Abusing Fern Britton My Sister In Law

Title: Abusing Fern Britton My Sister In Law

Author: Mick278

Celebs: Fern Britton

Codes: MF, anal, forced

Disclaimer: This story is fiction.

Although my wife and i have been happily married for quite a few years now, it hasn’t stopped me playing around. It was some five years after I married her that I had my first conquest with her older sister the television celebrity Fern Britton.

Di, my wife and I were invited to a Christmas party at her sisters house Fern and her Celebrity Chef husband Phil. They had been together for four years after hooking up on ready steady cook and at times Fern could be a complete bitch, a right stuck up cow always superior and putting any one down with a flippant remark, she thought she could get away with it due to her TV status.

Half way through the evening I happened to walk past the front room where all the girls were sat drinking and gossiping. I was some what surprised to over here my wife praising my sexual appetite,

“fuck Mike is such a pain he would fuck 24 / 7 given the chance” I heard all the girl laugh,

Fern then said “if Phil can get it up twice a month im fucking lucky”

the rest of the girls went on to moan and praise the other halves, with various comment on what they would like their men to be better at.

I moved in to the kitchen and resumed a conversation with the lads. As with all bloke talk it turned to sex and we were laughing and joking about various aspect the subject when someone said about all women loving it up the arse,

Phil then went into a phase of how much he thought anal was disgusting and any woman that did it was lower than a whore.

It was a that exact time Fern decided to enter the kitchen and heard him and in true style she said “what the fuck would you know what a woman would like perhaps some women like acting the whore”

with that Phil shut up and as Fern walked out she gave me a sly wink,

now this was totally out of her character to be nice to me. Later in the evening as every one was getting drunk people were dancing in the front room.

with my wife fairly pissed and asleep up stairs, Fern moved over to me and said “come on brother-law show me a good time and dance with me.

As we danced she deliberately started rubbing her cunt against my cock and pushing those huge tits against my chest, then the inevitable happened my cock began to get hard.

Fern leaned close to my ear and whispered mmm that feels so good and so big,

she was a right tease and thrust he groin harder against my cock “ Phil is still here” I said.

she just laughed and told me what a tit he was and that she regrets hooking up with him, as It was dark she lowered her hand and slowly traced the out line of my raging hard cock.

If what my baby sister said is true, I could do with some of this hard boy to ease my frustration she whispered and squeezed my cock hard.

Stop fucking about Fern! you would run a mile if I tried to fuck you,

well we will see, never say never and with that she stopped dancing and started to tidy up.

As the party was all but over I decided to make my way to bed.

Phil was passed out on the sofa and the last guests had just left.

I walked passed the kitchen and Fern was at the sink cleaning dishes.

I thought its now or never, I walked up behind Fern took a good hand full of hair twisted her head around a kissed her full on the mouth, she tried to push me off but it was no use I was too strong.

As I broke the kiss she said, “what the fuck did you do that for”?

I backed off and said, “ Because I can you prick teasing big titted bitch.”

I turned to walk out and she said “wait” I then knew I could do as pleased, I walked over grabbed her by the arms kissed her hard she responded and slid her tongue into my mouth, I moved down and bit her neck hard putting a love bite on my famous sister-in-laws neck.  Before she could complain I span her around and bent her over the kitchen table.

Wait, wait was all she could say but it was to late. I kicked her legs apart pulled her dress up over her big fat arse and ripped her lace thong straight off,

This time Fern was saying “ no mike please no not here,” I released my hard 8 ½” thick cock and then thrust forward and entered her tight cunt, although quite dry she was rapidly getting wetter,

No, no, no, followed by a long sigh mmmmmmm. I started to fuck her with long slow movements, “fuck” Fern moaned as I pulled and pushed my hard cock into her wet juicy cunt and with each thrust she pushed her hips back faster and faster.

I reached around and grabbed those fucking huge tits of hers, they were still under the top of her dress, but that did not stop me pulling hard on her nipples.  I moved my hands back to her hips and thrust full into her.

Fern was moaning and groaning quite loud and I told her to keep it down but as I bottomed out in her wet cunt she squealed so I slapped her on the arse quite hard.

her reply shocked me “ I’m sorry sir” was her strange reply.

Could this hard nose famous TV Celebrity sister in law be a bit submissive I thought in for a penny in for a pound, get on your knees you fucking dirty slut was my first command,

with out a second thought she spun around and dropped to her knees.

