Aceing The Serve

Aceing the Serve

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. My thanks to my friend
Mesmer Eyes for the suggestion, which I’ve tweaked slightly. Enjoy.

Losing was never a good thing for a professional athlete, especially a famous one. Losing
often hurt the image one was trying to maintain of being the best. And for a person who had never
won a title, losing a spot in a tournament could be a major blow, endorsements or not.
Anna Kournikova kicked at a locker as she slammed her racket onto a nearby bench. She
hated this. Not losing, although
she did hate it. No, it was the questions afterward. Losing in the
U.S. Open seemed to confirm the opinion that had been posed by several reporters in the press
conference afterwards, that she was merely coasting along on her looks and had no real winning
spirit. She had stormed out in a huff, even though she knew it looked bad and was sitting in the
locker room, trying to think of what lay ahead.
The worse part of it all was that they were right, in a way. Anna’s looks were the reason
she had netted several multi-million dollar endorsement deals. Sure, companies could go for the
winning tennis players but one look at the well-built blond Russian and any pr department would
love to have her as their spokesperson. Her actual accolades were secondary and Anna had to
admit that all that fame and money did put her slightly off her game. It was harder to care about a
title when you made a few million dollars a year just for wearing the right clothing and putting in a
few personal appearances. Anna was off her game, a fact she hated to admit and knew that time
was running out for her to make an impact before she became yesterday’s news.
"Mis Kournikova?" Anna jumped slightly and looked up, surprised to see another woman
inside the locker room. She didn’t look like a player. She was in her mid-thirties, with dark red
hair and a dazzling smile on her attractive face, dressed in what appeared to be an expensive suit.
"I’m sorry, I’m Patricia Hanson and I think I can help you."
"You should talk to my agent," Anna said, standing up quickly. "He handles all my
possible deals

"No, no, no, I’m not here for an endorsement, my dear. At least not yet. I’m a sports
psychologist. I work right here in New York, and I think I can help you improve your game."
"I already have plenty of coaches," Anna said, opening up her locker.
"I can tell you’re in the best physical shape," Patricia said, her eyes roving over Anna’s
body. "But I can help you improve your mental state. I can help you get into the right mind-set
that can lead you to victory. I guarantee I can change your game overnight or no charge. I can
assure you I’m good at my job and I can do this."
"I’m not sure," Anna said, biting her lip. "It just seems a bit much, to expect such a big
change so soon."
"I’ll give you time to think it over," Patricia said, handing Anna a card. I can be found
here tomorrow morning. Feel free to stop by." She turned on her heel and walked out, leaving
Anna with the card, staring after her in thought.

