Abduction Of Sarah Michelle Gellar


Abduction of Sarah Michelle Gellar


This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are

underage or easily offended. Stop reading.

It was a day like any other day, however this day would prove to be the last

one a certain young starlet

would spend as a virgin

I had been watching her house for weeks now, checking her routine,

investigating her
security system,

tapping her phone lines, finding out the places she frequented, what her

personal security was like, all

that stuff that normal stalkers do !!!

Today was the one day all the flaws in her protection were down.

>From my observations her driver would take her to the gym this morning at

900am, he then was to drive her to

her Beauty Therapist at 1100am after which she had planned to have a

shopping spree as she had to buy herself

a new dress for the Emmy’s and had to buy some gifts for her family. Her

diver was then requested to pick her up at 6pm.

This gave me a window of opportunity from 12pm to 6pm, no security. The

question I had to ask myself was

how to lure her into my trap.

The plan was simple, in the guise of a taxi driver I would arrive at exactly

the time she would be likely

to leave her beauty therapist. After several weeks of watching her I knew

that she left the therapist between

1155 and 12 o’clock. The distance between her therapist and where she

usually shopped was walkable but from

my observations she had always taken a taxi, usually she would walk to the

corner to hail one. So I figured

if I was waiting outside she could just jump in, saving me time for other

pleasurable activities later. Once

in the taxi it was just a case of sedating her. This was easy, I had

installed a canister of Chloroform gas

into the air conditioner in the rear of my cab, with the front of the cab

unaffected it was just a case of

picking her up put the air conditioner on and "Bob’s your Uncle" one

gorgeous starlet asleep and oblivious as

to what fate had in store for her.

Me, I’m just a regular Joe, just on 6 foot tall, 190 pounds, athletic,

fairly well tanned without being bronzed.

My 2 storey house is in all truth modest looking from the outside but masked

from the view of the prying world

inside there is a modicum of wealth with state of the art electronic

security, a mini home entertainment centre

set up including a my own private theatre. The room this is housed in is

fully sound proofed and the east facing

wall is more correctly not a wall but a movie screen. Every room in the

house has security cameras which I could

then split onto the screen. I had got the idea from watching Sliver with

Sharon Stone, Billy Baldwin I think the

guy was. The room had two recliners so if I had a mate around we could watch

the big game and the surround sound

Dolby stereo system made you feel like you were actually there.

The piste-de-resistans was for when I had women friends visit. The recliners

made way for a plush king size bed

which was kept beneath the floor. With the flick of a switch the floor would

slide back and the bed would elevate.

The perfect room to watch romantic movies with women who you’d like to bed


I’d had my fair share of women but when I saw her on the big screen I became

infatuated with her. Her blonde

flowing hair, her beautiful pouty lips, those eyes that you could spend

hours gazing into, and that body, oh

my god, on TV and the big screen it had been kept covered up, she had done

no real nudity in the media so my

infatuation not only led me to wanting a private view of her gorgeous body

but led me to the scenario I have

explained to you.

I sat in my cab with the for hire light out watching her house. It was

859am and the big metal gates to her

large house open, a black limo rolled out of the drive, I smiled to my self,

thinking "gotta love that punctuality".

I followed her to the gym, I had joined the week before for a months

membership, she was a regular and did

not attract to much attention when she arrived.

I worked out from a vantage position where I could keep my eye on her

without being to obvious, she looked

fantastic in her black lycra stockings and her g-string leotard. I always

wondered what she would look like

without the lycra stockings and wondered how women can exercise with a piece

of material wedged up there arse !!!

She showered, as did I, and true to form her driver her picked her up at

1045 to take her to the beauty

therapist. I followed in my cab, thinking why does this vision of beauty

need to see a therapist ???

She arrived promptly at 11am, my pulse was starting to race, everything was

working beautifully.

My watch now showed the time as 1154am, it was now or never, I started the

engine and cruised over to park

out side the therapists, I could just see inside, there she was talking to

the receptionist, she was smiling,

that cheeky smile that we see so often on TV. She turned to walkout at which

point I turned on my for hire sign.

As she walked out the door she saw my cab and immediately ran towards me.

"taxi" she called and climbed into

the back.

"Where to Miss" I asked trying to lose the anxious quaver in my voice.

"West 83rd street" was the reply

I thought to my self "yeah sure, I don’t think so", but I smiled turned on

the metre and said "sure thing"

while pulling away from the kerb.

She sat in the back of my cab a vision of beauty, she was checking her face

in the compact that she had

taken out of her purse.

