A place far From Melrose

This is adult fiction. Anyone who cannot see the difference between this and the real world…well, head out as fast as you can. All the others…have fun.

A place far from Melrose

By Lost Soul

When the sun came up behind the horizon everything was still very quiet. The waves were smooth, a light wind came in and the seagulls flooded the world with their screams. Everything was in harmony, everything was alright.

Thailand was a wonderful destination for her long awaited vacation. After all the stress, after all the time after the last episode of ‘Melrose Place’, this was her first real time off.
She felt so good that it was no problem for her to get up early where she would normally stay in bed till long after ten in the morning. Josie knew that life was good again. And this time, this wonderful time in a land so far away from Los Angeles, she felt alive. She had rented a small hut near the ocean, all by herself. No, there was nobody with her. She needed to be alone for a while.

And so she rose with those first warm rays of sun and jumped out of the small makeshift bed. Josie took the ‘light blue and white’ short dress and threw it over her head. She felt so alive, she felt her body, felt every square-inch. A tingling sensation ran over her body and the Blonde stretched herself in front of the hut and smiled.

“What a wonderful day.”

She leaned against the hut and thought for a moment.

“It’s time for a walk”

Josie made her way to the beach, witch was only 5 minutes away. She took the shore-line and held her face into the wind. The smile on her face never subsided. It was like she was ten years old again. There were not problems whatsoever. No husband, no movie-industry … nothing bothered her.

Josie Bissett was the only human being on this beach. She watched the birds, saw some crabs and listened to the sounds of the nearby jungle. It was perfect.

After an hour of strolling on this beach she saw a wooden house on the edge of the jungle. There was the sound of laughter and she could make out many different voices. She was in such a good mood, was in so much harmony with the world that Josie did not suspect any criminal indentions in the people from this Asian country. Everyone was good and peaceful. So she thought.

And so Josie decided to take a look into the house, decided to say ‘Hallo’.

She crossed the beach and reached the open door frame.

Her eyes needed a moment to adjust. But even before she could see them, she knew it had been the biggest mistake in her life to pay them a visit.

The voices had stopped their sound of chaos. Dark siluettes became real persons. Thai men.

Josie saw those men, saw muscular men, saw fat men. Most of them were dressed in dark pants and t-shirts. Some had guns. And all of them looked real mean.

The actress couldn’t breathe. She just looked at the guys and knew she was in big trouble. What was the right way of dealing with deadly situations? What could she do? Maybe she should turn and leave.

“What you want?”

She smiled insecure.

“I am sorry, I just wanted to…”

Josie did not finish the line.

The Thai men started talking in a fast and strange way. Josie did not understand what they were talking about, but the knot in her stomach told her it was something bad.

She turned, tried to get out of the hut as fast as possible, but one huge guy just slammed the door shut.

“No going Girl.”

Her mouth dropped open. She did not know what to say.

“We want to make love to you, girl.”

A slim man, almost dressed in a civilized way pushed his way through the crowd. He too was Thai and seemed to be the leader.


“Yes, lady, you know… we seldom see a girl like you here, and so we are thinking…why not fucking the hell out of you. Why not?”

Josie’s head snapped from left to right. She tried looking for an exit, for a way to escape. But the door was shut, the windows…well, there were the guys.

“Please don’t. I don’t want to have sex…I…”

There…the fat guy who had shut the door was talking to another man and did not pay any attention to the door.

Josie was fast. She was in good shape. And so the young actress ran for the door. Before the men could do anything, she grabbed the handle, pulled the door open and was on the beach.

She ran for her life. She ran from the men, tried to escape a rape. Josie’s heart was racing, she had never, ever expected anyone to rape…her. Not her, never. She ran as fast as possible, saw a bridge over small river at the edge of the jungle. There, she had almost reached it, there…

Her right foot hit a rood and she fell.

Her face hit the warm sand. She lay and tried to get up …

The men had reached her, jumped on her and buried her face even deeper into the beach. They grabbed her arms and twisted them on her back.


When she thought that she would suffocate from sand, they turned her around.

Josie lay flat on her back, starring into the sweating faces of Thai gangsters. They almost swallowed her with their glances.

Then the leader appeared and kneed Bissett her.

