Accidents Happen For A Reason

Accidents Happen For A Reason
by stardog champion

With a stern press of her pink 3-inch pump, the attractive, lithe dirty
blonde sped her Mercedes down the 101 towards the Burbank Studio where
she worked. She was supposed to be there at 9a.m. for hair and makeup,
but a glance at the gold watch on her wrist said she was going to be
late, it was already quarter till. With a deep sigh, Vanna White looked
helplessly down the highway which was more jammed than usual. "Damn,"
she said audibly to herself.

The traffic reporter on the radio did nothing to quell he frustration

either. A wreck had occured two miles further up the freeway and those
stuck behind it were going to be there a while.

Stewing in her driver’s seat, an idea suddenly flashed in Vanna’s head.
Like a daredevil, she shifted into high gear and made a beeline for the
nearest exit ramp, cutting off two cars in the process. This detour
would certainly be a little out of the way she thought to herself, but
it beat waiting, stalled on the freeway. Besides, this side road would
definatly get her to the studio no more than 15 minutes late.

Instantly feeling better about the prospects for her day, Vanna clicked
on Bach on her cd player, gunned the gas and headed for Studio Park.

The little voice of her husband echoed in her head as she drove. "Vanna,
you know it’s not a good idea for a lady driving an expensive luxury car
to be alone on these backstreets, " it said.
Vanna knew that little voice was right, still she was in no mood to
listen to anything at all her husband had to say right now. He had woke
Vanna earlier that morning for a little sunrise fuck, and being a little
more than horny herself, she gave in. Just as Vanna was beginning to get
into it, her loving Hubby blew his load less than two minutes into it.
Frustrated, Vanna pulled herself off of him, showered, dressed and left
for work without a word.

Now as she drove, she realized the pulsations between her legs had not
totally disappated. With the traffic jam now a memory, her mind was free
to concentrate on her far from quenched libido. Without noticing, she
had worked her right hand under the hem of her conservative pink skirt
and was massaging her upper thigh through the lace of her stocking as
she drove.

As she slowed to meet a stoplight, another reason she liked using these
shortcuts through town came back to her. Through the tinted windows of
her Mercedes, she watched as many young black boys and girls crossed the
street in front of her and filtered up and down the streets beside her.
Many of the boys she pleasantly noticed had thier shirts off in the
early morning August heat.

She thought to herself, as her nipples visibly hardened through the
fabric of her sheer white blouse, "My God, mmmm, these boys wouldn’t
leave a girl hanging the way I was this morning." She had become fixated
on a tall young black man walking up the sidewalk towards her, when the
car behind her honked its horn angrily because the light had turned
green seconds earlier. Accelarating, she couldn’t help herself from
sneaking another peek in her rearview as she drove off, admiring the
confident way the boy walked up the street.

Lost in her own little world, oblivious to the fact that there were
stoplights at nearly every corner, Vanna was still looking in her mirror
when she heard a voice yell, "OHH Shittt!"
Turning quickly Vanna realized she had no chance to stop as a young
black kid on a moped went sliding across the street into the curb right
in front of her.Somehow she had managed not to hit him, but he had taken
a rather nasty spill.

Flush with fear and guilt, Vanna ran out of the car to the hurt boy, "Oh
my God, Oh my God, somebody help, someone call 911!!"

"Are you O.K.?" Vanna asked as she knelt down beside him.
"Yea, I think so. Why didn’t look where the hell you were goin lady, I
had the light!" the boy angrily replied.
His forceful tones made Vanna blush, secretly knowing that he was right,
still she was extremly relieved to see he was feeling good enough to be
mad after the fall he’d taken.

Two peace officers happened to be at the donut shop at the next corner
when the accident occured and were on the scene quickly, and Vanna could
hear an ambulace making its way through traffic.

The young boy did seem to be fine, he had sat up now and his only
injuries seemed to be some cuts on his hands and a nasty skid mark on
his right leg. Vanna knelt beside the young man with her long white
stocking clad legs right in the kid’s face as she pulled a clean
handkerchief from her breast pocket to wipe some of the dirt and gravel
off the boy’s bleeding leg.
"Look lady, I’m fine! Just help me up." He told her.
As Vanna tried to convince him to stay down until help arrived, out of
the corner of her eye she saw something that startled her. As the boy
was shifting about, Vanna caught a brief glimpse at his quite large
semi-hard cock through the leg of his shorts. Transfixed for a moment,
she was snapped back to reality by the hand of an EMT worker tryng to
get access to the injured boy.

