Adventures In Television #6 – American Thighs

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Adventures In Television #6 – American Thighs

By voodoojoe

“She’s totally into girls,” a female voice said, making me stop in my tracks as I stepped out of my room on the way to the bathroom.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting this so early,” I said as Selena Gomez stopped her conversation with Tom to turn and smile at me.

“Since you’re up, I’m going to go get ready while you entertain her,” Tom said, putting his cereal bowl in the dishwasher. “Though if Selena wants to come with, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Maybe another time, but right now I need to talk to Dan,” Selena said.

“So what’s so important that you’re here this early?” I asked.

“I’m really horny,” Selena said, leaning forward just far enough to give me a nice glimpse of braless cleavage in her tight little tank top.

“So call one of your girlfriends,” I said.

“I need a man, like really bad,” Selena whined.

“Tom’s twenty feet away and would kill himself to make sure you had a good time,” I sighed, knowing that she wasn’t going to let it go.

“I’m not a slut that sleeps with just anyone,” Selena pouted. “Well, not when it comes to guys anyway. I have to trust a guy before I have sex with him and you’re the only one I trust right now.”

“Problem is I don’t trust you or your boyfriend to not go to the gossip columns about it,” I said, grabbing the milk out of the fridge.

“I never did any of that,” Selena protested.

“You also didn’t do anything to stop it,” I countered, pouring cereal into a bowl.

“I know and I’m sorry,” Selena said, almost looking like she meant it. “What if I got you a part in my next movie? That way you could fuck me in my trailer every day.”

“Not interested,” I said. Well, I wasn’t interested in the movie part. The fucking her every day part was more than a little intriguing, but letting her know that would take away some of my bargaining power.

“I know,” Selena said, a grin spreading her face that could only be considered evil. “You watch Pretty Little Liars, don’t you?”

“I’ve been known to watch it from time to time,” I said, wondering where she was headed.

“What if I could get you onto the set to have sex with Ashley Benson?” Selena asked, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“I’m more of a Lucy Hale guy,” I said casually as I took a bite of cereal.

“Then fuck them both, what do I care?” Selena snapped. “Point is, I can get you on set and you can fuck whoever the hell you want when you get there. But it won’t happen until you fuck the shit out of me.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” I said, smirking as she scowled.

“Come on, please?” Selena whined, looking far more adorable than she had any right to.

“When could you get me on set?” I asked.

“Yay!” Selena screeched, grabbing my hand and yanking me off my stool.

“Whoa, I have to get ready for work,” I said as Selena pulled me towards my room.

“Tell your boss you were working on lining up a story,” Selena said, pulling me through my bedroom door. “I’ll call Ashley when we’re done and someone will be calling your boss to set it up later today.”

“Seriously, I have to go to work,” I said as Selena closed and locked the door behind us.

“If you shut up and fuck me right now, I’ll let you do anything you want to me,” Selena said, grabbing my shoulders and jumping up to hook her legs around my waist.

“Anything covers a lot of stuff you know,” I said, sliding my hands under her skirt to grip her ass.

“Whatever you want to do, do it,” Selena said, squealing as I suddenly grabbed hold of the strap of her thong and ripped it. I felt a small shudder pass through her body as if she was getting off on the idea of me being so forceful.

“That’s a tough offer to pass up,” I said, sliding my hands up to her sides as I moved to the end of the bed. Without warning I lifted her up and pushed her at the same time, literally throwing her onto the bed.

“Oh shit,” Selena gasped, her skirt lifting up and her now useless panties falling away as her ass bounced off the mattress.

Without waiting for her settle on the bed I grabbed Selena’s ankles and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. Letting go of her ankles I reached down and pushed my boxers down over my ass until gravity took control and pulled them down around my ankles.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked her, grabbing her knees and spreading them apart as her eyes locked onto my rock hard cock.

“Ohhh yeah,” Selena moaned as I moved forward and lined myself up with the entrance to her pussy.

“Then no point keeping you waiting,” I said before pushing forward and burying half of my cock inside her in one thrust.

“Fuck,” Selena gasped, lifting her hips to try to get even more inside her.

Putting my hands behind the backs of her knees I pulled back. When just the head was still inside I immediately pushed forward and slammed the rest of my cock into her, drawing a grunt of contentment from Selena.

I really didn’t have the time for anything more than a quickie, but luckily Selena didn’t seem to be in the mood for anything more than that either. So rather than draw it out and make it last like I normally would, I just went right after it.

“Oh holy fucking shit,” Selena groaned as I slammed into her.

“Let me see your tits,” I said, using my hands to spread her legs even further.

