Adventures In Television #1 – Passing The Torch

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Adventures In Television #1 – Passing The Torch

By voodoojoe

“Dan! Dan!” my boss, Richie Tozier said, snapping his fingers in front of my face and snapping me out of my trance. Well, he wasn’t technically my boss, but as an intern it seemed like pretty much everyone was my boss.

“Oh, sorry Richie, your coffee,” I said, handing over the paper cup.

“Go tell Linda I’m ready for the run through,” Richie said, taking a sip of his coffee. “And I’ll forgive your little space out if you can give me an AC/DC song, but you’ll lose points if you give me anything off Back In Black. It’s way too easy.”

“Come on, Richie, can’t you give me something hard?” I asked.

After getting a job as an intern for Hollywood Tonight six month ago, Richie had decided to take me under his wing. Mostly it had involved drilling me on rock music from thirty years ago, but that was fine with me. It was a regular thing for him to ask for a song from a band and then award points for my answer on a scale that only seemed to know.

“I’ll go with Night Prowler,” I said, smiling as he nodded his head in appreciation.

“Nice one,” he said. “Lesser known track from the Bon Scott era. That’s a solid four pointer there. If you had extended out into the 80’s with something off Fly On The Wall or Blow Up Your Video you might have gotten the full five. Sink The Pink would’ve blown up the scale, both in terms of awesomeness of the song and because of the dirtiness of the title.”

“I almost went with Mistress For Christmas,” I said. “But I know your fondness for Bon Scott so I went that way.”

“Ooh, that might have gotten you the opportunity to prep today’s guest,” Richie said, making me perk up at the prospect of getting to do something new.

Before going taping an interview it was customary to ‘prep’ the guest by running them through the questions that were going to be asked. As a celebrity oriented newsmagazine show, it was as much self-preservation as anything else to make sure the guests were comfortable with the questions because if enough celebs get upset about how they’re treated then celebs stop coming on. But part of it was also to allow some of the less mentally gifted celebrities, or the highly image conscious ones, a chance to think about the questions and script some answers beforehand without having to wing it.

“What the hell, we’re running a little behind today so go ahead and prep Taylor while we do the run through,” Richie said, handing me a piece of paper with the questions he’d prepared for tonight’s guest, Taylor Swift.

“Any advice?” I asked since it was my first time prepping a guest.

“Bring her coffee,” Richie said. “But not the crap you bring me, give her some of the good stuff. Just go to the caterer and tell them you need coffee for the guest and they’ll give you some of the stuff they save for the important people.”

“Any real advice?” I asked, smiling at his joke.

“Ignore the fact that she’s famous,” Richie said. “You should still treat her like a lady though but treat her like you would any other pretty girl you’d meet in sociology or whatever it is you take at that fancy school of yours. If you put her on a pedestal because she’s Taylor Swift then you’ll wind up stammering and falling all over yourself and you’ll look like a moron.”

“I’ll try to remember that,” I said as I turned and headed for the catering station.

Normally I would’ve scoffed at such advice, but I’d seen Richie’s girlfriend. Any guy that can land Elisha Cuthbert has some game and deserves to be listened to. I’d also heard some of the rumors of his exploits before settling down and if even a fraction of them were true he was as close to being a god-like figure as I was going to find.

I’d asked him about a couple rumors one time but he’d casually danced around the subject before changing it without really saying anything. The impression I got was that anything that might have happened was far enough in the past that he didn’t feel the need to rehash it.

After getting a couple cups of coffee from catering I headed for the makeup trailer where Taylor should’ve been. Unfortunately she didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight when I got there. Luckily just as I was starting to freak out at her absence I heard a bit of commotion and looked up to see a really tall blonde in a white dress working her way through a small crowd of autograph seekers.

By the time she got to me she’d worked through most of the crowd. What was left of the crowd was mostly adult crew members who looked down in shame and wandered away when they saw me looking at them. If pressed I was sure they’d claim they were looking to get an autograph for their kid, but the fact they were so easily balked by someone with no power whatsoever showed that wasn’t likely the case.

“I’m Daniel Eastman,” I said, holding out my hand.

“Taylor,” she said, shaking my hand.

“They’re doing a rehearsal of the show so they sent me to run the questions by you and get your approval,” I said, motioning towards a table outside the makeup room where I’d set the coffee.

“I’m sure they’re fine,” Taylor said, picking up the cup in front of her and taking a sip. “You look familiar, have we met somewhere?”

“I don’t think so,” I said, hoping she wouldn’t figure out why I looked familiar. “Mostly they’re pretty standard questions. A couple about your movie, one about your next album, and it looks like there’s one about the song you did for Hunger Games. Richie might slip something else in there if he finds an answer worth pursuing a little further, but he won’t go too far off the reservation.”

“I’m not worried,” Taylor said, studying my face. “Are you sure we haven’t met?”

“I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered meeting Taylor Swift,” I said, smiling at her as I slid the sheet of questions towards her.

While we hadn’t officially met, we’d been in the same room a few times when my roommate, Tom, was dating one of her friends a while back. It didn’t end well and seeing as how every Taylor Swift song I’d ever heard seemed to be about wanting to lynch guys for mistreating women, I didn’t want her lumping me into the same category as Tom for simply being his friend.

“Now I know where I know you from,” Taylor said, snapping her fingers. “My entertainment lawyers, Clarkson, Stone, Stewart, and Anderson. I’ve seen you at their offices a couple times, haven’t I?”

“Probably,” I said, trying not to heave too much of a sigh of relief. “My mom works there so I occasionally drop by to say hi.”

“I knew you looked familiar for some reason,” Taylor said, nodding her head as she stared at me.

“Well, I’ll let you go get your makeup done while you look over the questions,” I said, feeling myself start to wilt under her gaze as I stood up.

“Tell Tom I said hi,” Taylor said, grinning when my head snapped around to look at her.

“You knew?” I asked, eyes wide in shock.

“Of course I knew,” Taylor said, standing up from her chair. “Even when she was dating Tom, Erica kept telling me about his tall friend with the gorgeous blue eyes. She even went out of her way to point you out at a party once.”

