A Window To The Soul

A Window To The Soul

By: Videotone113

Starring: Christina Hendricks, Jessica Chastain (briefly)

Codes: rape, nc, anal, ws, oral, mf, trapped

Remember kids this story NEVER happened (probably) and I don’t want it to happen, this is purely fictitious and I’d like it to remain that way, and if you’re under 18 or your country/state/province/territory or whatever doesn’t allow you to read these kinds of things totally DON’T read it, just turn back now!!!!

Author’s note: Ok now that everyone that isn’t aloud to read this is totally gone I’d like to say this is my fifth story thus far. Originally it was just slated to feature Christina Hendricks and Jessica Chastain was supposed to appear for all of 2 sentences but when I started writing about her I just couldn’t resist and so that’s why essentially the first 1/4 of the story features her, anyways enough from me, let’s get on to the story!!

A Window To The Soul

Julien was a gardner working for the LeQuint-Vega Gardening Company out in Hollywood. They took care of the gorgeous and exuberantly expensive landscapes of some of the worlds brightest stars. In the past Julien was lucky enough to have personally worked at the homes of such stars as Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Josh Brolin and David Lynch as well as countless others. Besides his expert gardening abilities Julien was kept around for his ability to not bother or gawk at the stars when doing their homes or gush to local tabloids about secret ways through to the homes like several other employees had done in the past. Julien was quiet and did his job well, only talking to the owners if they came out to talk to him, sometimes this was pleasant like the rather long conversation he was able to carry with Ryan Gosling about Chilean film surrealist Alejandro Jodorowsky other times it was less pleasant like the time Jessica Chastain screamed at him and accused him of staring at her through her window (to be fair Ms. Chastain was correct that Julien was staring at her, but in Julien’s defense how often do get to watch one of Hollywood’s hottest ladies change into a bikini to go swimming) Though Julien never liked being yelled at he still held fond memories of watching Jessica shake with anger, pointing angrily at him while he secretly watched her bikini clad breasts bounce up and down with each loud shout. Her smooth pale legs stretching down for miles before reaching the immaculate green grass. Her red hair shining bright in the hot summer sun, Julien had always had a thing for redheads and Jessica was near the top of his list of his favorite redheaded celebrities. Jessica stormed off angrily getting in her car presumably to drive to the beach. Julien was pretty much finished with his work but was still angry at Jessica for screaming at him…and was still horny at seeing the redheaded vixen dressed so tantalizingly…he knew there was just a little bit more work he had to do.

Julien snuck around to the side door, he had done Ms. Chastain’s house 3 times before and on one occasion watched as she retrieved a key from the inside of the pool heating control panel. Julien looked around and then opened the panel to indeed find a small key sitting inside. Julien smiled and took the key gently placing it inside the lock. His heart was beating hard as he turned the key and entered the star’s house. It smelled nice inside, like a combination of delicious food and expensive perfume. Julien took in the sights looking at Jessica’s expensive furniture and large televisions. But Julien was here on a mission and didn’t know exactly how long he had so he made his way upstairs to where he assumed Jessica’s room was. After a few wrong doors he found what he was looking for and after a bit of searching found even more so what he was looking for, Jessica Chastain’s hamper. Julien shoved his hands deep inside feeling all of the different materials, pulling out different colored and textured panties. Blue cotton, red silk, a lacy orange pair all smelling of Jessica’s sweet womanhood. Julien dug deeper until he found a sexy black thong. He rubbed the thin piece of material against his face and felt his dick reach it’s maximum hardness. He unbuttoned his pants and took out his dick rubbing the red silk panties back and forth as he ran the string of the black thong over his tongue. Jessica tasted amazing. Julien took all of the panties and dropped them on the bed, he then went in search of the holy grail and found it in Jessica’s bedside drawer, a medium sized green vibrator. Julien smiled as he held the machine in his hands, he could smell the strong scent of Ms. Chastain’s pussy still residing on the tip and so he plunged it in his mouth, sucking off the sweet taste. Julien held a pair of blue panties up to his nose and took a big whiff as he continued to jerk himself off with Jessica’s red silk panties. He could tell he was getting close to coming and wanted to do something special for Ms. Chastain so Julien rooted around inside her panty drawer until he found a sexy red thong very much like the black one he was playing with earlier. Julien again licked all over this pair (though unfortunately it just tasted like clean cotton) and used it to replace the silk pair hanging on his dick, he began jerking himself into the area that would sit above her pussy as he sucked on her vibrator, still filling his nose with the amazing scent from her panties. Julien could feel the moment arriving and then groaned as he began to shoot rope after rope of sticky white cum into the front of Jessica’s panties. Much of his cum shot out through the lacy gaps and landed all over Jessica’s clean and dirty panties and bras. Julien finally settled down and put his dick away, then using Jessica’s vibrator he scooped up a large glob of cum and rubbed it up and down the length of the red thong’s string. He also rubed his cum into the rest of the clean panties and bras and carefully returned them to their drawer. It was then he heard a car door slam outside.

