Adventures In Television #13 – Birthday Surprises

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Adventures In Television #13 – Birthday Surprises

By voodoojoe

“You sure your mom doesn’t mind you spending the night before your birthday with me?” I asked Selena as we walked up to the door of the bar.

“The fact that you even asked shows why she likes you so much,” Selena giggled as we held out or IDs for the bouncer at the door. “Besides, I think she’s getting tired of me hanging around all the time to play with Gracie. She actually told me to go spend some time with my boyfriend.”

Gracie referred to Selena’s new baby sister. Roughly five weeks old, she was just a cute little thing that had clearly captured her big sister’s attention. It seemed like every chance she got Selena was over there bonding with her little sister.

“She turns twenty-one at midnight, so I was hoping we could just go inside and wait until then,” I told the bouncer.

“Sure, why not,” the bouncer said, stamping both of our hands with a green smiley face before adding a red frowning face to Selena’s.

“What should I order?” Selena asked as we made our way into the quiet bar.

“If I were you I’d go with one of those fruity drinks with an umbrella in it that guys are only allowed to drink while on vacation in tropical locales,” I answered as we took a seat at the end of the bar.

“What can I get you two?” the bartender asked us.

“Just a Diet Coke for me,” I said. “But at midnight she wants a Bahama Mama.”

“Twenty-first birthday tomorrow?” the bartender asked Selena, looking at her dual stamps as he poured me a Diet Coke.

“Yep, in ten minutes,” Selena answered, looking at the clock on her phone.

“Then I’ll be back in ten minutes,” the bartender assured us.

+ * + * +

“I think I’m a little drunk,” Selena said as she finished her second drink.

I wasn’t particularly surprised. While I’d seen her drink before, she didn’t do it often. She kept beer in her refrigerator but considering there always seemed to be the same amount of it every time I opened it up, she either didn’t drink much of it or she drank a lot of it and then replaced the exact amount by the next time I went to retrieve one.

“Do you want to go home now, or do you want to try one more?” I asked her as she played with her empty glass.

“I want a martini,” Selena said, her words slurring just enough to let me know that her next one would definitely be her last.

“Okay, one more and then it’s time to take you back to your place,” I said as the bartender started to make Selena’s drink.

“No, your place,” Selena insisted, fixing me with a gaze that told me she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Too bad I don’t take advantage of drunk girls,” I said, smirking at her.

“You do tonight,” Selena said matter-of-factly as the bartender put her drink in front of her.

“I do, huh?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” Selena nodded, picking up the toothpick with two olives on it that was in her martini and passing it to me. I’d made a pun about how ‘olive’ sounds like ‘I love’ and so it’d become a bit of an inside joke between us that giving each other an olive was like saying ‘I love you’ and less sickening to those watching us.

“Aww, right back at ya,” I said, taking one of the olives and passing it back.

+ * + * +

“My head hurts,” Selena said as she came shuffling out of my room wearing one of my t-shirts that just barely covered her ass.

“It’s not a twenty-first birthday until it does,” I said, grinning as I held out a cup of coffee for her. “So what are your plans for your birthday?”

“Shopping and lunch with Demi, maybe get a pedicure this afternoon, then we’re having dinner with my parents,” Selena answered, drinking her coffee. “It’ll be their first night out since the baby and I think Brian is really looking forward to it.”

“Ohhh, I’d love to go, but I’m going to be busy planning your surprise party,” I said with a smirk.

“You want to sleep alone tonight, don’t you?” Selena asked, returning my smirk.

“Dinner it is. I’ll meet you at the restaurant after work,” I told her.

“Good choice,” Selena said, standing up. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if a hot shower will help my headache.”

+ * + * +

“Do I look fat?” Selena asked, uttering the four words that men feared most. She’d just come out of the bathroom wearing a skirt and a bra and distracting my attention from the tv.

“Is this one of those things where no matter what I say we get into a big fight and I spend a couple nights on the couch? Or are you feeling a little self-conscious and you need your boyfriend to tell you how amazing you look?” I asked her even though I had a pretty good idea. I’d had girlfriends that thought it was fun to pick fights for the hell of it but Selena wasn’t the type.

“The second one,” Selena said, frowning.

“Come here,” I said, holding out my arms. As she came close I put my hands on her hips and pulled her onto the couch straddling my lap, facing me. “I know I’m far from unbiased but you really are the most beautiful woman in the world. Every time I see you my heart skips a beat, my breath catches in my throat, and I wonder why you even bother with a guy like me. But that just makes me even more determined to make you so deliriously happy that you don’t stop and wonder why.”

As I looked at her I could see a little moisture gathering in her eyes before she leaned in and kissed me. While she kissed me I slipped a hand under the pillow on the couch next to me and closed it around the square box secreted under it. By the time she broke the kiss I’d pulled it out and held it out for her.

“What’s this?” Selena asked, taking the box from me. “You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“It’s your birthday, and god knows you deserve it for putting up with me,” I insisted.

“Oh my god, it’s beautiful,” Selena said as she opened it to find the necklace I’d picked out.

It wasn’t anything super fancy or anything, just a diamond pendant on a chain. But I figured it was simple enough to be worn any time but classy enough to be worn on special occasions as well. It was far more than I’d spent on a birthday gift for any of my previous girlfriends, but I was also making more money now.

Plus, I was far more serious about Selena than I’d been about any of my previous girlfriends. I’d been in longer relationships than the four months we’d been together, and I’d even been in more intense relationships. But the intense ones usually only lasted a few weeks until the intensity of the sex cooled and not much was left. With Selena, however, every time I thought things might be cooling off she’d ask me to handcuff her or we’d just kinda fall into a little roleplay without even thinking about it and we’d be right back to fucking like rabbits.

“Put it on me?” Selena asked as she turned her body somewhat in my lap and pulled her hair out of the way.

“I thought about getting you a spa day or something, but then I saw the necklace and started thinking about it nestled just above your cleavage,” I said as I reached around her neck to put the necklace on her. “Then of course once I started thinking about your cleavage it was a foregone conclusion.”

“How does it look?” Selena asked as she adjusted it so it dangled right above her cleavage just like I’d envisioned.

“I think it looks great,” I said, only partly staring at the necklace. “You might ask someone that didn’t buy it or didn’t just declare you the most beautiful woman in the world a few minutes ago, though.”

“Well I love it,” Selena said, putting her hands on the back of my neck.

As if to prove that she loved it Selena leaned in and kissed me. Feeling myself start to react I wrapped my arms around her. Instinctively I started to roll to the side, pushing her down onto the couch as my crotch started doing the thinking for me.

“Danny,” Selena said, giggling as I kissed my way down to her neck.

Ignoring her for the moment I nuzzled her neck and kissed her collarbone. My hands started to slide up her body until they reached her chest. I cupped her breasts as I ground my crotch against her.

“Danny, I have to get ready to go,” Selena said even as she tilted her head so I could have better access to her neck.

“You knew what was going to happen when you kissed me,” I grunted, my fingers trying to pull down the cups of her bra.

“Danny,” Selena said more firmly, letting me know the fun was over for the moment.

“Fine, but at least give me one more to tide me over until dinner,” I sighed.

“Okay, but make it good, though not too good,” Selena said, grinning. “Good enough to keep us both thinking about it all day but not so good that I forget that Demi’s going to be here any minute.”

Lowering my head I pressed my lips to hers. I started slow before turning up the heat. Our tongues danced together and just as I felt myself reach the point where I knew I’d have trouble stopping, I finally pried myself away from her.

