Adventures In Television #15 – The End is the Beginning is the End

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Adventures In Television #15 – The End is the Beginning is the End

By voodoojoe

“That goes in the bedroom,” I said, pointing upstairs as the movers came through the door carrying a mattress.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Selena squealed as she came skipping in from the kitchen.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were a little excited,” I said as she came bounding at me like Tigger.

“I am,” Selena said, grinning from ear to ear as she jumped into my arms. “I’m moving into my own house, with my boyfriend.”

“You know, we’ve been pretty much living together for a while,” I pointed out, trying to keep my own excitement a bit more in check than Selena’s. I would’ve loved to have been jumping around as well, but I figured she was hyper enough as it was without me adding to it.

“Yeah, but now we have our own house,” Selena said, still bouncing with energy.

After she’d gotten back from filming her movie she’d moved most of her stuff into my apartment while we went looking for a place together. We’d kicked around the idea of a bigger apartment and even a condo, but that had led to bigger discussions of the future, namely the prospect of kids. Neither of us were ready for them quite yet, but we both eventually wanted them. And since both of us had been only children, or at least grown up as only children, we both wanted at least two so they’d have someone to play with.

But from the moment Selena had walked into the house she’d fallen in love with it and had barely been able to wait until everything had closed. Of course, she had far more money than I had, so my contribution was little more than my credit being clean enough to keep from screwing the whole thing up.

“Why don’t you go make sure everything is in the right place upstairs,” I suggested.

“Okay,” Selena chirped, giving me a quick kiss before scampering away.

Hearing another squeal I turned around in time to see Selena give Richie Tozier a hug before running up the stairs. When Richie looked shocked and watched Selena go I laughed and grinned.

“Just a thought, but maybe she needs to switch to decaf,” Richie joked.

“It’s a really big day for her,” I said. “Lots of firsts, or near firsts, happening all at once to create a perfect storm of excitement for her.”

“I guess I was already in my mid 20s and had been on my own for years by the time I moved in with a woman so I got to take them one at a time,” Richie said, shrugging his shoulders. “And I don’t suppose you’re nervous or excited or anything?”

“Inside I’m almost as giddy as she is,” I admitted. “But one of us needs to keep a clear head and right now that’s not Selena.”

“Anyways, I thought I’d drop by before the show to see the new house,” Richie said, holding out a bottle of wine. “Elisha told me to bring you something or I’d be sleeping on the couch. So if she calls, make sure to tell her I did as she told me.”

“Thanks, this might come in handy while we’re unpacking,” I said, taking the bottle as I heard the sounds of Selena flitting around upstairs. “Or in case I need a mild sedative to put Selena to sleep later.”

“Well, I have to go tape the show, but I’ll see you tomorrow,” Richie said before turning and heading towards the door. “Bye Selena.”

“Bye Richie,” Selena hollered from upstairs. “Tell Elisha we’re going to have you guys over for dinner when we get settled.”

“I’m sure she’ll call in a couple days to set something up,” Richie said. “Later, Dan.”

“Later,” I said as I continued directing the movers.

+ * + * +

“Selena?” I asked as I poked my head into the bedroom.

“Out here,” Selena answered from the balcony that overlooked the yard.

Stepping through the French doors I was greeted by a couple breathtaking views. The first was the sky turning a vibrant pink as the sun dipped below the horizon. The second was Selena looking sweaty and dirty from unpacking and still managing to put the natural wonder in front of me to shame.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Selena asked as I came up behind her.

“Second most beautiful sight I’ve seen today,” I said, wrapping my arms around her.

“Flatterer,” Selena said, playfully swatting my hand but the smile on her face told me she was pleased.

“Richie brought over some wine earlier if you want me to go open it,” I suggested.

“Maybe in a bit,” Selena sighed, leaning back against me. “I was thinking we should have the girls over tomorrow.”

“That sounds like fun,” I said, leaning my chin on the top of her head.

“I know Dianna’s champing at the bit for more of you since I’ve been hogging you since I got back,” Selena said. “And I’m pretty sure Emma’s ready for a refresher course too.”

“We should talk,” I said, letting my arms drop to my sides. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately.”

“You better not be breaking up with me” Selena hissed, a panicked look on her face as she spun around.

“What? Nooooo, it’s the exact opposite,” I assured her, pulling her back to me. “I just mean that while you were gone I started to realize that you were the only one I wanted and I’ve only become even more convinced of that since. What I’m trying to say is that since we’re moving in together officially, now would be a good time to fully commit. From now on, I’m a one woman man and you’re the only one that gets to see me naked.”

“Don’t scare me like that,” Selena said, looking up at me. “Does this mean I have to give up girls as well?”

“Not as long as you tell me all about it every now and then,” I said. “I have enough trouble keeping up with you as it is without forcing you to give up your girlfriends.”

“But I won’t get to watch you fuck my girlfriends or get to suck your cum out of them,” Selena protested.

“You’ll just have to settle for me fucking you and sucking my cum out of my cock instead,” I told her.

“I guess if I have to,” Selena said dramatically before cracking a smile. “But can’t you start this new commitment in a couple days so we can have one last night of sheer debauchery?”

“I don’t care if you have fun with Dianna and Emma,” I insisted. “Just come crawl into bed with me when you’re completely exhausted.”

“What if I invited Taylor?” Selena asked, getting my attention. “I put her on the forbidden list because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, but I’m not worried about you realizing you chose the wrong woman any more. And to be honest, I’ve been trying to get her into bed for years but she’s always resisted and you might be just the bait to get her there. So, please? Pleeeeeeease?”

“Fine, one last fling then I’m yours and only yours,” I said.

“Yay, now what do we do about dinner?” Selena asked, leaning back against the railing.

“I think we have two options. The first is that we shower, get dressed up, and go out for a nice dinner before coming home to spend a couple hours in bed,” I said.

“I gotta say, I like that option a lot,” Selena grinned.

“Second option is that we order something to be delivered and spend the first night in our new house making slow, sweet love,” I said.

“Third option is that we order a pizza and unpack,” Selena said. When I looked at her with a surprised look she wrinkled her nose. “You’re right, I like your options better.”

“I’ll order the pizza if you get the bottle of wine Richie brought over, and then we can decide whether we actually want to wait for the pizza before we start the festivities,” I suggested.

“Here’s a hint, we don’t,” Selena giggled, lifting up onto the balls of her feet to give me a soft, smoldering kiss that threatened to turn my legs to jelly before scampering off to find the wine.

+ * + * +

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” Selena chanted as I clutched her legs to my chest and drove my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Come on, come all over my cock,” I demanded as I watched Selena’s face start to contort in pleasure.

“So close,” Selena gasped as her orgasm threatened to overtake her.

Letting go of her legs I bent forward and put my hands on the bed. Wanting to push her over the edge quickly I upped my tempo as far as I could. The sound of bodies slamming together echoed through the room, dwarfed only by the sounds of our combined grunts and moans and making me thankful we no longer had to worry about neighbors upstairs complaining about the noise.

“Fuck me, Danny, make me come,” Selena hissed, her legs wrapping around my waist.

Continuing to drill into her I felt her muscles start to tighten up. With a strangled cry Selena arched her back and grabbed onto me and squeezed tightly as her climax hit her full force. Her eyes slammed shut and her pussy clamped down on my cock.

It was her third orgasm of the night, one before the pizza and the second one after our little dinner break, and I felt my second on the horizon. Slowing down only a little to make up for the tighter fit I continued to fuck her as I sought to come again.

Feeling the come start to churn in my balls I gave her a couple more hard thrusts before pulling out completely. Selena groaned at my withdrawal but when I started to move up her body her eyes lit up and my little cum slut eagerly opened her mouth. Hovering over her head I gave my cock a couple strokes with my hand and just before the first jet shot out I aimed my cock at her open mouth and let loose.

“How did I get lucky enough for you to love me?” Selena panted as she used her finger to scoop up any errant bits of come from her face.

“Funny, I ask myself the same thing at least three times a day,” I said, settling down on the bed next to her. “I mean, I know I’m an eight, nine on a good day, but you’re so out of my league, you’re like a twelve.”

“Trust me, you’re a ten, and to me you’re more like a twenty,” Selena assured me as she cuddled up to me. “Now normally I wouldn’t even bother asking if you had another one in you, I’d just throw you down on the bed and make you give it to me, but I think I should probably save at least a little for the girls tomorrow. But you have to promise me something massive.”

“I think we both know you’ve got me so wrapped around your finger that I’d do anything you wanted,” I informed her.

“Good, because I want to suck your cum out of Taylor’s ass, soooooo badly,” Selena said, her eyes rolling back in her head at the thought.

“Gee, I don’t know. Fucking Taylor’s ass and then shooting my load in there for you to eat it out of her, I’m not sure I could do something like that,” I said, barely managing to keep a straight face.

“You’ll do it and you’ll like it mister,” Selena mock scolded me. “Because if you do then I’ve got a surprise for you that you’re going to love.”

“We really should’ve turned the lights out before we got comfortable because now I don’t want to move,” I sighed as Selena yawned next to me.

“Better go turn them off quickly because I’m falling asleep over here and want you to hold me as I drift off,” Selena said.

Hopping out of bed I hurried over to the light switch. As the lights went out the room was left bathed in a pool of moonlight from a skylight in the ceiling and the doors opposite the bed. With that accomplished I rushed back to the bed and felt Selena latch back on to me as I slipped beneath the covers.

+ * + * +

As I woke up I stretched out and remembered how much I loved Selena’s bed. I’d always thought I’d had a nice bed, but Selena’s bed was so much softer it was like sleeping on a cloud. So it was a no brainer that hers got put in our room and mine went into the guest room.

Sitting up and finding Selena gone I slipped out of bed. Hearing the shower running I slipped on a pair of boxers and yawned as I made my way down the stairs. Stepping between boxes, both full and empty, I headed for the kitchen.

While there was still a lot of unpacking to do I’d managed to do the most important thing before being sidetracked by Selena, which was digging out the coffee maker and getting it ready to go. So it only took me a few moments to brew a couple cups to take back upstairs.

As I walked back into the bedroom Selena was emerging from the bathroom wearing her robe and drying her hair with a towel. When I held out one of the cups she gave me a look like I was a lifesaver as she took it.

“I have to go in to work in a couple hours to prep to host the show this afternoon, so is there anything you need me to move or unpack or anything before I go?” I asked Selena as she sipped her coffee.

“Not that I can think of off the top of my head, but I can look around while you take your shower and let you know if I find something. My parents are coming over later to see the house so I should be able to con them into helping,” Selena said. “But I can make a list of things for you to do when you get home if you really want me to.”

“And I’m sure there’s no chance that the word ‘Selena’ will find it’s way somewhere onto that to-do list, is there?” I said.

“Oh, it’ll be on there a few times,” Selena giggled. “Right next to Dianna, Emma, and Taylor.”

“So they’re all coming?” I asked as I headed for the bathroom.

“Well, Dianna is in, Emma’s going to drop by but insists she won’t join in even though she totally will, and Taylor will need some convincing but I’m confident we can do it,” Selena responded.

“So you’re saying I should make sure to drink lots of fluids so I don’t dehydrate tonight?” I asked, grabbing my toothbrush.

“If you haven’t learned that by now after months of dating me then I don’t know if you ever will,” Selena said, rolling her eyes dramatically.