Julien panicked, he tossed the panties into the hamper and returned the vibrator to it’s drawer. He heard the front door shut and heard the slap of Jessica’s sandals coming up the stairs. Julien rushed into the bathroom and shut the door looking around for possible escape. He spotted a window above the sink and began to go for it when he heard Jessica enter the bedroom. Julien had no time to escape and instead chose to hide in the shower and pray he wouldn’t be caught “I just came in for a drink of water, the backdoor was unlocked, I hadn’t realized you had left I…I…” Julien stammered in his head, trying to think of excuses for when he would inevitably be discovered. He heard the bathroom door open and clenched his teeth together, his heart beating out of his chest. Julien couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on so opted (perhaps stupidly) to peer out from the side of the shower. He saw Ms. Chastain standing in just a bikini with wet hair examining herself in the mirror. It was then Julien got an even bigger treat (one good turn deserves another don’t you think?) when Jessica undid the tie in the back of her bikini top and exposed her small yet miraculous breasts. Julien’s eye went wide staring at the redheaded star’s beautiful pert pink nipples and soft round flesh. But Julien’s lucky streak hadn’t ended quite yet as Jessica bent down and slowly removed her bottoms revealing her perfect toned ass and in the mirror Julien could see her awe inspiring pussy, trimmed down but with a small patch of red fur just above her pussy. Julien’s dick returned to an erect state with a vengeance and Julien couldn’t help but stroke it a bit. Jessica ran a towel over her hair for a minute or so and then left the bathroom closing the door most of the way as she did. Julien quietly exited the shower and made room for himself to get atop the sink so he could make his escape when he heard the undeniable sound of something buzzing. Julien’s dick overrode his brad and he got down to peer through the crack in the door. Sure enough Ms. Chastain was on top of her bed playing with the bright green vibrator Julien had been sucking on not minutes before. Julien wanted to stay and watch but knew this could be his only chance to escape since Jessica was…distracted. Julien opened the window and climbed out onto the small ledge, he managed to quietly close the window behind him and knew there was only one way down…to jump. Julien landed hard as he tried his best to roll like they do in the movies…it didn’t work so well. Julien was mostly ok just a little bruised. He quickly ran to the side of the house and got back to work. About 40 minutes later he heard the sliding glass door open and Ms. Chastain walked towards him wearing a pair of tight white jeans, black heels, and a multicolored half shirt that showed off her belly button.

“Julien” Jessica started “I wanted to apologize for screaming at you earlier, I had had a very long day and thought I saw something that I didn’t, I just wanted to let you know that I believe you when you say you weren’t looking at me. I know you are very professional and kind and I don’t want there to be any anger between us.”

“Thank you very much for saying so Ms. Chastain” Julien replied as he smiled. Jessica smiled too and turned to walk back into the house, it was then Julien got his final treat for the day, he could see rising up just barely above her white pants a red whale tail, clearly the red thong he had cum on a quarter of an hour ago. Julien’s dried cum was now lodged deep between Jessica’s tight ass cheeks and she had no idea.

Suddenly a loud cry for help awoke Julien out of his erotic memory and he looked over towards the sound. Julien was in the middle of mowing Christian Bale’s lawn and the sound was only slightly audible over the loud whirring of the lawn mower. Julien powered it off and listened again.

