Adventures In Radio #7.5 – The Blow Job Queen

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entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative
license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in
fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or
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Rich pointed out that the sex scene in #7 seemed to end a little too
abruptly, and demanded more, so I’m giving it to him in version 7.5.
This is basically what happened in Liz’s hotel room after their
elevator encounter. The build up has already been done, so this
pretty much just fucking. Maybe some day I’ll have the two stories
taken down and combined into one, but I don’t know. I kinda like
people seeing two Liz stories up. It’ll make her look more popular
than she obviously seems to be around here.

Yet again, if you don’t know who Liz Phair is, you’re missing out on
a great thing. This was written while listening to her first album,
Exile In Guyville, as evidenced by the use of ‘Flower’ as a source
for the quote to kick it off.

“Everything you ever wanted, everything you ever thought of, is
everything I’ll do to you. I’ll fuck you ’til your dick is blue.” –
Liz Phair ‘Flower’

Adventures In Radio #7.5 – The Blow Job Queen

by voodoojoe

“You’re divorced, huh?” I asked as we entered Liz’s hotel room.

“Yeah, about two years now,” she answered, closing the door behind

“Nice room you got here,” I said, making small talk as I looked
around the room.

“It’s all right, but I don’t want to talk about the room right now,”
she informed me, kicking off her shoes as she crossed the room to
stand next to me.

“We can talk about anything, I guess,” I said, picking up the
picture of her son that had been set out on the table.

“When I said I didn’t want to talk about the room, I meant that I
didn’t want to talk period,” she said, taking the picture out of my
hand and setting it back down.

“Right, we’re here to fuck,” I said, thinking of the encounter in
the elevator mere moments ago.

“You got it,” she said, stepping in front of me.

Suddenly realizing that I’d just fucked her and hadn’t even kissed
her, I leaned my head down to rectify the situation. Pressing my
lips to hers, she responded by kissing me back and running a hand
down my chest. Pushing her back until her legs bumped against the
table, I lifted her up and set her down so she was sitting on the

When her hand reached my belt, she quickly undid it again. Pressing
her tongue against my lips, she unbuttoned my pants and slid her
hand inside. Parting my lips, I sucked on her tongue as it wormed
it’s way into my mouth.

Feeling her hand caressing my cock through my boxers, I slid my hand
inside the back of her shirt. Making light strokes on her back with
my fingers, I slowly worked my hand up her spine, pulling her shirt
up as well. Feeling her respond, I unhooked her bra with one hand.
Without the bra strap in my way, I made figure ‘8’s with my fingers
between her shoulder blades.

Pressing herself into me, she used her other hand to pull down my
zipper. Grabbing the waist of my pants and boxers, she pushed them
both down as far as she could without breaking the kiss. Sliding
down off the table, she gave my cock a quick stroke before pulling
away. Still holding onto my cock, she turned and started walking
towards the bed.

I must admit, being led to bed by my cock was a pretty big turn on.
It would’ve been easier if I hadn’t had my pants around my knees at
the time though.

Reaching the bed, she pushed me down to sit on the edge. Kneeling in
front of me, she pulled my shirt off of me and tossed it to the
floor. Touching my chin, she slowly ran the tip of her index finger
down my throat and over my chest. She leaned her head in and kissed
my stomach, licking around my belly button.

Leaning back on my hands, I looked down and watched her getting
ready to give me what would probably be the best blow job I was ever
going to receive. Feeling her grab my cock, I suddenly got
butterflies in my stomach thinking that the woman I’d been lusting
after since I was fifteen was about to fulfill any and all of my
fantasies. It was a good thing I had just cum in the elevator
because if I hadn’t, I surely would have the moment that thought
crossed my mind.

Looking up at me as she stroked my still pussy juice covered cock,
she smiled and I could see the glint of lust in her eyes. Keeping
eye contact with me, she stuck her tongue out and licked the
underside of my cock from the base to the head. Once she reached the
head, she licked her way around the crown.

