Adam And Hilary

Adam and Hilary


Featuring: Hilary Duff

Note: My previous artist name was, now it’s just DDRx. I wrote the “LUCK” series, and am working on the “9X” series. This story has no connection to the either series.


Adam Lamberg
is the actor that played Gordo on the Lizzie McGuire series. He always had a crush on Hilary Duff, and wanted to tell her. The only thing that would stop him is the fear that it would cause conflict between them, as actors, if she said no. They had a great friendship, on and off the screen. LaLaine Vargas, or Miranda, wasn’t around anymore, and the Lizzie McGuire show was discontinued. Hilary instead decided she wanted to pursue her singing career, as opposed to her acting career.

She decided to do one last acting bit for the Lizzie McGuire scene. A movie. The script was written, and they sent it to her. She read it, and saw that it would be a great way to conclude the show. The movie centered around Gordo and Lizzie. Miranda wasn’t included in the script, for a reason. It was a story that would eventually conclude with Gordo and Lizzie becoming more than just… friends. But, Disney didn’t want anything to raunchy, because it’s a kid’s movie. So, the final scene was changed to an innocent kiss on the lips and fireworks, instead of a lustful lip lock, and groping.

Adam loved the idea of them getting together. After all, he’s been wanting Hilary for a few years now. He would love the episodes when any hint, of them ending up together, would come up. He never had the balls to tell her anything. But, that didn’t mean that he would give up. He knew that after this movie, they would barely see each other, if they would see each other anyway. He had to act. When the final scene was filmed, and the movie was a wrap, he went to Hilary’s dressing room. He politely knocked on the door. He heard Hilary moving around. He then heard her voice.

“Come in!” He walked in, and immediately started talking.

“You know, Hil, that was a great job on the last scene, and the– woah!” He looked up to see Hilary covering her topless breasts with a towel. “I’m sorry!” He pretended to be polite and turned around, even though he wanted to see. Hilary smiled.

“No, that’s okay. Close the door, I wouldn’t want any one to see me indecent.” Adam smirked, as he closed the door.

“Well, that’s kind of why I turned around.”

“Oh, don’t worry. We’ve known each other for how long? Seven years? I know you. You aren’t fresh, you respect me.” She turned around and let the towel drop, exposing her perfect back. Adam peeked and looked on in awe. She had nothing on, but blue jeans and sandals. Her back was perfect, as Adam began feeling a boner. He tried to think un sexy thoughts, but to no prevail. Hell, he was standing in front of the girl of his dreams, and she was half nude! Nothing could take this boner away. She slipped on a white tank top, and turned around. Adam moved his shirt down, trying to cover his boner. She looked at him, smiling. She noticed that he was staring at her.

“What’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?” She went to wipe her face. Adam smiled.

“No, you’re perfect.” She looked at him funny. “Get it? Ha ha ha! Like the ‘Dear Lizzie’ episode we did a couple months ago?” She smiled.

“Oh, yeah, I remember it! You know… you came into my dressing room that day to talk to me, too.” She started walking close to him. He was kind of shy, so he also backed up. “It’s like if any time we act out any…” Adam couldn’t back up any more, as he lightly bumped into the door. She got really close to him. ” Romantic… scenes, you come to talk to me and complement me. You must really like those scenes.” Adam summed up all the courage he had.

“You think?” Hilary smirked. “Hilary…” He tenderly held her arms and turned her, so that her back rested on the door. “For the past three season’s we’ve been, grown up. I’ve been seeing you grow older, and more beautiful every day, and I can’t hold my feelings inside any more. I… really… like… you, and I’ve felt this way for a long time now. I didn’t want to say anything, because I was afraid that if you wouldn’t feel the same way, we would feel uncomfortable as actors. But…” He held her again and moved her away from the door, that way he could exit. “Now that it’s all over, I had to say how I really felt. I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, but I had to get that off my chest.” He opened the door and began walking out. Hilary held his hand. She gently pulled him back inside. She closed the door with her hip and closed it completely by pushing her ass against it. She leaned against the door, now holding both his hands. She looked at him.