“You should probably run before I remember there’s a gorgeous half naked girl on my couch and change my mind,” I grunted, sitting up.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded for your sacrifice tonight,” Selena assured me, giving me a kiss on the cheek as she slid out from under me.

“I better,” I said, trying to will my body to calmness as there was a knock on the door.

“That should be Demi,” Selena said as she hurried to finish getting ready. “Tell her I’ll be ready in a minute.”

“Sure thing,” I said, adjusting myself to hide the tent in my pants as best I could before swinging the door open.

“This might sound weird, but is Selena Gomez here?” Demi Lovato asked, looking at her phone to make sure she had the right place.

“She’s in the bathroom touching up her makeup,” I said, stepping aside so Demi could enter.

“So you’re the famous Danny I’ve been hearing about for months,” Demi said, appraising me.

“I don’t know that I’m famous,” I said, closing the door behind her.

“Trust me, you’re famous,” Demi said. “As much as she talks about you I’m surprised Selena hasn’t let me meet you before.”

“That’s because she normally keeps me tied to the bed and only lets me out long enough to eat. You must not have been around in any of the fifteen minute windows when I’m allowed to roam free,” I joked.

“You weren’t complaining last night,” Selena said, emerging from the bathroom.

“That’s because my mind was focused on other things,” I responded. “Like wondering why you’ve got the softest bed ever but you always want to sleep here.”

The split between time we spent in my apartment compared to the time we spent at her house would probably be best expressed through a comparison of how much space each of us occupied in the others living space. I had a drawer and a couple hangers in Selena’s bedroom while she had a drawer to go along with half my closet and growing.

“Because I like being here,” Selena answered as she and Demi headed for the door. “I wake up, throw on one of your shirts, you make me coffee. At home I have to wear my own clothes.”

“Somehow I don’t think he’d complain if you didn’t wear any clothes at all,” Demi said as Selena opened the door for her. “Bye Dan, nice to meet you.”

“Nice meeting you too,” I said.

“Bye babe,” Selena said, giving me a quick kiss goodbye. “And the answer is no.”

“What question was I going to ask?” I wondered.

“Demi is not an option,” Selena replied firmly. “And I mean it, you touch her and we’re done.”

“Good to know, but that thought never even crossed my mind,” I said. “The only dirty thought that crossed my mind in the last few minutes involved you and a French maid uniform.”

“But it crossed hers and I wanted to make sure you knew she was off limits,” Selena said. “Demi and I have fought over guys before and even tried to share one and it didn’t end well. It’s not happening again, so remember that if she tries anything.”

“Message received,” I told her. “Now where did we land on the whole French maid thing?”

“Find me a costume and we’ll talk,” Selena said, grinning as she closed the door behind her.

+ * + * +

“Sorry I’m late, but I had to stop and get something for the birthday girl,” I said, pulling a single red rose from behind my back as I slid into the seat next to Selena and opposite her parents.

“Aww, it’s beautiful,” Selena said, lifting the flower to her nose to smell it. She must have gone home after her afternoon with Demi because the skirt and blouse she’d left my apartment in had been traded in for a purple dress that hugged her curves without being too tight for a dinner with her parents. And of course resting just above her breasts was her new necklace.

“And I can’t get something for one beautiful woman without getting one for the other,” I said, holding out a yellow rose for Selena’s mom. “You’re looking lovely as ever tonight, Mrs. Teefey.”

“Thank you, Dan,” Selena’s mom said, blushing slightly as she took the rose. “But I think you’ve been dating my daughter long enough that you you could probably start calling me Mandy.”

“I’m still Mr. Teefey,” Selena’s step dad said, before grinning to show me he was joking. “But I’m not going to have to worry about you, am I?”

“I’m just using the mother to get to the daughter, don’t tell anyone,” I said, making a show of leaning forward so I could whisper conspiratorially across the table to Brian.

“Have I told you that I like him?” Mandy asked Selena.

“Not in the last couple hours, but yes, you’ve mentioned it,” Selena said, beaming as she took my hand under the table.

“I like your necklace, is it new?” Mandy asked Selena, noticing the new jewelry.

“Yeah, Danny gave it to me this morning,” Selena said, subconsciously touching the necklace.

“He has good taste,” Mandy said, nodding her approval.

“Of course I do, look at my choice in girlfriends,” I joked, grinning as I squeezed Selena’s hand.

“Did Selena tell you that I knew you two would end up together before she did?” Mandy asked me.

“No, she didn’t,” I said, turning to look at Selena.

In reality not long after we started dating Selena and I had compared notes and realized that we’d both had rather sizable crushes on each other for quite a while. We were just so caught up in being ‘just friends’ that we never really stopped to think about what everyone else saw, that we didn’t act like we were ‘just friends.’ But sensing an opportunity to see Selena mortified, I wasn’t about to let her off the hook quite so easily by telling her mom that.

“What was it, last June or July she came buzzing through the house one day just humming away. Now, my daughter is a happy girl, but she doesn’t hum for no reason,” Mandy said, smiling. “Then pictures of the two of you at that premiere started showing up and it didn’t take a genius to put two and two together.”

“Mo-o-om,” Selena said, embarrassed.

“For months she tried to say you were just friends, but moms always know better,” Mandy said, disregarding her daughter.

“In her defense, I thought it was impossible that she might be interested in me like that or I would’ve asked her out sooner,” I said, squeezing Selena’s hand.

“You should’ve asked me, I would’ve set you straight and you two could be moving in together by now instead of just talking about it,” Mandy said.

“Mo-o-om,” Selena repeated, looking panicked.

“Oh, you mean you haven’t talked about it with him?” Mandy asked.

“Next weekend we’ll have dinner with my mom and you can enjoy watching her make me sweat, okay?” I assured Selena, patting her hand. “But until then, what else has she been talking about?”

“Please no,” Selena grunted, looking like she wanted to hide under the table.

+ * + * +

“So you want to move in, huh?” I asked Selena, giving her a bad time as we drove home.

“No, I mean, I don’t know, some day maybe,” Selena sighed. “Maybe not here, but somewhere with you. You haven’t thought about it?”

“You’re going to have to earn the answer to that question,” I said with a smirk as I turned a corner and saw my building ahead.

In truth, Selena had spent most nights in my apartment in the four months since we’d started dating so of course I’d thought about making it official. I wasn’t quite ready to take that step and as much as I loved her it still made my chest tighten up at the thought, but letting the thought in was always the first step to action. Besides, I wasn’t about to volunteer that information when I could tease her and hold it over her head a bit.

“Come on,” Selena begged as we approached my building.

“Looks like a light night,” I said, noticing only a couple photographers waiting out front for Selena to show up.

It had become an open secret that Selena spent much of her time with me so they’d gradually started congregating out front looking for pictures. How many depended on how many got hot tips that pulled them away or how many got bored waiting and wandered off. It seemed like there was at least one or two most nights and sometimes a half dozen or so if there wasn’t much else going on.

“Want me to drop you off out front so you can make a run for the door?” I asked her even though I knew the answer from pretty much every other night.

“I’d rather walk with you. I feel safer that way,” Selena said as I pulled into the parking lot around the corner.

“Me too, but I like to at least make the offer,” I said as I pulled into my parking spot.

“So are you going to tell me?” Selena asked as we got out of the car.

“Maybe later,” I said, taking her hand as we walked.

As we came around the corner the photographers snapped to attention and started taking pictures. Being in kinda sorta the same business as them I tried to just ignore them and let them take their pictures as long as they didn’t get too obnoxious about it. Unfortunately I knew this was not going to be one of those times when one of them started to lay down so he could aim up Selena’s dress when we stopped so I could unlock the front door.

