Adventures In Radio #12 – All Hallows Eve

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This was written in a short time frame, on a spur of the moment kind of thing. Don’t expect much from it and hopefully you’ll get more than you hoped. The idea was pretty much crystallized in correspondence with Rich and FD52. FD actually sparked more of the plot (or lack thereof), but the main points came from just relaying a general idea to Rich.

“I feel good today Silent Bob. We’re gonna make some money and you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna go to that party, we’re gonna get some pussy. Then I’m gonna fuck this bitch, and I’m gonna fuck this bitch. I’ll fuck anything that moves.” – Jay (Jason Mewes) in ‘Clerks’

Adventures In Radio #12 – All Hallows Eve

by voodoojoe

“Dude, you look priceless,” I told Matt, laughing as he walked into the studio wearing a Michael Myers costume from the ‘Halloween’ movies.

“I thought we were supposed to dress up today. It is Halloween,” Matt said, taking off his mask. The look on his face made it abundantly clear that he was disgruntled that he’d dressed up and I hadn’t.

“We’re on the radio. We tell people we’re dressed as pirates, they’ve got no way to prove we’re not,” I pointed out. “I’m dressed as Frankenstein today if anyone asks.”

“I figured you would’ve gone more for Pinhead from ‘Hellraiser’ than Frankenstein,” Matt said, taking his seat behind the production board.

“The imaginary Pinhead masks were sold out so I had to make do with Frank,” I grinned.

“Who’s on the show today?” Matt asked, glancing over his notes.

“Kenny said something about Hilary Duff being in around noon and Amber Tamblyn some time after that. He said that Hilary’s committed, but Amber’s more of a maybe right now. Plan for both, but don’t be entirely surprised if one or even both of them don’t show up,” I said.

“Okay, so I can expect to be the butt of a bunch of jokes if neither shows up,” Matt muttered while he highlighted some stuff on his notes.

“You’ll be the butt of jokes even if they both show up,” I shot back.

“You’re on in five,” Matt said, giving me just enough time to put my headphones on.

“Good morning,” I said, hitting the button to put us on the air. “I am Richie Tozier, and welcome to the show. I don’t know exactly who will be on the show today, but I’m hoping we get someone good for this Halloween. I tried to get Wes Craven and Clive Barker, but it’s looking more like Hilary Duff. I wanted scary and we get cute. Go figure,” I snorted.

“You don’t like Lizzie McGuire?” Matt asked.

“I like the show, but she’s gotten a music career handed to her simply because she’s a star to the audience that Disney wants to market to,” I responded.

“What about Kelly Clarkson? I know you’re a fan of hers, so isn’t it a bit hypocritical to criticize Hilary?” Matt asked, grinning because he thought he had me.

“At least Kelly had to go out and halfway earn her contract. She didn’t have to play smoky bars for years like most artists, but it wasn’t given to her on a silver platter like Hilary’s was. Hilary Duff has more in common with Kelly Osbourne musically than Kelly Clarkson,” I retorted.

“Dude, that’s harsh,” Matt grimaced at my comparison of Hilary and Kelly Osbourne.

“It may be harsh, but it’s also reality,” I shrugged.

“Kenny just said that Amber’s confirmed for the start of the last hour and he’s still trying to track down Hilary,” Matt instructed me, directly into my headphones so the listening audience couldn’t hear.

“This just in, the impossibly cute Amber Tamblyn from the TV show ‘Joan Of Arcadia’ is set for later on. At least we got someone I dig coming in,” I told the audience, taking another shot at Hilary.

“You got a bug up your ass over Hilary or what?” Matt asked me.

“No, maybe I just need to play a song to get me out of this bad mood,” I answered, loading Outkast. “Here’s Andre 3000 from Outkast with ‘Hey Ya’ for all you at home to groove to.”

“You’ve got a call,” Matt said when we were off the air.

“Hello?” I said, picking up the phone.

“Hey Richie,” came a very familiar female voice that I couldn’t quite place.

“Hey to you too,” I said, trying not to let her know that I wasn’t sure who she was.

“This is Liz since you don’t seem to remember my voice,” she teased me.

I smacked myself on the forehead for not recognizing Liz Phair’s voice on the spot. “Hey Liz, what’s up?”

“I just heard that you’re having Amber Tamblyn on the show today. I was wondering if I could come down and hang out. You don’t have to put me on the air or anything, I just want to meet Amber,” Liz answered.

“You want to come down and hang out with me?” I asked, not quite believing that Liz Phair wanted to come down and hang out with Matt and I without even getting on the air.

“I’m a fan of Amber’s from when she was on ‘General Hospital’, so I was hoping to actually hang out with her,” Liz replied. “I also want to invite you and Matt to a Halloween party I’m having tonight if you’re interested.”

“Let me ask Matt, but I’m sure he’d love to come to a Halloween party at your house,” I said, glancing over at Matt. When he nodded his head vigorously, I continued “He seems pretty enthusiastic over the invitation, so we’ll be there. Any particular costumes you want us to wear? Is there some kind of theme involved?”

“No theme, but you should dress as your favorite guitarist,” Liz answered. “I’m dressing up as Mick Jagger and Meg White is going to be there dressed as Keith Moon, so we need a guitarist and a bassist to complete the band.”

“Matt’s too clean cut to be a rock star, but I’ll be there dressed to kill as Angus Young,” I said.

“Good, now I just need to find someone to pretend to play bass,” Liz said. “What time do you want me down there?”

“Amber won’t be here until the final hour, so show up around that time,” I said. “I’ll put Amber on one side of me and you on the other. I’ll be the envy of any guy with a brain.”

“So there will be three guys in your audience that will envy you?” Liz asked, laughing.

“Hey now, don’t you be overestimating my audience. There are only two male listeners who appear to have brains, and both of them seem to be gay,” I said.

“Poor Richie won’t have anyone to envy him,” Liz said, changing her speech pattern to make it sound like she’s talking baby talk to a little kid.

“Matt still envies me, even if he won’t admit it,” I said, looking over to see Matt shake his head.

“Did he enjoy listening to me on your phone a few months ago?” Liz asked, referring to when Matt had called me when I was in the middle of fucking Liz. I had held the phone up so he could hear Liz moan, and he still wouldn’t let it go.

“Hey Matt, Liz wants to know if you enjoyed listening to her cries of ecstasy back in June,” I called to Matt.

“Fuck you,” Matt said, laughing too hard to have any real menace behind his words.

“Be nice and you might find some drunk chick to pick up tonight,” I told him.

“I can hook him up with Meg if he wants,” Liz offered.

“Liz is offering you Meg White,” I relayed to him.

“I’ll take it,” Matt said, his eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree.

“He says he’ll take it. But if he gets Meg, then what do I get?” I asked Liz.

“I was hoping that you’d wind up fucking me before the night was through,” Liz answered, sending my mind reeling at the thought.

“I’ll take it,” I said, repeating Matt’s sentiments about Meg.

“I thought you might,” Liz laughed. “I’ll see you guys in a couple hours.”

“Later,” I said, hanging up the phone when the line went dead.

“Was she serious about hooking me up with Meg White?” Matt asked.

“When it comes to Liz, I have no idea when she’s being serious or not. I think she was, but she’s harder to read than the menu at a French restaurant,” I answered, shrugging my shoulders.

The next couple hours went by in a bit of a haze. My mind was more occupied with Liz’s party and possibly getting to fuck the shit out of her again than with actually doing the show. I managed to cover it up by playing more songs than usual and no one but Matt seemed to notice. He only noticed because his mind was on essentially the same thing, only with Meg instead of Liz.

“That was Dido’s ‘White Flag’ and we’re joined now by Amber Tamblyn,” I said as Amber took a seat next to me. “Do you mind if I just sit here and stare at you for a few minutes?”

She was dressed very casual in a pair of black, baggy jeans and a long sleeved Dead Kennedys t-shirt that was short enough to show off her lower stomach and just a hint of her pierced belly button. The outfit was completed by a pair of green flip flop sandals that showed off her dark red painted toe nails. She had her hair pulled up into a ponytail, and I could barely take my eyes off of her.

“Actually, I kind of do,” Amber answered, getting self-conscious.

“Okay, then I’ll try not to do that. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try,” I said, grinning at her dumbly. “I did some research and discovered that you write poetry.”

“You did research?” Matt quipped.

“Okay, so I was looking for pictures of her and happened to stumble onto the information,” I said, rolling my eyes at Matt.

“I write more than just poetry,” Amber said, ignoring us. “It helps relax me when I’m feeling stressed. It’s a great release. After a stressful day, I like to curl up and just let the feelings go onto paper.”

“I do that too, but I do it with beer,” I responded. ” Seriously though, I’ve never been creative enough to write much but I admire people who have the ability.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m very good at it, I just like to do it,” Amber said, blushing slightly.

“I say we should let the audience decide whether you’re any good or not,” I said, picking up a sheet of paper that was in front of me.

“What? You’re not going to read anything of mine over the air are you?” Amber asked, looking worried.

“It’s just a little something I came across while in the course of my net travels,” I said, snapping the piece of paper in my hands.

“Please don’t read it,” Amber begged.

“I thought it was good, so I’m going to share it with the audience,” I said.

“At least let me know what it is,” she pleaded.

“You’ll find out when I start reading it,” I said, giving her a wink to show I was just joking.

“Fine, but I reserve the right to walk out,” Amber said defiantly.

“I can’t have that, especially since I’m expecting a special guest and they won’t come see me unless you’re still here,” I said, sighing as I put the paper back on the console.

“What special guest? No one said anything about a special guest,” Amber said, looking around.

“She just got here, and I’ve had to turn off the microphone so her swearing wouldn’t make it on the air,” Matt said.

Looking up, I saw Liz waving through the window of Matt’s booth. “I’d let her stay in there with you Matt, but I want her to be able to meet Amber unmolested.”

“Who are you talking about?” Amber asked, not able to see Liz from her vantage point.

“Come on in and take a seat,” I said, waving Liz in.

“Oh my god,” Amber said, covering her mouth when she saw Liz walk in wearing a tight white t-shirt that had the neck stretched out with a V shaped neckline cut into it to allow for cleavage, and a black knee length skirt that flared out as she moved.

“Funny, that’s pretty much the same thing I said the first time she walked through that door,” I said. Introducing them, I added “Liz Phair, Amber Tamblyn. But judging from the look on Amber’s face, I’m sure she already knew that.”

“How’d you know I was a fan of Liz?” Amber asked me, still shocked as Liz shook her hand.

“I didn’t. Liz was a fan of yours and wanted to come down and meet you,” I answered.

“It’s true. I heard you were going to be on today, so I called Richie and asked if I could come down to meet you. I told him I didn’t even have to be on the f***ing air if he didn’t want to put me on,” Liz said, pulling up a chair on the other side of me as I hit the button to bleep her.