The boy’s name it turned out was Daryl Peters and he was 19. He was
going to be all right, the wink he gave her as they loaded him into the
ambulance told her that. As Vanna gave her personal information to the
officer, she realized that her celebrity was most likely going to help
her from having to take any blame in the accident.She had filled out
four autographs to thier relatives while the officers finished thier
report. Still Vanna felt entirely guilty for the whole incident. Her
unquenched lust and wondering eyes had almost gotten an innocent kid

For the rest of the day, Vanna went about her chores of smiling for the
cameras, turning letters and waving to the audience. Still, the thought
of her mistake earlier that morning continued to haunt her. In fact,
during lulls in the TV taping she stared at the letter board and saw
things that weren’t there. At times the board would say,"IT WAS YOUR
FAULT" or I SAW HIS BEAUTIFUL BLACK COCK", and she would answer the
puzzle to herself as if she was a contestent on the show.

"Were on in 30!!" shouted a voice from the control room, effectivey
snapping her out of her lust crazed daydream. She was very moist now
standing in front of the cameras and live studio audience and hot swirls
of energy seemed to whistle through her head. She bit her lip and tried
as best as she could to finish the day. Deep down though, she knew what
she had to do. Her guilty feeligs and lustful curiousity had given her
only one option and she knew she was going to take it.

Immedatly after work, Vanna phoned the hospital closest to where the
accident occured and asked if a young man named Daryl Peters had been
admitted. When she finally heard "YES " as a reply to her question, it
sent a tingling jolt of electricity down her spine.

Walking out of the sticky late afternoon heat into the cool sanctuary of
the hospital lobby, several visitors looked at Vanna as if they knew who
she was, thankfully none tried to approach her, given the surroundings.
Carrying a large bouquet of flowers and a get well card, Vanna
approached the large receptionists desk .

"I’m looking for Daryl Peter’s room please." Vanna asked.
"Ahh, let’s see. He’s in room 204. Just go right to the elevator over
there and go up one floor,it should be the fourth room on the right,"
politely answered the receptionist.

With that Vanna headed to the elevator, part nervous schoolgirl, part
horny desire driven slut, but totally believing this was the right thing
to do. Wearing the same pink skirt and white blouse she had on earlier
in the day, she knew she had made an impression on several doctors she
shared the elevator ride with up to the second floor with. She could
literally feel thier gaze upon her and this only added to her sense of
need, she was a beautiful famous woman who deserved to give herself all
the finer things in life and subconscously she knew that this was what
her visit here was all about.

After signing in at the second floor desk, Vanna took a deep breath,
gathered herself and prepared to enter the young boy’s room. The sterile
hosptal surroundings combined with the early evening silence allowed
Vanna to hear and feel her heart pounding in her chest. She knocked on
the door for room 204 with her lovely long fingers.

"YEA. Come in", came the boy’s deep familiar voice.
Vanna opened the door slowly, smiled shyly and took a few steps into the
room. "Do you remember me?", she asked meekly.

Daryl sat up gingerly and genuinely looked surprised. "My Mom and Sis
just left, I thought you were gonna be one of my homeboys. I could not
believe it when the cops told me who you were. Damn! I almost got killed
by the lady who turns the letters on TV."
Vanna laughed from relief, glad the young man had a sense of humor about
what had happened. She instantly felt better about coming. "I brought
you these," she said as she sat the flowers and card down on the stand
beside the young man’s bed.

She began," I just wanted to stop by and apologize and say how sorry I
am. I feel it was all my fault,I guess I just wasn’t looking…"
Noticing how nervous she was, Daryl politely but assertively stopped her
rambling and said," It’s fine, I’m going to be fine. They are just
keeping me for observation overnight to make sure I didn’t get a
concussion or anything. I’ll be home in the morning!"
"OHH, that’s a relief ", Vanna sighed.

There was an awkward silence between the two for a few moments. The
young man was sitting up in his bed, shirt open revealing a bare chest
of rippled muscle and his hands were folded in his lap covering a
growing erection. Vanna contemplated turning and leaving, but the
sex-starved voice in her head told her insistantly that she had not
gotten what she had come for yet.

Making eye contact with the handsome young boy, Vanna eased down beside
him on his bed and layed one of her stocking clad legs right next to
his. He had seen this look in many girls’ eyes over the years, usually
right before he got ready to fuck them and here was a gorgeous rich
white lady next to him on his bed with that same primal look in her
eyes. Daryl also knew he was in a hospital room where anyone, whether it
be a doctor, nurse, or another visitor could walk in at any time. He
looked at the door then back at Vanna, but she was looking directly at
his lap with a gleam in her dark brown eyes.