I smiled in the rear view mirror and switch on the air conditioning.

I said "lovely day isn’t it miss"

The chloroform had started to take affect almost straight away.

She smiled back and yawned "yes lovely", and then apologised for yawning,

"I’m sorry I have been on the go all morning"

Little did she know I knew that.

She put her compact back into her purse, I could see she was becoming

drowsier by the second.

I said "that’s all right miss I know how you feel"

My last sentence fell on deaf ears, the chloroform had done its job.

I swung the car around and headed for home. My cock was as hard as a rock in

anticipation of what was instore

for the afternoon.

I pushed the button which activated my automatic double garage doors. With

the car safely out of sight, I

jumped out and went to the back door to retrieve my pray.

She was still out of it. I picked her up in a fireman’s carry over my

shoulder and headed for my bedroom.

I activated the bed which arose from concealment beneath the floor and laid

her upon it. She was still asleep

but I could tell she would be awake shortly. I stepped back and got my first

real good look at my victim. She

was 5ft 7in, just beyond shoulder length mousy blonde hair. She wore a light

blue silky top with shoe lace

straps and a black silky skirt with black knee length boots.

She was a picture. I left the room and allowed her to wake up on her own, I

watched her on the close circuit

TV in the next room.

When she awoke you could see the terror on her face, I spoke to her on the

intercom, I told her if she calmed

down no harm would befall her.

She screamed "who the fuck are you ?" "what the fuck do you want from me

"Do you know who I am ? people will

be looking for me"

I said "Yes I know who you are Sarah, and Ms Gellar, you will not be missed

until about 6pm. when your driver is

due to pick you up".

She froze in amazement, you could tell she was thinking "how did he know


"I don’t wish to hurt you Sarah but I will if I must, please move back to

the bed and sit down I will be with you

shortly. I am watching every move you make".

She moved back to the bed and sat down.

I entered the room, in my hand I carried my Magnum revolver (all I could

think was Clint Eastwood saying "do you

feel lucky punk ?" and me thinking "yes. yes, yes")

When I entered she stood up in an aggressive stance, "who the fuck are you

?, why are you doing this to me ?"

"My name is not important" I told her, "and if your surroundings haven’t

given you an idea why you are here you’ll

soon find out".

She made a move towards me, this was the first time she had seen what was in

my hand, she gasped in terror.

I motioned her back towards the bed "stand there, I want to get a good look

at you". She backed up towards the bed

when I wave the gun in the general direction I wanted her to move. I flicked

a switch on the panel to my left and a

soft glow downlight shone above her head. The halo of light fell upon her

making her look angelic.

I spoke slowly and softly but with a tone in my voice which suggested I

meant what I said, "You will do everything

I say, you will not fight against me or try to escape from me in anyway as I

have been studying you for the past

few months and I know where you and all your loved ones live. As you can

tell from my abduction of you I would not

have any second thoughts about killing you or any of your family."

Her whole demeanour had now changed, it was that of a person who knew their

fate, her will was broken, her eyes

welled up with tears, "Please don’t do this" she pleaded. "I’ll give you

money, anything"

I smiled, "I only want one thing from you Sarah, I’m fairly sure no one has

taken it from you yet", "I want your virginity"

"But I’m not a virgin" she cried "what would make you think I am ?"

I smiled again "Sarah you forget, I have been watching and researching you

for along time, I know almost everything

there is to know about you."

"But I’m not a virgin" she pleaded again "your information is

I was getting annoyed, if this was true it devalued my victory. I waved the

gun at her, she flinched, I said

"Remove you skirt I want to see your beautiful thighs"

"No please don’t do this"

"Do it" I waved the gun at her and took a step forward.

She flinched again but this time she reached behind to find the zipper of

her skirt. She unzipped her skirt.

"Slowly" I said

She slowly slid the skirt down revealing that she wore a pair of light blue

silky g-string underwear. Her inner

thighs had a lush fleshy pinkish hue about them, my cock was aching to bust

out of my pants. She moved her hands

to try and hide her underwear. I smiled and said "thankyou, now remove you

your top."

She slowly lifted her top up and over her head, her breasts bounced as the

silk lifted over them but were held

firm in place by a silky light blue bra which matched the panties she was


I told her to walk around, she was still wearing her boots so she was a

sight for sore eyes. She started to stomp

around like a moody bitch. "Click" I cocked the hammer on the gun, she

flinched and started to walk in a more

posed manner. Everytime she turned away from me her little bottom cheeks

bounced from side to side, her breasts

swayed, they were about a 34C cup size, I told her to stop and then asked

her to remove her bra.

