Adventures In Television #12 – I Am The Walrus

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Adventures In Television #12 – I Am The Walrus

By voodoojoe

“Is there something you would like to tell me?” Selena Gomez, my apparently very angry girlfriend, demanded as she burst through my door.

“I, um, well, ah,” I stammered, trying to think of what I might have done to piss her off.

“You must have butt dialed me while I was filming because I got back to my trailer and got excited to see a message from my boyfriend. Except when I listened to it, I heard this,” Selena said pulling out her phone to play the message.

“Oh crap, I really am sorry you had to hear that. It didn’t mean anything, I swear,” I said as the sound of me singing along to Mariah Carey’s Fantasy (badly) came through her phone. “But now you know why only one of us has a recording contract.”

“How did I not know you liked Mariah? That’s some hardcore secret keeping there,” Selena said, giggling as she flopped down on the couch next to me. “You’re really going to have to make it up to me.”

“What, you want full access to my iPod so you can see every embarrassing song I have on it?” I asked her. “Because it’s right on top of my dresser if you do. But I should warn you ahead of time that I kinda have pictures of my girlfriend on it.”

“Why would you have pictures of her on it?’ Selena joked, stretching out on the couch with her feet in my lap.

“Because I love her,” I said, taking off Selena’s shoes.

“You know, you were supposed to just be this really cute guy for me to have a little fun with one time,” Selena said me as she flexed her toes and moved her feet in circles in my lap. “But you stuck in my head like a really catchy Beatles song or something.”

“Goo goo g’joob,” I said, lightly stroking her lower calf just above her ankle.

“I wasn’t ready for a relationship, but that made you perfect because you were completely safe. I didn’t need to worry about you falling in love with me, you were already into Taylor,” Selena continued as I picked up one of her feet and pressed my thumbs into the arch. “So I got to play with you until Taylor finally decided she was ready for you, except while I was worried about you falling in love with me I fell for you. Even worse, you were still obsessed with Taylor and I knew it was just a matter of time before she claimed you and I got my heart ripped out. Then at Taylor’s concert it happened and I had to get out of there. But somehow you were waiting at my door when I got home and you know the rest after that.”

“I seem to remember you dragging me inside and then outside of a quick breakfast we didn’t get out of bed until our dinner date,” I said, moving my thumbs in circles as I worked on her foot.

“Funny, I remember you dragging me inside,” Selena said, leaning her head back and moaning at my foot massage. “And you’re the one that wanted me to put you through a rigorous workout. I was just holding up my end of the bargain. Speaking of which, feel like getting in a workout now?”

“I’d love to, but we’ve got that fundraiser dinner thing we should be getting ready for,” I answered, referring to the dinner my mom’s law firm was sponsoring.

“Well, we have to get naked and clean up anyway, might as well work up a sweat and really earn the shower,” Selena said, grabbing my hand and pulling me up from the couch.

“And that’s why you’re the brains of the operation,” I said, unable to find fault with her logic as she led me to my bedroom.

+ * + * +

“You look wow,” I said as Selena emerged from the bathroom wearing a slinky little black dress that had my eyes popped about three feet out of my head.

After our first official date it hadn’t taken long for the press to catch on. By the next morning pictures of us had surfaced and within a couple days just about every celebrity oriented blog had caught on to the change in the wind, so to speak, and run with it.

So the PR teams went to work claiming that Selena and her ex had quietly broken up a couple weeks previously. The story was that I was just a friend that helped her through her breakup and then things blossomed. I really didn’t give a shit what story they fed people though as long it meant I got to openly date the girl of my dreams.

“You look pretty good yourself,” Selena said, eyeballing me up and down in my suit.

“But you’ll be the one every head turns to look at,” I said, unable to stop staring at the mole in her cleavage. “A guy could walk into a room wearing the best suit in the world and no one notices. But a woman walks in looking like that and everything comes to a standstill.”

“If you keep it up I’m going to have to kiss you, and then I’d need to redo my lipstick,” Selena said even though the look on her face said she was quite pleased with my reaction.

“Fine, I’ll keep my compliments in the form of hungry stares until we’re back in the car on the way home,” I said, holding out my arm for her.

“I know you’re not much for red carpets, so to show you how much I appreciate it, you are so getting laid tonight,” Selena said, taking my arm.

“Totally worth it,” I said as I closed and locked the door behind us.

+ * + * +

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Selena asked as we entered the fundraiser.

“If I say no, I still get my reward later, right?” I asked her.

On the carpet I’d posed for a few shots before the paparazzi realized I wasn’t anyone they needed to shoot and encouraged me to fade into the background. A couple times Selena must have wanted to show me off though because she pulled me back in before letting me disappear again.

I was gradually getting used to the spotlight but I still felt a little uncomfortable with too much attention on me. All of which made dating Selena both good and bad. Bad because it’s hard to date a gorgeous celebrity without having dozens of cameras trained in your direction at any given moment. But it was good because I knew that no one would pay any attention to me if she was anywhere near me.

“I think we both know you could’ve stayed home and still gotten lucky later,” Selena said, patting me on the arm. “Which makes me think you like these things a little more than you want to admit.”

“No, all it proves is that I like being around you,” I pointed out.

“Dan?” a woman’s voice asked from behind us.

“Kate, hi,” I said, turning around and somehow managing to make eye contact as I was confronted with Kate Upton’s cleavage. “It’s been a while.”

“I thought that was you,” Kate said, reaching out to hug me.

Looking over at Selena I saw her eyes start to narrow as she regarded Kate. Then she stepped forward and grabbed my arm and pressed up against me as if to mark her territory and let Kate know that I was taken.

“Kate, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Selena,” I said, taking Selena’s hand.

“Wow, congratulations,” Kate said, sizing up Selena just as Selena was doing the same with her. “It’s nice to meet you, Selena.”

“You too,” Selena said, putting on a pleasant face even though I could tell she was on guard.

“How long have you two been together?” Kate asked, noting the way Selena was possessively clinging to me.

“Two months,” I said, squeezing Selena’s hand reassuringly.

“That’s great. Hey, while I’m in town we should get together and catch up,” Kate said as they circled each other like fighters looking for a weakness. “All three of us should.”

“I don’t know if-” I started before Selena cut me off.

“Yeah, of course. We’re not doing anything tomorrow if you want to have lunch or something,” Selena suggested.

“I have Dan’s number, but if you give me yours we can set something up,” Kate said, continuing their little dance.

