Adventures In Television #2 – Redhead Rules

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Adventures In Television #2 – Redhead Rules

By voodoojoe

″I’m going to the gym before work if you want to come with,″ I said to my roommate, Tom, as I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and tossed it into my gym bag.

″Sure, just give me a minute,″ Tom said, hopping off the stool he’d been sitting on to read the newspaper at the counter. ″Crystal is starting to get a little clingy so maybe it’s time to find a girl to replace her in the rotation.″

″I’ll be in the car,″ I said, rolling my eyes at the reference to his ‘rotation.’

Tom liked to have two or three women on the line at a time. When one of them started to get a little too serious or he got tired of them, he’d phase them out. He was always on the lookout for new women though so his stable of women was always in flux, sometimes expanding, other times contracting, but there always seemed to be at least one woman he could call up in the middle of the night if he wasn’t having any luck elsewhere.

+ * + * +

″Dibs on the blonde,″ Tom said the moment we emerged from the locker room.

″Good hunting,″ I said, chuckling at his spirit as he bounded off after the blonde he’d spotted.

Even though I didn’t necessarily agree with his treatment of women at times, I always found the joy he took in his efforts to be amusing. Few people found something they liked as much, or were as good at, as Tom was with chasing women.

Deciding to start slow I headed for the stair machines. Putting my bottle of water in the cup holder I stepped on. As I was starting my routine I looked over and noticed a redhead in a tank top and sweats with a hat pulled down over her eyes using the machine next to me.

″Do you hate these things as much I do?″ I asked her, trying to make small talk.

″Only if you hate them more than people at Starbucks making a show of typing on their laptops while complaining about how hard it is to write in public,″ she joked, her gravelly voice sounding really familiar to me.

″I know, if they don’t want to write in public, then stay home,″ I snorted.

″But then they wouldn’t get to show everyone how important they are,″ she pointed out.

″I’m Dan, by the way,″ I said, holding out my hand.

″Emily,″ she said, turning her body just enough to shake my hand.

Glancing at her face as she turned to look at me, I recognized her easily. The red hair and freckles were a dead giveaway, though with the hat pulled down over her eyes it hid enough of her face that if I hadn’t been looking right at her I wouldn’t have noticed. Of course, her voice was what had really given away her identity.

″Nice to meet you, Emily,″ I said, deciding not to let on that I knew that she was really Emma Stone, at least for a little bit. ″Sometimes I wish I could stay in shape without having to turn myself over to these torture devices every couple days.″

″Me too,″ Emma said. ″But it’s either I exercise or don’t eat, and I really like eating. Normally I like to run to burn off the calories but today’s a weightlifting day to keep my upper body somewhat toned.″

″I’m having trouble believing that any part of your body is only somewhat toned,″ I said, trying not to sound like too much of a lecher with my compliment.

″You know what they say, flattery will get you everywhere,″ Emma said, smiling at me.

″So, what do you do, besides look great on a stair machine?″ I asked her.

″I’m not going out on a date with you,″ she said flatly.

″Oh, I already know that,″ I said, grabbing my water to take a sip. ″I’m sure you’ve got a boyfriend anyway.″

″I do,″ she said, letting down her guard a little now that we’d established where we stood on the issue.

″But next time you talk to Taylor, can you tell her that Dan says hi?″ I asked, causing her to falter in her tempo of her exercise just enough to let me know she understood what I’d said.

″I don’t know any Taylor,″ she responded, resuming her rhythm.

″Okay, but just in case you remember who I’m talking about after I leave, tell her Daniel Eastman says hi,″ I said, stepping off my machine.

″Shit, you’re the famous Danny?″ Emma gasped, stopping her workout to look at me in shock.

″Wait, what exactly does ‘famous Danny’ mean?″ I asked, staring at her.

″You’re all she talked about for days afterward,″ Emma said. ″She talked you up so much I even called my publicist to book me on your show just so I could meet you and see what the big deal was.″

″Sorry, I generally don’t live up to hype well,″ I admitted, shrugging as I headed for a weight machine.

″No, I actually get it,″ Emma said, following me and grabbing the machine next to me.

″Thanks for the ‘actually’ part, it makes the ego feel great,″ I joked, putting the peg in the stack of weights at the appropriate level.

″I mean that you’re good looking but not in the pretty boy way. And I can tell you’re smart and Taylor couldn’t stop talking about how sweet you are. Really, you seem to be pretty much exactly what I would’ve picked for her if I was trying to set her up with someone,″ Emma explained.

″And yet she won’t take me calls,″ I sighed, reaching above my head to grab the bar and pull it down.

After leaving Taylor’s hotel I’d tried to honor her idea that we should leave it as one night, but a couple days later I’d tried to call her a couple times. When she didn’t answer and made no effort to return my calls I’d given up. That didn’t mean I didn’t pull up her number on my phone and come close to dialing a number of times though.

″If you want, I can put in a good word for you,″ Emma offered. ″But I don’t know how much good it’ll do you. I’ve been trying to convince her to give you another chance for weeks even before I knew you really were a nice guy.″

″As they say, if you love something, let it go. If it comes back then it was meant to be,″ I said, shrugging my shoulders as I went through my reps. ″If we’re meant to be then she’ll find her way back to me.″

″If you’re not perfect for Taylor, I don’t know who is,″ Emma said, smirking at my positive outlook.

+ * + * +

″Get in,″ Richie Tozier said, pulling up in front of me in a van moments after I’d arrived for work.

