Adventures In Radio #15 – Oh Holy Night

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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and all that other shit. All I want is pictures of Natalie Portman dressed as Mrs. Claus, with an extra short red velvet skirt and ‘come fuck me’ pumps. Since I’m not likely to see anything like that, at least not without pasting Natalie’s head on someone else’s body, I’ll settle for breaking my slump with a story about three hot babes getting the shit fucked out of them.

The celebs of choice for this piece of fiction are Emmy Rossum, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton. Codes are (MF, FF, cons, oral, anal).

“Freak out and feed the Gods. (Do you know what it means to feel like God?) Creep out and feel the love. (Do you know what it means to feel like God?)” – White Zombie ‘Feed The Gods ‘

Adventures In Radio #15 – Oh Holy Night

by voodoojoe

“Lets do this already,” Elisha told me as she leaned back on the couch.

“Do I have to?” I pleaded with her as I stood in front of her in just a pair of Montreal Canadiens boxer shorts.

“You owe me for leaving my birthday party early,” Elisha responded. “Besides, I like seeing you squirm. It’s more fun this way.”

I’d left her birthday a little early because I’d had to work the next day and didn’t feel like having to do my show hung over. So I’d gone and stayed just long enough to wish her a happy birthday before going home to watch Spider-Man 2 on DVD. Obviously she didn’t think I stayed long enough since the next day she started demanding I do something to make it up to her.

“Fine, lets get this over with then,” I said, gritting my teeth and steeling myself for what was to come.

“You sure know how to sweet talk a girl, don’t you?” Elisha quipped, leaning back on my couch.

“Been through the desert on a horse with no name. It felt good to be out of the rain,” I started, singing America’s Horse With No Name for Elisha complete with a pantomime of riding a horse as I sang.

“Oh my God,” Elisha said between barely controlled fits of laughter.

“I’m glad you find it amusing when I pretend to ride horses in my underwear,” I said.

“If you hadn’t left my birthday party so early, you wouldn’t have had to do it,” Elisha pointed out.

“I know, but we’re even now,” I said, grabbing my clothes up off the floor.

“What was worse for you? Being in your underwear or that I made you wear underwear for a hockey team you don’t like?” she asked me as I pulled on my shirt.

“You’ve already seen me naked, so I’d have to say it was the Montreal Canadiens underwear,” I told her, stepping into my pants.

“You can always take them off if you want,” she suggested, catching her tongue between her teeth in an oh so seductive manner.

“I’ll give you the same deal I give everyone. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” I replied.

“Maybe later,” she said. “Right now I’ve got to go.”

“Suit yourself,” I said, shrugging my shoulders as I fastened my belt.

“We’re still on for tomorrow night, aren’t we?” Elisha asked me when she got to the door.

“I don’t know,” I told her. “I’m not very big on the whole Christmas party thing, and I have to work on Friday.”

“Come on, you already said you’d go,” Elisha said, adding just enough whininess to her voice to allow a tinge of guilt to hit me.

“You forget how stubborn I am. I tend to become even less likely to do what you want if you try to guilt me into it,” I reminded her.

“Fine, but I’m leaving for Montreal on Friday and you won’t have me around to bug you for a couple weeks,” Elisha said.

“Spending Christmas with the family? Remember not to pack your gun,” I sarcastically remarked. “For some reason the government doesn’t like it when people exercise their right bear arms while in the air. I think it’s something about conservatives wanting to be able to shoot anything they want, but don’t want other people to shoot them while they’re flying to Thailand to have sex with little boys.”

“You know you’ll miss me,” Elisha said.

“Whatever,” I said, reaching for the remote.

“Me and my sister were going to bleach my hair while I was there, but I’ll keep it like this if you go tomorrow.”

“You’re on,” I said. “You look too good with dark hair to go back to being blonde so soon.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Elisha said, heading for the door.

“Just don’t make me pull down my pants before we leave and we should be okay,” I grinned.

“I’ll make you pull down your pants whenever I want to,” Elisha said, smirking at me as she slipped out the door.

Flopping down on the couch, I settled in to watch an episode of Las Vegas off the Tivo before bed. As I drooled over Vanessa Marcil my thoughts drifted to Elisha. In the three months since I’d moved back to LA we’d become good friends again. Sure there was some flirting, or a lot of it if you wanted to get technical, but my plan was to just stay friends and she seemed okay with that.

+ * + * +

“You’re wearing that?” Elisha asked me when I opened the door for her. The strapless knee length black dress she had on made my breath catch in my throat before it came loose with an audible gulp of air.

“I’m not wearing a tuxedo if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve got a suit to put on, but I’ve sworn to never wear a tuxedo to anything but a wedding, and only then if I’m actually required,” I told her.

“Then go put it on so we can go,” Elisha instructed me. “And we’re taking my car because you really need to get a new one.”

“I like my car, and a new car would just make me feel superior to people I’m clearly not superior to,” I replied through the door while I stripped off my clothes. “Driving a piece of shit keeps me connected to the regular people.”

“Regular people drive cars made in the current decade too, you know,” Elisha pointed out as I hurried to get dressed.

“If I go car shopping, I’ll wind up with some bloated luxury car that costs far more than it should. Besides, I’ve got my radio set up with all my favorite stations programmed in. A new car would mean I’d have to spend five, maybe ten minutes doing it all over again,” I responded.

“If it’ll get you driving something nicer, I’ll come over and push the fucking buttons myself,” Elisha said as I came out of my bedroom.

“I guess I could get one of those hybrid cars. Then I could have a new car and feel all smug for saving the environment,” I suggested.

“Go for it. You can afford it now that you’re raking in the big bucks,” Elisha told me.

“Big bucks? Yeah, I finally cracked five figures in yearly income,” I said, sticking my tongue out at her as I opened the front door.

“Just get in the car,” Elisha said, pushing me out the door.

