A Wrestling Fan

Title: A Wrestling Fan

Author: Hnp910

Celebs: Becky Lynch

Codes: MF, reluc, anal, oral, mDom, nc/cons


This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

I have been a wrestling fan for nearly two decades and as a wrestling fan there is nothing better than meeting your favourite wrestlers. Thats what I experienced when I won a contest held by wwe with a chance to meet with your favourite superstar. As soon as I won there was no doubt in my mind who I wanted to spend that time with- Becky Lynch.

I arrived at her home in Los Angeles around sunset, where she welcomed me standing outside her house

“You must be Harry.” She said as we shook hands. She was clad in a very tight Blue coloured dress which outlined her curves and barely covering her thighs, also showing her clevage.

“Wow, you look very…”

“Hot?” she completed my sentence

“Yeah. But I guess you always look hot.” I said flirting with her

“Thanks, you look dashing too.” She complemented me back, “Lets go in then”

I went inside her house, of which she gave me a brief tour. I proposed we should take some pictures with the camera I had brought. I still couldn’t believe that I was taking pictures with the hottest female wrestler maybe in the world.

“Can I kiss you on cheeks.” I asked her to which she agreed without hesitation and I took a perfect snap of me kissing her on the cheeks then she proposed she wanted to kiss me too, which I wouldn’t deny in a million years. As she came closer to kiss me, my elbow pressed her soft breasts. I just went with it and took the picture.

The feel of her breasts on my elbow made me kinda hard and it was visible from outside my pants.

“Well, looks like someone is feeling a little horny.” Becky said with a smirk

“Oh, I am so sorry”

“Don’t. To be frank, I am bit horny too. My boyfriend Luke is travelling for his MMA fights and his coach didn’t allow him to have sex whenever he come back home. I haven’t had sex for months.”

I couldn’t believe that Becky Lynch was sharing her sex life with me, I decided to open up myself too.

“Well, I haven’t had sex in months too.” I winked at her.

“No no no, You are taking this the wrong way. I can’t cheat on Luke.”

“It won’t be cheating if he never finds out.” I said getting closer to her. I grabbed her ass and pushed her towrards me to kiss her. She was shocked at first but after some time she reciprocated the kiss. It was such a passionate kiss with both of our tongues battling each other out. I went down to sniff her neck and give her a love bite.

“Ahhhhhhh…. Stop it. This is wrong.” She moaned still pretending to protest.

I took my finger to her wet crotch. I pushed her panty on the side and started to rub her clit.

“Aaaahhhhhh, ohh my god. Harry, this is so wrong” She moaned.

“Haven’t you heard that phrase Becky, wrong is the new sexy.” I whispered in her ears and pushed her on the couch. I pulled her dress up to expose her wet cunt. I licked two of my fingers and rubbed it.

“You like that, huh?” I asked, to which she just moaned. “Do you still want me to stop Becky?”

“No. Never stop” she said biting her lip

“Ok, let’s take this up a notch. I hope this isn’t your favourite dress.”

“What do you m…” She got cut mid sentence as I tear her dress open and took of her bra off to expose her perky boobs and started sucking on them. I took of my shirt and threw it away as I moved downwards licking her belly, then took of her panty and gave it a sniff.

“I am keeping this.” I told Becky and put the in my pants pocket.

“Hey, before I eat out your pussy. Can I videotape it? I promise its just for me.”

“Well, I guess if its only for you then its ok.”

I took my camera and kept it on the side taping all the action.Then I started playing with her clit with my tongue.

“Ohhhh my fucking gawd, Harry your tongue feels so good.”

I kept pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy which made her moan even louder.

“Haaaaahhh, Harry I am gonna cum.” I gave her a last few flicks with my tongue and took all her cum inside my mouth but I didn’t swallow. I pulled her up and kissed her making her swallow her own juices. She tried to spit it out but I didn’t allow her to and made sure she swallow each and every drop.

Before she could complain about anything I forced her on her knees and pulled down my pants.

“Your turn, bitch.” I don’t know why I referred to her as bitch but it felt good. She started licking my 8 inched cock with her tongue before putting it in her mouth and giving me the Best blowjob ever as I held the camera above my cock.

“Look above for the camera.” She did as I ordered and gazed above with half of my cock inside her mouth.

“I would love a copy of this.” She said taking the cock out of her mouth and smiling at the camera.