“Wow, I had no idea I made such an impression,” I said, feeling my head swim a bit with the news. “And here I was worried that you’d hold it against me that Tom was a bit of dick when he ended it with Erica.”

“Who says I’m not holding it against you?” Taylor asked, smiling to let me know she was joking.

“If you’re not doing anything after the interview, I’d love to take you out to dinner or something to show you I’m not that bad,” I offered, hoping that where she was trying to lead me with her somewhat flirtatious responses.

“I have plans to go shopping with a couple friends, but I should be done in time for dinner,” Taylor said, pulling a pen out of her purse. Flipping over the sheet of paper with the questions on it, she wrote her number down on the back and handed it to me. “Call me in a couple hours and we’ll see.”

“Definitely,” I said, not quite believing what had just happened as I watched Taylor go in to get her makeup done.

+ * + * +

By the time the show was done shooting and handed over to the editors to be put together into the final product I was starting to get really nervous. I hadn’t called the number Taylor had given me out of fear that she’d just been yanking my chain and given me a fake number. As long as I didn’t call it I couldn’t find out that it was actually a number she’d gotten off her dry cleaning or something.

But as I headed for my car I decided to bite the bullet. Taking the paper out of my pocket I punched the numbers into my phone and held my breath as it started to ring. Expecting to hear some guy’s voice on the other end asking what kind of pizza I wanted to order, I really wasn’t prepared to actually hear Taylor’s voice answer.

“Uh, hi, this is Dan, from earlier,” I said, visibly wincing at my original response.

“Danny!” Taylor said excitedly. “I was just talking about you.”

“All good, I hope,” I said, trying not to groan again at my repertoire of banter.

“I was just explaining to Emma that I already have dinner plans,” Taylor said. “And she wanted to know all about you so I gave her the highlights.”

“I hope you got to my gorgeous blue eyes and genius level intelligence,” I joked.

“I did, just before I talked about your modesty,” Taylor said, giggling. “So, what are we doing for dinner?”

“I was going to go home and change, but we can do just about anything. Maybe not a five-star restaurant because I’m a poor college student working as an intern, but I can at least afford a couple street corner hot dogs,” I said.

“That sounds good,” Taylor said. “Pick me up at my hotel in an hour and we can go from there?”

“I’ll meet you in the lobby,” I said, hanging so I could start the car.

+ * + * +

“Hi,” a strange, half naked woman said as I opened the door into my apartment.

“Hello,” I said, trying not to stare at the attractive redhead as she sat at the table eating cereal in her bra and a pair of Tom’s boxers.

“You must be Daniel,” she said through the crunch of Cocoa Puffs. “I’m Crystal.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said, barely paying attention as I headed for my room.

I’d long since given up trying to keep Tom’s women straight or even bothering to learn names. They’d be around a couple times, maybe a week, and then disappear. The fact that he had a girl over this early made me glad I had some place to be tonight and hoped that Crystal was quieter than the last girl he’d brought home, or at least that they’d be done by the time I got back.

“Going out again or something?” Tom asked, poking his head through my bedroom door as I changed my shirt.

“I figured I’d go out for a couple hours while you and Crystal play Scrabble,” I said, using the euphemism we’d come up with sex during freshman year.

“Crystal has a roommate if you want me to introduce you to her,” Tom offered as I grabbed a light jacket out of my closet.

“I’m good,” I said, trying not to roll my eyes.

Just because I didn’t parade a long line of women through the apartment Tom was under the impression that I never had sex. Sure I didn’t have it nearly as often as him, but no one short of Hank Moody seemed to have as much sex as Tom. As far as I was concerned, I was doing fine.

“Well, we were going to watch Bridesmaids if you want to join us,” Tom offered.

“Love to, but I think I’d rather have a root canal without Novocaine than watch you spend half the movie with your tongue down her throat,” I said, patting him on the shoulder as I walked past him and out of my room.

“At least try to get laid tonight then,” Tom hollered after me as I headed for the door.

“Make sure you go to your room before you start having sex,” I countered as I opened the front door. “Or at least do it on the floor so we don’t have to have the couch cushions dry cleaned, again.”

+ * + * +

“Been waiting long?” Taylor asked, kissing me on the cheek when she found me waiting in the lobby.

“Just got here a minute or two ago,” I answered, trying not to stare as I fell in step beside her and headed for the door.

Even in flats she was only an inch or two shorter than I was and it took a concerted effort not to stare at her long legs. She had on a tight blue dress that perfectly set off her eyes and complimented her pale skin. Her blonde hair had a little curl to it as it hung down around her shoulders.

“Your car or mine?” Taylor asked as I held the door open for her.

“I’m parked around the corner if you don’t mind walking a bit,” I said. “But if you want to drive I can put my manly macho ego aside.”

“Want to drive my car?” Taylor asked, pulling a set of Mercedes keys out of her purse.

“If you’re willing to trust me with it, I’m willing to drive it,” I said, snatching the keys out of her hand before she could change her mind.

“I’m actually borrowing it from a friend for a couple days, so don’t wreck it,” Taylor said, tipping the valet guy as he brought her car around for us.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t wrecked a car in at least three days,” I joked as I slid behind the wheel. “And that one wasn’t even my fault, the guy on the bike just rode right out in front of me like he had a green light or something.”

“Just be careful, Emma will kill me if there’s even a scratch on it,” Taylor said as I pulled into traffic.

“I’m driving Emma Stone’s car, with Taylor Swift in the passenger seat?” I mumbled to myself. It was so surreal that it felt like I must haven’t lapsed into some impossible dream at some point during the day. “Outside of losing my virginity, this might be the greatest moment of my life.”

+ * + * +

“So, does your secret British boyfriend know that you’re eating hot dogs with another guy?” I asked her as we sat a table outside a hot dog stand. I’d offered to take her somewhere nice, but she’d insisted that a hot dog sounded good and I wasn’t about to argue.

“No secret British boyfriend,” Taylor said between bites of her hot dog.

“Is that a ‘there never was a secret British boyfriend’ or a ‘no secret British boyfriend because we broke up’ kind of thing?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t pushing.