“Yeah, but tonight you want me to take care of four women that are as insatiable as you are,” I said, spitting toothpaste into the sink.

“You’ll have some help,” Selena said cryptically.

“You better be talking about you and your toys,” I hissed as I grabbed the bottle of mouthwash.

“You’re so cute when you get jealous,” Selena said with a laugh as she appeared in the doorway.

“I’m not jealous,” I said, spitting mouthwash into the sink.

“Uh huh,” Selena said sarcastically as she moved behind me and pressed herself against my back. “Now shut up and kiss me so I can get dressed and you can take your shower.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, turning my head and giving her a soft kiss.

“Mmm, minty,” Selena said, smiling as she turned to head back into the bedroom.

+ * + * +

“I was thinking,” Selena said as I poured milk over my cereal. “With Halloween a couple weeks away we need to decide if we want to stay home or go out.”

“By go out do you mean a party or just go have a fun night by ourselves?” I asked her.

“Maybe we should rent a movie and curl up on the couch, only getting up to pass out candy,” Selena suggested.

“If we went to a party we’d need costume ideas,” I pondered. “What about Hercules and Xena?”

“I always wanted to be Princess Jasmine from Aladdin,” Selena suggested.

“Please say I’d be Aladdin and not the tiger,” I said, crossing my fingers.

“I was thinking Abu, but I guess you could be my Aladdin,” Selena said with a smile.

“Sweet,” I said, taking a bite of my cereal. “Though I think I might have an idea that’s the best of all worlds. Why don’t we have a Halloween party. It would give us, and by that I mean you, an excuse to invite people over to show off our new house. Plus we still get to hand out candy to kids in the neighborhood and dress up. I dare you to find something wrong with that idea.”

“It’s a little short notice, but that could work,” Selena said, cocking her head slightly to the side as she started plotting in her head.

“Well, now that I’ve given you something else to keep you busy in case unpacking and putting an entire house together isn’t enough for one day, I think I’m going to head to work,” I said, making sure to rinse out my bowl before sticking it in the dishwasher.

“Pick up something for dinner on your way home?” Selena asked as I stopped to kiss her on the cheek.

“Sure thing,” I said as I headed for the door.

+ * + * +

“Hi Mandy, how are you tonight?” I greeted Selena’s mom as I walked through the door.

“Just helping Selena unpack,” Mandy answered, opening up a box.

“Where’s the little one?” I asked, referring to Selena’s baby sister, Gracie.

“I’ll give you one guess,” Mandy answered, smiling.

“I take it my girlfriend has been monopolizing your daughter?” I said even though I’d kinda figured that would happen the moment Selena had said they’d be coming over.

“It’s called bonding with my sister,” Selena said, coming down the stairs.

“Speaking of Gracie, where is she?” Mandy asked, noticing Selena’s empty arms.

“She was getting fussy so I left her with Brian to feed her,” Selena responded as she reached me. “Hey babe, can I see your phone? I want to show mom the pictures from the other night.”

“Sure, but regular rules apply,” I said, fishing my phone out of my pocket and handing it to her. “I brought Chinese for dinner whenever you’re ready.”

“You have rules for what you can do with his phone?” Mandy asked.

“I’m not allowed to make fun of how much he texts his mom,” Selena said, sticking her tongue out at me as she searched for the pictures she wanted.

“Well, I always said you can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his mother,” Mandy said. “The nicer he is to her the better he’ll treat the women in his life.”

“I know I don’t have any complaints,” Selena said, smiling at me as I unloaded cartons of Chinese food onto the table. “Ooh, here they are.”

“Wow, don’t you two look cute,” Mandy said as Selena showed her pictures I’d taken of us before the Machete Kills premiere that Richie had gotten us into since he owed me a meeting with Jessica Alba from months ago. “You look so beautiful and Richie’s so handsome.”

“Mmhmm,” Selena agreed.

“How many plates do I need to get out?” I asked, wondering if Selena’s parents were staying for dinner.

“We should probably be getting home then,” Mandy said, handing my phone back to Selena.

“You sure? I got plenty if you want to stay,” I offered.

“You’re such a suck up,” Selena snickered as she slipped my phone back in my pocket.

“Hey, I have to do something to make sure I stay on your mom’s good side,” I said with a grin.

Sure Selena made the occasional comment about me sucking up to her mom or that her mom liked me better, but I knew she liked it. She was close enough to her parents that it was important that they get along with anyone she dated.

“I got the tv hooked up in your bedroom,” Brian said as he came down the stairs holding his daughter. “Dan, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Just got home and I was trying to talk your wife into staying for dinner,” I said.

“I think we should give the kids some time to themselves in their new house,” Mandy said, giving Selena a hug. “Call if you need anything. And that goes for both of you.”

“Will do,” I said, giving Mandy a small hug and a polite kiss on the cheek.

“Bye mom, I’ll call you tomorrow,” Selena said, closing the door behind her parents.

“When do people start arriving?” I asked Selena as I grabbed a couple plates and brought them back to the table.

“Taylor should be getting here soon but I had Dianna and Emma come later so we could ease Taylor into the action rather than throw her into the deep end,” Selena answered, opening a carton of rice.

“If you weren’t my girlfriend, I’d be scared to death of you when you start plotting like this,” I said, passing her the General Tso’s chicken.

“Let that be a warning in case you ever get on my bad side,” Selena said, pointing a chopstick at me.

“Duly noted,” I said, grinning. Pantomiming taking out a pad and paper I pretended to write a note to myself. “Never piss off Selena.”

“Oh, you piss me off, and occasionally I even want to kill you, it’s all part of being in a relationship. Just don’t break my heart, okay?” Selena asked with a look of vulnerability on her face.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that,” I said. “I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“And that’s why I fell in love with you in the first place,” Selena said. “Too bad we have to wait for Taylor because I really want you to take me right here, right now.”

“I told you, I’m yours whenever you want me,” I said.

“I know, but come tomorrow we’re a completely monogamous couple and if this is my last shot at Taylor, I’m going to take it,” Selena said.

“We? I told you I don’t mind if you have a little fun with your girlfriends,” I insisted.

“I know, but it’s just not the same without you. Remember when I was in Canada and seduced that hot little production assistant?” Selena asked me. My mind flashed to the pictures she’d sent me and I nodded my head. “She was super cute, had never been with a woman before but was really eager, and yet I couldn’t enjoy her because all I wanted was to have you there with us. So even though you don’t mind, I don’t want to do anything without you. If you’re out, then I’m out.”

“I have told you how much I love you, right?” I asked her.

“A couple times, but I never get tired of hearing it,” Selena said, beaming brightly.

+ * + * +

“That’s Taylor, you still want to go through with this?” Selena asked me when the doorbell rang.

“You know that I’d be perfectly fine sitting around and having a few laughs with the girls for a few hours and then going to bed. But skipping most of the talking to take you and the girls to bed, well, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it,” I said with a grin.

“Good, just remember at the end of the night you’re all mine,” Selena said, wrapping her arms around me and squeezing me tight before running off to make sure things were nice and tidy while I went for the door.

“Taylor, come in,” I said moving out of the way so Taylor Swift could enter.

“Wow, I love the house,” Taylor said, looking all around. “But I guess it’s official, I missed my window twice and it’s not opening up again any time soon, is it?”

“If it were up to me, the window would never open again,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Aww,” Taylor said.

“What are you awwing about in here?” Selena asked as she entered the room the room carrying a couple bottles of water.

“Oh, nothing,” Taylor said, smiling.

To the untrained eye it looked like Selena accepted the answer but I was attuned to her enough to notice the slight narrowing of the eyes like she was trying to decide whether she should be worried. Even though it wasn’t anything bad, I didn’t want her to think we were keeping anything from her.

“Taylor said that she missed her window twice and it didn’t look like it was going to open again, and I said if I had my way it wouldn’t open again ever,” I said, catching Selena up on the conversation.

I was sure Selena wasn’t worried about Taylor having feelings for me. If anything I was pretty sure she suspected Taylor did, or at least expected her to. No, when it came to Taylor-related insecurities, Selena’s fears were more along the lines of me still having feelings for Taylor. Those fears had gradually dissipated as we’d gotten more serious about each other and I didn’t want them suddenly popping back up now that we’d moved in together.

“Aww,” Selena said, echoing Taylor as she handed me a bottle of water. And in case I didn’t get that she was reminding me to hydrate she gave me a small wink that only I could see before turning to Taylor. “Did you want some water? Maybe something else to drink?”

“No thanks, but I was telling Danny how much I love your house. It’s so cute,” Taylor said.

“I know, I love how big it feels in here,” Selena said, looking up at the vaulted ceilings of the main floor.

“I love the hardwood floors,” Taylor said, tapping her foot against the floor before pointing at the virtual wall of glass that overlooked the yard and pool. “And I really love all the windows too. I bet it’s really light in here during the day.”

“As a guy, I love the gadgety feel of this,” I said, pointing at a panel of switches on the wall. “All the windows have shades that can be raised or lowered from here. You can raise or lower them all at once, or do the top set or bottom set alone, or even just do sections.”

“Typical man,” Selena said, rolling her eyes at me getting excited about some motorized shades.

“How many rooms?” Taylor asked as Selena showed her around the downstairs.

“Four, three upstairs and one down here,” Selena answered.

“So big enough for kids, huh?” Taylor asked, smirking as if expecting to freak me out with talk of kids.

“Well, that was kinda the idea,” I said, trying to keep calm. “To be big enough for a family in the future, the far future.”

“Come on, I’ll show you the rest of the house before we drown in the sweat coming off his forehead,” Selena giggled, taking Taylor’s arm.

As Selena gave Taylor the tour the excitement in her movements was obvious. And as Taylor oohed and ahhed at all the right times Selena’s already sky high pride in the house somehow grew even more. Frankly, it was about the most adorable thing I’d ever seen.

“Wow, I love the skylight,” Taylor said when the tour reached our room.

“Me too, but I really love this,” Selena said, crossing the room to open the French doors and show Taylor the balcony. “It has an amazing view of the sunset.”

“I still say I have the better view,” I said wrapping my arms around Selena from behind.

“Not now,” Selena said even though she pressed back against me.

“It’s okay,” Taylor sighed.

“Are you sure?” Selena asked. “Because the last thing I want is to rub your nose in our relationship.”

“If I didn’t want to see the two of you acting affectionate, I wouldn’t have come,” Taylor answered.

“I just don’t want you to be mad,” Selena said.

“I was never mad,” Taylor said. “Well, maybe a little, but I understand. I pushed him away and I always knew there was a chance he’d find someone else. But that night at my concert I saw the look on your face when I kissed him and I saw the concern for you on Danny’s face and I knew he wasn’t mine any more. When I went after you, you tried to tell me you two were just friends and you were happy for me. But I could tell you were lying so I did the only thing I could do, I sent him after you.”

“And I’ll be forever grateful for that,” I said, putting my arm around Selena’s shoulder.

“Just make sure to invite me to the wedding and we’ll call it even,” Taylor joked.

“I swear I didn’t s-,” Selena said turning her head to look at me as if worried how I might react to such talk.

“Of course,” I said, cutting off Selena and causing her eyes to go wide in surprise. “Don’t go planning it all out quite yet because it’s not happening any time soon, but when it does Taylor will be on the guest list.”