+ * + * +

As we walked into the party my eyes took in the decorations. I had to admit they were done about as well as could be expected. A little heavy on the colored lights that adorned the walls, but at least there wasn’t a couple dozen Santa Claus representations scattered like some people I know who seem to spend more time worshipping the fat guy in red than the actual God of their choosing.

“Hmm, lets see if I guess where you want to start mingling first,” Elisha said, casting her gaze around the room as she took a sip from the champagne flute in her hand. “Paris Hilton is over there.”

“I prefer to stay away from her. She looks good getting fucked on camera, but I don’t like the whole media whore thing she’s got going. She’s like Jennifer Lopez, except without the latin flavor,” I told her.

“It looks like Lindsay Lohan is with her, but you already said you wanted to avoid Paris,” Elisha said, skillfully managing to keep me away from Lindsay unless I wanted to make it obvious I just wanted to get near the redheaded minx.

“Lets start there,” I said, pointing at Kirsten Dunst and the cute brunette in an almost knee length skirt standing next to her.

“Or we could start over there,” Elisha suggested, motioning toward a group that included Brittany Murphy.

“I don’t think so,” I said, shaking my head. Just as Elisha grabbed my arm to drag me where she wanted me, Kirsten spotted us and waved. “See, look. Kirsten’s waving at us. It’d be rude not to go over and say hello.”

“Okay, lets go,” Elisha said, reversing course and dragging me over to Kirsten and the brunette.

“We were just talking about you, Richie,” Kirsten said, giving me a friendly hug.

“I doubt that, but it lying does my ego good,” I said, grinning.

“Hi Elisha,” Kirsten said, giving Elisha a hug as well.

“Hey,” Elisha said, returning the hug.

“Richie, Elisha, this is Emmy,” Kirsten said, nodding her head at the brunette standing beside her.

“Hi,” Emmy said, almost timidly.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, reaching my hand to shake hers.

“Love the hair,” Kirsten told Elisha.

“Thanks. I think I’ll let you three talk for a little bit,” Elisha said before slipping away.

“So, what were you really talking about when you waved us over?” I asked Kirsten when Elisha was gone.

“She wanted to know who the cute guy with the gorgeous brunette was,” Kirsten replied.

“If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine,” I said.

“No, really, we were talking about you,” Emmy chimed in.

“Emmy was talking about how she’s going to be on your show next week when I spotted you, so I waved you over so she could meet you,” Kirsten explained.

“I see Matt’s doing a good job booking guests, but everything you’ve ever heard about me is wrong,” I told Emmy. “Except the one about me sacrificing small, furry, woodland creatures for the chance to see Metallica and Megadeth on the same bill. That one’s only partly true. It’s actually the Rolling Stones and the Beatles I want to see. Oh, and there’s also the rumor that I started the riot at Woodstock ’99 by proclaiming that I was bigger than Jesus.”

“Apparently the one about you being funny was wrong too,” Emmy quipped.

“Damn, the girl’s got claws,” I said, grinning at the barb. “Good, I like my guests feisty. Kiki here is one of the best when it comes to hitting me over the head until I cry. That’s why she’s one of my favorite guests.”

“It’s easy, really. Just insult one of his musical heroes and he’ll sulk for hours,” Kirsten told Emmy. “Complimenting Michael Bolton works too.”

“Complimenting Michael Bolton gets you thrown out of my studio before you can pimp out your movie, so I’d be careful,” I said, glaring at Kirsten.

“I’ll have to grill Kiki on who your heroes are before I come on your show then. I wouldn’t want to say something bad about Good Charlotte only to find out you don’t like them,” Emmy said.

“You can insult Good Charlotte all you want. Fucking watered down punk is ruining the music scene,” I said, nearly spitting in contempt. “I blame Green Day for being a Sex Pistols knock off, but Blink 182 are the ones that really reduced the formula to crap.”

“See, that just proves that I need to do my homework,” Emmy said.

“I’m going to borrow Richie for a few minutes,” Elisha said, cutting in.

“You’re going to the party afterward, aren’t you?” Kirsten asked us.

“I have to work tomorrow,” I said.

“We’ll be there,” Elisha said, grabbing another glass of champagne off a tray as a waiter passed by.

“I’ll prep Emmy on how many ways you can insult AC/DC,” Kirsten said, grinning as she saw me grit my teeth.

“Why’d you say we’d be at the party? I don’t want to be out until the middle of the night. I’m getting too old to party ’til dawn and then work on little to no sleep,” I protested. “It’s only worth it if there’s pussy involved.”

“Look around Richie. There are lots of women here getting drunk. If you can’t get at least one of them into bed, then you’ve lost your touch,” Elisha said. “Knowing some of the women here, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself with more than one.”

“Ooh, ooh, where are the likely candidates for that kind of thing?” I asked her.

“Paris would be a good place to start,” Elisha said, steering me towards the group that included Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

“Couldn’t we find someone a little less skanky to con into a menage a trois?” I pleaded.

“What do you mean by ‘we?’ You’re the one that wants two girls,” Elisha said.

“So you’re not open to the idea?” I asked her, grinning and raising my eyebrows.

“You’d have to get me pretty drunk,” Elisha said, finishing off her second glass of champagne.

“Then lets get you more to drink,” I said, steering her toward the bar.

“I thought you just wanted to be friends,” Elisha said.

“I could watch you and the other woman go at it, then just fuck her,” I suggested.

“You think I’d let you off that easy, huh?” Elisha asked me when we reached the bar.

“Give her a Long Island iced tea and I’ll have a Corona,” I told the bartender.

“Really trying to get me loaded, huh?” Elisha asked me while we waited for our drinks.

“If it works, I get to see you with another woman. If it doesn’t, I at least get to drive your car home,” I responded.

“You can use it while I’m gone if you want,” she suggested as the bartender set our drinks in front of us. “Maybe you’ll get used to it and motivate you enough to get one of your own.”