″Where are we going?″ I asked, trying to remember the day’s schedule. ″Wait, aren’t you supposed to be doing a set visit today?″

″That’s where we’re going now,″ he said, reaching across and pushing the door open. ″Now get in so we can go.″

Feeling a little giddy at the prospect of maybe getting to do something new, I jumped into the van. As the van pulled out of the studio I tried to remember what set Richie had been scheduled to visit but I’d kinda glossed over that part once I’d realized he’d be out for the day.

As we drove across town I realized that on the whole, thus far the day was turning out really well. First it was a nice conversation with Emma Stone that ended with her promising to work on my behalf in getting Taylor to give me another chance. And now I was getting to go visit the set of a TV show and at least observe Richie interviewing the stars, if not maybe get to help.

Pulling up to the gate of ABC Studios Richie handed his identification to a guard at the gate. After grabbing a clipboard and making a quick check of the list the gate opened and we were waved through.

″You get to do an interview today,″ Richie said as he parked the van behind one of the studios.

″Wow, are you sure?″ I asked, getting out of the van.

″Linda wants to give you more responsibility, so I suggested I bring you along with me today,″ Richie said, referring to Linda Kramer, the head producer and show runner for Hollywood Tonight. ″I think she just thought I’d make you round up the guests herd them through but I figure you’ve prepped enough guests to know the questions. Besides, if you do well, then it’ll make Linda even more likely to keep you around when your internship ends in a month or two.″

″Who am I interviewing?″ I asked as we walked around to a side door. Noticing the sign on the door I started to get even more excited. ″Castle? We’re the set of Castle? The best procedural on TV?″

″I’m a little partial to Psych, but I’m not going to argue with that assessment,″ Richie said, opening the door. ″We’ve got interviews lined up with Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, and Molly Quinn. I figure we prep them then I interview two of them, and you get the other one.″

″Sounds great,″ I said, secretly hoping I’d get to interview Molly. I had a bit of a thing for redheads and I’d harbored a big crush on her since the first time I’d watched the show. ″Which one do I get?″

″First things first,″ Richie said, reaching into his jacket and producing three CD’s. He showed me the cover of each before setting them on a table. ″Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, …And Justice For All. Each one has a picture inside. Pick one and whatever picture is in there, you get to interview them.″

Trying to apply some of the knowledge I’d acquired of Richie and how he thinks, I stared at the albums. Since Stana played a cop on the show, …And Justice For All would obviously be her. That left Nathan and Molly, and I started to reach for Master of Puppets but I stopped with my hand hovering right above it. I realized that it would be just like Richie to put Molly in Ride the Lightning simply because of the song Fight Fire With Fire matching up with her red hair.

″Was it the writer as puppet master that gave it away?″ Richie asked when I’d opened up the Lightning album to find a picture of Molly inside.

″Actually, it was the red hair/fire combo,″ I said, handing him back his CD.

″Either you’re way too much like me or you’ve learned to think way too much like me in the last few months,″ Richie said, laughing as he shook his head. ″I’m not sure either one is a good thing. Come on, help me set up the first camera and then we can start the interviews.″

+ * + * +

After helping Richie set up the first camera on a tripod I went looking for Molly. I asked around and was directed in several directions with no luck before being pointed towards her trailer. When she wasn’t there however I started to curse under my breath about how a girl with flaming red hair should stick out more and be easier to find.

″Can I help you?″ a familiar female voice said from behind me, causing me to spin around.

″Uh, yeah, I’m Daniel Eastman. I’m here to interview you for Hollywood Tonight,″ I said, feeling far more nervous than I thought I should.

″Wow, you’re young, aren’t you?″ Molly asked, moving past me and grabbed the handle on the door of her trailer. ″Normally those shows send people in their forties or fifties to do these interviews.″

″Here’s a list of questions for you to look over,″ I said, holding out a sheet of paper for her. ″I need to get a camera but I can set it wherever you want to do the interview.″

″I need to get ready for my next scene, but we can do it right out here if you want,″ Molly responded.

″Okay, I should be ready in a few minutes,″ I said.

When she ducked into her trailer I scurried back to the van. Grabbing the other camera and tripod I hurried back to Molly’s trailer. It took another trip to get a monitor and light for the camera and set everything up but by the time Molly reemerged in a white robe I had everything set up and ready to go.

″You work fast,″ Molly said. ″You must do a lot of these.″

″Actually, this is my first time,″ I said as I fiddled with the light. We were in broad daylight and there weren’t many clouds in the sky so I wasn’t sure I needed it but it gave me some place to divert my nervousness.

″It’s like your virginity then, in a way,″ she said, shocking me with her blunt statement. ″Wow, look at you blush. That is so cute.″

″If you could take a seat, I’d like to get some footage with the light to see if I need it,″ I said, pointing her towards a fold-up chair I’d snagged along the way for her to sit in.

When she took a seat I had her look in the camera for a few seconds while I played with the lighting. After I thought I had enough footage I played it back in the monitor to see how it looked. Satisfied with the results, I took a deep breath and restarted the camera.

″I’m going to ask you a few questions and then the editors will take your answers and splice them together with answers that Nathan and Stana give in their interviews and create a segment out of them,″ I explained.

″I know. Unlike you, this isn’t my first time,″ Molly said, grinning to let me know it was a joke.

″Anything you can tell me about the remaining episodes this season and beyond?″ I asked.

″Well you know there will be more involving the murder of Beckett’s mom,″ Molly said. ″And there was talk of bring back the Triple Killer this season but I think with the pickup for a fifth season the writers are leaning towards pushing it back to next season so they can work up to it better.″

″Maybe they’ll catch him so Castle and Ryan don’t feel so bad for letting him get away,″ I said. ″So, tell me about you and Nathan. Do you get along like a father and daughter in real life because you guys seem to have such great chemistry.″

″Oh yeah, we get along great,″ Molly said, smiling. ″With the way we’re always joking around and pulling pranks on each other on set, it’s more like he’s a big brother, or maybe an uncle, than a dad though.″

″Please, please tell me Alexis is staying close to home for college,″ I said. ″I can’t tell you how happy I was when she didn’t get into Stanford.″

″You’ll have to watch the show to find out about that,″ Molly said, making a show of clenching her lips together like she wasn’t going to talk.