“Wow, I’m such a huge fan of yours that I can’t even think right now,” Amber said, trying to calm herself down.

“I love it when celebrities get star struck. I’m not even saying that sarcastically. I mean it with all sincerity. I love the idea that people who so many people look up to have people of their own that reduce them to blubbering morons like the rest of us,” I said, grinning.

“It happened to me the first time I got to meet Mick Jagger. I mean, he’s Mick f***ing Jagger for f***s sake,” Liz said, nodding her head in agreement. “After that, no one could possibly make me into a blathering idiot like Richie tends to get.”

“Finally someone realizes that he’s like that,” Matt said, laughing heartily at my getting slammed by Liz.

“Don’t make me kick you out my studio,” I warned Liz.

“You wouldn’t f***ing kick me out and you know it, you little f***er,” Liz said, laughing at my failed attempt to bluff her.

“You’re right,” I shrugged. “You could kill Matt and I’d just make you marry me so I couldn’t testify against you in a court of law.”

“That kind of information could come in handy. I’d have to marry you first because the courts could annul the marriage if they thought I only married you to keep you silent,” Liz said, her eyes twinkling at the thought of getting away with murder.

“You better run Matt. I don’t think you’ve got long to live. You’re safe until she marries me, but once that happens you need to get the hell out of the chapel before she goes Mallory Knox on your ass,” I said.

“If she sleeps with me first, I’ll die a happy man,” Matt said, grinning.

“I’ll bring my pussy, you bring whatever you want me to kill you with,” Liz said

“Please tell me you bleeped that Matt,” I said, realizing that she’d shocked me so much that I hadn’t bleeped her use of the word ‘pussy’.

“I got it, but just barely,” Matt said, laughing at Liz.

“I can’t believe this,” Amber said, wide eyed at the language on display.

“I’m not offending you am I?” Liz asked Amber, real concern on her face.

“No, I just didn’t think anyone would be this blunt on the air,” Amber said.

“Just wait until you find it rubbing off on yourself. Every time she comes in, I find myself slipping a few choice words in as well. It’s really not something that’s good for me, but I just can’t help it,” I said.

“You f***ing love it, so don’t pretend you don’t,” Liz said, leaning against me so her breasts were wrapped around my arm

“I suddenly forgot what I was talking about,” I said, looking down at Liz’s cleavage.

“You were talking about saying ‘f***’ on the radio before you started staring at my t**s,” Liz prompted me.

“That’s right,” I said, still not bothering to move my gaze away from Liz’s tits. “The amount of time I spend with my finger hovering over the censor quadruples every time Liz comes in just from the threat of that next word. You never know when it’s going to come, so you can’t relax for even a second or she’ll choose that exact moment to discuss her theory on why dumb guys give better, um, oral pleasure.”

“They don’t have all that extra stuff running through their head while they’re tong**** you, that’s why,” Liz said, catching me off guard enough that I only got the last little bit.

“Oh my god,” Amber said for what seemed like the fifth time since Liz had walked in. Laughing, she added “I prefer smart guys, but it’s true. The dumber they are, the better they are in that department.”

Snapping my head over to look at Amber, I asked “Anything else you want to share? If so, then I should start heading for the bathroom now.”

Realizing that she might have said too much, Amber blushed and slumped down in her chair. “Forget I said anything.”

“Come on, you’ve already said that much. What’s it going to hurt to give out a little more?” Liz urged, delighted that she was rubbing off on Amber as well.

“I didn’t say anything,” Amber repeated, blushing even deeper.

“Fine, then here’s the new Britney. Featuring Madonna, it’s ‘Me Against The Music’. We’ll be back with today’s Top 5 List right after,” I said, pulling my headphones off as the music started.

“We’re off the air now, you feel like sharing now?” Liz pressed Amber.

“Leave her alone. If she doesn’t want to discuss the last time a guy went down on her, it’s not our business,” I told Liz.

“Okay, then how about the last time some chick went down on you,” Liz said, turning the tables on me.

“I don’t really want to go there. It’s a bit of a sore subject,” I said, shaking my head no.

“He got dumped right after it happened, so he’s still a little touchy a month after it happened,” Matt supplied.

“Richie hasn’t gotten any in a month? Looks like I got here just in time,” Liz said, winking at me.

“Amber’s being awfully quiet considering it’s her interview,” I said, desperately trying to change the subject.

“I’m just a little shell shocked about one of my idols being here like this,” Amber said.

“Hear that Matt, Amber called you one her idols,” I said.

“I think she meant Liz,” Matt deadpanned.

“You’re just lucky I know when you’re joking or I’d think you didn’t know what sarcasm was,” I grinned.

“Are they always like this?” Amber asked Liz, lowering her voice to almost a whisper as she leaned across me.

“You should hear them on a good day. It sounds like two cats fighting the way they’re always fucking with each other,” Liz replied.

“Stay right there,” I said, holding Amber in place. “Okay, now you lean closer Liz. Now kiss.”

“I’m game,” Liz shrugged.

“Um, I don’t really go for that kind of thing,” Amber said.

“You better be talking about not being into women in general rather than saying Liz isn’t attractive enough for you. I don’t take kindly to people who don’t think Liz is hot,” I said sternly before letting my face soften into a smile.

“Yeah, it’s the whole not being into women thing. Liz is gorgeous, she’s just not a guy,” Amber said.

“Then I won’t get to see you two kiss?” I asked, holding my head phones up to my ear to listen for the end of the song.

“Nope,” Amber said, shaking her head.

“We’ll kiss if you kiss Matt,” Liz offered.

“I’ve seen girls kiss before, so I’m not as hard up as Stifler and the guys in ‘American Pie 2’ were,” I said, declining the invitation.

“Too bad, I bet Amber’s a good kisser,” Liz said, teasing me.

“It looks like you just embarrassed Amber,” I said, noticing the flush returning to Amber’s cheeks. Hitting the button to put us back on the air, I continued “We’re back for today’s Top 5 List. Here to read it is today’s guest Amber Tamblyn.”

“Do I just read from this little sheet?” Amber asked, picking up the piece of paper that I put in front of her.

“Yeah. Feel free to make any comments or criticisms. If not, I’m sure Liz will,” I answered.

“Okay, the top for the day is ‘Top 5 Hottest Women In This Season’s New TV Shows,” she read from the top. “Honorable mention goes to Mischa Barton from ‘The O.C.’.”

“The show’s not really good enough to get me hooked, but she sure is,” I commented. “She’s cute, which everyone knows I like, but she’s also got something else about her that makes her special.”

“I love the show, and she’s a big reason,” Matt chipped in.

“Bah, it’s just a 90210 rip-off,” Liz chimed in.

“Number 5 is my good friend Vanessa Marcil from ‘Las Vegas’. I used to work with her on ‘General Hospital’ and I love her to death,” Amber said.

“I’ve been a fan of Vanessa for a long time. I was a fan even before she did her little stint on 90210,” I said.

“Rickie Martin was the best reason to watch ‘General Hospital’, but Vanessa was good too. I’d like to meet her some day as well,” Liz added.

“Number 4 is Olivia Wilde from ‘Skin’ on Fox,” Amber read. “Isn’t that the one about porn?”

“Yeah, it’s the ‘Romeo And Juliet’ tale about a porn king’s daughter falling in love with the son of the district attorney trying to put him in jail,” I answered. “I liked it at the end of the pilot when the porn king was talking to his right hand man while his daughter was getting her groove on right upstairs with the enemy’s son.”

“She looks too much like the Terminatrix for me to really get behind,” Matt said.

“I know, you were looking for Margo Harshman, formerly of ‘Even Stevens’, to make the list,” I said, rolling my eyes at Matt’s disagreement with me.

“What? She’s one of the hottest new women this season,” Matt defended himself.

“Yeah, but not one of the top six in the eyes of the one that matters: me,” I said.

“Number 3 is me from ‘Joan Of Arcadia’,” Amber said, trying to cut off a fight between Matt and I before it could start. “I’m surprised that you put me this high with the others that have been on the list.”

“You would’ve been higher, but the top two have had longer to entrench themselves in my psyche,” I said.

“I told you she would’ve been happy taking a spot down to make room for Margo,” Matt said, forcing me to count to ten before I ripped his head off.

“I already told you that Margo’s not on the list,” I said, trying to control myself.

“Number 2 is Hilarie Burton of ‘One Tree Hill’,” Amber moved on, sensing the tension.

“It was tough giving up my weekly dose of Hilarie this week, but I had to get my ’24’ fix,” I said. “F***ing WB gave a slot in it’s Easy View Sunday lineup to Tarzan instead. Now I’m going to have actually tape it just so I can see Hilarie in her cheerleading uniform.”

“She’s an MTV VJ, so therefore I hate her,” Matt said. “She’s hot, but she’s got the MTV stink all over her.”

“You’re just looking for a way to get your beloved Margo on the list,” I shot at him.

“Yeah, but I still don’t like Hilarie,” Matt admitted.

“Will you two just shut the f*** up?” Liz shouted, almost making me forget to bleep her.

“Number 1 is Eliza Dushku in ‘Tru Calling’. Yet another woman from Fox,” Amber observed.

“Yeah, Fox really rolled aces this year,” I said, nodding my approval.

“Outside of the obvious omission, it wasn’t a bad list,” Matt conceded.

“If you two keep it up, you’re not coming to my party tonight,” Liz warned us.

“Margo was number 7, so I guess I could have had two honorable mentions,” I said, trying not to lose my invitation to Liz’s.

“And I shouldn’t have prodded you so much over it,” Matt said, obviously trying hard not to lose his invite as well.

“See, that’s how you have to handle men. Threaten them with something and they cave. Sex is usually the best weapon for this kind of thing, but you use whatever is handy,” Liz informed Amber.

“I’ll have to remember that,” Amber said, grinning at how Liz had gotten us to behave so quickly.

“I’d argue that we’re really just overgrown boys, but yeah, that’s how you handle us,” I said, laughing.

“You got that right,” Liz quipped. “Men don’t f***ing grow up. They get older, but they don’t mature past the age of twelve.”

“Hey, I stopped maturing at the age of eleven thank you very much,” I said.

“I can tell,” Liz said, shaking her head in disbelief at me.

“Okay, that will do it for today. We’ll be back on Monday with a new show and new fights for all of you to listen to,” I said. “Today’s final request comes from Jesse in the O.C. as they now seem to say. She, or maybe it’s a he, I don’t know. Anyway, they want to hear Hilary Duff’s ‘So Yesterday’. They must be a chick if they want to hear that. I shouldn’t even play it considering she didn’t even show up today.”

“She did show up, it was just too late to get her in,” Matt informed me.