“When?” Selena asked, her mouth hanging open in shock.

“Would you rather I say ‘if it happens’ instead?” I asked her.

“No no, I’m just shocked that you’re not running like hell at the mere thought,” Selena said.

“So am I, but I figured out a while ago that if I have to run somewhere, I’d much rather run in your direction,” I said, shrugging my shoulders as Selena practically melted against me.

“Oh god, do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” Selena asked, lifting up onto the balls of her feet to whisper into my ear and cover it with a kiss on my cheek. “I am so wet right now.”

“See, this is why I can’t be mad because no matter how much I wanted to be with Danny, you two just belong together,” Taylor sighed.

“Taylor, you said you wanted to be with Danny so if you could have one last time with him, would you take it?” Selena asked.

“What?” Taylor asked, giving Selena a blank stare.

“It would have to be tonight, like right now, but would you be interested?” Selena continued.

“Wait, you’re serious?” Taylor asked, looking back and forth between Selena and I.

“I’d have to be there, of course, but you wouldn’t have to do anything. Just lay back and let us do the work,” Selena said.

“I, um, well, uh,” Taylor stammered as she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Personally, I’d rather just curl up with my girlfriend and watch a movie but she thinks we need one last wild night before tomorrow when we turn into a boring old couple that only has eyes for each other.” I said “So, if you don’t want to, feel free to say no and we can put an end to all this.”

When Taylor stayed rooted to the floor I knew that she wanted to take Selena up on the offer but couldn’t bring herself to actually say it. So I took the choice out of her hands a bit by taking a step forward and putting my hands on her hips. She lifted her head to look me in the eyes and nodded ever so slightly, giving me permission.

“Tell us what you want,” I implored Taylor as I slipped my fingers under her shirt to softly caress the warm skin of her lower stomach, just above the waist of her pants.

“Do it,” Taylor gasped, nodding her head. “Fuck me, both of you fuck me.”

As if waiting for that specific phrase, Selena pounced. While I’d been prodding Taylor into finally answering, Selena had been circling her like a feline stalking its prey. And when Taylor had declared her desires Selena had practically tackled her onto the bed and started tugging at clothing and undoing buttons.

“You coming or what?” Selena hissed, turning her head to look back at where I was still standing, mesmerized by the hunger Selena was showing. Normally when she went into a frenzy like that I was too busy trying not to be overwhelmed by it to really pay attention and it took me by surprise a bit.

“Sorry, got distracted by the whirlwind,” I said, blinking to clear my vision as I kicked off my shoes and took a step towards the bed.

By the time I got to the bed Selena had already unbuttoned Taylor’s pants and was working on her friend’s shirt. Grabbing Taylor’s shoes I took them off one at a time and dropped them to the floor at my feet before grabbing the legs of her pants. As I tugged on Taylor’s pants both her and Selena lifted up to allow me to pull them down Taylor’s long legs.

Putting my hands on Taylor’s calves I slid them up her legs, the rest of me not far behind. Reaching where Selena was straddling Taylor’s waist, I lifted up so I could move my body over Selena, sandwiching her between us.

“Mmm, feels good,” Selena said, lifting her ass and rubbing it against my cock.

“So, should I take off Taylor’s thong, or should I start getting someone else naked?” I asked Selena.

“Taylor, definitely Taylor,” Selena said, her voice thick with lust.

“Okay, but then I’m coming for you,” I said, giving Selena a kiss on her neck before pulling back.

Hooking my fingers in Taylor light blue thong, I started peeling it down to reveal her bald pussy. Planting her feet on the bed Taylor lifted her hips to allow me remove them a little easier. Then when I had her panties halfway down her thighs Taylor lifted her feet off the bed entirely so I could pull them off over her feet.

“My half is done,” I said, reaching out and grabbing Selena’s skirt. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be easily dissuaded, Selena slid off Taylor to allow me to pull her skirt and panties down.

“You want Danny to fuck you, don’t you?” Selena asked Taylor as her hands cupped Taylor’s bare tits.

“Yeah,” Taylor moaned, nodding her head.

“You heard her Danny, fuck her with my cock,” Selena said, turning her head to look at me as I stripped off my own clothes.

Grinning at Selena’s possessiveness towards my manhood, I lifted Taylor’s legs off the bed. Pulling them apart I moved onto the bed between them and watched as her pussy opened up to greet me and welcome me back with open arms.

“Want a taste?” I asked Selena, darting my eyes down to Taylor’s pussy.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Selena said, her brown eyes sparkling as she twisted around so she could get her head between Taylor’s legs.

“Ohhhh,” Taylor moaned as Selena took a nice lick at her slit.

“Mmm, tasty,” Selena said, looking almost like she was going to push me out of the way to get some more.

Instead Selena just reached out and took hold of my, I mean her, cock and firmly led me forward. Leaning down she gave her favorite part of my body a kiss on the head before lining it up with Taylor’s opening.

When my cock made contact with Taylor’s pussy I instinctively pushed forward a bit, nudging the head between the lips of her pussy. I paused for a moment barely inside her though, just long enough to make both girls whimper before grabbing hold of Taylor’s hips and lunging forward violently.

“Fuck,” Taylor hissed as she went from being teased to being stuff full of cock in the blink of an eye.

Without even waiting for her to get used to the intrusion I immediately pulled half my cock out of her. Still holding onto her hips I held Taylor steady as I slammed forward, burying myself within her once more.

“Fuck her, baby,” Selena said, licking her lips as she watched me give it to her best friend.

“Want another taste, this time of juices from much deeper inside her?” I asked Selena, grinning.

“Give it to me,” Selena snapped, practically yanking my cock out of Taylor.

As Selena lowered her mouth to my cock I could see her eyes light up at the prospect of tasting Taylor on me. Sure enough, she moaned as she took me into her mouth and I could feel her practically purring around me as she worked her mouth further down my cock.

“Now get back to work,” Selena said when she pulled her mouth off me.

“If I have to,” I said, grinning as I eased back into Taylor, much slower this time.

“Mmm, look at him go,” Selena said, moving up to put her head next to Taylor’s so they could both watch me from approximately the same angle. “Does it feel good?”

“So good,” Taylor agreed as I paused on my in-stroke to rotate my hips before pulling back.

“How long has it been since you got fucked?” Selena asked, her finger idly flicking Taylor’s nipple.

“Months,” Taylor gasped as I drilled into her hard.

“Since the last time you were with Danny?” Selena asked.

“No, few months ago,” Taylor panted, clearly getting off on having both of us working on her.

“That’s right, you said that you picked up a fan at a concert,” Selena said, leaning down to kiss Taylor. I felt Taylor tense up a bit but quickly she got into the kiss and actually started humping back at me even harder. “Bet that was hot, giving a fan the thrill of a lifetime and knowing that no one would ever believe him if he tried to tell people he fucked Taylor Swift.”

“Very hot,” Taylor moaned, her skin turning a nice shade of pink as her pleasure built.

“He wasn’t nearly as good as Danny though, was he?” Selena asked, grabbing one of Taylor’s hands and bringing it to her chest.

“Bigger cock, but didn’t last nearly as long as Danny,” Taylor answered, moaning as her hand squeezed one of Selena’s tits.

“You didn’t let him buttfuck you, did you?” Selena asked, bending down to suck one of Taylor’s nipples into her mouth. “Because I’m sure Danny would hate to know that you let just anyone in that little ass of yours.”

“No, only Danny,” Taylor hissed, her pussy clenching even tighter as Selena turned the subject to anal.

“That’s good, because I kinda promised Danny he could fuck your ass tonight,” Selena whispered into Taylor’s ear, just loud enough for me to hear. “He’s going to make you come, then flip you over and shove his cock up your ass while I eat your pussy. You’re going to love it.”

“Oh god,” Taylor moaned at Selena’s promises.

“You’ve never been with a girl before, but I promise you it won’t be your last,” Selena said. “You’re going to do pretty much everything tonight. Danny’s going to fuck every hole in your body, I’m going to eat your pussy, your ass too if you’re lucky. Mmm, then the other girls get here and they’re all going to fuck you silly. You’ll be lucky if you can walk by the time you’re done tonight.”

“Other, uhh, girls?” Taylor asked, on the edge from Selena’s dirty talk.

“Dianna and Emma are coming later, but they don’t know about you yet,” Selena said. “Dianna especially is going to want a taste of you.”

“Ohhh,” Taylor moaned, a little shiver running through her.

“You’re so close, aren’t you?” Selena asked Taylor. “Come all over Danny’s cock so he can fuck you in the ass. Mmm, you want it too, don’t you? You want to feel his fat cock drilling into your ass and making you scream for more.”

“I do, I definitely do,” Taylor grunted, closing her eyes as she tried to focus on her pleasure.

“Come on, baby, make her come. I want to watch her come from you fucking her,” Selena prodded me.

Grinning I slipped my hands under Taylor’s ass. Holding a cheek in each hand I lifted her up and began to really drive into her. Each thrust brought the sound of flesh striking flesh followed by a loud grunt of pleasure from Taylor.

Feeling her respond to me I picked up the pace until I could tell she was ready to burst. Slipping a finger into ass crack I found the tight pucker of her asshole and softly rubbed against it. The sharp intake of air was an obvious sign and when I pushed the tip against the center Taylor exploded.

Taylor’s moans were muffled by Selena’s mouth as my girlfriend chose that moment to kiss her best friend, but even without them it would’ve been obvious to a blind man that Taylor was erupting in pleasure. Her body was quaking as waves of ecstasy and her pussy clamped down on my cock so tightly that if I hadn’t already earmarked my first load for somewhere else, I would’ve given in and unloaded deep into Taylor’s cunt. But I’d promised Selena that I’d plant my load in Taylor’s asshole and I never, ever broke a promise to Selena.

So with almost superhuman concentration I managed to ride out Taylor’s orgasm. When her orgasm died down and her muscles relaxed I took a deep breath and slid my cock from her snatch. It wasn’t loose in the air for long though before Selena pulled away from kissing Taylor to clean Taylor’s juices off my rod.

“If you want an anal creampie, you better give me a little break,” I warned Selena through gritted teeth.

With a whimper Selena used her own almost superhuman effort to override every instinct she’d spent over a year nurturing to pull off my cock before I blew my load down her throat. As she pulled away though, she turned her attention to the relaxed form laying on the bed next to her.

“Get the lube ready,” Selena said absently as she dove between Taylor’s legs and went to work licking up the cream that hadn’t been on my cock or hadn’t already spilled onto the sheets.

“Mmm,” Taylor moaned as the pleasure from Selena’s tongue started to bring her back to the land of the living.

“Roll over,” Selena said, licking her lips as she sat up.

Not even hesitating, Taylor rolled over onto her stomach. She stayed flat on her belly for a moment before lifting her cute little ass in the air and getting her knees underneath her. Getting up onto hands and knees Taylor turned her head to look back at us as if waiting for the next round to start.

Grinning, I tossed Selena a bottle of lube and sat back to watch my girlfriend lube up her best friend’s ass to prepare her to be sodomized by my cock. There are certainly worse ways to spend a few minutes while letting your body cool off a little.

“Are you ready, Tay?” Selena asked. “Ready to let Danny fuck your ass?”