“Or it’ll convince me to stick with what I already have,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Turn on the seat warmers and you’ll see why you need it,” Elisha recommended, taking a long drink from the glass in her hand.

“I would’ve thought your ass was hot enough as it is,” I said, taking a long pull from my beer.

“Quit stalling, you’re going to meet Paris,” Elisha said, tilting her head back and drinking the rest of her iced tea in one gulp.

“You’re really going to subject me to her, aren’t you?” I asked her before following suit and draining my beer.

“You know you want to. Or at the very least you want to meet Lindsay,” she replied. “But you might need another beer just in case.”

“I’m leaving if the conversation starts to turn toward designer handbags or how many thousand of dollars she blew on a dress for this party that she’ll never wear again,” I said, motioning for the bartender to give me another beer. “You could always go talk to her by yourself and leave me here to drink alone, you know.”

“Where’s the fun in that? That wouldn’t be torturous enough for you,” Elisha said, putting her hands in my back and pushing me in the direction of Paris Hilton.

“What about my beer?” I protested over my shoulder.

“Got it right here,” Elisha answered, continuing to push me with only one hand.

“Elisha!” Paris squealed when she saw us coming.

“Paris,” Elisha said, hugging the blonde, sometimes porn star.

“I’m Richie,” I said, holding out my hand.

“Good for you,” Paris said, looking at my hand in disdain.

“This is going to cost you big,” I whispered to Elisha.

“You know Lindsay, don’t you Richie?” Elisha asked me, giving me a sympathetic look over Paris’ slight as she handed me my beer.

“You do?” Lindsay asked me.

“You were on my show in New York,” I told her, suddenly wanted to run screaming away from the people who either looked down their nose at me for not being rich or who thought so little of me to actually remember me.

“I don’t remember doing a tv show with you,” Lindsay said.

“He’s on the radio,” Elisha supplied.

“He doesn’t look like a radio person,” Lindsay told Elisha.

“I know he’s too good looking to be wasted on radio, but he doesn’t show any interest in tv,” Elisha replied.

“He can also hear you,” I told them.

“I think I remember you now,” Lindsay said, studying my face. “The guy who kept trying to get me to sing songs from that band, Garbage, when you found out I was recording an album, right?”

“The red hair and singing, it just made me think of Shirley Manson,” I said.

“Who’s your tailor?” Paris said, wrinkling her nose at my clothes.

“I pay this homeless guy I know fifty bucks to make clothes for me,” I said dryly, taking a drink from my beer bottle. “By the way, when’s that video of you and Nicole Lenz coming out? I hope it’s better than the other one.”

“Don’t ever talk about that around me, ever,” Paris snapped, pointing her finger at me.

“Why not? You didn’t seem to mind having the camera in your face, like every other second of your life,” I quipped, enjoying the look of rage that spread over Paris’ face.

“I need a refill,” Lindsay said, shaking the ice in her glass. “Why don’t you come with me, Richie?”

“I’m sure a waiter will be along any time,” I responded.

“You look like you could use another beer as well, so lets go,” Lindsay said. “Elisha and Paris can talk by themselves for a minute.”

“Can you imagine someone wearing a cheap watch like that in public?” Paris asked Elisha as Lindsay and I walked away, just loud enough that we could hear it though.

“Can you imagine a woman being that cheap in public?” I asked Lindsay, making sure to say it loud enough for Paris to hear me.

“You’ve got some balls,” Lindsay informed me when we reached the bar. She motioned for another of whatever she was having and then motioned for the bartender to give me another beer.

“Paris doesn’t really scare me. What, she’s not going to stop by my show to promote the next season of that Green Acres knock off show she’s doing?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“She’s got a lot of friends, who do carry some weight,” Lindsay responded.

“So I should be nice to her so she won’t blackball me? She can go ahead and make a martyr of me if she wants,” I snorted, finishing off the last of beer and grabbing the fresh one that sat in front of me.

“If the look on her face right now is any indication, she might be thinking along those lines already,” Lindsay said, nodding toward where Elisha was trying to calm down a seething Paris.

Grinning, I hoisted my beer up in Paris’ direction and took delight in the scowl she fixed me with. “That didn’t seem to calm down any, did it?”

“I see I need to get you even further away from her,” Lindsay said. “Come on, lets find a different corner.”

“What are you drinking?” I asked Lindsay, trying to make small talk as she pulled away from the bar.

“I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s pretty strong,” Lindsay answered.

“You’re not going to find a good corner,” I observed as Lindsay led me around the room. “Paris managed to find a spot where she could be seen from everywhere.”

Seeing that I was right, Lindsay sighed and led me out of the room and into the entry way of the house. The front door was on one side of us and the stairway leading to the upper floors was on the other.

“Leaving so soon?” I asked Emmy, spotting her putting on her coat.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. This really isn’t my kind of thing,” Emmy said. “I’m not big on big gatherings.”

“I’ve been banished to the upstairs for pissing off Paris Hilton if you want to come with me,” I offered her. “Lindsay here will probably just deposit me in a room, hopefully with a tv and beer, and then leave.”

“Kiki warned me about you,” Emmy said, smiling.

“Uh oh,” I said, feigning worry.

“She didn’t say anything bad though,” Emmy added.

“If you want to hear bad things about me, Paris could give you an earful right now,” I said, pointing into the room Lindsay and I had just left.

“No thanks,” Emmy said. “I got stuck talking to her for a few minutes already.”

“I’d apologize, but I had to suffer as well,” I told her.

“Come on,” Lindsay said, pulling on my arm. “If I know Paris, then she’s probably still stewing. In a couple minutes she’ll shake Elisha off and come looking for you.”

“Then what’s to stop her from finding me, even upstairs?” I asked Lindsay.

“Paris has a temper, but she’s a little lazy. If she doesn’t find you out here, then she’ll go back and fume on her own,” Lindsay replied.

“See kids, that’s what happens when you grow up being waited on hand and foot and having everything handed to you,” I said to no one in particular. “You don’t have the patience to actually go get something you want yourself.”