As the interview went along it seemed a bit like she was flirting with me but I tried to shrug it off. Even after the thing with Taylor I was still skeptical that a beautiful and famous woman would bother with a guy like me. And yet with each question she seemed to get a little bolder and by the time we were done I was a little flustered.

″Thank you for your time,″ I said, trying to decide whether she was just playing with me for sport or if she was actually trying to get me to ask her out.

″If you need more, you know where to find me,″ Molly said, smirking as she headed for the door of her trailer.

″I hope I’m not crossing a line or anything, but would you maybe want to get dinner or catch a movie or something?″ I asked, mentally crossing my fingers I wasn’t doing something that would get me fired.

″I don’t know when I’ll be done shooting tonight, but if you give me your address I could drop by when I’m done and we could figure something out then,″ she offered, shocking me again with her boldness.

″Yeah, sure,″ I said, pulling a pen out of my pocket and jotting down my address for her.

″See you tonight, Daniel,″ Molly said sweetly.

″Call me Dan,″ I said, a smile crossing my face as I started breaking down the camera equipment.

″See you tonight, Dan,″ Molly said before opening the door to her trailer and disappearing inside.

By the time I had the equipment broken down and back in the van Richie was beckoning me to help him pack up his camera. The curse of being the strong young grunt at the bottom of the totem pole, I muttered to myself with a chuckle as I followed after Richie.

″Not bad,″ Richie said, watching the footage I’d shot of Molly while I lugged around the equipment. ″Lots of room for improvement, but you’ve got a nice rapport that’s hard to fake.″

″Thanks,″ I said, sweating as I put the last of the gear in the back of the van.

″Did you ever figure out your little situation?″ Richie asked, referring to my conundrum with Taylor that I’d asked him about as we got into the van.

″I talked to one of her friends and she’s going to try to work on her for me,″ I said.

″How good a friend? Because girls listen to some more than others,″ Richie pointed out.

″Really good friend, but not quite BFF level,″ I said, shrugging my shoulders. ″Her BFF is in Kansas or something, so Emma’s probably about as good as I can do.″

″Sounds good,″ Richie said, nodding his head approvingly. ″Like I said a few weeks ago, things tend to work for the best in the long run, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Key is to never give up if it’s something you really want. But you also don’t want to put everything else on hold while you wait because you never know if you’re chasing the impossible or if something better will come along while you’re waiting.″

″I’ve already got a date for tonight,″ I said.

″Good for you,″ Richie said. ″Now go out there and enjoy being young while you still can. There will be plenty of time to settle down with a nice girl later.″

″My mother probably wouldn’t agree with that,″ I joked.

Like all mothers everywhere, mine had started harping on me to find a girl and get married not long after high school. Now that I was rapidly approaching the end of college, she’d even started throwing the occasional reference to kids into the mix. I figured in a year she’d be introducing me to every woman under the age of thirty that she knew in hopes of speeding up the process.

″That doesn’t stop either. I’ve got a serious girlfriend that my mom loves and yet every couple months I have to listen to a barrage of questions about why I haven’t made an honest woman of her yet or where her grand kids are,″ Richie sighed. ″Just realize that the pay off for being a parent is getting to be a grandparent, and they all want to get paid. Luckily I had sisters that bore the brunt of that and then could keep my mom occupied for a while so I didn’t have to start cranking out kids immediately.″

″Unfortunately, I’m an only child so I’m her only shot at getting to spoil grand kids,″ I said as Richie pulled into the parking lot of our own studio.

″Then you’re screwed,″ Richie said, laughing. ″Linda said when we were done with the interviews you could be done for the day. I still have to do the show, but you officially have the afternoon off.″

″I guess I could go home and study or something,″ I said, hopping out of the van. ″Or I could use the time to get caught up on the last couple episodes of Alcatraz.″

″Just as long as you’re all caught up on Happy Endings because I’d hate to have to tell Elisha that you’re not watching her show,″ Richie said dryly. ″She thinks you’re a nice kid and I don’t want to have to tell her she’s wrong.″

″You can assure her I watch her show every week,″ I said, smiling as I headed for my car.

+ * + * +

″What are you doing home already?″ Tom asked, hastily changing the channel when he heard me coming through the door.

Normally when guys changed channels and looked guilty over almost being caught watching something like that, it tends to involve porn. Except Tom almost enjoyed the idea of people knowing he was watching porn. He’d been known to answer the door with porn playing loudly in the background just to see how people reacted. No, when Tom did that kind of thing, it was usually for much pervier reasons.

″I’ve told you before, you don’t have to change channels like that,″ I told him. ″I already know your dirty little secret and it doesn’t change how big a pervert I think you are.″

″What dirty little secret?″ Tom asked, feigning ignorance.

It had started two years ago during the summer when Tom’s pregnant sister had gone into labor. While his sister was in the hospital Tom’s seven year-old niece had stayed with us and for two days the television had been stuck on Disney Channel. By the time the weekend was over Tom had emerged with a bit of an almost unhealthy obsession for Selena Gomez.

″Whatever, just go back to watching Wizards of Waverly Place and forget I’m here,″ I said, rolling my eyes as I headed for my room.

″I wasn’t watching a kids show,″ Tom yelled after me.

″That’s right, you got Monte Carlo in the mail the other day,″ I said, remembering how he’d played it off as being for Leighton Meester instead.

