Adventures In Television #14 – A Year Without Rain

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Adventures In Television #14 – A Year Without Rain

By voodoojoe

“You sure you’re okay?” Selena Gomez asked me over the phone.

“Just missing my girlfriend a ton, but otherwise I’m fine,” I insisted.

After a month without her while she filmed her movie I felt like I could chew glass and barely feel it but despite Selena’s attempts to set me up with some of her friends for a little relief I’d resisted. While sex would definitely help improve my ability to concentrate on even the simplest tasks, there was only one I wanted to feel underneath me and she was out of town.

“I know how you feel,” Selena sighed. “You’ve spoiled me so badly that even my vibrator doesn’t help much. But my flight is tomorrow afternoon so by tomorrow night we can be making up for some lost time.”

It had become a common complaint, or compliment, or whatever, from Selena over the last month that I’d ruined her for anyone else. Within a couple days of her leaving she’d started grumbling about the great torture I’d inflicted on her by turning her into a borderline nympho with four months of amazing sex whenever she wanted and then sending her off to Canada to live like a nun while she filmed her movie. And since then she’d made sure I knew how horny she was in pretty much every conversation.

“Sounds like fun,” I said, smiling more at the thought of getting her back than at the prospect of getting laid, and I was really happy about possibly getting laid.

“Come on, I’m not paying you to sit around gabbing with your girlfriend,” Tom said from behind me.

In all the years I’d known Tom there’d been one girl that I would’ve thought him serious enough about to be considered his girlfriend and that had lasted like six months in high school. So I still found it shocking that he’d been dating the same woman for about a year and was serious enough about her to be moving in with her.

“You’re not paying me at all,” I reminded him before turning my attention back to the phone in my hand. “I gotta go. Tom’s getting impatient and if I don’t start helping him soon he’ll probably break my phone.”

“Okay, go help Tom move and then when the apartment is all yours we won’t have to worry about putting clothes on at all,” Selena said.

“I’ll make sure to buy some curtains before you get home,” I said, liking the idea of Selena walking around the apartment completely naked. “Or at the very least hang some sheets to cover the windows.”

“I love you,” Selena said.

“Love you too,” I returned before hanging up.

“It’s about fucking time, now pick up the other end,” Tom said as he pointed at the bed that was sitting propped up in the doorway of his soon-to-be former bedroom.

“At least it’ll give me something to do to keep me busy,” I said as I picked up one end of Tom’s mattress and started to backpedal towards the front door.

+ * + * +

After finally getting Tom moved out I sat in the suddenly largely empty apartment and stared at the wall where the television had been. Tom and I had bought it together and I’d let him win a game of high stakes game of rock, paper, scissors for it. On the bright side, I’d gotten to keep the couch, which allowed me to sit and stare at the empty wall.

Hearing my phone ring my lips turned up into a smile as I recognized the ring tone. Pulling it out of my pocket I sighed as Selena’s picture on the screen announced her number on the other end. Accepting the call I lifted it to my ear.

“You  must have some sort of chip in your head that tells you when I need to hear your voice most,” I said.

“It’s a gift,” Selena said. “I’m on a break and decided to check on my wonderful boyfriend.”

“I got Tom moved out and was about to go find some curtains for the windows in case you decided you didn’t want to wear clothes for a couple days,” I responded.

“That sounds great, but I have a favor to ask,” Selena said.

“I think we’ve proven I’ll do pretty much anything you want,” I said. “Except for that one thing that we shall never speak of.”

“Come on, it wasn’t that bad,” Selena said, giggling. “It was just one little finger, I’m sure you would’ve liked it if you’d given it a chance.”

“That may be, but I’ll never know because I am never trying it,” I said adamantly.

“Fine, but I still need a favor,” Selena said. “And just so you know, it doesn’t involve any little old harmless garter snakes that you need to touch.”

“In that case, shoot,” I said, rolling my eyes at her teasing.

“I promised Dianna I’d help her with something but she can’t wait for me to get back, so I told her you’d do it for me,” Selena explained.

“Is this about Dianna’s quest to seduce Teresa Palmer?” I asked, remembering Selena saying something about it.

“Yeah, she needs someone to help her close the deal and you need some relief, it’s win-win,” Selena responded.

“I’m not sure I’m your best choice for that after the whole thing with Phoebe,” I said, referring to my short relationship with Teresa’s close friend, Phoebe Tonkin.

It had only lasted a few weeks and ended when Phoebe had gone to Georgia to film The Vampire Diaries. It had originally ended amicably enough, neither of us wanted a long term relationship and though we liked each other a lot it really wasn’t going to be a long term thing anyways. But when I’d started dating Selena, Phoebe hadn’t taken it well. I’d constantly assured her there wasn’t anything between Selena and I and even though nothing had happened while we’d dated, Phoebe still took it as me lying to her about my feelings for Selena and really hadn’t spoken to me since.

“So you hooked up with Teresa’s best friend a few times, that might actually help you,” Selena said. “If there’s one thing I know about girls it’s that we tell our friends everything. Trust me, Teresa knows things about you that you probably don’t even know and I guarantee you Teresa has heard enough good things to make her curious.”

“If I do this for you, will you do something for me?” I asked.

“You want to fuck two super hot women, and for me to owe you a favor? Good thing you’re cute because those are some balls you have there, mister,” Selena cackled.

“I have to have dinner with my mom and I really want you there,” I said. “She wants to introduce me to someone, I think it might be pretty big.”

“You’re getting a step dad,” Selena said excitedly, teasing me.

“Oh god,” I grunted, knowing she might not be far off. The only time my mom introduced me to people she was dating was when it was already pretty serious.

“Ooh, maybe she’s got a girlfriend she wants to introduce you to. That would be pretty hot,” Selena said, clearly taking great joy in my discomfort with the subject.

“I really don’t want to think about it,” I groaned, not really wanting to think about my mom having sex.

“Why not? Your mom’s kinda hot,” Selena said. “I’d gladly spend a weekend teaching her how to eat pussy. Who knows, maybe she’d even be able to teach me a few tricks.”

“No no no,” I hissed, trying to repress the image. “My mom is completely off limits. There isn’t enough psychotherapy out there to undo the trauma of my girlfriend having sex with my mom.”

“Fine, I won’t talk about taking my strap on and stuffing it up your mom’s tight little ass,” Selena said, making me practically scream in anguish before finally changing topics. “I was planning on spending the next couple days trying to make up for a month of lost sex by not letting you get out of bed, but I guess I can take a couple hours out of my busy schedule for that. It’ll just have to cut into your cuddle time.”

“It doesn’t matter what we do as long as you’re there,” I told her. “Whether it’s making love or cuddling, or just sitting on the couch watching tv while I give you a foot rub, I just need you with me.”

“Now you’ve got me all tingly again with your words and I can’t do anything about it,” Selena hissed. “I have to go get my makeup done in a few minutes so there’s no time for phone sex or anything. New rule, save your sappy talk for when I’m there to do something about it.”

“So I shouldn’t tell you how much I love you?” I asked her.

“No, forget what I just said,” Selena sighed, the weariness apparent in her voice. “I like it when you tell me you love me and I want you to tell me whenever and however you want. I just selfishly want to be able to hug you and feel you wrap your strong arms around me, making me feel so safe and warm when you tell me.”

“Damn, my phone is beeping at me,” I said, looking at the screen. “It looks like Dianna is beckoning me over, so I’ll let you go back to work. But I’ll call you tonight, or maybe we can Skype so I can give you all the details about my night.”

“You just know that I’ll be playing with myself while I listen to you describe the naughty things you did to Dianna and Teresa and want to be able to watch me,” Selena said, laughing.

“Now why would I ever want to watch my beautiful girlfriend get so hot that she has to finger herself to keep from overheating? The thought never crossed my mind,” I sarcastically replied. “But just in case you needed another reason to look forward to coming home, there is currently a dozen lemon cupcakes sitting in the fridge with your name on them. Seriously, Tom put a sign on them telling me to keep my filthy mitts off them.”

“Make sure to let Dianna know I’ll be reclaiming my man in twenty-four hours. So she damn well better get her money’s worth because she’ll be lucky to see you for a long time,” Selena sighed.

“Can’t wait,” I said. “And since I haven’t said it in a few seconds, I love you.”

“Love you too,” Selena said, making sure I could hear the smile in her voice.

“I’ll call you later when I get home but if you’re already in bed then I’ll leave you a nice long, overly sentimental message for you to listen to in the morning,” I said.

“I only have a couple short scenes to shoot tomorrow so I can wait up for your call,” Selena said. “Just make sure Dianna doesn’t keep you much past midnight so I’m not yawning and ready to fall asleep on you.”

“This time tomorrow you can fall asleep on me all you want,” I reminded her.

“I gotta go, but I’ll be waiting for your call,” Selena said.

“I’ll call as soon as I’m done at Dianna’s,” I said before the line went dead.

When I hung up I had the usual mix of feelings. I was happy to have gotten to talk to her, but I was a little sad that I wasn’t still talking to her. Most of all though I was just really anxious knowing that I was only a day away from having her back home.

And that last one overrode everything. Even the nervous excitement brought on by the prospect of getting to bang a couple hot blondes couldn’t make a dent in it. Of course, that was probably because I knew that I’d give up all women just to have my baby back a day early.

+ * + * +

“Lamb, you here?” I asked, opening Dianna’s front door and using the nickname for her that I’d found so adorable I’d co-opted it for my own uses. “Yoohoo, Dianna, you called?”

“Dan, you’re here,” Dianna said, bounding down the stairs in a knee length dress and giving me a smile.

“Well, you said something about a stuck drain,” I said, using the cover story she’d concocted. I’d even brought a toolbox to further the narrative.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Dianna said, turning to look as Teresa appeared at the top of the stairs. “Teresa, you remember Dan, don’t you?”

“Hello again,” Teresa said with a smile though I couldn’t quite tell whether it was a formality or if she was actually happy to see me.

“Hey,” I said, waving to Teresa before Dianna led me into the kitchen.

“The drain is actually clogged so feel free to do whatever you want down there,” Dianna said, opening the cupboard under the sink. “If you actually fix it, then I might have to give you another thank you later. If not, then I was going to call a plumber anyway.”

“Are you sure? Because I don’t know much about plumbing but I know enough to know that I could screw it up way worse than it already is,” I said, setting the toolbox on the ground so I could climb under the sink.