“To tell you the truth… I knew all along.”


“How you would look at me, even if it was acting. I knew something was going through your head. Well… literally…” She looked down at his boner, that had his pants sticking out several inches. He blushed.

“He he… well…” He was at a loss for words.

“Well, it’s okay. I… I kind of snuck into your dressing room one day to get a bottle of water, and saw you sleeping… You… had a huge boner that made a tent in your pants.” Adam rose an eyebrow. “I was so tempted… to… touch it… to taste it… but… if you had woken, and not have approved off what I did, we would feel uncomfortable as actors, and as friends. I didn’t want to break up our friendship. I didn’t want to be the first one to cross the line from friends, to… more than just friends.” Adam looked at her beautiful eyes with pure lust coursing through his veins. He stepped really close to her.

“Then let me be the one to cross the line…” Adam leaned forward and planted a two second kiss on her gorgeous lips. They stared at each other and then embraced in a slow, wet, passionate, lustful, tongue lashing kiss. They began groping each other, Adam holding her back and Hilary reaching for his ass. Adam caressed her back, slowly lifting her shirt up. She grabbed and pinched his ass, making him jump. “Woah! Hilary!” She would giggle, every time. “I love to hear you laugh.” She stopped smiling and was drowned with lust.

“Do you want to hear me moan?” She whispered. Adam licked his lips. He tried thinking logically.

“I don’t… have a condom…”

“I’m on the pill.” She said.

“Really? I thought you are a virgin.”

“Yeah, but, I’m growing up and I thought if it would one day happen to me, I wanna be prepared. Anyway… I want to know what it really feels like, not how it feels with a layer of rubber.”

“Yeah.” Adam, said, agreeing.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked.

“Mmm-hmm. You’re my first, Hilary.”

“Mmm, good, so we’ll both be at the same level!” She kissed him some more, grabbing his ass and crotch. “Wow, it feels big!”

“Ohhh Lizzie. What would you’re parents say?” They both laughed and continued kissing, passionately. They continued kissing and groping, as they walked to the closed futon bed. They sat and continued kissing, as Adam pulled her shirt up. She stopped him and removed it herself. Adam loved the site of her well sized, well developed boobs, and already erected nipples. He kissed her on the chest and shoulders, slowly moving down to her areolas. He licked around it, slightly teasing the nipple. She began breathing heavily.

“That feels good…” She said, as she slowly threw her head back and closed her eyes. “Keep licking it. Ohh yesss…” Adam bit her nipple, slightly.

“Ohhhhh. Bite it some more…” She said, as she felt a pleasurable burning sensation on her boob. “Ohhh yeah…” Adam continued as he unbuckled her belt. “That’s right… ohhhhh…” He opened her pants button. She stopped him. “No, no, no. You first. I wanna taste you first,” Hilary said in a lustful voice. Adam sat back as she got up and removed her pants. She kicked them off, not taking her beautiful hazel eyes off of Adam, and his raging hard on. Adam looked at her gorgeous body in awe, making her blush. He stared, smirking. “Ohh, stop it!” She said, giggling. She then went for his pants, unzipping them. She opened the crease in his boxers and reached inside, rubbing her finger along the shaft. “Wow…” She said, as she smirked lustfully, “it’s big…” She got down on her knees, as Adam sat a little more forward. She brought his cock out and opened her eyes widely. “Wow…” She rubbed her hand up and down the shaft, giving him a slow, sensual hand job. “So this is how a cock feels like. Wow… does it fit in my mouth?” She said, looking at it. She brought her head down and licked the head, looking at Adam, to see if she was doing a good job. He rolled his eyes back, confirming so. She then took his head inside her mouth, making Adam throw his head back. She sucked it for like ten seconds and then withdrew. “Was that good?”

“Yes! Trust me it was,” Adam said.