“When you tell someone ‘noon,’ you expect them to show up at least somewhere around noon. Instead she shows up ten minutes before the show is over and expects us to slip her in. F*** it, here’s the song,” I said, making sure to bleep myself before starting the song.

“Cut her some slack. Maybe she had other things to do,” Liz urged me.

“I don’t like being stood up, and I will not cut her some fucking slack for it,” I said angrily.

“Okay then,” Liz said, giving up as all of us walked out of the studio. Turning to Amber, she asked “Want to come to my Halloween party tonight? Richie and Matt are coming.”

“I guess I could make an appearance,” Amber said.

“Good, I’m having a few of us dress like our favorite rock stars. Kind of an all-star band kind of thing. I’m Mick Jagger, Meg White’s coming as Keith Moon, Richie’s promised to be Angus Young, so we need a bassist. Think you could do it for us?” Liz pleaded with her.

“I don’t play bass,” Amber protested.

“Richie doesn’t play guitar and he’s still coming as one,” Liz pointed out.

“I can play guitar, it just sounds like I’m strangling a cat every time I try,” I said.

“It’d be really big if you could,” Liz pressed Amber.

“I don’t even know who I could go as,” Amber said, not quite willing to say no to Liz for very understandable reasons.

“I’d suggest John Paul Jones, but I honestly haven’t a clue what he looks like. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page I could pick out at a hundred paces, John Paul Jones I couldn’t pick out of a line up. There’s Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath, but I doubt you even have a clue who he is let alone what he looks like,” I said.

“I know Black Sabbath, but I don’t know what any of them other than Ozzy look like,” Amber confessed.

“Lets try something a little more modern. There’s always Krist Novoselic of Nirvana, but he’s a little too much on the fat, dumb, goofy looking end of the spectrum for you,” I suggested.

“I like Nirvana, but I don’t want to be him,” Amber agreed. “Can I be Mike Dirnt from Green Day?”

“That settles it,” Liz said. “You’re the fourth and final member of the band. I’ve got a bass guitar somewhere that a friend left at my house a while ago. I can dig it up for you if you need to borrow one for the night.”

“Thanks,” Amber said, beaming at the thought of being invited into Liz’s circle like that.

“Don’t mention it, just be there by nine,” Liz said, jotting down directions to her house. She handed them to Matt and told him to photocopy them so she didn’t have to write out several different copies.

“I’ve got to go shopping for an Angus Young costume,” I said, excusing myself.

As I walked towards the front door, I heard a female voice yell “Richie?”

Turning around, I saw the blond head of Hilary Duff coming towards me. Without a word of greeting, I turned and kept on walking.

“Richie,” she said again, grabbing my arm.

“You’re too late for the show if that’s what you want to talk to me about. Craig might be able to squeeze you in though, so you should be talking to him,” I said, pulling my arm out of her grasp.

“I had some things come up that I couldn’t get away from,” she explained.

“Ever hear of a thing called the fucking phone? Use it next time if you can’t make an interview. Standing up the press isn’t going to help your lame ass music career any,” I said as Liz walked up.

“Here are your directions,” she said, handing me a slip of paper fresh off the copy machine. Noticing Hilary, she asked “Would your friend like to come as well?”

“She’s not my friend, and I don’t give a fuck if she wants to come,” I said. With that, I turned and stormed out of the building.

As I was sliding into my car, my phone rang. Picking it up, I answered “Hello.”

“Yo Richie,” came Anna Paquin’s voice.

“Hey Anna,” I said, feeling remarkably better just hearing her voice.

“You were a little rough on her weren’t you?” Anna asked.

“Rough on who?” I asked, pulling out of my parking spot.

“I was listening to your show online and you took some pretty good shots at Hilary,” Anna responded. “She’s what, sixteen? I remember being sixteen and missing an interview or appointment here or there. I’m sure you did too.”

“I didn’t have my career depending on this kind of thing. I also didn’t have people depending on my reliability,” I defended myself.

“Just don’t hold a grudge on her because of it,” Anna said. Changing the subject, she asked “So, when are you coming to New York to see me?”

“A job just opened in New York that I’m going to interview for in a week or so. I guess I could drop by and see you,” I said. I had planned on surprising Anna with a visit, but at least this way I made sure I didn’t drop by while she was in the middle of getting fucked by another guy.

“It’s about time you’re making it out here. I’ve only been trying to get you to take a vacation and come stay with me for months now,” Anna said, delighted that she was finally going to get me on her turf.

“I’ll take a couple days off, fly over for the interview, and then spend the rest of the time with you. How does that sound?” I asked her.

“Like heaven,” she said, virtually bubbling with joy.

“So, what are you doing this weekend? Any hot dates?” I asked her.

“Some friends at Columbia are throwing a party in their dorm, and they invited me. I don’t know if I’ll go or not. I’ll probably wind up at home watching Romero’s Dead films and passing out candy to kids,” she answered.

“You should go to the party. Get drunk and laid and I’ll see you in a couple weeks,” I told her.

“I’ll probably go, but I won’t get drunk or laid,” she said.

“Then have a beer or two, and gossip about which of your friends are getting drunk and laid,” I suggested.

“Speaking of getting drunk and laid, you’re going to Liz’s party?” She asked.

“You jealous?” I teased her.

“No, I know we’re not serious or anything quite yet. I was just going to tell you that it sounded like Amber had a thing for you,” Anna said.

“What makes you think that? I didn’t pick up any signals,” I said.

“You couldn’t pick up signals if you had an antenna sticking out of your head searching for them,” Anna said. “Trust me, I know how irresistibly clueless you are.”

“I’d argue that point, but it’s true,” I said, laughing. “You really think she’s hot for me?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a couple drinks and woke up in your bed,” Anna responded.

“Not in my bed. If I’m able to drive home tonight, then I either didn’t drink enough or I was stupid enough to drive drunk. I don’t think either of those things will happen,” I said.

“Okay, in Liz’s bed then,” Anna corrected herself. “Just make sure to be safe.”

“Keys in the freezer, condoms in my pocket. Got it,” I said.

“Good, I’ll call you in the morning to make sure you took my advice,” she said.

“Talk to you then,” I said, setting the phone down on the passenger seat when the line went dead.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going from place to place searching for something that looked like something that Angus Young might wear. I couldn’t find a school boy uniform with shorts, so I improvised. I found a cheap suit and cut the legs off the pants around the knees and bribed my mom into hemming them up. It cost me Saturday afternoon, but I considered it worth it if it could get me into bed with Liz again.

After the pants had been modified into shorts, I got dressed. I put on my mock blue school boy uniform with a short sleeved white button up shirt. A baseball cap of roughly the same color as the uniform and a black and white striped tie were the final components.

By eight, I was dressed and ready to go. Slipping the strap of my black guitar over my shoulder, I took a look in the mirror and conceded that I had done a pretty good job. I didn’t have the hair exactly right, but I had naturally curly hair and I couldn’t find a wig that looked any more like Angus’ mid-length curls than my own did.

Liz said to be there by nine, but I inherited my sense of time from my dad. He’s always a half hour early, to everything. If he’s flying somewhere and has to be to the airport by six, he leaves at three to make sure the traffic doesn’t make him late. Even when the traffic’s bad, he’s still an hour early and winds sitting at the gate with a cup of coffee reading the paper.

* + * + *

“You’re early,” Liz said, opening the door. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt shirt with an open white button up shirt over it like the one Mick wore in the video for ‘Love Is Strong’. A pair of old, battered jeans went with the costume, but they were so tight that they did little to conceal her figure. She had a set of oversized, red wax lips in one hand and a bowl of candy in the other.

“I know, my dad saddled me with the curse of being early for my own funeral,” I said, stepping inside the house. I was glad that she hadn’t gone for ultimate realism by pasting fake wrinkles on her face.

“I love your guitar,” she said, stroking the neck of the electric guitar I had strapped across my back.

“Why must you tease me like that?” I asked her. “There’s nothing hotter than a woman lovingly caressing a guitar like that. Especially when she’s almost giving it a hand job like you are now.”

“Just wait until you see what I caress later,” she said, winking at me as she set the bowl of candy down.

“Bye mommy,” a little boy in a pirate costume said as he came down the stairs.

“This must be your son,” I said.

“Yeah, isn’t he just adorable dressed like that?” She said, clasping her hands together.

“He’s got his mom’s good looks,” I agreed.

“I think he looks more like his dad, but he does have my nose,” she said, pulling her son to her. Giving him a hug, she said “Be good for daddy, make sure he checks your candy before you eat any of it, and have fun. I’ll pick you up in the morning.”

“Okay mommy,” he said, grinning that broken smile at her that only kids missing teeth can only truly pull off. Adults missing teeth just look creepy when they try it.

Just then a horn honked from outside and the kid peeked through the curtains outside. Closing them, he said “It’s dad.”

“I’m sure if you ask him to take you out for ice cream after trick or treating, he won’t say no,” Liz suggested, opening the door.

I was struck by how surreal it was to watch this woman that I’d gone through my formative years idolizing and lusting over in mom mode. It was like watching the Cubs win the World Series, except this was actually happening.

“You looked shocked,” she observed, closing the door after watching her son get in her ex-husband’s car.

“I knew you had a son, but I guess I never stopped to think about you being maternal like that. It was really odd to see the ‘Blowjob Queen’ reminding her son to have his dad check his candy,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“You should have seen me when he was a baby. Hair all frazzled, circles under my eyes from lack of sleep, baby powder all over me from changing his diaper,” she said. “That would’ve blown your mind.”

“Just hearing you talk about it blows my mind,” I confessed. “I’m starting to realize that I never really saw you as a real person. You were just this giant, larger than life figure who loomed over everything I did. I never really stopped to think that you do the same mundane, every day shit that I do.”

“There’s still some time before the guests start arriving,” she said, looking at her watch. “How should we kill that time?”

“We better stay close to the door in case of trick or treaters, but I’m sure I could think of a couple things to do to pass the time,” I answered, unstrapping the guitar from my back.

“Too bad I didn’t wear a skirt. I should’ve decided to be Ozzy. He wore enough dresses that I could’ve gotten away with it,” she said, unbuttoning her jeans.

“You could’ve worn a green dress and said you were Ozzy on the day he pissed on the Alamo,” I said, undoing my shorts.

“I don’t want to take the fuckers all the way off, so you’ll just have to fuck me from behind,” she said, pushing her jeans and panties down around her knees.

“That’s not a problem,” I said, dropping my shorts as she spun around to grab the wall next to the door.

I took a moment to admire the way she leaned against the wall. The way she stuck her ass out in the air like a cat in heat, and the way her whole body just seemed to be begging me to shove my cock into her and fuck her like an animal.

“I want to fuck you like an animal. I want to feel you from the inside,” I muttered, the Nine Inch Nails lyrics popping into my head from out of nowhere.