She cried "No" but she reached around and unclasped the catch, she slowly

removed the bra which fell to the floor

and she stood before me with her hand hiding her breasts.

"And your panties, I want you to turn around and face the other way, bend

over and slowly remove you panties". She

did as she was told, all the fight had gone out of her, she turned around

and bent over, the thong was firmly entrenched

up her beautiful arse. She slowly slid it down first revealing her arsehole

then as she pulled them down further to

reveal her pussy lips which I could see from behind. Her panties fell to the

floor over the top of her boots, she

stepped out of them still with her back towards me.

I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. She shivered at my touch,

I cupped her breasts with my hands,

kissing her gently on her neck. Her skin became full of goosebumps, her

nipples were erect. I turned her around

and kissed her mouth she fought but the feel of gun metal in my belt on her

skin killed the resistance.

I pressed harder on her mouth slowly opening my mouth. To my surprise she

reciprocated, my tongue flicked against

hers, my hands ran down her back, I softly kneaded her buttocks. They were

milky to the touch. I brought my hands

up to her shoulders and applied pressure pushing her down. She complied. She

looked up at me waiting for instructions.

>From my position looking down and her gazing up it was beautiful. Her

beautiful eyes gazing up at me, her breasts

heaving up and down and between her legs a wisp of hair hid the jackpot down


"I want you to suck my cock, no biting though, unless you like the taste of

lead." We moved to the side of the bed,

I took the gun from out of my belt and placed it out of her reached but

within mine. I also pushed a green button on

the bed side console. Sarah undid my belt and unzipped my zipper, she slowly

removed my pants, she smiled when she

saw I was wearing Superman boxer shorts. Her smile turned to awe when she

removed my boxers revealing my 9 inch

member which sprung to attention when it was unleashed.

"That’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen" she said

This didn’t confirm or deny her virginity, 9 inches is not big in cock terms

so either she had only had small cocks

or she had only seen small cocks.

"Stop talking and suck it"

She placed both hands on it and started to suck on the head of my cock. she

moved her hands up and down my shaft

taking the cock further and further into her mouth. This felt amazing.

Oblivious to Sarah the button I had pressed

activated a series of cameras in the room and their images were shown on the

wall screen.

I stood there watching the screen and looking at the various images of Sarah

Michelle Gellar feasting on my cock.

I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock further back into her

throat, she gagged, I said relax, as she did

my cock found its way deeper into her throat

her bottom lip and chin her brushing my balls. I told her to "cup my balls

with her hand .. carefully remember the

gun and your family". She did as she was told.

I could feel my self ready to explode. Aaaaarrrrrgghhhhhh, semen pumped into

the back of her throat, to much for her

to handle as my jism spurted forth from her mouth.

She gagged and coughed on the ground after I had pulled out.

I grabbed her by the hair, lifted her up and pushed her back onto the bed.

I took her hands and strapped them together with bindings I had prepared

beforehand. I then tied these to the bed head.

I took off my shirt and stood before her naked, she looked not unhappy as

she checked me out. "Don’t tie me up I won’t

struggle" she cried.

"Nevertheless" I said "I like having you tied up" . As I moved to
the side

of the bed Sarah realised that on the other

side of the room was her image on the wall sized screen. She became concious

of her nudity and tried to cover herself.

I sat on the bed beside her looking at her beautiful nude body , her breasts

were firm and the nipples were like little

brown rocks. I ran the back of my hand over her face and down her throat,

then down to caress her nipples with the tips

of my fingers, her breasts were fantastic to touch, I leant over and gently

kissed each nipple, goosebumps again came

over her skin. I slowly moved my hand down to her pussy. Her mousy blonde

downy pubic hair was silken to the touch.

I ran my finger down between the lips of her cunt without venturing inside,

slowly I moved my hand back and forth up

and down her pussy lips still without venturing beyond the bounds. Slowly

but surely her clitoris started to grow as

Sarah became more sexually aroused. Now I was wondering if she isn’t

fighting then maybe she wasn’t lying about her

virginity, because surely she wouldn’t let me take it away from her, or she

had been placed in such a submissive position

she just couldn’t fight. As I ran my finger still up and down along her

pussy lips it brushed over her clitoris sending

shivers through her body. I climbed on top of her and sat on her stomach. I

leant forward and kissed her on the mouth,

I pressed my tongue in her mouth, she started sucking it, we were sucking

each others tongues, I had my left hand behind

her head pulling her head forcefully to me so the kisses were strong and

passionate. My right hand was busy kneading her

left breast. I pulled away and kissed her neck then her chest, first her

right breast, I gorged myself on her heaving

bosom taking in as much as I could in my mouth, biting and teasing the


and then the same on her left breast. I swirled my tongue over and around

her nipple, for someone who was basically

being raped I thought she was acting very strangely, She didn’t scream (not

that it would have helped) and she didn’t fight.