“Sure,” Selena said, taking Kate’s phone and punching in her number.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that side of you,” I told Selena after Kate had said her goodbyes. “The closest I’ve ever seen you get to jealous was that time I came in Dianna’s mouth and she wouldn’t share.”

“I know, I have no idea what came over me,” Selena said, taking a deep breath. “But the way she was looking at you brought it out in me. She’s a predator on the prowl and you were in her sights.”

“You do realize that was never going to happen, right?” I asked her as I put my arms around her.

“I know, I know,” Selena sighed. “She’s just so gorgeous.”

“Then I suggest you look in a mirror because from what I can tell, there are like fourteen different guys checking you out right now and probably wishing I’d disappear long enough for them to make a move,” I said, kissing her on the forehead.

“Thirteen, actually. The one in the pinstriped charcoal suit is staring at you,” Selena said, smiling. “I told you that you looked really good tonight.”

“Okay, so we’re agreed on a couple things then. You don’t need to worry about another woman stealing me out from under you, and that I look good enough for you to take home and ravish later,” I said, making her laugh.

“What would I do without you?” Selena sighed.

“Probably masturbate a lot more,” I said with a grin.

“I mean it, you always know what to say to make me feel better,” Selena said, playfully hitting my arm.

“Just part of being a good boyfriend,” I said, leaning down to kiss her lightly on the lips. “And I didn’t even mess up your lipstick.”

“We really are sickening, aren’t we?” Selena asked, referring to my best friend Tom’s complaints about us giving him diabetes whenever he’s around us.

“That’s the fun part of being in a relationship though, making everyone else around you gag because they can barely stand how cute you are,” I pointed out.

“So you and Kate Upton, huh?” Selena mused.

“It was just a couple times,” I said. “She’d drop by when she was in town and then ditched me when something better came along.”

“Lucky for me,” Selena said even as I saw the gears start to turn in her head.

“No,” I said firmly.

“What?” Selena asked innocently.

“I think I know you well enough by now to know that look on your face generally means trouble,” I said, rolling my eyes and shaking my head.

“And fun, don’t forget fun,” Selena said, grinning evilly.

“Loving you is nothing if not fun,” I agreed. “But seriously, no.”

“Like you’d really stop me,” Selena scoffed. “I mean, if I was planning anything that is.”

“Looks like they’re serving the salad,” I sighed, knowing that trying to stop Selena when she set her mind to something was a bit like trying to stop a hurricane by holding up a piece of plywood.

“Ooh, olives, I love olives,” Selena said, picking an olive out of her salad to eat.

“Olive you, babe,” I said, making a terrible pun as I presented Selena with an olive.

“I’d groan if that wasn’t so cute,” Selena said, rolling her eyes nonetheless as she took the proffered olive.

+ * + * +

Hearing a phone beep I opened my eyes and lifted my head. Selena stirred next to me as I reached for the phone. Realizing it was her phone I picked it up and without even looking at it I held it over my shoulder for her.

“It’s for you,” I said, glancing at the clock and noticing it was about time to get up anyway.

“Mmkay,” Selena grunted, taking her phone.

Leaving Selena to her phone I sat up and put my feet on the ground. Grabbing a pair of boxers off the floor I slipped them on and stood up so I could go out into the main part of the apartment without flashing my junk to the people across the street. Reaching the kitchen I started the coffee pot before heading for the bathroom.

“Where’s the coffee?” Selena asked as she emerged from my room just as I was coming out of the bathroom.

“It should be just about ready,” I said as she took a seat at the island with her chin resting on the palm of her hand.

“So, I set up lunch with Kate,” Selena said as I poured her a cup of coffee.

“You’re really going to go through with lunch with her?” I asked, setting the coffee in front of her.

“No, you are,” Selena said, blowing on her coffee to cool it down a bit before taking a sip.

“I must need coffee even more than you do because you’re not making any sense,” I said, taking a sip from my own cup.

“You’re going to go to lunch with Kate and tell her that I couldn’t make it,” Selena said.

“Um, okay?” I said, giving her a blank look. “I thought you were concerned she was out to seduce me or something.”

“She is, and you’re going to let her,” Selena said, looking at me as if I should have understood from the start.

“My head,” I hissed, rubbing my temples as I struggled to follow her logic.

“When she makes her move, bring her back here and send me a text so I can walk in on you,” Selena explained, not helping my headache much.

“So you think that if you walk in on me fucking Kate that she’ll just let you join right in?” I asked.

“She’ll have to because there’s no way she’s fucking my man without letting me suck his cum out of her,” Selena said confidently. “I don’t care if you have to hold her down while I do it, it’s happening.”

“I wonder how many guys have to deal with their girlfriends plotting to eat a creampie out of an unwilling supermodel?” I asked the thin air around me as I shook my head in disbelief.

“See, I told you it’d be fun,” Selena said, kissing me on the cheek before heading for the bathroom to take a shower.

+ * + * +

“So your girlfriend had a last minute meeting?” Kate asked as we ate lunch.

“Yeah, I think she said that her agent got her an audition for some part she really wanted,” I said, feeding Kate the lie that Selena had given me to pass on. “But she didn’t want to cancel completely at the last minute so she told me to come alone.”

“Can’t say I’m too disappointed,” Kate said, a twinkle in her eyes almost as evil as the one in Selena’s earlier when she was plotting it out.

“What brings you to LA?” I asked as I picked up my sandwich.

“Had a photoshoot yesterday and the dinner last night. Was going to catch a flight back to New York tonight but pushed it back to first thing tomorrow so we could catch up a bit more,” Kate answered.

“I don’t supposed you were hoping the catching up would take place in a bedroom somewhere,” I said.

“I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind it, but what about your girlfriend?” Kate asked, stabbing her salad with a fork.

“Do you really care about my girlfriend?” I asked her back.

“Not really,” Kate admitted as she took one of my french fries.

As I took a bite of my sandwich Kate studied me. Reaching out she took another fry and dipped it into the puddle of ketchup on my plate. Taking a bite out of it she tilted her head slightly to one side and watched me.

“Something’s different about you,” Kate observed. “You seem more confident. You’re not nearly as nervous or eager to please any more, but I like it. Confidence is really sexy.”

“A lot has happened in the last year,” I said, wiping my mouth as I finished my sandwich. Mostly it was the fact that after dating someone like Selena Gomez you don’t find many women intimidating, even the likes of Kate Upton.

“You wouldn’t want to come back to my hotel room, would you?” Kate asked, taking the bait.

“I was thinking my apartment,” I countered, taking out my wallet. “You remember how to get there, don’t you?”