“A little bit of both,” Taylor answered. “It was just a couple dates and some phone calls, nothing too serious before we decided the long distance thing wasn’t going to work. But that kind of story doesn’t get nearly as many readers as one where I’m madly in love and trying to hide it from everyone.”

“I don’t know if I could be famous,” I said. “It’d be nice to have the money but it seems like there would be way too much scrutiny on everything I did.”

“Well, it looks like you might get really famous really quick,” Taylor said, casually pointing to where a couple guys with cameras were getting out of a van on the other side of the street.

“Here, take my jacket, the keys are in the pocket,” I said, slipping out of my coat and handing it to her. Much I would’ve loved to have the world think I was hooking up with Taylor, I figured it was better if we could get her out of there without having a few thousand pictures taken. “If you duck into that store you might be able to slip out the back and get to the car while I distract the cameras.”

“If you can slip away from them, I’ll wait in the car for you,” Taylor said, wrapping the jacket around her shoulders. “I’m going to have to give your coat back anyway.”

“That’s fine, now go,” I said, shooing her towards the building.

As she slipped into the store I grabbed the last remnants of our meals and tossed them in the trash. I had just turned around when the cameramen descended on me. I was assaulted with camera flashes and questions of whether that was Taylor Swift and if I was on a date with Taylor Swift.

“Look at me, I’m a nobody. Do you really think someone like Taylor Swift would go on a date with me? Come on,” I scoffed as I pushed my way between them towards the door Taylor had just disappeared through. “But I’m sure my girlfriend will be thrilled to hear that you thought she was Taylor when I catch up with her.”

That didn’t stop them completely, but it made them pause long enough for me to walk into the store Taylor had gone into. Working my way through the store I stopped a couple times to make sure the cameramen weren’t following me through the place. When I reached the back I looked around before slipping through a door marked for employees only.

Stepping out of the door in the back of the store I glanced around to make sure the cameras hadn’t anticipated my move and come around the building after me. Not seeing anyone, I set off at a casual walk in the direction of the car. I even walked past the parking lot to make sure I wasn’t being followed.

“Get in,” Taylor said, pulling up alongside me as I walked along the street. “I saw you walk by and thought you might be trying to get away. And since I wasn’t done with you yet I decided to come get you.”

“I was just going to walk around the block to throw them off the scent in case they were following,” I explained as I jumped into the car. “Do the paparazzi always make people this paranoid?”

“After a while you learn to try to ignore them as much as possible,” Taylor said.

“I’ll have to remember that if I’m ever set upon by a flock of locusts like that again,” I said, trying to stare at her legs as she worked the pedals.

“So, where to now?” Taylor asked me.

“I’d understand if you wanted to go back to your hotel and call it a night, but I think I should at least buy you ice cream first,” I said.

“Mmm, ice cream,” Taylor said, licking her lips and making me thankful I wasn’t driving because I would’ve probably stopped paying attention to the road and rear ended someone.

“There’s a great ice cream place not too far from here that makes all their flavors,” I said, giving her directions.

+ * + * +

“This is so good,” Taylor said as she ate a spoonful of her chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

“Try the cookies-n-cream,” I suggested, holding out my dish. She hadn’t been able to choose between the two flavors so we each got one so she could have some of both.

“That’s really yummy too,” Taylor said, covering her mouth as she tried my ice cream. “You want to taste mine?” When I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and a smirk she seemed to catch the double entendre of her question and blushed. “You know what I mean.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” I said, taking a small scoop of her ice cream.

“You said your mom works at C-S-S&A? What does she do?” Taylor asked as she reached over to take another bite of my ice cream.

“She’s an associate,” I said. “She started off working as a receptionist there when I was a kid and then they helped pay for her to go to night school to become a lawyer.”

“Wow, that’s awesome,” said Taylor, her blue eyes alive.

“She’s the one that helped me get the internship on the show. She heard about it and convinced me to apply,” I said. “She says she didn’t pull any string to get me the job, but I’m pretty sure somebody did and I can’t think of anyone else that might have.”

“If she did then it was really sweet of her,” Taylor said, licking her spoon.

“She’s always asking me what famous people I get to meet and I have to tell her that I really don’t get to meet them, I just fetch coffee for the people that do,” I said.

“You’ll get to tell her about me,” Taylor pointed out as she scraped up the last of her ice cream out of the bottom of the plastic cup. “You can tell her you introduced me to my new favorite ice cream place.”

“I have a feeling she’d rather hear about George Clooney,” I said, handing Taylor the last of my ice cream as I noticed her looking at it covetously. “After she saw The Descendants I don’t know if she talked about anything else for a couple weeks.”

“What about your dad, what does he do?” Taylor asked, laughing.

“Lets just say he’s not in the picture,” I said, a little more brusquely than I intended.

“Oh,” Taylor said, catching my change in mood. “I didn’t mean to touch on any sore spots or anything.”

“It’s okay, I just don’t really like talking about him,” I sighed.

“I should be getting back to the hotel,” Taylor said, standing up. Wrapping her arms around herself she stroked her arms like she was cold.

“Here,” I said, draping my coat over her shoulders.

“Thanks,” Taylor said, leaning against me as she pulled the jacket around her.

+ * + * +

After we’d pulled up in front of her hotel we got out of the car. Taylor handed the keys to the guy in the red vest that marked him as the valet attendant and watched him hop into the car. As he pulled away from the curb to go park it Taylor slipped the jacket off her shoulders and handed it to me.

I was caught in a moment of indecision; whether trying to walk her into hotel would seem a little forward. On the one hand it could appear like a gentlemanly thing to do to walk her to the elevator before saying goodnight. On the other it could look like I was pressing her to give me a little more on a first, and likely only, date than she was willing to give me. Ultimately I chose the safer course.

“I had a great time tonight,” I said, leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Me too,” Taylor said, her eyes showing that she truly meant it. “I was just going to go upstairs and watch a movie on pay-per-view or something if you want watch with me.”

“I should probably be getting home, I have class tomorrow,” I said, bending the truth a bit.

I did have class tomorrow, but it was one class at eleven so there wouldn’t have been any problem with spending another couple hours with her. Unfortunately, the proximity to her was starting to take its toll and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to last that long without doing something that could ruin the whole night.

