A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 5

Title: A Weekend With Rhyon Nicole Brown Pt. 5

Author: Big Sexy

Celebs: Rhyon Nicole Brown

Codes: MF, anal, oral, cons, nc, rom, first, spank, masturbation, footfetish

Disclaimer:  This is fiction.  None of this never happened.

Raj continue to force shove his 10 inch cock down Rhyon’s throat.  Raj was fucking Rhyon’s mouth nonstop as a tortured abused Rhyon continued to suck Raj’s big fat long dick.  Rhyon was gross out by the whole thing.

Raj:  That’s right!  That’s a girl!  Suck it real nice.

Rhyon’s stomach beginning turned as she kept sucking Raj’s dick.  The more Rhyon sucked on Raj’s dick that nastier it taste.  Rhyon really hated to taste of Raj cock & she couldn’t take another taste.  Rhyon began gagging & spitting up on Raj on dick.  Raj’s just laughed.

Raj:  Haha good stuff huh.  Now keep sucking.

Raj forced his dick down Rhyon’s throat again as Rhyon continued to gag & spit up again.  This went on for over an hour until Rhyon kept gagging and finally ended up throwing up all over Raj’s cock.  This angered Raj so he bitched slapped Rhyon across the floor.


Rhyon got a towel & wiped the vomit off the floor & off of Raj’s dick.  Then Rhyon went back to sucking Raj’s dick.  Raj’s dick got extremely rock hard as Rhyon continue to sucked  Raj was ready to explode another load of cum.  But he wasn’t to cum just yet.  Raj started to take pictures of Rhyon sucking his dick.  He couldn’t belive that his was sucked by Rhyon freaking Nicole Brown.  Raj was finally ready to cum so he did a snacp chat video of him cumming all over Rhyon’s mouth.

Raj:  Get ready babe….here it comes…Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggh……..yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!!

Raj exploded jizz all in Rhyon’s mouth.  Rhyon tried to spit out Raj’s cock.  But Raj kept his dick inside Rhyon’s mouth.

Raj:  Uh Uh keep that cock in your fucking mouth until I finish cumming.

Rhyon was trying fight Raj but Raj kept her mouth locked into his cock.  His cock conitnue to squirt out cum until it was completely full.

Rhyon was a mess.  Her mouth was fill with cum.  it was dripping from her lips.  Rhyon looked like Greta from Nightmare from Elm Street Pt. 5 when Freddy suffed her with food.  Raj grabbed  Rhyon by the hair & told her to swallow every dropped.  Rhyon reluctantly  swallowed Raj’s cum which made her sick again so she ran into the bathroom & threw up in the toilet again.  Raj walked in.

Raj:  Get up!

Rhyon: Please No more!  That’s enough please just leave me alone.

Raj: I’m not finished.  We got more to do.

Rhyon: No!!!!  This is gross.

Raj:  Looked you ass pregnant yet.  My sperm is strong & fast but not that fast so get your ass up.

Rhyon:  Please want to go home (crying)

Raj grabbed picked Rhyon up & took her back to the bedroom.

Raj:  Alright times to have some real fun.  Climb up & ride my cock.

Rhyon: No! (sobbing)

Raj: I SAY DO IT….DO IT NOW!!!!!!!

Rhyon climbed up & Raj slowly slid his rock hard dick into Rhyon’s pussy.

Raj: Yeeesssss!!!

Rhyon: Stop this really hurts!!!!!!

Raj: Shut up! I want it hurt.

Rhyon’s pussy hole went all the way down on Raj’s dick. Rhyon was in so much pain.  Her pussy was stuffed with Raj 10 inch cock. Raj started to move his dick around.

Raj:  Now my nasty little butterfly ride my fucking cock…I SAID IT RIDE IT!!!!!

Raj roughly humped Rhyon as she began to hump his dick. Raj’s dick was making a slurping noise as Rhyon humping his dick.  The Raj started to hump & move his dick around in Rhyon’s pussy.

Raj:  This is a found ride isn’t?

Rhyon: No…please stop!!!!!  You’re hurting me.

Raj: Ride my fucking cock!  Ride my cock.  I love the feel of you wet pussy.

Rhyon continue ride Raj dick as he grabbed Rhyon & sinked his dick even further down her pussy.  Rhyon tried to fight Raj off.  Rhyon finally broke free & ran into corner crying.

Raj: Get your ass back over here right now.