″Just because they sent it to me by mistake doesn’t mean I shouldn’t watch it anyway,″ Tom said, making me smile as I shut the door to my room.

+ * + * +

″I’m going to grab a drink with the blonde from the gym if you want to come with,″ Tom offered. ″She was going to bring a couple friends so there’s a chance you might get lucky with one of them.″

″Thanks but I’ve got plans of my own,″ I said.

″We’ll be at Clyde’s if your plans fall through,″ Tom said, pulling open the door.

″I’ll keep it in mind,″ I said as he pulled the door shut behind him.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was almost nine. I had no idea when Molly would show up, and a part of me still had a few doubts about whether she even would. She’d seemed like a really nice girl but she could have dozens of reasons not to show up ranging from getting busy with work and forgetting to just realizing that she was way too hot to be going on a date with a guy like me. If nothing else, the realist side of my brain did a good job of making sure I didn’t get my hopes up only to be crushed when things didn’t go as planned.

By the time ten started to roll around I was starting to wonder if the realist side of my brain was right and that I’d gotten excited over nothing. That was why I was actually a little surprised when the the intercom buzzed while I was watching an old episode of How I Met Your Mother on TV and snapped me out of my daze.

″It’s Molly,″ she said, causing me to push the button to unlock the door for her.

Opening the door a crack for Molly I glanced around the apartment to make sure everything was in order while I waited for her to come up the stairs. Tom’s plate from his sandwich before leaving was still on the counter so I tossed it in the sink but for the most part things looked halfway decent.

″I was beginning to wonder if you’d make it,″ I admitted when she pushed the door open.

″I had a late call time and then there was traffic,″ Molly explained, taking off her sweater to reveal a tight long-sleeved emerald green top with a neckline that dipped just low enough to show a bit of cleavage. In combination with the black pleated skirt and black stockings it made for a most pleasing image. ″Didn’t mean to keep you waiting though.″

″Any ideas what we should do?″ I asked, trying to remember not to stare at her cleavage. ″Are you hungry? Maybe a late movie?″

″We could stay in,″ she said, surprising me by lifting up on the tips of her toes and kissing me.

″Yes we could,″ I said, wrapping my arms around her back as my brain tried to process what was happening.

″Where’s your bedroom?″ Molly asked, grabbing my hand and leading me in the indicated direction.

″At the risk of ruining this, can I ask why?″ I asked. Molly had always struck me as being a bit of a ‘good girl’ and so this ran very counter to that impression. Even if I took her character of Alexis Castle out of the equation, she’d still never struck me as this type of girl in interviews.

″You’re cute and I’m horny, does there need to be a better reason?″ Molly countered, shutting my bedroom door behind us. ″Look, we both know there’s not going to be a relationship between us, so why not have a little fun?″

″I guess,″ I said even though something in my brain wasn’t quite buying her explanation. It all sounded rational enough like the individual pieces were true but something about her performance was nagging at me. ″You do this kind of thing all the time then?″

″Oh yeah, I pick up guys like this a couple times a week,″ Molly said, her hands fidgeting just enough at her sides to let me know it was at least a partial act.

Deciding to push her a little in hopes of forcing the truth to the surface, I started to advance on her. Being probably seven or eight inches taller and significantly stronger than her I practically towered over her as I moved towards her. A nervous look crossed her face like she suddenly wondered what she’d gotten herself into and she bumped against the wall as she took a step back.

″You do this all the time huh?″ I asked, smiling as she looked like she was ready to run.

″Okay, I’ve never done this before,″ Molly admitted, finally showing me a bit of the real her. ″But it’s been a couple months since I broke up with my boyfriend and my friends keep telling me I need a rebound guy. That I need to find some random guy to hook up with and cleanse the palate, so to speak. When I saw you this afternoon I thought you’d be perfect but I didn’t want to lead you on or anything so I pretended like I do this all the time.″

″Whoa, take a breath,″ I said, grinning at the way she was nervously rambling.

″Sorry, I tend to rattle on when I’m nervous,″ Molly said, biting the inside of her lip.

″No need to apologize,″ I said. ″But are you sure you want to jump into bed with a stranger like this?″

″Yes, no, I don’t know,″ Molly said, her face a jumble of emotions. ″I’m so horny I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t have sex soon but I’m really nervous about being with a stranger. Yet I’m also really turned on by the idea of letting some guy I just met this afternoon do stuff to me that only my ex has gotten to do.″

″Why don’t we sit down and watch a movie?″ I suggested. ″I just got The Descendants so we can watch it and then we can see how things are going when it’s over. Sound good?″

″Okay,″ Molly said, sitting on the edge of the bed as I turned on the television and loaded the movie.

As the movie started I stretched out on my side of the bed, leaning back against the wall with a pillow under my back. Molly stayed sitting on the end of the bed soon she started to scoot back on the bed a little at a time. Before long she was was leaning back against the wall next to me.

Every so often during the movie I’d turn my head and watch Molly as she watched the movie. She looked so cute with her blue eyes fixed intently on the screen. When she felt my gaze she turned and looked over at me, our eyes locking for a second before I diverted my eyes back to the television.

″I guess I should go,″ Molly said as the credits started to roll on the screen.

″Okay,″ I said, more than a little disappointed.

Getting up off the bed I moved around to grab her sweater. As I reached her I noticed something in her posture as she gripped the doorknob. I couldn’t tell for sure but it sure looked like she was waiting for me to take charge a bit and make some kind of move.

With that in mind I decided that the worst that could happen was that I was misreading the situation and she’d slap me and flee. But since she was already going to leave if I didn’t do anything, the only thing I was risking was a little pain but the potential gain was a whole lot of fun.