“Come on, I’ll buy a twelve dollar can of Coke from the mini-bar,” Taylor pressed, obviously not taking no for an answer.

“Fine, but if I sleep in and miss class because of you, I’m boycotting your next album,” I joked.

“Totally fair,” Taylor said, grabbing my hand and pulling into the lobby of the hotel.

+ * + * +

“You pick the movie while I change,” Taylor told me when we were in her hotel suite.

When she went into the bedroom of the suite my mind was a wreck. Did she invite me up to her room just to watch a movie, or was it code for sex like asking someone in for coffee after a date? Was she in there changing ‘into something more comfortable’ like women always say in the movies just before they come out in lingerie?

Grabbing the remote I tried to take my mind off the what-ifs by looking through the movies available. Unfortunately it wasn’t working at all as my mind couldn’t stay on task enough to even read the summaries of the movies. After a few minutes I just gave up and decided to pick a movie I wouldn’t have to do the least bit of thinking while watching, thus we ended up watching Crazy Stupid Love.

When Taylor came out of the bedroom I couldn’t believe my eyes. If I thought she had looked good in her blue dress, then I was completely amazed by how great she looked in a simple t-shirt and shorts.

She’d pulled her hair back into a ponytail, leaving her bangs hanging over her forehead. Her face had been scrubbed to remove her makeup and the skin seemed to glow. It all combined to make it hard to remember to breathe, let alone keep from staring.

“Oh, I love this movie,” Taylor said, settling on the couch next to me.

By the time the movie was fifteen minutes in, I knew I’d made a wise choice in choosing a movie that wouldn’t require me to pay much attention to it. It had some laughs and Emma Stone looked her usual adorable self, but every few minutes Taylor would brush against me as she shifted on the couch and my mind would go blank.

Towards the end of the movie Taylor leaned her head on my shoulder and slipped a hand in the crook of my elbow, hugging my arm. I glanced down just as she was looking up and our eyes locked. Her blue eyes entranced me and before I knew what I was doing I was leaning down to kiss her.

When I felt Taylor return the kiss all rational thought fled from my brain. All I could think about was the soft feel of her mouth and as her lips parted I took the opportunity to slip my tongue into the opening.

″Mmm,″ Taylor moaned into my mouth, giving me the encouragement to keep going.

Slipping one hand around behind her to rest on her lower back I moved my hand to her waist. Sliding it up under the hem of her shirt, my head swam as I felt my fingertips make contact with the warm skin of her flat stomach.

Continuing to slide my hand up her stomach, I took a moment to trace circles around her bellybutton. Pushing her shirt up with every inch of progress my hand made, I gently bit on her lower lip and pressed my body against hers as I reached her rib cage.

Finding no bra I slid the tip of my middle finger across the skin between her small breasts. Breaking the kiss I looked down just as my hand pushed her shirt high enough to let her breasts come into view.

Licking my lips I didn’t even think before I bent down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. A guttural moan escaped from her throat and her hands grabbed the back of my head to keep me from pulling away.

Flicking the nipple with my tongue I felt it start to stiffen in my mouth. Curving my lips over my teeth I used them to softly massage the skin around the nipple while I sucked on it, drawing another low primal moan.

When the first nipple was nice and stiff I switched over to the other one. Not wanting to let the first one feel left out I left my fingers tweak it while my mouth worked on getting its twin ready as well.

″Oh Danny, that feels so good,″ Taylor moaned, arching her back to press her chest against my face.

Deciding to see if she’d let me do something else, I started to kiss my way down her stomach. With each kiss I looked up to see her reaction and when I got to just above her bellybutton a look of excitement came over her face like she realized what I was about to do.

″Are you going to…?″ Taylor asked, her question trailing off as I gave her bellybutton a kiss.

″I’m going to do anything you want,″ I said. ″What do you want me to do?″

″Lick me,″ Taylor hissed as my fingers found the waistband of her shorts.

″Like this?″ I asked, sticking out my tongue and licking the skin of her stomach just above her waist.

″Lower,″ Taylor groaned, lifting her butt off the couch so I could pull down her shorts to reveal a pair of light pink panties.

″This much lower?″ I asked, licking her inner thigh as I pulled her shorts down past her knees.

″No, my pussy,″ Taylor finally hissed, giving in to my desires to hear her say something naughty.

″My pleasure,″ I said, leaning in and giving her a nice long lick through her underwear.

When she moaned and lifted up to press her crotch against my face I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly started to peel them down. As her most private flesh came into view I wasn’t the least bit shocked to see that her pubic hair had been trimmed into a triangle at the top of her pussy.

Reaching her ankles with her shorts and panties I lifted her feet so I could take them the rest of the way off her. Tossing them to the side I put my hands on her knees. As I urged her to spread her legs her nerves and shyness seemed to take over because one of her hands went to cover her naked sex while her other crept up her body to block her breasts from my lusting gaze.

″If you want to stop, we can do that,″ I said, not wanting to push her any further than she wanted to go, even if meant me going home with a massive case of blue balls.

″No, I want you to,″ Taylor said, taking a deep breath before moving her hand and giving me full access to her pussy.

Normally I tried to tease a little to get the girl worked up before going for the gusto, but with Taylor I went for it. I didn’t want to give her any more time to think about what she was doing, or what she was letting me do, than I had to.

Leaning in I stuck out my tongue and dragged it from the bottom of her slit to the top. Getting to the top I finished with a quick flick at the hood surrounding her clit, causing her to gasp and shudder.

I repeated the process a couple more times before shifting my focus to her clit. Flicking her clit with my tongue Taylor grabbed the back of my head and bucked her hips. With each moan she made I increased the speed of my flicks until I was going rapid-fire.

″Oh Danny, oh,″ Taylor moaned, her thighs clamping around my head.

While my tongue was working on her clit I brought my right hand up. Dragging my middle finger around the edge of her pussy I collected some of her juices before slowly easing it inside. Her moans intensified even further as the walls of her snatch gripped and tried to cling to the invading finger.

Sensing the signs of her approaching climax I knew I needed to decide whether to speed up or slow down. Slowing down would mean pulling back a bit and shifting to other areas to keep up her arousal while letting her stimulation levels drop. Speeding up, however, would mean going even harder and pushing her over the edge as quickly as possible.