“We really have to get you out of here,” Emmy said, grabbing my other arm to help Lindsay pull me up the stairs. “If we don’t you’ll get yourself killed.”

“I like being manhandled by women,” I said as I let myself be pulled up the stairs by Lindsay and pushed from behind by Emmy.

At the top, the stairs opened into a wide hall with doors lining the length of it. Pulling me along, Lindsay passed a couple of the doors before finally pushing one open. After that, she pulled me inside after her.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Lindsay instructed me, pushing me down into an insanely comfortable leather chair. “I’ll let Elisha know where she can pick you up.”

“Don’t forget the beer,” I said, picking up the remote that sat on the coffee table in from of me. “Because, well, uh, I think Emmy’s thirsty.”

“Emmy doesn’t drink,” Emmy whispered to me.

“If it gets me beer, then I don’t really care,” I whispered back, sticking my tongue out at her.

“I’ll be back with the beer when I can,” Lindsay said, shutting the door behind her.

“You can leave if you want,” I told her. “There’s no sense in both of us being imprisoned up here.”

“You trying to get rid of me? Downstairs you seemed to want me to come up here,” Emmy countered.

“I’m glad for the company,” I assured her. “I was just letting you know that I wouldn’t be too hurt if you decided to leave. It’d break my little heart, but I’m a big boy.”

“I don’t see a tv, do you?” Emmy asked me, dropping into the chair next to the one I was sitting in.

Shrugging, I pushed a button on the remote in my hand and one of the wooden panels in the wall opened up to reveal a plasma screen tv. Pushing another button, the panel on the other side of the tv slid aside to reveal a DVD player and the rest of the goodies one might expect in a home entertainment center.

“Want to watch a movie?” I asked Emmy as I got up to rummage through the stack of DVD boxes stacked next to the DVD player.

“As long as I’m not in it,” Emmy said, giving another sign that she was far too nice and shy to be working in a scummy town like Hollywood.

“Most of them appear to be home movies. This one’s marked ‘Hawaii September 2003’ and this one is ‘Norway June 2004.’ I don’t know if I want to watch someone else’s vacation footage,” I informed Emmy, looking back to see Emmy’s legs spread enough for me to see a good deal of thigh.

“Then see if you can find a real movie,” Emmy said, crossing her legs before I could see any higher than the middle of her thigh.

“Here’s one marked ‘A Walk To Remember’ but it doesn’t look like the Mandy Moore movie. We can look and then turn it off if it’s another home movie,” I suggested.

When Emmy didn’t object, I loaded it into the DVD player and moved back to my chair. Picking the remote up again, I hit play and the image of a naked Paris Hilton came on screen. After a few seconds another woman came onto the screen.

“I guess that answers a couple questions,” I told Emmy.

“Like what?” Emmy asked, turning her head away from the screen.

“Like who’s house this is,” I responded. “It also lets me know where the sex tape of Paris and Nicole Lenz is.”

“You didn’t know this Paris’ party?” Emmy asked me, trying hard not to look at the lesbian action on the screen but failing rather remarkably.

“I’m just here for the beer,” I told her. “And you can stop pretending your not interested in the screen.”

“I’m not,” Emmy protested, her cheeks flushing a bright red. “It’s just hard not to look at it.”

“You’ll never look at Paris the same way again, will you?” I asked her as I tilted my head slightly at the screen.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to look at her again period,” Emmy said.

After a few more minutes of watching Paris moan as Nicole ate her pussy, I glanced over at Emmy. She had given up the facade of disinterest and was now watching with almost rapt attention. Her legs absently squeezed together in a silent hint of arousal as she took in the details on screen before her.

Deciding to take a chance, I reached over and let my hand ‘accidentally’ fall on her knee. When she didn’t tear her eyes off the show to scold me, I let my fingers idly stroke the smooth skin of her thigh just above her knee.

“Enjoying the movie?” I asked her as my hand wandered a little higher, just under the hem of her skirt.

“Huh?” she asked, not bothering to look over at me but spreading her legs a little.

Noticing her part her legs, I let my hand roam even further. By the time I reached her panties, she was slumped down in the chair slightly and her knees were almost as far apart as she could get them.

Slipping out of my chair onto my knees, I moved around in front of her. Hitching her skirt up to reveal the pair of white panties, I let my fingers glide over the slick material separating her pussy from my gaze. As I pressed my fingers against her mound, the small wet spot on the front of them started to grow slightly.

Hooking two fingers under the sides of her panties, I pulled it over to expose her pussy. There was a small patch of pubic at the top, but it was the pink, puffy lips that drew my attention.

With my index finger, I traced the outline of her pussy. After I’d done that, I let my finger softly graze the slit between them starting at the top until I reached the bottom. When she moaned and pushed her hips forward, I let the tip of my finger push against her hole.

“Ohh,” Emmy moaned as just the tip of my finger penetrated her.

Pushing more of my finger into her cunt, I was amazed at how tight she felt. It really didn’t surprise me though, seeing as how she was only eighteen and seemed much too shy to have known a whole lot of lovers.

“Yeah,” Emmy mewled when my finger was fully inside her.

Slipping the finger from her entirely, I located her clit. When I pressed my thumb against it, her hips bucked as if she’d stuck her finger in a light socket. As I rubbed my thumb in a circular motion around her clit, I glanced up at Emmy’s face. Her eyes were shut tightly and her bottom lip was caught between her teeth as little moans sounded in her throat.

Detaching myself from her once more, I waited until her eyes open to look at me before grabbing the waistband of her panties. With a yank, I deftly pulled them over her ass and down her legs. After depositing her underwear on the floor, I grabbed her legs just behind the knees and lifted them up. By pushing them back towards her body I forced her to slump down in the chair even more and pushed her pussy closer to the edge of the chair before draping them over the sides of the chair to free up my hands again.