“Yeah, fuck me like an animal,” Liz urged me, sticking her ass out even more as I ran my fingers along the cleft of her pussy.

“You want me to fuck you hard?” I asked her, lining my cock up with her pussy. “You want me to split you open?”

“Yeah, break me open with that cock of yours,” she said, giving me no choice but to comply.

Without even being gentle about it, I slammed my cock into her in one thrust. We both groaned, and I stayed there for a moment to savor the feel of her cunt wrapped around my meat.

“Come on fucker, give it to me,” she urged, pressing herself back against me in an effort to get me to move.

Instead, I grabbed onto her hips and held her tightly to me. She was going to get what she wanted eventually, but I wanted to tease her and make her wait a little before I really tore into her.

“I need it bad,” she begged. “Fuck me.”

Sliding my hand around to her front, I traced my fingers along her stomach under her shirt. Circling her belly button, I pulled my cock out of her slightly. Pushing back in, I began giving her small strokes of my dick. Enough to get some movement going, but not enough to do anything but drive her into a fit of frustration.

“Don’t fucking tease me,” Liz hissed at me over her shoulder.

Placing the palm of my hand over her stomach, I gave her what she wanted. I pulled out almost all the way and savagely plowed my way back into her.

“Fuck yeah, that’s the way,” Liz groaned, hanging her head as I buried my cock in her pussy over and over.

Moving my hand further up her body, I grabbed hold of one of her bra covered tits. Roughly kneading it, I pulled the cup down so I could feel the bare skin against my hand. I pinched the nipple between my fingers and tugged on it, drawing a sharp gasp from Liz.

“Fuck me harder,” Liz demanded as I slowed down my thrusting.

I didn’t want to be too predictable, so I changed speeds on her. A short, quick plunge followed by a couple long, slow thrusts. The quick ones were driving her towards her climax, the long ones gave me a chance to collect myself before I blew my load too early.

“Oh fuck me Richie, fuck me,” Liz urged, pushing her cunt back at my stabbing cock.

I knew that our orgasms weren’t far off, so I stepped up the speed. Just as I was nearing the home stretch, the door bell rang.

“Hold on,” Liz said, reaching back and grabbing my ass to stop me from pulling out.

Still holding onto me to keep me inside her, she slowly moved the couple feet to the door. As she looked through the peephole, I gave her a sharp thrust with my cock just to let know I was still there.

“Kids,” she groaned, grabbing the doorknob.

When she opened the door, she leaned around the door so that only her head and shoulders would be visible from the outside.

“Trick or treat,” I could hear a few little kid voices say from on the other side of the door.

“Don’t you all look so, uh, darling,” Liz said, trying to hide the fact that I’d taken the opportunity to jab my tool into her.

She grabbed a handful of candy from the bowl and I guessed that she was handing them out to the kids as I reached down and massaged her clit. With her other hand, she let go of the doorknob and reached back to try to push my hand away.

When she shut the door, I grabbed her hips and started to really tear into her. It had been a real turn on to be buried in her cunt and manipulate her clit like that with a bunch of kids mere inches away with only a door blocking their view. So much so, that I just couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh god,” Liz moaned, her climax almost upon her.

“Are you gonna cum on my cock?” I hissed in her ear, trying to rush her climax.

“Yeah, I’m going to flood your cock with my cream,” she answered, her cunt clamping down on my cock as a gush of girl cum doused my cock.

It was more than enough to push me over the edge. Driving myself back into her one final time, I lifted her up to press her flat against the door with me pressed against her back. Her feet were completely off the ground as the cum flew out the end of my cock and basted the inside of her pussy.

“That was intense,” she said when I finally put her down. “It was so naughty having my clit frigged while handing out candy to kids.”

“I know, why do you think I did it?” I asked her, straightening my costume back out and slipping my guitar strap back over my shoulder.

“I need to clean myself up,” she said, dipping a finger into her cum soaked pussy. She was bringing the finger to her lips to taste our combined juices when there was a knock on the door. “Can you get that? I’ll be right back.”

“Yeah, but hurry back. I don’t want to play host at someone else’s party for very long,” I said, watching her naked ass as she scurried to the bathroom.

Another persistent knock on the door brought my mind back to the business at hand. I grabbed the doorknob and swung the door open to find Meg standing on the doorstep looking off the side. She was dressed in a close replica of the outfit Keith Moon wore on the infamous Smothers Brothers episode when he blew up the drum kit, permanently damaging Pete Townsend’s hearing.

“What took you so long to answer the door?” Meg said, turning to face the door. A look of surprise crossed her face when she saw that I wasn’t Liz. “Oh hi. Where’s Liz?”

“She had to use the bathroom,” I said. “I’m Richie.”

“Ah, the DJ I’ve been hearing so much about. I hear you’re a good fuck,” Meg said, shocking me that she was just as blunt as Liz. Holding out her hand, she said “I’m Meg.”

“I know, I’m a huge fan,” I said, shaking her hand. Her grip was so strong that it almost crushed my hand. Shaking my hand slightly, I commented “I see you’ve got the typical drummer’s grip.”

“That’s what you get when you’re a drummer,” she said, grinning. “So, are you going to let me or am I going to have to wait out here until Liz comes back?”

I groaned at my stupid comment as I moved out of the way. As she moved past, I could see that even the relatively loose clothing she was wearing couldn’t even fully conceal the best breasts in the business as a journalist friend in London put it. It didn’t hurt that she’d left the top couple buttons open so I could see the swell of her breasts underneath the shirt.

“Meg,” Liz said, coming back in the room. Hugging her, Liz said “I see you met Richie.”

“Yeah, he was pulling the fan boy act,” she said, winking at me.

“What? I really am a fan. I’ve developed a tendency lately to scream ‘be like the squirrel girl, be like the squirrel’ while I wander through the house,” I said.

“Is he always this geeky?” Meg asked Liz. Just when I was starting to wonder if I’d gone a little too far, she added “If so, then I like him.”

“Back off bitch, he’s fucking mine,” Liz said, laughing as she grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Meg.

“Now ladies, there’s more than enough of me to go around,” I said, enjoying having them fight over me even if it wasn’t real.

Ignoring me, Meg asked Liz “Judging by the school boy getup, he’s our guitarist but did you find a bassist?”

“That I did,” Liz answered, nodding her head. “She’s great, you’ll fuckin’ love her.”

“She?” Meg asked, surprised. “I was hoping you’d have brought a guy for me.”

“I did, but he didn’t want to be a bassist,” Liz answered. “I think he said he was coming as a basketball player or something.”

“He’ll probably come as Kobe Bryant then because he’s been on the ‘Free Kobe’ bandwagon lately. It doesn’t matter whether he’s guilty or not, Matt just doesn’t want anything to happen that might hurt the Lakers’ chances of winning it all,” I explained.

“If it’s not music, I don’t follow it,” Meg said, spying the bar. “Anyone want a drink?”

“Since it’s Halloween, make me a zombie,” Liz answered.

“One zombie coming up,” Meg said, setting to work on Liz’s drink. “You want anything Richie?”

“I’ll just take a beer,” I said, grabbing a beer out of the cooler next to the bar.

“Come on, just a beer?” Meg asked.

“I like to pace myself at parties. I’ll be hammered by the end of the night, but it’ll be from a late binge that will make your head spin,” I said, grinning as I twisted the cap off the beer.

“I’m in rock and roll, nothing makes my head spin,” Meg said matter of factly. “Jack and I have toured with some pretty heavy drinkers, and I’ve drank more than a few of them under the table.”

“I can hold my own, but I know better than to try to out drink a rock star,” I said as guitar feedback announced the start of ‘Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground’ on the stereo. “I learned that lesson a couple years ago hanging out with Godsmack. That Sully can really put them away.”

“Put something else on,” Meg told Liz. “I don’t want to listen to my own music right now.”

“How’s this?” Liz asked as Guns ‘N Roses filled the room.

“Much better,” Meg said as the doorbell chimed.

“Come in,” Liz said, ushering in some guests I didn’t know.

None of the new arrivals were particularly good looking chicks, so I didn’t feel like being very sociable with them. Instead of sitting around chatting them up, I decided to explore Liz’s house.

I wandered from room to room of the downstairs just looking around. Not quite snooping, I just wanted to see what kind of place Liz lived in.

Emerging back into the main party room, I saw that Matt and Amber had arrived. Matt was wearing a yellow and purple Lakers uniform with the number 8 on it. He also had a wig that looked enough like Kobe Bryant’s hair that I had to do a double take to make sure he hadn’t scalped Kobe just so he’d be more authentic looking in his costume. He was deep in conversation with Meg and had a yellowish colored drink in his hand.

Amber, on the other hand, was wearing a Green Day shirt, jeans, a bass guitar that Liz must have lent her in her hand, and a wig of short green hair on her head. She was talking to Liz, and from the constant blushing I guessed that Liz was recounting some of her various sexual encounters to her.

“Hey Richie,” Matt called out, spotting me.

“Hey man,” I said, grabbing myself another beer.

“Guess who,” a woman’s voice said as a pair of dainty hands covered my eyes.

“I have no clue,” I said, running through possible names in my head.

“I’m very disappointed in you,” she said, turning me around to face a vision of loveliness dressed in a pink dress. She had a silver tiara resting among the strands of her short black hair and scepter in one hand just like a perfect princess. Only a woman like Mandy Moore could pull it off without looking like a little girl.

“Mandy!” I exclaimed, hugging her. “What are you doing here?”

“Liz invited Hilary, and Hilary invited me,” Mandy said. “Hilary was really pissed off this afternoon. She said you were mean to her. I tried to explain that she must be mistaken because the Richie I know is nice to everyone.”

“She bailed on me, so I was a little curt with her. I didn’t do anything wrong,” I said.

“Hi Richie,” Hilary said, coming up next to Mandy. She had on a long black dress and a wig of long, jet black hair. The heavy eyeliner and dark red, almost black, lipstick was making me think she was dressed as a goth girl until I saw the fake vampire teeth in her hand.

“Shouldn’t you be out trick or treating or something instead of being at an adult party?” I snidely asked Hilary.

“Richie!” Mandy reprimanded me when Hilary stormed off with tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

“She’s too young to be attending this kind of party,” I said.

“She’s sixteen,” Mandy pointed out. “Weren’t you at parties getting drunk when you were sixteen?”

“Yeah, but I also knew a thing or two about responsibility,” I said, waving off her logic.

“Do you even know why she was late today?” Mandy asked me. “One of her friends was in a car accident and she spent the morning in the hospital. She pried herself away from her friend’s hospital bed just so she could make it to the studio.”

“Crap, now you went and made me feel like an ass,” I said, grimacing at the way I’d treated Hilary.

“Good, because that’s what you are,” Mandy said. “Now go find Hil and apologize before I beat you over the head with my stick.”