“If you screw up too badly, I can think of ways you can pay me back,” Dianna said, smirking to make sure I caught her meaning.

“Selena comes back tomorrow, so it might have to wait a while,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “She wanted me to tell you to make sure you get your money’s worth tonight because once she reclaims me she’s not letting me out again for a while.”

“That long, huh?” Dianna asked, wincing. “Can’t really blame her though. I probably wouldn’t have even let you off your leash to begin with, so I should be thankful she let you play as much as she did.”

“Hey Dan, Dianna putting you to work?” Teresa asked, her Australian accent causing me to lift my head enough to look out and catch sight of her lower legs without hitting my head on the plastic pipes.

“Yeah, apparently being a nice guy means you get stuck doing favors for friends,” I responded, using a pipe wrench to loosen the fitting on one of the pipes.

“I’m going to go get ready, entertain him for a bit,” Dianna said before I heard her shoes on the tile announce her departure.

“You know, Phoebe would probably kill me if she knew I was even talking to you,” Teresa said.

“I know, and I’m sorry for that, but I’m really not a bad guy,” I said, sighing.

“Oh, I know that, and I’m sure Phoebe does too,” Teresa said. “She just really liked you even though she knew Selena was the one you wanted. And then the moment she was gone it seemed like you just jumped into bed with her.”

“Wow, that’s actually kinda funny,” I said, laughing. “Because Selena tells the same story, except with Taylor Swift as the one I was going to break her heart over. I never knew I was such a player.”

“You’re not, at least not on purpose,” Teresa said. “I think you just don’t realize the affect you have on women so you’re a little careless with them.”

“I think I’ve heard that before,” I said, remembering more than one ex complaining that she was more serious about the relationship than I was, occasionally in a voice loud enough to draw attention.

“Then pay more attention to what’s going on around you,” Teresa said, turning on the water to drive the point home and then giggling as I spluttered through a face full of water coming through the open pipe.

“This is how you entertain guys willing to fix stuff for me?” Dianna asked when she came into the kitchen and found me trying to get out from under the spray.

“Aww, it was just a joke,” Teresa said innocently.

“She was telling me I should be more attentive to women, and to make her point she tried to drown me,” I said, grinning to show both of them I thought it was funny.

“Did you at least get it fixed first?” Dianna asked.

“I think I found the clog, but I’m not going back down there until the Wet Bandit promises to behave,” I said, pointing an accusing finger at Teresa.

“I promise,” Teresa said, smirking.

“Okay, just me dry off a bit first,” I said, pulling off my wet shirt and using it to wipe off my face.

Lowering my hands I was suddenly aware of two sets of eyes focused sharply on me. Dianna was biting her lower lip as she openly let her eyes rove over my newly exposed stomach and chest. Teresa was being a bit more restrained but it didn’t take a detective to notice that she was enjoying the sight as well.

“Take a picture ladies, it’ll last longer,” I said, rolling my eyes and laughing as I sat down and slid back under the sink.

Of course, Dianna being Dianna decided to take me up on it and before I was even back in place I saw a flash of light and heard a giggle. Shaking my head, I reached into the toolbox and grabbed the plumber’s snake to help clear the clog.

“If you don’t send a copy of that to Selena she’s going to be mighty upset,” I told Dianna as I felt the clog loosen up and give way.

“Send me one too,” Teresa said.

“Might as well send one to everyone I know as well,” I said before remembering Dianna’s sense of humor. “Don’t do that, please.”

“You’re no fun,” Dianna said as I put the pipe back on.

“That should do it, though who knows if it’ll actually work,” I said, sliding back out from under the sink.

“How much do I owe you?” Dianna asked me.

“Since I’m already wet, how about I jump into the pool for a little swim?” I suggested.

“We were going to go out, get some dinner, maybe hit a couple clubs, if you wanted to join us,” Dianna countered.

“Nah, I’m not much for clubs,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “I can just go home then.”

“He did fix my drain,” Dianna pointed out to Teresa. “And it is still pretty warm out there.”

“I don’t have a bikini,” Teresa said, frowning.

“Don’t worry about it Lamb, I’m just going to go home. You two go out like you planned,” I insisted, knowing that Dianna would continue to fight me.

“You can borrow one of mine,” Dianna told Teresa.

“I don’t think it’d fit,” I chipped in, nodding my head towards Teresa’s noticeably larger breasts.

“Go jump in the pool already,” Dianna said playfully. “We’ll be out in a bit.”

“If you’re really desperate, underwear works too, or just have Teresa go home to grab a suit,” I offered before heading out back for the pool.

+ * + * +

“How’s the water?” Dianna asked, getting my attention.

I’d been floating around on my back looking up at the sky and enjoying the cool water in my boxers. But suddenly the blue bikini Dianna was wearing had more of my attention than the blue sky. As a guy that likes to see as much female skin as possible, the bottoms of her bikini was probably a little higher in the waist that I might have preferred but the top did a magnificent job of showcasing her tits and making them appear bigger than they really were.

“It’s pretty much perfect,” I answered, dragging my eyes away from her chest with great difficulty.

“Teresa should be out in a minute,” Dianna said, sitting on the edge of the pool and dangling her legs into the water. “I found a bikini that should work. I’ve been meaning to get rid of it because it’s a little big on me, but it might be just big enough to be kinda small on her.”

“Sounds promising,” I said, already trying to picture Teresa’s tits stuffed into a small bikini top.

There are good mental images, like thinking of a fine set of legs. Then there are amazing mental images, like a perfect female ass waving back and forth as she walks. And then there’s the sight of Teresa Palmer’s tits practically bursting out of a bikini top a size or two too small.

“Wow,” I said as Teresa paused to drop a towel onto a chair by the pool.

“What was it you said, ‘take a picture?'” Teresa asked, grinning as she nonetheless struck a pose for me.

As if on cue there was a flash of light and both of us turned to look at Dianna holding up her phone. Putting it down she just shrugged her shoulders and smirked as if to say ‘you told me to’ before pushing off the edge of the pool and into the water.

“If she got a copy of the picture of me, I should get a copy of that one,” I said, watching Dianna dunk her head under the water and come up smiling.

“Come on in, Teresa, the water’s nice,” Dianna said, pulling her wet hair back and out of her face.

Moving around to the ladder Teresa turned and started to climb down the ladder. As she eased herself into the pool I made no effort to conceal the fact that I was checking out her ass. I felt a little guilty about it but some things couldn’t be controlled. After all I was still a guy that hadn’t gotten laid in a month and had a tight little ass staring at me with only a little bikini in the way.

“I think I should have worn my bra,” Teresa said, idly fiddling with the bikini top as her tits threatened to escape.

“Looks fine to me,” I said, grinning as I made an exaggerated show of drooling.

“I’m sure your girlfriend would agree,” Teresa said, not-so-subtly reminding me I was taken.

“Selena would be even more brazen about her ogling than I am,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Really? She’s into that?” Teresa asked, a shocked look clearly etched on her face.

“If she isn’t, then she does a great job of faking it when she’s eating pussy,” I said, studying her face.

“You don’t mind?” Teresa asked me.

“It’s not like she’s going to fall in love with any of them and leave me for them,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Besides, it’s really hard to argue with something that gets me into bed with two gorgeous women at the same time.”

“Wow,” Teresa said. She looked surprised but I couldn’t tell whether she thought it was hot or if she was intrigued though.

“Or I could just be telling you all this to fuck with your head,” I said, grinning.

“Ohh, you are bad,” Teresa said, laughing as she splashed water at my face.

“I deserved it, so I’ll let that go unchallenged,” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“Do I get one?” Dianna asked, slapping the water and splashing me.

“No, you don’t,” I said, lunging at her quick enough to get a hand around Dianna’s midsection before she could react.

Dianna squealed as I lifted her out of the water. Putting one hand on her side and the other hand on her thigh I lifted her up and threw her screaming through the air to splash into the water a couple feet away. When she got her feet back under her she popped up, sputtering and brushing hair out of her face.

“Not fair,” Dianna said, laughing as she crouched, ready to flee if I made another move towards her.

“Life ain’t fair, Lamb, deal with it,” I said, sticking out my tongue.

As I did so I felt a wave of water hit me from the other side. Before I could turn and grab for Teresa she’d already learned her lesson from Dianna and taken off. I wasn’t a bad swimmer, but one glance at Teresa as she swam and I knew instantly that she had the grace of one practically born in the water and there was no way I was going to catch her if she didn’t want me to.

“See, life ain’t fair,” I told Dianna, motioning with my head to where Teresa was already on the far end of the pool.

“Together we might be able to catch her,” Dianna suggested, nodding her head in Teresa’s direction.

“Arm’s length apart and try to push her towards the corner,” I said, drawing out the battle plan.

Spreading out Dianna and I stalked towards Teresa. Seeing the look on our faces Teresa started to look for an escape but before she could try to dart through I anticipated the move and stepped in and intercepted her. Before she could change directions I had hold of her leg and pulled her towards me.

“Help me lift her up,” I told Dianna as Teresa fought like hell to escape.

As Teresa squirmed Dianna helped me lift her out of the water. Just as I was about to throw her like I had Dianna, lights exploded in my head and my eyes lost focus for a moment. Letting go of Teresa to grab the side of my head I felt the splash of her falling into the water.

“Oh shit, are you okay?” Dianna asked me as everything went haywire.

“You should really look into cloning because I can tell you right now that it’s great seeing two of you,” I said to Dianna, or at least to the one of her I thought was her.

“I’m so sorry,” Teresa said, finally coming up for air to see how I was.

“Quite an elbow you got there, Tez,” I said, using her nickname.

“I was just playing, trying to get away, and then my elbow hit your head,” Teresa said, as if I hadn’t already figured it out.

“I think I’m done with the pool for the moment,” I said, shaking my head to clear it a bit.

“One good bump to the head and you’re going to quit?” Teresa asked, more than a little concern under her joke.

“Give me a few minutes and we’ll pick up where we left off,” I assured her, smirking to let her know I was okay.

“Looking forward to it,” Teresa said, breathing a sigh of relief that she hadn’t done more than just ring my bell a little.

+ * + * +

“Feeling better?” Teresa asked, handing me a beer as I sat in a lounge chair.