In one swift move I put my hands on her hips and turned her to face me. Pushing her up against the door I leaned down and kissed her. At first she tensed up and I worried that I’d screwed the pooch but quickly she relaxed and returned the kiss.

Testing the waters I slipped my fingers on both hands under the hem of her shirt. I slowly pushed my hands upward as I kissed her, letting my fingers drag along her sides as they went. When she didn’t stop me I broke the kiss and pulled her shirt up and over her head in one swoop.

As I dropped Molly’s shirt to the floor I took a moment to stare at her breasts encased in a black bra. When her hands went for the zipper on my pants I put my hands on her hips and started to back up. By the time I reached the bed Molly had my pants undone and pushed down over my ass.

″Can I touch it?″ Molly asked nervously.

″Please do,″ I said as she cautiously reached into my boxers to run her fingertips along the underside of my cock.

″Can I, you know, suck it?″ Molly asked, a look of intense excitement on her face

″For the record, you never, ever, have to ask something like that,″ I said with a smile. ″You just do whatever you want to me.″

After taking a deep breath Molly dropped to her knees in front of me. Wrapping her fingers around my shaft she slowly worked her hand up and down the length of my cock. As she stroked the shaft she stuck out her tongue and leaned in so she could lick along the crown.

″So far so good,″ I said, putting my hands on the bed behind me so I could lean back and enjoy myself.

Opening her mouth took the tip of my cock between her lips. With her hand still stroking the shaft she let her tongue caress  the head. Applying suction she started working more of my cock into her mouth.

With a groan of pleasure my eyes fluttered shut momentarily. When had about half my cock in her mouth she took a breath and reversed course. Reaching the head again she let her tongue swirl around the crown while the fingers on her free hand massaged my balls.

As Molly worked into a rhythm bobbing up and down on my cock she picked up speed. On each up stroke she took a moment to caress the head with her tongue while she took a breath before diving back down.

″You’re good at this,″ I said, mildly surprised. The way she’d nervously asked if she could give me a blow job I hadn’t expected much. She wasn’t an expert by any means, but she definitely wasn’t a beginner either.

″Thanks,″ Molly said, blushing slightly as she let my cock slip from her mouth for a moment.

″If you want me to return the favor, I’d be more than willing,″ I said as Molly used her tongue to lick me from ball sack to crown.

″Want to know what I really want?″ Molly asked, her face flush as her hand still stroking my shaft. ″I’ve always had a fantasy of being used for a guy’s own pleasure but I was too shy and embarrassed to mention it to my boyfriend. But if I’m not going to see you again then I don’t have to worry about you might think.″

″Seriously?″ I asked, looking her up and down as possibilities flooded my brain.

‘I want you to do whatever you want to me, but you have to wear a condom,″ Molly said, her eyes betraying a seriousness that told me that was non-negotiable.

″I have a couple in the drawer over there,″ I said, reaching out and pulling her into a standing position. ″You can even put one on me to make sure, but lets get you naked first.″

Pulling her close I gave her bare stomach a couple kisses as my fingers found the zipper to her skirt. When her skirt dropped to the floor I saw that Molly was wearing a pair of black bikini cut panties with two little bows on either side at her hips.

Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of her panties I slowly peeled them down. When a patch of curly red pubic hair came into view I mouthed a thank you to the heavens that she hadn’t shaved completely. There was something special about a firecrotch that always got me going and it made me a little sad to see a redhead without the red bush.

When she’d stepped out of her panties I slowly ran my hands up the backs of her legs, feeling  the soft material of her stockings under my fingertips. A little past the knee my fingers ran into the bands of elastic at the top of the stockings that keep them up. A moment later I felt bare skin under my fingers.

Reversing course I pushed down on the tops of the stockings. I let my palms rub against Molly’s legs as I pushed the stockings down. When they reached her ankles I lifted her legs one at a time and pulled them off over her feet.

″Normally I’d bury my face right here and use my tongue to make you scream loud enough to wake the neighbors,″ I said brashly, my fingers running through the red hair perched atop her snatch. ″But since you want me to fuck you silly, maybe it’s time for you to put the condom on me.″

″Okay,″ Molly said, nervousness creeping into her voice.

Scooting back on the bed I reached over and pulled over the drawer in the bedside table. Reaching in I rifled around until I found the condoms. Grabbing the box I fished one out and tossed the rest on top of the table.

″You want to do it or should I?″ I asked, holding the condom out for her.

Without a word Molly took the package from me. Moving onto the bed she crawled until she was perched between my legs. Sitting back on her heels she lifted the condom to her mouth and used her teeth to rip open the plastic wrapper. Reaching out and grabbing my cock she positioned the condom on the end of my dick before unrolling it down the shaft.

When the condom was on I reached out and grabbed her hands. Pulling her on top of me I held her against my chest as I rolled over and pinned her beneath me. Using my knees to spread her legs I lifted up to look at her face.

″If I go too far or you want to stop for whatever reason, just say ‘Skywalker’ and I’ll stop,″ I said.

″Okay,″ Molly said, a look of apprehension mixed with excitement on her face.

Reaching between us I grabbed my cock. Lining it up with the entrance to her pussy I took a moment to stare into her blue eyes before pushing forward and burying half my cock into her in one thrust.

″Ohhh,″ Molly moaned, her eyes closing and her back arching slightly as she was penetrated.

Remembering her wish to be used, I immediately drew back a bit before driving the rest of my cock into her. Grabbing her legs I withdrew about half of my cock. I held them against my chest as I drilled back into her.

″Uhhh,″ Molly grunted, her hands moving to her chest to fondle her breasts through the cups of her bra.

″Is this what you want?″ I asked her as I  worked up to a steady pace.