“It’s a scepter,” I corrected her.

“Whatever, now go apologize,” Mandy commanded, whacking me on the hand with her scepter.

“Ow, I’m going,” I said, rubbing the back of my hand where she’d hit me.

I searched all over downstairs but couldn’t find Hilary. Giving up, I headed up the stairs to search up there. Passing one of the bedroom doors, I stopped when I heard a faint sob. I opened the door and found Hilary sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized to her.

“Go away,” she said. “You’re probably happy to see me crying like a little girl.”

“Mandy explained about why you missed the show,” I said, sitting on the bed next to her. “I shouldn’t have been so mean to you. I just take it personally when someone doesn’t show up for an interview, especially one as young as you are.”

“I’m not a little girl,” Hilary said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“You may not be a little girl, but you are still just a girl,” I said, putting my arm around her shoulder.

“No I’m not,” she said, shocking me by planting a kiss directly on my lips.

Pushing her away, I said “Whoa there.”

“I’m not a little girl and I’m going to prove it to you,” Hilary said, her hand going straight to my crotch.

“This isn’t going to happen,” I said, pulling her hand away from my cock.

“I know what I’m doing,” she said, sliding off the bed as her hands fought to unbutton my jeans.

“You think you do, but I can’t do this,” I argued, trying desperately not to give in to my urges.

By now she had my pants undone and was tugging them down despite my efforts to fight her off. When her hand snaked into my pants and stroked my cock through my boxers, my head reeled with desire.

I hesitated for a moment, and that was all she needed to whip my cock out. Seeing the look of surprise on her face, I got a hold of myself once more.

“No,” I said, trying to stand up.

Unfortunately, that brought my dick that much closer to her mouth. Before I realized my error, she had her tongue out, licking the underside of my cock.

“Oh god,” I involuntarily gasped at the feeling of her inexpert tongue on me.

Hilary pushed me back down onto the bed and stroked my cock while she sucked the head into her mouth. Her mouth was so tight around the head that it took any fight I had left right out of me.

Flopping onto my back, I gave up and hoped that she’d settle for just giving me head. I was almost out of my mind, but I still had enough of it left to know that I was technically breaking a big law by letting an underage girl suck me off, even if it felt so damn good.

Her technique was a little off, but she more than made up for her deficiencies with enthusiasm. As she swirled her tongue around the head, I could tell that she was going to be quite the cock sucker in a couple years.

Working her mouth down my shaft, she mumbled something that I couldn’t make out. Honestly, I didn’t really care what she’d said. The vibrations of her speech were enough to drive any remaining thoughts of wrongdoing right out of my head. By the time Hilary had as much of my cock in her tiny mouth as she was going to get, I was savoring every second.

As she got into it, even the little things that she had been doing wrong started to iron themselves out. She loosened her grip on my shaft so it didn’t feel like she was trying to strangle it and her sucking became more insistent.

I could feel my orgasm closing in as she bobbed her head up and down my cock. Grabbing the back of her head, I urged her to go faster. With a grunt, I held her head in place as my cock erupted and my cum filled her mouth.

She fought to pull her head off, but I didn’t let her. Finally, seeing she had no choice, she swallowed my cum.

“You think I’m still a little girl?” Hilary asked, grinning smugly as she wiped a dribble of cum off the corner of her mouth.

“No, but now I don’t care. I’m going to fuck that little twat of yours until you cum all over my cock,” I said, pulling her onto the bed next to me before I stood up.

“I thought I was just going to suck your dick,” Hilary protested as I lifted her dress up to her waist to expose a pair of pink cotton panties.

“You can go if you want,” I said, motioning toward the door. “Or you can stay and get fucked.”

Hilary glanced at the door, then back at me. With a glance down at my cock, she seemed to make up her mind. Lifting her ass up off the bed, she quickly tugged her panties down and pulled them off.

Whistling quietly, I took a moment to marvel at the sight before me. Her pussy had a full blond bush, but it was thinner than the ones I’d been seeing lately. The lips glistened from the lubricating juices she was already leaking out in anticipation.

I let my fingers glide over her pussy lips to feel just how wet she was. Testing to see if she was a virgin or not, I slipped my middle finger inside and wiggled it around in her pussy. Part of me was glad that I didn’t feel a hymen, yet another part of me was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t going to be the one to break her in.

“Mmm,” Hilary murmured as my finger sloshed around in her pussy.

Her cunt was clutching the finger so tightly that I started wondering if I was going to be able to fit my cock in. Adding a second finger, I worked them around in an effort to loosen her up a little more.

Hilary grunted slightly when I pulled my fingers out of her. She had her hands pressed nervously to her stomach as she watched me prepare to enter her.

Grabbing one of her hands, I brought it down to her pussy and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips for me. When she got the hint and left them like that, I latched onto her legs and pulled her until her ass was hanging over the edge of the bed.

Leaning the backs of her legs against my chest, I lined my cock up with her entrance. I grinned as she bit her lower lip in expectation while I ran the head along her oily folds.

When I guessed she was as ready as she was going to get, I gently pushed my cock in until the head was firmly seated in her cunt. The sight of her pussy being opened up so obscenely was almost as big a turn on as the way it squeezed my cock. It was almost painfully tight, but it was such an exquisite pain that it was more than worth it.

Grabbing the backs of her knees, I spread her legs a little more and sighed as her pussy loosened slightly and released a little of the pressure it was putting on my dick. That slight slack gave me hope that I’d be able to fit the rest of my cock into her steaming snatch, so I pushed more into her.

“Oooh,” Hilary moaned when I was about halfway in. Her eyes were closed and she still had one hand holding her pussy open for me.

Taking hold of her hand, I used her fingers to search for her clit. When her eyes shot open and her hips bucked up at me, pushing another inch of my cock into her, I knew that I had found it.

Giving her short thrusts with my cock, I used her fingers to play with her clit. When she got the idea and started to massage the bud herself, I let go of her hand and lengthened the strokes I was giving her until I was working almost the entire length of my meat in and out of her.

“Mmmm,” Hilary moaned softly, dropping her hand to rub my cock in between brushes of her clit.

I had already cum twice on the night, so I knew that I was going to be able to last for a while no matter how tightly her cunt gripped me. I just wanted to relish the feel of her cunt for as long as I could before I inevitably had to withdraw.

Moving my hands up to her ankles, I used the extra control I gained over her legs to bring her ankles together. With her legs together, her cunt tightened until it held my dick in a death grip.

Speeding up my thrusts, I could tell by Hilary’s cries that she was enjoying it as much as I was. Her hand had stopped moving on her clit, but she was pushing the little nub down until it rubbed against the shaft of my cock every time it slammed into her.

She was getting close to her orgasm, I rolled her onto her side. Keeping her legs together, I put one hand on her outer knee and the other on her hip as I blasted my way into her cunt.

“I told you to apologize to her, not to fuck her,” I heard Mandy say from behind me.

Just as I turned to look at Mandy, Hilary exploded in orgasm. I held still inside her as her body rocked on the bed.

“I did apologize, but then all of a sudden she started pulling my pants off,” I explained to Mandy. “I tried to fight her off, but I lost as soon as she ran her tongue along my cock.”

“Oh, oh,” Hilary moaned as I gave her another quick thrust to prolong her orgasm just a little bit longer.

“Couldn’t you fucking control yourself?” Mandy asked, a twinkle of lust and excitement in her eyes despite the ire she was trying to put forth in her voice.

“There’s room for one more,” I suggested to Mandy, pulling my cock out of Hilary.

Mandy’s eyes traveled from my cunt juice covered cock to Hilary’s naked ass and soaked pussy before meeting my gaze. She squeezed her thighs together without thinking that I might notice before collecting herself.

“I don’t do that kind of thing,” Mandy said, trying to keep her eyes off of Hilary as the younger girl rolled over onto her back.

“When was the last time you had a nice fuck?” I asked Mandy, trying to goad her into it. I could tell by her body language that she wanted to, she just needed a little convincing. “When was the last time that boyfriend of yours made you cum like a freight train?”

“I don’t…,” she trailed off. The look on her face was all I needed to see to know that it had been far too long and that she would be willing to do anything I wanted if I played my cards right. “I’m not interested.”

“Sure you are,” I said, grabbing her hand and pulling her to me. Sliding my hand up her thigh, I let my fingers rub her pussy through her panties while I whispered into her ear “If you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t be soaking your panties right now.”

“Ohhh,” Mandy groaned, pressing herself against me.

“I want to fuck you while you eat Hilary’s pussy,” I said in a hushed tone, slipping her panties to the side so I could get a finger into her slit. “In fact, you can eat each other out while I fuck you. How does that sound?”

Her only response was a slight nod of her head as I worked two fingers into her pussy. Her defenses were crumbling fast, but I had to make sure that she was completely into it before I could go to the next step.

“Just take off those panties and let Hilary and I do what you know you want us to do,” I told her.

Mandy looked at me for a moment before quickly pulling her dress up over her head and tossing it on the floor. She was standing in front of me in a strapless black bra and matching panties. Hooking her fingers into the waist of the panties, she tugged them down over her ass. Turning around, she bent at the waist and shoved her ass back against my cock as she pulled them down to her ankles.

“You’re a hot little bitch,” I groaned at Mandy as I ran my hand over her ass. “Now climb on top of Hilary. I want to watch you two fuck each other with your tongues and fingers.”

“Then you’ll fuck me?” Mandy asked, standing up to reach behind her and unhook her bra.

“Then I’ll fuck you until you scream for mercy,” I agreed, running my hands over her tits.

With an eagerness that surprised me, Mandy pushed past me and clambered onto the bed. Before Hilary could express any misgivings, Mandy was spinning her around on the bed so she could climb on top of her.

“Is this what you want Richie?” Mandy asked, looking back at me as she was lowering her pussy onto Hilary’s face.

“Yeah, now eat her pussy,” I nodded, enjoying the show.

Hilary was laying under Mandy, looking around to get some kind of clue as to what she should do. She tentatively reached her hands out around Mandy’s legs and grabbed the singer’s ass. Raising her head, she took an experimental lick around Mandy’s pussy. She raised an eyebrow as if she was trying to determine whether she liked the taste of pussy or not. Smiling, she must have decided she liked it because she took a couple more, less apprehensive stroke with her tongue

Hilary’s pussy had brought me close enough to cumming, that I wanted to take a little extra time before fucking Mandy. I also wanted Hilary’s tongue to make Mandy ready for my invasion. It just so happened that the two things happened to coincide, plus it gave me a chance to watch these two babes see who could outlick who.

“Oh fuck,” Mandy moaned, pushing her cunt down harder onto Hilary’s tongue.

I could see Mandy’s hand moving as she plunged her fingers in and out of Hilary’s cunt. Following her lead, I worked my middle finger into Mandy’s cunt as Hilary worked on the nub.