“I’m only seeing one of things now,” I answered, shrugging my shoulders. “First you try to drown me, then you try to take my head off with an elbow. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were mad at me or something.”

“I swear it was an accident, the elbow, that is. The drowning was on purpose,” Teresa said, smirking at me.

“Where’d Lamb go?” I asked, realizing our host was nowhere in sight.

“To get food,” Teresa said. “We were supposed to go out, but someone ruined our plans so she went to get dinner.”

“I hate it when inconsiderate jackasses do that,” I said, catching her dry humor.

“I guess it’s just and you me for a bit until she gets back,” Teresa observed.

“I hope you’re not planning on trying something, I happen to be a very devoted boyfriend,” I said, planting the seeds in her head.

“You wish,” Teresa said, laughing. “Besides, you’ve got a gorgeous girlfriend that likes to have sex with other women. Hard to compete with that.”

“Did it turn you on to think of Selena with other girls? Because it sure seemed to stick in your brain,” I said, turning my head to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

“No way,” Teresa said, shocked.

“Hey, I’m not judging,” I said nonchalantly. “Lots of girls are curious, or so I’ve been told.”

“I’m not curious,” Teresa protested, rather unconvincingly.

“Okay okay, you’re not curious,” I said. “Too bad, because you’d look really hot with another girl.”

“You just want to see me with Selena,” Teresa said, blushing slightly.

“Of course I would, but Selena would be completely wrong for your first time with another woman,” I said idly.

“I know I’ll regret this, but why is that?” Teresa asked, taking the bait.

“Well, first, you barely know Selena,” I said. “Hypothetically, for your first lesbian experience you’d probably want someone closer to you, a friend perhaps. And second, Selena would eat you alive, in many, many senses of the word. If you get her started, she’s almost impossible to stop and fresh meat like you always unleashes a little extra from her. You’d have the time of your life, but she’d fuck your pussy until it was raw, then flip you over and fuck your ass.”

“Wow,” Teresa said, clearly stunned, and at least a little aroused by what I’d said. “And are you just ‘fucking with my head’ like before?”

“Does it matter? You’re not curious, remember?” I countered.

“I’m not curious,” Teresa said, being even less convincing than the last time she’d said it.

“Of course not, but if you were, Dianna would be the one you should go for,” I said, inspecting the last little bit of beer at the bottom of the bottle before lifting it to my lips and draining it.

“Dianna?” Teresa asked, her eyes betraying her thoughts for a moment before the mask of indifference fell once more.

“Well, she’s a friend, so you know she’d be gentle and considerate. But she’s also not a super close BFF or anything so if it gets weird or one of you likes it and the other doesn’t, you’re not losing your best friend,” I said analytically.

“You’ve thought about this before,” Teresa said, laughing.

“A little, but mostly it’s Selena telling me that one of her big regrets was having sex with her best friend, Demi,” I said. “They might as well have been sisters and fooled around a bit and shared everything, including guys, until Demi started having sex with Selena’s boyfriend behind her back. Demi thought it was okay because they were already having sex, but it broke Selena’s heart and it took them a long time to get past it. They’re friends again, but they’ll never be as close as they were. Of course, she has several friends that she has fun with, and invites them over occasionally, but her closest friends are off limits.”

“So sad,” Teresa said, looking at me as if wondering how much of it was true.

“Tell me about it, now I’m banned from having sex with Demi,” I said, making a show of rolling my eyes to let her know I was joking.

“Selena’s a nice girl, I don’t know why she keeps you around,” Teresa said, laughing.

“Frankly, neither do I,” I said, turning to put my feet on the ground and facing her as she sat in the the lounge chair next to me. “But until she tells me to leave her alone, I’m going to keep doing my best to make sure she wants me around.”

“That’s sweet,” Teresa said.

“This, not so much,” I said, taking Teresa by surprise as I slid my arms under her back and legs and lifted her.

“Put me down,” Teresa squealed as I carried her towards the pool.

“I still owe you one,” I said as I lifted her higher to throw her.

As I turned my hand on her back to make it easier to throw her, Teresa countered by wrapping her arms around my neck and clinging tightly to me. With my hands full I couldn’t pry her off me so instead of throwing her I just took an extra step and took both of us into the water together.

“You could probably let go now,” I told Teresa and we came up for air and she still had her arms around my neck.

“Sorry,” Teresa said, blushing slightly as she pulled her arms down.

“I didn’t say you had to, just that you could,” I said, reaching out and putting my hands on her hips under water.

“What about your girlfriend?” Teresa asked me, not bothering to pull away.

“What about her? Is there something she needs to know?” I asked, shrugging my shoulders as I looked into her clear blue eyes.

“Not yet,” Teresa said, looking like she was debating whether she should pull away from me or not.

“Too bad you’re not curious because she comes home tomorrow and I’m sure she’d be ecstatic if I delivered you to her on a silver platter,” I said, dropping my eyes down to where her tits were still spilling out of Dianna’s undersized bikini top. “Of course, Selena hasn’t gotten any in a month so she’d probably demand all my attention, but it’d still be fun to see her work you over until you can’t take any more.”

But just as Teresa looked like she might finally be melting, we heard a door slam inside the house. With a guilty look on her face Teresa instinctively pulled away from me and swam towards the other side of the pool. I was caught somewhere between smirking at her reaction and cursing Dianna for her timing.

“I got dinner,” Dianna said, holding up a couple paper bags. She’d changed into shorts and a white t-shirt before leaving, probably so she wouldn’t cause an accident by walking around in her bikini.

“I hope you remembered that one person here doesn’t live on things like tofu and sprouts,” I said, only partially mocking Dianna.

“Keep up your smart mouth and I’ll forget that I bought you a steak as a way to say thanks for fixing my sink,” Dianna said as Teresa climbed out of the pool.

“You’re going to make me cook it, aren’t you?” I asked Dianna as I followed Teresa out of the pool. “You do realize I can barely boil water without setting the stove on fire, right?”

“Then I guess you’re stuck eating our tofu, aren’t you?” Dianna asked, smirking at me.

“Gee, look at the time,” I said, looking at my wrist and pretending to look at a watch.

“Here,” Dianna said, tossing me one of the paper bags. “There’s a grill over there, have fun.”

“Got any kind of seasoning or something I can use as a rub? At least I think that’s the right term,” I said, raising an eyebrow in concentration.

“You’re going to be a pain in my ass all day, aren’t you?” Dianna said, sighing theatrically.

“Aw, come here, Lamb,” I said, giving her a hug and making her squeal because I hadn’t dried off yet.

“Want some of this?” I asked Teresa as Dianna trying to squirm out of my grasp.

“Stop,” Dianna gasped as Teresa pressed up against her from the other side.

“Fine, if that’s what you want,” I said, pulling away and admiring the now wet t-shirt that had turned largely see through.

“Now you can get me something to season my steak when you go in to change back into your bikini,” I said, smirking at her

“I will get you for this,” Dianna warned me, barely able to keep a straight face.

“Bring it on, Lamb,” I said, my smirk getting even bigger as she turned and headed for the house. “And don’t think I don’t see you checking out her ass.”

“What?” Teresa asked, shocked.

“You were totally watching her walk away,” I said, grinning. “If you’re interested, just go in there and kiss her. If it doesn’t do anything for you, then apologize, and tell her you lost a bet and I made you do it or something. It might be a little awkward for a little while, but you’d have your answer. And if you liked it, then you’d know that maybe it would be worth exploring a bit more.”

“I couldn’t do that,” Teresa insisted.

“I tell you what, we’ll play rock, paper, scissors for it,” I said, holding out my hand. “Best two out of three, you win you can think of something to make me do. If I win, you go in there and kiss Dianna. And I don’t mean a little peck, I mean the kind you’d give a boyfriend right before you start ripping clothes off.”

Teresa looked at me and then at my hand as if trying to decide whether I was serious. Even though I could tell she really was curious and wanted to kiss Dianna, I could also see the hesitation to admit such a thing to me. Finally she sighed and held out her hand.

“One… two… three,” I said before throwing a pair of scissors, against Teresa’s rock. “Damn.”

“That’s one,” Teresa said, already starting to gloat even though I’d made it best of three specifically so I could lose the first one and get an idea of her strategy while still having a chance to win.

“One… two… three,” I repeated, throwing another pair of scissors and catching her with paper. People rarely go the same place twice so I figured she’d go either scissors or paper, so scissors would either give me a win or a tie.

“Damn,” Teresa said.

“Time for the tie breaker,” I said. ” One… two… three.”

“Shit,” Teresa grunted when I put my paper on top of her rock. She’d figured I  might go scissors again and went rock to break them, but I saw it coming and went paper instead.

“Yeah, you never want to play rock, paper, scissors with me,” I said, sticking my tongue out at her.

“Now you tell me,” Teresa said, giving my upper arm a gentle backhanded slap.

“Come on, time to pay up,” I said, pointing her towards the house.

“I know you cheated,” Teresa said, though I could’ve sworn I saw a small flicker of a smile on her face.

+ * + * +

After poking around the house we finally found Dianna in her bedroom or all places. She’d dried off and changed back into her bikini. When she’d seen us standing in the doorway watching her modeling her bikini in the mirror she’d nearly jumped through the ceiling.

Without a word Teresa strode forward into the room. Grabbing Dianna by the arms Teresa pressed her lips against Dianna’s. Poor Dianna hadn’t even had time to register what was happening before Teresa was shoving her tongue down her throat.

Rather than break the kiss once she’d satisfied the terms of the bet Teresa held it just long enough for Dianna to get her bearings and respond to the kiss. I think that was what sealed it because when Dianna’s hands went around Teresa and upped the ante I could see Teresa starting to crumble.

As if sensing it as well, Dianna slowly slid a hand down Teresa’s back. When Teresa didn’t stop her, or even seem to notice, Dianna let her hand softly caress Teresa’s ass through her bikini bottoms. Still not getting a stop sign Dianna closed her hand and grabbed a handful of what appeared to be nice firm ass cheek that there was no way Teresa couldn’t feel.

Moaning at Dianna’s touch Teresa nervously let her hand wander down Dianna’s body until she too got a handful of what I knew all too well was nice tight ass cheek. Finally breaking their kiss they looked each other in the eye as if trying to decide whether they wanted to stop or continue. After a moment they both turned to look at where I was leaning against the wall.