“Come on, man, you’re better than that,” I snapped, moving to block his view. “If you keep trying that shit I’m going to have to break your camera, then you’re going to have to call the police, and then the night is ruined for everyone.”

He must have seen the look on my face and realized I really was about to kick him in the face if he tried because he stopped halfway down and stood up straight instead. Giving him a satisfied smile I opened the door and escorted Selena through it.

“My hero,” Selena said, slipping an arm around my waist and leaning against me as we headed for the stairs.

“The only person that gets to take pictures up your skirt is me,” I said. “That reminds me, I should probably delete the pictures from the time we roleplayed the sleazy paparazzi and the innocent girl.”

“Hey, you weren’t actually supposed to be taking pictures,” Selena said, her mouth hanging open in shock.

“I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, and I got some great shots. Though you probably should’ve worn underwear to really sell the innocent girl part,” I said, laughing.

“Maybe before you delete them the sleazy paparazzi can try to use them to blackmail the innocent girl into letting him do all sorts of naughty stuff to her,” Selena said with a grin.

“Sounds like fun,” I said as we neared my apartment. “But first I have another special present for you.”

“If you’re turning down a chance to be a sleazy photographer, it must be something really big. Ooh, did you get me a girl? You got me a girl, didn’t you?” Selena asked, her mind suddenly turned to other things.

“No, sorry, I didn’t get you a girl,” I said, unlocking the door.

“Surprise,” a pair of voice said as the door swung open.

“I got you two of them,” I said as Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale rushed forward to hug Selena. I’d arranged it with the the two of them and even had a secret meeting with Ashley a couple days before to give her a spare key so they could get in. Then I’d gotten a text from them during dinner to let me know that they were there.

“Oh my god, wow,” Selena said, practically salivating over the fun she was about to have. “Best boyfriend ever.”

“You three have fun, I’m going to go do some laundry. I’ll be back in a couple hours and I made sure that Tom would be out for the evening, so you should have plenty of time,” I said.

“What? Nooooo,” Selena said, grabbing my hand as I turned to leave. “You can’t go. I want, no, need you here.”

“What about them?” I asked her, nodding my head towards Lucy and Ashley. “I doubt they want a dude getting in their way of ravishing you.”

“Who cares what they want,” Selena said. “It’s my birthday and I want to spend it with my boyfriend. If you don’t want to stay, then fine, we’ll go do laundry if you want, just as long as we’re together.”

“For the record, we do,” Lucy said as Ashley nodded her agreement.

“Wow, you’re really clingy tonight if you’re willing to do laundry,” I said with a grin.

“You’re the one that made me love you, deal with it,” Selena said. “So, are we doing laundry or are we going to fuck a couple sluts?”

“Who are you calling a slut?” Ashley asked with a mock pouty face.

“You’re the one wanting to fuck my man, I can call you whatever I want,” Selena said, grinning at her. “If I’d known Danny was going to do something like this though, I would’ve brought my strap on.”

“Good thing we came prepared then,” Ashley said with a smirk. “You’re going to fuck Lucy while Dan fucks me, then we’re all going to switch. Unless you have something else in mind.”

“No, that sounds fine,” Selena said, nodding her head.

“So I’m staying?” I asked.

“The only way you’re leaving is if you can pry me off you,” Selena said, holding onto my arm.

“The next time I pry you off me will be the first,” I said, pulling Selena in for a hug. “Though if you let go for a minute, I’ll go get the tequila and limes.”

“Babe, you don’t need to get me drunk to get me naked,” Selena purred as she let go of my arm.

“I was thinking you might want to try some body shots,” I said, heading for the kitchen and grabbing the bottle of tequila and salt out of the cupboard and limes out of the fridge.

“Body shots? Wow, I haven’t done any of those since, what, the first season wrap party?” Lucy said. “It got so crazy that night even Troian let us drink from her belly button. Then the next morning some rumors about the party started to leak out and they’ve made us keep them tame ever since.”

“Birthday girl gets first shot?” I asked the girls as I sliced a lime up into wedges.

“I’m the shot glass,” Ashley announced, tugging on her shirt until she had it all the way off.

“I like this already,” Selena said, openly ogling Ashley in her bra as she laid down the coffee table.

“Okay, I know this is hard for you, but you’re going to lick her stomach so the salt can stick,” I told Selena.

“Oh darn,” Selena said sarcastically, snapping her fingers.

As Selena shook a little salt onto Ashley’s tummy I poured a little tequila into the middle of the blonde’s belly. With it pooled in and around Ashley’s navel I took a wedge of lime and rested it on her stomach just outside the pool of alcohol.

“Oooh,” Ashley moaned as Selena licked the salt, sucked up the tequila, and then finished by picking up the lime and sticking it her mouth.

“Next,” I said, looking at Lucy as I refilled the human shot glass.

After Lucy took a shot, Ashley cajoled her into taking a turn as the glass so Selena and Ashley could take shots. Then of course Selena, sensing something new, had to try it and before anyone could stop her had stripped off her dress and taken her spot on the table wearing just bra and panties.

“Who gets the pleasure?” I asked her.

“You,” Selena said, grabbing my shirt and pulling me to her.

Grinning, I leaned down and gave her stomach a long, lingering lick that made Selena giggle and squirm. Then rather than straighten up I moved over to give her a kiss as Ashley poured the salt. And even though I was focused on the kiss I could tell exactly when the tequila hit her stomach because Selena tensed up slightly and gasped into my mouth.

When I broke the kiss I kept my face right in front of hers for a moment and stared into her eyes, communicating silently with her before moving back down her body. After licking up the salt I lowered my lips to the pool of golden liquid and quickly sucked it up, finishing with several licks and kisses around her belly button under the pretense of making sure I’d gotten as much of the tequila as I could. Opening my mouth I lowered it over the lime wedge and gently grazed my teeth along her belly as I scooped up the fruit, finishing with a soft kiss to her stomach before lifting my head.

“Someone better fuck me soon,” Selena gasped, making me grin because I’d clearly overheated her.

“You heard her,” Ashley told Lucy as she turned her attention to me.

Before I could object Ashley had pushed me onto the couch. As Ashley went to work on my clothes I glanced over and made eye contact with Selena. She smiled at me and gave me a look of hunger that she normally reserved for the times right after her period ended and it generally meant that I had a couple minutes to brace myself for Hurricane Selena, if I was lucky.

My attention was drawn away from Selena though when I felt a mouth start to engulf my cock. Groaning I looked down and saw Ashley’s blonde head slowly bobbing up and down in my crotch. She’d gotten my pants opened and pulled down just far enough to get at my cock. Reaching down I put my index finger under her chin and encouraged her tilt her head so I could see her sweet face as she sucked my cock.

“Look at the little lesbian sucking cock,” I grunted, letting Ashley do her thing. “Have you been practicing on Lucy’s strap on? I bet you have, getting it nice and wet so she can fuck you while you think about my cock inside you.”

“She has,” Lucy said, drawing my attention to where she was pulling her strap on up her legs. “She even nicknamed it Danny.”

At the revelation Selena moaned and pulled Lucy closer. Grabbing the shaft of the dildo Selena wrapped her lips around the head. After being on the receiving end of a countless number of her blow jobs I was suddenly very envious of the toy. As good a job as Ashley was doing on my knob, she had nothing on my Selena.