As she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock into her mouth,
I closed my eyes to savor the feel of her expert mouth sucking on
me. Memorizing every nook and cranny in her mouth as she slid it
down my pole, I relished the feel of her tongue bathing my cock
within her hot mouth. When my cock bumped against the back of her
throat, I thought that was as far as she was going to go. When my
cock kept going further into her mouth, I opened my eyes and looked
down at her in surprise.

Turning her head slightly so she could look up at me, she could read
the surprise in my facial expressions. Giving me a slight smile as
she lewdly forced my cock into her throat, she gently fondled my

Just as I was starting to get into it, I heard my phone ring. The
room was filled with the guitar riff from Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On
The Water’ as I reached into my pants pocket for my phone.

“Hello?” I answered, throat suddenly going dry from being
interrupted in the middle of my blow job.

“I’m calling to see if you’re having any success with Liz,” Matt
said on the other end.

“Maybe this will help answer your question,” I said holding the
phone you.

Seeing the phone being put next to her mouth, Liz made a show of it
with slurps and grunts of satisfaction around my cock. She even
pulled my cock out of her mouth and threw in a “nice fucking cock”
and a “gonna fuck you good” in between slurps for Matt’s benefit.

Pulling the phone away, I heard Matt say “God damn.”

“I take it you heard,” I said, coyly.

“I heard just fine. I just don’t know how you do it,” Matt said, and
I could tell he was shaking his head in disbelief on the other end.

“I don’t know either, and I don’t try to hard to figure it out.
Figuring it out might keep it from working any more, and I certainly
don’t want that,” I said as Liz started taking my cock back into her

“I guess I’ll let you get back to whatever you’re doing,” he said.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to rub it in tomorrow,” I said just before he
hung up.

Tossing the phone down on the bed, I was shocked when Liz started to
hum ‘Smoke On The Water’ very lowly around my cock. Just when I
thought things couldn’t get any better, she started humming one of
the great riffs of rock ‘n’ roll history while sucking my dick.

Fondling my scrotum with both hands, she started bobbing her head up
and down on my cock. Grabbing the hand that had just been holding
the phone, she placed it on the back of her head and motioned for me
to take more control.

Putting my other hand on the back of her head, I held her head still
as I raised my hips off the bed to fuck her mouth. Getting more into
it, I even grabbed her hair and really started giving it to her.
Looking down, I could see her hand busy stroking her pussy under her
skirt to show that she was just into me fucking her mouth as I was.

Pulling out of her mouth, I decided that I wanted something else at
the moment. Standing her up, I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and
started to slowly pull it up. As I pulled it up, I began kissing her
stomach. Each time the shirt moved up a little, I moved my mouth up
to kiss the spot that the shirt had just vacated. By the time the
shirt was around her tits, she had grabbed the back of my head and
was holding my head to her stomach.

Lifting her hands so I could pull her shirt off over her head, she
lowered them back down and let her bra fall down them and to the
floor. Grabbing the back of my head again, she guided my mouth to
her left breast. Moaning as I ran my tongue around the areola, she
clutched me to her chest even tighter.

Getting my first good look at her tits without the bra being in the
way, I was impressed with how firm they appeared for an older woman.
They had a little sag to them, but for the most part, they didn’t
droop when the bra came off. Sucking on one nipple, I began kneading
her other breast with my hand. Gently biting her nipple, I pulled my
head back until the nipple escaped from between my teeth.

Letting go of my head, she reached down and hiked her skirt up to
her waist. Moving onto the bed, she put a knee on either side of my
ass. Just as I was adjusting my posture to keep my mouth on her
nipple, she reached down and grabbed my cock with her hand.
Positioning it at her entrance, she began to slide down my pole.

When she reached bottom, I let go of her tits and grabbed onto her
waist. Still sucking on her nipple, I held on to her waist and kept
her from lifting back up right away. After a few seconds, I eased up
and let her lift herself up until just the head of my cock was
lodged in her cunt. Holding her there for a second, I pulled her
back down in one swift motion.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she bottomed out on my cock.

As she lifted herself off once more, I let my hands wander to her
ass. Grabbing a cheek in each hand, I squeezed them as she impaled
herself once more. Helping her lift herself up, I noticed that her
pussy seemed to have gotten tighter between bouts. I chalked it up
to my imagination, but it might have been the difference in
position, or even the fact that she was more aroused this time
around that had caused it. No matter what, I certainly wasn’t going
to complain about it.