“Good.” She brought her head down again and continued sucking. She discovered that licking across the head brought him greater pleasure, so she would lick his head in a fast motion, just to tease him. Hilary went down and began sucking his balls. After like fifteen seconds, she went back up and continued on his cock, licking up the shaft. She licked up his pre cum up, loving the salty taste of it. She began sucking his cock harder and faster, getting used to his prick in her throat. She couldn’t deep throat it yet, but she could get it pretty far down. After only fifteen minutes, having it been Adam’s first time, he felt ready to O.

“Ohhhhh. Hilary. Keep sucking… I’m gonna explode… I’m gonna explode!” He felt his balls tense up and shoot cum up his shaft and into her mouth, as he thrusted his hips forward. At first she was startled, letting the first two splurts drip out her lips and down his cock. But, then she fully tasted the saltiness in her mouth and wanted more. She pulled his dick towards her, putting it on an angle, that way none would drip out. She continued taking his cum in her mouth as he moaned. After about seven seconds, he couldn’t give her anymore and fell back. She swallowed what cum was in her mouth, and then licked his dick clean. She smiled at Adam, as she seductively licked her lips. He returned with a smirk.

“Mmm. Salty… Anyway… How did I do?”

“You were perfect, as usual!” Hilary smiled and noticed that Adam’s eyes were locked on her pussy. She sat down next to him, with her legs crossed. He smiled and grabbed her left leg, pulling her closer to him. They kissed, as he played with her panties, by the side of her hip. He tenderly caressed her thighs and spread her legs apart. He started to remove her panties, smirking. Hilary was horny, but kind of nervous, this being her first time. She had never even masturbated, so she hadn’t know what an orgasm felt like yet. Adam finished removing her panties and squinted his eyes and smirked lustfully at the sight of her beautiful pussy. He looked up at her, and smiled. He began slowly rubbing her pussy with three fingers. Hilary began rolling her eyes to the back of her head, as, for the first time, felt the pleasurable sensations of someone else’s fingers caressing her pussy.

“Ohhhhh…” She said, under her breath. Adam then began invading her pussy, sticking his fingers inside her lower entrance way. “Ohhhh… wow… that’s like… so good… keep rubbing me…” Adam smiled as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back onto the futon. She looked beautiful, and angelic, as her hair laid upon the couch, spread out everywhere. “Ohhh yes…” Adam may not have had experience, but he had seen a few pornos before, so he knew a few things here and there. He explored in deeper and found her sweet spot. “Ohhhh yeah! That’s so good! Touch me there! No,no not– yeah, right there! Ohhh, yeah, right there! Ohhh there, baby, there!” This being her first time, she began having an orgasm in no time. “Ohh my god! What’s happening? OHHHH! OHHHHH! Am I cumming? Ohhh! Ohhhh! OHHHHHH! Yeah, I think I am! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhh! I’M CUMMING! OHHHHHHHHHHH!” Her pussy muscles tensed up and clenched Adam’s finger as he flicked and fucked her tight hole. Adam felt a rush of warm liquid engulf his finger. He pulled out, and watched as some of her cum leaked out and rolled down to her asshole. She looked up. “Ohhhhhhh… that was so good!” Adam bent forward and began licking her pussy. Still feeling the after effects of her orgasm, her pussy was still very sensitive, and in just one second, she felt a rush of goose bumps drown her skin as Adam’s tongue flicked her clit. “Ohhh god! That feels so good! Keep licking me there! OHHH YEAH! OHHH YEAH!” After only two minutes, she came again, arching her back and shooting her juice out of her tender pussy, into Adam’s waiting mouth. She relaxed her back, still having slight convulsions. Adam climbed on top of her and their lips embraced. Adam let his tongue slide into Hilary’s mouth. They stopped. “I could taste my… juice in your mouth!” She giggled. Adam brought his hand up to her head, and caressed her hair.