Ashley seemed to enjoy her little foray into cock sucking but it wasn’t the reason she was in my apartment. Technically she was there to service Selena in any way she might require, but the way she’d jumped on me let me know that I was at least a little bit of the reason.

And to that end when Ashley was satisfied that I was rock hard she pulled her mouth off my cock. Gripping my cock at the base she stood up and threw a leg over my waist. Taking a deep breath she aimed me at the opening of her pussy before slowly lowering herself onto me.

As Ashley slowly fucked me I looked over and saw Lucy sliding her toy into Selena’s waiting cunt. It was so hot I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Nothing beat the sight of my cock fucking in and out of Selena, but watching another woman playing with her was as close as anything else could ever get in the hotness department.

“Look at that,” I told Ashley, grabbing her hips and thrusting up into her a few times before I let her take over again. “Your girlfriend fucking mine, talk about hot.”

“Mmhmm,” Ashley moaned, fucking herself on my cock as she watched Lucy pleasure Selena.

The combination of visual stimulation soon had her picking up the pace in her fucking. The fact that she was in love with a woman and yet she was fucking a man probably helped bring a certain taboo factor that spiced it up a bit as well.

Either way she was really starting to bounce on top of me, her tits bouncing right along with her. Reaching up I cupped her tits and pinched her nipples between my fingers, eliciting a moan from Ashley. Lifting my hips I started to meet her thrusts with ones of my own, hoping to speed up her trip towards climax.

“Fuck her, Danny,” Selena demanded as she watched Ashley ride me like a bike. “I want to watch her come all over your cock. Or should I call it my cock? Because it’s mine and no one but me gets to fuck it unless I say so.”

“You heard the birthday girl,” I snarled at Ashley. “She wants you come all over her cock”

“Ohhh,” Ashley moaned, biting her lower lip as her bounces started to take on a frantic quality.

Grabbing her hips I pulled her down all the way onto my cock. Holding there for a moment I shifted on the couch until I could sit up with her straddling my lap. With the change of position I was able to plant my feet on the floor and press against the back of the couch as I held onto her and drilled up into her snatch.

“Ohhh fuck me, Dan, fuck me,” Ashley hissed, leaning forward to press her chest against mine.

With her head right next to my ear I could hear Ashley gasping for air as I pummeled her pussy. Moving my hands to her ass I gripped a cheek in each hand and used the added leverage to give her even more. Finally just as my legs were starting to show serious of fatigue I felt the first flutters of Ashley’s orgasm.

“So fucking close,” Ashley grunted, her body starting to shake as I continued to pound into her. My legs were going to need a little rest after, but I was pretty sure it would be worth it.

While holding onto her ass I slid one hand into her crack. Finding her little asshole I softly rubbed around the outside, drawing a gasp from Ashley as she hovered right at the precipice of ecstasy. Pushing forward my finger entered her tight ass and got the exact reaction I’d hoped for.

“Oh fuck, I’m fucking coming,” Ashley screeched, more than loud enough for our girlfriends to hear since they were on the coffee table mere feet away from us.

Glancing over I saw that Lucy’s attention seemed to be entirely focused on Selena but I thought I saw a flicker of a grin as she listened to her girlfriend come. For her part, Selena’s eyes were locked on my cock as it continued to slice in and out of Ashley and she was clearly enjoying the sight.

As Ashley shook through her climax on top of me I slowed down until I was barely moving inside of her. I wasn’t quite ready to come yet and I’d learned a lot in the last few months about holding myself in check when I needed to.

“Come here, baby,” Selena said, reaching her hand out as Ashley started to come down from her climax.

Rolling over to lay Ashley on her back on the couch I extracted my cock from her cunt. She groaned at the withdrawal but a big smile crossed her face and she sighed as I moved to kneel next to Selena. Leaning down I gave Selena a soft kiss and stroked her cheek as Lucy stroked in and out of her.

“Let me taste her,” Selena hissed, turning her head to look down at my cock.

“Want me to bring her over here?” I asked Selena, teasing her a little.

“Stick your cock in my mouth, now,” Selena demanded, her hand on the back of my head.

“You’re the birthday girl,” I said, grinning as I straightened up enough to present her with my cock.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned as she licked my shaft and getting a nice taste of Ashley’s cream.

Opening her mouth she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, sucking hard enough to make my eyes roll back in my head. It was like she saw Ashley giving me head and decided to prove that she was still my blowjob queen.

“Fuck my mouth,” Selena moaned around the head as Lucy continued to do a bang up job on her pussy.

Smirking at her request I pushed my cock deeper into Selena’s mouth. I had a pretty good idea of what she could handle and what she couldn’t at this point, but Selena put her hands on my thighs so she could stop me if I tried to get a little enthusiastic with my thrusts.

Slowly I started to slide in and out of Selena’s eager mouth. Putting my hands on the edge of the table I pushed in almost until I bumped against the back of her throat before pulling back. But as I picked up speed I shortened my thrusts to reduce the chance I might accidentally push in too far. Soon I was fucking Selena’s mouth almost in time with Lucy’s thrusts into her pussy.

“Mmmph,” Selena moaned around my cock as she was spit roasted from both ends.

As I fucked Selena’s mouth I did a double take when I saw a hand reach out and caress Selena’s nearest breast. Turning my head I smiled as Ashley joined the efforts to get the birthday girl off by leaning down to take a nipple into her mouth.

Feeling Selena’s body start to quiver I knew she was in the early stages. As her hands squeezed my thighs I slowed my thrusting a bit so she didn’t have to worry about me quite as much while she went through her orgasm.

Finally with one last thrust from Lucy Selena let out a loud muffled moan that announced her climax. Her body went rigid as she came and I stopped and held myself in her mouth so she could alternate between sucking and moaning around my cock.

When Selena finally started to come down from her orgasm I tried to pull out but she grabbed my legs and wouldn’t let me. Scooting up a little on the table so her head was all the way off it she bent her neck and tilted her head. Pulling on my legs she urged me to continue fucking her mouth.

As Selena pulled me deeper into her mouth I felt myself start to slide into her throat. Pulling back I felt her apply suction like she was trying to suck my jizz out of my balls through a straw. And damn me if it wasn’t working really well.

“Almost,” I warned Selena as I felt myself on the verge of coming.

Not even missing a beat, and even sucking harder, Selena moved a hand around to massage my balls as she coaxed my load out of me. With little more than a grunt of warning I let go, feeling my come erupt from the end of cock. Selena moaned as spurt after spurt of creamy goodness basted the inside of her mouth.

When I’d finished Selena let my cock slide out of her mouth. Rolling over onto her stomach she continued to stroke my cock and lick the head in an effort to get me hard again. She didn’t work too hard at it though because it was still sensitive on the heels of my orgasm.

“I hope you have another one in you because Lucy was hoping you’d fuck her ass,” Ashley whispered into my ear.

“Wow, I think he liked whatever you said,” Selena said laughing because I’d gone from semi-hard to iron bar status in no time.

“I did,” I said, looking over at Lucy as Ashley helped her out of her harness.

After leaning down to kiss Selena I moved over and without a word picked up Lucy. She squealed as I threw over my shoulder but I didn’t pay much attention. My mind was focused on getting my cock in her ass as I carried into the bedroom.

“Put me down,” Lucy said, giggling and patting my back.

“Sure thing,” I said, dropping her onto my bed. “So, Ashley says you’re feeling adventurous tonight.”

“She told you?” Lucy asked, blushing cutely.

“I think she really wants to see it,” I said, letting my eyes roam over her naked body. She didn’t have Ashley’s tits but everything seemed to fit her little elfin body perfectly.