Rhyon: Please no more!  (crying)

Raj: Do it before I get really angry.

Rhyon: Okay!

Rhyon went back & climbed up on Raj’s dick & continued to ride on for the next several hours.

Raj:  Ride my fuckin’ cock!  Ride my fuckin’!  I want to get in your pussy!  I want to get in your fucking pussy!  Ride my cock!  Ride fucking bitch!!!!!!  I love your fuckin’ pussy!  You wet pussy is so nice & tight.

Rhyon: Stop!!!!!

Then Raj pulled Rhyon’s haired & told her to ride on his dick some.  The two was sweating like crazy as Raj continue to hump the shit out of Rhyon.  It continued to go on for hours & hours.  Rhyon was sweating like a pig.  Rhyon tits was getting big & her pussy juice was dripping all over Raj’s dick.  Raj kept on humping Rhyon.  He did it very rough & fast.

Raj: Ride My cock, This it Ride my fucking cock.  My cock love your pussy & your pussy love my cock so keep riding.  Harder Harder Harder!!!!!

Rhyon kept riding and she starting getting horny again.

Raj: Oh yes I love this!  Who pussy is this?  Who Pussy Is This?

Rhyon: YOURS!!!!!!

Raj: Say it again!  Say it loud!!!!!!


The Raj was banging her even harder.

Raj: Called me daddy!!!!

Rhyon: No!

Then Raj slapped her.

Raj: Say it bitch!  Say fuck mE daddy.

Rhyon: Fuck me daddy!

Raj: Say it again. Say it louder!

Rhyon:  FUCK ME DADDY!!!!!

Raj: Keep saying it.


Raj got more hornier everyime Rhyon kept saying.  It went on for hours.


Rhyon:  YOU ARE!!!!!

Raj: Am I What?


Raj: I can’t hear you.


Raj contimued to fuck & Rhyon very hard until Rhyon screamed out an orgasm.


Rhyon climaxed all over Raj dick….minutes later Raj came inside Rhyon pussy.  Raj was feeling Rhyon’s pussy up with cum.

Raj: Awwwwwwwww Yeeeeeeeessss!!!!!!

The bed became big mess as aj finished cumming.  Rhyon slid off of Raj’s cock & fell on the floor as Raj fell on the bed fully relieved.

Raj: Goddamn that feels so good.

Rhyon was sobbing & crying as Raj was laughing his ass off.

Raj:  That was fucking fun wasn’t it?

Rhyon: No I hate it!  I hate every minute of it. (sobbing it)

Raj: Still lying aren’t you?  You loved minute of it.  I admit it.  You love me.

Rhyon: Fuck you!  I Hate You!  I Hate You More Than Ever Now!  You Fucking Bastard!!!!!!

Raj: You know that potty mouth of yours is really starting to get old.

Rhyon: Fuck you!  You’re not going to get away with all this.  My folks are going realize that I’m missing & they are going to come looking for me.

Raj:  You silly little girl.  You really think they will come looking for you.  While you weren’t paying any attention set up contest & your folks won a romantic curise for a month & your spoke with your sister’s maanage & was pay him to booked her on a tour opening up for Beyonce & Alicia Keys for a whole year.  I finally got you for myself.

Rhyon: You’re asshole.  I want go home.

Raj: You should about that before you rejected me.  Now take your ass in shower & was yourself up as we get ready for a late night sex.

Rhyon got up & as she walked into the bathroom Raj spanked her ass.

Raj: I just love how you bootyfied ass bounce just like jelly.  Oh an Rhyon if you even think about escaping again…don’t .  The windows is glued & locked shut & the doors locked wit a combinations number you don’t know about.  So your ass is stuck with me rather you like it or not.

As Rhyon stepped in & turned on the showers she crawled into a fetus position again.  And cried her eyes out realizing she is prisoner & Raj’s sex slave.  Then she started to wash up.  She was bruised and blood rolled down her pussy.  Rhyon felt like a dirty slut & was ashame of herself.  While Rhyon was taking her shower.  Raj changed the sheets on the bed again & took some extra strength viagra to get ready for his next dirty deed.  He wanted to last all night.  As Rhyon finished showering & dried herself off. She stepped out of the bathroom & saw the bed was made with bondage.  Raj was ready to tied Rhyon up again.

Rhyon:  Please let me go.  You have done every disgusting thing you could do to me.