“Mmm ooh,” Hilary purred around Mandy’s clit as she sucked on it.

Pulling the juicy fingers out of Mandy’s cunt, I dragged them up to her cute little asshole. She gasped and pulled away from the fingers as I pressed them against her anus. Not wanting to let her get away like that, I grabbed onto her hips and held her still as I let my lubricated fingers rim her butthole.

“No,” she begged as I applied pressure once more.

Disregarding her cries of protest, I kept pressing until the tip was in her anus. With the finger inside her ass, I grabbed my cock with my other hand and aimed it at her pussy.

“OHHH!” Mandy groaned as I shoved my cock all the way into her without any warning.

With Mandy’s mind occupied by my cock in her pussy. I took the opportunity to push a little bit more of my finger into her asshole. Pulling my cock back out of her, I looked down between our bodies and saw Hilary’s tongue flitting between Mandy’s clit and the area where my cock and Mandy’s cunt joined.

“That’s a good little slut,” I said, smiling at Hilary.

“Oh ooh oh,” Hilary panted as Mandy hit what must have been a sensitive spot.

“Eat that pussy,” I told Mandy, sliding my finger out of her butt so I could grip the cheeks of her ass with my hands.

“Fuck me, uh, hard,” Mandy demanded, lifting her ass up higher to give me a better target.

Picking up the pace, I buried my cock into Mandy’s cunt so hard that she was pushed forward with every thrust. Her ass cheeks rippled with the force of my pelvis colliding with her. My balls were smacking Hilary on the forehead as she raised her head to lick Mandy’s snatch and my cock.

“Oh yeah,” Hilary mewled under Mandy, her body shaking as she reached her first orgasm from a woman’s tongue.

“Oh fuck me Richie. Make me cum like Hilary’s cumming,” Mandy groaned, pushing herself back against me.

The force of my jabs, combined with Mandy’s equally fierce thrusts backward, made the sounds of our fucking almost deafening. Flesh was smacking flesh so hard I was starting to worry that one of us would break something.

“Oh, I’m fucking cumming,” Mandy screamed as Hilary recovered enough to give her clit a good swipe with her tongue to push her over the edge.

It was more than I could take, and I gave a couple more quick stabs into her pussy. Finally, her pussy clamped down on me and I shot my wad into her. My orgasm was so intense that I thought I was going turn inside out with the force of my cum erupting out of my cock.

“Ready to go again?” Hilary asked as I pulled out of Mandy and fell onto the bed next to the two of them.

“I need some time off,” I answered, looking over at them as they stayed in their sixty-nine. “Why don’t you two stay here and get to know each other better while I go back to the party.”

“I told you I wasn’t a little girl,” Hilary said before lifting her head to take on the task of cleaning Mandy’s pussy up.

I knew that if I responded, Hilary and Mandy would just drag me back and finish me off for the night. I was still hoping to find out if Anna had been right about Amber having the hots for me, so I just nodded as I pulled my shorts back up.

“Where have you been?” Matt asked when I stepped into the hallway. Meg had been leading him down the hall when I opened the door.

“I just had a threesome with Mandy and Hilary,” I answered, trying to look as serious as possible.

“No really, where have you been?” Matt asked, not believing me.

“Does Liz know that you were fucking in her room?” Meg asked me.

“Take a look in there and tell me what you see,” I told Matt, pointing at the door I’d just come out of.

Matt opened the door and looked inside. “Is that Mandy and Hilary? You fucker. I can’t take you anywhere, can I?”

“It looks to me like you two were just about to find yourself a room, so I don’t think you should be talking,” I said, grinning at him.

“Oh yeah,” Matt said before Meg tugged on his hand and pulled him off to find a room.

I stood and watched as she opened a door and pushed him in. I laughed when she waved at me while she was taking off her jacket. I waved back and headed towards the stairs when the door slammed behind her.

“You were gone for a while,” Liz observed when she saw me reach into the cooler for a beer.

“Yeah, I had to apologize to Hilary,” I said.

“Since it took you an hour to apologize and you’re sweating, I’m guessing you took time out for a fuck,” Liz said, laughing.

“I apologized for a couple minutes, then she threw herself at me. The next half hour was spent fucking her, then Mandy walked in. The rest of the time was spent fucking Mandy while the two of them fucked each other,” I explained.

“I thought I was supposed to be the one you ended up with,” Liz teased me, straightening out my tie.

“You are, but no one said that we couldn’t fuck other people until then,” I teased back.

“I should go find Matt then,” Liz said.

“He was being dragged into a room by Meg when I was coming down the stairs,” I informed her. “I’m sure he won’t mind if you join them, but he’s a little busy at the moment.”

“There’s always Amber,” Liz said, her eyes twinkling at the thought.

“If you can convince her to swing that way, I want to at least watch,” I said, immensely aroused by the thought of Liz and Amber driving each other to the heights of pleasure and ecstasy.

“You’ll ruin it by wanting to fuck her,” Liz said.

“What, you expect me to watch two women have fun and not want to participate?” I asked her.

“Go hide in the kitchen. I’ll do my best to get Amber to let me fuck her in there. Hide in the broom closet or something, and then I’ll give you the signal when I want you to join in,” Liz said, lowering her voice to a conspiratorial hush.

“You promise not to leave me waiting all night?” I asked her.

“I promise,” Liz said, rolling her eyes at my mistrust.

“Make sure you do it within view of the broom closet so I can watch,” I said, kissing her on the cheek before hurrying off to the kitchen to get myself situated.

I found the broom closet right next to the refrigerator and stepped in. I had to move a couple things so I could stand inside without having the handle on the vacuum jabbing me in the lower back. Closing the door, I left it open enough to give a decent view of the kitchen but not enough for someone to see me peeking out.

“Can you get a bottle of wine off the rack next to the sink?” I heard Liz’s voice.

I had been starting to get bored and wondered if Liz had been pulling my chain after all. But if she was close enough for me to hear so clearly, then she was obviously coming my way. And since she was asking someone to get the wine, that obviously meant she brought someone with her.

“Sure,” another voice that I took to be Amber’s answered. “Where’s the corkscrew to open it?”

I fought back my excitement and tried to keep myself from getting my hopes up. After all, just because Liz got Amber into the kitchen didn’t mean that she was actually going to be able to be as successful in getting into her pants.

“In the second drawer from the top,” Liz answered as she opened the freezer. She peeked around the door and gave me a quick wink as she pulled out a tray of ice.

“The wine’s open, anything else you need help with?” Amber asked, moving into my range of sight.

“There is one more thing, but I don’t know if you’d be able to do it,” Liz answered, setting the ice down on the counter.

“As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with spiders, I can try,” Amber said enthusiastically.

“You afraid of spiders or something?” Liz asked her.

“Deathly. On ‘General Hospital’ my character had a pet tarantula, and one time the script called for me to pick it up,” Amber said, shaking at the memory.

Without a word, Liz leaned in and kissed Amber on the mouth. Liz held her hand out in my direction and crossed her fingers as if she was silently telling me to wish her luck.

“What? Why did you do that?” Amber asked, pulling back.

“You didn’t like it?” Liz asked Amber, stroking the young actress’ cheek bones with her thumbs.

“I like guys,” Amber protested nervously.

“So do I, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a woman every now and then,” Liz assured her.

Seeing the conflict on Amber’s face, I gripped the vacuum cleaner and leaned forward expectantly. I wanted to scream at Liz to push her advantage before Amber could think of a reason not to do it, but I didn’t want Amber to know I was watching until Liz had her far enough gone not to care.

“I don’t know, wouldn’t that make us lesbians?” Amber asked, trying to back away from Liz but bumping against the cupboards instead.

“No,” Liz whispered, so quietly that I barely heard it. She then whispered some more stuff in Amber’s ear that I couldn’t quite catch even straining the way I was.

“What if someone walks in?” Amber asked, making me say a silent prayer of thanks to any deity that was listening because I knew that Liz had her.

“There’s no reason for them to come in here,” Liz said, pressing her body up against Amber’s. “Besides, we’ll be blocked from view by the counter that you’re leaning on right now.”

I leaned as close to the door as I possibly could without toppling over and giving myself away. The sight of Liz so aggressively pursuing Amber while I watched had me waiting with baited breath for Amber’s answer.

Would she give in to the feelings obviously churning inside her, or would she push Liz away and run? I just wished I had a more comfortable seat for the proceedings than with a vacuum cleaner threatening to creep up my ass. It would all be worth it though if I got a front row seat to a lesbian tryst between two of my favorite women for my trouble.

“You’re sure no one will see?” Amber asked Liz.

“I promise that no one else will come into the kitchen until we’re done,” Liz said, lifting herself onto the tips of her toes to nuzzle and kiss Amber’s neck. She slipped a hand behind her back to give me a thumbs up. “I’ll even block the doors if you want me to.”

I heard what I thought was a low moan from Amber as she closed her eyes and lolled her head back. She clutched the back of Liz’s head with both hands to keep her from moving.

Liz took that as a positive sign and let her hands roam along Amber’s curves. She gave light caresses to Amber’s sides before settling on their breasts. Still kissing and sucking her way back and forth across Amber’s throat, Liz squeezed Amber’s tits through her shirt.

“Lock the doors,” Amber breathlessly told Liz.

“Yes,” I cheered silently to myself as Liz moved out of view to lock the door into the kitchen.

When Liz came back, she pulled the green wig off of Amber’s head and let her reddish brown hair fall down past her shoulders. Tossing the wig aside, Liz let her other hand slide under Amber’s shirt. The shirt rode up on Amber’s stomach enough for me to see her pierced belly button.

“You want me to eat you?” Liz asked Amber, massaging her crotch through her jeans.

“Please,” Amber asked politely, lost in the moment.

“Tell me you want me to eat your little pussy,” Liz coaxed Amber, unbuttoning her pants.

“I want you to eat me,” Amber complied, pulling off her shirt to reveal a blood red colored bra.

“Say it like you mean it,” Liz demanded, slowly tugging Amber’s zipper down. “Tell me that you want me to eat your fucking cunt.”

“I want you to eat my fucking cunt,” Amber moaned as Liz slipped her hand inside her pants to massage her pussy through her panties.

“There, was that so hard?” Liz asked, kissing her way down Amber’s stomach.

As Liz tugged Amber’s pants down, I had to remind myself to breathe. The image of Amber in bra and panties while Liz prepared to go down on her was almost too much for my brain to take in.

“You like having a woman play with your pussy?” Liz asked Amber, using her finger to push the material of Amber’s panties into her cunt.

“Yeah,” Amber moaned, pulling the cups of her bra down to expose her tits to the air. They were just so perfect and yummy looking that I had to fight the urge to run out of the closet and touch them.