“It’s been a while, but I think I can find it,” Kate answered, looking more than a little surprised as I dropped some money on the table to cover the tab.

“See you there then,” I said, grinning as I headed for the door.

+ * + * +

“Hello?” Kate called out as she opened the door.

“You found it,” I said, coming out of the kitchen holding a bottle of wine.

“I was motivated,” Kate said with a smirk as she set her purse down.

“Want a drink?” I asked her.

“Maybe after,” Kate said, nodding her head towards my bedroom.

“I’ll be there in a second,” I told her.

As Kate headed for my room I pulled out my phone. I sent Selena a quick text to let her know that Kate was in my room and for her to show up soon. With that out of the way I set the wine and phone down on the counter and followed after Kate.

“I thought I was going to have to start without you,” Kate said when I appeared in the doorway.

She’d ditched her dress and was stretched out on my bed in just bra and panties. Laying on her side she lifted the top leg, bent it at the knee and then brought it down to rest on top of her other leg. Extending one hand in my direction she crooked a finger at me, beckoning me to come hither.

Shrugging my shoulders I started tugging on my shirt. By the time I reached the bed I’d gotten my shirt off and was working on my pants. Getting my pants undone I shook my hips until they fell to my ankles so I could step out of them as I crawled onto the bed next to Kate.

“I missed two things about you,” Kate said, running a finger across my chest. “Well, I missed more than that, but two really stand out.”

“Pretty much the same thing applies to you,” I said, openly staring at her glorious tits.

“If you missed them so much, then I probably shouldn’t keep you waiting any more,” Kate said, reaching behind her to unhook her bra. Ever the tease she put an arm across her chest  to keep the cups firmly in place as she pulled the straps down her arm.

“Stop teasing,” I said firmly.

“Wow, so forceful,” Kate said, grinning as she moved her arm and pulled her bra away from her body.

“Great fucking tits,” I hissed as I reached out to cup her breasts.

“You can suck on them if you want,” Kate suggested, pulling my head towards her chest.

Deciding to show her I wasn’t as malleable as she remembered, I instead lowered my head at the last minute and planted a kiss on her rib cage just below her breast. Kate groaned at the move but when I started kissing down her stomach she started to squirm slightly.

“Flip over,” I said, stopping my march towards her crotch just before reaching her belly button.

Without hesitation Kate flipped over onto her stomach. She started to lift up onto her hands and knees but I applied gentle pressure to the small of her back and pushed back down. Turning her head to grin at me Kate brought her hands up to fold underneath her head as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties.

One thing I’d noticed was that as deserving of all the praise that Kate’s tits get, her ass tended to get overlooked a little. I’d even been as guilty of that as anyone the few times we’d been together. A lot of my time had been spent with mouth or hands, or even cock, firmly affixed to those glorious melons but comparatively little on the exquisite globes of her backside.

So as I tossed Kate’s panties aside I set out to rectify that imbalance at least a little. I wasn’t sure how long I had until Selena showed up to catch me balls deep in Kate, but I was sure I had at least enough to show some appreciation for a truly fine ass.

Leaning down I gave a soft kiss to each cheek. When Kate giggled and lifted her hips slightly I grabbed a cheek in each hand and squeezed. Pulling them apart I saw the tight pucker of her asshole and the bottom of her slit peeking out from between her legs.

Extending my thumbs I used them open up her pussy. Sticking out my tongue I slowly lapped away at the exposed portion of her pussy. In response Kate moaned and spread her legs while lifting up a little more to push against my tongue.

Digging my tongue a little deeper into her snatch I let my index finger lightly trace over the rosebud of her anus and was pleased when she gasped and actually pushed back a little rather than try to pull away. Testing it a little more I dragged my tongue back across her taint and ever so softly over her asshole.

“Fuck me, Dan,” Kate grunted.

Getting up onto my knees I pushed my boxers down to my knees. As Kate got up onto her hands and knees I worked my boxers the rest of the way off. Grabbing her hips I stepped up behind her and took a moment to once more admire her ass before aiming my cock at her waiting pussy.

Normally I preferred to be a little gentle with the first penetration, but this wasn’t my first time with Kate. While she didn’t go for the really rough stuff, she liked to be fucked hard and really taken for a ride. So with that in mind I slammed forward without hesitation and buried myself almost all the way inside her in one thrust.

“Shit,” Kate hissed, her head hanging down momentarily before popping back up to look over her shoulder at me.

“I think your pussy remembers me,” I joked as her cunt clamped down on me, as if to give my cock a friendly bear hug.

“It better,” Kate half giggled, half moaned as I slowly pulled back before driving forward and shoving the rest of my cock into her.

Starting slow I gradually built up to a decent tempo with my thrusts. I didn’t want to go too fast for fear that I might not be able to last until Selena was able to burst through the door and catch us. But I also didn’t want to go too slow considering this was supposed to be a quick nooner rather than a full blown fuck session.

“Fuck, I should’ve looked you up sooner,” Kate grunted as I reacquainted myself with her body.

“We were never more than fuck buddies,” I pointed out as I drilled into her. “Different cities, different coasts, but we had fun.”

“Lots of it,” Kate hissed, her tits swinging underneath her as I slammed into her.

“Indeed,” I agreed, leaning forward to cup Kate’s tits in my hands as I shortened my strokes and adopted a quicker pace.

Pinching Kate’s nipples I heard her take a sharp gulp of air and her pussy muscles rippled around my cock. Pushing her down onto her stomach I used my knees to nudge her legs apart. Putting my palms on the bed I used the change of position to make long, slow strokes as deep into her as I could.

“Oh, fuck,” Kate moaned, lifting her hips to meet my thrusts.

“What the fuck is this?” Selena screamed from the doorway of my room, making me jump a little even though I knew it was coming sooner or late.

“Shit,” Kate hissed, trying to squirm out from underneath me without much success.

“It’s, um, uh, well,” I stammered as I continued to slowly fuck Kate’s pussy.

“You couldn’t even wait for me?” Selena demanded, giving me a wink and a hungry look as she watched me fuck Kate.

“Huh?” Kate asked.

“I hope you’re enjoying my boyfriend because he doesn’t come free,” Selena said in a softer tone.

“Free?” Kate asked, still confused.

“If you want him to keep fucking you, you’re going to have to do something for me,” Selena said, quickly discarding her clothing.

“Do what?” Kate asked, recognition finally seeming to seep through the cloud of hormones that had taken up residence in her brain as the pleasure built inside her.