Well what the fuck are you waiting for you whore I said and the dirty bitch stuck out her tongue and licked every inch of my cock. I started to slap her face with my hard cock open wide miss Britton, i said and grabbing a good handful of hair I rammed my cock straight down her throat,

What would Phillip Schofield think if he saw you getting your mouth fucked you dirty fucking slag I bet you’d like to suck his wouldn’t you. I was making her gag but she loved it. I face fucked her hard for about ten minutes. Get up and get into your dirty whoring position again Bitch. I barked.

Fern stood, rucked up her dress and bent over the table again.  Like this Sir?  Yes you fucking whore just like that and once again I entered her doggie style and started to hammer her pussy. Yes, yes, yesssss Fern screamed fuck me mike fuck your dirty sister in law, come on you bastard do me harder, harder. Harder please use my cunt anyway you want just fuck me harder.

I carried on fucking her for a few moments then I pulled out and rubbed my cock over her tight arse hole,  No, No, not there, I again slapped her arse don’t fucking no me you whore,

Slap, Slap,I Slap her arse hard. Sorry sir I’m sorry, please not my arse I’ve never done that before.

Good looks like I’m going to show Phil what a slag you are and how much a dirty whore you really are deep down,

I spat on her ring and slowly eased a finger into her tight hole, please mike I will do anything just don’t fuck my arse.

To late Fern you will do anything I want anyway so stop moaning and get ready to take it up that posh fat arse you fucking slag and with that I eased the tip of my cock into her virgin arse, as my sister in laws arse ease tightly around my cock, I pulled back on her hair, pulling her hair tight she arched her back as I fucked her arse.

Slowly Fern got used to the invasion in her once virgin arse, ever so slowly she started fucking me back, my god she breathed I never thought it would be this nice, obviously her slight pain was now overwhelming pleasure,

Fern moan and moved her arse to quicken up the fucking taking place in her arse, mmm yes baby this is soooooo good, Mike do it, fuck my dirty whore arse you own it now you own your sister-in-laws arse you bastard,

I kept fucking her faster and faster, I pulled out with a loud plop and rammed my cock straight up her flooded cunt then back into her arse,

cunt few thrusts, arse few thrusts until Ferny was begging just my arse please just fuck my arse Mike just do my arse please sir my arse im begging you.

so we built up a nice hard motion. Just then Fern let out a loud scream and flooded come all over my balls and down her legs, as the pace increased Fern begged for me to come.

As I asked her where she wanted it she again surprised me by saying “ in me sir plant your strong seed in my belly, I want your come inside me, please seed me give me your child I want to have it give me your bastard son” so I pulled out of her slippery arse and thrust back into her cunt.

After three hard prods I unleashed my come deed inside her. I lay on top of her for a few minutes then slowly pulled my cock out and wiped it on her dress.

I moved over and sat on a kitchen chair, Fern rose pushed her dress down and bent down to pick up her torn knickers, they were from a set you bastard she laughed.

She then tossed them into the bin, as we sat talking she said that she had always fancied me and that  the reason she is so hard nosed was to drive me away, so that her true feelings wont come out.

What do we do from here she asked, well you don’t want to hurt your baby sister and Phil does not need to lose his wife,

Here are my rules. You will become my mistress; around the family you will act the same hard nose bitch that you are.

When ever I call you privately you will call me sir, you will always be ready to fuck me when and where I want, and to add a final bit of fun I am going to knock you up then lets see Phil handle me being your man now I will direct you in how to treat Phil in future.

The only choice is take it or leave it. Ferny stood walked over to me and kissed me with a passion, I understand darling I am yours now and when ever you want me.

She then lent over my lap pulled her dress up over her arse and said I agree sir to all you demands and I promise to do what you say no matter how degrading.

I spanked her fat celebrity arse a good half a dozen times,  as your working tomorrow i want the nation to know how sore your arse is, i don’t care what you say but let the country know you bottom is sore, just so i know you are now my lady, understand?

Again with surprise, she replied, this arse, tits, mouth and cunt are yours, as i tell the country tomorrow i will remember my brother in law taking my virgin arse sir!

The following morning as the nation watched Fern, with her fidgeting around the sofa she explained that she had over done her training on her bike and was a little tender.

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