“See what?” Selena asked, appearing at my side.

“Apparently Lucy’s in the mood for some backdoor action,” I said, grinning.

“I wondered why you dragged her in here when you could’ve just thrown her down on the couch or floor and fucked her silly,” Selena said, licking her lips at the prospect of watching Lucy take it in the butt.

“Yeah, the lube’s in here and if I was going to come in here to get it anyway, might as well stay in here,” I said, opening the drawer where I kept our collection of fun time stuff. “Any preference in flavor?”

“How about cherry for a cherry?” Selena said, smirking at her comment.

“While he’s doing her, is there anything I could do to you, birthday girl?” Ashley asked, stroking the fake cock that was now dangling from between her legs.

“You can do anything you want,” Selena said, leaning in to kiss Ashley.

“Do I get any say in this?” Lucy asked as I positioned her on her hands and knees.

“Of course, you can say no to anything and everything,” I assured her. “If you want to, I can fuck your pussy. Or I can use my tongue, or I can leave you alone completely and concentrate on Selena and Ashley if that’s what you want.”

“Let him fuck your ass, it’s amazing,” Selena said as Ashley laid her down on the bed next to us.

“I don’t know, it looks like it’ll, oh god,” Lucy hissed as I unexpectedly leaned in and delicately ran the tip of my tongue along the rim of her asshole.

“Yeah, I should’ve warned you that he likes to do, uh, that,” Selena grunted as Ashley plunged the toy deep inside her.

Lucy had tightened up at the first lick but as I pried her butt cheeks apart and flicked my tongue against her anus she started to loosen up. When I stiffened my tongue and poked it against the center Lucy actually moaned and pushed back against me.

Taking that as a good sign I pulled back and grabbed the bottle of lube. Squirting some on my finger I brought it up and slowly rubbed it around the edges of her asshole. Lucy gasped but didn’t try to pull away as I pushed and eased my finger into her insanely tight ass.

“Uhhh,” Lucy groaned as I moved my finger around inside her asshole in an effort to stretch her out a bit.

“Remember, we can stop at any time,” I assured Lucy as I pulled my finger out so I could squirt some more lube in the crack of her ass.

As she nodded I straightened up behind her. I made sure to smear liberal amounts of lube along my cock to try to make it as easy as possible to fuck Lucy. When I was sure I was as slick as I was going to get I moved into position behind Lucy.

“Stop for a minute,” Selena said, putting a hand on Ashley’s stomach. When Ashley stopped her thrusting Selena moved around on the bed so she could get a better look at what I was doing.

“You ready?” I asked Lucy, but I also made sure to make eye contact with Selena to make sure she was done moving.

“Yeah,” Lucy said nervously, turning her head to look back at me.

Taking hold of my cock I lined it up with Lucy’s rear entrance. Taking a glance down over at Selena and Ashley I saw that Ashley had only restarted her thrusting at a really slow tempo so both of them could watch what I was about to do to Lucy.

It was a little weird not only having an audience, but an audience that was so engrossed in the show, and practically right on top of us. But it was also really hot, especially since one was my girlfriend and the other was the girlfriend of the girl I was getting ready to sodomize.

Turning my attention back to the matter at hand, I slowly pushed forward. Lucy grunted and I felt her asshole clench up but Selena came to our rescue. Reaching her hand out she stroked lightly her fingers along Lucy’s thighs.

“Just relax,” Selena told her in a calm, gentle voice.

Feeling Lucy start to calm down I pushed forward. Before she realized what I’d done the head of my cock had already popped through her sphincter. She gasped and tightened up, squeezing my cock tighter than just about anything I’d ever felt, but I just held still and let her adjust to the penetration.

“Go slow,” Lucy gasped as I finally started to push more of my cock into her ass.

I didn’t really need to be told that, but it was a definite sign of confidence from her so I responded by slowly working my cock into her with short strokes. Pulling out a bit I pushed in a bit further than before and after a couple minutes of tedious progress I finally felt my pelvis bump up against her ass.

“That looks so hot,” Ashley said, drawing my attention to where she was giving Selena long, slow strokes while they watched.

“Definitely,” Selena moaned.

“How does it feel?” Ashley asked.

“Really fucking big,” Lucy grunted, a grimace on her face as she turned to look at her girlfriend.

“It gets better,” I told her.

“Wait a minute,” Selena said, reaching out to stop Ashley.

Slowly pulling back until about half of my cock was outside of Lucy’s ass I kept one eye on where Selena had started moving again. Finally as I started to push back into Lucy Selena had settled down with her head right underneath Lucy.

“Hello,” Selena said, grinning as she looked up at me from between Lucy’s legs.

“Hey babe,” I said, smiling at her momentarily before thrusting forward into Lucy’s anal cavity.

“So hot,” Selena moaned, watching my cock slide in and out of Lucy’s virgin ass.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I joked as I pulled almost all of my cock out of Lucy.

With Selena taking an up close view of the action I began to pump Lucy’s ass with a slow, measured pace. As she looked back at me I could see a slight grimace still on her face as she struggled to adapt to having my cock in such a tight hole.

“Relax, Lucy,” Selena said, reaching out to stroke the inside of Lucy’s thigh. “Relax and focus on that little bit of pleasure you’re just starting to feel. Then as your ass loosens up and Danny starts to pick up a bit of speed that pleasure will grow and before you know it you’ll be begging him to fuck that tight little ass of yours like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Uhh,” Lucy grunted, clearly trying to do as Selena said.

Feeling Lucy start to relax I pushed forward with a little more force. As my hips made contact with the globes of Lucy’s ass I was rewarded with a small moan instead of the labored grunts she’d been giving me. Looking down at Selena she gave me a wink and nod to let me know she too had caught the slight shift in Lucy’s reaction.

“Fuck her ass,” Ashley hissed as she made short strokes into Selena. She put her hands on the bed to bring her face closer to where I was fucking Lucy.

With Lucy starting to get into it I lengthened my strokes. I was still going almost painfully slow but instead of fucking her a couple inches at a time I was sliding more than half of my cock in and out of her.

“Ohhh,” Lucy moaned. I was just starting to wonder what it was about when I felt a hand on my balls and realized Selena had decided to take a more active hand in things.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked Selena as her groping spurred me to pick up a little speed.

“How could I, uhh, not?” Selena responded. “I have a hot babe fucking my pussy and getting a close up view of my boyfriend fucking the virgin ass of my friend with my cock. Only way it could get better is if she lowered that pussy to my mouth.”

“You heard her,” I said, pushing my cock all the way into Lucy.

Grabbing hold of Lucy I pulled her back on the bed until I could put my feet on the floor. With Lucy’s knees on the edge of the bed and her feet hanging off in the air I watched as Selena and Ashley shuffled along the bed to get back into their positions.

As Selena’s face came back into my view underneath Lucy, I urged Lucy to spread her knees further apart and then pushed down slightly on her ass. When she was within range Selena’s hands grabbed Lucy’s  hips and her head lifted up to strike at Lucy’s pussy.

“Ohhh,” Lucy moaned as Selena’s tongue made contact with her clit.

“That better?” I asked Selena as I resumed fucking Lucy’s ass.

“Mmhmm,” Selena moaned happily into Lucy’s pussy.

As Selena’s tongue darted through Lucy’s folds I pushed forward, watching the cheeks of Lucy’s ass ripple with the force. A grunt escaped Lucy’s throat but I couldn’t tell whether it was from my cock or Selena’s tongue. Ultimately I decided it didn’t really matter as long as Lucy got where she needed to go.