“Yeah, fuck my ass,” Taylor said, moaning as Selena slipped a free hand down to rub Taylor’s clit while working two fingers in and out of Taylor’s ass.

“You heard her, babe,” Selena said, grabbing hold of my cock and pulling me forward.

Drizzling some lube along the shaft of my cock Selena gave me a couple strokes with her hand to spread it around before guiding me into position behind Taylor. Grabbing hold of Taylor’s hips I let Selena line me up with the leggy blonde’s asshole, but didn’t push right away.

“Danny,” Taylor whined, trying to push back against me but I managed to hold her in place before she could get very far.

“Beg for it,” I said, an evil smirk crossing my face. If it was going to be last time I fucked Taylor in the ass, I was damn well going to have me some fun while doing it.

“Please, Danny? Fuck my ass,” Taylor pleaded. “It’s been forever since I had your cock up my ass and I need it so b-AHHHHHH.”

While she’d been begging I’d just barely pressed against the center of her starfish and then suddenly lunged forward. Before she’d even realized what was happening half my cock was up her shit pipe and she clawed at the sheets from the unexpected maneuver. After all, even though she’d done anal before, it had been many months and I hadn’t exactly let her relax first.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t Taylor’s first, or even second, rodeo and it didn’t take her long to recover. After giving her a bit of time I finally felt her breathing return to normal and her anus unclenched enough to allow me to continue pushing forward.

“So big,” Taylor grunted when I had my cock buried to the root in her ass.

“You never really get used to that,” Selena said, smiling as she watched me slowly withdraw a quarter of my cock from Taylor’s asshole. “But that’s part of what makes it so great, feeling your ass stretch to take him in and trying not to be overwhelmed by it.”

“So fucking big,” Taylor grunted once more as I lunged forward and reburied my cock in her asshole.

“Give me a kiss before I get to work on her,” Selena said, turning my head to look at her.

“Yes, ma’am,” I managed to get out before Selena shoved her tongue down my throat and almost made me forget all about plowing Taylor’s ass. Key word was “almost” because it only took Taylor pushing her ass back against me to bring me back to the task at hand.

As Selena slid underneath Taylor I resumed fucking our blonde friend. Her ass was squeezing me so exquisitely I kinda wanted to stay inside her for a while. But I also wanted to come and I couldn’t do that without pulling out so I could push back into her.

Without even looking I knew the moment Selena launched her attack on Taylor’s pussy. Even without Taylor’s loud moan as a clue, I would’ve guessed from the way Taylor’s body tensed up for a moment. Her already tight anus clenched around me in a death grip, as if trying to milk me.

“Oh god, ohhh,” Taylor moaned as Selena put some of her lesbian experience to good use.

“Is she eating your pussy?” I asked Taylor, tightening my grip on her waist and pulling her onto my cock with enough force to send shock waves through her body.

“Ohhhh, yeahhhh,” Taylor moaned, clearly enjoying having both of us work on her.

Feeling something brush my balls I jumped a little before looking down and seeing that Selena had decided to fondle me a little with one of her hands. Pulling out of Taylor almost all the way I looked down and saw a sparkle in Selena’s eyes as she watched my cock sliding in and out of her friend’s forbidden hole.

“Such a tight fucking ass,” I grunted, the situation starting to take a toll on me.

Probably sensing that I was edging towards the finish, Selena reached out and grabbed hold of my ass with both hands. As I pushed into Taylor’s ass Selena added her strength to the mix and helped me slam into Taylor hard enough to make her tight, toned ass cheeks ripple from the force.

“Fuuuuckkkk,” Taylor hissed as I repeated it again and again, the sound of my pelvis slamming into the cheeks of Taylor’s ass echoing through the room like gunshots.

Letting go of my ass Selena brought her hands to bear on Taylor. When I didn’t think Taylor’s ass could get any tighter, I felt a slight change and looked down to see Selena sliding two fingers into Taylor’s pussy. It seemed to do the trick though as Taylor started to quiver from having both of her holes filled at the same time, even if it was only fingers in one of them.

“Oh ohh ohhhhhh,” Taylor moaned, hovering right on the edge of coming.

“Almost there,” I grunted, slamming into Taylor’s ass and feeling the come starting to rise in my balls.

“Do it, babe, come deep inside her ass for me,” Selena urged, rubbing Taylor’s clit with her thumb as she plunged her fingers into her friend’s pussy.

Never one to disappoint Selena, I plunged my cock into Taylor’s ass one final time. Buried to the hilt I let loose, feeling the first spurt erupt into Taylor’s bowels. By the time the second burst exploded out to hose down her colon Taylor had been pushed over the edge into her own orgasm, her anus clamping down on me as she quaked in pleasure.

Even after the last bit of jizz had been milked from my testicles by Taylor’s ass, I remained deep inside her. Partly because I wanted to enjoy it just a little longer, and partly because her asshole was clamped down so tightly that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to move.

Finally when Taylor came down from her climax her anus relaxed and I was able to pull out. Of course, I’d barely gotten out of the way before Selena was shifting her position on the bed so she could get her tongue on Taylor’s ass and my come.

“Ooooh,” Taylor moaned as Selena tongued her gaping asshole.

“Sit up,” I said, urging Taylor to straighten up over Selena.

With better access to Taylor’s ass thanks to the position change, Selena moaned and really got to work trying to coax my load out of her. As for me, I glanced down at my semi-hard cock still covered in lube and ass juices, and then glanced up at Taylor.

Standing up next to Taylor, I grabbed her head and guided it towards my crotch. Without being told Taylor parted her lips and took my cock into her mouth. A moan came from her throat as she cleaned me up with her mouth, and then she moaned again as I started to harden again in her mouth.

Before I could start thinking about putting my new erection to good use though, I heard the doorbell ring. Glancing down at where Selena was still busy I decided that I’d have to be the one to answer the door. With a sigh and great strength of effort I pulled my cock out of Taylor’s mouth.

“I’ll get it,” I said, pulling on a pair of boxers.

I heard Selena mumble something, but I couldn’t make it out as I headed for the bedroom door. Walking briskly I took off down the stairs and made my way towards the front door. Grabbing the doorknob I peeked through the peephole in the door to make sure it was one of the girls before opening the door.

“Hey, is that Taylor’s car out th-, well hello there,” Dianna Agron said, changing thoughts mid-stream as she took note of my attire once she was through the door. Her eyes traveled down my chest and stomach and immediately locked onto the tent in my shorts. “Please tell me that’s for me.”

“Geez, Dan, give a girl a chance,” Emma Stone said, following Dianna into the house and taking in the same sight.

“Sorry, we started the party a little early,” I said, grinning as I collected their coats and purses .

“You left Selena alone to come let us in? I’m honored,” Emma said, her eyes lingering on my boxers before forcing herself to look me in the eyes.

“I didn’t say she was alone,” I said, my grin getting even bigger as I tucked their stuff away in the kitchen for safekeeping.

“Wait, was that Taylor’s car out there?” Dianna asked, putting two and two together. “Is she upstairs with Selena?”

“Oh, this I gotta see,” Emma said, looking like she wanted to run to the bedroom but she had no idea where they were.

“Follow me,” I said, laughing as both of them looked eager, but for different reasons. Emma wanted to see the spectacle of innocent little Taylor getting her girl-on-girl sex on, while Dianna wanted to join in and get laid.

By the time we got to the top of the stairs the moans started becoming audible. I thought for a moment about turning it into a tour of the house, but the way Dianna was already starting to get impatient I figured she would’ve just ignored me and followed the sounds to the fun. So instead I took them right to the bedroom.

Stepping into the room the sight that greeted me was Selena tightening the harness of her strap on while she hovered over Taylor. Hearing a gasp I looked over to see Emma with eyes wide open, jaw on the ground as she watched Selena aim her toy at Taylor’s pussy. Dianna either was better prepared for the sight or she was just too horny to let it affect her as she was already busy removing her dress.

“Since Selena is busy, who gets this?” Dianna asked, lightly running her fingers over my cock through my boxers. It had softened a bit as we’d walked through the house, but watching Selena climb on top of Taylor had put the iron right back into my cock.

“Whoever wants it, I guess,” I said, lifting Dianna up and tossing her on the bed next to Taylor.

“Give it to Dianna, she’s been craving it for weeks,” Emma said, her eyes still watching Selena and Taylor.

“Yay,” Dianna said, squirming out of her panties.

“What about you, are you just going to watch?” I asked Emma as she watched with clear hunger in her eyes.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Emma said, obviously torn.

“If you’re worried about cheating or something, you’re completely off limits,” I told her as Dianna started getting a little impatient and yanked my boxers down. “I promise not to touch you unless you initiate it. I’ve got more than I can handle already with the other three. We can be a team working together to keep them satisfied.”

“I like the way you think, Mr. Eastman,” Emma said, smirking.

“Then get naked and find a tongue to park that pussy on,” I said as Dianna grabbed my cock and started tugging. “Like maybe Dianna’s to distract her a little so she doesn’t try to rip my dick off and use it like a dildo.”

“What? I’m horny and you’re busy talking,” Dianna pouted, still pulling me towards her.

“See? You expect me to handle her alone?” I asked Emma as I grabbed hold of Dianna’s legs.

Rolling her eyes for effect, Emma started stripping off her clothes. I tried to watch but Dianna wasn’t having any of it. Lining me up with her opening she dug her heels into my butt and pulled me into her before I realized what she was up to.

“Ohhhh,” Dianna moaned as she felt my cock sliding inside her for the first time in a couple months. “I really missed this.”

“You sound like it’s been years since you’ve gotten laid,” I said, rotating my hips to swirl my cock around inside her before slowly sliding back out.

“Sometimes it feels like it,” Dianna said, lifting her hips to meet my thrust. “I don’t know how I’m going to survive without the semi-occasional visit from my favorite cock. But if you fuck me good enough I might forget that Selena promised to let me borrow you whenever I wanted and is now taking it away.”

“That wasn’t her decision, Lamb,” I said, gritting my teeth as I slammed into her with a little extra oomph. “I’m the one taking it away from you.”

“Then fuck the shit out of me so I’ll be able to remember what it feels like later,” Dianna grunted, her eyes lighting up as she saw Emma’s pussy descending towards her face.

With Emma faced away from me I watched her cute little ass park itself right on Dianna’s face. I wasn’t sure if she’d chosen to face that way to keep herself from being tempted to lean forward into a sixty-nine position and maybe wind up licking or sucking my cock, or if she just knew I really liked her ass and wanted to give me something extra to look at. Either way, I wasn’t complaining in the least.

Prying my eyes from Emma’s ass I glanced over to where Selena was drilling into Taylor’s pussy and really making the tall blonde writhe around in pleasure. While I had the benefit of a real flesh and blood cock, Selena’s strap on had the benefit of being pretty much everlasting. As long as Selena had energy and a willing partner, she could keep on fucking forever.

And at the moment, she had Taylor hovering on the verge of another orgasm. Still stroking in and out of Taylor Selena leaned forward and sucked one of Taylor’s nipples into her mouth. The added stimulation seemed to do the trick as Taylor let out a wail of pleasure and went rocketing over the edge into orgasm.