“Want me to go?” I asked, moving along the wall towards the door.

“Stop,” Dianna said, pointing a finger at me.

Dianna and Teresa put their heads together and started whispering amongst themselves. I could hear the occasional hiss and giggle but I couldn’t hear any actual words so far all I knew they were just doing the bit where they just make random noises and pretend to talk, all while looking over at me every few seconds just to make sure I know I’m one of the topics.

“Sit down,” Teresa told me when they finally ended their little huddle.

“Okay,” I said, moving to sit in the chair Dianna was moving to the foot of the bed.

“Since you obviously planned and orchestrated this, you’re going to sit here and watch without touching,” Dianna said, winking at me.

“Oh, that’s just cruel, Lamb,” I said, groaning at the thought of having two hot women fooling around right in front of me and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

“I told you I’d get you,” Dianna said before turning her back to me. “Now untie me?”

Shrugging my shoulders I reached up and pulled the strings on the back of Dianna’s bikini top. When it came loose she held the material to her chest as she turned to face Teresa with me looking on from the side. Finally lowering her hands she pulled the top down, leaving her cute little breasts exposed to both of us.

“Wow,” Teresa said, obviously at a loss for words as the reality of the situation started to set.

“You want to touch them?” Dianna asked, reaching for Teresa’s hand. When Teresa didn’t say no Dianna lifted her hand and pressed it against her chest.

Leaning forward in my chair I watched as Teresa’s hand cupped Dianna’s smallish breast. Apparently finding that it wasn’t too gross, Teresa lifted her other other and brought it to Dianna’s chest as well. Dianna moaned softly as Teresa softly kneaded the flesh of her breasts with both hands.

“Do I get any say in the action?” I asked. “Because I really want to see Teresa suck your nipples.”

“Quiet,” Dianna said seriously, though her tone didn’t quite jibe with the grin on her face.

Taking my suggestion, or maybe she’d been about to do it herself since it was the next logical step, Teresa leaned down and tentatively took one of Dianna’s nipples into her mouth. Moaning Dianna arched her back, pushing her chest out.

I sat and watched for a few moments as Teresa suckled on Dianna’s nipples. Finally Dianna grabbed the back of Teresa’s head and gently nudged her to suggest maybe switch to the other one. When Teresa let the nipple slip from her mouth a thin line of saliva stretched from nipple to lips as Teresa shifted over to suck on Dianna’s up-to-now ignored nipple.

“That one looks like it might be cold, want me to warm it up?” I asked Dianna, my eyes fixed on the rock hard nipple with a sheen of saliva all over it.

“No,” Dianna said, enjoying the small amount of power she had over me even if she knew she only had it because I let her. We both knew that if I pressed, or even just jumped in, she wasn’t going to stop me.

As Teresa sucked on her nipple Dianna reached around Teresa and unhooked her bikini top. Teresa instinctively put a hand over her chest to cover herself as her breasts were exposed to my view but when Dianna pushed her hand away Teresa didn’t object.

“If you want to play, play with Teresa,” Dianna suggested.

Without waiting for permission I was out of my chair in a flash. Grabbing one of Teresa’s breasts I brought it to my mouth and latched onto the nipple. When Teresa moaned around the nipple in her own mouth I took that as her way of telling me to keep on doing what I was doing.

Feeling a little mischievous, I blindly reached out behind me to where Dianna was. Sliding my hand up her leg I found the string on her hip holding her bikini bottoms on. Tugging on it, it came untied and I moved hand along the material until I found the knot on the other side. Giving it a pull I grinned around Teresa’s tit as the whole thing fell away to dangle by a string in my hand.

Letting go of Teresa’s nipple I looked up and found her looking down at Dianna’s nudity. She blushed and looked away when she realized she’d been caught staring. With a grin I hooked my fingers into Teresa’s bikini bottoms. When she didn’t object, I started to peel them down her legs to leave both girls completely naked.

“Lay down,” Dianna told Teresa. When I moved to crawl onto the bed with Teresa Dianna just grinned and shook her head. “Get back in your chair.”

Pulling away from Dianna’s embrace Teresa moved to lay down on the bed. Sitting on the edge she started scooting back until her feet were on the bed. When Dianna moved onto the bed Teresa nervously spread her legs to make room for Dianna. Dianna seemed to surprise her though by throwing a leg over Teresa’s head and moving into a sixty-nine position.

Sitting back down in my chair I leaned forward to watch. I couldn’t really see much of what Teresa was doing from my angle, but I had a great view of Dianna using her fingers to spread Teresa’s pussy. Twisting around in my seat I found myself staring pretty much right into Teresa’s snatch as Dianna leaned her head down and took a leisurely lick along the length of her slit, finishing with a couple rapid flicks to Teresa’s clit.

“Uhh,” Teresa moaned, pushing back against Dianna’s tongue.

“Does she taste good?” I asked Dianna as she attacked Teresa’s snatch.

“Mmm, very,” Dianna said before going back to her meal.

“Can I have a taste?” I asked, wanting to get into the action somehow.

“Not now,” Dianna grunted, biting her lip as apparently Teresa had decided to finally join the action.

“Can I help Teresa at least?” I whined, feeling like a stallion being tied to a post in an open field.

“I guess,” Dianna said. I saw the start of a grin cross her face, but I was out of my chair and around the other side of the bed before it could fully coalesce.

Leaning forward I put my elbows on the bed with my head almost right over Teresa’s face and mere inches from Dianna’s nether regions. Shifting her gaze to look at me, Teresa tentatively smiled before lifting her head to flick her tongue against Dianna’s clit.

“Use your finger,” I said, grabbing Teresa’s hand. Bringing her finger to my mouth I made sure to get it nice and wet before moving it to Dianna’s pussy.

“Ohhhh,” Dianna moaned as Teresa sank the finger into her cunt.

Watching Teresa flick her tongue against Dianna’s clit while she worked the finger in and out of Lamb’s snatch I looked for an opening. Dianna’s tight little asshole caught my eye, and I knew she would’ve had no problem whatsoever if I tried to play with it, but I wasn’t sure if Teresa was quite ready for that kind of thing quite yet. So instead I pushed my shorts down and moved up onto the bed on my knees.

“Is that for me?” Teresa asked, her eyes suddenly on the cock dangling over her face.

“If you don’t want it, I can always give it to Dianna,” I said, smirking.

“Maybe we can share,” Teresa said before lifting her head to flick the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue.

“Share, definitely share,” I grunted at the unexpected maneuver.

As Teresa slid a finger in and out of Dianna’s pussy she lifted her head and took the tip of my cock into her mouth. I think Dianna was a little disappointed that I’d taken half her stimulation away, but as Teresa slowly worked more her mouth further up my cock, I didn’t particularly care much about whether Dianna was completely happy with the situation. Besides, she had Teresa’s pussy to keep her occupied.

“You’ve definitely done this before,” I said, slowly lowering myself and pushing more of my cock into Teresa’s mouth.

Feeling my cock bump against the back of Teresa’s throat I started lift back up, withdrawing my sword from her mouth. Putting my hands on Dianna’s hips to steady myself I started to slowly fuck Teresa’s waiting mouth. On each withdrawal I paused for a moment so Teresa could swirl her tongue around the head.

“Okay, that’s it, someone’s getting fucked,” I grunted, pulling my cock completely out of Teresa’s mouth.

“Not yet,” Dianna snapped as I circled the pair of them.

“Then I’m taking Teresa,” I said, literally pushing Dianna off of Teresa.

Before Dianna could object I lifted Teresa’s legs, grabbed her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Lining my cock up with Teresa’s pussy, I paused for a moment to give her a chance to back out. When she didn’t say anything, and her eyes were clearly begging me to continue, I slowly pushed forward into her tight furnace.

Putting my hands on the backs of Teresa’s thighs I pushed her legs back and apart, though not so much as to be uncomfortable. Sliding halfway out of Teresa I watched her face intently as I slammed back into her. Her eyes rolled back in her head momentarily and by the time they were back pointing in the right direction I was drilling into her once more.

“Uhhhh,” Teresa moaned as I set a nice easy pace.

“What about me?” Dianna whimpered as she watched me fuck Teresa.

“You told me to wait,” I said, letting Dianna know that she wasn’t in charge any more.

“I didn’t really mean it,” Dianna pouted like a child watching her sister play with the toy she wanted.

“Well it’s too late now,” I said as I pushed deep inside Teresa and swirled my hips to grind against her. “So either sit and watch or help me make Teresa come.”

“I’m not big on just watching,” Dianna said with a smirk as she bent down to kiss Teresa.

Clutching Teresa’s legs to my chest I watched as Dianna moved down to suck one of Teresa’s nipples into her mouth. Sensing me staring she tilted her head to look at me as she grinned around the nipple. Playing to her audience she applied suction to Teresa’s breast and slowly lifted her head until the suction broke with a loud ‘pop’ sound.

“Oohhh,” Teresa moaned as Dianna leaned across her body to switch nipples.

“You like that?” I asked Teresa as she grabbed Dianna’s head and held it against her chest.

“Uhh, yeah,” Teresa moaned, lifting her hips to meet my thrusts

“Tell us what you want,” I told Teresa as I picked up a little extra speed.

“Fuck me,” Teresa said, her adorable Australian accent really turning me on.

“You want to eat my pussy, don’t you?” Dianna asked Teresa loudly enough for me to hear.

“Mmm, yeah,” Teresa answered, nodding her head.

Not wasting any time Dianna sat up and shuffled up the bed until she could throw a leg over Teresa’s head. Facing me Dianna smirked as she slowly lowered her pussy to Teresa’s waiting mouth. Even though I was watching Dianna’s face, I knew exactly when Teresa’s tongue made contact by the change in Dianna’s expression.

“Such a hot little tongue,” Dianna grunted, rotating her hips as she bucked against Teresa’s mouth.

“Maybe you should return the favor,” I suggested, glancing down to where my cock was splitting Teresa’s snatch.

Catching my meaning Dianna bent forward until she was in a sixty-nine position on top of Teresa. Pushing Teresa’s legs apart Dianna dove in and went to work. Looking down I watched Dianna’s head moving and occasionally as I pulled out she’d tilt her head just enough to let me watch her tongue dart out to lap away at Teresa’s clit.

“Roll onto your sides,” I told the girls as I slipped my cock out of Teresa’s pussy.