“You are so beautiful.” They kissed again. Adam’s bulging boner wanted in, so he broke the kiss. “Do you want it, Hilary?”

“Ohhh, you know I do!” She whispered, in a seductive voice. He licked his lips and reached down. He held his prick and positioned it by her pussy. She let her head fall back, closing her eyes. “Yes, that’s it. Come on… come on… stick it in.” From watching porn he saw that anticipation only heightened a woman’s pleasure, so he teased her vulva, rubbing his head up and down on it. “Ohhh god! Come on, Adam… Come on… Stick it inside me… Stick it inside me…”

“What was that?” He said smiling.

“STICK IT INSIDE ME!” She screamed with a voice full of lust.


“YOUR COCK! I WANT YOUR BIG COCK IN MY PUSSY!” Adam slammed his cock inside her super tight pussy, snapping her hymen, making her feel a sharp pain. “OOOOHHHHHHH!” The pain suppressed and began feeling pleasurable as her pussy muscles began feeling his cock touch her uterus. “Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhh that’s it! That’s what I want! Keep going! Keep going!” Adam began pumping her with a strong, slow, yet hard rhythm, meeting her clit with his pelvis. She banged her head on the couch in ecstasy. “Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh, that’s incredible! Ahhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ahh! Ughh! Ohhh! Ohhhh!” Hilary pushed her hips up in succession with Adam’s thrusts, pushing his cock even deeper. “OHHHH! OHHHH YEAH! DEEPER! DEEPER! OHHH YEESSS!” She moved her feet behind his ass and crossed them, pulling into him, urging Adam to fuck her deeper. “OHHHHH, I’M CUMMING AGAIN! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Adam’s closed his eyes as he felt Hilary’s pussy muscles clench onto his cock, squeezing it. He moaned as she moaned, as Hilary exploded a huge amount of cum, forcing Adam to pull out. He fell backwards, onto the other half of the futon, as Hilary’s pussy splurted out cum. Hilary craved his cock inside her, so even though she was drained from the orgasm, she sat up and sat on Adam’s boner, impaling her tight pussy. She closed her eyes in pure ecstasy as she began riding his cock.

“Ohh Hilary!” He said, with his eyes closed.

“Ohh Adam!” She said, as she rode him faster and faster.

“Ohhh Lizzie!” He said, smiling. She smiled, still riding him.

“Ohhh Gordo!” She said, as they laughed. She stopped riding to kiss him and then continued. She rode him for ten minutes straight, not stopping. They were both sweaty and tired. “OHHHHH, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” She exploded onto his cock again, making him feel more and more sensitive. He knew he would cum in a minute or two so he started pushing his hips and pelvis up, to meet her thrusts. “OHHHHH, ADAM! OHHHH YEAH!” Her sweaty hair covered her face, as she breathlessly and lustfully moaned. “OHHHH! IT’S SO BIG! IT’S SO BIG! IT FEELS SO GOOD!” Hilary threw her hair up in the air and arched her back, as she had another violent orgasm. Her pussy walls clenched Adam’s cock, bringing him to the edge. Adam thrusted up one more time, arching his back. They had an orgasm at the same time, as Adam shot stream, after stream of his seed deep into her body, while her cum drenched his dick. Her pussy muscles repeatedly clenched his cock, milking out every last drop. Adam relaxed his back and Hilary fell forward on top of him. They were both sweaty, out of breath, and satisfied. She moved her hair off her face and they kissed. Adam pulled out of her, making her yelp. “Ohhh, that was, like, so incredible!” She brought her hand up and played with his hair, twisting it in her fingers. “Wow, that was great, Adam. All this time, Mr. Shy David Gordon is really Mr. Sex Beast Lamberg!” They giggled and kissed for a few minutes. They then got up, and got dressed.

They didn’t really become boyfriend and girlfriend, but they went out every once and a while and fucked. Hilary and Adam eventually broke off their ‘relationship’ and Hilary started dating Aaron. But, Hilary won’t ever forget her first time, with Adam.

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