“Well, you agree to do whatever I say or Danny stops fucking you right now,” Selena said, recognizing the signs that Kate wasn’t far from her first orgasm. “So, what is it?”

“Fuck me, Dan,” Kate grunted, nodding towards Selena.

“Make her come, then blow your load inside her for me,” Selena instructed me before giving me a kiss that made my brain short circuit even more than the tight pussy wrapped around my cock.

Shaking off the explosive affects of Selena’s kiss I picked up as much speed as I could in the position. Rutting into Kate’s pussy with reckless abandon I turned my attention to Kate’s body, noting her movements and breathing and comparing them to our previous encounters to gauge how close to climaxing she was.

“Make her come, baby,” Selena said, cheering me on as her eyes feasted on the sights and sounds of what I was doing to Kate.

“So close,” Kate moaned as I practically pummeled her cunt.

“I get to fuck her in the ass later, don’t I?” I asked Selena.

“Are you going to let my baby fuck that ass of yours?” Selena asked Kate.

“Oh god,” Kate grunted as the war between her need to come and her reluctance to open up previously unexplored territory played out on her face.

“If she doesn’t answer, then you better stop, Danny,” Selena said, playing hardball. “Don’t worry, I’m more than willing to finish you off before I climb on for my turn though.”

“Don’t stop,” Kate pleaded desperately. “Do anything you want, just don’t fucking stop.”

“You heard her, stuff that pussy full of cream for me,” Selena said, shaking with lust and excitement.

The discussion of fucking Kate’s ass and filling Kate full of come for Selena to clean up had me right on the verge. Fortunately for me, Kate was even closer and Selena even stepped in to make sure Kate came first. Leaning down she pressed her lips to Kate’s and gave her what I could tell from experience was a mind numbing kiss.

As Selena deepened her kiss with Kate I could hear Kate moan loudly into Selena’s mouth and her body suddenly tightened up. Lifting up a little I watched the cheeks of Kate’s ass flex and strain as her orgasm ripped through her.

When Selena pulled away to watch the volume Kate’s moans increased significantly without Selena’s mouth there to muffle them. Making eye contact with Selena I saw her lick her lips in anticipation and knew that was her little way of telling me she was ready to see me come as well.

“I hope you’re in the mood for pie,” I hissed at Selena as I thrust as deep into Kate’s pussy as I could and gritted my teeth before letting loose.

“Always,” Selena said, practically salivating as she watched my movements and started to coil up, ready to pounce on her fresh cream pie the moment I was out of the way.

As if to prove me right, the moment I pulled out of Kate and sat down, Selena was on top of her. Rolling Kate over onto her back Selena dove into Kate’s pussy with barely any warning. I chuckled silently to myself as I watched my gorgeous girlfriend literally suck my jizz out of Kate’s cunt.

“If you keep that up, I can’t be held responsible for what I do next,” I told Selena, running my hands up the back of one of her thighs as she rested on her stomach to munch on Kate’s pussy.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned as my fingers made contact with her pussy. Unsurprisingly, it was soaked and my finger slid inside her with ease.

“Have her sit on your face so gravity can force the rest out,” I told Selena.

“That’s reason number ten thousand, eight hundred seventy three why I love you, you’re always thinking,” Selena said, popping up from Kate’s cunt and rolling onto her back.

As Kate sat up she was still shaking slightly from her orgasm but it didn’t stop her from throwing a leg over Selena’s head. Settling down onto Selena’s tongue with her ass facing me I heard Kate moan just as I saw her butt clench and hips jerk unexpectedly.

“And while you’re doing that,” I said, aligning my rejuvenated cock with Selena’s pussy.

“Uhhh,” Selena moaned into Kate’s pussy as I eased my way inside her.

Unlike Kate, Selena liked to start a little slower, unless she’d had to go without for more than a day or two. Which was perfectly fine with me considering I’d just come and my cock was still on the sensitive side, but that wasn’t about to stop me from giving Selena what she wanted.

I could tell when Selena had given up on getting any more of my come out of Kate because the movements of both of them changed. Selena went from having her neck bent so she could attach her mouth to Kate’s opening and hoover up my leavings to pulling back enough to give her room to operate over a wider area. Meanwhile Kate went from small hip movements as Selena sucked her clean to practically bouncing off the walls under Selena’s expert tongue.

Slowly fucking into Selena I watched Kate’s ass shimmy and shake above Selena’s face. Every so often she’d lift up enough for me to see Selena’s tongue dart out and go to work, but for the most part my view consisted of Kate’s back and Selena’s body from the neck down.

“Fuck me, Danny,” Selena moaned as I picked up her legs and held them against my chest so I could push into her with more force.

Letting my eyes wander I started at Kate’s ass before moving down to Selena’s tits and then over Selena’s stomach to where my cock was splitting her tight little pussy. Once I had every inch covered I let my eyes reverse course and slowly wander back to Kate’s ass, arriving just in time to see Selena’s tongue dart back to poke at Kate’s back door.

“Hey, that’s my job,” I said, giving Selena an extra hard thrust.

“Uhh, just helping to get her ready for you,” Selena moaned, pushing slightly on Kate’s back until she got the hint and leaned forward with her hands on the wall.

Moving her hands to Kate’s ass Selena pulled the cheeks apart to give me a better view of what she was doing. As I fucked Selena I watched as her tongue flitted back and forth between Kate’s holes. Kate even moaned and pushed against Selena’s tongue when it pressed against her anus.

“You’re going to kill me if you keep doing that,” I warned Selena.

Rather than pull away from Kate long enough to respond verbally Selena responded by becoming even more insistent in her jabbing at Kate’s back door. When I started to stroke into her with more force Selena just moaned and worked harder at eating Kate’s ass knowing it was having the desired effect.

“If you’re going to prep her, then stick a finger in there,” I told Selena.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned, moving a finger into the crack of Kate’s ass.

Moving her tongue back to Kate’s pussy Selena gently rubbed the tip of her middle finger against Kate’s asshole. Moving her finger down Selena slid it into Kate’s pussy to get it wet before sliding it out. Moving it back to Kate’s anus Selena slowly pushed against the center.

“Uhhh,” Kate grunted as Selena’s finger eased into her back door.

“That’s hot,” I hissed as I watched Selena push her finger into Kate’s ass up to the second knuckle.

“Fuck me, baby,” Selena demanded before going back to work on Kate’s pussy.

Leaning forward I took hold of Selena’s tits with both hands. Using them to hold onto I picked up speed on my thrusts. As Selena moaned her approval into Kate’s pussy she hooked her legs around my waist and lifted her hips, meeting every one of my thrusts in perfect sync.