With Dianna and Teresa on their sides, I lifted Teresa’s top leg and leaned it against my chest with her foot next to my ear as I moved to straddle the other one. Before I could slip my cock back into Teresa though, I felt a hand wrap around the shaft a moment before Dianna wrapped her mouth around the head and gave me a quick little suck before positioning me at the entrance of her friend’s cunt.

The new position gave Dianna more room to work on Teresa’s clit and I didn’t have to worry quite as much about her head getting in the way of my thrusts. It also allowed me to drive deep into Teresa’s pussy with each thrust.

“Ohhh fuck,” Teresa moaned as she was overwhelmed by what we were doing to her.

While I hadn’t had sex in a month, it wasn’t like I was packing around a month’s worth of jizz in my balls though. On multiple occasions over the last month I’d engaged in a little webcam activity with Selena that had helped clear out the pipes a bit. That said, there was a huge difference between my hand and the feel of a hot, tight pussy attached to a smoking hot blonde like Teresa. So even though I wasn’t in any immediate danger of busting a nut, I probably wasn’t going to win any endurance awards for the first one.

With one hand clutching Teresa’s leg to my chest I rested the other one on her hip to help hold her in place as I picked up some speed on my thrusts. Glancing down I watched Dianna flick Teresa’s clit with her tongue, occasionally darting out to lick some of Teresa’s juices from the shaft of my cock as I slid it out of her blonde friend.

“Oh god,” Teresa grunted as the two of us drove her towards orgasm.

“I think she wants to come,” I told Dianna. “Should we let her?”

“I don’t know, I kinda want to play with her some more,” Dianna said, licking the spot where my cock was still drilling into Teresa as if to emphasize her point.

“That sounds good,” I said, thrusting deep before stopping with my cock imbedded all the way in Teresa’s cunt.

“Nooo,” Teresa whined, trying to lift her hips and push against me but my hand on her hip kept her from having much success.

“If she begs, that would work, wouldn’t it, Lamb?” I asked Dianna.

“Mmhmm,” Dianna said, still switching back and forth between Teresa’s clit and the spot of our union to stoke Teresa’s fire but not doing enough to make any progress towards her orgasm.

“You heard her, beg us to let you come,” I hissed to Teresa, slowly pulling back until half of my cock was out of her pussy.

“Please,” Teresa whined. “Make me come, I need to come.”

“Is that good enough?” I asked Dianna as I lunged forward, burying my cock back inside Teresa.

“Almost,” Dianna said, using her thumb to rub Teresa’s clit.

“I’ll do anything,” Teresa promised as I slowly pulled back once more. “Just let me come.”

“Mmm, anything,” Dianna said, obviously getting ideas.

With Dianna’s unspoken approval I thrust into Teresa. This time rather than pausing and holding myself inside I immediately slid out and pushed back in. She’d promised anything so I was damn well going to deliver my end and then see just what Dianna could get her to deliver.

“Fuck me, lick me, make me come,” Teresa pleaded as I drilled in and out of her with as much force as I could.

As I fucked Teresa I felt my own orgasm start to build inside. I wasn’t too worried about getting there before Teresa though. For one thing I had Dianna to make sure Teresa came first, but I could also tell from Teresa’s moans and the way her muscles were contracting that she was much closer than I was.

“Come for me, come all over my cock,” I demanded of Teresa.

“Uhhh,” Teresa grunted, swirling her hips to press against my invading cock before pushing against Dianna’s tongue.

Getting close enough that I was going to have to start consciously holding back if Teresa didn’t come soon, I decided to finish her quickly. Moving my hand from her hip I lifted it to my face. Sucking on my thumb to get it nice and coated with saliva, I brought it down to Teresa’s ass.

“Ohhh,” Teresa hissed when she felt my thumb caress the tight pucker of her asshole.

Before she could pull away though I pushed and felt her anus give way under the pressure. As my thumb sank into Teresa’s ass she screamed and went rigid. Her asshole clamped down on my thumb and her pussy gripped my cock as her orgasm finally overtook her.

“Fuck,” I grunted as her pussy tried to milk my cum out of me.

“Mmm, come inside her,” Dianna said as I tried to hold out. “I want to suck it out of her.”

If she’d said it a few seconds earlier I might have been less likely to blindly follow her command, but I was right on the threshold when my brain was pretty much lost to the primal urge to spread my seed. So not even thinking about what Teresa might want, I drove my cock deep inside her and let loose. I unleashed a fountain of jizz that erupted and basted Teresa’s insides with my baby batter.

As if reading my expressions, I’d barely finished coming when Dianna pushed me out of the way. Still in a sixty-nine Dianna rolled Teresa over on top of her. Grabbing Teresa’s ass with both hands Dianna latched her mouth around the opening of Teresa’s pussy and went about making sure she got every last bit of my gravy out of her friend.

“Ooooh,” Teresa moaned as she had the creampie hoovered out of her.

For my part I just moved over to my chair and sat down to watch the show. Even if Dianna hadn’t been hungrily trying to extract my essence from Teresa’s cunt, it would’ve been truly awe inspiring to watch Dianna eat Teresa’s snatch.

The show didn’t last long though because once Dianna was sure she’d gotten it all, she wormed her way out from under Teresa. Looking at me she opened her mouth to show the small pool of white liquid on her tongue before grabbing Teresa and pulling her in for a kiss. Sitting there, I watched Dianna pass my sperm from her mouth to Teresa’s and presumably back a couple times.

“Now me,” Dianna said, turning to look at me.

“Come and get me,” I said, grinning at the look of pure lust on Dianna’s face as she slipped off the bed and approached me.

As I sat in my chair Dianna threw a leg over me and moved to straddle my lap. Planting the balls of her feet on the rungs on the side of the chair she lifted herself up. Reaching between our bodies Dianna gripped my cock and aimed it at the entrance of her pussy.

“Mmm,” Dianna moaned as she slowly sank down onto the cock she’d been craving all day.

When she had all of me inside her, she swiveled her hips and locked eyes with me. She didn’t make a move to lift up for a few moments as she savored the feel of my cock inside her for the first time in weeks and possibly the last time in an equal amount of time.

“Tell me what you want,” I said as Dianna slowly lifted herself halfway up my cock.

“I want you to fuck me,” Dianna hissed, letting herself drop back down.

“Fuck you, or fuck you?” I asked her, adding a little extra emphasis the second time.

“I want you to fuck me, use me, treat me like a fucking rag doll, whatever you want,” Dianna responded, swirling her hips in a circle before starting to lift up again. “Make me feel it as you fuck the shit out of me.”

While I hadn’t been quite expecting those exact words, I’d been with Dianna enough to be able to read her moods and when she’d come at me she’d definitely been in a mood where she wanted more than the soft gentle screw she was currently giving me. So I wasn’t entirely surprised when she’d requested something a bit more energetic and rough.

“You want me to fuck you and use you as little more than a way to get off?” I asked her, grabbing hold of her ass and helping pull her down onto my cock with extra force.

“Yeahhh,” Dianna moaned, immediately lifting back up.

“Rag doll it is then,” I said, gruffly pulling her down onto my cock.

With my dick still fully imbedded inside her, I let go of her ass so I could slide my arms under her thighs before reclaiming my grip on those tight cheeks. Giving her a smirk I held her tight to me as I stood up from the chair, letting gravity sink her a little further down on my cock as I rose up.

Still holding her in mid air I used my grip on her ass to hold her in place as I pulled my hips back, sliding a bit of my cock out of her. With only my arms and my crotch supporting Dianna’s weight I let both of them worth together to drive my cock in and out of her pussy. I bent my knees a bit and thrust forward while my hands pulled her against me.

“Fuck me,” Dianna grunted, wrapping her arms around my neck and clinging tightly to me.

With the exertion of doing all the work I felt the sweat dripping down my forehead but it didn’t slow me down. Even as my forearms started to feel the burn from the movement I kept right on doing exactly what she wanted.

The seduction of Teresa and foreplay had lit the fire inside Dianna but we’d both of us had focused so much on Teresa that she’d never really approached her climax. But as she became the focal point of my attention the fire was rapidly turning into an inferno.

“Oh fucking fuck,” Dianna gasped as she tried to work her body against me to help her on her quest for orgasm.

As Dianna got closer the more out of control her movements got. It was all I could do to just keep hold of her let alone keep fucking her so I turned around and took a couple steps so I could push her back against the wall. With the extra support I was able to really drive my cock into her.

Letting go of Dianna’s ass I grabbed hold of her legs behind the knees and pushed them back against her body, folding her in half. Her hazel eyes were alive as I gave her the animalistic rutting she’d asked for. When I started making short, lightning quick thrusts into her it pushed her over the edge.

“Oh fuck, I’m fucking coming,” Dianna gasped, her nails digging into my shoulders as she hung on for dear life.

Having just spent a load in Teresa’s pussy I was still a long ways off so I kept right on fucking Dianna. I slowed down a bit as her pussy clamped down and restricted movement a bit, but I still forced myself into her clutching depths over and over, adding a little extra to her climax each time.

When Dianna screamed and went limp against me I finally slowed down to a crawl. Hearing a moan from behind me I remembered Teresa. Turning my head I looked back to see Teresa sitting on the edge of the bed and watching us intently with one hand rubbing her clit while the other one kneaded one of her breasts.

“Come here,” I said, motioning Teresa over. “Why don’t you kiss Dianna, or suck on her nipple or something so you don’t have to sit over there all alone.”

“Okay,” Teresa said nervously before leaning in and giving Dianna a soft, tentative kiss.

“Mmm,” Dianna moaned as Teresa’s lips helped rouse her.

Feeling Dianna start to push against me again I let go of her legs and moved my hands back to her ass and started to thrust into her a little harder. As Teresa deepened her kiss with Dianna, the volume of Dianna’s moans increased and she hooked her legs around my waist.

“Still want me to fuck the shit out of you, or should we slow down a bit?” I asked Dianna.

“Do whatever you want to me and don’t stop until you come,” Dianna demanded, glancing back and forth between me and Teresa to let us know she meant both of us.

“I want you to suck my cock,” I said, curling my lips into a snarl.

“Mmm, yeah, let me suck you,” Dianna moaned as I lifted her off my cock.