One of her soft tender white manicured hands was slowly rubbing the top
of Daryl’s muscular forearm. " I want to do something special for you to
show you just how sorry I am for putting you in here," she whispered to
Daryl moved his arm down revealing a large bulge under the thin white
hospital sheet. Daryl looked down at this amazing sight with
anticipation and delight.

Vanna dug her flawless red nails into the fabric of the sheet as well as
the waistband of Daryl’s boxers and with a greedy yank down allowed the
young black kid’s massive inflated cock to spring free, smacking Vanna
hard in the cheek with a thud.

Vanna took her right hand and placed it on his large throbbing dick and
brazenly rubbed it down to its base. She wasted no time in going down on
him, her hot saliva immediatly coating his dick making it glisten as she
licked and sucked it. Daryl looked down in ecstatic disbelief as Vanna
White gave him a blowjob like a sex crazed whore. Her hot mouth was all
over his cock, while her hands skillfully and wantonly caressed his

The highly charged erotic contrast of her pretty white face all over his
crotch turned Daryl on to no end, he knew he could not hold his load
back for long. As Vanna slurped and drooled over the young adonis’s
impressive tool, Daryl realized his orgasm was quickly approaching. The
thought of his cum dripping down the mouth and face of this famous tv
star nearly made him delerious. But Daryl sensed something whithin her,
something that he knew she needed and he decided he was going to give it
to her.

Vanna increased the speed and intensity of her sucking, desperatly
wanting to taste his rich young seed. She looked up and saw the young
boy’s face and the definite joy that was etched across it. She loved the
feel of his strong hand holding her head and rubbing her brownish blond
hair while she sucked him hard.

Skillfully, Daryl eased his hand under Vanna’s chin and pulled his now
fully 10 inch cock from Vanna’s hungary mouth. "What are you doing?"
Vanna asked puzzled.
"You came for this, I want to see what you can do with it", he said
cockily waving his dick in front of her lust filled eyes. " I want to
see if you can fuck as good as you look!"

Eventhough she had come to taste his young cock, she knew that she
wouldn’t be totally satisfied without having him inside of her. In the
end this is what she really wanted. The days, months and years of not
being fully satisfied had built up and finally now she was on the verge
of having those frustrations washed away.

Like a she-bitch in heat she hiked her pink skirt up to her hips and
ripped off her white panties exposing her well trimmed dark bush and
white stocking clad thighs. Straddling her young black lover, she bent
down over him and gave him a kiss and an order to fuck her cunt until he
came deep inside her.

Daryl loved the way her soft hand massaged his peck muscles and when he
began teasing her pussy lips with the head of his cock, she
instinctively dug her nails into his chest. He could literaly hear Vanna
White beg, "Please put it in me , Please, now, Oh God I need it now."
Finally, Daryl obliged and for Vanna it felt as if a missile had taken
off inside her vaginal walls. She ground down against his crotch and
squeezed her ass cheeks tight attempting to fit all of his sweet hard
dick inside her and let a out long soft moan then gasped when he hit
the back of her working pussy. Vanna could feel Daryl’s strong legs
underneath her vibrating everytime she slammed down on his large pole,
"OHH GODDD, OOOOH MMMY GAWDDD, " she began to shout.
The sound of her lust driven voice as well as the beauty of her body
proudly riding his big dick made Daryl want to savor this moment for
the rest of is life. Everytime she rose up, he could see Vanna’s juices
glistening brightly on his dark cock, only to have her slam back down on
it again and again. Daryl knew he couldn’t handle much more of this
without cumming hard.

Sensing he was getting close to empting his large balls deep within her,
Vanna sped up her fucking motions. Her hips were now spinning like a
paint mixer on his hard cock, her pussy muscles cleching his rod in a
tight desperate grip. Vanna grabbed Daryl hands in an interlocking grip
as she felt herself falling helplessly over the cliff of ecstacy.
Vanna’s head
shot back and her nipples were now painfully obvious thorugh the sheer
silk of her blouse and bra. This was all Daryl could take and he began
filling Vanna White pussy with shot after shot of his thick hot cum,
each stream bringing a quiver to her sensitive cunt walls.

As beads of sweat dripped off Vanna’s forehead onto Daryl’s chest, he
could see the unmittigated joy he had given this rich, famous lady that
had nearly killed him earlier in the day. As she eased unsteadily of his
cock and off the hospital bed back onto the floor Daryl took satisfying
note of how her legs shook while she tried to put hersef back together

Vanna picked up her white lacy panties from the floor, stuck them into
Daryl’s strong hand and closed it around them, bent down and shared a
short parting kiss when the young man that had given her exactly what
she had come looking for. With that she turned and walked out the door

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