“Help!!! Can someone please help me I’m stuck!!” It was a woman’s voice and Julien decided to go investigate, it seemed a bit in the distance but not too far away. He went to the back of Mr. Bale’s fence and climbed atop to peer out into the distance. It was then he was able to make out that just 2 houses away there seemed to be a figure half sticking out of a house. The yelling was muffled but Julien could tell that she needed help. He climbed the fence and snuck through the backyard of another house that Julien noticed had no cars in the driveway and after hopping their fence found himself face to face with one of the most beautiful asses he had ever seen, it was big and plump but toned and so juicy. As he stared he saw the pair of legs attached to the ass begin kicking, clearly the woman was still trying to wiggle her way through the window. Again Julien heard her yell “Hello!? Is anyone there, please help me I’m stuck, this is my house I just lost my key” Julien began to open his mouth to offer assistance but the devil on his shoulder quickly made him keep his trap shut. Julien approached slowly to get a better view of the situation, the woman was wearing a pair of tight capri yoga pants and a pink shirt, her red hair was done up in a ponytail and it was clear she was a well endowed woman. It was then the woman’s identity clicked for Julien, the voice, the ass, the tits, the hair. This could be none other than Joan Holloway herself Mrs. Christina Hendricks!

Julien stood dumbstruck for a minute, here he was standing secretly behind one of his biggest crushes and she was helplessly stuck in a window. Julien’s dick began to get hard thinking about the possibilities. It was noon on a tuesday, most everyone was gone, Christina and Julien were probably the only two in the neighborhood and with her shouting having to echo through the inside of her house there weren’t many people who would hear them anyways. Still, Julien thought, I could get in a lot of trouble. So Julien reached his arm out to try and help Christina out when again the devil on his shoulder pulled Julien’s arm down and landed his hand flat on her soft voluptuous ass. Christina shrieked out of surprise, then calmed down.

“Oh thank god, can you please help me? Can you try and push me through?…or pull me out? I don’t know which will work better” Christina said in her high, womanly voice. Julien remained silent, but kept his hand still on her ass. “H..hello?…” More silence. “Ok listen I know someone is back there I can feel your hand on my…listen just quit messing around and get me out of here, I lost my key, tried to fit through this window and it clearly isn’t working, it’s hot as hell and I REALLY need to pee, so get your hand off my ass unless you are going to push it through this window!” Christina’s tone became more commanding, it seemed like she must have been stuck here for some time. Still Julien wasn’t ready to let his fun end with a simple ass grope. Julien began kneading her ass through the thin elastic material of her yoga pants. “Cut it out you fucking creep!” Christina yelled as Julien placed his other hand on her rump and began squeezing.

“Help!!!! Somebody help me please!!!! Christina yelled louder. Julien retaliated by giving her a hard smack on her ass. Christina kicked her legs up in surprise, Julien grabbed a hold of them and examined. He ran his hand up and down her shapely legs and caressed her feet which were encased in stylish black heels (a weird combination with the pants and shirt) which made Christina cry out again only louder. Julien decided to up his punishment and pulled down her pants and panties and slapped her bare ass hard with his ass, Christina shrieked and Julien knew that today was going to be fun. But if Julien wanted to make sure he could have his fun without getting caught he’d have to get this bitch to shut up. It was then Julien had an idea and left poor Christina hanging out of her window with her bare ass exposed to the fresh day.

Julien made his way back to Christian Bale’s house and rooted around for the key he knew Christian kept above the sliding glass doors by the pool. Julien found the key and unlocked the door. Julien remembered about a month before he was working on the tall hedges up by the second story bedroom windows when he heard a strange noise. Julien leaned over from his ladder and saw a startling sight. Christian’s wife Sibi gagged and tied face down to their bed. She moaned in muted pleasure as someone slurped away between her legs, finally the man stood up and proved to be none other than Hugh Jackman. Hugh placed himself between the brunettes stretched out legs and began pounding away. Julien watched, shirking his gardening duties, until they were finished, at which time Hugh used the key to unlock Sibi’s gag and placed it away in a box under the bed.

Julien lifted the bed skirt and looked into the dark abyss until he spotted a small red box, he smiled as he retrieved it and looked inside, he pushed through the piles of dildos, anal beads and nipple clamps (the Bale’s were a bit on the kinky side it seemed) until he found what he was looking for. Julien rushed back to Christina’s house and was greeted with the sounds of her sobbing on the other end. She heard his feet crush the grass beneath him.