I tongued her bellybutton then headed south, the warm smell of her pussy

filled my head. Her pubic hair was nicely

trimmed, no nasty side burns, I kissed her pubes gently then hers lips, my

tongue stroke down her lips stopping at

where her now fully swollen clitoris was poking its head out, I flicked my

tongue back and forth across it, Sarah let

out a small moan. My tongue now pushed harder between her lips. Her pussy

juices had lubricated her tight little snatch

hole so when I inserted my middle finger it slid in easily. To my pleasant

surprise as I delved the inner depths of her

cunt I found the barrier to her inner cunt, her hymen, securely intact.

My finger then made it’s way to that small patch of nerves, her G-spot, and

began slowly rubbing it while I began to

nibble on her clit. Sarah let out a loader moan, "ooohhhghhh" her hips

started press against my face, her pelvis moving

with the rhythm of my middle finger, I reached my left hand up to fondle her

right breast, I pinched her nipples between

my fingers, I then traced my fingers up to her mouth and caressed her lips.

She started to suck at my fingers, running

her tongue over their tips, all the while her pelvis fast moving faster and

faster and faster …

"ooooooooooogghhhhhhhhh, that feels amazing" she screamed. Now I buried my

face into her now dripping cunt, busily

nuzzling her fleshy mounds, her pelvis no longer rocked, it bucked, her

bottom bounced up and down on the bed. Her

inner thighs glistened with a combination of sweat and bodily fluids. "Oh my

god", she screamed, she arched her back

and I grabbed her bum with my one free hand "Oh my god, Oh my god, yes, yes,

yes, yes, aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh"

Her hips were going a hundred miles an hour, I lapped at her cunt as her

warm juices cascaded over my face.

I slowly moved back up her body, my cock tracing a line up her inner thigh

till it rested just below her groin, her

moist hot pussy was aching for it. I once again nibbled at her breasts, they

were now smeared in her sweat  She was

cooing like a love sick pigeon, I moved up to kiss her, this time there was

no fight, she wanted more she greedily

sucked at my tongue. I pulled away and asked her "So who did you lose your

virginity to ?"

Her head was in a whirl, "What, who, oh um it was Freddy"

"So you had sex with Freddy did you"

"Yes", she replied

"So does Freddy have a big dick ?"

She giggled, "No not really, I hardly even felt it when it went in, I didn’t

orgasm like I did just then"

"And did he come ?"

"He said he did, I don’t really know" came her reply.

I kissed her again passionately "Either Freddy is so tiny or he just didn’t

know what he was doing, I’m sorry but

your virginity is still intact"

With these word still ringing in her ears I plunged my cock deep the inner

sanctum of her vagina, my knob tearing

through the once intact hymen with a vicious ferocity.

Sarah screamed in pain, blood welled around my penis and started to trickle

out of her snatch.

"Now you’ve lost your virginity", I said with an evil grin on my face

I pumped my pelvis hard and fast into her groin, her body was shaking,

trying to come to terms with the pain and the

pleasure that my loins were treating her to.

"How does it feel Sarah", I asked

She could only managed a muffled reply as I sank my tongue down the back of

her throat.

She started moving her pelvis in unison with mine, her breath grew heavy

once more as my cock pounded away. She wrapped

her legs around my back, the boots she was still wearing felt fantastic on

my back. "Yes fuck me" she screamed, "oh yes

fuck me, oh yes, oh yes , oh oh aaarrrgggghhhhh" Her whole body once again

trembled beneath me. Wave upon wave of her

orgasm shuddered through her body, her cunt contracted and expanded and

contracted and expanded, She was milking my cock,

but I was resisting, if I was to cum inside her it would be on my terms. I

pulled out and quickly spun her over, She

groaned in pain as the bindings around her wrist dug into her flesh.