I tried to pull back but Taylor would have none of it. Gripping my hair in her hand she pressed my face against her pussy. Deciding I didn’t have much of a choice I parted my lips and took the little nub of her clit into my mouth and sucked on it like I had just done with her nipples.

″Oh God,″ Taylor moaned, her body stiffening at the first suck of her clit.

Sliding my middle finger out of her pussy I added my index finger and started to work both of them in and out of her. Her body started to convulse and there was a steady stream of moans as I pushed her rapidly towards the brink.

″I’m, I’m, gonna come,″ Taylor groaned, her back arching as her pussy clamped down the two fingers in her pussy.

I could feel the volume of fluid escaping her pussy increase as she soaked my hand. Curving my fingers inside her I felt around until I came across what I was looking for. While still sucking on her clit my fingertips stroked her G-spot, sending her even further into orbit.

″Ohhhh,″ Taylor moaned as she started to come back to reality after her orgasm.

Instead of pulling back and letting her come back down to earth, I kept going. If this was going to be my one chance with her, I wanted to make sure she remembered me. Even if she didn’t remember my name, I wanted her to look back in thirty years and smile when she thought about that guy that ate her pussy for all he was worth.

Switching it up a little, I slipped my fingers from her pussy. She groaned at their absence but when I moved my tongue down to lap up some of the cream that was still escaping from her pussy she moaned.

Straightening my tongue out I pressed it against her open hole and pushed forward. As I began to tongue fuck her I let my thumb rub against her clit. The new combination didn’t have quite the same power as the old one, but Taylor didn’t seem to be complaining.

As Taylor ground her pussy against me I had a thought. While watching porn or reading a few sex stories on the internet I’d always kinda enjoyed it when the girl got her asshole licked. It always seemed so dirty and naughty but I’d never tried it on anyone before. I’d never really had a chance but for some reason once the thought entered my brain it seemed impossible to remove it.

I started by dragging my tongue along the length of Taylor’s slit, from the bottom to the top and then back again. On one trip back towards the bottom I ventured a little further south than normal and let my tongue drift across her taint and brush against her anus.

Taylor tensed up slightly at the unfamiliar touch but she didn’t push me away or even tell me to stop. So after another couple licks of her pussy I ventured south again, this time with a little more authority.

When my tongue made contact with her back door she stopped moving momentarily but I’d already decided that I was all in. Working my tongue around the edges of her anus I felt her start to slowly move again. After a few seconds she even seemed to lift her legs a bit more to give me easier access.

Deciding that since she didn’t seem that averse to it, I might be able to come back to it later. But first I really wanted to get back to her pussy and trying to push her towards another orgasm.

Gripping her thighs in my hands I went back to attacking her clit with my tongue. Tilting my head slightly and angling my eyes I glanced up and saw one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Writhing under my ministrations Taylor had her eyes almost entirely closed and she was biting down on her lower lip.

Changing up tactics a bit, instead of tattooing her clit with random flicks of my tongue I switched to making letters and shapes with it instead. I started by slowly dragging my tongue across her sensitive nub in a cross shape before transitioning into an ″A.″ As her moans built I picked up speed as I worked through her name. In the break between her first and last names I slipped a hand down and eased a finger back into her pussy.

″Ohhhh,″ Taylor moaned, bucking her hips against me.

Reaching the end of her name I wrapped my lips around her nubbin. As I applied suction with my mouth I pressed the tip of my tongue against her clit and started to gently massage it. Between the stimulation on her clit and the finger inside her, it seemed to do the trick.

″Coming… again,″ Taylor gasped, her breathing coming in ragged bursts as her body went rigid.

As with the first time I kept right on going with my attentions during her orgasm. Even if I had wanted to pull away though I’m not sure I could have with the way her thighs clamped onto the sides of my head. I was pretty much stuck with my head between her legs and was in no hurry whatsoever to change that.

″Stop, stop,″ Taylor gasped, pushing on the top of my head as I tried for three. ″No one has ever.″

″Eaten your pussy?″ I asked, cutting her off.

″Not like that,″ Taylor confessed, her face a mask of contentment covering a raging storm of hormones.

″I told you, anything you want, just tell me,″ I said, moving into a crouched position in front of the couch as she recovered from her climaxes.

″Kiss me,″ Taylor said, grabbing my shirt and pulling me to her.

When our lips met Taylor tensed up a bit as she tasted her juices on my lips but it must not have bothered her because she quickly kissed me with even more passion. As her tongue slid into my mouth I put a hand under her arm and helped her get to her feet.

″Make love to me,″ Taylor said, her legs still a little wobbly.

″Anything you want,″ I said, echoing my previous statement. Grabbing the shirt that was still bunched up in her armpits, I lifted it over her head and tossed it to the side, leaving her completely naked. ″That really had to go.″

Resuming the kiss I slowly pushed her towards the door into the bedroom of the suite. As we moved Taylor’s hands went to the buttons on my shirt. By the time we got inside the door she had the last button undone and was pushing my shirt off my shoulders.

Reaching the bed I hastily jerked my arms out of the sleeves of my shirt. Pushing her down to sit on the bed I kicked off my shoes while Taylor’s hands went to my belt. When she’d undone my belt she went for the zipper of my pants.

With my pants unzipped Taylor slipped her hand into the opening and grabbed my cock. I was so turned on from eating her out that my eyes rolled back in my head and I groaned at the mere touch of her hand.

Pulling my cock out through my zipper Taylor’s eyes widened at the sight of it. I know this is where guys in porn stories always brag about having ten inch dicks that look like a baby’s arm holding an apple, but that’s a bunch of hogwash. Either she hadn’t seen many cocks in her life or the ones she’d seen were on the small side because I really wasn’t much bigger than average.  And yet Taylor looked at it like it was a giant anaconda that was about to swallow her whole.

Staring at it with a look of wide-eyed wonder Taylor slowly started to stroke it. Gritting my teeth to keep my mind occupied, I tried to keep from blowing my load right then and there. Fortunately she wasn’t really trying to test my resolve and I was able to gather some of my wits back about me before I lost it completely.