Pulling back I slid about three quarters of my cock out of Lucy’s asshole before pulling on her hips and shoving it back in. Immediately I pushed her forward and slid back out, feeling the tight ring of her anus grip and milk my cock.

“Ohhhh,” Lucy moaned as I fucked her ass.

With my cock sliding in and out of Lucy’s ass I turned my head and took a moment to watch Ashley fuck Selena. Her tits shook with each thrust she made into my girlfriend’s cunt. It was a truly mesmerizing sight, one that would’ve captivated me completely if not for the fact that I could look down and watch my cock disappear into Lucy’s insanely tight asshole while Selena’s tongue attacked her pussy.

“I’m getting close,” I hissed, warning Selena that she was running out of time if she wanted to taste Lucy’s in time to taste mine.

“Pull out,” Selena told me, pushing on my thighs.

Grunting at her request, I nevertheless complied. As I pulled out I watched as Lucy’s asshole gaped open for a moment before slowly starting to close. If I hadn’t been on the verge of blue balls I would’ve thought it was an extremely erotic sight, but at the moment I was a little distracted.

“Ash, Ash, stop,” Selena said. “Keep Dan warm for me, please? But don’t you dare make him come yet.”

“Hmm, how should I do that?” Ashley mused to herself as she slid her toy out of Selena’s pussy. “I bet he’d like me to suck his cock and taste Lucy’s ass all over it.”

“He would,” I grunted, gritting my teeth. I heard Lucy moan so I figured Selena had gone back to work, but my cock had turned its attention to Ashley

“Or would he like to play with these?” Ashley asked, putting a hand on each of her breasts and pushing them together.

“Both,” I answered, nodding my head.

“Then come here,” Ashley said, beckoning him to her like a Siren.

“Watch her Lucy,” Selena said, her fingers rubbing Lucy’s clit. “Watch her suck Danny’s cock, the cock that was just buried all the way up your tight little ass. I bet you want to watch your girlfriend suck your ass off of my cock, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Lucy mewled as Selena drove her towards her orgasm.

With Lucy’s admission Ashley turned me so Lucy could have a great view. Leaning down Ashley grabbed my cock and held it so she could drag her tongue along the side of the shaft. When she got to the tip she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around bulbous head.

“Uhhhh,” I hissed as Ashley slowly worked more her mouth down onto more of my cock.

“Look at that little slut suck my cock,” Selena said, slipping two fingers into Lucy’s pussy. “She’s slurping your ass up like she can’t get enough of it.”

The combination of Selena’s manipulations, the naughtiness of watching Ashley sucking her ass off my cock, and probably even a little residual thrill from having her ass fucked all combined to be too much for Lucy. As Ashley bobbed her head up and down on my cock Lucy let out a squeal that she tried to muffle by burying her face in Selena’s now free snatch. She didn’t seem to do a very good job on Selena’s pussy, but that wasn’t really the point as she bucked her hips and shook through her climax.

“Give me my cock,” Selena demanded once Lucy had collapsed and rolled off of her.

When Ashley didn’t move fast enough to surrender my manhood, Selena reached and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock. Literally pulling me out of Ashley’s mouth Selena scooted on her back until she could take over the duties of sucking me, and presumably licking up any remains of Lucy’s ass that Ashley hadn’t gotten to.

“Fuck, baby, that’s it,” I grunted, my eyes rolling back in my head as Selena’s talented mouth applied some of the tricks it had learned in the year or so she’d been practicing on me.

Feeling a tickling on my balls I looked down and saw Ashley licking my scrotum. She tilted her head back and made eye contact with me as she sucked one of my testicles into her mouth. It was so hot to see her blue eyes staring at me as she sucked my nut that it pushed me right to the brink.

I was about to warn Selena that I was going to come, but I could tell from the way her hand had started rapidly stroking my shaft that she was already well aware of how close I was. When Selena upped the suction on the head of my cock to unfathomable levels I clenched my jaw tightly and tried to hold on for dear life. But as always, Selena won out and with a low growl my come erupted from the end of my cock into Selena’s waiting mouth.

Working to swallow my jizz as fast as I could pump it out Selena moaned and continued to suck my dick. Even after I’d been sucked dry Selena continued to work my shaft in hopes of squeezing out just a little bit more. Finally I couldn’t take any more and pulled away from her so I could collapse onto the bed to recover.

“I hope you’re not done yet,” Selena said, throwing a leg over my waist to straddle me.

“I wouldn’t forget about my birthday girl,” I said, putting my hands on her hips as she started to grind her pussy against my rapidly hardening cock.

“Good,” Selena said, smiling as she leaned down for a kiss.

“Have you had a good birthday?” I asked her, letting my hands caress her sides.

“Best ever and it’s only going to get better,” Selena said, lifting up so she could reach down and grab my cock. Lining it up with her opening she slowly eased down onto me.

Ashley and Lucy had started making out and were paying little or no attention to us, which gave us a little privacy as Selena settled down on top of me. Taking her hands I laced my fingers in hers and let her pin my hands to the bed so she could slowly ride me.

“I’m glad you stayed,” Selena said, smiling as she hovered over me.

“I don’t seem to remember having a choice,” I said, lifting my hips to give her a nice thrust before letting her take over with her almost agonizingly slow pace.

“You didn’t, but I’m still glad,” Selena said, pressing her chest against mine as she kissed me. “Mmm, I love my cock.”

“Did you get everything you wanted?” I asked her as we made slow, sweet love.

“Almost,” Selena said, blushing slightly.

“Wow, it must be good because earlier you demanded I shove my cock in your mouth without blushing,” I said, suddenly really curious.

“Remember the first time you took my ass?” Selena asked nervously.

“How could I forget? I have a feeling when I’m ninety and so senile I can barely remember my own name, I’ll remember that,” I said, nodding my head.

“Remember what Dianna did with the vibrator?” Selena asked quietly.

“Yeah, ohhhh,” I said, my eyes going wide as I understood what she was getting at. “You want-?”

“Maybe,” Selena said even though her pussy squeezed me a little tighter as she thought about it.

“Hey girls,” I said, turning my head to get Ashley’s attention since she was still wearing the strap on. “Yoohoo, Ashley.”

“Huh?” Ashley asked, finally breaking off her make out session and lifting her head look at me.

“Selena wants to try something a little special and needs your help,” I said, being rewarded for my efforts by Selena squeezing her Kegel muscles and milking my cock.

“I like special,” Ashley said, grinning.

“Who do you want where?” I asked Selena, pushing hair out of her face so I could look her in the eye.

“I want you just like this,” Selena said, leaning down to kiss me. “It’ll probably be really intense and I want to be able to look at you in case it gets to be too much and I need to calm down.”

“I’m here for anything and everything you need me for,” I assured her as Ashley picked up the tube of lube I’d used on Lucy.

“Mmm, so many needs,” Selena said, grinning as she kissed me. “Whoooaaaahhhh.”

“Sneak attacks are fun, aren’t they?” I asked her as she got over the shock of Ashley shoving a lubed finger up her ass without warning.

“Once you realize what’s happening, sure,” Selena gasped as Ashley added a second finger.

“Make sure to lube up that dildo while Ashley’s taking care of Selena’s ass,” I told Lucy as I slowly fucked Selena with long strokes.

“Ready?” Ashley asked Selena when everything had been lubed up as much as possible.

“Yeah,” Selena said, biting her lower lip nervously as Ashley moved in behind her.

“Look at me,” I said, stroking Selena’s arms from shoulder to elbow and back. “Breathe deeply and relax while you focus on me.”