When her feet hit the floor Dianna immediately started to sink to her knees. Licking her lips she wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock and took a moment to stare at the shaft, glistening with her juices. Leaning in she ran the tip of her tongue along the underside, tasting herself in the process.

“I said suck,” I grunted as Dianna licked my cock clean.

At my demand Dianna quickly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. A satisfied grin spread across my face as Dianna quickly gobbled up half of my cock into her mouth. She gave the underside of the shaft a swipe with her tongue before reversing course and lifting her head until only the head was still in her mouth.

“Fuck her mouth,” Teresa said, the accent dripping off her words turning me on beyond belief.

Putting a hand on the back of Dianna’s head, I applied just enough pressure to let her know what I was about to do. When she didn’t object I pushed my hips forward, sliding my cock into Dianna’s waiting mouth.

Making sure to only thrust with roughly half my cock to make sure I didn’t gag Dianna and overwhelm her, I glanced down and noticed that I wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Dianna’s hands weren’t needed nearly as much with me doing the work so one of them had disappeared between her legs. She moaned around my cock as she rubbed her clit in time with my thrusts into her mouth.

“I think she could use a hand,” I suggested to Teresa. “I think you should get down there and eat Dianna’s pussy for her.”

Teresa didn’t react immediately, but when I gave her a stern look and nodded my head in the direction of Dianna she got the message. I wasn’t the dominant type by nature, but I had roleplayed with Selena enough to have the part down pat and if Teresa didn’t want to play, she didn’t have to, but as long as she was going to play enough to suggest things then she was damn well going to follow orders.

With Dianna on her knees and her ass sticking out a bit Teresa really only had two options to get at Dianna’s pussy. The first was to get on her hands and knees and try to eat Dianna’s pussy from behind. That didn’t work out so well though so Teresa wound up on her back sliding underneath Dianna so Dianna could lower her pussy to Teresa’s tongue.

“Mmm,” Dianna moaned around my cock as Teresa took her first lick.

As Dianna put a hand on my lower stomach so she could signal me if I got a little too aggressive while her mouth was too occupied for verbal clues, I increased the speed of my thrusts. I held her head in place as I fucked her face with short strokes.

When I bumped against the back of Dianna’s throat and she didn’t tap me to let me know I should take it easy, I tried it again. Instead I could feel her trying to relax her throat and keep from gagging as I pushed a little further with each push.

Dianna and Selena had both spent quite a bit of time practicing their blow job technique on me in the last year. Selena, obviously, had gotten more practice, and had long since mastered the ability to get me to do whatever the hell she wanted in a matter of minutes while my cock was in her mouth. Dianna, on the other hand, while she’d gotten really really good, didn’t have quite the same hold over me. The couple times she’d managed to deep throat me, seemingly by accident because she’d never been able to replicate it when trying, that had changed.

This time though, the combination of me being in control as well as Dianna’s efforts seemed to do the trick as I felt the head of my cock start to push into the tighter confines of her throat. I could feel her twitch a little as she fought her gag reflex but for the most part she took it look a champ for the couple seconds before I pulled back out.

Removing my cock from her mouth completely I glanced down at Dianna’s face. Her eyes were red and she had saliva dripping off her chin from the gagging but she had a look of pride on her face that made her look even more adorable than normal, and she was already one of the cutest women I knew.

“Oh fuck, yeah, right there,” Dianna said, her eyes rolling up in her head as Teresa hit the right spot with her tongue.

“Want more?” I asked Dianna as she rocked her hips back and forth against Teresa’s face.

“You’re in charge,” Dianna reminded me before diving back down on my cock.

This time we alternated a bit. Dianna would bob her head up and down my rod while her hand worked the shaft. Then when Teresa distracted her I took over and went back to fucking her mouth as her tongue swirled around the shaft with each thrust.

Tapping Dianna on the back of the head with my middle finger to let her know, I bumped against the back of her throat and then kept on going. Her throat relaxed a little easier this time and I barely felt her gag as I sank my cock into her mouth to the root.

Seeing her open wide around my shaft, I started to slowly fuck her throat, watching for any clue that she wanted me to stop. Instead on each thrust into her mouth Dianna darted her tongue out to lick the skin of my scrotum.

By the time Dianna started showing signs of distress I was starting to feel my orgasm rushing towards me faster than I would’ve thought possible. But after fucking Dianna to climax, then receiving her expert fellatio skills, fuck her throat was doing me in rapidly.

Slipping my cock out of Dianna’s throat, I continued to thrust into her mouth with a purpose. Dianna moaned around my cock, but I wasn’t sure if it was because she realized I was gearing up to blow my wad or if Teresa had just hit another sensitive spot with her tongue. It didn’t really matter though because it just made me fuck her mouth faster.

“Gonna come,” I grunted, focusing too much on not jamming my cock back down her throat and dumping my load straight into her stomach to come up with a more flowery way of announcing it.

Dianna mumbled something that I couldn’t quite make out, for obvious reasons. She wasn’t nearly the cum slut that Selena was, but she did enjoy it on the rare occasions that Selena allowed it, so she could have been telling me to come in her mouth. But I was struck by a different idea and it was that idea that had me yank my cock from her mouth at the very last second.

“Urrgghhh,” I grunted, giving my cock a could quick tugs before letting go.

Dianna had seemed a little shocked that I’d pulled out, and then a little more shocked still when the first rope of white jizz streaked across the couple inches separating us to hit her in the forehead before she’d fully realized what I had in mind. She recovered quickly though as I proceeded to plaster her cheeks with creamy goodness.

“Wait,” I panted as Dianna went to scoop some of my jizz off her with her finger. I wanted to admire my work a moment longer before it got cleaned up.

She had one eye closed as my stuff threatened to drip into it. Both of her cheekbones had slime trails as globs of cum slowly slid down onto her cheeks towards the corners of her mouth and jaw. It would’ve been a glorious sight even if she hadn’t smiled and proudly displayed her facial for me.

“Why don’t you have Teresa clean you up,” I suggested as Dianna licked a bit of cum that was threatening to drip off her upper lip.

“Where are the tissues?” Teresa asked, looking around the room as she slid out from under Dianna.

“I was thinking you should clean her up with your tongue,” I said, making Teresa look a little nervous. “Just lick my cum off her face.”

Judging by the look on Teresa’s face she was at least a little dubious, but she must not have been willing to say no because she moved closer to Dianna. Sticking out her tongue she started with Dianna’s cheekbones before working her way to Dianna’s forehead and over.

Teresa started a little slow but any apprehension must have quickly disappeared because it wasn’t long before she really got into it. Even after she’d licked pretty much every inch of Dianna’s face she kept on going until Dianna started giggling and pulled away.

“Wow, never done that before,” Teresa said, brushing some hair out of her face as she let go of Dianna.

“It looks like Dan liked what you were doing,” Dianna said, lowering her eyes to look at my growing cock. “I think it must be your turn, don’t you, Teresa?”

“If you say so,” Teresa said, grinning as she moved towards the bed.

“What do you think, Dan, on her back or hands and knees?” Teresa asked me.

“Hands and knees,” I said, nodding as Teresa sat down on the edge of the bed with her thighs together and her legs crossed at the ankles. “Show us that ass.”

Without hesitation Teresa leaned back on the bed. After rolling over onto her stomach she brought her knees underneath her, lifting up onto all fours. Turning to look back at us she bowed her back and stuck her ass out a little bit further.

“You know, as long as you’re trying stuff you’ve never done before,” Dianna said as she approached Teresa. “There are a couple other things you could try.”

“What’s that?” Teresa asked, a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty on her face.

Rather than answer, Dianna just grinned and grabbed Teresa’s ass with both hands. The look on Teresa’s face started to tip more towards uncertainty as Dianna pulled her cheeks apart. It tipped back towards curiosity though when Dianna dove in and started eating her pussy from behind.

“Oooh,” Teresa moaned, hitching her ass up even higher to give Dianna better access.

Of course, knowing Dianna like I did, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when in the blink of an eye she shifted upwards and attacked Teresa’s asshole. One of the reasons Dianna and Selena got along so well was that as much as Selena loved having her ass licked, Dianna probably liked tossing salad even more.

Teresa had probably worried about such a move at first, but Dianna had spent enough time on her pussy that she’d let her guard down. And now that Dianna had taken her by surprise with the rim job Teresa was unable to react right away. The first reaction from Teresa was an audible groan and then she pushed ever so slightly back against Dianna. Finally after a solid couple minutes Teresa had given up all pretense of not enjoying it and had even reached back to help Dianna hold her cheeks apart.

Snapping her fingers Dianna started pointing to the table next to her bed without taking her face out from between Teresa’s butt cheeks. While Dianna continued to poke her tongue against the center of Teresa’s starfish I opened the top drawer. Grabbing the bottle of lube sitting right up front I closed the drawer and moved back to put it in Dianna’s still outstretched hand.

Finally pulling herself away from Teresa’s ass, Dianna popped the cap on the lube. Before Teresa knew what she was in for, Dianna was pressing the tip of the lube bottle against her asshole and squeezing, squirting it all over her back door.

“Fuck,” Teresa grunted, reflexively pulling forward, either because the lube was cold or because of the shock of it in general.

When Teresa didn’t try to get away from Dianna, it was a good sign. Even as Dianna used her fingers to spread the lube around and rub Teresa’s asshole Teresa continued to stay put with a slightly nervous look on her face. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth froze in a bit of a grimace as Dianna suddenly pushed against the center of her anus with a finger but she still didn’t try to move away from what Dianna was doing to her.

“So tight,” Dianna commented as she slowly worked her middle finger in and out of Teresa’s ass. “Ever had a cock up your ass, Tez?”

“Nooo,” Teresa groaned, though she still didn’t make an effort to pull away even with Dianna’s intentions fully out in the open.

“You want to though, don’t you?” Dianna asked, giving Teresa an out as she added a second finger to the one already stretching her ass.

“Nooo,” Teresa moaned, though not completely believably.

“Are you sure?” Dianna asked, slipping a hand underneath Teresa to rub her clit. “Because it kinda sounds like you do.”

“Ohhhh,” Teresa moaned, her body jerking momentarily as Dianna did her best to work her into a frenzy.

“Tell Dan what you want,” Dianna demanded, slowly working a third finger into Teresa’s ass.

“Fuck,” Teresa gasped, her head hanging down as Dianna put to work everything she’d learned from Selena.