Raj: Not everything!  There’s one thing I have done yet?  I’ve was preparing myself & waiting for this for a long time.  I’ve been saving the best for lat.

Rhyon:  What’s that?

Raj: I want to fuck you in the ass.

Rhyon: Noooooooooo!!!!!!

Raj: Oh yes!  I want to tear that sweet little booty hole up.  Now get your bootyfied ass in the bed.

Rhyon:  No!  Leave my ass alone!

Raj backed Rhyon up against bed.


Raj smile then he slapped Rhyon acrossed the face as she fell down on the bed.  Raj grabbed her left foot & tied it against the bed rim.  Then he grabbed Rhyon’s other foot & tied it to the other side of the bed rim.  Then he tied did the same with Rhyon’s both hands & tied them against the bed rim.  Rhyon was pinned & tied down on her backside.  Raj took some vaseline & started to il her booty.  Her ass was nice & shiny.  Raj was taking pictures of Rhyon’s bare ass.

Raj: I’m definitely going to post this on instagram.

Rhyon was shock &  humiliated.  Then Raj opened up Rhyon’s butt cheeks very wide & started to spit in her bootyhole.  Then he took some vaseline & started oil her butthole.

Raj:  Feel good don’t it.

Rhyon was crying fearing about what was about happened next.  Raj turned on some jungle music minutes later Raj solid rock hard dick slowly went up Rhyon’s ass.  Rhyon was screaming from the top of her lungs.  Rhyon was never felt this much pain before.  It felt like a hot steamed spear being shoved up her ass.

Rhyon: Arrrrrrggggggggghh….Oh God You Killing Me….Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Moment laters Raj started fucking from in her asshole.  Rhyon was screaming like crazying & squriming around as she tried to break loose butt the bondage was much too tight & Raj was too strong.  Raj kept fucking Rhyon like crazy.  He was ripping her bootyhole to shreds .  Blood started to run down Rhyon’s legs.

Rhyon:  OH GOD STOP IT!!!! STOP IT!!!!!! GET OFF PLEASE!!!!!!  NO MORE!!!!!

Rhyon continue to scream from the stop the top of her lungs.  Raj finally covered her mouth to shut her up.  Raj was enjoying every minute of it.  His dreams had finally came true.  Raj couldn’t believe he was finally fucking Rhyon Nicole Brown up the ass.  He felt like a horny dog in heat.  Raj was so happy that he was doing Rhyon Nicole Brown Doggystyle.  Rhyon’s anal was so nice & tight.   This went on for over an hour.  Raj was humping Rhyon booty back & forth, sideways & all around likke crazy.

Raj: Yes that’s it faster harder faster harder harder harder faster faster.

Moments later  he let out a huge orgasim and came inside Rhyon asshole.


Raj collasped in bed while he was kissing a very exhausted & sweaty Rhyon on her side face & started lick her her back. As Rhyon cried.

Rhyon:  You’re fucking happy now?  (crying)

Raj: Hell Yeah!  That was so good beautiful.  That felt so damn good!!!!!

Rhyon:  Please take it out of me & untie me.

Raj: Nah I want treasured this moment .  You got some stuff.  My dick feels so good in your ass.

Rhyon:  Shut up.

Moments later Rhyon felt Raj’s cock growing hard inside her anal again.  Then suddenly Rhyon’s butt cheeks closing in.   It was closed tight between Raj’s cock.

Raj: Haha looks like your booty hole is attracted to my cock as well.  We it’s time for round two.

Rhyon: Nooooooooooooo!!!!!  PULL IT OUT!!!!!! PULL IT OUT!!!!!!

But Raj kept fucking Rhyon in the ass. This went on all night until Rhyon finally passed out.  The next morning Rhyon woke up.   She realized she was still tied to the bed on her backside & Raj was on top of her & his rock hard dick was still inside her anal.  Rhyon was humiliated & tramautized. Raj finally woke up & kissed Rhyon.

Raj: Morning beautiful.  That’s one hell of a night. wasn’t it.

Raj got up he finally pulled his long dick out of Rhyon’s ass.  His dick was covered with seaman, blood, & shit.  Raj was the happiest man alive.  He finally fucked Rhyon in the ass.  Raj showered & got dressed.  Be right back beautiful.  Raj left leaving Rhyon once again butt naked & tied up.  However Rhyon slowly realize her butthole felt cold.  Rhyon was actually felt comfortable having Raj cock in her ass.  Then she realize as painful as it was Rhyon actually enjoyed being fucked in the ass.  Hours later Raj returned with some breakfast pizza.  Rhyon looked up Raj.

