A Whore Called Britney


by Lady Wolfshead

A man can take over Britney Spear’s body for a month
and uses this opportunity to utterly degrade her.
Contains rape, bestiality, watersports, scat,
prostitution, bondage, torture and extreme violence.

I will not tell you how I was given the magical power
that I used in the adventure I am about to relate.
Just trust me when I say there is much more between
Heaven and earth than any of you think. To put it
simply; I have the power to take over people’s bodies.
Put my mind in their body. Only when I return to my
own safely protected body, which is naturally
inanimate when I have vacated it, does my victim
regain his or her conciousness to face what I have
done in their name. And for which THEY will be blamed.

I have used this power to commit several evil deeds,
mainly crimes, but my masterstroke concerned a certain
teenage popstar called Britney Spears. You’ll probably
remember her; the sexy but SO chaste girl who was
popular in the early 2000’s until she lost it and was
involved in such terrible scandals that she never
recovered from it and disappeared forever into the
gutter… This is the story of how this came to be. And
I loved every minute of it.

I first saw Britney on MTV. She was provocatively
dressed and very sexy in a lolita like way. I started
watching her more often and became annoyed when I saw
her talking rubbish like telling teenage girls to keep
ther virginity. What the hell are teen girls for if
not for fucking??

After a few months she started getting on my nerves.
Fucking nun dressed like a whore…

“Hit me baby; one more time..” Gladly!

I decided that she needed to be shown her place. In
fact; the idea really turned me on. And I decided to
use my power to take over her body for a month or so,
and then the world would see quite another Britney..
it would be up to her to deal with the consequences
when I released her..

So one day in June I lay down on a comfortable bed in
a secret well protected place only I know about and
turned off all the lights. My body would be there for
a month and it would be quite safe. I closed my eyes
and focused my energy.. Britney… Britney….

Somewhere in Hollywood Britney Spears had just
finished shooting her latest video and was walking
through a hall on her way to the studio exit when
suddenly her mind went completely blank. I was in.

I looked around. I was alone. At the end of the hall I
could see a limo waiting through a glass door. On my
left I saw a toilet. Perfect. I usually need to settle
in for a few minutes. Get used to the body. I walked
into the empty toilet. God; would I ever get used to
THIS body? I could feel it moving underneath my
clothes. I could feel Britney’s tits; No, MY tits,
moving against the fabric of her bra. I looked in the
mirror. There she was. Britney Spears; cute, young and
innocent. God; I loved this! I felt so horny suddenly;
this was going to be SO good!

I had a purse slung over my shoulders. I opened it.
Make up. Good. I bent over in front of the mirror and
put more on. Lots more. I wanted to go for a slutty
look from now on. I put on too much lipstick and
eyeshadow. I added too much rouge to give it that
tacky look. Perfect. Then I undid my blouse and
removed Britney’s bra. Her/my young though probably
operated on tits fell into place. Beautiful. I threw
the bra in the bin and put the shirt back on. Perfect;
I could clearly see my nipples. I then went into a
toilet stall and took off my tight jeans. I pulled
down my panties and took them off. I smelled them. I
could smell Britney’s cunt juices. I touched my pussy.
Mhhh…. I started fingering myself. This was great! I
was so horny. I threw the panties in the toilet and
put the jeans back on. On my way out I looked in the
mirror. Britney Spears looking like a street whore.

I didn’t want to take the limo, so I went the other
way, looking for another exit. On the way I ran into
some people who all looked at me strangely, though
they were afraid to comment.

What HAS she done to herself..?

I grinned. This was only the beginning. I finally
found another exit and found myself on the streets of
LA. It was a beatiful day. I was walking along Laciena
Blvd when some teenage girls came up to me; giggling
hysterically. “Britney, Britney!” “Can we have your
autograph, Britney?” I was about to tell them to fuck
off when I had an idea. “Sure. Where do you want it?”,
I replied. The stupid bitches just giggled nervously.
“On your ass or on your tits?”