Squatting just to the side of Amber, Liz gave me a perfect view of Amber as she grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them down. It was like I was watching slow motion replays as inch after inch of Amber’s pussy was revealed to me. Her bush was the same reddish brown color as her hair and trimmed into a triangle that pointed down at a gorgeous pussy with slightly oversized lips.

“You got a bit of a camel toe,” Liz remarked, running a finger along Amber’s pussy lips.

Amber opened her mouth to say something, but the only sound that came out was a guttural growl as Liz found her clit and brushed it with her thumb. The growl turned to a moan when Liz slipped a finger into her pussy.

“You’re fucking tight,” Liz said, grinning with pleasure.

“It’s been a while,” Amber groaned, closing her eyes halfway as Liz worked her pussy over.

“That’s okay, I like them tight,” Liz assured her, adding a second finger to the first one.

I was really fighting the temptation to join them, but Liz told me to wait for her signal. If I didn’t wait, Amber might not be swept away yet and realize that we’d set her up. Liz also wouldn’t take kindly to being disobeyed and I didn’t want to risk not getting another shot at her either. So even though every fiber in my body wanted to be in there with them, I held back because waiting offered a much better pay off than not waiting would.

Amber was bucking her hips against Liz’s fingers, and looked like she was getting close to cumming. Liz must have seen the same signs I did because she pulled her fingers out and left Amber humping the air for a few seconds until she comprehended what happened. Liz took that time to pull Amber’s shoes and socks off. By the time Amber figured out that Liz had stopped, Liz was already lifting Amber’s legs one at a time and pulling her jeans and panties off.

“You want me to finish you off?” Liz asked, tossing one of Amber’s legs over her shoulder.

“Yeah,” Amber pleaded, pinching her nipples between her fingers as she waiting for Liz to eat her pussy.

“How bad do you want it?” Liz asked, punctuating each word with a flick of her tongue across Amber’s inflamed clit.

“Real bad,” Amber groaned, tugging on her nipples.

“How bad is real bad Amber? Would you let Richie fuck you if I finished you off?” Liz teased her, rubbing her clit with her thumb just enough to keep her at the same level of arousal but not taking her any higher.

“I’d let Richie fuck me,” Amber agreed, sighing contentedly as Liz dove in and flicked her clit a half dozen times in rapid succession. When Liz slipped two fingers back into her snatch, it pushed Amber over the edge. Grabbing the back of Liz’s head, Amber held her head there as she groaned “I’m cumming.”

“Now you get to return the favor,” Liz informed Amber, getting up to take her own clothes off. When she was naked, she pushed Amber out of the way so she could hop up onto the counter. Spreading her legs, Liz beckoned Amber to her with her finger. When Amber started to kneel, Liz stopped her and shook her head. “Bend over and eat me. I want to see your ass waving in the air while you do it.”

I couldn’t see Amber’s face, but her body language indicated that she found the idea hot. Keeping her legs straight, Amber bent over at the waist until her head was level with Liz’s crotch. I could see her hand between Liz’s thighs and guessed that she was exploring Liz’s body.

“Fucking eat me,” Liz demanded, pushing Amber’s head into her cunt. “Yeah, lick my little clitty.”

I hoped that Liz was going to give me the signal any time, so I stood up and let the blood flow back into my legs. Pressing my head against the door, I let it open a little more so I could see even more.

“You’re such a good pussy eater,” Liz said, clamping her thighs against Amber’s ears and waving me in with her hand.

I pushed the door open, not worrying overly much about being quiet since Liz had Amber’s ears covered. Crossing the few feet of kitchen between myself and the cavorting women, I undid my shorts and hastily pushed them down around my knees.

“Here’s our special guest,” Liz told Amber just before I reached them.

“What?” Amber asked, lifting her head when she felt my hands grab her ass.

“Don’t fucking stop,” Liz told Amber, pushing her head back down on her cunt. “You said that you’d let Richie fuck you, so he’s going to take you up on that.”

Amber mumbled something between Liz’s thighs, but I was too entranced by the feel of her ass under the palms of my hands to make out the muffled words. I heard a definite moan when my fingers ran over Amber’s pussy though. Amber pushed her pussy back at me and seemed to double her efforts on Liz as I slipped a finger into her snatch.

“Oh right there,” Liz said, bouncing around on the counter top. Her tits were jiggling with her movements and her hair was flying all over, making my cock ache just watching her. “Fuck that’s good.”

“You like that?” Amber asked Liz, letting her fingers work on Liz while she turned her head to look back at me.

“Fuck her Richie. Fuck her like the slut she is,” Liz commanded me as she watched me smack Amber on the ass with my cock.

“Yeah fuck me,” Amber agreed, spreading her legs a little more to give me a better target.

“Eat that pussy and I will,” I told Amber, dry humping my cock along her slit. I could feel the heat and wetness emanating from her pussy as I dragged my cock along her cunt.

“Yeah, eat my pussy,” Liz told her, pushing her head back down so she could finish her.

When Amber went back to work on Liz, I drove my cock home inside Amber. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I’d already fucked Liz, Hilary, and Mandy that night, I wouldn’t have lasted more than a few seconds inside Amber. As tight as Hilary and Mandy were, Amber was almost tighter than either of them. Her pussy also seemed to be even hotter, which I attributed to the fact that Liz had warmed her up to a boiling point before I even laid a hand on her.

“She’s fucking tight isn’t she?” Liz grunted at me, seeing my eyes roll into the back of my head at the feeling of Amber’s cunt stretched so tightly around me.

“She makes tight seem loose,” I agreed, palming her ass cheeks as I pulled out.

If it was possible, her cunt seemed to clutch at me even tighter on the way out as if it didn’t want to give up it’s prize. It felt like I could feel every crease and fold inside her straighten out as I worked my way back in.

“That’s so hot,” Liz moaned, bucking her hips as she watched me fuck Amber. Every thrust I made into Amber pushed her mouth onto Liz’s cunt even harder.

“Not as hot as watching her eat your pussy,” I told Liz, going slow with Amber because I wanted to savor the feeling for as long as I could.

“Fuck her hard,” Liz told me, her skin flushing as an orgasm approached. Lifting Amber’s head to look her in the eye, Liz asked her “You want Richie to fuck you hard don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Amber moaned, shoving her ass back at me. “Fuck me harder.”

“See… uh… Richie, Amber… uh… wants you to… uh… fuck her harder. Oh fuck,” Liz screamed as Amber must have hit a sensitive spot.

I spread Amber’s ass cheeks so I could watch my cock disappear into her pussy. Seeing Liz on the verge of orgasm, I accelerated the pace of my fucking of Amber. I hoped that the extra stimulation in Amber would spur her to do the same to Liz and push her over the edge.

It seemed to do the trick as Liz let loose with an almost blood curdling scream as her orgasm hit her. I was glad that Liz had thought to crank up the music in the party so no one in there was likely to hear anything other than the sound of Metallica screaming about the adrenaline rush of performing on ‘Whiplash’.

The thought of eating Liz to orgasm while I fucked her also seemed to work on Amber. Still sucking on Liz’s clit to extend the sexy singer’s orgasm, Amber’s whole body quaked and her pussy clenched down on my cock. She screamed out her climax as well, but Liz’s pussy absorbed most of the noise from it.

When both of them came down from their mutual highs, I slipped out of Amber’s pussy. Seeing that I was still hard, Liz launched herself off the counter at me. Before I had time to think, she was on her knees in front of me trying to suck me the rest of the way off.

“No,” I said, pulling Liz’s mouth off my cock. It hurt like hell to turn down a blow job from Liz, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to get it back up if Liz sucked me off and I wanted to make sure I got another chance to feel Amber cum on my cock before I called it a night. “Why don’t the three of us go upstairs?”

“Lets go,” Liz said, grabbing clothes off the floor.

“I guess,” Amber said, taking her clothes away from Liz.

“You’re not putting anything back on,” Liz snapped, taking the clothes back from Amber. “And Richie here is going to have to take some off.”

“Then how are we going to get upstairs? Won’t we have to go through that crowd out there?” Amber asked Liz.

“No, we’ll take the back stairs,” Liz said, opening a door next to the one I’d been hiding behind. As she opened it, a staircase leading up was revealed. “Come on, it empties out upstairs right across from my room.”

I started to walk up it, but Liz stopped me and started tugging my clothes off. I let her undress me before continuing to make my way up the staircase with Amber behind me and Liz bringing up the rear.

Throwing open the door at the top of the stairs, I took a look to either side to make sure no one was around. Seeing that Liz’s bedroom was indeed right across the hall, I scurried to Liz’s door and threw it open.

“You two are still at it?” I asked Mandy and Hilary. seeing them still going at it. They were laying on Liz’s bed, Hilary on her back with Mandy’s tongue busy working on Hilary’s slit. Judging by the sweat on their skin, I’d guess they’d barely taken a break since I left them.

“Oh Mandy,” Hilary panted as another orgasm swept over her young features.

“What are they doing on my fucking bed?” Liz asked me, handing me my clothes. She was too turned on by the sight of the two young nubile bodies to have any real anger in her question though.

“It’s a long story that I’ll have to tell you in the morning or something,” I said, tossing my clothes to the side and jumping in behind Mandy.

“If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right,” Liz said, seeing me working two fingers into Mandy’s cunt.

“What do you mean?” I asked Liz, thrusting the fingers into Mandy harder as I looked up.

“This is what I mean,” Liz said, digging under the bed. She pulled out a shoe box and opened it up. Removing a giant black dildo from the box, she tossed it to me and suggested “See if she can handle that.”

I held the monster in my hand for a moment feeling completely inadequate compared to it. The fucking thing must have been a good foot long and as big around as my fist. Knowing how tight Mandy’s pussy is, it looked like it would break her in half if I used it on her.

“You want me to tear her apart?” I asked Liz, positioning the dildo at Mandy’s entrance nonetheless.

“No, stop,” Mandy said, trying to pull away as the head of the dildo stretched her pussy further than it had any right to expect to ever be stretched.

“Hold her still,” Liz demanded, digging around in the shoe box some more. Pulling a pink jelly dick attached to a white wand out of the box, she pushed a button on the base to show everyone that it could spin around inside their pussy. She handed it to Amber and said “Here’s something for you babe, but you might want to be careful with it. It seems to have a life of it’s own at times. Sometimes it’ll stop just when you’re getting close to cumming, and other times it won’t stop until you’ve cum five or six times and you pass out from pleasure overload.”

“Why don’t you just pull it out if it won’t stop?” Amber asked logically.

“And turn down the extra four or five orgasms?” Liz asked, staring at Amber blankly.

“She’s got you there Amber,” I said, laughing as I pushed more of the monster black dildo into Mandy’s cunt. She was still whimpering at the size of the thing, but she had stopped demanding that I stop and was actually pushing back against the invading toy.