Hearing a throaty moan I pried my eyes away from Taylor in the throes of ecstasy and turned my head just in time to see Dianna’s tongue swiping at Emma’s puckered starfish. I wasn’t surprised in the least seeing as how tossing salad seemed to be one of Dianna’s favorite pastimes. She liked to really dig into Selena’s ass with her tongue whenever they were together, and had even tried it a time or two on me, so there was no way she wasn’t going to have Emma sitting on her face without getting a little rim job in there.

Plus, Dianna knew that I really got off on watching her watching her eat Selena’s ass and probably figured it’d have a similar effect if it was Emma’s asshole getting tongued. She was right of course and almost immediately I picked up the pace, fucking Dianna’s cunt hard and fast.

“Fuck her, babe,” Selena said, watching me give Dianna rapid-fire thrusts while Taylor recovered.

“Oh god, lick my ass,”  Emma moaned, reaching back to spread her cheeks for Dianna’s tongue.

Unfortunately for Emma, my insistent thrusting was having an effect on Dianna and in no time her moans started getting in the way of her rimming. And eventually Dianna wasn’t even able to concentrate at all and was reduced to merely holding onto Emma’s thighs and moaning into Emma’s butt cheeks.

“Gonna give me a creampie?” Selena hissed into my ear as she watched my stamina start erode from the vigorous fucking I’d been giving to Dianna as well as watching Dianna rim Emma’s ass.

“You want me to come inside her tight pussy? You hear that, Lamb, Selena wants me to come inside you so she can suck it out,” I said, hoping the prospect of that might help push Dianna over the edge.

“Do it, come in me,” Dianna moaned, just about there. “I want to feel you coming inside me.”

With Dianna’s concentration elsewhere Emma slid off her face and sat back to watch. That didn’t long as I noticed Selena whispering something to Taylor. Moments later Taylor slipped off the bed and started digging into the drawer in the bedside table Selena referred to as out “toy box” because it’s where we kept our fun stuff.

I didn’t notice what Selena had told Taylor to get because the cry of release from Dianna caught my attention instead. As Dianna’s cunt clamped down on my cock, I clenched my jaw tight and tried to hold off as long as I could. But ultimately Selena’s desire for a creampie won out and I let loose, hosing down the inside of her vaginal canal with my scalding hot jizz.

“Mmm,” Dianna moaned, her body going limp as she came down from her orgasm.

“Mine,” Selena said, pushing me out of the way so she could get at her little snack.

“You girls are exhausting,” I sighed, moving to lean against the headboard and watch Selena eat her pie.

“You’re not even remotely, ohhhh, done yet,” Dianna moaned as Selena coaxed my load out of her cunt.

“You’ve already gotten some, and Taylor’s gotten some, and Emma’s on the look-but-don’t-touch plan. So the only one left is Selena, and she’s kinda busy at the moment,” I said, watching Selena’s ass waving in the air happily as she worked.

“Then get ready for round two,” Selena said, popping up from Dianna’s pussy and licking her lips. “But since you mentioned Emma, someone has to fuck her and you can’t.”

“Go get her, Cuddle Bug,” I said, finally noticing that Emma was bent over with Taylor behind her and a bottle of lube in her hands. “So that’s what you were whispering in Taylor’s ear.”

“I know she liked it the one time she let you fuck her ass, and she really liked it when Dianna was licking her back there, so I told Taylor to get some lube,” Selena said, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“Tear that ass up for me,” I said, leaning in to give Selena a soft kiss and tasting a mix of mine and Dianna’s juices on her lips.

“You know I will,” Selena said, absentmindedly stroking her toy in anticipation of what was to come.

With Taylor tentatively lubing up Emma’s asshole, Selena sidled up behind the pair of them. Slipping a hand underneath Emma she stroked Emma’s clit, causing her to moan and push back against the fingers Taylor had up her ass.

Either satisfied with Taylor’s work or just plain impatient, I’m not sure which, Selena pushed Taylor out of the way. Grabbing hold of Emma’s butt cheeks Selena moved behind her and laid her toy in the valley between Emma’s cheeks and softly sawed it through, letting Emma know exactly what was coming, as if she didn’t already have a pretty good idea.

“Aim me?” Selena asked Taylor.

Too caught up in the kinkiness of what was going on, Taylor merely nodded and took hold of the shaft of Selena’s dildo. As Emma turned to look back at Selena with a look of minor trepidation, Taylor aimed the tip of the toy at Emma’s asshole.

“Oh shit,” Emma gasped as Selena pushed forward.

They were positioned so I was looking on from the side. While it gave me a nice overall view, it meant that I didn’t get the best views of certain things. Like I only got to see the toy slowly disappearing between the cheeks of Emma’s ass but I didn’t get to see her asshole being split open and stretching wider than it had probably since the first time she’d let someone fuck her ass almost a year ago. I also didn’t get to see the look on Emma’s face when Selena pushed forward and buried the rest of the toy inside Emma’s ass.

I wasn’t too concerned about that though because the view I did have was still pretty amazing. I could see Selena gripping Emma’s butt as she slowly started to pull out. Then I watched as Emma’s ass undulated when Selena thrust forward, stuffing her full of plastic cock again.

“You seem to be enjoying the show,” Taylor said, making me jump slightly. I’d gotten so engrossed in the show that I hadn’t realized that she’d left the other group and headed for me.

“You didn’t seem to mind it either,” I reminded her.

“Actually, I meant that,” Taylor said, looking down at where my cock was having quite a resurgence.

“Well, he’s always had a mind of his own,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Always rising up to say hello whether I wanted him to or not.”

“I’d hate to not let him say hello then,” Taylor said, reaching down to stroke my cock.

“I think he’d like that,” I said, grinning.

With a smirk Taylor leaned down and ran her tongue along the underside of my cock. She stopped and tilted her head to the side as if realizing that Dianna’s juices were still coating it. Deciding that she kinda liked the taste of Dianna, or at least that it wasn’t going to stop her, Taylor wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and held it upright.

Opening her mouth Taylor wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. Feeling the warm moistness of her mouth I smiled and let her work. I’d already come twice so there was no danger at all of me coming anytime soon. She could have gone down on me for an hour and still not gotten me to come.

Besides, Taylor really wasn’t looking for jizz, she was just helping take me from almost erect to stiff as a lead pipe. Satisfied that she’d gotten me hard enough, she threw a leg over me and straddled my lap. Still holding onto my cock she held it straight up and lined it up with her pussy.

“Mmmm,” Taylor moaned as she lowered herself onto me.

Much like with the blowjob, I sat back and let Taylor do her thing. Resting my hands on her thighs I pretty much just watched as Taylor lifted up until only maybe a quarter of my cock was still inside her. Pausing for a moment to make eye contact with me, he suddenly dropped down and took me back inside her completely in the blink of an eye.

Feeling a hand on my leg I diverted my eyes from Taylor to see Dianna crawling up the bed behind Taylor. Taylor jumped a little when she felt Dianna’s hand reaching around to cup one of her breasts. She got over the shock pretty quickly because in no time she was back to slowly riding my cock.

With the way she so easily accepted Dianna’s touch, Taylor had obviously decided to enjoy herself. Turning her head to look at Dianna, Taylor even took the initiative by pulling her in for a kiss. And really, as hot as it had been to watch Taylor let Selena drink my come out of her ass, it was almost even hotter to watch her kiss Dianna simply because she was the instigator rather than just letting someone else dictate the action.

Deciding to take a bit more active role myself, I slid my hands up Taylor’s up Taylor’s thighs to grab hold of her ass. Gripping a cheek in each hand I used my new handle to help lift Taylor up and then pull her down onto my cock.

Grunts of pleasure catching her attention Dianna broke the kiss with Taylor and turned to see Emma hovering on the edge of pleasure as Selena pounded into her asshole. Probably sensing an opening for her to get next, Dianna crawled across the bed to join them.

“Look at Emma, about to come from getting fucked in the ass,” I told Taylor, causing her turn her head to watch.

Taylor must have liked what she saw because as she watched Emma flail around orgasm Taylor’s pace quickened. Then when Dianna moved to suck Selena’s toy clean I felt a nice little spasm roll through Taylor’s pussy.

“Ooh, you like watching Dianna taste Emma’s ass on the toy, don’t you?” I asked Taylor.

“So nasty,” Taylor moaned, nodding her head.

“You want to taste someone’s ass too?” I asked, getting another tremble from Taylor. “Emma’s looking lonely if you wanted to lick her ass like Selena did with yours.”

“Ohhhh,” Taylor moaned, clearly enjoying the thought.

“Or do you want to taste on the tip of Selena’s strap on just like Dianna?” I asked, deciding to up my participation even more.

Wrapping one hand around Taylor’s back I sat up. Moving my legs underneath me I lifted up onto my knees with my cock still buried deep inside Taylor. Laying her down on her back with me on top I put my hands on the bed next to her and proceeded to slam into her with as much power as I could muster.

“Fuck,” Taylor grunted as she tried to hang on for the ride.

“Tell Emma you want her to sit on your face,” I hissed at Taylor.

“I, uhh, want to, uhh, lick Emma,” Taylor panted as I drilled into her over and over.

“You heard her, Emma,” I said, watching as Emma moved to straddle Taylor’s head, facing me.

I’m not sure whether it was me, or if it was the psychological rush of having a friend’s pussy right in her face, or a combination of the two, but literally the moment Taylor’s tongue met Emma’s pussy Taylor exploded. Her hips bucked against me and she screamed her pleasure into Emma’s snatch as she creamed all over my cock.

Seeing the lust in Emma’s eyes, I slowly pulled out of Taylor. I’d barely moved out of the way when Emma dropped down into a sixty-nine so she could get at some of the juices still leaking out of Taylor’s spasming cunt.

With Taylor and Emma locked up, I glanced over to where Selena was on her back with Dianna slowly riding on top of her. Making eye contact with Selena I noticed a slight flicker of movement in her eyes and a slight repositioning of her hands on Dianna’s hips. Combined with the evil smirk on her face, I knew exactly what she had in mind.

“Room for one more?” I whispered into Dianna’s ear.

“Huh?” Dianna asked.

“Bend down,” I told her, putting a hand between her shoulder blades and gently pushing until she got the idea and leaned forward until she was chest-to-chest with Selena.

Picking up one of the bottles of lube that had been discarded earlier, I squirted a healthy dollop onto my finger. Hearing a muffled moan as I smeared it around her anus, I lifted my eyes up to see Dianna with her tongue down my girlfriend’s throat.

“Ohhh,” Dianna moaned as I slipped a slimy finger into her asshole.

“You ready to get fucked by both of us at the same time?” Selena asked Dianna as I worked to lube up Dianna.

“I, uh,” Dianna stammered, flustered by the prospect as I added a second finger to her already insanely tight ass.

“I guess I could tell Danny to fuck Taylor some more instead,” Selena said, appealing to Dianna’s sense of entitlement.

“Do it. Fuck my ass, Dan,” Dianna hissed, deciding it was better to try something new and a little scary than to give up her turn and let Taylor have thirds (or fourths) before she could even get seconds.

Wanting nothing more than to give her what she wanted, I slid my fingers out of Dianna’s ass and slathered a good amount of lube on my cock. Stepping up behind Dianna I grabbed hold of my cock and aimed it at the liberally lubed starfish staring me in the face.

“Kiss me,” Selena said, grabbing Dianna’s head and pulling her down.