″Yeahhhh,″ Molly moaned, lifting her hips to meet each of my thrusts.

″That bra needs to go,″ I told her, letting her legs drop to my sides.

As her legs hooked around my waist I slowed down my rhythm. Grabbing the clasp on the front of her bra between her breasts, I unhooked it. Peeling one cup back  I leaned down and took the newly exposed nipple into my mouth.

″Ooohhh,″ Molly cooed, lifting her body to press her chest against my face.

Flicking the nipple in my mouth with my tongue I moved my knees up until they were on either side of her butt. Arching my back I shortened my thrusts so I could fuck her at about half strength while I switched to her other nipple.

“Want me to fuck you harder?″ I asked before diving back down to take her nipple back into my mouth.

″Yeah, fuck me harder,″ Molly panted, holding my head to her chest.

Pulling away from her chest I put my hands on the bed on either side of her shoulders. Pushing myself up I began to drive into Molly’s pussy with as much power as I could muster. As soon as I was fully imbedded in her I withdrew a little over half my cock.

″Oh God,″ Molly groaned as I slammed back into her.

″Such a slut, letting a stranger fuck you like this,″ I said, hoping I wasn’t pushing her too far. ″You like being a slut, don’t you?″

Her eyes widened at my words and she stiffened up just long enough to make me worry before she lifted her hips to meet my thrusts with a little zeal. ″Yeah,″ Molly moaned, her hands moving to her chest.

″You’re gonna come for me, aren’t you?″ I asked her, noticing the flushing of her skin and the ragged breathing. ″Is your slutty little cunt gonna come all over my cock?″

″Uhh, yeah, so close,″ Molly managed to get out between thrusts into her pussy.

For my own part I was still quite a ways from coming. The condom had dampened the sensations enough that the psychological element was taking more of a toll on my stamina than the feel of her pussy was. And while I wasn’t the ladies man that Tom was, I’d been with enough women to learn to isolate that part of the brain enough to limit its affect.

″Come for me and we can try something else,″ I said, pushing her legs back and lifting her ass further off the bed to allow me to brush against her g-spot with each thrust.

″Oh fuck,″ Molly grunted, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as I felt the first ripples of her orgasm start in her pussy.

As her body convulsed in climax I kept right on fucking. Each push I made seemed to drive her even higher and draw out her ecstasy. Finally unable to take any more she put her hands on my chest and pushed just enough to let me know to stop.

″Up for something new?″ I asked her, slipping my cock from her snatch and sliding off the bed.

″Like what?″ Molly asked, a dreamy look on her face that let me know she was still under the influence of her orgasm.

″I was thinking I could tie you up a little,″ I said, opening my closet and pulling out a couple neckties.

″Oh, uh, wow,″ Molly said, clearly nervous as she tried to decide if she was willing to leave her comfort zone even further.

″Remember, say the safe word at any time and we’ll stop,″ I assured her, grabbing one of her hands and lifting it over her head.

″You promise you’ll stop if I don’t like it?″ Molly asked as I secured her hand to the headboard.

″Just say the word,″ I said, reaching across her to grab her other hand and lift it over her head.

″I guess we could try,″ Molly said, fidgeting a bit as I tied her other hand.

″Good, now what should I do with you?″ I pondered, placing a hand on her stomach and letting it wander south.

″Anything,″ Molly moaned when my fingers made contact with her pussy.

″The possibilities are endless, but what should I do first? I’ve been dying to get a taste of that firecrotch from the moment I saw it, but do I want to do that before I fuck your pussy some more″ I wondered aloud, my finger stroking her clit as I started to move down her body. ″And then there’s the matter of how much you’re going to let me play with that ass of yours.″

″My ass?″ Molly asked, her face a mask of nervousness even as she lifted her hips to press her crotch against my hand.

″Mm hmm,″ I said, leaning down so my face was mere inches from her pussy. ″That cute little ass of yours is going to get quite the workout tonight.″

″I don’t know,″ Molly said, groaning as my tongue darted out to flick at her clit.

Not wanting to waste any time I attacked her clit with my tongue. With each flick my tongue made against her nub Molly alternated between rubbing her ass against the bed and humping her hips against my face.

As I worked over her clit I pressed my finger against the opening of her pussy. Wrapping my lips around her button I sucked on it as I eased my finger into her tight hole. Her thighs clamped against the sides of my head as I slid my finger in and out of her pussy.

″Oh yeah,″ Molly moaned,  her hips bucking against me as she fought against the ties holding her hands in place.

Disengaging from her I pulled back. Molly groaned in disappointment and looked at me with need in her her eyes but the throbbing in my cock had reminded me that I had more pressing matters.

″I’ll come back to that,″ I promised her as I moved up the bed to line my cock up with her pussy.

Without warning I pushed forward and buried my cock into her to the hilt in one shove. With only the thought of getting off on my brain I immediately drew back before slamming back in.

I could hear Molly moan and grunt underneath me but I was rapidly losing myself in the lust and the only thing I was really paying attention to was my balls screaming for release. I was finally giving her exactly what she’d wanted when she came through the door, a mindless fucking machine bent on nothing more than my own pleasure.

With my orgasm building inside me I drilled Molly for everything I was worth. In the haze I was in I could vaguely feel Molly’s pussy clamping down on my cock. Realizing that she was coming as well pushed me over the edge and with a growl of release I felt the come erupt from the end of my cock and into the condom.

″Fuck that was good,″ I grunted, my brain threatening to shut down on me.

″Yeah,″ Molly agreed, her legs locked around my waist.

″I think I promised you something,″ I said, sliding my cock out of her pussy.