“You like this, don’t you Emmy?” I asked as I let my finger rub her clit.

“Uh huh,” Emmy moaned, humping her hips against my finger.

“Tell me how much you like it and maybe I’ll keep doing it,” I said, letting my other hand play at the entrance of her pussy.

“I love it,” Emmy said, nearly hissing it as I slipped two fingers into her cunt.

“Do you want me to keep doing this, or should I eat your little pussy?” I demanded, working her pussy into a froth with my fingers.

“I don’t care,” Emmy gasped.

“Tell me or I’ll stop,” I told her. It was a hollow threat that I wasn’t about to follow through on, but I figured she was shy enough that being forced to tell me what she wanted would heighten her pleasure even further.

“Eat me,” Emmy said, eyes opening wide at my threat.

As I leaned down to let my tongue enter the fray, I could tell by the flush of color on skin that I was right that giving her a little control would intensify her arousal. If the reddening of her skin didn’t give me the clue, the primal growl she emitted when my tongue flicked over her clit would’ve alerted me.

“Play with your tits,” I instructed her between flicks of my tongue on her clit.

“Eat me,” Emmy moaned, pushing my head against her crotch with one hand while the other snaked underneath her shirt.

Removing my fingers from her pussy, I moved my tongue down to lap away at her crack. With every swipe more juices flowed out of Emmy to replace what I’d taken away. Spreading her lips with my fingers, I folded my tongue in half and pushed it into Emmy’s pussy.

“I got your beer,” Lindsay said as she walked through the door holding up two bottles of beer before stopping in her tracks. “Holy shit.”

“Oh my god,” Emmy screeched, pushing me away with one hand and trying to pull he skirt down with the other.

“Perfect fucking timing,” I muttered, turning to face the redheaded cutie now that the mood had been broken.

“I’m sorry,” Lindsay apologized. “You said to bring you beer.”

“I should go,” Emmy said, picking up her panties. “There’s too many people here.”

“You stay and I’ll go,” Lindsay said, setting down the bottles. Glancing at the screen, she raised an eyebrow. “You might not want Paris to find out you were watching that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said dryly. It was looking like I was headed for a case of blue balls and all Lindsay could think of was to state the obvious.

“It’s a good little video though,” Lindsay said, making me do a double take at the idea that she watches enough lesbian porn to know good from bad. “The one with me is better though.”

“What? You… Paris… video?” I sputtered, unable to form complete sentences.

“You don’t think I hang out with her for her personality, do you? Mine’s the one disguised to look like a home movie about a trip to Norway,” Lindsay said, making me glance over at the cases I’d passed over earlier.

“Don’t go,” I screamed for Emmy as she reached the door.

“I shouldn’t have gone that far,” Emmy said. “I should go.”

Crossing the room in long strides, I reached her just as she was starting to open. Pushing it closed, I pushed her back against the door and leaned down to kiss her. As if unsure how to react, Emmy hesitated a moment before returning the kiss and pressing herself against me.

“If you want me to stay and watch, that’s cool, but I can’t get out if you’re blocking the door,” Lindsay said from behind me.

“You don’t mind if she watches, do you?” I asked Emmy after I’d broken the kiss. When Emmy didn’t answer immediately, I picked her up and pressed my mouth to hers again just in case she was about to say that she did mind.

Carrying her over to the bed in the corner, I laid her down on it. Running my hand up the inside of her thigh, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she hadn’t put her panties back on while my attention had been turned to Lindsay.

“You don’t need this any more, do you?” I asked Emmy as I slowly slid her shirt up her body. When her hands joined mine to help me pull it off, I got all the answer I needed. Her newly exposed, bra covered tits grabbed my attention and my hands instantly went about finding out if they were as soft and supple as they appeared.

As my hands were pulling down the cups of her bra to bring beautiful, erect nipples into my view, Emmy’s hands slid down to caress my cock through my pants. Her eyes seemed alight with fire as my fingers pinched her nipples and her fingers searched for my zipper.

Glancing up as the sound of my zipper being pulled down seemed to echo, I saw Lindsay taking a seat on the recessed bench in front of the window where she could get a nice view. Grinning at her, I leaned down to suck one of Emmy’s nipples into my mouth.

“Fuck her,” Lindsay encouraged me as her hand started to inch underneath her dress.

Giving up the suckling for the moment, I decided to do exactly what Lindsay wanted. Unbuttoning my pants, I pushed both them and my boxers down to my knees. After kicking off my shoes and using my toes to peel off my socks, I let my pants fall to my feet to be kicked off.

“Fuck her for me,” Lindsay repeated, seeing me lean back over Emmy.

After stripping my shirt off, I tossed it onto the floor with one hand while the other grabbed my penis. Lining it up with the entrance to Emmy’s pussy, I grabbed Emmy’s hand and guided it to my shaft.

“Tell me to fuck you,” I told Emmy. “I want to hear you tell me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me,” Emmy said, staring me in the eye as she said it.

With that, I slowly pushed into her. Normally if a woman was as into it as Emmy appeared to be I would’ve driven right into her all at once, but there was a timidness about Emmy that made be careful. Luckily there wasn’t a hymen to block my progress so I didn’t have to worry about her being inexperienced rather than unexperienced.

The tightness that enveloped me was viselike and I luxuriated in it. After giving Emmy a moment to adjust to me, I pulled out and thrust back home with more confidence than my original entry.

Building up a nice rhythm with my strokes into Emmy, I looked over at Lindsay. The redhead had the skirt of her dress up around her waist and her panties pulled aside. A small patch of red pubic hair could be seen as Lindsay sucked on one of her fingers before bringing it down to her pussy.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Lindsay gasped as she pushed two fingers into her cunt.

My gaze flicked back and forth between Lindsay’s masturbation and Emmy’s half naked body being impaled on my cock. The only way it could’ve gotten better would’ve been if Lindsay’s pussy was attached to Emmy’s tongue instead of her own fingers.