Pushing forward, Dianna’s was really tight, but she was distracted enough by Selena’s kiss that I was able to nudge the head inside with little trouble. Even after she gasped and tightened up around the phallic objects invading both of her holes, it didn’t take Dianna long to calm herself and start to relax.

After all, while Selena and I had never DP’d her, we’d both fucked Dianna in the ass a few times. It seemed like more than a couple weeks rarely went by without Dianna inviting us over and winding up in bed with one or both of us. And generally when it was both of us, Dianna tended to wind up with one us fucking her in the ass at some point.

So even though Dianna didn’t have a lot of experience taking two cocks at once, she was far from being a stranger to anal sex. And as I felt her asshole relax around the head of my cock I slowly pushed forward. Dianna moaned and her breathing was shallow, but she didn’t try to stop me and even pushed back against me slightly.

It was slow going working my cock into Dianna’s ass. Even though she’d relaxed, it didn’t do much to change the fact that she was a rather petite girl already being stretched around Selena’s toy. Adding my cock to the mix just made her asshole that much tighter and it made me glad I’d already come twice or I probably would’ve already been ready to blow by the time I gave a little thrust and pushed the last inch or so of cock into Dianna’s bowels.

“Feeling good, Lamb?” I asked Dianna as I slowly slid part of my cock out of her ass.

“Uhhh, yeah,” Dianna groaned as I thrust back into her.

“She definitely likes it,” Selena said, watching Dianna’s face to make sure she was really into it.

With that settled I set a very deliberate pace as I started to slide in and out of Dianna’s anal cavity. Soon Selena caught my tempo and moved in time with my thrusts. With both of us fucking her Dianna began alternating between pushing her ass back against me and lowering her pussy down to meet Selena’s thrusts.

Even though Selena and I had never actually given another woman a double penetration, and my only experience with the act was when I’d done it to Selena for her birthday with the assistance of Ashley Benson, we seemed to do a pretty good job of it. Dianna certainly didn’t try to stop us or scream bloody murder, she just uttered a series of grunts and gasps as her brain tried to decipher the various signals her body was sending it.

“Oh fuck,” Dianna moaned as Selena and I worked like a well oiled team to bring her pleasure unlike any she’d ever felt before.

Within just a few minutes Dianna screamed and started clawing at the bedsheets as her first orgasm hit her. Luckily I’d already come enough that even feeling Dianna’s asshole clamping down on me so tightly I couldn’t even pull out barely put a dent in my stamina.

Once Dianna’s body went lax I picked up where I’d left off, fucking Dianna’s ass with renewed strength. In fact, after her climax her muscles had relaxed enough that I could move even faster and harder than before and I seized the opportunity to really fuck Dianna’s ass like it so deserved. At least until her nervous system came back online and her asshole started milking me again.

“So fucking hot,” Dianna grunted as her body continued to be assaulted by the two of us.

“Fuck her, baby,” Selena urged me, her hands fondling both of their boobs as they were pressed together.

Not one to ignore an order from Selena, I hammered into Dianna’s ass as hard as I could. The only time I slowed down was so I could squirt a little extra lube on my cock between thrusts when it felt like it was getting a little thin. Other than that it was pretty much full speed ahead with Dianna alternating between mewling at the rough treatment and begging me to fuck her ass harder.

As Dianna’s second climax from her DP erupted I finally started to feel things take a toll on me. Not just from having my cock buried in Dianna’s ass, or even from fucking Taylor before that, but the whole night. I’d expended a ton of energy and even though I’d taken a couple small breaks here or there, I was still running dangerously low.

“Jealous yet?” Selena asked Dianna as I still kept fucking her. “I get him all the time.”

“So jealous,” Dianna mewled, her body practically a limp noodle as I used her ass for my own pleasure more than anything else.

“Got one more left in you, Lamb?” I asked Dianna, feeling myself finally starting to climb the peak once more.

“She’s pretty much done, so just come whenever,” Selena said, stroking Dianna’s cheek.

“Pull out,” Taylor said, appearing at my side. “I want to taste it.”

“Naughty girl,” I said, grinning as I slowly extricated myself from Dianna’s asshole.

Before I’d even pulled fully out of Dianna’s ass Taylor was already wrapping her hand around the base of my cock. Leaning down she didn’t even hesitate as she inhaled my prick. Her eyes lit up a bit as she tasted a combination of the lube and Dianna’s ass and quickly started bobbing up and down.

As opposed to when she’d given me head a little bit ago, this time she was definitely looking for jizz. Somewhere along the way she’d stopped going easy and started trying to suck the come right out of my balls. And sweet holy hell was it working too.

“You’re going to come, aren’t you?” Selena asked me as she pressed up against my side. Looking down I saw Dianna laying on her back with her eyes down to slits and as satisfied a grin on her face as I’d ever seen.

“She’s doing a wonderful job,” I grunted, my hand on the back of Taylor’s head.

“I want you to come, but I want you pull out and come all over her face,” Selena hissed as she watched Taylor clean my cock.

With marching orders in hand, I let Taylor continue to take as much of my cock into her mouth as she could without taking me into her throat. Just when I felt my cock start to throb I pulled out of Taylor’s mouth. A quick tug or two on my cock later and the first jet of come erupted out of my prick and struck Taylor right on the forehead.

“Ohhh,” Selena moaned as she watched second and third volleys of my jizz hit Taylor on the cheek and upper lip.

When my balls were done spray painting Taylor’s face with my goo I stopped and looked at my handiwork for a moment. Since I’d already come twice it wasn’t a huge load, but it still looked super hot to see my jizz dripping off Taylor’s cheeks to land on her chest.

Then of course it got even hotter as Selena dove on top of Taylor, her tongue darting out to lick up my leavings. Taylor moaned as Selena’s tongue licked up what had already dripped onto her chest before moving up to collect the stuff on her cheeks.

Finishing up, instead of pulling away with her prize, Selena actually leaned in and kissed Taylor. From the moan that came out of Taylor’s throat I could tell that Selena was sharing and against all odds I started to feel my cock harden again.

Hearing a noise I turned my head just in time to see Emma slipping out of the bedroom fully clothed. I was tempted to just let her go and watch my girlfriend snowball my come back and forth with Taylor, but ultimately I decided that Emma needed to at least say goodbye before I could let her escape like that. So slipping off the bed I grabbed my boxers off the floor and followed after.

+ * + * +

“Leaving already?” I asked Emma when I caught up to her picking up her purse from the kitchen.

“Yeah, gotta get home,” Emma said, leaning against the counter. “You know, as your biggest supporter in your chase of Taylor it really pissed me off when she let you get away a second time. I thought she was just doing her little self-destructive routine she does when it comes to relationships even if she claimed she knew what she was doing.”

“Taylor was right when she pushed me towards Selena,” I said. “It was Selena long before then, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the possibility that she felt the same way. I thought Selena just wanted to be friends and she thought I only had eyes for Taylor. Taylor was the one to realize we were being idiots by not telling each other how we felt and gave us the big nudge we needed.”

“Still, if it was me I would’ve said fuck it and kept you all to myself,” Emma said with a laugh.

“I would’ve been happy with Taylor, but it wouldn’t have lasted. I don’t think I could’ve ever loved her the way I love Selena. Selena is different from every woman I’ve ever met. She’s smart and funny, and she’s constantly coming up with ways to keep me on my toes. And she’s right behind me, isn’t she?” I asked, noticing the slight change in Emma’s expression. Turning around I saw Selena standing in the entryway of the kitchen wearing on of my t-shirts. Seeing the tears in her eyes my instinct was to worry what was wrong, but then I noticed the smile on her face and relaxed. “Hey babe, where are Taylor and Dianna?”

“Upstairs,” Selena said, taking the couple steps that separated us before jumping at me.

Wrapping her arms around my neck she pulled me into a kiss that threatened to overwhelm me with the intensity behind it. Hooking her legs around my waist she clung to me and my knees threatened to turn to jelly from her passion. As I got over the surprise I slid my arms around her to her back.

“What was that for?” I asked, turning around and setting her down on the counter in case my knees really did come out from underneath me.

“Lets just say if I heard you saying something like that about me, you’d need a crowbar to pry me off of you,” Emma explained as Selena started kissing me again. “Especially if you didn’t know I was there and had nothing to gain by saying it.”

“Mmhmm,” Selena moaned, breaking the kiss so she could nuzzle her face into my shoulder as she continued to hold me close.

“I tell her this stuff all the time” I told Emma as Selena nibbled on my neck.

“Maybe, but it’s one thing to say sweet things to a woman to get into her pants or to score some brownie points, but you didn’t know Selena was there. As far as you knew, telling me how you felt about her wasn’t going to get you anything. You were just speaking straight from the heart, and that is really sexy. It’s why Selena is all over you right now,” Emma explained.

“You left Taylor and Dianna alone upstairs?” I asked Selena. “I thought you wanted to fuck Taylor.”

“I did but then you came down here and I wanted to be with you,” Selena said, shrugging her shoulders. “I told you, I don’t want to be with anyone if you’re not there too.”

As Selena continued to press herself against me I grew increasingly aware that only one of us was wearing underwear. In fact, between the two of us we were only wearing two articles of clothing and neither of them were doing much to hide our arousal. I would have thought Mr. Happy was likely down for the count after the facial he gave Taylor, but Selena always did have a way with him.

“You know, there’s still someone here I haven’t gotten to make love to tonight,” I said, putting my hands on Selena’s hips.

“Emma? She’s trying to be faithful, which is why she stuck to pussy all night,” Selena said, smirking.

“I know, I was talking about someone a little closer,” I said, slipping a hand between us to pull my cock out of the hole in the front of my boxers.

“Ooooh,” Selena moaned as I slowly pushed my cock into her tight pussy. “God I love your cock.”

“Good thing, because he’s all yours,” I told Selena as I pushed the last little bit into her snatch and felt our crotches press together.

“There’s still time if Emma wants to change her mind,” Selena said as I slowly started to pull out. “How about it Emma? Want him to fuck you when he’s done with me?”

“I’ll pass,” Emma said, even as she continued to watch me thrust into Selena.

“Uhhh, it’s your last chance,” Selena said, digging her heels into my ass to pull me into her. “He could fuck your ass.”

“No, it’s still a little sore from when you did it earlier,” Emma said with a smile.

“I know what a dirty little girl like you wants,” Selena said, a mischievous grin crossing her face. “I bet you want Danny to fuck my ass so you can taste me all over his cock as you suck him clean.”

“Ohhh,” Emma moaned to herself, obviously enjoying the thought as she watched me fuck Selena.

“Come here,” Selena said, beckoning Emma to her with her finger.

When Emma came near Selena grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. As I worked my cock in and out of Selena’s snatch I watched my girlfriend make out with Emma. If I hadn’t already come three times that alone probably would’ve done the job.

“If you want Danny to fuck my ass, he’s gonna need some lube,” Selena told Emma. “You know where he keeps it, don’t you?”

“I think I can find some,” Emma said, taking a glance down Selena’s body to where my cock was splitting her cunt. “Should I be quick about it, or should I take my time?”

“You don’t have to rush, but you probably shouldn’t take an hour either,” I said, leaning in to kiss Selena as I slowly worked my way in and out of her.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned, wrapping her arms around my neck and working her pussy against me.

“You know, somehow I’m not surprised this is how we’re breaking in the kitchen rather than making waffles or something,” I said, pulling her shirt up her body.