“Eat that pussy, Sel,” I hissed, watching as Selena’s tongue worked through the folds of Kate’s snatch.

Following my orders Selena pulled Kate down onto her face until I couldn’t see what she was doing any more. But from the way Kate’s moans ratcheted up a few decibels, I guessed she’d gotten really serious about making the supermodel cream for her.

I’m not sure whether my thrusts spurred Selena on to eat Kate or if the moans Selena was practically forcing out of Kate goaded me along, but whatever it was, it quickly became a an unending circle. I’d thrust into Selena, she’d moan and attack Kate’s pussy with even more zeal, causing Kate to squeal and vibrate with ecstasy until I slammed even harder into Selena’s cunt harder and cranking everything up a notch.

“Oh god,” Kate moaned, her hands grabbing onto Selena’s hair as she sat up a bit and worked her crotch against Selena’s tongue.

“Make her come, babe,” I told her, my eyes locked on where Selena’s finger was still stuck in Kate’s ass.

“Yeah, make me come,” Kate mewled, grinding her cunt against Selena’s face.

Sliding her finger almost all the way out of Kate’s ass, Selena added a second finger. As she worked them up Kate’s butt she latched onto Kate’s clit. In a matter of seconds Kate was screaming her release and shaking on top of Selena before toppling off to the side.

“Your turn,” I told Selena, leaning down to kiss her as I drilled into her.

“Mmm,” Selena purred into my mouth as I fucked her with short, hard strokes that quickly had her on the verge.

“Come for me,” I urged Selena, nudging my cock as deeply into her as I could on each thrust and grinding against her for a moment before pulling back out. “Look at Kate, watching us. She wants to see you come all over my cock. Show her how you come for me.”

“Oh fuck, Danny, make me come so fucking hard,” Selena hissed and I knew that she was going to come in a matter of seconds even if her only stimulation was a slight breeze.

So I slammed into her to the hilt and pressed my chest to hers. Kissing her I slipped my tongue into her mouth and felt her explode underneath me. She screamed into my mouth and her body quaked as her orgasm ripped through her.

“That was hot,” Kate said, causing me to break the kiss to look at her. Somehow I’d gotten so wrapped up in Selena’s orgasm, and trying to outlast it, that I’d almost forgotten that Kate was still there. “You two are really cute together.”

“Mmhmm,” Selena sighed, kissing my shoulder as she recovered from her climax.

“So, who do you want to lube up, me or Kate?” I asked Selena, slowly extracting my cock from her pussy.

“Both?” Selena said, reaching down to stroke my cock, slick with her juices.

“I forgot who I was asking,” I said with a laugh. “Why don’t you start with Kate while I calm down a bit from the Selena Experience.”

“Do I have to?” Kate asked, looking more than a little nervous as the moment of truth was finally near.

“I guess you could sit there and watch Danny fuck me some more,” Selena said, clearly enjoying the idea. “But the only way you’re feeling his cock inside you ever again is if you take it in your ass in the next few minutes.”

God bless her little hornball heart, playing hardball with Kate like that. As much as I wanted to fuck Kate in the ass, Selena seemed to want it to happen even more and was going to do everything in her power to make sure it happened.

“Do I need the lube?” I asked, opening up the drawer in my nightstand where we kept our fun time goodies.

“If she won’t, I will,” Selena said. “I’ve been dying to try the orange lube anyway.”

“Orange it is,” I said, grinning as I picked up the small bottle of orange flavored lube.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Kate asked, obviously a little curious.

“If I didn’t think you’d enjoy it, I wouldn’t be pushing you to do it,” Selena said as I handed her the lube. “It hurts a little at first because that’s a lot of cock going into a really tight hole but once you get used to it it can be really amazing.”

“Your finger did feel pretty good,” Kate admitted, biting her lower lip as she fought between her desires and her nerves.

“Are you in, or do I need to lube myself up?” Selena asked, opening the bottle of lube.

“Promise to be gentle?” Kate asked, the balance obviously tipping towards her desires.

“I’m sure you know Danny well enough to know the answer to that,” Selena said, giggling.

“Then fuck my ass,” Kate hissed, rolling over onto her stomach before lifting up onto hands and knees.

“First things first,” Selena said, grinning as she squirted some lube directly into the crack of Kate’s ass and letting it drip down over the pucker of her asshole.

“Shit, that’s cold,” Kate gasped.

“It gets warmer,” Selena said, massaging some of the lube into the skin around Kate’s anus.

“Ohhhh,” Kate moaned as Selena pushed and her finger slowly slid into the supermodel’s ass.

“Wow, she’s really tight, Danny,” Selena said, grinning at me to make sure I knew she was teasing me.

“Then get her lubed up so I can loosen her up a bit,” I grunted, getting antsy at the wait.

“Be patient or I’ll fuck her ass and make you watch,” Selena said, waving me off.

“Fine, but hurry up,” I grumbled as Selena worked a second finger into Kate’s ass.

“Okay, baby, your turn,” Selena said, grinning as she squirted some more lube into the palm of her hand.

“About time,” I said before putting a hand on each of Selena’s cheeks and leaning into to give her a kiss that left her a little dazed.

“You keep that up and I just might forget all about Kate and just keep you to myself,” Selena said, reaching down and slowly stroking my cock with her slippery hand.

“I wouldn’t mind, but it’d be a shame to let a freshly lubed ass go to waste,” I said, nodding my head to where Kate was nervously waiting.

“That’s why we work so well, you know how I think,” Selena said. “Now lay down so Kate can get on top.”

“You just want to watch her tits bounce,” I said, grinning as I followed her instructions.

“I also want to eat her pussy while you fuck her ass and reverse cowgirl might be best for everything,” Selena said, watching as Kate moved to straddle me with her back towards me.

As Kate put a hand behind her on my chest and lifted herself up Selena grabbed hold of my cock. When Selena aimed the head of my cock at Kate’s asshole she urged Kate to slowly lower herself onto it. There was some strong resistance at first but just as Kate seemed like she was about to give up her anus gave way and she slid almost halfway down my cock before stopping her descent and taking a moment to adjust.

“How does it feel?” Selena asked, stroking Kate’s thighs to help calm her down.

“So fucking big,” Kate grunted as she tried to get used to having a cock in her ass.

“It doesn’t hurt though, does it?” Selena asked Kate.

“Some, but not as much as I would’ve thought,” Kate said, clearly trying to will herself to calmness.