Anna sighed and tried to smooth out her outfit. She wore a less flash skirt with a nice
blouse, hoping it wasn’t too formal for the appointment. She had given it a lot of thought over the
night and had decided that the possible benefits of this outweighed any concerns she had. If this
woman could deliver, it would be worth a few hours for the meeting. The call from her agent
saying that the loss could hurt her endorsement deals had sealed it. She had been surprised that
the address on the card had led her to a small loft in the less fashionable section of town. It was a
handsome brownstone that had seen better days but still maintained a slightly dignified look.
Patricia’s office was on the top floor and Anna paused one more time to smooth out her skirt
before knocking on the door.
It opened to reveal Patricia standing there. She wore a loose outfit, a little more casual
than Anna expected but still quite nice, the blouse hanging well and Anna could see her long,
smooth legs reaching from the skirt into a pair of high heels. "I’m glad you decided to come,"
Patricia said, leading Anna inside.
"I am interested in improving my game," Anna said. "Forgive a personal question, but
how long have you been doing this? I mean, I don’t seem to be able to find out anything on you."
"I have a private clientele," Patricia said as she led Anna into the room. It was rather
spacious and well furnished beyond what Anna expected. The highlight was a large sofa chair
facing a large screen TV. "If you’ll just have a seat," Patricia said, leading Anna to the seat.
"Now, my program works fairly quickly, much more quickly than you’d expect but it works faster
if you choose to embrace it. All you need to do is have an open mind and be willing to accept my
program and you’ll be more than ready to improve your game. All right?"
Anna nodded and Patricia moved to the TV set and pushed a videotape into the player.
"Remember, just open your mind up and it will all go much more smoothly." Anna watched as
Patricia stepped aside and the television came to life. For a moment, there was only darkness and
then a strange pattern of lights flashed onto the screen. They were multi-colored, kind of like a
kladiscope, the colors swirling about and merging into one another with a fascinating regularity.
Anna opened her mouth, ready to ask what the purpose of this was when Patricia’s voice spoke.
"Concentrate." It took Anna a moment to realize that the voice was coming from the TV, not the
woman behind her.
"Concentration is the key to winning," Patricia’s voice said from the video. "To
concentrate is to open the way towards winning, for yourself and for your game. You must be
able to concentrate, able to concentrate, you must be able more than anything to concentrate." As
Patricia’s voice intoned, Anna found herself captivated by the swirling patterns on the screen.
They were so fascinating to watch, so incredibly fascinating to watch and Anna soon found herself
concentrating on them, she really was concentrating on them. It was surprising how well she
found herself concentrating on the swirling lights, watching the swirling lights. They were so
fascinating to watch, the patterns merging and spinning around and Anna concentrated on them,
just like Patricia’s voice said, she concentrated on them. She did what Patricia said and
concentrated on them.
Patricia wanted to help Anna, that was clear, so Anna concentrated on the lights just as
Patricia told her. She concentrated on the lights, just as Patricia told her, she concentrated on the
lights, and felt herself relax, just as the tape was telling her to do now, she felt herself relax, felt
more and more relaxed the more she concentrated on the lights. Patricia wanted her to watch the
lights and relax, so that’s what Anna did, she watched the lights and relaxed, she watched them
and relaxed, she watched them and relaxed. She didn’t notice the passage of minutes or how
relaxed and even numb her body was becoming. All she could do was stare at the screen as the
words flowed into her ears and made her more and more relaxed.
She had to listen to Patricia, that was clear now to Anna. She had to listen to Patricia.
Listening to Patricia would improve her game. She wanted to improve her game so she had to
listen to Patricia. She had to listen to Patricia and do what she wanted, she had to do what
Patricia wanted. She wanted to do anything Patricia told her to, she had to do anything Patricia
told her to. She wanted to listen to Patricia. She wanted to obey Patricia. Obey Patricia. Obey
Patricia. "Obey Patricia," Anna whispered, her eyes fixed to the screen. "Obey Patricia. Obey
"Very good, Anna," Patricia’s voice cooed into her ear, from behind the seat, not from the
screen. "Very good. You must obey me, Anna, you must obey me."
"Obey you," Anna said, her eyes still glued to the hypnotic images on the screen.
"Stand up and take off all your clothes, Anna. Then sit down." Anna stood and obeyed,
stripping away her outfit. Her bra fell to the floor, releasing her generous breasts and her panties
exposed her smooth, athletic ass. Anna sat back on the chair, her eyes still fixed to the swirling
patterns, hardly noticing when a fully nude Patricia stood before her. The woman was in
wonderful shape, her pert breasts tight with excitement, the red patch between her legs already
wet with desire. She knelt down before the hypnotized tennis pro, staring up at that beautiful face
transfixed on the screen. "Anna, spread your legs." Anna did so, allowing Patricia a glimpse of
that wonderful blonde patch beckoning for her. After pausing to take in the scent, Patricia moved
in, her face pushing into the lovely pussy, her tongue immediately snaking into the young pussy.
Anna leaned back and moaned as Patricia went into her virgin pussy. The older woman’s
hands snaked up Anna’s body and to her full and luscious breasts, gripping them hard as she
licked away at the Russian girl. Anna’s legs rested over the armrests, stretched out as she moved
her pelvis slightly under Patricia’s expert tongue. The sports psychologist had been dreaming of
this moment ever since seeing Anna and the reality of having the younger woman under her
control was unbelievably erotic. It fueled her tongue licking as her hands kneaded Anna’s lush
breasts, pinching the nipples as she licked away at Anna, her tongue flicking in and out of the
athlete’s pussy as the grip on her breasts increased. Anna threw herself back on the seat and
shouted as she came onto Patricia’s face, her pussy exploding with juices onto Patricia’s face.
After licking away as much of Anna’s cum as she could, Patricia moved onto her back,
putting her legs up. "Come here, Anna. Come here and lick my pussy." Without hesitation, Anna
moved down onto Patricia, pushing her face into the older woman’s snatch. Patricia ran her hands
through Anna’s long hair as the Russian star licked away at her with glee, the beginning of a
straight hour of passionate lovemaking culminating with Anna lying on the floor on her stomach,
Patricia massaging her smooth ass while sliding her fingers into the waiting asshole and pussy.
"Listen to me, Anna," Patricia said as she kneaded and fingered the young woman. "When
you awaken, you will remember nothing of this. You will remember a simple training session that
you appreciated. You appreciated it very much. So much that you will pay whatever I ask for it.
You will pay it and you will feel happy doing so. So very happy, Anna, so very happy that you
will not want to tell anyone of this. You will not want to tell anyone of meeting me.
"Now, Anna, even though you will not remember what has occurred, you will remember
these feelings, Anna, you will remember these feelings and you will remember how good they are.
You will use these feelings, Anna, you will use them to play hard. The harder you play, the better
you play, you will feel so good, Anna, you will feel so very, very good, just like you do now,
Anna, you will feel as good as you do now the better you play. Now, come for me, Anna."
The Russian grunted and cried out as she came, her juices spilling onto Patricia’s already
wet hands. As she kneaded Anna’s ass, the psychologist smiled at all the sessions that lay ahead

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