″Please,″ I hissed when she started to lean in to get a closer look.

Looking up at me Taylor fixed with a look of pure innocence that made my cock lurch in her hand. To give her another, much less subtle hint, I put a hand on the back of her head and nudged it in the direction of my cock.

Taking the hint Taylor stuck out her tongue. Starting at the base of my cock she licked along the underside before finishing with a flick of her tongue to pee hole at the end. Parting her lips she took the head into the warm moist confines of her mouth.

″Uhh,″ I grunted, resisting the urge to force more of my cock into her mouth.

Wrapping her fingers around the base Taylor started to stroke the shaft while she swirled her tongue around the crown. Sucking on the head she slowly pushed her head down, taking more of me into her mouth. About halfway down she stopped to take a breath before applying more suction for the return trip.

As Taylor worked her mouth up and down on half of my cock my knees started to feel weak. It felt really good, but it wasn’t the best head I’d ever gotten. The fact that it was Taylor Swift polishing my knob put it up there, but I couldn’t help feeling like if someone like Miley Cyrus was sucking my dick I’d have painted her tonsils by now.

″Play with my balls,″ I suggested as Taylor swirled her tongue around the head of my cock.

As soon as the suggestion had left my mouth I felt her free hand start to cup my testicles. Her fingers softly massaged the tender eggs within the sack, causing me to moan my approval. Again, it wasn’t the most experienced touch in the world, but it was more than enough to give me a nice big push towards blowing my load.

Letting my penis slip from her mouth she moved her mouth down to suck one of my nuts into her mouth. Feeling her suck on my testicle sent my head swimming even more. I took a deep breath and clenched my eyes shut, my brain focusing on unsexy thoughts to keep from letting go too soon. I tried baseball and football, even a guy getting getting hit in the nuts with a hockey stick, but nothing worked.

″Make love to me,″ Taylor said, suddenly pulling her away, as if sensing how close I was.

″Shit, I don’t have a condom,″ I said, realization setting in that this sequence of events had been so far removed from anything I might even remotely considered possible when I left to meet her that I hadn’t thought to grab a condom even as a distant dream possibility.

″I’m on the pill,″ Taylor said, laying back on the bed and pulling me down on top of her.

Pressing my body down on top of hers I kissed her. As she lifted her legs and spread them for me I felt the shaft of my cock laying lengthwise along her slit. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy but I refrained from making a move to penetrate her quite yet. I was still a little too close to the edge and if I entered her too soon I’d be done long before I wanted to be.

Slowly moving my hips I slid my cock against her slit, causing her to moan. While doing that I slipped my hands between out bodies so I could fondle her breasts. The combination of stimuli to her erogenous zones helped keep Taylor worked up while I set about cooling down.

Finally feeling like I could handle more than a few seconds of being inside her, I reached down with my right hand. Grabbing my cock I lifted up enough that I could aim it at her opening. Finding the right spot I nudged the head of my cock into the velvety sheath of her pussy.

″Oooh,″ Taylor moaned, her legs hooking around my waist as I slowly eased into her.

The tightness that surrounded my cock was amazing. Even though she was so tall, she had a really slim body type and her pussy apparently had the same qualities. It was really narrow but it wasn’t until I pushed the last inch or so into her that I bumped up against the resistance of her cervix at the end of her channel.

With all of my cock buried inside her I took a moment to soak it all in. The warmth  of her snatch felt incredible around my cock as it gripped me tightly. With our bodies pressed tightly together I could feel her nipples digging into my chest and I wanted nothing more than to commit everything to memory.

Pushing up onto my hands I looked down at Taylor as I slowly started to withdraw my cock from her. She put her hands on my arms and locked eyes with me. When I pushed forward to bury myself within her once more her eyes fluttered shut momentarily and her hips rose off the bed to meet my thrust.

″Uhh,″ Taylor grunted as I set a slow rhythm.

Her pussy was tight enough that I wasn’t sure I would’ve been able to start off any faster even if I wanted to. I was still unsure enough about how much stamina I had left to go too fast too soon. I was more than willing to go slow until she told me to go faster, either verbally or otherwise.

″You like my cock?″ I asked her as I felt her start to loosen up.

″Uh huh,″ Taylor said, nodding as she met each of my thrusts with her own thrusts.

″You want me to fuck you harder?″ I asked, adding a little extra to my thrust.

″Yeah, fuck me harder,″ Taylor said, almost making me come just from hearing her say that.

At her request, I picked up some speed. Sitting up on my knees I slid my hands underneath her. Grabbing her hips with both hands I lifted her butt up off the bed and began to drive into her with more authority. I could feel a new wellspring of energy start to open up inside me as I got my second wind.

″Harder,″ Taylor moaned, her arms moving around on the bed as if she had no idea what to do with them. They went from being stretched straight out from her body to clutching at the sheets above her head before finally landing on her chest to pinch her nipples between thumb and index fingers.

Moving my hands once again I grabbed her thighs and moved them from around my waist. Sliding them until they were against my chest I leaned forward to put my hands on the bed on either side of her.

The shift in position gave me more power and it also gave me a slightly new angle to hit new areas inside her. Each time I slowly pulled out I followed it up with a sharp thrust back inside that   brought a loud moan of delight from Taylor.

″I’m getting close, Taylor,″ I warned her, hoping she was getting close as well.

″Not yet,″ Taylor hissed, desperately trying to get there with me.

″Play with your clit,″ I told her as I tried to stave off the inevitable long enough to get her in range as well.

Reaching a hand between us Taylor’s fingers sought out her clit. When they found it she began to rub it with her middle finger. Her breathing grew even more ragged with the new stimulation combined with my cock drilling in and out of her pussy.

″Come on Taylor,″ I said, feeling myself approach the point of no return.

″I’m there,″ Taylor gasped, her finger a blur on her clit as her back arched.

Grabbing the back of my neck with her free hand Taylor pulled me down to kiss her as she came. The vibrations of her moans echoed in my mouth and her body molded to mine as she exploded all over my cock.

