Abducted For Pleasure

Fic Title:Abducted For Pleasure

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Pairing:Hilary Duff/Christy Carlson Romano/m/f


Summary:Hilary invites her best friend,Christy Carlson Romano on a
camping trip,only to have the both of them encounter a pair of
strange-looking humanoids.

Warnings:Mind control,male/female sex,female/female sex,strong


Let me ask each and every one of you UFO chasers this one
would happen if you and a good friend had allowed
yourselves to go do something in order to celebrate a special
occassion,only to have the both of you suddenly encounter something
that may or may not be of this very planet Earth?

And if you still have a problem with what I’m trying to get at,I
guess that the only way to answer that question is to just go ahead
and tell you the story that I’m writing right now.

You see,it had all began on September 28th,which happens to be the
birthday of one of Hollywood’s hottest babes named Hilary Duff and
which was also the day that she has invited her CADET KELLY
co-star,a Milford,Connecticut native nammed Christy Carlson Romano
to go on a camping trip with her at a spot within the outskirts of
her hometown of Houston,Texas in order to celebrate her 18th

Anyway,as soon as they had arrived at that particular campsite and
gotten their entire camp set-up,Christy had looked at the wonderful
sunset,let out a smile,took a deep breath and said,”If you were to
ask me,Hilary.I’m so very glad that you had invited me to go camping
with you.”

“I’m glad to hear that,Christy.”,said a smiling Hilary,after she had
gotten the campfire started.”So,I guess that it’s time for us to
have ourselves some dinner.What do you want to eat?”

But just as she was about to answer that question,Christy has turned
her head towards one of the many trees that were surrounding the
campsite and discovered that two young purple-haired humanoids had
suddenly appeared from out of nowhere.

“Oooohhhh,Hilary.I think that you should forget about dinner right
now and have a look at this.”,said a shocked Christy,after she had
given her best friend a gentle tap on the shoulder.

And then,after she had turned towards Christy to ask her what she
was trying to tell her,the look on Hilary’s face has also changed to
that of pure shock after having spotted the same humanoids who were
looking with such confusion at the two friends.

That has caused Hilary to clear her throat,walk over to the two
strange-looking newcomers and say,”Hi,my name is Hilary and my
friend’s name is Christy.Could you tell us who the both of you
are?Do you even know where you had came from?”

But before she was about to ask another question,one of the
humanoids had raised his hand up in front of the two Hollywood babes
and shown strange beam of light in each of their faces,causing the
strangers to gain control of their minds.

And then,after the strangers had entirely removed their weird
garments and moved themselves closer to the mesmerized duo,they had
stripped all of Hilary and Christy’s clothes off and kissed them
ever so passionately on the lips,just before one of the humanoids
has placed his stiff cock inside Christy’s asshole and used each of
his hands to carress both her tits and snatch and the other humanoid
has started licking all over Hilary’s nude body–all the way down to
her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts.

“Aaaahhhh!What are you guys doing to us?Please don’t do this!I don’t
want it!Stop it!Oooohhhh!Please,you guys!Don’t stop!”,said
Hilary,even though she had no other choice,but to allow the female
humanoid to have hot sex with her.”Yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,you
fucking weirdo!Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy

And then,after Christy has been moved closer to Hilary and the
humanoids had allowed Christy to start sucking on Hilary’s stiff
mounds,the two Hollywood superstars had suddenly realized that even
though they were both under the influence of some strange
device,they were experiencing something that they had never
experienced with any sized group before,for they were experiencing
pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after the male humanoid has placed his stiff cock inside
Hilary’s cunt and started licking on his female partner’s
snatch,Hilary has started licking on Christy’s pussy and the second
humanoid has started sucking on Christy’s bare toes.

That has caused a sexually-energized Christy to place her hands on
Hilary’s bare back and yell at the top of her

And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has made its final apperance on the Disney Channel’s
original series LIZZIE MCGUIRE,the four newfound bi-sexual lovers
had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then,after they were all finally able to catch their breath and the
girls had placed their heads on the male humanoid’s chest,he has
placed his hand over Hilary and Christy’s heads and allowed the same
light to shine on their faces once again,causing both Hilary and
Christy to fall asleep.

But then,after the two friends had woken-up from their litle nap and
discover that they were the only ones in the campsite,the confused
pair had suddenly heard a strange sound,which has caused the both of
them to turn around and discover that it was the sound of a
disc-shaped craft lifting itself back up into deep space.

It was at that particular moment that a confused Hilary has looked
at her best friend,taken a deep breath and asked,”What happened to
us,Christy?Were we having a dream,abducted for pleasure or what?”

“I don’t know,Hilary.I really don’t know.”,answered a
equally-confused Christy,after she had started scratching the back
of her head and just before she had started wondering what she and
Hilary should do next.


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