After a few minutes of fucking Emmy in the missionary position, I decided to give Lindsay a slightly better view. Scooting us toward the middle of the bed, I slipped my arms under her. Rolling over onto my back, I carried her over on top of me. Moving my hands between us, I cupped Emmy’s breasts and pushed her upright.

After taking a moment to get acclimated to the new position, Emmy started moving her hips. Raising herself up, she dropped back onto my cock with a moan.

Once Emmy had settled into a rhythm, I started to lift my hips to meet her thrusts. No longer needing to hold onto her tits to keep her sitting up, I moved my hands down to her ass. Gripping an ass cheek in each hand, I pulled her down onto me even harder than she was already doing by herself.

“Fuck her in the ass,” Lindsay said, seeing where my hands were.

“No,” Emmy said, half moaning and half protesting.

Lifting my right hand to her mouth, I pressed a finger against her lips. As Emmy rode me, she sucked my finger into my mouth and bobbed her head up down on it like it was a cock she was giving head to.

When I felt the finger had enough spit on it, I moved it back down to her ass and traced the length of her ass crack with it. Finding her rosebud, I let my finger circle it, distributing some of the saliva around the rim. When no cry of protest came from Emmy, I pressed against the center. After a moment of resistance, the tip of my finger entered her anus.

“Ahh,” Emmy groaned, arching her back and pushing her tits out.

It didn’t sound like a cry of pain so I kept pushing until I had it in up the second knuckle. Hooking it slightly to give it better purchase in her asshole, I held her hips still and began to drive my cock up into her cunt.

“Cumming,” Emmy moaned so quietly I almost missed amidst the sounds of sex. The way her snatch clamped down on my cock even tighter than it already had been would’ve signaled her climax any way though.

Gritting my teeth, I clenched my eyes shut and sought to ride out the waves. With strength I had no idea I had, I managed to hold off until her pussy relaxed again and Emmy collapsed on top of me. I gave her a couple more thrusts that drew moans but she seemed to be done for the time being. Rolling over once more so Emmy was on her back, I withdrew my cock from her.

Standing up, I watched Lindsay continue to play with herself. She held her pussy open with two fingers of one hand while she stuffed a finger of the other into her cunt before pulling them back out to rub her clit. After a little stimulation of the little button, she pushed her finger back into her snatch to start the cycle over.

“I think I should be going,” Emmy said, sitting up on the bed.

“Are you sure?” I asked her, hoping that if she stayed I might convince her to play with Lindsay a little.

“Yeah, it’s getting late,” Emmy said as she put back on the clothes that had been removed and straightened the ones that hadn’t. “Thanks for tonight.”

“I guess I’ll see you next week then,” I told her, kissing her on the cheek.

“You didn’t fuck her ass,” Lindsay said observantly after Emmy had left the room. She didn’t stop her masturbating to speak and she barely even slowed down.

“If you want to see it so badly, then why don’t you take it in the ass,” I suggested to Lindsay, half expecting her to beg out as I sat up and turned around to look at her.

“Okay,” Lindsay casually said, getting up from her seat.

As Lindsay started to pull her dress off over her head, I grabbed one of the bottles off the table where Lindsay had set them. They had warmed a little, but were still cold enough for me to drink. Twisting the top off the beer, I watched with intense interest as Lindsay reached behind her to unhook her bra and let it slide down her arms.

“Too bad your friend didn’t stay. I bet her pussy tastes great,” Lindsay said as she let her panties drop to the floor.

“It does,” I said, nodding in agreement.

“I’m naked and ready,” Lindsay announced, climbing onto the bed and then prowling around it on her hands and knees like a cat in heat.

“Do you always let guys you barely know fuck you in the ass? I’m not complaining, but it’s really not something women regularly do,” I asked her as I stood at the foot of the bed.

“No, but I have a bit of a fondness for it. Besides, the show was hot and a girl needs to get off when she can,” Lindsay confessed.

“So you have a fetish for anal sex?” I asked her. What I assumed was a blush spread over her face, but between the natural redness of her skin and all the freckles I couldn’t really tell for sure.

“I wouldn’t call it a fetish, but I really do like it,” Lindsay said, turning so that her ass was presented to me.

“If I could clone you, I’d make a fortune selling you as a sex slave,” I muttered, admiring the curve of her ass as she waved it at me invitingly. “Redheaded women who like anal and enjoy eating pussy are rarities.”

“Come on already,” Lindsay said, getting impatient because I was taking too long.

Moving up onto the bed, I walked on my knees until I was directly behind her. Gripping her hips with my hands, I urged her to move back until her ass hit my pelvis and my cock pressed against her pussy from underneath. Moving one of my hands to the small of her back, I pushed her upper body down onto her elbows.

“Mmm,” Lindsay cooed as I slipped a finger into her pussy to transfer juices from her pussy to her asshole.

I rubbed the juices around her anus until I got as much there as possible. After wetting my finger down once more, I pressed it against her asshole and pushed inside to try to grease her up as well as possible.

“Give it to me,” Lindsay moaned in anticipation when she felt the head of my cock press against her anus.

“In a second,” I said, suddenly dipping down to drive into her pussy instead.

“Oof,” Lindsay gasped at the unexpected move.

Lindsay’s pussy wasn’t quite as tight as Emmy’s had been, but it was still tight enough that I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I had barely held off cumming inside Emmy and even with the little cool down period while Emmy left, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out.

That was one of the reasons I had decided to fuck her pussy first. If Lindsay liked to have her ass fucked as much as she seemed to, then I wanted to give her more than a few quick jabs before pulling out. This way I could possibly go long enough to maybe bring her to orgasm before my own hit, and then be able to pound her ass for all it was worth after.

A mix of grunts and moans in a steady stream issued from Lindsay’s mouth as I fucked her. I was getting close to cumming and just hoped that she’d gotten close enough with her own fingers that I wouldn’t leave her high and dry when I did.