Feeling her shudder in ecstasy underneath me was enough to send me careening over the edge as well. Burying myself inside her one last time, I felt the first spurt erupt from the end of my cock. Several more powerful bursts shot forth to baste the inside of her pussy with my jizz.

″Wow,″ Taylor moaned as I lay on top her, my softening cock still inside her.

″I’m trying to think of a better word, but I can’t think of one than ‘wow’ either,″ I said, sliding off her when my cock finally slipped out of her.

″Hold me?″ Taylor asked, turning onto her side and pressing her back against me.

″Anything the lady wants,″ I said, echoing my theme of the night as I rolled over and wrapped my around her to spoon her.

″Don’t you have class in the morning?″ she asked as she put her hand on top of the one I had resting on her stomach.

″That’s right,″ I sighed, idly moving my fingertips in circles on the skin of her stomach. ″Can I call you tomorrow?″

″I don’t know,″ Taylor said, rolling over to look at me face to face. ″I would love to see you again while I’m here and then see what happens when I go back to Nashville, but part of me wants to just leave it as one perfect night. If we keep seeing each other, especially long distance, then sooner or later one of us is going to do or say something to completely ruin it and instead of a perfect memory it becomes tainted with bitterness. Know what I mean?″

″I guess,″ I said, leaning in to kiss her softly on the lips.

″But if we leave it as one perfect night, then we could feel free to do anything we ever wanted to do but couldn’t bring ourselves to do,″ Taylor said, making me wonder just what she had in mind.

″I take it you have something you want to try?″ I asked, raising an eyebrow.

″Well, I kinda liked it when you, you know, back there,″ Taylor said, nodding her head in the direction of her butt.

″When I licked your ass?″ I asked, barely able to speak.

″One of my boyfriends liked to touch me back there during sex,″ Taylor said, nodding her head. ″He licked it a couple times and rubbed it with his finger once. He even stuck his finger in there during sex. I didn’t want him to think I was a slut or something so I kept telling him I didn’t like it even though I did. Then when you did it, it reminded me and made me curious just what I’ve been missing.″

″You want me to rim your asshole some more?″ I asked, my cock twitching at the thought of her letting me tongue her ass to my heart’s content.

″I want you to do everything to my ass,″ Taylor said, my cock jumping back to life in a hurry at the prospect.

Unable to think, let alone speak, I responded by leaning into kiss her. I wrapped my arms around in hopes of communicating to her that I wouldn’t even begin to think of hurting her. Breaking the kiss I rolled her onto her stomach and kissed her shoulder.

Dragging my fingers down her back I followed them with a trail of kisses. I moved all over her back, kissing one side then the other, occasionally planting on her spine, as I worked my way down.

When my hands reached her butt I gently massaged the cheeks in my palms as my lips worked their way down to the small of her back. As I reached the top of the crack of her ass Taylor lifted her hips off the bed and stuck her ass up in the air a couple inches. With each inch my lips moved down into the crack of her ass she hiked her butt up a little more.

Spreading the cheeks of her ass with my hands I leaned in and ran my tongue around the perimeter of her asshole. When she didn’t pull away I let my tongue spiral in towards the center, making slightly smaller circles each time around. Reaching the center I took a deep breath and stiffened my tongue to press it against her puckered hole.

As my tongue penetrated her ass, even just a little, Taylor moaned and I could feel a tremor run through her body. She was really getting off on having my tongue in such a naughty place and the fact that she was letting me do it was really working for me.

″Lick my butt,″ Taylor gasped, pushing back against my tongue as it pushed against her.

Deciding that as long as she was letting me do this, maybe I could do something else for her. While my tongue was digging into her back door I pressed a finger against her clit. Her response was to moan louder and work both her pussy and ass against me.

Changing it up a bit I moved down to lap at the opening of her pussy. After a few moments of that I switched back to her ass. I swapped back and forth between her holes for a few minutes before I decided it might be time to take the next step in the anal worshiping.

Pulling my head back I pushed a finger into her pussy to get it wet with her juices. After a couple quick thrusts to make sure it was thoroughly coated I pulled it out and pressed it against her asshole. She resisted the pressure at first but I could sense her trying to will herself to relax.

As her anus gave way I pushed my finger into her butt up the first knuckle. She gave a sharp intake of air at the sudden penetration but didn’t try to pull away. Giving her a moment to get used to it I pushed a little more in before sliding about half the finger in and out of her.

″Fuck my ass,″ Taylor said, her voice full of desire and need as she looked over her shoulder.

″Now?″ I asked, my fingers continuing to work on her ass and clit.

″Now,″ Taylor agreed, biting her lower lip in nervousness.

″Got any lotion or something?″ I asked her. Between my spit and the juices leaking out of her pussy that I’d used to lube her up for my finger, she was probably good enough, but I wanted a little extra just to make sure.

″My bag,″ Taylor said, pointing at the bag on the table next to the bed.

Not wanting to leave her waiting too long, or give her too much time to reconsider, I quickly moved over to the table. Grabbing the bag I rifled through it looking for the lotion. I felt a little weird about invading her privacy like that but she’d given me permission so I pushed it out my head as I came up with a tube of her own Wonderstruck lotion.

″Your ass is going to smell as good as it looks in a minute,″ I joked, causing her to giggle nervously as I popped the cap on her lotion. “Reach back and hold you cheeks open for me.″

Quickly moving back onto the bed and positioning myself behind Taylor I squirted a bit of the lotion in the palm of my hand. Dipping my middle finger into the pool of lotion I transferred some of it to her butt. Once I was confident I had the outside of her anus pretty well saturated, I started to push some of it inside.

″Ready?″ I asked her when I was sure she was as lubed up as she was going to get with what we had to work with.

″Uh huh,″ Taylor said, hiking her butt up a little further in the air as I grabbed hold of my cock.

Lining my cock up with puckered asshole I pressed against the center. At first it resisted my efforts but after a moment I felt Taylor start to relax. Pushing again I felt her sphincter start to give way and with a solid push the head of my cock slipped into her ass.

″Oh holy mother of…,″ Taylor gasped in shock, her anus clenching down on my cock.

″That was the toughest part,″ I assured her as I stopped and gave her a moment to adjust to having a cock in her ass for the first time.