Slipping off the bed I removed the used condom from the end of my softening cock. After tossing the condom in the trash can next to the bed I dug in the drawer where I’d found the condoms. When my hands wrapped around the tube I smiled triumphantly and lifted it out of the drawer.

″What’s that?″ Molly asked, still breathing a little hard from the exertion.

″Lube,″ I said simply as grabbing another condom before moving back towards the end of the bed. ″It’ll make it much easier when I fuck your ass.″

″I don’t know,″ Molly said, repeating her words from when I’d mentioned it a few minutes ago. But I noticed that she didn’t say the safe word or tell me to stop so I was working under the assumption that I still had the green light.

Spreading her legs I climbed up onto the bed between them. Setting the lube on the bed for the moment I slipped my hands under her thighs and lifted them up. Pushing her legs further apart I leaned down and dragged my tongue along the length of her slit.

Forcing her legs further back and raising her butt off the bed, I spotted the tight little starfish of her asshole. Unable to stop myself I slid my tongue down and gave it a little flick. When Molly merely squirmed at the encroachment I let my tongue swirl around her anus.

″Wait, stop, uh, Skywalker,″ Molly said, trying to push her legs down.

″What, too far?″ I asked, popping my head up to look at her between her spread legs.

″Well no, uh, I have to pee,″ Molly said, blushing as she wiggled her hands against the ties that still bound them.

″Good thing you stopped me then because I’d hate to have my face down there when you couldn’t hold it any longer,″ I said as I slid up her body.

Making sure to press my body to hers I reached up and untied one of her hands. Looking down at her I shifted my hips and made sure she felt my cock pressed against her pelvis as it was trapped between us. When she licked her lips I gave her a smile and untied her other hand.

As Molly rubbed her wrists to increase blood flow into her hands I slipped off the bed. When she sat up I took moment to once more stare at her porcelain skin. She blushed at my attention and it only made her even cuter.

″Here,″ I said, grabbing a clean t-shirt off the top of my dresser and tossing it to her. ″In case my roommate is home you probably don’t want to be traipsing around the place completely naked.″

″Thanks,″ Molly said, pulling the shirt over her head. It was long enough that it extended an inch or two beyond her goodies. Maybe not long enough to wear as a dress in public but definitely long enough to work for a few seconds to get to the bathroom and back.

After pulling on a pair of boxers of my own I opened the door for her. She headed for the bathroom and I headed for the kitchen. While she was taking care of her business I poured a glass of milk and was drinking it when Tom’s door opened and a blonde emerged wearing attire very similar to what Molly had been wearing when she’d come out of my room.

″Hi,″ she said, pulling down her shirt to make sure I didn’t get a look at anything I wasn’t supposed to be seeing.

″The bathroom is busy if that’s what you’re looking for,″ I said, trying to remember her name. I’d met her after my workout with Emma when I was trying to get Tom to leave but all I could remember was that her name started with an H.

″Oh, okay then,″ she said, moving towards the kitchen to wait. ″So you’re Tom’s roommate?″

″Indeed,″ I said, taking a sip of my milk. ″Want anything to drink?″

″No thanks, just need to use the bathroom and then go to bed,″ she said.

″There it is,″ I said as Molly opened the bathroom door. ″It was nice meeting you again.″

″You too,″ Tom’s girl of the moment said, making sure to hold down the shirt as she scurried to the bathroom. When her and Molly passed each other I could see Molly smile politely and the blonde nodded.

″Now where were we?″ I asked when I’d shut the door behind us.

″You were doing something really weird,″ Molly said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

″But did you like it? That’s the real question,″ I said, moving to stand in front of her.

″Doesn’t mean it’s not weird,″ Molly said, indirectly admitting that she’s liked it at least a little.

Reaching out I put a hand on top of her head. When she tilted her head back to look up at me I just smiled and raised an eyebrow. She seemed to get the hint as she reached out and started to pull my boxers down.

The time in the kitchen had given my cock plenty of time to soften but when Molly’s hands closed around me I started to get hard almost instantly. In a matter of moments with her stroking my shaft I was back to being rock hard.

″I love cocks,″ Molly confessed, her eyes fixed on my dick as she played with it. ″I just love how they feel in my hand and mouth, especially when they get hard while I’m playing with them. Just stroking one is enough to get me really wet.″

″Take off the shirt and lay down on your stomach,″ I said, reaching over and grabbing another condom off the nightstand.

″Like this?″ Molly asked, tossing the shirt aside and laying down on her stomach with her hands under her chin.

″Do you want your hands tied again, or do you want them free?″ I asked, picking up the lube from where I’d left it on the bed before the little bathroom break.

″I don’t know, what do you think?″ Molly asked, looking back at me over her shoulder.

″Well, the couple women I’ve done it with seemed to like it better when their hands were free to play with their pussies. You seem to have a submissive streak in you that seems to like be taken though. So you might actually prefer to have your hands tied and have some of the control taken away to give you an extra little psychological charge,″ I said, reaching over to grab one of my ties that had been used before just in case.

″Do whatever you want,″ Molly said, moving her hands to her sides as if telling me what she wanted without actually telling me.

Grabbing her hands I pulled them behind her back. I wrapped the tie around her wrists a couple before making a bow out of the ends. Reaching underneath her I lifted her hips so I could get her knees underneath her while her shoulders stayed on the bed.

″This will be a little cold,″ I said, popping the cap on the tube of lube. Squirting a dollop onto the end of my finger I rubbed it around the outer ring of Molly’s anus.

″Shit,″ Molly hissed, pulling forward out of reflex.