Rhyon: Raj please!  Untie me!  You can’t keep me tie up like this so please untie.  You not that evil please.  You got what you wanted.

Raj saw Rhyon innocent look on her face.  I didn’t know why but he knew he needed to untied.  Still horny Raj slowly licked her whole body including her legs and feet he pulled out a knife cut off the ropes & untied Rhyon.  Raj gave Rhyon a few slices of pizzas.  Rhyon slowly began to notices how attractive Raj was.  THe two ate the pizza quietly.  Didn’t say a word.  After they ate Raj told Rhyon to go wash up and he wanted to fuck her in the ass again.  Rhyon didn’t know why but she was looking forward to all this.  While in the showers Rhyon was confused was wondering why was she feeling this way.  This is same guy that raped her.  Then Rhyon that Raj was right she was starting to fall in love with him then she realize Rhyon always wanted to be wit Raj but she was in denial & she also hurt him.  Rhyon also leave why Raj attacked like that because evil is inside him.   And Rhyon needed to get it out of him.  They have been friends for a long time and it was to fight back & get her friend back.

After Rhyon showered the two was back in bed together butt naked.  Raj was licking and kissing all over Rhyon.  Then he started to grabbed on Rhyon’s butt cheeks & felt her bootyhole.

Raj: You smell so good.  And anal is so much looser now.

Rhyon: Let’s just say I used to  you by now.

Raj:  You’re finally giving into me.

Rhyon:  Raj please we got one more day so do whatever you want with me.  I don’t care at this point.

Rhyon turned around In doggy dog position.

Rhyon: Please I want this.

Then suddenly Rhyon’s nipples grow long and hard so was her cliterus.  Raj was impressed.

Raj: You’re getting aroused!  I loved this.

Rhyon:  Please shut up & fuck me!

Raj:  Very well!  Let’s begin.

Raj began to fuck Rhyon in ass hard.  He was banging Rhyon very hard.  Rhyon was hurting she began to enjoying it.

Rhyon:  Yes fuck me Raj!  Fuck my ass.  My ass needs to be fuck.  Fuck my ass hard Raj!!!!

Raj kept fucking Rhyon harder & harder.  Something was taking over Rhyon.  She was getting turned on as Raj continued to fuck her in the ass.

Rhyon: Yes fuck Raj!!!!!  Fuck my ass hard!!!!  Fuck my ass really hard. Yes YesYes!!!!

Raj was fucking Rhyon even harder as his dick became rock hard.  He was punder his dick in her ass hard.  Raj muscles begin pop out.  Rhyon love the strength Raj has on her.  RHyon was crying out an orgasim as Raj shut out huge loads of cum in her anal.  As Raj came not only he released his cum the evil inside him was released as well.   The two fell into the bed Raj looked into Rhyon’s eyes & relized he has hurt her.  Raj started to cry.

Raj:  Rhyon I’m so sorry.

Rhyon: Me too: (crying)

Raj touched Rhyon face.

Raj:  I was so wrong for what I have done to you.

Rhyon: No you were right!  I have feelings for you every since we have met  I wanted to be with you.  I but because of our age differences I didn’t want to accept it.  But I want to accept you now if you are willing to accept me?

Raj: I’ve already have.  I love you Rhyon.

Rhyon: I love you too Raj!

The two began kissing and started to make love.  They made love on the bed & on the floor and in the showers.

Rhyon:  You’re right Raj!  Our does love each other.  They are happily connected together.

Aftrwards the two was six nining each other and Raj continue to fuck Rhyon in the ass.  Rhyon was enjoying Raj’s cock. This went on all day all afternoon and all night.  Raj was humping Rhyon like crazy.  Rhyon didn’t want him to stop.  Then he lied Rhyon down on the bed.  And continued to fuck her hard.  Rhyon began to scream out orgasim.


The two finally camed & held each other tight.  Both of them was in tears & didn’t want to let each other go.  They held each all night.  The next day Rhyon was in bed cuddle next Raj.  Realizing she doesn’t want to go home just yet.  Raj looked at Rhyon with a happy smile.  Raj was finally happy because he fianlly got his dream girl & the evil inside of him is fianlly gone.

The End

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