“We had breakfast,” Selena pointed out as she lifted her hands so I could finish taking her shirt off.

“Cereal doesn’t count as cooking,” I said as she pressed her tits against me and wrapped her arms around my neck once more.

“Are you complaining that I like sex more than cooking?” Selena asked, sticking out her lower lip in a fake pout.

“Not in the slightest,” I said, gently nibbling on her lip.

“I see you guys really missed me,” Emma said, announcing her presence.

“Of course we did,” Selena said. “But I’m not giving up Danny’s cock just because you’re not here to watch.”

“You two have the biggest selection of lubes I’ve ever seen. Even porn shops don’t have your selection,” Emma said as she held out a bottle of flavored lube.

“Blame Selena, but I hope you picked a flavor you like since you’re the one that will be tasting it,” I told Emma as I looked at the label. “Peach? Interesting choice.”

“I didn’t want to spend twenty minutes browsing so I just grabbed something,” Emma explained as I slowly extricated myself from Selena.

“You should probably lube up Danny while he gets me ready,” Selena told Emma as she slipped off the counter and turned around to present her ass to me.

As Selena leaned against the counter I squirted some lube onto my fingers. Selena moaned when I traced my finger around the edge. The moan turned to a grunt as I pushed against the center and my finger slid into her tight little ass.

While I was working on Selena’s ass I felt Emma’s hand wrap around my cock. I felt the cold lube in her palm as she slid her hand up and down the shaft, slathering it with the slick liquid. Just when I thought she should be about done though, I felt something much warmer and wetter envelope the head of my cock.

“And here I thought you were just going to grease me up,” I said, looking down at where Emma was giving me a quick suck.

“I just wanted a taste of the lube so I had something to compare it to later,” Emma said, her hand still stroking my cock.

“Does it taste like peach?” I asked Emma as she put another coat of lube on my cock to replace the one she’d wiped off with her lips.

“A little,” Emma said, straightening up. “I think I liked the grape I tasted on Taylor’s ass earlier better though. That one was really good.”

“Selena loves her flavored lube,” I said, grinning as I took aim at my girlfriend’s keister with my cock.

“Oh yeah, baby, stuff it in my ass,” Selena moaned, clearly performing a bit for our audience as her asshole opened up to swallow my penis.

While anal wasn’t an every day occurrence for us, Selena liked it enough that it wasn’t an uncommon part of our sex life either. I really didn’t even have to pester Selena for it because she was generally the one suggesting it. Probably once a week, maybe a little more or a little less depending on outside factors, Selena would drop some kind of hint that she was in the mood. Sometimes it was as subtle as giving a little extra reaction if my tongue strayed a little south while going down on her; sometimes it was as overt as grabbing a bottle of lube and demanding I fuck her ass with my fat cock.

Knowing Selena’s asshole as well as I did, I didn’t even pause once I was all the way inside her. The moment my pelvis pressed against the cheeks of her ass I was pulling back until only a quarter of my cock was still in her ass. Then I did pause a moment before shoving it back into her.

“Fuck, baby,” Selena gasped, her head hanging slightly as I immediately reversed course and slid out.

Gripping Selena’s hips I didn’t hold back as I pistoned in and out of her. I was in no danger of coming, no matter how exquisitely her muscles gripped and milked me, and I could tell Selena wasn’t in the mood for me to take it easy and make love to her ass at the moment. Besides, we both wanted to put on a show for Emma, who was standing right next to us staring straight down between the cheeks of Selena’s ass to where my cock was busy plundering her colon.

“Oh god, fuck me, Danny,” Selena hissed, a hand slipping underneath her to frig her clit. “So good, so fucking good.”

“Kiss Selena,” I said, turning my head to look at Emma.

I don’t know whether it was the tone in my voice or if she she was just too turned on to refuse, but without hesitation Emma bent over the counter next to Selena. As I fucked Selena’s ass I watched the two of them kiss and after a moment I noticed one of Emma’s hands slip underneath Selena.

Feeling fingers suddenly fondle my balls I figured Emma had taken over clit duty so Selena had decided to play around a bit. But as I pulled back and looked down I saw that the hand was way too pale to be Selena’s. Turning my head I saw Emma smirking at me as her fingers moved to stroke Selena’s anus as it gaped around my shaft.

“Naughty girl,” I said, feeling Emma’s fingers tickle my shaft. “I thought you weren’t supposed to touch me.”

“Well, I figure I already had you in my mouth, a little touching isn’t going to hurt anything,” Emma said, her thumb and index finger slipping around my shaft to give me a sort of makeshift handjob every time I slid in and out of Selena’s ass.

“You touching my cock back there?” Selena demanded even though she could clearly feel Emma’s fingers get caught between our bodies when I thrust forward.

“She’s totally jerking me off while I fuck you,” I said.

“Good, maybe it’ll help you come faster,” Selena said, knowing that on the rare occasions when we were both horny enough to get me to a fourth erection it was hit or miss whether I’d even actually come or not. Most of the time either I’d push her away because it was being rubbed raw with no progress being made, or she’d fuck herself to exhaustion and just give up to try again in the morning.

“I doubt it. It feels nice, but I’m pretty much numb,” I said. “You girls done used me up.”

“Then make me come and let Emma clean you up,” Selena said. “Then who knows, maybe Emma will take pity on you.”

“Your wish is my command,” I said, leaning forward to cup Selena’s tits as I made short, quick strokes into her ass.

Feeling Emma’s fingers leave my cock I was surprised to feel her tongue tickling my balls a moment later. A moment later the tongue disappeared only to be quickly followed by a guttural groan from Selena letting me know where the tongue had gone. Every few seconds the tongue would come back to tickle my balls or lap at my shaft as it slid out of Selena’s ass before reverting back to Selena’s clit.

“So close,” Selena murmured, her body starting to quiver with the mounting pleasure. “Mmm. So. Fucking. Close.”

Slamming into Selena’s ass with enough force to push her forward against the counter I leaned forward and kissed her shoulders. The contrast between the near brutal fucking I was giving her ass and the soft, caring kisses I was slathering on her shoulders and neck seemed to have the desired effect. Either that or Emma’s tongue on her pussy pushed her over the edge, but the point was that Selena clawed at the counter top with one hand and slapped it with the other as she wailed with pleasure.

When Selena finally went slack and rested her cheek against the counter top I slowly removed my cock from her asshole. Seemingly the moment my cock sprang free from its fleshy cocoon Emma’s fingers were encircling the base. Before Selena could even moan in protest about my cock leaving her, Emma’s lips were wrapping around the head.

“Taste good?” I asked Emma as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, taking a bit more of my cock into her mouth with each movement.

“Mmhmm,” Emma responded while her tongue swirled around my cock in her mouth.

“I’m sure Selena appreciates that you like the way her ass tastes on my cock,” I said, grinning.

My cock,” Selena said, reminding me that while it was attached to my body, she was the true owner.

As awesome as it was to be able to look down and see Emma Stone polishing my knob, I really meant it when I said I was pretty much numb. She might as well have been blowing me through a condom for as much sensation was actually making it to my brain through overloaded and overworked nerve endings. That certainly didn’t mean I was going to stop her though because it really was awesome to see Emma’s adorable face sucking my cock.

“Are you going to fuck him?” Selena asked Emma as she got down on her knees next to her.

“Can’t,” Emma said, finally pulling her mouth off my cock, only to have it replaced by Selena’s.

“How about I sit down and then you two do whatever you want to me? My legs are starting to feel like rubber and need a break,” I said, slowly moving until I could grab a chair from the table.

“I like the part where we get to do whatever we want with you,” Selena said, offering my dick to Emma.

“Screw it,” Emma said, reaching under her skirt to pull of her underwear.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist,” Selena said as Emma moved to straddle my lap.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked Emma, still keeping my hands off her as I promised her.

“I really shouldn’t, but I can’t help it,” Emma said, taking hold of my cock and lining it up with her pussy.

“I know, right?” Selena said, laughing as she watched Emma ease herself down onto me. “I tried to stay away from him and look where it got me.”

“Mmmm,” Emma moaned as she settled down on my lap.

“I think you can touch her now,” Selena told me, noticing that my hands were still at my sides.

When I didn’t move fast enough Selena grabbed my hands. She brought one of them to Emma’s ass where my fingers immediately curled to cup the firm cheek it suddenly found in its grasp. The other hand found it’s way to Emma’s chest to squeeze one of her tits through her shirt.

“Come on, Emma, fuck me,” I hissed as Emma planted her feet on the rungs of the chair and started to lift up my cock.

Moaning, Emma dropped back down, her eyes half closed as she concentrated on what she was doing. Since she hadn’t objected to Selena putting my hands on her, I decided to push it a little bit. As she lifted up again grabbed the hem of her shirt and when she plunged back down on my cock I pulled her shirt off over her head.

“Didn’t bother to put your bra back on?” Selena whispered into Emma’s ear as she moved in behind her. “Don’t think your boyfriend would’ve noticed?”

“Was in a hurry,” Emma hissed, moaning as my tongue darted out to flick one of her nipples as it bobbed in front of my face.

Putting her elbows on my shoulders Emma gripped the back of my head and pulled it to her chest. Taking her hint I latched onto a nipple and tried desperately to keep hold of it as she bounced. I was successful probably half the time, but each time it popped free I moved over to the other one and went back to work.

“Are you going to come for her, babe?” Selena asked me, her hand fondling my balls as my cock plunged in and out of Emma’s snatch.

“Depends on how long she can keep this up,” I said, feeling a little progress towards an orgasm, but not enough to promise anything.

“She can take it, can’t you, Emma?” Selena asked, her hands stroking Emma’s body.

“You want me to come really badly, don’t you?” I asked Selena. “Didn’t get enough of it upstairs?”

“I always want you to come, but I think Emma really wants to feel you come inside her. Or maybe feel you explode in her mouth,” Selena said, doing more for my energy level with her imagery than anything else. “If she can get anything out of you, she can do whatever she wants with it.”

“Wow, who knew you were so willing to share,” I said, pulling Selena towards me so I could kiss her with Emma sandwiched between us.

“So, where do you want him to come?” Selena asked, looking Emma directly in the eye. “Mouth? Pussy? Ooh, you want to feel him come in your ass, don’t you?”

When Emma just moaned Selena grinned and started to kiss her way down Emma’s back. I lost track of her a bit as I kept my focus on Emma’s freckles and tits as they alternated taking turns in my line of sight. But considering where the discussion had been heading, I wasn’t surprised when I felt Selena’s hand on my balls again.

“Ohhh, fuck,” Emma gasped, causing me to glance down and see Selena on her knees behind Emma.

“Lubing her up the old fashioned way?” I said with a smirk as I watched Selena bury her face between Emma’s cheeks.

“No, this is just for fun,” Selena said before sticking out her tongue and making a show of gently lapping at Emma’s bunghole.

Standing up, Selena retrieved the bottle of lube that Emma had brought downstairs earlier. As Emma continued to bounce on top of me I felt a little lube drip onto my balls. So I wasn’t surprised when Emma’s eyes shot open and I felt her pussy clamp down on me.

“You might want to warn her next time you shove a couple fingers up her ass like that,” I said as Selena grinned mischievously.