They were lost for words. Typical. “Well; fuck off
then; you little cunts”, Britney said and walked off,
her ass shaking from left to right in her tight jeans.

I headed for a wellknown prostitute district for my
first plan. When I got there about a dozen whores were
soliciting left and right of the street. No one gave
me a second glance. I joined them in waving at the
passing cars, occasionaly shaking my tits when a man
looked. Finally a guy stopped. “How much?”, he asked.
I bent over. “Five bucks”, I replied. He looked
surprised. “I want it bad!”, I said. “Hop in then”, he
said. I walked around the car and got in. We drove to
a deserted backalley where he turned off the engine
and looked at me. “Has anyone ever told you you look
like Britney Spears?” “I am Britney Spears.”

He laughed. “No really. A girl’s gotta have a hobby.”
He just grinned. “Well; fuck me then”, I said. He
leant over me and started crawling on top of me. I
kissed him, his tongue intruding in my mouth. I could
feel his swollen cock rubbing against my leg. He
started pulling down my jeans and I helped him. I was
naked from the waist down now and spread my legs wide.
He took out his cock and halted. “What about a
condom?”, he asked. “Fuck that”, I said and took hold
of his dick and put it against the wet opening of
Britney’s teenage cunt. He groaned when he slid it all
the way in. I moaned. God, it was so tight! It hurt!
So she WAS a virgin!

He started humping me hard, groaning like a wild
animal. The car was shaking up and down. And then I
felt his thick warm cum spilling deep inside me. “yes,
YES!!!”, I screamed.

I assure you, there’s nothing quite like taking over a
female body and letting another man fuck you. Every
man should try it….

When he took out his limp dripping cock I pulled up my
jeans, not bothering to clean up my cumdripping pussy.
I got out of the car. “Forget the money, loverboy”, I
said and walked away whistling “Baby, one more time”.

There was a large wet spot in my jeans where the cum
was still dripping out of my cunt when I got back to
the other whores. It looked disgusting and I loved it.
My next client was a young man who took me behind a
wall into a derelict building site where he fucked me
senseless. Again I didn’t charge.

I fucked six more men that afternoon. Most commenting
on how much I looked like Britney Spears. I was hungry
now. I had done my homework and knew a nearby
reataurant where the Hollywood jet set; including
Britney, often dined. I had just finished off my last
client with my mouth and his cum was all over my face
as I had him cum all over it. I didn’t wipe it off and
just walked down the street with an enormous dark wet
spot in the crotch of my jeans(it looked like I had
pissed in my pants but there was a very strong smell
of cum) and cum all over my face. People looked at me

I arrived at the restaurant. As always there was a
crowd of papparazzi taking pictures of the famous
guests. Wonderful.. the world premiere of the new
Britney Spears. They went nuts when they saw me.
Cameras flashed all around me. They looked amazed at
the spectacle I was. Surely that stuff in Britney’s
face wasn’t… But that SMELL!

I walked inside. The head waiter looked shocked but
was afraid to say anything. “Y’your usual t-table,
miss Spears?, he stuttered. I nodded and licked the
cum of my lips while looking him right in the eye. He
escorted me there, trembling all over. I sat down,
feeling the cum splash over my buttocks. I looked
around after ordering. Several actors, all staring at

I smiled at them. I ate my delicious meal and called
my waiter again. “Where’s the toilet, hon? I really
need to take a piss.” He looked suitably shocked, but
showed me the way.

I went inside. Large mirror, several stalls. Perfect.
I washed the cum off my face as it was starting to
feel uncomfortable. I then took off all my clothes and
washed my pussy and ass. God, Britney was so hot! I
climbed onto the washbasin sink and spread my legs. I
looked in the mirror while fingerfucking myself.
Suddenly the door opened and in walked Nicole Kidman!
She stared in amazement at Britney Spears, lying nude
in front of the mirror, fingering herself. “What
the..” she began, but she shut up when I jumped of and
ran towards her. “Fuck me, Nicole”, I begged. “Fuck me
now, use your tongue one me, God, I want it..”