Taking my directions Selena took a deep breath and as she exhaled I could feel her body start to relax. Ashley must have felt it too because she chose that moment to ease forward and I could feel Selena’s already tight pussy start to get even tighter as her asshole opened up to take Ashley’s strap on.

“Fuck,” Selena hissed, her eyes open wide, causing Ashley to stop and let her get used to having both holes filled.

“On me,” I said, putting my hands on Selena’s cheeks and forcing her to look me in the eye. “We can stop at any time, so if you change your mind just say the word and it’ll be just you and me.”

“No, I want to,” Selena said even though I could see a little doubt creeping into her eyes.

“Okay, but remember, I won’t let anyone hurt you,” I assured her, pulling her down to kiss her.

The kiss must have done the trick to help her relax because by the time our lips broke apart Ashley had buried the rest of the dildo up to the hilt inside Selena’s ass. Selena took another deep breath and I could see hunger and fire in her eyes and knew that she was enjoying it so far.

“Make love to me,” Selena moaned, pushing her crotch down on my cock.

“Of course,” I said, kissing her again as Ashley started to withdraw from her ass.

While Ashley set a slow, easy tempo thrusting in and out of Selena’s ass I started to make short thrusts into Selena’s pussy. Every time Ashley lunged forward, pushing the strap on into Selena’s ass I pulled about half of my cock out of her cunt. Then as Ashley started to withdraw it was my turn to fill up Selena.

“Oh god,” Selena moaned, her hips lifting to meet Ashley’s thrusts before angling down to meet mine.

“I think someone’s lonely,” I said, nodding my head to where Lucy had propped herself up against the headboard with a pillow behind her. She had her legs spread and her fingers were busy playing with her clit.

“Come here,” Selena hissed, reaching for Lucy.

Getting up onto her knees Lucy crawled over and the moment she was in range Selena grabbed her. Pulling her closer Selena kissed Lucy with evident hunger as Ashley and I continued to give her the fucking of her life.

“I bet Lucy wants in on the action,” I said when Selena broke her kiss with Lucy.

“What?” Lucy asked, a look of panic on her face.

“No, I meant there are a couple open tongues if you wanted to make use of them,” I said, grinning at her worry that I might be suggesting she was next in line for a DP.

“Oh,” Lucy said, heaving a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, let me taste you,” Selena hissed, pulling Lucy until she could throw her leg over my head and give me a great view of her pussy and ass right above my face.

As Selena’s tongue darted out to drag through the folds of Lucy’s pussy my eyes were drawn to her ass. I could see her asshole staring at me, red and angry looking from the abuse I’d put it through. Around it there was still a sheen to her skin from the lube left from her first proper ass fucking.

Grabbing hold of Lucy’s ass I pulled her cheeks apart. Lifting my head I let my tongue join Selena’s in servicing Lucy’s pussy, I took the bottom half and Selena got the top half. Working in concert I’d lap away at Lucy’s labia before worming my way into her hole while Selena worked around her clit. Every so often Selena and I found our tongues in the same space and let them rub against each other before retreating to our separate areas.

“Oh my god,” Lucy moaned, the two-tongued attack working like magic on her.

“Fuck… Me,” Selena demanded, gasping as Ashley worked her ass over with unabashed glee.

Feeling myself start to edge towards my orgasm I decided to stop my thrusting for a moment. I could still feel Ashley’s toy sliding in and out of Selena’s ass through the membrane separating her holes but without the thrust the sensations were mostly passive; enough to keep me rock hard but not enough to push me any closer to coming.

“Come on, baby, fuck me,” Selena implored me when I’d stopped taking an active role in her double tap.

“Like this?” I asked Selena, lifting my hips and slamming every inch of my cock into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh,” Selena moaned, her eyes disappearing into the back of her head momentarily.

Reaching down to take hold of Selena’s hips I fell into rhythm with Ashley’s thrusts. We fucked Selena with long, hard thrusts that quickly had her quivering on the verge of orgasm. Thrusting up into her I buried my cock inside her and moved my hips in small circles, grinding our pelvises together and stirring my cock around inside her.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” Selena screamed loud enough that I was pretty sure I’d get a noise complaint in the morning, but it was totally worth it to see her come like a freight train.

Stopping my thrusting I just laid there and watched Selena’s face contort in ecstasy. Her body quaked on top of me and her pussy clamped down on my cock as her massive orgasm ripped through her. When it finally started to wind down she collapsed onto my chest, breathing softly.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned, lifting her head when I stroked her cheek and kissed the top of her head. “God that was awesome.”

“It looked awesome,” I said, kissing her tenderly.

“But it doesn’t appear you’re done,” Selena said, grinning as she realized I was still hard as a rock and buried inside her.

“I’m never done with you,” I said, slowly sliding some of my cock out of her.

“Oh god,” Selena gasped, her body vibrating as I slid back into her sensitive pussy.

With Selena back in the game Ashley resumed her thrusting as well. I was torn because I really wanted to pick up speed in pursuit of what I was sure was my final orgasm of the night, but I also knew that it would take a few minutes for the sensitivity to die down and for her to really get into it.

Ultimately I chose Selena, as always, and made slow, gentle strokes inside her until she stopped wincing quite so much. Lucy’s pussy being shoved in her face probably helped Selena forget about a lot of things though so it wasn’t long until Ashley and I were back to sawing in and out of my girlfriend’s holes like before.

“Mmm, yeah,” Lucy moaned, her ass gyrating in my face as Selena’s tongue flicked at her clit.

Selena liked to joke that no one should wave their ass in my face if it wasn’t an invitation. So, grabbing Lucy’s ass I pulled her cheeks apart once more. This time instead of going for her pussy I went for the used and abused starfish that was winking at me so enticingly.

“Shit,” Lucy gasped as my tongue pressed against the center of her asshole.

I could taste remnants of the cherry lube and had to admit it wasn’t bad. Normally the lube was for Selena’s benefit, in more ways than one, but I could finally see why she liked it. There was already a certain naughtiness associated with tossing Lucy’s salad like I was a death row inmate enjoying my last meal, but to have a little extra dressing made it that much better.

“So close,” Lucy whimpered as we attacked her holes with our tongues.

With come in the offing, even if it wasn’t mine, Selena went into cum slut mode. Pulling her tongue away from Lucy’s clit she replaced it with her thumb. Moving down Selena attached her mouth to Lucy’s hole and started to suck, her tongue dancing through Lucy’s folds as she sought to make her come.

“Oh god, lick my ass,” Lucy hissed as her body erupted like a volcano of pleasure.

As Lucy finally got off I shifted my focus back to where it belonged, Selena. She was busy sucking down every last drop of cream that Lucy was giving her, all while still being able to take two cocks at the same time. It was amazing to watch her work and for about the millionth I couldn’t believe that she was mine.

“You’re doing it again,” Selena said when Lucy had finally toppled over onto the bed.

“Sorry, I just can’t help staring at you,” I said, giving her a kiss as subterfuge to cover the sharp thrust into her pussy.

“Again,” Selena gasped into my mouth, a tremor running up her body.

“Just one?” I asked, giving her another hard thrust. “Or two?”

“Fuck, I’m going to come again,” Selena hissed as I fucked her hard and fast.

“Me too,” I warned her, feeling the pressure start to build. “I don’t know if I can hold off long enough.”

“Then don’t,” Selena said, her mouth hanging open as she teetered on the edge of rapture. “Come inside me. I want to feel you coming with me.”