“Oops, sorry,” Selena said even though she clearly didn’t mean it. “I’m going to lube up your ass, Emma.”

“Does it feel good, having a cock in your pussy and two fingers in your ass?” I asked Emma even though the look on her face as her eyes rolled up in the back of her head said it all.

“Fuck me,” Emma begged, nodding her head.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you,” I hissed. “Then when I make you come, I’m going fuck your ass until I explode deep in your bowels. That could be a couple minutes, or it could be a couple hours. I hope your ass can take it.”

“Do it, fuck my ass for as long as you want,” Emma moaned as Selena pumped her fingers in and out of her ass in time with my thrusts into her pussy.

With my legs rested a little and wanting to show off a bit, I slid my arms underneath Emma’s legs and grabbed the cheeks of her ass from underneath. Planting my feet on the floor I lifted Emma as I stood up. As Emma let out a little squeak of surprise at the movement and clung tightly to me, I used my hands on her ass to bounce her on my cock.

Between my cock in her pussy, Selena’s fingers in her ass, and the fact she was being completely manhandled and loving it, it didn’t take Emma to find her peak. Throwing her head back she didn’t even bother trying to muffle her cries as she exploded in ecstasy.

Before Emma was even fully over her orgasm I was already sliding my cock out of her pussy. Selena must have known what I was up to because her fingers quickly departed Emma’s ass as well so she could grab my cock and line up with the newly empty backdoor.

Just as Emma was starting to come down from her climax I felt Selena pressing my cock against Emma’s asshole. Rather than shove into her though, I merely loosened my grip a little and let gravity do the work. Selena had already done a pretty good job of opening Emma up, and coming on the heels of her orgasm I slid in pretty as you please.

Emma didn’t even grunt or whimper or give any indication of discomfort as my cock penetrated her ass. She just moaned and leaned her head forward against my shoulder as she sank down on my prick to the root.

“You like having my cock in your ass, don’t you?” I hissed as Emma started trying to move against me with limited success since she really didn’t have any leverage.

“Fuck my ass,” Emma grunted, nodding as I lifted her up cock.

“Too bad you waited so long or Selena and I could have double teamed you earlier,” I said, letting her drop back down on me.

“Ohhh,” Emma moaned, though I wasn’t sure if it was because of the penetration or because of the mental image I’d placed in her brain.

While holding her up had worked great for fucking her pussy, her ass was just too tight for it really work. There was too much resistance to get a good rhythm going so I moved to sit her on the edge of the kitchen table. That way I could get my legs into it as I planted my feet and proceeded to drill her ass for all I was worth.

“Fuck,” Emma gasped as her asshole was speared over and over.

“Look at him go,” Selena said, leaning in next to Emma to watch. “I just hope you can make him come before he hurts himself and I have to go without for a week while he heals.”

“Poor girl, a week without, uhh, sex,” Emma grunted sarcastically.

“Don’t worry, I still have other options at my disposal,” I told Selena.

“I guess,” Selena said, making a show of contemplating it. “As long as you don’t have your jaw wired shut then I wouldn’t suffer too much without your cock.”

“Quit bragging,” Emma hissed, her let wrapping around my waist to pull me even deeper inside her ass.

“No, bragging would be-” Selena said, trailing off as she leaned down to whisper into Emma’s ear. I couldn’t hear what she said, but from the way Emma’s asshole clamped down even tighter and bucked against me, it must have  been really good.

“Are you trying to kill me, woman?” I asked Selena as Emma went nuts.

“No, I’m trying to kill her,” Selena said, grinning as she snaked a hand down Emma’s body.

“Oh my, fuuuuckkkk,” Emma gasped as Selena’s fingers found her clit and set her off again.

“I’m getting close,” I said, Emma’s tight ass finally taking a toll on me.

I was going to be extremely sore in the morning but I didn’t really care at the moment. My cock was probably going to down a couple layers of skin, and it would probably put me out of commission for a few days, but it would be totally worth it. And not even for the fact that I got to fuck four smoking hot girls at the same time, but because of the smile that was currently on one girl’s face as she watched me fuck Emma’s ass.

“Where do you want him to come?” Selena asked Emma as I tried to concentrate on coming. “Want Danny to come inside you so you can feel it leaking out of your ass all the way home? What about on your tits so I can lick it up?”

“In my, uhh, mouth,” Emma panted, still trying to recover from her latest orgasm as I hit the home stretch.

With my marching orders in hand, I gave Emma a couple last thrusts before slipping out of her ass. The moment the head of my cock had exited her asshole Emma was off the table to kneel in front of me. Considering she’d already tasted Selena’s ass tonight, it wasn’t a surprise when Emma opened her mouth and practically inhaled my prick in her quest for salty goodness.

Seeing Selena standing there looking a little lonely I reached out and took her hand. When she turned to smile I at me I pulled her to me so I could give her a kiss that communicated everything I felt for her. That was pretty much impossible though so I just tried to knock her out with nothing but a kiss instead.

Feeling my balls start to tighten as they got ready to fire, I broke the kiss with Selena. Both of us looked down to where Emma was bobbing her head up and down on my cock, trying to coax my load out of me. As my cock started to throb with need I gritted my teeth and tried to hold off just a little bit longer.

“Do it, babe,” Selena said, recognizing that I was trying to hold back.

Grunting, I did as Selena said. My whole body seized up and my eyes rolled back in my head as I erupted in a powerful orgasm. It was one of those orgasms where it felt like my bones were going to liquify and come spraying out of the end of my cock as Emma continued to suck me dry even after I’d given her everything there was to give.

With my knees suddenly really wobbly I leaned against the table to keep my balance as I watched Emma stand up. Grabbing hold of Selena she pulled my girlfriend to her and hungrily kissed her. Selena’s eyes shot open and she moaned as they kissed.

“Mmm, wasn’t expecting that,” Selena sighed dreamily when Emma broke the kiss.

“I owed you one,” Emma said, grinning. “The first time the three of us were together you shared with me, so I thought I’d return the favor if this is the last time we’re together like this.”

“You’re free to stay here tonight if you want,” I offered Emma as I got my legs back under me.

“No, I’m going to go home and sleep for twelve hours,” Emma said as we put our clothes back on, again.

“But you haven’t seen the house yet,” Selena said, pouting. “Well, you’ve seem some of it, but not all of it.”

“You can give me the grand tour the next time I’m here,” Emma insisted, chuckling as the three of us headed for the door.

“I think we’re going to have a Halloween party, so if you don’t find a reason to come over before then, you can see it then,” Selena said, making it clear that Emma’s attendance wasn’t going to be considered optional.

“I’ll mark it on my calendar,” Emma said, leaning into give each of us a somewhat chaste kiss on the cheek.

“Shall we go to bed?” I asked Selena when I’d closed and locked the front door after Emma.

“Definitely,” Selena sighed, looking sleepy as the adrenaline and excitement started to wane and we both started to crash a bit

+ * + * +

“Okay girls, time to move so I can put my woman to bed,” I said, clapping my hands as Selena and I entered our bedroom to find Taylor and Dianna making out and slowly grinding against each other.

“Aww,” both Taylor and Dianna said, turning to look at me.

“You don’t have to go home, but you have to at least move the party down the hall to the guest room,” I said, waving a hand towards the door. “If you stick around, I’m going to make pancakes in the morning. So you might want to make sure you’re up and out the door before then.”

With sighs of disappointment they slowly disentangled themselves and slid out of bed. When Dianna grabbed Taylor’s ass, the taller girl giggled and took off out of the room. As Dianna followed after I couldn’t help but watch, until Selena made a point of clearing her throat behind me.

“Hey, I said I wouldn’t have sex with anyone but you. I didn’t say anything about not watching if women are running around our house naked,” I said, grinning at her.

“Our house,” Selena practically purred as she wrapped her arms around my midsection and hugged me.

“Are you happy?” I asked her.

“Very,” Selena said, tilting her head back to look up at me.

“Good, then why don’t we take a shower and clean up a bit before crawling in?” I suggested.

“Sounds good,” Selena agreed, giving me an extra squeeze before letting me go.

In the shower we mostly behaved. We’d both been well sated by the little orgy so while there’d been a certain amount of groping as we washed each ourselves off, it was more about enjoying the closeness of each other than it was about getting a sexual thrill out of it.

“Should I put on one of your shirts, or just sleep naked?” Selena asked me as I helped her dry off.

“You already know my answer to that,” I said, wrapping my arms around her with the towel trapped between us.

“How about you turn out the lights and then come find out which one I chose,” Selena suggested with a twinkle in her eye as she slipped out of my grasp and headed into the bedroom.

By the time I’d cleaned everything up in the bathroom and hit the bedroom light on my way out, Selena had already slipped under the covers. As I crossed to the bed her eyes followed me and when I slid in next to her I wasn’t surprised to feel her arm drape itself over me as she snuggled her naked body up against me.

“Danny, did you mean what you said earlier?” Selena asked, making me think for a moment about what I might have said.

“When I told Taylor I was going to marry you?” I asked, figuring that was it.

“Yeah,” Selena said, looking at me expectantly.

“Lets see, I have a girlfriend that not only lets me have sex with other women but actually encourages it. And I’m saying no to that because I am so absurdly, ridiculously in love with her that I don’t want anyone or anything else ever,” I said. “If that doesn’t answer your question, then maybe I should be a little less subtle and say that I absolutely positively have no doubt that you’re The One and I would totally ask you right now if I thought our parents would approve. My mom absolutely adores you and is constantly commenting on how much I’ve changed for the better since we started dating but I think she worries that we’re moving a little too fast, and your mom probably does as well.”

“A little,” Selena admitted.

“So I say we wait and if you’re not sick of me in a couple years then I’m definitely going to go through the whole thing where I get down on one knee and give you a ring that you can show your friends while all of you excitedly gush about it,” I said.

“What if I don’t want to wait that long?” Selena asked.

“Then I think you have two options. The first is that at some point you elbow me in the ribs and tell me flat out that it would be a good time to ask you. The other one is that you take matters into your own hands and ask me yourself. I mean, I’ve already told you I plan on doing it at some point, so I’m pretty sure I’d say yes,” I joked before turning a bit more serious. “I just don’t want you to ever wonder if this is going anywhere. We’re still young and we’ve got a lot of time, but you’re the only one for me and I can’t imagine that ever changing.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait to take you home for Thanksgiving,” Selena moaned, squeezing me tightly.

“Does that mean I’m officially invited?” I asked.

“What? Of course you’re invited,” Selena said, her head snapping up to look at me.

“Well, you’ve been talking about it pretty much since you got back from your movie but you never actually asked me to come with you,” I said.

“I’m so sorry, I guess I just assumed you knew I don’t want to go anywhere without you,” Selena said. “You have to go. I kinda promised everyone they’d get to meet you and they really want to meet the man they keep hearing so much about. They’ve seen pictures of you, both from me and from the net, but they don’t even begin to do you justice.”

“I guess it’s a good thing I already took a couple days off from work then,” I told her. “I’d have to be back by Saturday in time to host the show, but I could catch an early flight on Saturday and make it in time while still getting to spend through Friday night with you.”

“I love you,” Selena sighed, stretching to give me one of her patented smoldering kisses designed to leave me completely dazed before cuddling back into me to sleep.

“Love you too,” I said, kissing the top of her head before closing my eyes and letting sleep overtake me.

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