her cliterus ,  Rhyon was getting turn on.  Then Raj was pulling on Rhyon;’s clit some more & started jerking her off.  He was doing it very hard.  Rhyon’s nipples was growing ling & hard.  She was wriggling her toes.  Rhyon lost control of herself again & climax all over the bed,

Raj:  You’re nasty little girl aren’t you?  Come on, cum for me again my nasty little girl.  Cum for daddy.

Raj continue to jerk Rhyon off again by pulling on clits and quirting all over the bed.  It happened all night until Rhyon fell asleep.  While Rhyon was sleep Raj was licking cum off of her legs.  He love the taste of Rhyon’s cum.  It tasted like sweet nectar mix with cinnamon.  Then he reached up to Rhyon’s pussy & started to eat her out.  Rhyon was moaning & groaning as Raj was giving her oral sex.  Rhyon was being turned on in her sleep.  She was stroking her feet up & down Raj’s back .  Raj felt Rhyon’s soft soles rubbing up & down back which was turning him on even more. As Raj continue to eat Rhyon’s pussy starting to climax inside Raj’s mouth.  Raj’s mouth was filled with Rhyon cum.  He soon swallowed every dropped of it & sucked Rhyon dry.  Soon Raj started to fuck Rhyon in her sleep. Raj was banging Rhyon very hard until exploded cum inside of her & finally fell asleep with a hard dick inside Rhyon’s pussy.

The next day Rhyon woke up hoping it was a bad dream.  But it wasn’t she realize Raj was on top of her sleeping & his rock hard dick was still inside of her.  Rhyon was also shock & horrified to see there was shrine of pictures of her butt naked..  Raj finally woke up & kissed Rhyon.  Rhyon tried to pull back but Raj kissed her passionally then he kissed kissed all over her body.

Raj: Morning beautiful!  I see you are admiring my work of art.

Rhyon: You sick bastard!  You’re not going to get away with all this.   Just wait until I tell the police.

Raj:  You’re not going to call the police.  You love me too much & you want me real bad.

Rhyon: Fuck You!  You make me sick.

Raj:  You lying again.  Just look at your body!  You are getting aroused right now.

Rhyon: Stop it!  Stop saying that.

Raj reached over & starting pulling on her Rhyon’s nipples.  Rhyon was getting turned on.

Raj:  You see my little sweet pea you cannot denied our destined to be together.  You mouth is saying no but your body is saying yes.  Admit it you want me.

Rhyon: SHUT UP!!!!!!

Raj: Face it once our body was finally connected sparks was flying.  We belong together.

Rhyon: Stop it just stop it.  I want to go home.  Please take me home.

Raj: No way we are at day 2 on our trip.

Raj continue to play with Rhyon’s tits.

Rhyon:  Please stop!

Raj:  What’s the matter don’t you like you sweet little titties?  I sure do.  It turn me on.

Rhyon: Please to stop!  I don’t like the being touch like that.

Raj continue to pull and suck on Rhyon’s titties.  Until Rhyon slap him.

Rhyon: I SAY STOP!!!!!!

Raj grabbed Rhyon’s hand.

Raj: Careful…Careful!!!!!!  Do don’t pissed me off.  I repeat do not pissed me off.

Suddenly Raj flipped Rhyon over & hogtied her.  Then he took pictures of her being hogtied.

Raj: Perfect!

Raj went to the bathroom & wash the slime off of his dick & got dressed.

Raj:  I’ll be back my little butterfly.  We have a long day ahead of us.

Raj left Rhyon in the cottage butt naked & hogtied. Rhyon crying because not only she’s been violated but something evil has took over Raj and she want her friend snap of it quick.

To Be Continued….

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