A story Of Mary Hart

This story is complete fiction; and unauthorized by the host. It is
purely a product of my imagination; and in no way is intended to reflect
on the actual conduct, morals, activities, thoughts. or deeds of that
person there of. This is a disclaimer.


A story of Mary Hart.

Mary Hart was born Mary Johanna Harum on Nov 8, 1951 in Madison, South
Mary is married to Bert Sugarman and they have one son name AJ born in

Mary been hosting
ET since 1981, she took over when Dixie Whately the
original hostess left.

Mary been hosting ET ever since 81 and she’s still hosting to today!
There’s been several peoeple that came and gone all through ET years,
and Mary is the longest hostess to date!

Back in 1984, Mary was dating Bert Sugarman till they got married. Mary
had their baby a son AJ, who’s now 11. Mary’s husband Bert was out of
town for a few weeks!

Mary was hosting ET on a regular bases, but since she had her son her
hosting job was now part time! Mary spent most of her time caring for
her son till he was old enough to care for himself.

Now Mary’s son AJ is 11, but seems he’s older like 15 the way he grew

Mary was getting off her hosting duties she went home before her son got

Mary is a protective mother of her son, and she’s quite fond of him as
AJ helps his mother around the house so his mother won’t do all the

Well AJ is fond of his mother like she’s fond of him. But how is he to
show his mother how much he loves her, instead saying it?

Mary was in her bedroom straighten things up.

Well one thing Mary didn’t expect to find in her waste bucket was a
plastic rubber condom,
Mary was suspissious, who’s is it, it’s not her husband Bert’s he
doesn’t use them?

Then Mary thought of one person in mind her son AJ? But he’s only 11,
how can he use a condom since he doesn’t have sex, not unless he’s
having sex with a little girl?

So Mary went to talk to her son about this.

AJ was in his bedroom laying down with his hand in his pants.

Mary peeks in and saw her son AJ with his hand inside his pants playing
with himself?

Then Mary walks in and AJ pulls his hand out and covers up!

Mary sits down on his bed and asks”AJ sweetheart, is this your plastic
condom I found in my waste bucket, tell me if it is I won’t get mad just

AJ nods and explains”Yes mother it’s mine, I had a friend over yesterday
she’s alittle older then I am, she’s about 15 I guess and we had sex”!

Mary was wearing her skirts that made her legs so famous around the
country and the world.

Mary had her legs crossed, then when she uncrossed them her son AJ
caught a clear glance of his mother’s crotch!

Boy he got a quick hardon.

Then Mary asks”AJ, you had sex with this 15 year old girl, what did she
do or what did you do with her”? AJ shrugs and answers”She went down on
me, she put my pecker in her mouth and she was sucking it, I was doing
her, I was between her legs which looks like your’s mom, I was tasting
her thing and I put my pecker inside her and we had sex”!

Mary couldn’t believe her son was licking this 15 year old girls pussy,
who know’s who else was licking it before.

As Mary was listening to her son, she was feeling so wet between her
legs and also tingly too! Mary hasn’t felt tingly since she and her
husband Bert had sex a month ago.

Mary was so horny and wet she was dripping, she felt a drop running down
her thighs!

Well Mary noticed AJ had a hardon, she can tell it through his sheets.
Then Mary did something that surprised AJ, she pulls the sheets off him
and stares at his 5 inch pecker.

AJ wasn’t sure what his mother was gonna do, but he hopes it’s exciting?

Mary stares at her son and smiles, then she touched his pecker and
strokes it gently.

Mary’s mouth was watery, her pussy was horny and wet. Mary know’s it’ll
be wrong if she did this but she always takes chances?
AJ didn’t say anything what his mother was doing, he just let her do
what she wants to do!

Mary then leans down and tastes her son’s pecker, she licks it up and
down his skin.

Then Mary looks up at her son and smiles, he smiles back! She was still
licking it, then she slowly slides her mouth down his 5 inch pecker.

AJ was watching his mother sliding her mouth down and up his pecker, wow
what an exciting sight that is!

Watching his mother sucking his pecker was exciting to AJ, he didn’t
excpect this to happen, but his dreams and fantasy has come true.

Mary never thought she would be doing this not her own son, but she
didn’t want to cheat on her husband Bert with another man?

Mary hasn’t really thought of incest, but the subject is interesting in
her mind!

Mary was sucking her son’s cock with smooth and passionate strokes with
her mouth and tongue.

AJ thought he was about to come, he didn’t want to come inside his
mother’s mouth, but he couldn’t hold it back. So he just let it go, he
came and came in his mother’s mouth.