“You little American bitch. I told you, we want to make love to you. Why are you so unfriendly?”

Josie just starred at him. She was breathing hard and tried to spit out the warm sand.

The leader just made a gesture to his men and they moved aside. One of them held the blade of a huge hunting knife very near to Josie’s throat. She did not dare to move.

“Please don’t do that. Please…”

Josie realized her situation for the first time. Here she was, alone in a foreign land. She was about to get … raped.

-Oh God, raped…-

The man, the leader cubed her right breast, squeezed it. Josie looked at his hand, held her breath. Her heard was pounding like crazy.

When he started massaging her breast she was about to faint out.

“You really have nice tits,” he withdrew the hand, only to shove them into her dress.

Josie froze.

She heard her heart pounding against her chest, heard her blood rushing through her veins. She felt the rough skin on his hand, felt the fingers on her breasts, felt them… massaging.

“Oh yes…,” he shifted his position so that he finally was sitting on her in a horseback-riding position. The Thai men around them were talking and laughing. It made the strange situation even worse that Josie did not understand one word of their talking.

His hands…it hurt…

“No, please,” Josie’s head snapped from left to right, her mouth open, saliva running down her cheek, “please no…”

The Leader withdrew his hands from her dress, looking down on his prey.

“When was the last time you had a cock in your pussy?”

Josie did not answer. Her vision was dimmed by tears, her throat soar.

The man laid his hands on her hips, moving them down her body. He started stroking her flat stomach, started pushing the dress up.

Josie pressed her mouth shut, feeling tears forming and running down. He would do it. He would rape her.

Her dress was over her hips, her black silk panties revealed. Her stomach moved up and down, her breathing became harder.

“Let’s fuck the bitch.”

The men applauded and kept on talking.

Josie did not understand, but she knew what they were talking about.

The leader pulled down Josie’s silk panties, pulled them over her hips, over her muscular thighs, over her feet. Then he held them up like a trophy of some kind and screamed something in Thai. His men started yelling and applauding.

Josie couldn’t breathe. She almost suffocated while she was laying in the warm sand, her legs spread apart. She looked at the little man with the light brown skin. She couldn’t believe it…

No, this was not the truth, not the real world.

Why would anyone do that to her.

Of course something like that … rape …. Happened al the time.

But not to her. No, not to Josie.

The small man pulled down his pants and revealed his cock. It was erect and he started crawling over her shaking body. The sun was blocked from her view.

Josie was shivering like hell. She wanted to close her lap, wanted to get away. She could not, no…

The Thai was over her and lowered his body.

Josie closed her eyes.

The penis of the gangster pushed her lips apart. It entered Josie Bissets vagina. It got deeper and deeper till it was totally buried in the actresses body.

A loud moan escaped Josie’s mouth. She felt him in her canal.

-No, God…-

“No God, no please…”

And the man started fucking her.

The slim body was pressed into the warm sand. Again and again her pelvis moved the sand aside. Sand entered her anus … the cock entered her vagina.

Again and again.

He moved, his hands on her breasts, his face only inches away from Josie Bissets face. She could not bare it, could not handle it. She closed her eyes, felt the hard thing in her body, felt it, felt her own lips closing around it. She felt him in her body…

The men got quiet. They were watching the rape and their eyes went wider every moment. They liked what they saw. The blonde American looked really good and their boss fucked the girl real hard. It was the Bissett show those men had ever seen. Well, seen in a while.

Josie thought that time had stopped. Again and again the man pushed his cock hard into her body. Her lips started to hurt, her vagina went in cramp.

The boss had never felt better (…in a while). He pushed, he withdrew, he pushed him in. The girl was a beauty, he had to admit. Seldom he had fucked a girl that looked so pure and beautiful.

Josie’s fingers were digging into the warm sand. Her mouth stood open, saliva running down her cheeks. She felt like dying. She wanted this to end …

-please…God, make it stop … please –




Then it happened.

Sperm shot out of his cock. Sperm flooded Josie Bissett’s vagina.

Part of it came out again, ran down her ass and into the sand.

Again. He did not want to stop it.

Again, again, again.

Then it hurt. The boss was screaming it out. It was so good.

Josie couldn’t breath. Her eyes went wide, she was starring into his face. She saw the sweat on his ugly face, she saw the satisfied lust.