“You almost got it,” Dianna said, slowly finger fucking Teresa’s ass as her other hand moved slightly faster against Teresa’s clit. “Repeat after me, ‘fuck my ass’ and I’ll make you come.”

“Ohh, fuck my ass,” Teresa repeated, unable to take it any more.

With Teresa’s acquiescence Dianna stopped teasing and moved to make good on her promise. Sliding her fingers from Teresa’s ass, Dianna leaned in and let her tongue go back to work. Fingers strumming against Teresa’s clit Dianna lapped away at Teresa’s anus, still gaping slightly from being stretched open.

“Oh fuck, make me fucking come,” Teresa hissed as she was pushed to the edge of orgasm.

As Dianna’s fingers and tongue drove Teresa to climax I was busy lubing myself up. I was fairly certain Dianna’s game plan was to make Teresa come so I could penetrate her when her muscles were nice and relaxed in the aftermath. I was proven right when Dianna moved out of the way so I could take her place.

Stepping up behind Teresa, I grabbed her hips. As Dianna took hold of my cock she aimed at Teresa’s asshole. When the head made contact I pushed forward and Teresa merely grunted as her sphincter gave way with very little resistance.

Continuing forward I got about halfway before Teresa started to fully come around and I felt her asshole clamp down on my cock. Of course, the hard part had already been taken care of, but I still took a moment to let her relax again before I pulled back.

“Uhhh,” Teresa grunted as I pushed forward again, shoving another inch of cock up her rectum.

Not wanting to sit back and watch Dianna moved around to kiss Teresa. As the two women kissed I felt Teresa relax a little and took the opportunity to plunge another couple inches of cock into her ass. Teresa groaned into Dianna’s mouth but she didn’t make any sort of objection so I pulled on her hips and buried the last little bit of my cock in her.

“Haaaa,” Teresa hissed, gripping the sheets as my pelvis bounced off her ass cheeks.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Dianna asked, kissing Teresa’s chin and cheeks.

“Some,” Teresa answered. Even though I couldn’t see her face, I could hear her grimacing and gritting her teeth a bit. She didn’t seem to be having as much trouble with it as some girls, but she wasn’t taking to it quite as fast as some either.

Grinding my crotch against her ass I reached underneath Teresa. When my fingers found her clit she moaned and jerked and pushed back against me. Continuing to gently rub her nub I slowly withdrew a small portion of my cock.

“Uhh,” Teresa moaned as I fucked her ass with only a couple inches.

Feeling Teresa start to loosen up I slid out a little further. When I gave her a little extra on the inward thrust Teresa groaned and her anus tightened up around the base of my cock but she quickly relaxed and let me go back to what I was doing.

“She’s tight, isn’t she?” Dianna asked, stating the obvious.

“Insanely,” I said, increasing the length of my strokes until I was working about half my cock in and out of Teresa’s ass.

As an anal virgin Teresa had that tightness to her that came from a woman that hadn’t learned to relax quite as much. She also didn’t have the control of her muscles to squeeze and milk me at will like Selena and Dianna had learned. But that was okay because it was a huge mental rush to know I was breaking in a virgin ass.

“Can I fuck her ass?” Dianna asked, looking hopeful.

“What do you say, Tez, want us to tag team your ass?” I asked as I drilled my cock back into her back door.

“Oh god,” Teresa hissed, starting to really get into the act.

“I think that’s a yes,” I told Dianna.

“Keep fucking her for a minute,” Dianna said, pulling away from where she’d been suckling at Teresa’s tit.

I didn’t really need to be told that, but I wasn’t going to argue with her. So I sped up a bit, pistoning my cock into Teresa’s ass with a bit more enthusiasm since I knew I’d be getting a bit of a break soon. The room was filled with the sound of skin slapping skin followed by moans, groans, and even the occasional yelp depending on how much effort I put into a particular thrust.

Before long though I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning my head I saw Dianna standing next me. Looking down I saw that Dianna had put her strap on around her waist and she certainly hadn’t done Teresa any favors. Instead of attaching her smaller dildo to the harness she’d bypassed it in favor of her bigger one that she liked to use on Selena’s pussy. It was a little thicker than I was, but a little shorter so it all evened out a bit.

“One more,” I said, grunting as I gave Teresa one last hard thrust, making her squeal, before reluctantly pulling out completely.

“My turn now,” Dianna said, gleeful as she moved into place behind Teresa.

“Holy fuck,” Teresa bellowed as Dianna shoved the entire hunk of plastic up her ass in one fell swoop. She’d already been stretched out and gaping, but the extra girth on Dianna’s toy was still a surprise.

Sitting back for moment, I watched as Dianna gave Teresa a short respite before pulling out. I’d already worked Teresa enough that I was able to give her a nice spirited ass fucking so it didn’t take much for Dianna to work up to a similar speed.

“Let her suck your cock,” Dianna suggested, her abs flexing as she drove in and out of Teresa’s ass.

At the suggestion Teresa reeled and made a face. But when I moved in front of her and presented my cock she looked up at me. Taking hold of the base of my cock I gently slapped it against her cheek a couple times until she finally opened up and let it slide it between her lips.

“So naughty,” Dianna moaned as her eyes darted back and forth between where her toy was sliding in and out of Teresa’s asshole and where Teresa was sucking her ass juices off my cock.

“Mmm,” Teresa moaned. Whether from what Dianna was doing to her asshole or from her enjoying the taste of her ass, I wasn’t sure, and didn’t really care either.

Each time Dianna thrust into Teresa’s ass Teresa pushed back and let the shaft of my cock slide out of her mouth. Then as Dianna pulled back Teresa moved forward, taking my cock back into her mouth. We moved like that over and over, spit roasting Teresa, until I got the urge to feel Teresa’s bowels wrapped my cock again.

“Want to switch?” I asked Dianna.

Dianna looked about as reluctant to give up her spot as I had, but she eventually gave in and slowly slid her fake cock out of Teresa’s ass. As she moved around to present her dirty dildo to Teresa for cleaning, I moved the other way and stopped to take in the sight of Teresa’s red, stretched asshole before lining my cock up with her entrance.

With Teresa’s ass already wide open I really didn’t even try to ease my way back in. I didn’t thrust in as quickly as Dianna had, but I didn’t exactly take my time either. And the moment my pelvis made contact with the cheeks I reversed course and went from zero to sixty fucking Teresa’s ass in a matter of seconds.

“Yeah, suck your ass off my cock, Tez,” Dianna said as Teresa ran her tongue up and down the shaft of the toy.

“Ohhhh,” Teresa moaned as I reached underneath her to frig her clit.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” I warned the girls as Teresa started getting the hang of controlling her muscles.

“You could come in Teresa’s ass,” Dianna said, pushing her toy into Teresa’s mouth and fucking her in time with my thrusts. “Or you could finish what you started earlier and pump your cum down my throat.”

“A couple, uh, very tempting options,” I said, my fingers furiously working Teresa’s nub in hopes of getting her off before me.

“What do you think, Tez, where should Dan come?” Dianna asked, removing the dildo from Teresa’s mouth so she could answer. “Do you want to feel him come in your ass, or would you rather watch me taste your ass while he fucks my mouth?”

“Taste my ass,” Teresa said, her body quivering as the pleasure built inside her.

“You heard her,” Dianna said, grinning. “When you’re ready, just shove that cock down my throat and make me eat your cum.”

With Dianna’s dirty talk ring in my ears I gritted my teeth in an effort to hold off from coming. I wanted Teresa to orgasm from being ass fucked and that wasn’t going to happen if I was pulling out to hose down Dianna’s tonsils quite yet. Dianna seemed to get what I was doing because I felt a hand join mine on Teresa’s pussy and saw her other one busy fondling one of Teresa’s tits.

“Oh fuck, I’m fucking coming,” Teresa howled as the added stimulation finally pushed her over the edge.

Before her asshole could clamp down on my cock though I quickly yanked it out. As much as I would’ve loved to feel her tight ass get even tighter, I was close enough that I didn’t want to run the risk of not being to hold off to give Dianna what she wanted.

As Teresa collapsed onto the bed in the middle of her orgasm I grabbed hold of Dianna. Pulling her to me I put a hand on the back of her head and pushed it down towards my cock. She was still in her mood to be used so she really didn’t help, but she certainly didn’t fight either as I pressed the head of my cock against her lips.

When Dianna parted her lips I pushed my cock into her mouth. She moaned as her tongue swirled around the invading shaft, tasting Teresa’s essence in the process. Her hand found its way to my stomach once more in case she needed to give me a non-verbal cue that I should ease up.

Not wasting any time I started fucking Dianna’s mouth with zeal. I was already right on the edge and watching Dianna put such trust in me while clearly getting off on tasting her friend’s ass on my cock was rapidly pushing me over it.

“Here it comes,” I warned Dianna.

When she just murmured something around my cock, I pulled back until just the head was still inside her mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head as the first shot erupted out of my cock, hitting Dianna on the roof of the mouth. My hips jerked involuntarily with each new jet of semen for Dianna to swallow, wanting to bury my cock deeper into the warm orifice it was currently in, but I managed to keep from going too deep.

“Mmm,” Dianna moaned when I finally pulled my spent cock from between her lips.

“Shit, I gotta go,” I said, glancing at the clock and realizing what time it was.

“You can’t stay a little longer?” Dianna asked me as I grabbed my still wet boxers from the floor. “My ass still needs some attention.”

“As tempting as that is, I promised to Skype with Selena before bed and there’s no way I’m missing that,” I said, leaning down to give Dianna a quick peck on the lips. “But if you’re feeling a little anally needy, you could always see if Teresa wants to help you out.”

“Good idea,” Dianna said, forgetting about me in the time it took to turn around and find Teresa laying on her side staring at us.

Leaving them to it I wrapped a towel around waist and carried my boxers in my hand. My shorts and t-shirt had been left out back by the pool so I made my way through the house in search of something to wear home. The shorts were fine, and while the shirt was still damp from Teresa’s soaking it, it had spent enough time in the sun to be wearable for the ride home.

+ * + * +

“Hey baby,” Selena said, smiling brightly as her face filled up my computer screen.

“Well don’t you look ridiculously adorable,” I said.