“It gets a lot better,” Selena assured her. “But when you’re ready, start to work your way up and down on Danny’s cock. Don’t worry, he’ll be patient until he thinks you’re ready for him to join the action, won’t you babe?”

“You’re the boss,” I said, deciding to sit back and let Kate do the work for a bit.

As Kate lifted up I reached out and caressed my hands along her sides and hips. I kept my touch soft and let Kate do the work as she slowly lowered herself back onto my cock, taking a little bit more into her virgin ass than before.

“God that’s hot,” Selena moaned, causing me to tilt my head to the side until I could see her with her face mere inches from where my cock was spearing into Kate’s asshole.

“You should feel it from my end,” I said, feeling a little lightheaded from the stranglehold Kate’s asshole had on me.

“She’s tight, isn’t she?” Selena asked me as Kate continued to slowly work more of my cock into her backside. “She felt tight just on my finger, I can only imagine how it must feel on your cock.”

“Almost as tight as you were the first time I fucked your ass,” I told Selena as Kate finally settled fully on my cock.

“You should see her face, baby,” Selena said. “She’s got her eyes closed and biting her lip. I think she likes having your cock up her ass.”

“Ohhh,” Kate moaned as my cock pulsed inside her anal cavity.

“Now that you’ve got him all the way inside, now we can really have fun,” Selena said as Kate leaned back and put her hands on my stomach to brace herself.

As Kate started to lift up Selena’s face disappeared from my vantage point. A moment later Kate moaned to let me know that Selena had let her tongue get in on the action. My only regret was that from the position we were in I couldn’t watch Selena work her magic.

With Selena’s tongue helping take her mind off any discomfort, I soon felt Kate’s ass start to loosen up. Soon Kate was sliding up and down my cock with purpose. She was still moving slowly, but her moans let me know it wasn’t because of the pain.

Deciding to see if Kate was ready for me to take a more active role I grabbed her waist and lifted my hips to make an exploratory thrust into her ass. She grunted a bit, but didn’t seem to object so I gave her another, quicker one.

“Uhh,” Kate half moaned, half grunted as Selena and I teamed up on her.

“Wait, stop,” Selena said, putting a hand on my thigh to slow me down.

Before I could ask what Selena wanted, I found out when I felt her hand grab the base of my cock and pull it out of its tight sheath. It wasn’t exposed to the air for long though because almost immediately I felt Selena’s mouth envelope the head.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned around my cock as she tasted Kate’s ass combined with the orange lube.

After taking a few more moments to suck as much of Kate’s essence off me as she could Selena pulled her mouth all the way off my cock. Then I felt her hand wrap around my cock so she could spread a little more lube on it before aiming me at Kate’s asshole once more.

“Don’t mind her, she just loves ass-to-mouth,” I told Kate as Selena reinserted me into Kate’s anus.

“Kinky,” Kate moaned, resuming her bouncing.

“That she is,” I agreed, getting a murmur of assent from Selena as she focused her attention back on Kate’s pussy.

“Ohhhh,” Kate hissed, obviously appreciative of Selena’s attention.

Holding onto Kate’s hips I helped raise her up my cock before I pulled down at the same time I lifted my hips to meet her. Again and again I repeated the action, alternating speed and depth with each thrust. Combined with, or probably mostly because of, Selena’s tongue, it wasn’t long before Kate’s breathing started to grow ragged.

“Oh god, fuck me,” Kate grunted, one hand leaving my chest to grab Selena’s head and hold it in place.

Taking her word I used my grip on her waist to hold her in place. Lifting my hips I drilled my cock into her ass and watched as her head lolled back. I felt her hair drag across my chest as her body shook like a rag doll under my thrusts.

“Eat my pussy while Dan fucks my ass,” Kate hissed.

“Make her come, baby,” Selena said, managing to break away from Kate’s snatch long enough to give me directions.

Sliding a hand up Kate’s body I cupped one of her breasts. As the ample tit flesh spilled out around my palm I pinched the nipple between my fingers. When Kate moaned I pinched the nipple harder and twisted it a bit, just enough to send a little pain shooting through her.

“Fuck,” Kate hissed through clenched teeth as her hips bucked involuntarily.

Sensing that she was right on the edge, I went in for the kill. With one hand on her chest I slid the other one down her body. I wasn’t sure if Selena saw my hand moving and knew what I wanted or if she’d already vacated Kate’s clit in hopes of sucking down her orgasmic fluids.

Either way, my fingers found an unattended clit. Continuing to pummel Kate’s ass my fingers worked her nipple and clit at the same time. Finally Kate let out a strangled cry and her body went rigid as a board as her orgasm hit her full force.

Just as I felt Kate’s asshole clamp down on my cock it was wrenched out of its sheath. Before I could voice my disapproval though Selena took me into her mouth. And as amazing as Kate’s asshole had felt, Selena’s mouth felt even better as she eagerly slurped Kate’s ass off my cock.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned, her tongue scouring every shred of Kate’s essence from my cock it could find.

“If you’re not careful, you’re going to make me come,” I warned Selena, knowing that there was a good chance it would just make her work harder.

Instead Selena surprised me by popping off my cock. As Kate slid off me Selena locked eyes with me and very slowly dragged her tongue along the underside of my prick, making me groan a my eyes rolled back in my head.

“Did you ever fuck her tits?” Selena asked before flicking her tongue against the sensitive head of my cock.

“Once or twice,” I said, grinning as I saw where Selena was headed.

“Do it again, I want to see those tits wrapped around your cock,” Selena said, her hand massaging my testicles.

“Don’t you think we should ask Kate before we just start mauling her?” I teased Selena as I sat up.

“It’s a little late for that now,” Selena said, wrapping her hand around my cock as I got up onto my knees.

“Is this what you want?” Kate asked, using her hands to push her tits together.

“Mmhmm,” Selena moaned, her eyes glued to Kate’s chest as she stroked my manhood.

Letting Selena lead me I threw a leg over Kate’s waist and then sidled up her body. When I’d reached Kate’s chest Selena gave me one last stroke before gently placing me in the valley between Kate’s mountains.

“Now fuck those tits, baby,” Selena demanded, giving me a kiss and settling on her stomach beside us to watch.

“Yeah, fuck my tits and come all over them,” Kate urged, pressing her breasts back together around my cock.

“If you insist,” I said, grinning as I slowly pushed forward and let the tip of my cock emerge from its fleshy cocoon.

“I bet those things feel amazing,” Selena observed as she watched from inches away.

