A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 3

Title:  A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 3

Author: Big Sexy

Celebs: Rhyon Nicole Brown

Codes: MF, anal, oral, cons, nc, rom, first, spank, masturbation, footfetish

Disclaimer:  This is fiction!  None of this never happened.

A couple hours later Raj return with a bag of food, a bottle of wine, Vaseline, & whipped cream.  Raj pulled out a knife, Rhyon was horrified fearing that he is going to kill her but Raj cut the ropes off of Rhyon & untied her & he pulled out the bag & gave Rhyon a couple of hamburgers.

Raj: Eat up…you’re need your strength.

Rhyon quickly got to the corner savage down the burgers. Raj also gave Rhyon a soda pop to wash it down.  After they both finished eating Raj dragged Rhyon to the bathroom.  Rhyon needed to privacy he begged & pleaded with Raj to let her used the bathroom in peace.  Raj decided to give Rhyon privacy.  While Rhyon was in the bathroom Raj changed the linen on the bed & put in fresh new sheets.  He was getting undressed so he can get ready to have more sexual pleasure with Rhyon.  Raj heard showers running reckoning that Rhyon was washing up.  Raj clhilled & waited for over an hour.  He was wondering what was taking Rhyon so long so he went into the bathroom shower was still running but Rhyon was nowhere in sight then he saw an opened window & discover that Rhyon had escaped.  Raj ran the cottage looking for Rhyon.  Realizing Rhyon is butt naked she wouldn’t get too far.  Meanwhile Rhyon was running in the woods butt naked screaming for help.  She looked everywhere but there were no other people in sight.  Suddenly she saw a camp area with a family having fun.  Rhyon thought she was finally saved.  But as soon as she was about scream for help Raj grabbed Rhyon.  Rhyon struggle to break free from Raj but he was too strong.  However a child spotted the two in woods.  Rhyon saw the kid & screamed for help.  Suddenly the child mother & father came up.

Mom:  Junior what’s going on? What are you looking at?

Junior. Mommy, I ‘m watching naked man wrestling a naked girl around the woods.

The mother saw what his son was talking about.  She was shocked of what she saw. But she thought they were couple of crazy kids horse playing.

Rhyon:  Please help me!

Mom: SMH!  You too  out to be ashame of yourself.  There are children presence for crying out aloud.  Come on Junior you are much too young to see this foolishness.

The mother grabbed her son & left.


Rhyon tried to run after them but Raj grabbed her.

Raj: Get you little ass over here & shut fuck up!

Rhyon: LET ME GO…LET ME GO!!!!!

Suddenly Raj grabbed Rhyon by the throat.  Rhyon was very frightened

Raj:  Look you really starting to pissed me off…now I don’t want to hurt you but you are really pushing it.  If you scream or make another sound I will break you damn neck.  Do you hear me..I SAY DO YOU HEAR!!!!

Rhyon cried yes!

Raj: Now get your ass over here.

Raj dragged Rhyon back to the cottage. As soon as they got back into the cottage the two into the bathroom, the shower was still running.  Raj through Rhyon into shower locked doors and window & got into the shower with her. Raj bent Rhyon over & shover his cock in her pussy.  He was planning on shoving his dick in Rhyon’s ass but wanted to save that for a later time.  Raj took a bar of soap & started lather her up.  As the soap & water started glistering all over Rhyon’s body Raj’s dick got rock hard again & he grabbed Rhyon’s arm & started fucking her in the showers.

Rhyon:  STOP!  I’m too sore right now.

Raj continued banged her.

Raj:  Yes Yes that’s it!  Hump I say hump!!!!

And Raj spanked Rhyon’s  ass.

Rhyon: Owww!

Raj continue smack Rhyon’s ass cheeks.

Rhyon: Stop it!!!!!!

Raj: Shut up & fuck!!!!!

Rhyon: No!!!!!

Raj continue smacking Rhyon’s ass until her butt cheeks was red.  Rhyon finally gave in.

Raj: YES!!!!!  That’s humped that fat long dick.  Make my dick feel good.

Raj kept humping Rhyon harder & harder.  His dick inside Rhyon’s pussy was deeper & deeper.  Both of them was getting aroused.  Rhyon tried hard not to let out another orgasms but her nipples was growing & it was getting hard.  Rhyon’s crawled backed her toes to keep from cumming but it was no use Raj 10 inch dick was too lethal.  And Raj exploded loads and loads of cum inside Rhyon.  And soon Rhyon screamed out a loud orgasm as she squirted and climax as well.  The two came all over the bath tub.  They were both wet & sticky. Raj slowly his dick out of Rhyon’s pussy hole.  Rhyon’s pussy was dripping with his & her cum. Raj scoop Rhyon’s cum off her pussy & licked his finger.

Raj:  Boy that was good.

Rhyon slapped Raj hard.


Raj:  Come Comenow just admit it you enjoyed it.  You love my dick.  My Dick loves you.  And my dick loves your pussy.  Your pussy love my dick.

Rhyon: SHUT UP!!!!!!!

Raj:  My Dick & Your Pussy wants to be together as we do.  We are destined to be together.


Raj:  You know it’s true.  Don’t deny it  You can’t resist me.