I told her to kneel. Her arse hung in front of me like a prime piece of

meat, her pussy lips were dripping with a milky

fluid which was tinged with traces of red. I ran my hand between her legs,

once again running my fingers down her pussy,

delicately flicking her clit on the way past. Her back arched when I did

this. I once again slipped my middle finger into

her love hole but this time I allowed my thumb to trace a circle around her

anus. She shivered. I removed my hand and

positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt. My hands grabbed her hips

and lifted them slightly, Wham, my cock once

again found it way into the Garden of Eden. I hammered away at her from

behind, her bottom moved in time with my pelvic

thrusts, my hands cupped her breasts and I kissed the back of her neck,

"Does this feel good, Sarah ?" I asked her

"Oh yes" she replied, "Oh yes"

I could feel my cum building in my shaft, my intensity greatened, I bit into

the back of her neck making her scream a

little, and then

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh" I pounded for all my life was

worth as I shot my seed deep into the

recesses of her love hole.

"Oh, oh, oh,  yes" I groaned

Sarah’s hips were taking her full force of my pounding. She was making

little groaning noises.

Wave after wave of cum spewed into her, I grabbed her breasts in both hands

and squeezed as the last fluid ounce of

juice was milked from my balls.

As my orgasm subsided I pulled out of her now cum soaked quim and rubbed my

cock up and down the crack of her arse.

"W-What are you doing" she asked.

"Well your arse looks a picture, be a pity if I was here and didn’t take

advantage of it". I leant over to the bedside

cabinet and grabbed a glass of Vaseline, I sank my fingers it into and

pulled out a large glob. I then proceeded to smear

it all over Sarah’s anus.

"N-No  it’ll hurt to much, you’ll rip my arse. you’re to big, please

But as the words left her mouth my still

erect organ was slowly working it way into the depths of her alimentary

canal. This time she didn’t scream, more it was

a large gasp, as my cock went back and forth into her anus. With my left

hand on her shoulder and my right on her right

tit, I pumped her trying to find another orgasm. My right hand moved down to

her warm pussy and started vigorously

rubbing her clit. Her pelvis rocked with mine, her breathing grew heavier as

did mine, she let out little gasps "oh,

oh, oh", I had found what I was looking for as another wave of orgasm

flooded my body, I pounded her arse while my

finger was moving at a hundred miles an hour on her clit, she couldn’t take

it any more. She let out a large groan and

her body quivered, "Oooooooooorrrrrrrrrgghghghghhhh, yes, yes, yes"

I pulled out of her rectum, a dribble of my seed made it’s way into


I moved back up her body and again nuzzled at her nipples.

My right hand moved up and undid the binding that held her hands to the bed

head. Her arms came down and cradled my

head. I removed the constraints around her hands and kissed her gently on

the lips. Her mouth accepted mine her hand

came up and held the back of my head pulling me closer. Her tongue went

looking for mine, her other hand worked it’s

way down my back to my arse, her finger nails playfully scratching my skin.

It then ran over my hip and grabbed hold of

my hold of my now flaccid cock. A look of disappointment came over her face.

"Give it time Sarah" I reassured her "Give it time".

We kissed passionately again, as I lay beside her I once again checked the

screen, here I lay naked with the beautiful

Sarah Michelle Gellar who is only dressed in knee high boots.

"That was amazing" she cooed into my ear, "I could lay here all day and


Now I was amazed, "I’ve abducted you, held you against your will, raped and

sodomised you and yet you want to do it

all over again"

"Oh yes please, I’ve never felt like this before"

I quickly checked my watch as this pleasant thought passed my mind. It was

430pm, "but your driver is due to pick

you up at 6"

"Well I could ring him and tell him not to pick me up, I’ll get a taxi !!!"

she said with a devilish grin.

I grabbed the phone and dialled the number, I also reminded her of the gun.

She smiled and said you won’t be needing that.

She spoke to her driver and told him "she was a bit tied up and would

probably take a taxi home"

As she returned to the bed I asked did she want to see a special movie I

thought she might be interested in.

She gave me a puzzled look so I hit the play button, the room fell dark and

on the big screen our entire love making

scene was replayed , taken from a camera positioned above the bed.

She said "I enjoyed this movie the first time and I’m looking forward to the

sequel", with that she licked a line from

my right nipple down to the head of my cock and started to suck slowly and

gently upon it.

I lay back and thought to myself how lucky am I, I’ve had Sarah Michelle

Gellar "boots ‘n’ all" and she is gagging

for more !!!

Sarah was the first in a long line of celebrities I have hunted and

conquered, the next vision of

beauty I made "Bring it on" for me !!!

But that’s another story ….

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