With little more than a moan in response Selena grabbed the hem of her tank top and arched her back so she could pull it up her body. I licked my lips as her taut tummy came into view and gave her an extra hard thrust when she paused just as the underside of her boobs came into view.

“Ohhh, do that again,” Selena gasped.

“Tits first,” I hissed, slowing down just enough to show her I meant it.

Giving up Selena pulled the tank top up over her tits to show me her glorious mounds. My first instinct was to lean down and worship them with my mouth but I resisted because it would’ve required me to slow down, if not stop altogether, and I was already running short of time as it was.

“Hey, you’re coming to my parents house for dinner tonight, right?” Tom asked through the door.

“Yeah, I’ll, uh, be there,” I said without breaking stride.

“Okay, well I’m going there after work so I’ll see you there,” Tom said.

“See ya,” I said, feeling a spasm in Selena’s pussy as she tried to keep quiet while Tom was just on the other side of the door.

“Ohhh, God that was hot,” Selena grunted, lifting her hips to meet my thrust.

“You like almost getting caught getting fucked like a horny little slut?” I asked her, already knowing the answer by the the tremors that had been radiating out from pussy.

“So horny, such a slut,” Selena moaned, sounding like she was already right on the verge.

Deciding I no longer needed to hold back even a little I put my hands on the bed to give me better leverage. As my thrusts quickened Selena locked her legs around my waist and arched her back in response.

“Gonna come,” Selena hissed, her eyes narrowing to slits and biting her lower lip as a moan escaped her throat.

Keeping my gaze locked on her face I continued to give her everything I had. Finally a low guttural growl rumbled out of her as the release she so desperately needed washed over her.

“Oh God, oh fuck me,” Selena gasped, her body shaking with pleasure as her climax rocked her.

Feeling the telltale signs of my own impending orgasm I focused all my attention on holding out even a split second longer. As Selena started to come down from her high I suddenly pulled out.

“Uhhhh,” Selena groaned at the withdrawal.

Straddling her body I walked on my knees up the bed until I was hovering over her chest. With my knees literally in her arm pits I dangled my cock in her face as her eyes opened. Her eyes lit up at the sight and with very little prompting she lifted her head and opened her mouth.

Remembering how she’d liked it when I’d come in her mouth the last time, I grabbed the back of her head. Holding it steady I began to gently thrust my cock in and out of her mouth, making sure not to go too far and choke her.

As her tongue caressed the underside of my dick I felt the cum rush up the shaft before exploding out me. Ropes of jizz shot out, splattering the inside of her mouth and I could feel her trying to swallow as fast as she could so as not to be overwhelmed by it all.

“Mmm, yummy,” Selena said, her tongue darting out to lick up a little that had dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. “Totally worth the wait.”

“So, are you ready to get that cute little butt of yours fucked?” I asked, rolling off of her.

“Huh?” Selena asked, her eyes going as wide as saucers.

“You said I could do anything I wanted,” I said, grinning.

“I, um, well, uh,” Selena stammered, suddenly looking extremely nervous as I stood up and towered over her.

“I’m just joking, I don’t have time right now for that,” I said, smirking as she heaved a sigh of relief. “But lets just say that next time you start feeling horny and want to drop by, your ass is the price.”

“What if I bring a friend?” Selena asked nervously as she sat up and pulled down her shirt.

“Depends on the friend, I guess,” I said, pretending to think it over.

“Not Demi, Demi’s off the table,” Selena said a little too quickly as she stood up and smoothed out her skirt. I raised an eyebrow at her reaction but when she didn’t elaborate I filed it away for later.

“You can bring friends, but you’re still getting butt fucked,” I said, winking as I patted her on the ass. “So, when are you going to set things up with Ashley?”

“Oh, that’s already taken care of,” Selena said. “I’ve been telling her about you for weeks and she wanted you to come visit her on set. But then I asked myself what was in it for me, so I decided to get something out of the deal. Anyway, your set visit should already be on the calendar for this afternoon.”

“I’ve had far worse times being used,” I said, laughing at her scheme as I crossed the room to my dresser to grab some clothes for after my shower.

“Since you tore my thong can I borrow some shorts or boxers or something so I don’t have to worry about going commando in a short skirt?” Selena asked as I pulled on a pair of boxers.

“Don’t want some cameraman to get the picture of a lifetime?” I asked, reaching in and grabbing a pair of boxers and tossing them to her.

“It’ll just be until I get home but better to be safe than sorry,” Selena said, pulling the boxers up her legs. I started to watch but then the voice in the back of my head kicked in and forced me to turn away about the time she got them up to her knees. “What was Tom talking about when he asked if you were going to his parents house for dinner?”