“It’s so big,” Mandy gasped when the dildo was all the way inside her. She had forgotten all about Hilary as the big black dildo worked it’s way into her, and she didn’t show any intention of turning her attention back to the teenager any time soon.

“You kids behave yourselves, I’ve got a party to shut down,” Liz said, setting the shoe box down on the bedside table. Putting her clothes back on, she opened the door and added “I’ll be back in a bit.”

“We’ll be waiting,” I told her, slowly pulling the dildo out of Mandy’s cunt. Slamming the toy back into Mandy, I asked her “You like that?”

“Yeah,” Mandy groaned, throwing her head back.

Not getting any attention, Hilary was getting restless and slid out from under Mandy. Pulling her dress completely off, she stood next to the bed in just a pink bra and the black wig. Seeing Amber holding the vibrator and still looking a little lost, Hilary moved around the bed to see if Amber was in need of someone to use her new toy on.

“Need some help?” Hilary asked Amber, running her fingers along the pink vibrator in Amber’s hand.

“I hear the real party’s in here,” Meg said, bursting through the door with Matt in tow.

“It sure is,” I said, driving the black dildo in and out of Mandy at a furious pace as I turned to look at Meg. She was as naked as the rest of us, and those breasts of hers swung free as she set her sights on Amber.

Meg pressed herself against Amber’s back and reached around her to grab the vibrator out of Amber’s hand. She whispered something into Amber’s ear that made the younger woman blush.

Hilary looked disappointed that she’d been aced out of her turn with Amber, but her eyes quickly found Matt. Lifting her hand, she wiggled her index finger at Matt, motioning for him to come to her.

Matt looked at her, and I could tell that he was trying to think of a reason why he shouldn’t fuck Hilary. He obviously couldn’t think of one that his crotch didn’t overrule because he shrugged and grabbed Hilary. Pushing her down on the ground, he buried his head in her cunt to taste the morsel that Mandy had been snacking on only minutes ago.

“Oh fuck,” Mandy moaned, the dildo in her cunt pushing her into orgasmic bliss.

I pulled the dildo out of her cunt and watched her fall onto her stomach on the bed. Getting an idea, I lifted her by the waist so I could get her knees under in a prone position. Grabbing my cock, I pushed it against her anus. My cock was still coated with Amber’s love juices and the rim of Mandy’s asshole was slick with her cum and spit from her session with Hilary, providing ample lubrication.

“Oh god,” Mandy groaned, clutching the sheets on the bed as I invaded her anal cavity. She wasn’t pushing back at me, but she wasn’t trying to pull away from me either. By the time I was fully in her ass, she had relaxed enough to let me slide in with less effort than I had first thought I was going to need.

I could hear sounds of fucking going on around me as I battered Mandy’s ass with my tool. Meg was obviously in control of the vibrator and using it on Amber by the way Amber was babbling at Meg to fuck her harder. Hilary seemed to be enjoying the way Matt was fucking her because she had gone from the quiet murmurs of earlier into full blown sex fiend with screams of “fuck me Matt” and “fuck that feels good.”

Mandy seemed to have gotten used to having her ass fucked because she was biting the fingernails on one hand and had slipped the other back to play with her pussy. She was grunting as she shoved her ass back at me.

“You like fucking my ass Richie?” Mandy asked, really getting into it.

“It’s so fucking tight,” I grunted. “You ever had your ass fucked before?”

“No, but it feels great. I love having my ass fucked,” Mandy hissed. Burying her face in the bed, she screamed as an orgasm rocked her body.

Everything going on around me mixed with the thought of Mandy cumming with my cock deep in her asshole was too much for me. I grabbed her hips and pulled back onto my dick as hard as I could. With a little scream of my own, I felt my cum shoot out and paint the inside of her ass with a fresh coat of jizz.

I must have passed out for an unknown length of time. It couldn’t have been long because I could still hear the unmistakable sounds of fucking as my mind surfaced from the fog.

Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw that I was on my back with Amber on top of me. Her back was to me as she fucked me facing away in a reverse cowgirl position. My eyes trailed their from her shoulders along the curves of her spine down to her ass. The thought of Amber being so in need of a fucking that she’d fuck me while I was passed was truly quite a turn on.

I was about to reach out and grab her hips to help her work my cock in and out of her pussy when I heard moans on the bed behind me. Tilting my head back, I found Meg on her hands and knees with Matt behind her. Her head was thrown back and eyes closed with her tits swinging back and forth with every thrust Matt made into her.

If you think Meg’s tits are a spectacle to watch when she gets pounding on the drums, you haven’t seen anything until you see them swaying practically in front of your face while she’s getting fucked. Tidal wave indeed, I thought to myself. They were so tantalizing that I had to reach out and grab them.

“Yeah, play with my tits,” Meg said, opening her eyes to look at me. She even bowed her back in an effort to push her tits out at my roaming hands.

With Amber fucking herself with my cock and my hands blissfully mauling Meg’s magnificent tits, I turned my head to see what Mandy, Liz, and Hilary were up to. At first I could only see Mandy, but I quickly spotted someone’s bare ass hiked up in the air while Mandy worked the giant black dildo into their cunt.

“Fuck me Mandy,” Liz commanded, answering the question of who’s ass was in the air.

Lifting my head up a little, I looked over the edge of the bed and found Hilary sprawled on her back on the carpet with a fistfuls of Liz’s hair urging her to eat her pussy. I grinned to myself at how quickly the young one was learning the ways of the slut. There’s no better teacher for that kind of thing than Liz, so she was certainly in good hands.

“Ohhhhh,” Amber moaned on top of me, bringing my attention back to the beautiful woman about to cum on my cock.

Tugging on Meg’s nipples one last time, I reluctantly let go of her tits so I could grab Amber around the waist. Holding her still, I drove my cock into her trying to push her over the edge. When she finally came, her cunt locked down around the base of my cock so hard that it felt like she was going to snap it off inside her.

I had cum so much that I was in no danger of shooting anything but dust into Amber, so I just continued to make small thrusts into her to draw out her orgasm a little longer. She finally fell off me to lay on the bed next to me, still shaking slightly from the effects her climax.

“Oh shit,” she muttered, rubbing her head to clear it a little.

“Come down and, ahh, join us Amber,” Liz called up.

I looked over and saw Mandy really driving the dildo in and out of Liz’s cunt. I also noticed that Mandy had somehow managed to fit the pink vibrator into Liz’s ass and was double fucking Liz with her own toys.

While I watched, Mandy grinned mischievously as she pushed the button on the vibrator. It started to spin around in Liz’s asshole like Linda Blair’s head in the ‘Exorcist’.

“Ohhh fuck, ohhh fucking fuck,” Liz screamed, the double penetration sending her careening into a tremendous orgasm.

“Way to make her cum,” I cheered on Mandy as Amber slipped off the bed.

I was in the middle of watching Amber straddle Hilary’s face when I felt a leg being thrown over my waist. Looking up, I found Meg leering at me as she ran my cock along her pussy lips. As she lowered herself onto my dick, I reached up and latched onto her tits once again. When she was all the way down, she leaned over so her chest was directly in my face. She was so close, her tits would have been smacking me in the face if I hadn’t had my hands squeezing them.

Taking her hint, I brought one of them to my mouth. She groaned when I flicked the nipple with my tongue. I took the nipple in my mouth and suckled on it as she started to work her way up and down my pole.

I was having a wonderful time with my cock in Meg’s snug pussy and switching back and forth taking her tits into my mouth, but my reserve energy was gone. The gas tank was on empty and it was only a matter of time before the engine wouldn’t even run on fumes. I could also tell by the subdued moans and grunts from everyone else that they were quickly running out of steam as well.

“Fuck me,” I heard Mandy scream at someone.

I had lost track of who was doing who, so I turned my head without dislodging Meg’s tit from my mouth to take a look. Mandy on all fours with Matt fucking her doggy style. Amber was on her back with her pussy right in front of Mandy’s face. Hilary and Liz had separated themselves a little from the others and were busy in a sixty-nine with Liz on top.

That last one got me the most, thinking about the mature Liz and the young Hilary. It also made me think just what Hilary could be after a couple years of tutorial from Liz in the art of sex. God, she’d be dangerous if Liz took her under her wing.

“Oh shit,” I heard Hilary scream as Liz must have pushed her over the edge into yet another orgasm.

“I’m cumming Matt,” Mandy called back to Matt.

“Eat my pussy. I’m so close,” Amber groaned, grabbing Mandy’s head and pushing it back down into her snatch.

“You want me to fucking cum in your cunt?” Matt asked Mandy.

“Yeah, cum all over my cunt,” Mandy grunted, working two fingers into Amber’s pussy.

Four had just gotten their cookies in a matter of seconds, and I wanted to make sure Meg followed them. I could sense that my climax was coming quickly, so that would leave only Liz but I was sure that someone would make sure she got that last one before she let anyone go anywhere.

Letting go of Meg’s breasts, I grabbed hold of her waist and start driving up into her. When her grunts got louder and more frequent, I knew that it was working. Moving my hands to her ass, I palmed her cheeks and picked up even more speed.

“Come on, make me cum you fucking stud,” Meg gasped.

Slipping a finger down the crack of her ass, I played at the rosebud of her asshole. The shriek she gave let me know that I just had just hit the spot and pushed her over the edge. I probed my finger into her anus as her climax coaxed one final orgasm from me.

“What about me?” Liz demanded as Meg slid off of me. Reaching for my cock, she said “Come on Richie, finish me off.”

“Owww,” I screamed, a flash of pain erupting from my groin as Liz grabbed my dick. I had literally been fucked raw, and there was no way in hell I was going to get any use out of it for a couple days.

“Fine then,” Liz said, letting of my unit. “What about you Meg? Just a little more?”

“Come here,” Meg said, waving Liz to her.

I scooted out of the way so Liz could drop her pussy down on Meg’s face. Even though I wasn’t going to join in, there was no sense in not watching Liz ride Meg’s tongue for all she was worth. I even sat up and fondled Liz’s breasts while Meg ate her pussy.

“Fuck meeee,” Liz moaned, finally achieving climax.

Liz climbed off Meg and scrambled up the bed to lay next to me. Meg crawled up and lay on the other side of me. I was half expecting everyone to climb up on the bed to join us, but the others stayed on the floor because they were already either passed out or didn’t have the energy to move more than a few inches.

I felt like Caligula surveying the aftermath of one of his wild orgies as I saw Mandy, Hilary, Amber, and Matt forming a giant ball of flesh on the floor. There was a slight twinge of jeaousy that Matt got to pass out with Mandy and Amber, but I quickly got over it because I had the hottest woman in rock pressed against my chest and the best breasts in music pushing against my back as I slipped off to dreamland.

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