When she threw her head back, her hair landed flew up and most of it landed on her back between her shoulder blades. Slowing down my thrusts, I reached out and grabbed as much of her hair as I could get. Wrapping my hand in it, I tugged on it, but lightly enough to not really cause a whole lot of pain.

“Oh yeah, pull my fucking hair,” Lindsay growled, letting her head hang far enough forward for it to pull at the hair in my hand.

Doing as she wanted, I pulled on her hair until her head was facing straight forward. My other hand rested on the small of her back to help push her body forward before I pulled her hair to urge her back onto my dick.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned her as I felt myself approaching the point of no return.

“Not yet,” Lindsay desperately said, reaching underneath her to frig her clit.

“Hurry,” I told her through gritted teeth, trying to hold out long enough for her to cum as well.

“Almost there,” Lindsay gasped, pushing back onto my cock as hard as she could.

With a grunt, I pulled out and let my cock rest in valley between the cheeks of her ass. Sawing in and out of her butt cheeks a couple times, I let go and my cum erupted out of my cock to land on her back.

“Fuck,” Lindsay said in exasperation at having missed the window.

“Get me back up and I’ll finish you off,” I told her, untangling my hand from her hair.

“You better,” Lindsay said, rolling onto her back.

When she started to sit up, I pushed her back down. I moved up her body to straddle her chest. Grabbing the hair on the top of her head, I pulled on it until she lifted her head high enough to take the head of my cock into her mouth.

“I want to fuck your tits,” I said, seeing how I was already just about doing so.

“Only if I can play with my pussy,” Lindsay responded, letting my cock drop from between her lips so she could speak.

Squatting a little lower, I let the shaft of my cock nestle into her cleavage. I grabbed her tits and pushed them together around my cock while she reached around me to frig her clit. Before moving, I let a little saliva trail from my mouth onto her tits to provide a little extra lubrication in hopes of avoiding friction burns for both of us in case my cock wasn’t wet enough already.

Moving my hips, I started to fuck my cock through the tunnel her flesh made around it. When my cock started to get hard enough to reach her mouth, she opened her mouth and gave the head a suck every time it popped out from between her melons. As I increased my speed, I feel Lindsay’s arm, the one attached to the hand on her cunt, move against my leg faster as well.

“Ready?” Lindsay asked me when I shifted the placement of my hands so I could I could grab her arm without worrying about letting her tits spread apart.

“When you are,” I replied, giving her tits one more quick thrust before pulling my cock out from between them.

“What the fuck?” came a screeching voice from behind us. I turned my head to see Paris standing in the doorway looking like someone had just told her she’d been cut out of the will.

“Hi Paris,” Lindsay said, waving as she looked around me.

“Get the fuck out of here now or I’m calling the cops,” Paris shouted at me as she came toward us.

“Noo,” Lindsay groaned, sensing that she wasn’t going to get her satisfaction after all.

“You let him fuck you?” Paris demanded of Lindsay.

“You know what? You can go fuck yourself for all I care,” I told Paris, fully disengaging myself from Lindsay’s chest. “I tried being nice to you and you spit in my face. If you want me out of here, then you’re going to have to do it yourself.”

“I’ve got bodyguards for that,” Paris said proudly as Lindsay got up on her hands and knees.

“I don’t hear you calling for them,” I pointed out, motioning for Lindsay to spin around to face Paris. “Either throw me out or join in. I don’t really care which one you choose.”

“You’re telling me what to do in my own fucking house?” Paris demanded.

“If you want to continue to stand there and yell at me, then go right ahead,” I said, shrugging my shoulders and moving behind Lindsay.

“Get the fuck out of my house,” Paris repeated, screeching loud enough to wake the dead.

“Just a second,” I whispered to Lindsay. Moving out from behind her, I got off the bed.

When Paris saw me coming she seemed to falter a little. Gone was the look of smug control and replaced by one of indecision. She seemed unsure as to whether what I was going to do, and ready to run if I gave any indication that I might hurt her.

Seeing her control broken, I decided to test out my theory that women that liked to tell people what to do tended to be the type that actually loved being bossed around. Taking a deep breathe I fixed Paris with a look that hoped told her to do exactly what I wanted. When she cowered a little under my gaze, I decided to push it a little further and reached out to pull the straps of her dress down off her shoulders. I didn’t pull them far enough to let anything pop out, but still far enough to let her know I meant business.

“Wow,” Lindsay said, unable to control the astonishment of seeing Paris being dominated.

Turning my head, I fixed Lindsay with the look that I’d had trained on Paris. When she immediately shut up, I turned it back to Paris.

“If you want to join us, then get naked. If you don’t, then you know where the door is,” I told Paris, letting my finger trail down between her breasts before pulling away.

As I stood there staring at her, Paris seemed unable to even move. Finally, after a few moments she hesitantly finished pulling the straps of her dress down to let her tits fall out. When her dress was around her waist, she shimmied it down over her hips to fall to the ground.

“Good choice,” I told her, letting my eyes take in the sight I’d already seen from her videos, but it still merited an up close appraisal.

Turning around, I saw that Lindsay had settled down to lay on her stomach. If anything, the sight of her tits sandwiched against the bed and the curve of her ass barely visible around her head seemed to heighten the arousal I felt for her.

“You don’t mind if Paris goes first do you?” I asked Lindsay.

“Fine,” Lindsay said, sticking her bottom lip out as she pouted.

Motioning toward the bed with my head, I stepped aside so Paris could get past me. When her back was to me, I let out my breath and said a silent thank you that I had been right and wasn’t likely to be charged with rape.

“I’ll let Lindsay decide how we want to do this,” I said.

“Umm, Paris on her back?” Lindsay said, getting up onto her knees with her legs underneath her. Just a hint of her fire red bush peeking out from between her thighs.

“Are you asking, or telling us?” I asked her.

“Paris on her back,” Lindsay said more forcefully. “That way you can fuck her and I can sit on her face.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said as Paris laid down on her back.