As Taylor took some deep breaths I put my hands on her lower back. Using just my fingertips I moved them in random patterns on her skin in hopes the soft touches would help take her mind off the discomfort. It seemed to work as I soon felt her start to push back against me.

Taking her signal I grabbed her hips and gently pushed a little more inside her. Slowly working a little bit into her butt at a time, I stopped when I was about halfway in. After giving her another moment to get acclimated I eased out until just the head was still inside before easing back in just a little bit further than when I started.

″Uhh,″ Taylor grunted, a look of discomfort on her face.

Hoping to ease any pain she might be in I reached a hand around her. Slipping it between her legs I searched for her clit. Finding it I stroked it with my middle finger, drawing a moan from Taylor. As I rubbed her clit I continued to pump my cock in and out of her ass in short strokes until I felt my hips bump up against the smooth cheeks of her ass.

″All in?″ Taylor half gasped, half panted as she let go of her butt cheeks.

″All in,″ I responded, taking a deep breath to take my mind off the insane tightness of her anal cavity. ″Rub your clit while I fuck your ass.″

As Taylor reached between her legs to let a hand join mine in playing with her pussy, I slowly pulled back. With about a quarter of my dick removed from her ass I reversed course and pushed back in.

″Ohh,″ Taylor said, a little bit of pleasure creeping into her voice.

Taking it easy to start with, I began to work about a quarter of my cock in and out of Taylor’s ass at a slow pace. No longer needing to rub Taylor’s clit I moved both hands to her hips to help pull her back onto my dick with each stroke.

″You like having a cock in your ass?″ I asked her as a low moan escaped from her mouth.

″A little,″ Taylor answered even though her face seemed to show some mixed emotions.

″Want me to fuck you harder?″ I asked, stretching out my strokes until I was sliding about half of my cock out of her butt.

″Okay,″ Taylor responded nervously, pushing back to meet my thrust.

Gripping Taylor’s hips I began to increase my speed a little. On each thrust into her viselike channel I added a little extra power and soon her butt cheeks were rippling from the force of our bodies colliding.

″Ohh, Danny,″ Taylor moaned, her finger a blur as she stroked her clit.

I still wasn’t going anywhere near as fast in her ass as I would have in her pussy, but it was still more than enough do the job. I could already start to feel the early signs of my orgasm approaching. It wasn’t imminent quite yet but it was starting to get close enough to start thinking about whether Taylor could get there as well.

″Are you close?″ I asked her, drilling her ass with about three quarters of my cock now.

″Almost,″ Taylor hissed, looking back at me with a look of desperation on her face.

″Use both hands on your pussy,″ I told her as the extreme tightness of her back door began to take an even higher toll on me. ″Use one on your clit and finger fuck your pussy with the other one.″

Turning her head she dropped her shoulders down to bed and rested her cheek on the bed. When she reached her other hand back I soon felt movement through the membrane that separated her holes as she slid a finger into her pussy.

″Oh god,″ Taylor gasped as both of her holes were penetrated. ″I’m close, so close.″

Wanting to push her over the top I shortened my strokes so I could lean forward. Sliding my hands under her stomach I pulled her up until she was on her knees with her back pressed against my chest.

While hunching my hips to make shorts thrusts into her I moved my hands up her body to her chest. Cupping her breasts in my hands I pinched her nipples between my fingers. The extra stimulation seemed to work as she started to shudder against me,

″Come for me Taylor,″ I whispered into her ear. ″Come from having my cock in your ass.″

″I’m, ohhhh, I’m coming,″ Taylor gasped, her fingers still working on her pussy right up until she let out a strangled cry of ecstasy.

When Taylor’s body went rigid with her climax her anus clamped down on my cock like an anaconda trying to squeeze the life out of a mouse. The added pressure was too much and I let out a grunt of pleasure as I exploded into the depths of her bowels.

″Ohhh,″ Taylor moaned, feeling my cock spurt inside her.

Feeling my legs give out I started to fall forward, pushing Taylor down with me. At the last minute I extended my arms just enough to keep from landing on top of her with all my weight. Kissing the back of her neck I rolled off of her onto the bed beside her.

″I guess I should be going,″ I said, heading for the bathroom to get a towel to wipe off my dick.

″Probably,″ Taylor said, sounding about as happy with the idea as I was while pulling a sheet over her naked body.

″Next time you’re in town, feel free to call me,″ I said, gathering my clothes. ″I know you said we shouldn’t but we could get lunch or something.″

″Maybe,″ Taylor said, watching me pull up my pants.

When I  dressed I gave her one last kiss before turning and heading for the door. Reaching the door of the bedroom I glanced over my shoulder just in time to see her stand up with her back to me. I couldn’t decide whether I should be sad or horny at the sight of her bare butt so I turned and left the room completely.

+ * + * +

To say my emotions were mixed would be putting it mildly. I vacillated between happy and sad a few dozen times on the drive home alone. I’d met an amazing girl and had an almost perfect night, and yet it ended on such a melancholic note that I just couldn’t bring myself to be nearly as happy about it as I should have been.

″Judging by the look on your face I guess you didn’t get lucky,″ Tom said when I walked in the door to the sight of him sitting in his underwear eating cold pizza.

″Depends on your definition of luck,″ I sighed, knowing that he’d never believe me even if I told him about my night.

″Don’t worry, you’ll get laid some day,″ Tom said. ″Pizza?″

″Nah, not hungry,″ I said, hanging up my coat on a hook by the door.

″Well I had a great night even if you didn’t,″ Tom said. ″Crystal did this thing with her tongue that was out of this world.″

″I’m going to bed,″ I said, knowing that if I stayed out there I’d have to listen to Tom recap his night like a SportsCenter anchor narrating highlight packages for the next hour.

I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my phone book. Reaching Taylor’s number I stared at it for a moment. I really wanted to dial it and talk to her but she’d made her feelings pretty clear and as little sense as it made, I wanted to respect those feelings.

With a sigh I finally tossed my phone on the bed and got ready for bed. I’d have to sleep on in and see how I felt in the morning. If nothing better came to me by then maybe I’d talk to Richie and get his opinion since he seemed to be as close to an expert on this type of thing that I had access to.

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