“Why don’t you help?” Kate asked, shifting her hands so she could hold both tits together with one hand. With her newly free hand Kate grabbed Selena’s hand and brought it to her chest.

“Wow,” Selena said as she took the hint and moved enough so she could hold Kate’s tits around my cock.

With Kate’s hands free she grabbed my ass and used her grip to help me thrust in between her melons. Spying the abandoned bottle of lube I slowed down so I could lean over and grab it. While still carving a tunnel through Kate’s cleavage I poured a little lube on my shaft as I slid out and as I pushed back in it spread around and made the going even easier.

“Mmm, that tastes good,” Kate moaned, her tongue darting out to lick the head every time it popped out on her side.

“That feels good,” I grunted, feeling my orgasm approaching.

“You want to come all over her tits, don’t you, baby?” Selena asked, watching my body language.

“Yeah,” I gasped, gritting my teeth as I felt my orgasm approach.

“Do it, baby, come all over those big fucking tits for me,” Selena hissed, driving me on with her dirty talk.

Wanting nothing more than to give Kate Upton a nice pearl necklace I focused on the barrage of sensations that were bombarding me. For starters, seeing a gorgeous supermodel underneath me waiting for me to blow my load all over her tits was a helluva mental high. Then my extremely gorgeous girlfriend begging me to come was another. And that wasn’t even factoring in the physical sensation of having a massive set of knockers wrapped around my cock.

“Uhh, here it comes,” I grunted.

Wrenching my cock out from between Kate’s tits I wrapped my hand around the shaft. Giving it a couple tugs I aimed at Kate’s neck. As the first jet of jizz erupted from the end it hit her square in the throat. She flinched a little as the warm liquid splatted on her neck.

When Selena’s hand joined mine in stroking my cock I groaned and let her finish me off. By the time she’d let go of my cock she’d coaxed out seemingly every drop of sperm in my body, and then some, leaving Kate’s neck and upper chest covered in my nut butter.

Of course, the moment Selena had let go of my cock she’d gotten lost in her come lust and forgotten about me as she dove on top of Kate in search of her favorite snack. Kate giggled as Selena licked up every drop of my special sauce she could find.

Finally satisfied that she had it all, Selena straightened up. Rather than swallowing though she surprised me by bending back down to kiss Kate. Even after all it had been through my cock gave a little lurch as I watched Selena kiss Kate, especially since I was pretty sure at least a little of my load was being passed between them.

As if sensing my thoughts Selena lifted her head a little. Maybe a couple inches and her head was still right above Kate’s, but it was enough for me to watch with rapt interest as Selena opened her mouth and let a strand of white fluid slip from between her lips and dangle down to Kate’s mouth.

“Fuck,” I grunted as I watched Selena share my come in pretty much the hottest way possible.

“Mmm,” Selena said, finally pulling away and wiping her mouth with her finger.

“That was hot,” Kate said, sitting up and licking her lips.

“You should have seen it from here,” I said as Kate slid off the bed.

“I told you it’d be fun,” Selena purred as she laid down on the bed.

“You look tired,” I told Selena, knowing that she liked to sleep after sex if she could get away with it.

“Wake me in an hour?” Selena asked, already pulling the blankets up over herself.

“Of course,” I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Grabbing some clothes, I led Kate out of the bedroom. As Kate headed for the bathroom to clean up I closed the door behind me and slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt.

“How serious are you two?” Kate asked, emerging from the bathroom fully clothed.

“Very,” I said.

“After two months?” Kate asked, looking more than a little surprised.

“Officially it’s two months, but before that it was complicated. I guess you could say we were on again, off again kinda sorta but not quite for several months,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Suffice to say, we’re not your typical two month couple.”

“So I guess I shouldn’t call you next time I’m in town?” Kate asked, hopeful.

“If it’s to have lunch or do something as friends, then sure. If you’re looking for something else then you’d have to talk to Selena about that, but probably not,” I said, shaking my head.

“Well, if anything changes, make sure to call,” Kate said, smiling as she opened the front door.

“Selena isn’t going anywhere any time soon if I can help it,” I said.

“I guess I’ll just have to be really envious then,” Kate said, giving me a kiss on the cheek before walking out the door.

+ * + * +

“My car needs gas,” Selena said, emerging from my bedroom wearing my t-shirt and boxers and distracting me from my celebrity gossip with her legs.

And I literally mean my celebrity gossip. Because apparently I was cheating on Selena with Jane Levy, at least according to the blog post accompanied by a couple pictures of us doing a segment for Hollywood Tonight to promote Suburgatory. Had to hand it to me though, even my fictional relationships created by gossip websites were way out of my league.

“Then go fill it up,” I suggested, smirking. I knew how it was going to end but I wanted to make her work a little first.

“If you did it, you could drive my car,” Selena said, insinuating herself between me and the counter.

“If I wanted to drive your car, I’d just ask and you’d give me your keys,” I pointed out, putting my hands on her hips and lifting her up to sit on the edge of the counter.

“Then think of it as making it up to me for that,” Selena said, pointing at my tablet that was still on the story about me since I’d been too distracted by her to scroll down.

“You do know that’s not true, right?” I asked her.

“You told me all about it at the time, remember? If you’d fucked her you either would’ve hidden the whole thing or you would’ve told me a much more interesting story,” Selena said, looking at me like I was an idiot, a face she’d gotten to use a lot in the last two months. “But I still have to put up with people thinking my boyfriend is cheating on me after just a couple months.”

“That’s how you’re going to play it?” I asked, grinning. “Then what about a couple weeks ago when the same site had a story about you kissing some strange guy with long blonde hair?”

“That doesn’t count,” Selena said, waving me off. “It’s not my fault they couldn’t, or didn’t want to realize it was you wearing a wig.”

“But I still had to put up with people thinking my girlfriend was cheating after just a couple months,” I said, smiling smugly as I turned it back on her.

“How much is it going to cost me?” Selena sighed, realizing she was beat.

“Normally it’d be a one kiss favor, but since you tried to cheat, it’ll cost you two,” I said. “I’ll take one now and one later.”

“Mmm, I should try to cheat more often if it means more kisses,” Selena said when the kiss broke.

“How about you don’t try to cheat and just kiss me whenever you feel like it,” I suggested.

“Makes a lot of sense to me,” Selena said, grinning as she leaned in to kiss me again.

“Kate’s pretty jealous of you, you know,” I told her.

“Of course she is,” Selena said, grinning. “Sometimes even I get jealous of me for getting to date you.”