“It’s his niece, Madison’s, birthday and they’re having a little party at his parents house,” I said, reaching for the doorknob. “Madison called and invited me personally so I kinda have to go.”

“That’s adorable,” Selena said, following me out of the bedroom. “Sounds like she’s got a crush on you.”

“She’s nine, she just likes me because I’ll sit and watch SpongeBob with her,” I said, getting back to my breakfast that Selena had interrupted.

“Trust me, she’s got a crush on you,” Selena said knowingly. “Anyway, those cupcakes look really good, mind if I grab one?”

“Help yourself,” I said as I took a bite of cereal.

“Oh my god, where did you get these?” Selena grunted with a look on her face that brought to mind how she’d looked a few minutes earlier while in the throes of pleasure.

“You’ll have to ask Tom, he’s in charge of that kind of thing,” I responded, knowing that she’d never get the answer out of Tom.

“Come on, you have to know where he got them,” Selena pleaded before taking another bite.

“I do, but I’m not saying,” I said as I headed for the bathroom.

“Pleeeeeease?” Selena asked, drawing it out like a kid as she followed after. “I want to buy some for a friend’s birthday.”

“You really want to know?” I asked, reaching in and turning on the shower. “Tom made them last night.”

“Fine, don’t tell me,” Selena said, rolling her eyes. “But I’m taking another cupcake for the road. Tell Tom I’ll be calling him later to find out where he got them.”

“Take two then so you have one for later,” I said, stripping off my boxers.

“You know, I could use a shower as well,” Selena said, eying me as I stepped into the shower.

“Then go grab the bottle of lube out of the table next to my bed,” I said, pulling the shower curtain closed behind me. “Because you’re not getting in here without getting fucked and you know the price for that sort of thing.”

“I’m going, I’m going,” Selena said, though there was more than a little regret and temptation in her voice.

+ * + * +

“Daniel Eastman,” I told the guy in the booth as I stopped at the gate to the studio.

“Hmm, ah, there you are,” the guard said, consulting a clipboard. “Go ahead and park in the parking lot and someone will come by and get you.”

As he picked up a phone, presumably to let someone know I was there, the guard pressed a button to open the gate. Following his directions I drove through the gate and pulled into the parking lot, parking next to a very nice BMW that probably turned up its nose at having to be next to my car.

Getting out of the car I went around to the trunk to get my equipment. By the time I had it unloaded I looked up and saw a golf cart swinging around the corner. Half expecting some gopher intern around the same as me behind the wheel I was surprised when I saw long blonde hair, and recognized the face it belonged to.

“You’re Dan?” Ashley Benson asked as she pulled up next to me.

“Wow, I must be really important to warrant a driver of such caliber,” I said, tossing my camera case onto the backward facing back seat.

“Well, Selena did say to treat you well,” Ashley said, giggling and making me wonder what else Selena had told her to do.

“I’m not even going to pretend to not know that girls talk about anything and everything so I’m sure you know even more about me than I do,” I said, rolling my eyes as I hopped into the seat next to her.

“Well, we did have quite the conversation this morning, if that’s what you’re getting at,” Ashley said, grinning as she whipped the cart around.

“I figured as much,” I said, having the decency to blush slightly.

“If it makes you feel better, it was all very complimentary,” Ashley said as she drove between large buildings.

“Only a little,” I chortled, watching the soundstages fly past. It wasn’t the first time I’d been to a studio like this, but it was still new enough to leave me in a little bit of awe.

“Ahh, here we are,” Ashley said, pulling up in front of a building with a Pretty Little Liars out front of it.

“I guess since you’re here you volunteered to be the tour guide, so I guess you lead and I’ll follow,” I said, jumping out of the golf cart and grabbing my equipment as she opened the door into the soundstage.

+ * + * +

“Here’s Hanna’s room,” Ashley said as her tour led me into the set for her character’s bedroom. “And to get to the next part of the tour we’re going to have to go next door.”

“No problem,” I said, turning off the camera as she pushed open a side door and we emerged into the sunlight.

As we moved towards the next soundstage I tried to keep my eyes on the road ahead but they kept wandering towards Ashley’s ass in her cut-off denim shorts. They were so tight I could clearly make out the outline of her phone in her back pocket

And speaking of her back pocket, just as she was reaching for the door it started to ring. I snapped my eyes up and made sure I was looking elsewhere as she reached into her pocket to answer her phone.

“Hello? Hey, what’s up? What, now? Can’t it wait? Fine, I’ll be there in a couple minutes,” Ashley sighed, taking small pauses between questions as she waited for responses from the person on the other end. Hanging up and putting the phone back in her pocket she turned to face me. “Sorry about that, but do you mind waiting for a few minutes before we finish the tour? I have something I have to do real quick and they’re not exactly being patient about it.”