Then he broke down on her. His whole body lay between her spread legs. He pushed himself up on his forearms and looked into his preys eyes.

“I knew you were a bitch. You must have liked this.”

Josie did not respond. She just lay there and waited for him to get up. She was broken.

The boss withdrew himself from her vagina and stood up.

“Now …,” then he said something in Thai. Josie did not understand the words, but the cheering from his men told her what was about to happen.

“Oh God …”

She saw the boss pointing on a huge, fat guy. She saw him, saw his eyes, the joy of being the next one. She saw the men opening his pants. She saw him throwing those pants into the dirt. She saw his huge cock.

The fat guy came over to her and she wasn’t able to close her lap. She wanted to, but … her body did not follow her orders anymore.

“Oh God…,” tears were running in streams over Josie’s face. Her eyes were red and swollen.

“Please God, no … not again … no.”

But God did not listen.

The fat guy reached her. He said something, but obviously he wasn’t able to speak English, and so his words were just strange sounds.

Josie couldn’t breath, she couldn’t move, she just starred at the fat man, starred at his penis. He let himself fall into the sand, between her spread legs. The ground shuttered.

Josie feared to fade out.

His massive hands grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. Josie pressed her lips tight and felt her heard racing.

He pushed the short dress upwards, pushed it over her upper torso.

Josie’s vision was blocked for a moment, her dress on her face, and the man pulled the fabric over her head and her arms.

He threw the light blue and white dress somewhere into the sand.

Josie Bissett was naked.

The fat man’s belly touched her flat stomach, his erect penis touched her vagina.

“No, God, not again…no…”

And then the man entered her vagina.

He fucked the young woman hard. His massive body pressed her into the warm sands and Josie was always on the edge of fainting out. He pushed her, pushed his lower body against hers, pushed his penis into her hurting, into her wet vagina. Again and again.

This was the second time. This was another rapist, this was hell.

And it took almost ten minutes for him to come.

When finally his sperm flushed her lap, her vagina, Josie Bissett fainted out.

Cold water. It was refreshing and it took her out of her faint. She awoke and in the first moment she thought the rape was just a bad nightmare. But when Josie looked into the smiling and sweating faces of the Thai men, she started crying again.

“No, please leave me alone, leave…”

But Josie wasn’t able to finish her line.

Strong hands grabbed her and turned her around.

Josie’s face was pushed into the sand and she gasped for air.

Her hands were digging into the beach…

“Please….,” but only a muffled sound escaped her mouth. She was confused, had just come out of a faint.

Then the young actress felt rough hands on her butt. She felt them stroking her ass, felt…

A finger was inserted into her anus.


She managed to lift her head, managed to scream…

Another finger pushed into her rectum.

Then she felt the warmth of another human body over her. She saw forearms on her left and her right, felt the man breathing down her neck…

Then she felt the tip of his penis on her right buttock.


He adjusted…

She felt the wet tip between her buttocks, she felt them giving apart, she felt …

The cock entered Josie Bissett’s ass.

Slowly the penis was sliding down. It pushed the small opening wider till the cock was totally buried into Josie’s anus.

It hurt. It hurt a lot.

Fire was burning her body. The pain was so immense that she fainted for a second.

“Oh my God… No!”

Blood was running over the ass cheek.

And the Thai man started ass-fucking Josie Bissett.

The pain was hardly bearable. With every forward move of the Thai man’s lower body the pain grew. Josie buried her face into the sand, her hands turned to fists, eyes closed.

The man pushed his cock into the actresses anus. Again and again he fucked her hard. He became faster, pushed it deeper.

She heard his groaning, heard his satisfied lust.

And then, after an eternity of pain, the sperm shot into Josie Bissett’s rectum.

Her head snapped up, her mouth wide open, the hands still clenched into fists.

The Thai kept on pushing. But, when finally there was nothing left his cock grew weak and he sank onto the slim woman.

Josie heard her own pulls, her own heard. She was counting seconds. What would happen now? Would they leave her alone? Would just another man rape her? Another ass-fuck…?

They did not leaver her waiting for long.

Again, strong hands grabbed her after the man had pulled out his weak cock out of her ass. They pulled her up, lifted her into the air.