I squeezed her breasts through her clothes and rode my
pussy up against her leg. “Please do me..”, I begged.
She was in shock. She pushed me away and hurried out
the door. I followed her into the by now crowded
reataurant. “Lick me Nicole, you Goddamn whore!”, I

All over the restaurant people froze. Forks of food
stayed still in mid-air, waiters stopped in their
tracks and even the pianoplayer froze. Everything was
completely silent. You could hear a needle drop.
Everyone stared at Britney, coming naked out of the
bathroom of a restaurant, shouting obscenities. “Will
one of you come here and FUCK me?!?, I screamed at
their dumbfounded faces. I let myself drop on the
carpeted floor and spread my legs as wide as possible,
my glistening cunt(not completely shaven, by the way)
facing the crowd, and pushed three fingers at once
into my cunt, fucking myself. The waiters moved and
picked me off the floor, dragging me into the kitchen.
The diners continued to eat and started gossiping.
Young stars and drugs….

I was covered by a blanket and some calls were made.
Ten minuted later I found myself in the back of a
limo, being driven to Britney’s home. Britney’s
manager was jabbering at me, whining, whining… When we
got to Britney’s expensive villa and were inside I
turned and faced the fucking manager. I interrupted
his whining by dropping the blanket. I stood naked in
front of him. “Do you want me?”, I asked. “Pease,
Britney, what the hell got into you??” I laughed out
loud at this.

While he was at a loss for words I quickly dropped to
my knees. I reached for his fly and pulled it down.
With one arm I held him tight, the other I used for
grabbing inside, looking for his penis. As I
suspected. Hard. “Please Britney, don’t!!”, he
shouted. I took out his cock and put my lips around
it. “Don’t..”, he weakly protested. I sucked with all
my might, bobbing my head up and down. He only
whimpered now, unable to protest. The pervert must
have fantasised about this for a long time.. his
teenage protege..

He came and I swallowed all his cum, to the very last

I looked up at him and smiled.

“you’re fired.”

He looked amazed. “What? You can’t..”

“You’re fired, you cocksucker! From now on there’s
gonna be some changes around here!”

“You can’t, you bitch! I’ll sue your ass for this!”

“Fine. Now, get out!” He left and I was alone in the
house. No servants. She had only recently moved here,
away from her parent’s place. I walked around the
house, still naked. In the bathroom I shaved Britney’s
pussy. I like ’em nice and smooth.

I looked through a window into the back yard. Swimming
pool. Of course. I went outside and jumped naked into
the pool and swam a bit. I wonder if Britney ever swam
naked herself. Probably not. Fucking teenage nun.
Well; she certainly wasn’t a virgin anymore. I could
already imagine the headlines tomorrow. I fingerfucked
myself in the pool and then I went inside again,
looking for her clothes. I selected a tight skirt
which I made a lot shorter with a pair of scissors. So
short in fact, that my asscheeks hung from underneath
it and when I sat down my pussy was exposed. I then
put on a seethrough shirt with no bra which exposed my
tits. I finished the outfit with a pair of high
leather boots. I put on far too much makeup again and
called a cab.

“Whereto, miss Spears?”, the driver said, looking in
surprise at my outfit. I gave him the address. We
drove through the busy LA night. I looked at the
driver, he was cute. I reached over to his groin. He
started but didn’t protest. I began to massage his
cock through his trousers. He moaned. I bent over and
ducked beneath his arms. I opened his trousers and
took out his cock. He was still driving and I started
sucking him off. He came in my mouth just as we
reached the address.

It was a club where kids hung out. I went inside and
ordered a scotch. As I expected, I was recognized
immediately. “Britney!!”, a young girl squealed. “Can
I have your autograph?”

I looked at her. She was young, no more than
seventeen. She looked innocent, freckles and short
brown hair. A little thin. She stared at my clothes.
“Sure honey”, I said, “come with me”.