“Sure, no problem,” I responded. “Where should I wait? Right here?”

“My trailer’s just right over there if you want to wait there,” Ashley said, waving in the direction of some trailers. “Or craft service is over there if you want to grab something to eat.”

“Okay, I’ll wait outside your trailer,” I said, turning to head that way.

“You can wait inside my trailer if you want,” Ashley offered. “It’s air conditioned so you don’t have to wait in the sun.”

“It’s not that hot out here, I think I can tough it out,” I said, smiling at her offer.

After taking one last look back at her ass as she went to take care of her errand I started walking towards the group of trailers. Finding the one with Ashley’s name on the door I leaned against the outside of it.

Unsure how long Ashley would be I decided to head down to the craft service station and see if I could get a bottle of water or something. Not wanting to drag the camera along, I ducked into Ashley’s trailer real quick and set it down on a table.

Emerging from the trailer I pulled out my phone and headed in the direction of where Ashley had indicated the snacks might be. Scrolling through my phone book I found Tom’s  number and dialed it.

“What did you tell Selena?” were the first words out of Tom’s mouth. Not ‘hello’ or even a more Tom-like ‘what’s Ashley Benson wearing?’

“I would’ve thought having Selena Gomez calling you would’ve been a dream come true,” I said, laughing. When he didn’t respond I decided to cut the humor. “She really liked your cupcakes and wants to know where you got them.”

“You didn’t tell her where the cupcakes came from, did you?” Tom asked as I reached the craft service station.

“I did, but she didn’t believe me,” I replied, grabbing a bottle of water. “After all, you don’t really look like a baker.”

“Just make sure it stays that way,” Tom said, making it clear he meant it.

“Are you kidding? Women love it when guys can cook,” I told him, not for the first time. “You of all people should be willing to use your little hobby to get women into bed.”

“I know, I know, make her some cookies and watch her panties drop before my eyes,” Tom sighed. “Just tell her I got them at Rosie’s if she asks again.”

“Fine, but I’m telling you, I think she almost had a better time with your cupcake than she did with me, and she had a great time with me,” I said.

“I know, she wasn’t exactly keeping the noise down,” Tom said, laughing. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work before my boss catches me on a personal call.”

“I should probably be getting back to work as well,” I said before hanging up.

With my bottle of water in tow, I headed back to Ashley’s trailer. Unsure if she’d gotten back while I’d been away, I knocked on the door before poking my head inside. Not seeing her I took a step inside to grab the camera.

“Looking for me?” Ashley asked, suddenly appearing out of nowhere behind me in the stairwell of the trailer as I reached for the camera.

“Next time make some kind of noise to let a guy know you’re there,” I said, peeling myself off the roof of the trailer after being taken by surprise like that.

“Sorry, I just saw peeking into the trailer and figured I’d let you know I was back,” Ashley said, noticing the bottle of water. “Did you find craft services or did you just grab one out of the fridge in here?”

“I went and got one,” I responded as she moved by me and into the trailer.

“I should have told you to help yourself to the fridge and saved you a trip, but I guess it’s too late now,” Ashley said, a manic, almost nervous, quality creeping into her voice as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water of her own. “You don’t have to get back to your show right away, do you?”

“No, I did most of my usual work before I came here. I still have to edit the footage I’ve shot, but I can do that from pretty much anywhere on my laptop,” I said, wondering where she was headed. Selena had all but come out and said Ashley would fuck me, but I was a little skeptical that it wasn’t just Selena saying something to get what she wanted.

“That’s cool,” Ashley said, sitting down in a chair. “I did most of my scenes earlier so I could get a couple hours off this afternoon to do this little tour.”

“I especially like this part,” I said, smirking as I motioned around the inside of her trailer.

As we sat in chairs next to each other we studied each other for a few moments. She tapped her fingers with one hand and idly wrapped her hair around the index finger of the other other one.

“So, I’ve never, uh, done something like this. How do we do it?” Ashley asked, finally broaching the subject.

“Do what?” I asked, playing dumb. Partly it was because she seemed so nervous about it that I wanted to see how she’d react. The other part was because her phrasing made it seem a little too much like I was a gigolo being pimped out by Selena.

“Huh? Well, I, uh, didn’t Selena-?” Ashley stammered, tripping over her words until I put her out of her misery by reaching out and grabbing the back of her neck to pull her towards me.

I was a little worried that maybe I’d misread the situation but the moment our lips touched those concerns disappeared. Not only did she return the kiss but she practically lunged at me, moving from her chair to straddle my lap so fast I’m not sure how she did it.