“Oh thank god!!! Excuse me please you need to help me, I’m stuck and some sick bastard pulled my pants down as a joke, this is humiliating and I need to pee so badly, please god can you just push me through this window!” Julien was again silent. “Oh god no…no please not you again” Christina groaned “Can’t you see I’m in distress, just please push me through, you’ve had your fun” But Julien hadn’t even begun to have his fun. He reached his arm through the window having to navigate around Christina’s sizable ass. He managed to grab her head by her ponytail and reel it back far enough to wrap the gag around her mouth. Christina began shrieking as he did this, but soon her cries were muffled as Julien pulled the gag tight and locked it. Christina began shaking furiously in the window and again this led to Julien slapping her hard on the ass, this time leaving a red bruise. Christina began to cry but Julien ignored her as he leaned down to focus on her shaved pussy. Julien dragged a finger across the lips feeling the smooth warm skin and making Christina cry out, Julien spanked her again and returned to her pussy, he slowly wedged his finger between the two lips and began sawing in and out. Never in a million years did Julien think he would get to touch the most private area of one of if not THE hottest start in this town. He knew he couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. So Julien bent in closer and began licking at her pussy. It tasted sweet, somewhat similar to the way Jessica’s tasted, but this was fresh from the tap. Julien placed a hand on Christina’s ass and leaned in even closer to lick up all that he could. He grabbed Christina by the ankles and pulled her legs apart so he could get a better position at her pussy. He considered removing her pants but the look of them around her ankles was just too erotic to disturb. The more Julien licked the more he could taste that she was becoming wetter, this seemed strange given the amount of resistance she was voicing, if she was not careful she was going to tear a vocal chord. Julien shoved his tongue deep into Christina’s pussy, savoring the taste and then directed his tongue at her enlarging clit. Christina shook her ass try to shake Julien away but he had no plans of stopping, he licked her clit until he could really feel the juices flowing and then he knew it was his time. Julien stood up and pulled out his now raging hard cock and line ditto up with Christina’s wet pussy. Christina obviously had some idea what was going on as she began shrieking even more, kicking her legs and shaking her ass. Little did Mrs. Hendricks know that the little show she was putting on with her butt only enticed Julien more and convinced all the more than he had to have what he wanted, so without any time to spare Julien shoved his dick deep into Christina’s pussy. The feeling was like no other, her soft pussy was so warm and so tight. Julien was amazed at how good her vagina felt, as Christina struggled to get Julien out it caused her pussy to clench and unclench, squeezing Julien’s cock and doubling his pleasure. Julien began pumping harder, smacking Christina’s ass as he plunged his dick way down deep inside of her This feeling combined with how horny Julien had been earlier remembering his time with Jessica Chastain caused a familiar bubbling in his balls. Julien knew he could take no more and pulled out of Christina’s pussy and erupted cum all over her porcelain ass.

Julien fell back in the grass his dick still sticking out, he could hear Christina crying and watched as his cum dripped down her ass and seeped into her crack and ran down her legs. Julien took a deep breath and relaxed, examining the beautiful sight before him, just then he saw Christina start to shake, she began shaking her ass again wiggling trying to close her legs, Julien wasn’t sure what was happening but all of the sudden he saw a large yellow stream erupt from her vagina and run down her left leg onto her pants. Christina began sobbing as she relieved herself all over her pants and shoes and lawn. Julien was flabbergasted, he had never watched a woman pee in real life before, the sight was exhilarating and he climbed forward to get a better look. The stream was trickling down now but Julien had gotten there just in time to put his mouth around Christina’s pussy and have a small thin stream pour into his mouth. The taste was salty and acidic but the fact that it came forth from such a beautiful woman made it taste like liquid heaven and he gulped it down.

Christina began crying harder as she felt Julien lick the piss off of her leg taking special care to clean her vaginal area. Christina was absolutely humiliated, she had wet herself in public and now some pervert was drinking it all off her. Christina tried hard to see through her tears but the task was almost impossible, she stifled herself to keep the tears from coming so she could try and find a way out of this deplorable situation. She used her hands to wipe the tears away and tried in vain as she had been doing earlier to try and take the gag off, but without the key there was no hope. In anger Christina banged against the window but this also proved fruitless as all of the windows in the house had been made out of a hard “Earthquake Proof” material so without some kind of hammer Christina could not break it. She tried again to crawl more into the small laundry room she was stuck in, feeling Julien’s tongue kept sending goosebumps up her spine. She tried as best she could to fit any more of herself in but the size of her ass made this impossible. The reverse was just as tricky as her tits were too big to go back the other direction, she was hopelessly stuck and was currently being ravaged and raped by some silent lunatic. Finally Christina felt Julien’s tongue stop, perhaps he had had enough and was leaving? Maybe someone saw and scared him off? But then she felt a familiar hand on her now sticky ass and her hope left again. She felt Julien’s hands massaging the drying cum into her ass, then she felt him pull her cheeks apart. Christina started making noise again, she could tell he was staring at her asshole, something that embarrassed her horribly. Then things took an even worse turn when she felt a warm, sticky finger begin to rub her tight little hole. Christina began squirming again trying to escape the sensation of having her asshole played with. But she had been struggling and screaming for so long that she was becoming exhausted, she tried her best to kick and shake but she found herself growing weaker and she finally just relaxed and prayed it would be over soon…she would be wrong.

