Ace Of Hearts

Fic Title:Ace Of Hearts

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairing:Tea Leoni/m/f/m/m


Summary:While she and David Duchovny were cleaning out their attic,some strange force on a playing card with her likeness

on it causes Tea Leoni to be transported into the days of the old west.

Warnings:Mind control,strong language,graphic violence,female/female sex,male solo sex,rape,male/female sex

It had all started on February the 25th,which happens to be the birthday of a 40-year-old Hollywood beauty named Tea Leoni

and was also the day on which something
rather strange has happened within the very home of Tea and her husband,a former

X-FILES star named David Duchovny.

You see,it was after they had gotten up at percisely 7:18 AM and she had enjoyed a wonderfully-made birthday breakfast that

her beloved husband has made for her that both Tea and David had decided to go into the upstairs attic and take some boxes

of junk out of that very room for a garage sale.

But then,after they had carried at least two or three boxes out of the attic,Tea has picked up another box full of junk and was

about to take it out of the room,only to have a sudden aching pain in the head cause her to drop the box down to the attic floor

and its entire contents to spill out of it.

That was before a concerned David has heard the sound of the box of junk being suddenly dropped down to the attic

floor,turned his head towards the attic door and asked,”Tea,are you okay?Did you drop something up there?”

And after the aching pain has gone away and she had noticed that it has caused her to drop the one box of old junk down to

the floor,a confused Tea has turned towards the attic steps and answered,”I’m okay,David!It’s just that I had accidently dropped

something out of my hands!Don’t worry!I’ll be careful!”

And then,after she had kneeled herself down to the box and started putting its spilled contents back inside of it,Tea has

suddenly noticed that a single playing card–the ace of hearts–was among the box’s contents with a picture of a woman who

looks exactly like her on that very card.

And sure enough,it was that very card that has caused a curious Tea to pick it up and start giving it a closer look,but after she

has done that,the aching pain in her head has returned and it had became so bad that she had no other choice,but to drop

down to the attic floor and become unconscious.

But that was before someone has gently tapped his fingers on Tea’s shoulder,which had caused her to quickly open her eyes

and notice–much to her shock–that she was no longer inside the attic room of her home in modern-day Hollywood,instead of a

horse-drawn stagecoach that has just arrived at an old western-era town of Serenity.

And while she was about to try to figure out what has really happened to her,a concerned old man has looked at a confused

Tea cleared his throat and asked,”Are you feeling fine,Ma’am?I had to ask,because you were snoozing all the way here from

And just as she was about to answer the old man’s question,a young raven-haired beauty has appeared from out of nowhere

and answered,”Of course she’s feeling fine,Kind Sir.It’s just that she had just taken a little nap,that’s all.We won’t be needing

you anymore,Driver.We’ll be just fine from here.”

And then,after the raven-haired stranger has paid the fare and the old man has driven the stagecouch out of town,she had

turned towards Tea and noticed the look of confusion on her face just before the stranger has allowed a smile to appear on her

lips,placed her gentle hand on Tea’s shoulder and asked,”What’s the matter,Mary Sue?Don’t tell me that you had forgotten all

about your cousin Virginia McLoughlin?”

But then,just as a still-confused Tea was about to ask the woman who was claiming to be her cousin what she was talking

about,a sudden loud noise from out of nowhere has caused the two girls to turn towards a local saloon,which was looking like

everyone was having a real good time inside the place.

“Well,hot-fucking-damn!I was wondering when we would finally arrive just in time to get in on the fun!”,a smiling Virginia has

said to Tea just before she had started pulling the out-of-place Hollywood actress towards the saloon.”Come along,Mary

Sue!Let’s go have ourselves some fun!”

And after they had stepped inside the saloon and noticed that some of the cowboys were playing cards and the rest of them

were cheering and whistling at the saloon girls who were singing and dancing on the stage,Virginia has stepped over to the

gents playing poker and asked if she could join in,leaving Tea to stand right where she was confused and alone.

That was before two of the cowboys had grabbed the helpless Tea by the arms and a third cowboy has placed a hood over her

entire face,which had caused her to be unable to see what was happening to her at the time nor who was performing the

sinister deed.

But just then,after the hood has finally been removed from her head,a look of shock has appeared on Tea’s face,for she has

discovered that she has been stripped bare-ass naked and tied down to a table,causing her to try to free herself from her



That was before a nude Virginia has walked into the room with a sinister smile on her face and followed by a trio of bare-ass

naked cowboys,gently placed her hand on Tea’s cheek and said,”Why,what’s the matter,Mary Sue?Don’t you like playing our

little games?”

But after an enraged Tea has given her captor a spit right in the eye and said,”Why don’t you go fuck yourself,your dumb-ass

bitch?!”,a very angry Virginia has pulled really hard on her helpless captive’s hair and yelled,”YOU SPIT IN MY EYE AGAIN,I’LL


And after she had said ‘yes’ to her captor,Virginia has let out a small smile and said,”In that case,now is time for us to

continue our game.” just before she had started licking all over Tea’s nude body–all the way down to her pussy and carressing

her tits,while the three cowboys were stroking their stiff cocks.

That was before one of the cowboys had placed his stone hard dick inside his mistress’ asshole and Virginia has started

pumping two of her fingers in and out of Tea’s snatch and dug her nails right into Tea’s bare shoulder,Virginia has placed her

lips close to Tea’s ear and whispered,”You’re enjoying it!Don’t you,Bitch?Tell me!I want you to say it!”

And after she had realized how painful it was and that the sexual pleasure was way too much for her to ignore any further,a

teary-eyed Tea has closed her eyes and answered,”Aaaahhhh!Yes,Mistress!I’m enjoying it!I really am enjoying it!Aaaahhhh!”

Just then,after one of the cowboys has placed his stiff cock inside Tea’s mouth and the second cowboy has started slamming

his stone hard dick in and out of her pussy,the poor helpless victim has no other choice,but to scream bloody murder and pass

out from exhaustion.

That was before she had slowly opened her eyes and noticed that she was inside the master bedroom of her home in

modern-day Hollywood with a concerned David looking at her and placing a wet washcloth on his beloved wife’s forehead just

before he had asked,”Are you feeling any better,Tea?You were unconscious on the attic floor and I’ve got worried.”

And after she had realized that she was really home,a teary-eyed Tea has sat herself up,given her beloved husband a big hug

and said,”I really don’t know what has happened to me,but all I know is that I’m glad to be back home with the true ace of

hearts that I would keep on loving with all of my heart.”


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