On hands she was carried to the shore-line.

She didn ‘t know what was happening. The world spun around her. Her heard racing, pounding against Josie’s chest. And then…

She was thrown.

Josie landed in the wild water of the ocean.

Chaos around her… water everywhere. And still the yelling voices. She was about to drown when she again felt those hands on her naked body.

They carried her out of the water again and laid her down on the shore-line.

Josie was crying in pain and not understanding.

She looked up into the faces of those men and in her eyes was the unspoken question: Why? Why did you do this to me.

They would not listen to the question.

One skinny Thai grabbed her shoulders and pulled Josie up to her knees. He then looked at his boss who kneed then in front of the blonde woman.

He had a knife, a hunting knife that he held under Josie’s chin.

“Did you like our little washing?”

Josie did not answer, but his question wasn’t meant for answering anyway.

“So, you little beauty … you will now open your beautiful mouth. You will …,” he came closer, “suck my cock. Is that understood?”

Josie had no strength left. She just starred at the man. She did not even comprehend what he had just said. She just starred into nothingness…

Hands where still on her shoulders and her upper arms. They held her kneeing and upright.

The boss smiled and stood up.

Josie saw him opening his pants again. She saw him pulling out his already erect cock. She saw the pants rushing into the sand, saw the penis pointing on her face.

The boss stepped closer.

The penis was only inches away from Josie Bissett’s mouth.

“Open your mouth!”

She just kept on starring. It was obviously that Josie’s mind was protecting itself. She was not in this brutal world anymore, she was…

When the hand hit her face, blood spilled out of one corner of her mouth and Josie was pushed back into reality.

“I said, open your mouth … bitch!”

Josie opened her mouth.

The leader stepped even closer, put his hands on the back of Josie’s head … and the penis entered the actresses mouth.

Josie instinctively closed her lips around it. She started breathing heavily and hot tears ran down her cheeks.

“Suck my cock!”

Josie Bissett grabbed the mans hips and started sucking his penis.

She knew, if she would disobey his order … he would kill her. She hated this, she felt like vomiting, but she kept on doing the blow job.

Her mouth was used as a vagina. The man fucked her face, pushed his cock deep into her throat. The lips were rubbing over the penis and the woman sucked.

His lower body moved forward and backward, his penis pushed its way into Josie’s throat, into her mouth.

She was fucked into her face.

Minutes passed. The sun went higher and the temperatures rose. Sweat was covering her slim body and the salty water evaporated from her skin. She was kneeing on the beach and the Thai fucked her mouth.

Minutes passed. Her body hurt. Her vagina and her anus … were hurting like the fires of hell. She was about to loose consciousness when the warm sperm shot into her mouth.

A flood…

Sperm was flooding over her tongue, around her teeth, down her throat…

Sperm shot out of his cock, shot down her throat, flooded down into her stomach.

She wanted to sink back, wanted to lay down, but the man wouldn’t let her. He kept on holding her head, let his penis in her mouth, on her tongue.

“Press your lips tighter around it and suck …”

Josie Bissett pressed her lips around his penis and sucked harder. More sperm, more, more…

But finally he let her go and stepped back.

Instantly the girl sank onto the beach.

She was breathing hard while the sperm was running out of her mouth and mixed with the blood from the hit.

She lay flat on her back and starred into the blue sky. She did not care anymore. She did not care whether the men would kill her or not. And if now another man would fuck her … she did not care anymore.

She looked up, saw another Thai standing in front of her. She saw the man pulling down his pants.

“He will fuck me now.”

But then she heard something strange.

A kind of wailing. Strange.

Blue and red lights shot over the beach.

The sound of engines.

Josie lifted her head and saw an SUV with signal lights on the roof. The Police…

“Thanks God,” she whispered and sank back.

The gang was shouting and running. The flew from the Police. But Josie did not care.

Tears of joy filled her eyes. She was so grateful. Rescue…

The Police brought the American actress into a hospital where the U.S. Ambassador took later on care of her. The men who had raped her where not found.

Her wounds were treated and started to heal after a few days. But her soul was broken and that healing process would take much longer.

Josie returned to the States and her life went on. For month she would not go out. She just kept on staying at home. It took a while for her to go on.

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