Julien opened Christina’s cheeks even further and took his finger away, he stared at the puckered brown hole looking back at him and smiled, he put his face between her cheeks and started licking gently at it, this caused Christina’s hole to contract, but that would not deter our fine hero. He licked harder and began to slowly but surely wiggle his tongue past her anal barrier. He could hear Christina banging on the window as she half heartedly shook herself. It seemed she was learning the uselessness in this tactic. Julien got the rest of his tongue in her ass and could feel the warm sensation and interesting taste, Julien was in heaven.

Christina had never had anyone lick her ass before and though she was disgusted by the situation her body betrayed her and she felt herself beginning to get turned on. Not enough to really get into the action but she could feel herself becoming horny and craving a release she didn’t consciously want. She then felt the tongue remove itself from her behind and she prayed that would be the last of it but grew concerned when she felt Julien pick up her left leg and remove her black high heeled shoe. She then felt Julien massage her foot which was now sticky with piss. He then dropped her foot and it fell onto the wet grass. Christina wasn’t sure what was coming next but she would have never expected to then feel the heel of her shoe press up against her backdoor. Christina shrieked again, tears streaming down her face as Julien set about shoving the heel all the way up, it’s sharp corners scratching her insides.

Julien had never been more turned on in his life as he watched the redheaded goddess’ black heel disappear into her tight ass. Julien took his dick in his hand and lined it up with her pussy and shoved it in with reckless abandon. Julien began fucking Christina hard while simultaneously fucking her with her own shoe. He could hear Christina crying out in anguish on the other end as he fucked her even rougher than before. Julien shoved the shoe all the way into the actress and used his free arm to grab through the window and pull her ponytail. He began bucking into her hard, feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy against his dick. However Christina was not only known for her tremendous ass, there was another part of Christina Julien had yet to explore so he let her hand trace down from her head and grabbed a handful of the biggest breasts in all of Hollywood. Christina used her free hands to try and get him off but his grip was too firm, he then released her tit and reached over to try and lift up her shirt but with her hands free it was impossible, so Julien brought his arm back out and relented to be content with simply having complete control over Christina’s lower half.

Christina was completely at Julien’s mercy, and though what he was doing was torturing her, her body couldn’t help but jump for joy at the hard dick fucking her. Christina could feel her orgasm beginning to form and though she tried with all her might to fight it she couldn’t as her body responded to Julien’s impressive sex skills.

Julien began fucking Christina even harder, however something seemed different, instead of her kicking and screaming she seemed to be moving to his rhythm almost bucking back against him. He heard different noises emitting from behind the gag and he fucked her, he knew exactly what was happening so he started fucking faster, Christina started bucking more, moaning against her own will until finally she could take no more and her pussy contracted around Julien’s cock and she came harder than she had in a long time. This caused Christina to begin sobbing uncontrollably. Julien felt a sense of pride in forcing the buxom goddess to cum for him but Julien had tired of fucking her pussy and felt it was time for something new so he violently removed the shoe from her anus which produced a screech from inside the house. However Christina’s ass would not be empty for long as Julien quickly inserted his pussy lubed cock into the tight tight abyss of Christina’s butt. The redheaded star screamed from inside and Julien slowly shoved his huge cock into her tiny ass. She had never had anything up there before and now with no pretense had a shoe and now a cock bigger than she’s ever fucked before shoved up. Once Julien managed to get his dick all the way inside he began fucking her like he did her pussy. Christina started crying but her cries took on a staccato hiccup as her body was humped violently, her ass being stretched as Julien fucked like a pornstar. Julien knew he was getting close and the tight warmth of Christina’s ass only made his orgasm more inevitable. Julien picked up the pace and began fucking her harder, her screams getting louder and louder until finally Julien erupted inside of her, filling her bowels with cum.

Julien was exhausted, her laid down onto Christina’s ass and back his dick still buried deep inside her. Christina was crying softly on the other side when suddenly they heard a phone ringing. It was the house phone inside. Both Christina and Julien looked up, but could not see it as it was in the kitchen. It rang 5 times and then stopped and was followed shortly by a loud beep.