Unable to refuse her anything she really wanted, especially when it came to sex, I nodded. Continuing to drill into her in time with Ashley’s thrusts into her ass I felt myself pass the point of no return. Gritting my teeth I put everything I had into holding off until I felt her pussy clamp down on me, urging me to unload inside her.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuckkkkk,” Selena said, trying to scream but coming out as more of a hoarse gasp instead.

With her in the throes of ecstasy, I finally opened the flood gates, letting loose my come. Selena’s eyes opened wide and her moans went up a decibel as I painted her channel white with my baby batter. Finally as we settled down I absentmindedly felt Selena’s pussy loosen up a little as Ashley slid the toy out of Selena’s ass.

“We definitely have to do that again sometime,” Selena sighed, her head resting on my chest.

“I’m surprised you made me come inside you instead of pulling out,” I said, brushing her sweat matted hair out of her face.

“Don’t worry, that’s what they’re there for,” Selena said, motioning towards Ashley and Lucy. “Someone has to get my come for me.”

“You’re going to make the lesbians eat your creampie?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m the birthday girl, they have to do whatever I want,” Selena said, grinning. “Don’t you girls?”

“A little busy right now,” Ashley said, pointing to where Lucy was busy making sure the strap on was clean, by sucking every last morsel of Selena’s ass off of it.

“Then I guess that leaves you,” Selena said, lifting up off my softening cock.

Putting a hand underneath her pussy to catch anything that dripped out, Selena pushed Ashley onto her back with her other hand. Moving to straddle Ashley’s head, facing Lucy and Ashley’s feet, Selena lowered her creamy pussy to Ashley’s waiting mouth.

“Ohhh, yeah, just like that,” Selena moaned as Ashley’s tongue dug my jizz out of her twat. Gravity helped quite a bit as well, but Ashley definitely wasn’t being passive in getting it out.

“You three are going to be the death of me,” I said as I watched the show. My cock twitched like it wanted to rise again but Selena had milked me dry and no matter how hot it was, I never made it much past a semi-hardened state.

“Don’t you dare swallow,” Selena warned Ashley when she was satisfied that the blonde had gotten as much as she could.

“Why not?” Ashley asked, keeping her head tilted back so Selena’s prize would stay in her mouth.

“This is why,” Selena said, grabbing Ashley and pulling her into a kiss.

“Oh shit,” Lucy moaned as she watched Selena and Ashley pass my load back and forth between them.

“You want some?” Selena asked, holding a hand over her mouth as she looked at Lucy.

Before Lucy could answer Selena leaned over and pulled her into a kiss as well. If watching Selena share my cum with one woman was hot, watching her share it with two was like a towering inferno. Even my cock thought so as well and it was barely on life support at the moment.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned when she finally broke the kiss with Lucy. Tilting her head back she made a show of swallowing and then smiled brightly at me.

“You’re incorrigible,” I said, laughing at Selena’s actions.

“That’s why you love me,” Selena said, laying down on her back.

“Well, it’s one of the reasons, but it’s actually a pretty small percentage,” I said, moving to lean over her.

“Come on, Lucy, lets leave the lovebirds to themselves,” Ashley said.

“I’ll make sure they find their clothes and then lock up,” I said, leaning down to kiss Selena.

“Hurry back so you can cuddle with me,” Selena said, smiling as she moved to worm her way under the covers.

“I’ll be back before you know,” I said, grinning. “Even if I have to throw them outside naked.”

+ * + * +

“I’ve decided something,” Selena announced as I reentered the bedroom.

“What have you decided?” I asked her, slipping into bed next to her.

“Mmm, that you’re a definite keeper,” Selena sighed, cozying up against me. “But I hope you know you just set the bar really high for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, future birthdays.”

“It’s nice to know I’m in your plans that far out,” I said, smiling. “But I think I can top cheap jewelry and a night of pretty good sex.”

“First, the necklace was beautiful, but what makes any present special is the giver, not how much it cost,” Selena said, rolling onto her side to become the little spoon. “Second, that was so much better than ‘pretty good sex.’ That was amazing sex and I’m still tingling all over.”

“Like this?” I asked her, softly nibbling on the back of her neck before moving on to hit the spot right behind her earlobe.

“Oh god, how the hell do you do that?” Selena gasped, her body suddenly quivering.

“I take mental notes when I get a reaction from something,” I said with a grin. “And it doesn’t hurt that you’re already overloaded and really sensitive right now.”

“But what really made today so great was everything. From you taking me out last night to you charming the hell out of Demi this morning. Going to dinner with my parents without any complaints, bringing me a flower, being a perfect gentleman all night. Not to mention doing it while looking super sexy. The presents were just the icing on the cake,” Selena explained.

“Damn, I knew I forgot something, cake,” I grunted.

“That’s okay, you thought of everything else,” Selena said, stroking my arm as I held her close. “Besides, you gave me pie instead.”

“If you were any hotter I’d burst into flames every time I touched you,” I said with a chuckle at the reference to her creampie. “All the third degree burns in the world wouldn’t stop me though.”

“Really?” Selena asked with a pleased giggle.

“If you don’t believe me, think about whenever you’re within reach of me. Now where are my hands? Because more often than not they’re on you,” I said.

“That’s just because we’re still in that early phase in our relationship where we can’t get enough of each other,” Selena countered.

“Trust me, it’s you,” I said, shaking my head. “I’m normally not this touchy feely, but somehow you bring it out in me. Just ask Tom, he’s the one that noticed it first. He’s seen me with women before and he pointed out that I was different with you.”

“That’s because you looooove me,” Selena said with a huge grin.

“Well, yeah, but it goes back to before we were dating or anything like that,” I pointed out. “Think of the times while we were still in our ‘just friends’ phase that we were cuddled up to each other closer than most people in a relationship? Face it, you’re my cuddle bug.”

“So you’re saying if I want to torture you, I should make you keep your hands off?” Selena asked.

“Good luck with fending me off,” I said, wrapping arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides. Then for good measure I hooked my legs around her thighs and completely wrapped her up.

“Okay okay, you win,” Selena said, laughing as she tried to squirm out of my grasp.

“This is why I’m dreading you leaving to shoot your movie in a couple days,” I said, loosening my grip as I felt a shift in her mood.

“What am I going to do without you for a month?” Selena asked, a panicked look on her face as she was confronted with the prospect we’d both been putting out of our heads for weeks.

“We’ll call each other every day, text constantly, and even find time to video chat. Then before you know it I’ll be meeting you at the airport with arms open waiting to give you the biggest hug of your life,” I said.

“I know, but a month is still a long time to be without you,” Selena sighed. “I don’t even like having to be away from you for a couple days.”

“Well, we’ll either find out we’re not as serious about each other as we thought or we’ll decide we can’t possibly live without each other. Personally, my money is on the second one,” I said. “No really, I bet Tom that I’ll be absolutely miserable without you.”

“You bet that you’d be miserable without me? How much?” Selena asked.

“If I win Tom has to make you cupcakes for when you get back. If he wins, I have to make the cupcakes,” I answered.

“Please don’t lose,” Selena said, giggling because anything I made was likely to be completely inedible.

“Trust me, you’re going to come home to really good cupcakes,” I assured her.

“Good,” Selena said, yawning as the events of the day finally took a toll on her.

“By the way, the answer is yes,” I told her.

“Huh?” Selena sleepily asked.

“You asked if I’ve thought about moving in with you, and I have,” I said, reaching up to turn off the lamp. “Not right now, but definitely down the road.”

“Mmm, good,” Selena said, pressing herself against me.

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