Pulling her ass cheeks apart as she picked up speed, I let the tip
of my index finger brush against her anus. Hearing her gasp at the
touch, I moved my hand down to gather some of the pussy juice
running down my cock on the tip of my finger. Moving the finger
back, I pressed it against her back door again.

Pressing herself harder into me, she arched her back and pushed her
ass out to give me better access to her asshole. With her mouth next
to my ear, I could hear her panting and gasping as my finger traced
it’s way around her rear entrance. When the tip of my finger pressed
insistently against her anus, she started gyrating her hips and
ground her pussy onto my cock. As the finger slipped past her
sphincter to the first knuckle, she moaned and bit my ear lobe.

“Oh yeah, finger my ass,” she whispered hoarsely into my ear as she
fucked herself on my dick.

Working the finger in and out of her ass, I kept rhythm with her
thrusts on my cock. Rubbing the membrane separating her holes, I
could feel my cock sliding along the walls of her pussy.

Starting to lose control, Liz was bouncing up and down on my cock,
lost in her own little world. Her words were lost within the torrent
of moans and grunts of satisfaction. Her nipples were like hard
pencil erasers as they rubbed into my chest while my cock slipped in
and out of her hot box.

Feeling her whole body start to spasm, I held her still and pushed
her hair out of the way. As I kissed her neck, I used my tongue to
lick along her collarbone, driving her even further over the edge.
Opening her mouth to scream to announce her orgasm, nothing came out
but a low whimper.

While she slumped against my chest, I remained hard within her.
Making micro strokes inside her, I could feel her starting to
respond with little mewls of pleasure. As she lightly bit my
shoulder, I began making bigger thrusts into her pussy. Before long,
I was fucking her like a rag doll while she moaned into my neck.

“Oh fuck, oh god,” she panted as she felt another orgasm

Rolling her over onto the bed without withdrawing, I put my hands
down on the bed on either side of her. Looking down at her, I
scooted her up the bed so I could get in the typical missionary
position. When she wrapped her legs around my waist, I started to
really hammer it to her.

She thrashed her head around on the bed and raked her fingernails
down my back as her second orgasm of the session, and third of the
night, ripped through her. Arching her back, she pressed her cunt as
far onto my cock as it would go. Tightening the grip her legs had on
my waist, her cunt locked down on my cock like a vise.

I tried everything I could think of to hold off my own orgasm, but
nothing could push the image of her thrashing around underneath me
out of my head. Resigning myself to the fact, I gave her a couple
more quick jabs before letting loose with my own orgasm.

She had just about come down when she felt my cum coating the inside
of her pussy. Feeling my orgasm, she went into overdrive and went
into another smaller orgasm.

“Oh gawd,” she said hoarsely when I finally pulled out and fell to
the bed next to her.

“I think I might need that drink now,” I said, feeling drained.

“That makes two of us,” she said, turning her head to look at me.
Getting up out of bed, she said “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where would I go? I don’t know if I could even lift my arm right
now,” I said, barely lifting my head to look at her.

She crossed the room and rummaged around in her suitcase for a few
seconds before pulling a couple things out and heading into the
bathroom. Finding the strength to roll over onto my side, I stared
at the closed bathroom and saw her shadow breaking the light coming
through the bottom of the door as she moved around inside.

“Are you staying?” She asked, opening the bathroom door.

“If you’ll have me,” I answered, seeing that she was wearing an old
Led Zeppelin shirt.

“If you’re willing to fuck me again in the morning, then you can
stay as long as you want,” she said, putting what looked like a
toothbrush and toothpaste back into her suitcase.

“I think I’ll be able to manage that,” I said, nodding my head as
she turned out the light.

As she slid into bed next to me, she kissed me and said “I have an
early flight tomorrow, but I’ll wake you up early enough to get in a

“I don’t think anything would be a quickie with you around,” I
muttered myself as I heard her shallow breathing next to me.
Shrugging in the dark, I draped my arm across her and snuggled up to
her while I waited for sleep to claim me.

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