She was a little puzzled, bur followed me anyway,
chattering on about how big a fan she was. I led her
outside. “Where are we going?”, she asked. We walked
into an alley around the corner. We were all alone.
She was puzzled. “Britney..?”

“Shut UP, bitch!”, I shouted and slapped her hard
across the face. She fell down hard on the floor. I
jumped on top of her and began tearing at her clothes.
She began to sob. “I told you to shut up, you little
bitch!”, I hissed in her ear. I took a knife out of my
purse and held it to her throat. “Shut your fucking
face, or I’ll carve you up. Do you understand?” She
managed to nod, tears streaming down her face. I used
the knife to cut her clothes open and tore them from
her body. She was very young indeed, a mere child.
Fuck, she didn’t even have any hair on her pussy yet!
I rubbed my crotch against her leg and forced my
tongue up her mouth. I slid first one, then two
fingers into her slit. She began to bleed but was too
terrified to scream. My skirt was around my waist now
and I humped her leg hard. I pushed another finger in
and then, with all my strength, pushed all of them in.
She went wide eyed with pain but the knife on her
throat kept her from screaming. Even when I made a
fist inside her and began fistfucking her hard. I came
and pulled out my fist. It was covered in blood, which
I smeared in her face. I got up and pulled down my
skirt. I laughed at my fan… “You can go home now and
look at your Briney Spears posters”, I smiled. She
began to cry even harder. I left her in that alley,
naked and bleeding among the other garbage.

I went back to the streets and picked up a few more
clients. I was fucked twelve more times that night.

Then Britney Spears went home, climbed naked into her
bed and went to sleep, quite exhausted.

The following morning the papers and TV were full of
the Britney Spears scandal. How the young teenage idol
had made a spectacle of herself in a restaurant. And
how someone very much like her had been reorted
working as a prostitute in LA. Good news travels fast…
No mention of the rape, though. Perhaps the girl was
too scared to talk, or perhaps some homeless bums had
found her, fucked her brains out and got rid of her

Britney had an appointment that morning, to appear on
a breakfast talk show which was broadcast live all
over America. I dressed up in my sluttiest and sent
for the limo.

Millions of TV viewers saw it:

Britney was sitting in a comfortable chair next to the
TV host. She was dressed in a short leather skirt with
a see through shirt. No bra. Stilettos on her feet.
Way too much make up.

The host: “So Britney, can you tell us a little about
your plans?”

Britney: “Yeah, I wanna pose naked.”

Host: “What; as in Playboy or something?”

Britney: “No, more like Huster. I wanna spread.”

The host is lost for words for a moment.

Host: “uhh.. so what about your new album..”

Britney: “Fuck that. I’m gonna do movies.”

Host: “Hollywood’s calling, huh? Oh, and please watch
the language. This is live..”

Britney: “No, I wanna do porn. I wanna get fucked and
I want you all to watch me.”

The host is lost for words again.

Host: “But.. your position as a role model for kids..”

Britney: “Fuck the kids. Listen kids; don’t believe
that fucking shit I used to talk about staying a
virgin. That was my managers’ idea. Well; I fired him
now. I want you all to fuck. Fuck everything you can.
Guys, if your girlfriend says no, RAPE the bitch! I..”

In the background we hear a voice shouting; “Cut to
commercial break! NOW!!”

Britney gets up and pulls up her skirt, revealing her
shaven pussy to millions of viewers across America.

Cut to commercial.

The same afternoon Britney was contacted by Hustler
and offered a considerable sum to pose for them. The
following day I walked into a studio and took
everything off. I wore the trashiest make up I could
come up with and spread my legs wide in most pictures.
In the bright stdio lights I turned my ass towards the
camera and bent over. I grabbed my asscheeks and
pulled them wide apart. The photographer kept
clicking. After the shoot I sucked him off.

The Hustler Britney Spears special sold out
immediately and became the best selling issue ever.
Britney was all over the news.