Raj then took a sponge & started washing her down. Then Raj grabbed Rhyon’s foot * lathered her foot with soap and started washing her feet with his cock.  Rhyon was in tears as her feet was being molested again.  Raj was stroking his dick all over Rhyon’s bare soles.  Then Raj was stroking his dick between Rhyon toes.  Raj’s dick got rock hard..  It got so hard Raj came all over Rhyon bare soles.  Raj felt so relieved cumming on Rhyon feet.  Then he started licking Rhyon’s feet for hours and he washed it. Afterwards he was washing Rhyon lower backside. Moments later Raj stated to lick the crack of Rhyon’s ass.

Rhyon: Oh My GOD!!!!!  WHAT DOING??!??! STOP…THAT’S GROSS.

Raj suddenly grabbed Rhyon’s legs started licking & eating Rhyon’s asshole out.  Rhyon’s bootyhole was not like no other.  It was nice & clean and it didn’t stink.  Rhyon knew how to take care of her body especially her personal hygiene.  Raj couldn’t believe he was eating Rhyon Nicole Brown’s booty hole out.  Rhyon’s tasted so good.  It taste like sweet candy.  Rhyon felt weak & vunerable as Raj continue to lick her ass and played with Rhyon’s pussy.  Rhyon started to get turned on again.  Moment later Rhyon climax again. Then Raj took the spong & started to wash Rhyon’s pussy.  Raj was washing Rhyon’s pussy roughly.

Rhyon:  Please stop you’re hurting me…no more!

Raj continued to scrub her pussy.  Then Rhyon got turned on again and climax all over herself.  Raj laughed as Rhyon was in tears.

Raj:  You nasty little girl.  You love cumming for me don’t you.

Rhyon:  Please stop saying stuff like that.

Then Raj started to eat Rhyon’s pussy out.  Rhyon starting to get turned on again.  Rhyon thought to herself “I got to fight this.  I can’t let him give anymore satisfaction.”  Raj continue to play and eat Rhyon’s pussy out.

Raj:  Oh come on Rhyon don’t want to cum for daddy?  Please cum for me.

Rhyon: Please stop touching & licking me.

But Raj wouldn’t stop. He love eating Rhyon’s pussy because she Rhyon Freaking  Nicole Brown!!!!!!! Rhyon was fighting with all of her might not to cum but when Raj squeezed Rhyon’s sexy butt cheeks she climaxed all over Raj’s mouth.  Raj enjoyed it every minute of it.  After Raj finished eating Rhyon out, he told her to get down on her knees.

Rhyon: What?

Raj:  You heard me!  I say get down on you knees.

Rhyon: No!

Raj:  Do it before I hurt you.

Rhyon reluntantly got down on her knees.

Raj:  Now that I’m done eating you out.  It’s your turn.

Rhyon:  What are you talking about?

Raj:  I want a blow job!  I want it now.  So bitch hit me off.

As soon Rhyon saw Raj 10 inch huge cock she jumped out of the showers & tried to escape, but Raj grabbed her & through her back into the showers.  Then Raj pulled Rhyon by the hair.  He pulled her up to her knees.

Raj: Alright my beautiful nasty little butterfly do it nice & slow.  And if you even think about biting me I will snapped your damn neck in half. Do you hear me?  I SAY DO YOU HEAR ME?

Rhyon: YES!!!!!

Raj: Now Get Ready To  SUCK IT!!!!!!!

Raj suddenly shover his dick down Rhyon throat. Raj been wanting to fuck Rhyon’s  pouting little mouth of her. Raj cock was so long & big it barely fit in Rhyon’s mouth.

Raj: Aww yeah that feel soooo good.

Rhyon hated every minute of it.  She hated every minute of it.  She hardly breath plus she was grossed out by the taste of Raj’s cock.  It was greasy, slimy & salty.  Rhyon  felt nauseous & felt like throwing up but couldn’t because of Raj’s long & huge cock.  Raj continue to ram his cock down Rhyon throat.  Rhyon couldn’t breathe, she was suffocating real bad that the only way she could get him to stop is to suck his dick.  Rhyon reluctantly started to suck Raj”s dick.  Raj finally was getting pleasure.  He was in disbelief .  Raj couldn’t believe that his dick was being sucked by Rhyon Nicole Brown.  Raj grabbed Rhyon’s full of hair and continue to fuck her mouth.

Raj: YES…That’s right!!!!! Suck that delicious dick.  Suck that nice fat meaty dick.

Rhyon was sucking it real hard like her life depended on it.  Then suddenly Raj cum in Rhyon’s mouth.

Raj:  Now swallow every drop of it.  Swallow it now!!!!!

Rhyon swallow every Raj hot seaman.

After that Raj turned off & got out of the shower realizing it was mid afternoon.  Raj had a great time being in the shower with Rhyon.

Raj:  Alright had our little fun in the showers.  You earned yourself a little rest for 15 minutes.  Then we will start again in bed. As Raj left Rhyon crawled out of the bathtub. Drinking Raj’ jizz made Rhyon sick she got the toilet and threw up..  Suddenly she discovered there were cameras on the walls.  Rhyon realized camera was recording. the whole time.  Rhyon grabbed the cameras & smashed them to pieces & broke down crying.

Rhyon: I hate him!  I really really hate him!  How could he do this to me?

Rhyon was also disturbed that she starting to enjoy Raj fucking her.  Rhyon continue sobbing & crying.

To Be Continued….

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