I waited for Lindsay settle in with her pussy hovering over Paris’ face before taking up my own position. I timed it so that as Lindsay was lowering her pussy to Paris’ tongue I pressed my cock into her cunt. Lindsay was facing me so I could see her tits and the best view possible of Paris’ tongue working her over.

“God I love your tongue,” Lindsay moaned, grinding her pussy against Paris’ face as Paris grabbed her thighs and deftly worked her tongue around.

Grabbing Paris’ legs, I lifted them up and hooked them in the crook of my elbows. Holding them to me, I drove my cock into Paris’ snatch. It was the loosest of the three pussies I’d been in so far, but that really didn’t surprise me. Emmy and Lindsay were both only eighteen and neither seemed to get around nearly as often as Paris.

Setting a nice slow pace with my fucking, I reached one hand out and fondled Lindsay’s tits. The extra stimulation seemed to get her going even more because she arched her back and pressed her tits against my hand.

“Eat Paris’ pussy,” I told Lindsay as I twisted one of her nipples between my fingers.

Nodding, Lindsay bent down, making sure to keep her pussy within range of Paris’ tongue as she did so. While Lindsay got to work on Paris’ pussy, I stuck my hands between their bodies to cup Lindsay’s tits.

“Don’t forget Lindsay’s ass,” I told Paris, trying to make sure that Lindsay was ready when I made good on my promise to fuck her in the ass.

As I pistoned in and out of Paris’ cunt, occasionally Lindsay’s tongue would stray down far enough to graze the shaft of my cock. After a few more minutes of the position, Lindsay’s moans started increasing in volume and her body started to shake a little.

Sensing that Lindsay was about to cum, I decided it was time to change positions. I pulled out of Paris, but neither of them seemed to notice it. Shrugging, I moved around behind Lindsay to find Paris’ finger working it’s way in and out of Lindsay’s back door.

“No,” Lindsay gasped when I pulled Paris’ finger out of her ass.

Looking down I saw Paris give me an actual smile as I pushed the head of my cock against Lindsay’s rosebud. As it opened up for me, I returned Paris’ smile before focusing my attention on what I was doing.

“Shit,” Lindsay panted when I was I fully inside her ass.

Gripping her hips, I held her still while I pulled out. After taking a moment to admire the way Paris ate pussy, I slammed my way back into Lindsay. The gasp that followed let me know that Lindsay was even closer to cumming that I had thought.

I wasn’t worried about cumming, even considering how tight Lindsay’s anal muscles gripped me, because I’d already cum once, but it was nice to know that I likely wouldn’t have to hold out forever to get her off.

“Fuck her ass,” Paris said from underneath Lindsay.

“Yeah, fuck my ass,” Lindsay agreed, pushing back to meet my thrusts with a force I didn’t know she had.

Abandoning all sense of gentleness I started to fuck Lindsay’s ass as hard as I could. The increased tempo seemed to be just what Lindsay needed to push her over the edge. With a shriek her body tensed up, but I continued to plow her ass right through her orgasm.

After a little bit Lindsay’s body started to relax again. I slowed down a little but continued to pound her ass. She made a small unintelligible noise and pushed right back onto my cock.

Feeling something rub my cock through the wall separating Lindsay’s pussy and ass, I looked down to see Paris working a finger into the teen’s cunt. The double penetration seemed to work Lindsay up once more, and it felt good to me, so I stepped up my pace again.

“Don’t forget Paris,” I told Lindsay, reaching forward to push her head down into Paris’ pussy.

Before long all three of us were moaning and it was clear that we were all within striking distance of orgasms. I figured Lindsay was probably the furthest away since she’d had the most recent one, but I reasoned that if she liked anal sex as much as she seemed to then might actually be closer.

“I’m getting close,” I warned them, hoping that they’d do what they could help each other get to their peaks before I did.

“Me too,” Paris said, clamping her thighs around Lindsay’s head to keep her from stopping.

“Cum in my ass,” Lindsay said.

I thought about it, and dropping my load into Lindsay’s ass was highly appealing, but I decided to try something else. When Paris announced her orgasm, I pulled out of Lindsay’s ass. Pushing Lindsay off of Paris, I motioned for her to roll over onto her back.

I had pulled out of Lindsay a little early, but that just meant I got a little more to get into position. Lindsay looked at me like she wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but Paris caught on pretty quickly.

“Give her a pearl necklace,” Paris said, rolling over to slip between Lindsay’s legs.

Straddling Lindsay’s chest, I wrapped her tits around my cock once more. When Lindsay caught onto what I had planned, she replaced my hands with her own.

With my hands now free, I grabbed Lindsay’s head and lifted it so it was staring straight at the head of my cock. With a grunt, I felt the cum rise up my cock. As it exploded out the first shot struck Lindsay on the cheek. I tilted her head a little and the second shot hit just under her nose. The rest seemed to dribble out and hit her from her chin down to her collarbone.

Now spent, I gave Lindsay’s tits a couple more quick thrusts before removing myself. I sat down on the bed next to them and watched as Paris lazily worked on bringing Lindsay to another orgasm. After a few moments of that, I switched to admiring the way Lindsay looked with my cum covering all those freckles.

Getting up, I started getting dressed. As I was putting on my shoes, Lindsay finally announced the arrival of her climax. Since neither of them were paying me much attention, I slipped from the room and went to see if Elisha was waiting for me or if she had left without me.

When I got to the entryway of the main room, I found Elisha and a few others talking. When she spotted me, I waved and motioned that I was ready to leave.

“Did Paris find you?” Elisha asked me when she reached me. “I guess not though, because she looked like she was going to kill you if she found you.”

“She found me,” I replied when we reached the front door.

“You got your threesome?” Elisha asked. “With Paris? How?”

“A gentleman never tells,” I told her, opening the door.

“You’re not a gentleman, and you know it,” Elisha said, pushing me out the door.

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