Religious fanatics burned Britney’s pictures all over
the US and parents forbid their kids to listen to her
music which was selling very well indeed. Britney’s
parents didn’t want snything to do with her nymore.
Paparazzi photographers were following my every step
now. No big deal. The night after Hustler came out I
decided to walk the streets again, deliberately
letting the photographers follow me. The next morning
the papers were full of pictures of Britney Spears
solliciting clients among the whores of LA and shady
pics of Britney being fucked by those clients in the
backseats of cars and in alleys.

Britney Spears is a prostitute! The whole world knew.

And then I started on my first movie. I contacted a
porn producer I knew of and asked him if he’d like to
have Britney Spears in his films. Naturally he was
thrilled and soon I found myself naked on a porn set,
surrounded by bright lights and a cameraman.

My first scene was threesome with Jenna Jameson and
Ron Jeremy. “Do you do anal?”, the director asked.

“Honey, I do EVERYTHING.”, I replied. So the shoot
began. I sucked Ron’s huge cock and lay on my back,
lifting my ass up in the air, my legs behind my head.
Athletic girl, Britney. Must be all that dancing..
Then he started pushing his massive shaft into my
lubricated asshole. It wouldn’t go in; the ass was too
fucking tight. “Keep pushing’, I groaned. It hurt
really bad. And then it began sliding in. Ever so
slowly. God, the pain! It was halfway in. “unghhh..
further..”, I whispered. He pushed on. Finally he was
all the way in and slowly began to pump Britney’s ass.
Jenna straddled my face and I began licking her clit.
Ron speeded up his fucking until he was pounding me
hard, his fat gut slamming against my asscheeks. He
shouted out when he came, pulling out his cock and
spraying his cum all over Britney Spears’ cute ass.

I did several more scenes, mainly m/m and m/f and two
weeks later the adult video “Fuck me baby, ten more
times!” ,starring the one and only Britney Spears,
came out. Needless to say it was a massive bestseller
and was awarded adult film of the year. Britney Spears
was now officially an extremely slutty porn star who
was once a respectable star. Sort of a reversed Tracy

And then I decided to go even lower. I called a rather
cheap underground porn producer I knew off who was
into really sick stuff.

He loved the idea of shooting a Britney Spears video
and that same night I was in a seedy part of LA in a
deserted warehouse. There was a cameraman, a
photographer, the producer/director and my co-stars: a
bald naked fat man; a tattooed trailer trash girl with
a pierced pussy and a leather corset in thigh high
stiletto boots and a German shepherd dog.

There was no script of course. Against a wall there
was a huge bed, very dirty and stained from previous
shoots. Next to it was a wooden pole, standing
upright, manacles attached to the top. “Tie her to
it”, the director ordered. I was led to the pole,
completely naked, and my hands were tied to the chains
high over my head. I was helpless. The trash girl
picked up a whip and hit it hard across my ass. It
hurt really badly, but the idea of Britney being
filmed like this turned me on so much.. She kept
whipping my ass until it was all red. Then the fat man
jumped in. He pulled my asscheeks wide apart and
positioned his filthy cock against my anus. He drove
it in hard. I screamed, just for effect. He began
pounding hard against my ass, fucking me hard. While
he was fucking my asshole, the girl started squeezing
my tits hard. She then took two needeles and held them
in the flame of a waiting burning candle. I watched
her while being fucked up the ass hard. When the
needeles were glowing red she walked over to me. She
put one of them against one of my nipples. I screamed
again as she drove the needle straight through the
nipple, completely piercing it. She then did the other
nipple and just left the needles there while the fat
guy came and shot his filthy seed right up my bowels.

They untied me and took me to the bed. I lay down on
it, my legs spread. The girl began pushing her fist
into my cunt while the man climbed onto the bed and
positioned himself above my head, standing. He aimed
his cock at my face and began to piss. He pissed all
over Britney’s face while the girl fistfucked her very
hard. When he had no piss left he knelt down and
pushed his cock in my mouth. I sucked him off while
the girl pulled out her fist and started pushing her
fist into my asshole. She actually succeeded and
fistfucked Britney’s ass while I was sucking off the
fat man.