“You got it. Now get back to your work”

She was taking too much breaks in between to catch her breath, which I didn’t like so I pushed the back of her head on my cock and didn’t let her go. Forced my whole cock inside her throat. She tried to force her way out by pushing my thighs and she succeeded too, after all she was a professional wrestler.

“Hey, don’t force me lad” she yelled at me

“Ok ok, you got it” She continued to blow me, she picked her pace up. She was sucking it like a professional pornstar. She blow me as her sole purpose on this earth was to make me cum and she was very close in achieving that.

“Ohhhhh Becky, I am gonna cum. Stay there” I grabbed the sides of her face and didn’t let go till I saw her swallow my cum.

I picked her up and started sucking on her boobs which made me hard again after some time. I grabbed her hair with one hand and the camera in the other. I dragged her on to the dining table and threw her on it. Placed my Camera on the showcase at the side which had a great view of the whole naked body of the orange headed Slut. She lied down on her back on the table. I grabbed her legs and put them up on my shoulders then rubbed my cock outside her pussy teasing her.

“Do you want me inside of you.” She nodded in agreement, but that was not enough for me. “Say it!” I shouted at her

“I want you inside of me Harry. I want you to fuck the shit out of me.” She begged from me.

“Be careful what you wish for you little whore.” I was certainly enjoying calling her with swear words and she didn’t even protested so I kept what I was doing. I slowly inserted my 8 inches inside of her tight walls to which she reciprocated by moaning and grunting. I started thrusting my cock in and out of her and slowly picked up my pace. After some time I was fucking her with unmanly speed. This was the first time I was able to achieve such high speed.

“HAAAAAAAHHHHHH, Slow down! Harry slow down please!”

“You asked for it, you Irish slut.”

The room got filled with her moans and my balls slapping her ass. As I progressed , she get used to my speed and started enjoying it. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she kept moaning with pleasure.

“UHHHHHHNNN! I am gonna cum” Becky moaned

“I am cumming too.” I grunted

“Please don’t cum inside, Pull out! Pull out!” Becky begged from me, but it was too late as I came inside her and felt her cum on my dick at the same time

We both took a break to catch our breath. After some time I got hard again just seeing her perfect body and I knew where to fuck that irish lass.

“I have filled all your holes except one” I said to her as I turned her around with her boobs pressed by the wooden table and feet firmly planted on the ground.

“Oh no no no, please. I have never been fucked in the arse before. Please don’t fuck me there.” The Irish slut kept begging

“So its gonna be a tight Irish ass, mmmmm loving it” I didn’t listened to her and inserted my cock inside her asshole

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, FUUUHCK please take it out Harry. I would do anything just pull it out.”

I ignored her plead and kept fucking her ass. As expected she started enjoying getting  fucked in her asshole  she was moaning out of pleasure now.

“Enjoying huh?” I asked with a smirk”

“Uhhhhnnn!” she kept moaning. As time came to cum inside her ass I increased my speed.

“Oh fuck, here it cums baby” I grunted ejaculating for one last time inside her arse. I pulled my cock out and pulled her up by her hair so that her back touches my chest. I brought my arms around her and grabbed a boob with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other.

“You know, whats unfair Becky? I came thrice while you get so tired by just cumming twice.” I turned her around and inserted my middlefinger and ring finger inside her which she surely enjoyed as heard from her loud moans. She finally came on my fingers, I pull them out and licked them tasting her sweet juice. We both went back on the couch and just fall on it all tired up.

I got dressed up as my time with Becky came to end. I picked up the camera and gave Becky a last passionate kiss, who was still naked as I had torn off her dress. Little did I know that it will get me hard again. I don’t know what this Irish lass have got in her but as soon as anyone touches her its guaranteed that you will get hard no matter what.

“Okay, one last fuck.”  I said to her and pinned her down in the ground. Removed my pants just a little, but enough for my dick to come out of it, and started fucking her  in her already swollen and red pussy. She came very early this time but I kept fucking her. It took me a long time to take out that last drop of cum fron my sack. As I was just going to cum I took out my dick and ordered Becky to get on her knees as I came on her face and breasts. I took a pic of her body covered with my cum and made a video of her licking the cum of her breasts and face.

“Can I have your number?” Becky asked, which only a fool would deny.

“Yeah sure.” I took a pen and paper and gave her my number “guess I will see you again”

“Don’t forget to send me the sex tape”

I winked at her and went to catch a cab for the airport while she sat there still on her knees licking her fingers and biting her lower lip.

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