As I squirted more lube directly onto her ass and started working it around her asshole Molly started to get used to the temperature of the gel, or at least got better at controlling her reactions to it. Pushing a finger into her ass I worked it in and out, twisting and turning it to try to spread her tight little hole out a bit in preparation. When Molly moaned and pushed back against my finger I slid it out just far enough to add a second one.

″Oh god,″ Molly groaned as I fucked her ass with two fingers.

″Think you’re ready for the next step?″ I asked, removing my fingers from her butt.

″I think so,″ Molly said, the nervousness dripping off her voice as I grabbed another condom off the top of the nightstand.

Once I’d rolled the condom onto my prick I moved back behind her. Grabbing my dick I lined the tip with her well greased sphincter. Pushing forward I wasn’t surprised when Molly reflexively clenched shut to deny me access.

I thought for a moment about just pushing forward anyway but I wanted her to leave with a positive impression of the night. I wasn’t likely to ever get another chance, but I didn’t want to ruin her first anal experience and turn her off the idea for every guy that followed me.

Using my right hand to keep my cock lined up with her back door I reached my left hand underneath her. Used my middle finger I rubbed Molly’s clit, drawing a moan. Feeling her ass start to relax I applied some pressure.

″Fuck,″ Molly gasped, her body going rigid as the head of my cock popped into her butt.

Pausing with just the crown seated inside her anus I continued to stroke her clit with my finger. Slowly Molly started to respond and when the pressure around my cock started to abate I gently pushed forward.

″Ow, it hurts,″ Molly hissed as I started sliding a quarter of my cock in and out of her virgin ass in an effort to work more of it into her.

″Want me to stop? The hard part is almost over,″ I said, grabbing the lube and squirting some more on the shaft of my cock to make it a little easier on her.

″You don’t have to stop,″ Molly said, discomfort evident in her voice.

Taking her at her word I kept going until I was buried to the hilt in her ass. The tightness was unbelievable as every inch of her bowels seemed to grip my cock like a vise and I took a moment to revel in the feel of it.

″Such a tight little ass,″ I grunted, pulling about half of my cock out before pushing back in.

″Ohhh,″ Molly half moaned, half gasped as I started to very slowly fuck her ass.

Straightening up behind her I grabbed her hips with both hands and used the extra leverage to pull her back onto my cock with more force. The downside was that I was no longer able to play with her clit but I was hoping the psychological side would help pick up the slack.

Trying to read her moans and the way her body was reacting to things I picked up speed with my thrusts. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to take much but every time I increased the power on my inward thrusts she seemed to respond positively.

As a result before long I was drilling into her ass with enough force to push her shoulders forward on the bed. It was only a little with each stroke but without her hands to hold her up she quickly flattened out onto her stomach and forced me to put my hands on the bed as I continued to plunge in and out of her anal cavity.

″Uhhh,″ Molly grunted, trying to lift her ass off the bed to meet my thrusts.

″I’m not going to last much longer,″ I warned her, the tightness of her ass taking its toll on me. ″I want to come in your mouth.″

″Anything,″ Molly said, clearly getting off on being used like a fuck doll even if she didn’t sound like she was going to reach another orgasm.

After giving her a couple more quick thrusts, I let my cock slide out of her ass. Grabbing her like a rag doll I picked her up and set her on her knees on the floor. Quickly removing the condom I pushed my cock into her open mouth.

Trying to straddle the line between using her and abusing her I made sure to keep from going too deep as I fucked her mouth. With both hands on the back of her head I held Molly’s head still as I worked my cock in and out of her mouth. Finally after a minute or two I felt myself pass the point of no return.

″Here it comes,″ I warned her, pulling out until only the head was still in her mouth.

I heard her mumble something around my cock but even that much was cut off when the first spurt erupted from the end of my cock. When I’d emptied myself into Molly’s mouth I let my cock slip from between her lips.

Glancing down at her innocent looking face I saw her looking up at me. When I raised an eyebrow she made a show of swallowing and then opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue to show that she’d swallowed my load.

″That is hot,″ I said, lifting her to her feet so I could untie her hands.

″That was amazing,″ Molly said, her eyes alive as she rubbed her wrists to get the blood flowing in them again.

″If you want to stay we could do it again in the morning,″ I offered.

″I probably shouldn’t,″ Molly said, lifting up on tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek. ″You know, don’t want to go to work tomorrow wearing the same clothes and smelling like a brothel.″

″Then at least take your time gathering up your clothes,″ I said my eyes glued to the pale skin of her ass as she bent down to pick up her underwear.

″Anything you say,″ Molly said, smiling as she stayed bent over while picking up her clothes.

Eventually she’d picked them all up though and had to put them on. When she’d gotten dressed I walked her to the door. Reaching the door I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss before opening it for her.

″If you’re ever feeling horny, feel free to drop by,″ I said, holding the door open.

″I’ll keep that in mind,″ Molly said, smirking playfully as she walked out the door.

+ * + * +

″So, Heather said you had a cute redhead over last night,″ Tom said as he took a seat at the small island in the kitchen that generally served as our table. We had an actual table, but unless one of us had people over for dinner, namely women, we generally just ate at the island.

″I told you I had a date,″ I said, lifting a spoonful of cereal to my mouth.

″I was going to give you shit for skipping out on us last night because Heather’s cute friend was there and she looked ready to go after a couple beers,″ Tom said, pouring some milk over his cereal. ″She wound up going home with this douchey looking guy when she could’ve gone home with you. But since you got yourself a firecrotch I guess I should feel proud instead of disappointed. Well, tell me about her.″

″What’s to say? It was a booty call,″ I shrugged. ″She dropped by and immediately dragged me into the bedroom. Who knows when, or even if, I’ll see her again.″

″I have never been prouder of you than I am right now,″ Tom said, looking like he was genuinely about to cry from happiness.

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