Then it was time for the dog. First I lay down on the
bed while the dog sniffed and then licked my pussy,
filmed in close up ofcourse. I knelt down on the floor
and together with the girl we reached out to stroke
the dog’s cock. He was used to it and his cock
immediately began to grow. I lowered my head and began
licking it. I took the entire dog cock in my mouth and

“Now; kneel.”, the director said. I knelt down and
held my ass high. The girl led the dog towards me and
made him jump on my back. He immediately began to make
humping motions, as dogs will. I braced myself. The
girl took hold of the dog’s cock and put it against my
pussy. It slid in and the dog began to fuck me. He
humped me hard and fast. I screamed in delight. “Yes,
Oh yes, FUCK! This is so fucking good!!”

The dog came inside me, something which few girls
allow, not even the trashiest of them. Only Britney
Spears would let a dog shoot his cum up her womb.

It was hard to get his swollen cock out and it took a
while to get him off me. Naturally all that was filmed
as well. I particularily loved the close up shot shot
of the dog cum gushing out of Britney’s pussy when the
dog’s cock was pulled out.

Then we shot the finale. The man and the girl lay down
on the bed and he began fucking her, as I stood over
then and began to piss. I had drunk a lot in
preparation, so I could piss over the couple for at
least a minute. They were soaked in Britney’s yellow
piss and continued fucking.

But I had eaten a lot as well.

Now, this is something I usually find quite disgusting
but I needed to degrade this girl even more.

While the camera rolled Britney Spears knelt down over
the fucking couple and began to shit all over them;
over their asses, their backs, their faces. The camera
got it all and concluded with a shot of the last shit
squeeing out of Britney’s ass.

The man and the girl got up and I lay down in the
shitcovered bed. It felt weird lying down on top of my
own shit. The man put his ass over my body and too
began to shit; his shit landing on my pussy and
stomach. I moaned with delight, spreading it all over
my body with my hands. I love the way my tits felt
when I touched them, because the needles were still in
there. Then the girl knelt over my face and put her
ass against my mouth. She began to shit into my mouth
and I ate it all.

The video was a sensation and pictures of it were all
over the internet.

Britney was destroyed.

My task was done. So one afternoon I walked completely
naked out onto the busy streets of LA and just when
two policemen came towards me I concentrated and
returned to my own body.

I woke up inside my secret chamber, feeling very well
pleased with myself. I whistled as I went out to get a

As for Britney; she suddenly found herself stark naked
on a busy street, surrounded by policemen. She had no
idea what happened. The last thing she remembered was
doing the shoot of her latest video, walking on her
way to the limo and then everything went black…

She collapsed, crying hysterically, and was taken
downtown, locked in cell with prostitutes who laughed
at her. She cried and screamed hysterically until her
lawyer came and bailed her out. He took her home where
she collapsed on her bed, crying. Her body felt so

It wasn’t until the next day that she found out she
was no longer a popstar. She saw the newspapers; the
censored pictures from her X-rated videos and then on
the internet the uncensored videos and pictures. She
didn’t understand it…

She couldn’t show her face outside anymore, she was
known as a complete whore.

And she was getting calls from porn producers.

And then her ex manager sued her and she lost

No one would touch her any more; she couldn’t do music

In short; after a while she had no choice but to do
the porn thing. She starred in several rather mundane
porn features, but the public lost interest and she
degraded to the sicker stuff. She was a regular in
bestiality movies for a while; doing dogs, horses,
monkeys and even putting eels up her slit. But she was
too miserable and was losing her looks.

She had to work the streets and did so for a while,
being fucked for a few dollars a time, until finally
she ran into a group of stoned blacks on the street
one night and was brutally gangraped in her ass and
forced to suck their huge cocks. They cut her up and
threw her once famous body in some alley, where a bum
fucked the corpse.

No one really cared about the news that the former
teenage idol had died.

Kids are fickle and have new idols now. Maybe I’ll try
one of them one of these days….


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