“She doesn’t want to date me, she just wants to have sex with me,” I said, resting my hands on her thighs.

“And what did you tell her?” Selena asked, poking me in the ribs with her finger.

“Yeah, I told her I just had to wait for you to leave and then I’d let her have her way with me repeatedly,” I said, causing Selena to poke me even harder. “Oww, ow. Okay, she asked if we were serious and I said we were very serious and she left here completely disappointed. Well, as disappointed as she could be after what we did to her.”

“Good boy,” Selena said, leaning in to kiss me.

As the kiss deepened she pulled me tight against her and started to grind against me. Even with only being a couple hours removed from the threesome with Kate I still felt myself respond in a big way. My cock started to harden against her crotch and my hands slid up her thighs, slipping into the legs of the boxers she was wearing searching for her pussy until a buzzing broke through the fog.

“Your phone is ringing,” I told Selena, cursing inwardly at the interruption, as it buzzed on the counter behind her where she’d left it earlier.

“Who is it?” Selena asked as she moved to nuzzle my neck.

“Looks like your agent,” I said, reaching out to pick up her phone and looking over her shoulder at it.

“Ooh, I’ll take it,” Selena said, hopping off the counter and snatching the phone out of my hand. “Don’t go anywhere. We’re going to finish this later.”

With a smile I watched her talk excitedly on the phone. She’d auditioned for a movie a few days ago and had been waiting to find out and even though I was making a conscious effort not to listen in on her call it was obvious by the way she was reacting that the news was at least somewhat positive. At least until the end when she seemed to deflate a little and I winced along with her.

“Well, was it good news?” I asked, hoping.

“Some,” Selena said with a smile that seemed a little too forced.

“Are you going to tell me or am I going to have drag it out of you?” I asked her. “And if I have to drag it out, would you prefer tickling or the restraints?”

“Restraints, definitely,” Selena said, her eyes losing focus slightly as she got lost momentarily in thoughts that had nothing to do with agents and careers. “But maybe later. They offered me the part.”

“That’s great,” I said, jumping up to give her a hug. “So why does it look like someone popped your balloon?”

“The movie is being targeted to start production at the end of July, just after my birthday and I’d have to be there for about a month. But it’s going to film in Vancouver,” Selena said.

“And?” I asked, trying to sound calm. I was already screaming a little on the inside, but someone needed to put up a brave front.

“I don’t like being away from you for even a couple days, how am I going to last a month?” Selena lamented.

“Don’t even think of turning it down because of me,” I told her as I held her at arms length so I could look directly into her eyes. “If you think the movie is going to be terrible, then fine, but I’m not going to let you use me as an excuse.”

“Why do you have to be so good to me?” Selena asked, smiling as tears appeared in the corners of her eyes. “The one time I want you to be completely selfish and you’re telling me to do what’s best for me and my career.”

“I know, disgusting, right?” I responded. “But I really am being completely and totally selfish. What’s the worst case scenario in all this for you?”

“I don’t know, that I leave and you find someone else before I get back I guess,” Selena sighed.

“You know when I knew I was in love with you? Remember that day with Dianna in December? Then after that we went out and everything just seemed so natural and fun and everything that pretty much every other relationship I’ve ever been in never was? I found myself thinking of nothing but you for weeks and wishing that everything could be that free and easy,” I said, kissing her forehead. “So now that I’ve got you, there’s no way I’d even look for someone else, let alone be able to find one in a month that even comes close to you.”

“For me it was Halloween. Remember, I went out the night before and I called you for a ride? And even though you hate clubs and had absolutely no reason to come get me other than we were kinda friends and probably should’ve just told me to call a cab or something, you came and got me. Then when that guy kept hitting on me and wouldn’t take no for an answer you stepped right up and kissed me and scared him off. And as if that wasn’t enough, even though I would’ve gladly let you do anything and everything you wanted to me, you let me have your bed and slept on the couch because I’d had a couple drinks and suddenly I knew I was in big trouble,” Selena said, a tear rolling down her cheek. “That’s why I dragged you to Dianna’s party, because I was trying to nudge you towards Taylor. If you were going to end up with her eventually then I figured it might as well happen as soon as possible before I got too deep to get out. Instead that bitch Phoebe stepped in and ruined it.”

“I guess that explains why Phoebe kept insisting that you hated her,” I said, laughing.

“She was nice and all, but she was dating the one guy I had any interest in at all. She could’ve been Mother Teresa and I still would’ve hated her,” Selena said, shrugging her shoulders. “That’s just how girls are.”

“For the record, my worst case is that you turn down the part because of me, the movie becomes a hit, and you resent me for making you pass on such a huge opportunity. So call your agent back and tell him you’re taking the part or I’ll do it for you,” I said, pulling her in for a hug.

“What would I do without you?” Selena sighed, putting her arms around me.

“If I’m lucky you’ll never have to find out. Now call your agent and tell him you decided to take the part,” I said, pointing at the phone that was still in her hand. “Besides, your birthday is still a couple months away. Who knows, you might be sick of me by then.”

“Oh baby, that is not going to happen,” Selena sighed. “I spent months wishing I could be with you, to the point that when it actually happened I was scared to death that I’d built you up so much in my mind that the reality could never live up to my expectations. But then you somehow managed to be everything I could’ve wanted and more. And every time I think I couldn’t love you more you do something like bring me flowers for no reason except you were thinking of me.”

“Ask my exes how romantic I am and they’re likely to give you an earful. But with you it’s different,” I said. “Personally, I’m just desperately trying not to screw things up.”

“Trust me, you’re doing a wonderful job,” Selena said, putting her arms around my neck and pulling me down for a kiss that left me tingling all over.

“Then after you’ve called your agent I say we go out and celebrate,” I suggested, returning her kiss with one that had a little more urgency behind it. “Dinner and dancing sound good to you? Maybe some place that will let you get sweaty while grinding up against me.”

“You hate clubs,” Selena said.

“Yeah, but I like you and I really like it when you’re all sweaty and grinding up against me,” I said, grinning.

“We could accomplish all that right over there,” Selena said, pointing at my bedroom door.

“Consider that my reward for letting you drag me out onto the dance floor whenever you want,” I said.

“Deal, though if we have to get ready anyway, would you mind a down payment in the shower?” Selena asked, grinning evilly.

“I’m going to need a Gatorade or something before the night is over, won’t I?” I asked, picking up Selena and carrying her towards the bathroom.

“Better make it two, wouldn’t want you cramping at the wrong time,” Selena said, wrapping her legs around my waist and kissing me.

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