She was clearly ready for bed since she was wearing one of my t-shirts that she’d managed to smuggle out without my knowledge before leaving. Her face was also nice and shiny as it had been scrubbed clean of any traces of makeup. But what really kicked the cuteness up a couple notches was the pair of glasses currently adorning her face that never failed to make me go weak in the knees.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” Selena said, giggling.

“You don’t think I’m oblivious, do you?” I asked her.

“What brought this up?” Selena asked as my question came out of left field.

“It was something Teresa said earlier, she said that I’m oblivious to the effect I have on women and that I’m careless with them,” I explained.

“Are you oblivious? At times, definitely,” Selena said, grinning.

“What?” I asked even though I knew she was right.

“Baby, in the year I’ve known you I’ve seen you blow off dozens of women simply because you didn’t realize they were throwing themselves at you,” Selena said, shrugging her shoulders. “I spent months doing everything short of writing ‘I love you’ on my eyelids to get you to ask me out without much success. Now, as your girlfriend that’s great because, well, how are you ever going to cheat on me if you can’t even tell a woman is into you?”

“Har har,” I said, rolling my eyes at her joke.

“But are you careless? Not even a little, at least not with me,” Selena said. “I can’t speak for your other relationships but you read my moods and know what I need better than anyone else and you can’t do that without paying attention.”

“Well, it’s really not that hard when more often than not the answers to those questions are ‘horny’ and ‘cock’ respectively,” I said, smirking.

“Yeah, but you also know when I’ve had a long day or a bad one and just need a hug from my boyfriend, and that goes a long way,” Selena said.

“I’ve got one for you right now if you want one,” I said, holding my arms open.

“If I could, I’d crawl through my screen and take it,” Selena sighed.

“If it was that easy, I would’ve done it a month ago. But I think we need a new rule,” I said. “I know we were supposed to take this month as a test of our relationship, but boy was that a mistake. From now on if you’re going to be out of town for more than a few days I get to visit. I could probably handle a couple days, so maybe if you’re going to be gone more than a week I’m showing up with a bag in hand even if it’s just overnight.”

“I agree, but only if you know it goes both ways. Next time you get sent out of town on an assignment I’m coming with you,” Selena countered.

“You’re only saying that because you know I’m trying to pitch the producers on a visit to the Hawaii Five-O set. They haven’t taken the bait yet, but you just want to horn in on my action if they do,” I joked.

“If you want to go to Hawaii, I can afford to take us,” Selena said.

“If I’m taking my girlfriend to Hawaii, I’m going to pay for it,” I said, waving her off. “Of course, if she wanted to take me, I’m pretty sure I’d let her.”

“I’ll have to remember you said that,” Selena laughed. “But first, I believe you promised to tell me all about your evening.”

As I recounted my day I could tell Selena approved. Even though the camera was trained on her face and only went down to just below her shoulders I could still see her upper arms move. Between that and the small contortions her face was making, it was a dead giveaway that she was playing with herself.

By the time I got to the part where I shoved my cock up Teresa’s virgin ass Selena had given up all pretense of behaving herself. Her moans came through loud and clear over the cam and I could tell she was getting close. So it wasn’t a surprise that when I got to the part about Dianna licking me clean while I came in her mouth that Selena came to a roaring climax from the mental images I was supplying.

“God that was hot, baby,” Selena panted, her eyes slightly glassy as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Not as hot as watching you come,” I told her truthfully.

“You didn’t?” Selena asked, suddenly realizing that I hadn’t joined her.

“I kinda want my next orgasm to be with my Cuddle Bug, if that’s okay with you,” I responded, using my pet name for her.

“More than okay,” Selena said, beaming at my answer. If I wasn’t going to let her watch me jerk off, then at least I had the best possible excuse for it.

“You look tired,” I said, noticing her trying to stifle a yawn.

“Maybe a little,” Selena said. “But I don’t want to go yet.”

“I’ll call you in the morning,” I told her, knowing that even though I didn’t want to go yet either, we both needed to sleep.

“Promise?” Selena asked.

“I’ll call you first thing, even before I start the coffee,” I answered her.

“Wow, I outrank coffee, don’t I feel special,” Selena said, grinning.

“You outrank everything and you know it,” I told her.

“I know, but I still like hearing you say it,” Selena said, yawning again. “I love you, Danny.”

“Love you too, Sel,” I said, blowing her a kiss through the camera.

And just like that the connection went dark. I was left with my usual melancholy feeling but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, because even a long distance talk with her was better than not being able to talk to her at all. Closing my laptop I set it aside and turned off the light to go to sleep.

+ * + * +

“Why the hell did I think this was a good idea?” I muttered to myself as I suffered through a hot yoga class.

I’d thought I was in a pretty good shape. Between working out a couple times a week and the cardio involved with having Selena as a girlfriend, there wasn’t much I couldn’t do. But as I struggled to bend myself into a pretzel in a virtual sauna, I was wishing I was anywhere else.

Without Selena around I’d been trying to channel some of the energy she normally drained off me into other things to help keep my mind off the fact that Selena wasn’t siphoning off a huge chunk of my energies. I’d hit the gym or gone running or did some sort of vigorous exercise pretty much every day since she’d left but Selena had suggested I try hot yoga. And if it wasn’t for the fact I was missing her so much I would’ve been swearing up a storm about it at that precise moment.

Luckily just as I felt like I couldn’t take it any more the class ended. Then after what felt like several minutes of trying to untwist my body and get my spine back into alignment I wiped the sweat off my face and rolled up my mat to leave.

“You look really familiar, do I know you from somewhere?” a woman asked me as she followed me out.

“Don’t think so,” I said, barely paying attention.

Even though I was on tv every weekend, no one ever seemed to recognize me from that, so I never bothered to assume that someone might. It was probably more likely she was trying to flirt, and boy was she barking up the wrong tree if that was the case.

“No, I know you for some reason,” she insisted, moving into step beside me.

“Can’t imagine why,” I said, finally glancing over and barely keeping my face passive as I recognized her.

“Wait, I know. You’re Selena’s boy toy, aren’t you?” Vanessa Hudgens asked me.

Suddenly it made some sort of devilish sense that Selena would send me to this studio for this class. I was sure that most of it was just for the sheer joy of putting me through that kind of agony, but it seemed a little coincidental that it was the same class one of her close friends took part in. And since Selena really wasn’t the type to throw tests at me, I had to figure maybe she was giving me a green light. Too bad I wasn’t even remotely about to take it.

“I like that,” I said. “I think I’ll tell Selena to have all her friends refer to me as her boy toy.”

“So you are Selena’s new boyfriend,” Vanessa said with a  knowing grin. “Gotta say, the other one was cuter, but I’m betting you’re much more useful.”

“Much,” I agreed.

“Does Selena still like to share?” Vanessa asked. “Because you must be damn good to get her to commit.”

“You’d have to talk to her about that,” I said, shrugging my shoulders as I looked both ways at the oncoming traffic. “But make sure not to call her for a couple days, because she’s going to be really busy for a while.”

Glancing back when I got to my car on the other side of the street I saw Vanessa still standing on the sidewalk looking stunned. I wasn’t sure if she’d been in the loop and thought it was a done deal or if she just wasn’t used to guys shooting her down. But either way, she didn’t look too happy that she hadn’t gotten anywhere.

+ * + * +

Catching sight of Selena walking towards me with a pillow in one hand and wheeling her bag behind her with the other, my heart skipped a beat. She looked so tired as she walked through the airport that the oversized t-shirt she was wearing just made her look ready for bed.

When she spotted me she smiled and some of the exhaustion seemed to lift away from her. Her posture improved and her movements gained a purpose as she headed straight for me. As I opened my arms she practically collapsed against my chest.

“I missed you,” Selena sighed as I enfolded her in my arms.

“I missed you too,” I said, glad to have her back.

“Wow, you must have been really bored without me,” Selena said, poking various parts of my body that were noticeably harder from all the working out I’d done to occupy myself.

“You know, there are three things I’ve been dying to do for weeks. The first I can’t do here for obvious reasons and I’m doing the second right now,” I said, giving her an extra squeeze to make sure she knew I was talking about hugging her. “But right now I really want to do the third one.”

“And what would that be?” Selena asked, looking up at me with an expectant smirk.

“This,” I said, leaning down to kiss her and letting a small portion of a month’s worth of pent up desire flow out through my lips.

When she opened her mouth to moan her delight I took the opportunity to let my tongue dart out into her mouth. As Selena melted against me I let my tongue softly caress hers. After what seemed like hours, but was probably more like a couple minutes I finally broke the kiss, leaving both of us a little dazed and panting for air.

“I missed you so much,” Selena finally said, squeezing me tightly. “I knew I missed you a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much until just now. I missed everything about you, your touch, your kiss, your smell.”

“I’d love to say we’ll never have to be apart again, but I can’t. Your job requires travel and you love your job. But what I can promise you is that no matter where you go or how long you’re gone, I’m going to be here waiting for you when you get back for as long as you want,” I informed her, stroking her hair.

“Mmm, take me home,” Selena said, a look of hunger in her eyes.

“Your place or mine?” I asked, taking her bag.

“Ours,” Selena said, slipping her hand in mine.

My first reaction was to panic at her answer, but when my chest didn’t tighten up and cause me to gasp for breath I realized that it didn’t scare me nearly as much as the prospect of such a big step normally did. If anything, we’d spent almost every night together for months before she’d gone on location and the time away had shown how much I’d gotten used to having her next to me.

“Does that mean you want to move into my apartment, or that you want to find a place of our own?” I asked as we headed for the car.

“I don’t care,” Selena responded, leaning her head on my shoulder. “You said the time away would help us figure out whether we could live without each other and I’ve decided I can’t.”

“I guess that’s something else we have in common then. So how about I take you back to my apartment tonight, then tomorrow we can start looking for a new place together,” I suggested.

“Sounds perfect,” Selena said, smiling. “Now tell me about the phone call I got from Vanessa earlier.”

“What’s to tell? She was totally hitting on me and I shut her down cold because she wasn’t you,” I said.

“I know, she told me all about it. I don’t think she gets turned down very often, by either sex, so to have some guy that’s not even all that famous say no to her was probably a major shock,” Selena said, giggling. “And then I think I really got her pissed off when I told her I wasn’t going to share you with her, at least not for a few weeks. I feel like completely hogging you for a while.”

“Hog me all you want, for as long as you want,” I said, squeezing her hand.

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