“Hey Baby it’s me. Listen sorry if you can’t find your key, I forgot to mention I borrowed it to take it to the locksmith and get a replacement for myself, anyways I hid it under the front mat for you so don’t freak out when you can’t find it, anyways I should be home in probably about an hour or so, I’ll see you soon, bye” The message ended.

There was a silence in the air, Christina didn’t know what to think. She prayed that what was about to happen wouldn’t happen but when she felt Julien’s limp dick fall from her ass she knew it was inevitable.

Julien took a minute to think, he then devised a simple plan. He reached into his tool belt and retrieved the plastic tape that he would tie up loose branches with to dispose of, he got a good length of it and quickly reached through the window and tied it around Christina’s eyes like a blindfold, he took another length of it and with some difficulty was able to also bind her wrists. He then put his dick away and walked to the front of the house

Christina waited in silent agony, her ass and pussy burning from abuse. Everything was dark now and she couldn’t use her hands. She began crying again (though she never really stopped) until she heard the front lock turn and a pair of heavy work boots clank against her hardwood floor. She heard the door to the laundry room open and heard the boots getting closer, Christina began to shiver. She then felt her shirt get ripped open and pulled odd of her and thrown on the ground, next she felt something sharp up hear her shoulder. It cut her bra and it too fell to the ground. Christina’s enormous tits now hung low, her nipples almost reaching the floor. She saw a bright flash 4 or 5 times and then felt someone straddle her back. Her blindfold was taken off but she was immediately met with another flash. Her eyes readjusted to the darkness of the room and the man held a phone in front of her.

“Now we don’t have very long so I need you to listen carefully” Julien said in a much deeper voice than normal. “We’re almost finished here but should you do anything stupid these pictures are going to be sent to ever blog and every celebrity tabloid from here to Taiwan is that clear?”

Christina nodded

“Good” Julien said. Then Christina felt a hand grab the back of her head, she heard a key turn and her gag fell off. She started to scream but a hand covered her mouth. “Do NOT forget our arrangement Mrs. Hendricks.” Christina nodded again and started quietly crying as her blindfold was put back on. Julien got off of her and walked in front. Christina’s face was at dick level, this could not have been more perfect. Julien took his cock out and placed it on her ruby lips.

“Please don’t” Christina quietly begged. But Julien did not care and slowly began to shove his dick into her soft pale mouth. Christina knew she had no choice and so she began to bob up and down on Julien’s hardening penis. She then felt Julien use both hand to pick up her tits and begin feeling them up, twisting her nipples and squeezing them. Christina sucked Julien’s dick faster, hoping that she could make him cum and be done with this whole thing. Julien let go of her tits and grabbed her head, he began fucking her face harder. Christina had never had her throat fucked before and began coughing and gagging. Julien slapped her and started fucking her even harder. Finally he relented and pulled out letting her cough, but then was quick to put it back in.

“Suck it good or else” Julien threatened. Christina could not allow those pictures to get out and so she began to suck him like a pro. She swirled her tongue around and took him as deep as she could, vacuuming his dick and quickly bobbing her head. Finally Julien could take no more and shot his final load into her mouth. He pulled out but before Christina could spit it out he grabbed her jaw and closed it tight, then pinched her nostrils forcing her to swallow so he’d let her breathe. Julien released her mouth and she gasped for air and began crying again. “You’ve been crying so much your makeup is all running…here let me clean you off”

Christina looked up, but quickly wished she hadn’t as a torrent of piss came screaming out of Julien’s dick and hit her right in the face, she tried to turn her head away but it was no use, the pungent yellow liquid got all over her face, in her eyes, all over her hair and her tits. Julien again pinched her nostrils shut forcing her to open her mouth and swallow a mouthful of the acrid drink. Finally he finished and put his dick away. He gave her a deep kiss on her piss/cum stained lips and put her gag back and left. However there was ONE favor he was going to do for her. He returned to Christina’s lower half and called out into the window.

“As you may have guessed that gag requires a key. Now I’m no monster so I’m going to make sure you have it.” Julien then produced the key and as you may have expected, shoved it deep deep into her ass.

“Good luck Mrs. Hendricks, I’m a huge fan” Julien said as he went to return to Christian’s house and quickly finish his work so he could leave.

The End…for now

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