Mary was surprised AJ came in her mouth, she wasn’t about to waste it
for one thing not when it’s her son’s sperm! Mary swallowed every drop
of his cum.

That certainly surprised AJ, he didn’t think his mother swallows cum,
but surprise?

Then Mary decide to give AJ a surprise of her own, she pulls her skirt
and panties off!

Mary was standing there nude, and AJ was so excited he couldn’t believe
it, he thought he was having a day dream or a fantasy?

Then Mary laid down with her son on his bed, and said”AJ, lay on top of
momma, and put your pecker inside me”!

AJ is about 5’8″ tall, his mother is about 5’5″?

So AJ laid on top of his mother and Mary whispers”Ok sweetheart, slide
your pecker inside me and lets make love”!

AJ was sliding his wet pecker inside his mother’s pussy slit, then he
was sliding in and out slowly. Mary was feeling her son’s whole 5 inches
inside her for the first time, she was smiling as she was whispering in
his ear!

AJ was feeling inside his mother’s pussy it was wet and slippery, it
felt good to his pecker.

Then Mary whispers”AJ, kiss momma, while we’re making love we kiss”!

So AJ was kissing his mother on the lips with passion. Mary was enjoying

Mary was looking down to see how much of AJ’s pecker is inside her, she
had her legs open wide so his body can have room!

Then Mary was whispering in AJ’s ear how’s he’s doing”It feels good
honey, keep sliding in and out”!

Half hour later, AJ comes inside his mother’s pussy. Mary forgot AJ
know’s how to do that, he had sex with a 15 year old girl!

Then AJ slides off his mother.Then Mary was sucking his pecker dry. AJ
was watching his mother suck his pecker again, it was so exciting!

Watching his mother sliding her mouth up and down on his pecker was
special to AJ!

Mary was sucking and sucking her son’s pecker until he came in her
mouth, she swallowed his cum.

Then Mary said”AJ, honey, this is just an experience we can’t do any
more, I did this to show how much I love you”!

So Mary got up and dressed, she went to fix dinner.

AJ hopes they’ll do it again?

Mary was in the kitchen thinking about what she and her son did, altho
she enjoyed it!

During dinner, Mary and AJ was eating dinner and Mary was telling her
son who she interviewed. AJ always likes who his mother interviews!

Then later that night, AJ was in bed sleeping.

Mary was in her bed thinking about the next taping of the show, and yes
her son AJ and what they did!

Mary mostly sleeps in the nude, she feels more comfortable that way. Her
husband Bert doesn’t like sleeping nude!

But Bert does have easy access when he’s on top of Mary having sex with
Before Mary has sex she likes to suck her husband’s cock! She’s been
sucking her husband’s cock before and after they married!

About couple hours later, Mary thought she was having a wet dream like
she always does?
But Mary was feeling a sensational feeling between her legs. As she woke
up she noticed her son AJ was between her legs licking her pussy!

Marry didn’t say anything she just enjoyed it.

Then AJ laid on top of his mother and Mary said”Put it in honey and lets
make love again”!

AJ slid his 6 inch cock inside his mother’s pussy slit, he was sliding
in and out slowly and kissing his mother on the lips!

Mary was enjoying feeling her son’s cock inside her again, she know’s
she said they can’t do it any more, but no one has to know about it!

For about an hour later, AJ comes and comes inside his mother’s pussy.
Mary had couple of good orgasms.

Well AJ slept with his mother and had incest early morning!

Well it was the weekend and Mary checked her schedule and nothing for
the weekend, so she’ll be home this time with her son.

Mary was thinking since her husband Bert won’t be home for another week
or two, she’ll let her son AJ sleep with her and yes enjoy more incest
with him.

Just couple days later, Mary and her son AJ was sleeping and having lots
of incest together!

Mary enjoys sucking her son’s 6 inch pecker and feeling it inside her.
AJ also enjoys licking his mother’s pussy and sucking her juices, lease
she taste and smells better then the girl AJ is having sex with.

AJ is still having sex with the 15 year old girl when she comes over to
see him!

Mary just hope’s when her husband does comes home, he won’t find out
what she and their son been doing?

Another week later, AJ and his mom was still sleeping together and
having incest!

AJ must’ve come inside her more then a dozen times, and Mary must’ve
swallowed half a gallon of his sperm down her throat, well it’s tasty!

Hope you all enjoy this story? A reminder, this is just a fictional
fantasy story, don’t want no argurments.

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