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” Ashley said, breaking the kiss as she ground her crotch against mine.

“I really hope you mean have sex with a stranger because if you’re about to tell me you’re a virgin, I’m not sure I’m willing to go there,” I said, suddenly feeling as nervous as she looked.

“I’m not a virgin,” Ashley said, laughing as she reached for the top button of my shirt. “It’s just been a while.”

“I guess I can stop worrying then,” I said, grabbing her ass with both hands for emphasis.

“Definitely,” Ashley said, grinding her crotch against mine as she unbuttoned my shirt.

When Ashley was done unbuttoning my shirt I slid my hands up until they grabbed the hem of her t-shirt. Pushing the shirt up it got to just below her bra strap before Ashley raised her arms so I could pull it off over her head.

“You have a great chest,” Ashley said, bringing her hands back and running her fingers along my chest.

“Funny, I could say the same thing to you,” I said, wrapping my arms around her.

Pulling her back into a kiss my hands slid up her back looking for the clasp of her bra. Finding it I made quick work of it and separated the two segments. Grabbing the straps I pulled them down her arms until she could slip out of the garment altogether.

“Selena wasn’t lying about you,” Ashley grunted, as I lowered my head to take one of her nipples into my mouth. “Cute, great body, nice guy, and judging by the lump pressing against me down there I’m guessing she might have even been underselling you there.”

“Mmmph mm-mph,” I muttered through the mound of boob flesh in and around my mouth.

“If you can use that thing in your pants half as well as she says, I might have to recommend her for a sainthood for letting me borrow you,” Ashley moaned, clutching my head to her chest.

“Only one way to find out,” I said, coming up for air just long enough to switch breasts.

“Yes there is,” Ashley said, pressing her chest against my face for an extra moment or two before pulling away so she could slide completely out of my lap.

Dropping to her knees in front of me Ashley reached out and grabbed my belt. Biting her lower lip in concentration Ashley undid my belt before moving on to unbuttoning my pants.

“Damn, Selena knows how to pick ’em,” Ashley cooed as reached into my pants and wrapped her hand around my cock.

Pulling my cock free of my underwear Ashley licked her lips. Leaning her head down she proceeded to run her tongue along the underside of my shaft from root to tip. Reaching the end she parted her lips and took the head into her mouth.

As her tongue swirled around the head of my cock she started to push her head down, taking a little more into her mouth. Slowly lifting up she got until her lips hit the ridge of the head. Taking a breath she reversed course and slowly swallowed about half of my meat.

The hand that was gripping my cock began sliding up and down the shaft, jerking me in time with the bobbing of her head. Unfortunately before she could go much further I head the door open and light streamed in as my head snapped to the side to look.

“Hey Ashley, did I leave my-?” Lucy Hale got out before she saw what was happening and stopped in her tracks. “Whoa.”

“It’s not what it looks like,” Ashley said, popping her head off my cock.

“It looks like you’ve got some strange guy’s dick in your mouth,” Lucy said coldly.

“Okay, so it is what it looks like, but I can explain,” Ashley said, still slowly stroking my cock to keep my erection from dying.

“Wait, are you two together?” I asked, showing how quick on the uptake I can be.

“Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck is this?” Lucy asked first me, then Ashley. “And why was his cock in your mouth?”

“You know how lately I’ve been craving a little cock?” Ashley asked. When Lucy sighed and nodded Ashley continued. “Well I was talking to Selena and she told me she knew the perfect guy. So we arranged a tour as a way to get him here.”

“Tour? Wait, with the reporter? You brought a fucking reporter in here, to fuck?” Lucy snapped, her eyes wide in shock.

“Selena trusts him,” Ashley said determinedly.

“He works for a tabloid tv show, and you brought him in here and now he knows about us,” Lucy countered.

“We’re not actually that kind of show,” I said before Lucy looked at me with a look that could curdle milk and I shut my mouth real quick.

“What’s going to stop him from putting us on as a lead story to further his career?” Lucy continued.

“You know those rumors about Selena having a new boyfriend? This is him, except made her shut down all those stories because he didn’t want to be in them. He very easily could’ve let them continue and used that to help his career, but he’s happy where he’s at,” Ashley responded as she stood up.

“For now maybe, but what about down the road?” Lucy argued as Ashley started unbuttoning her shorts.

“I trust Selena’s judgment enough to take that risk,” Ashley said firmly, pushing them down her legs to leave her in nothing more than a lime green thong. “Now I know you’ve been thinking about guys a little bit lately too so you can join us if you want, or you can wait outside.”

Without waiting for a response from Lucy Ashley grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. Still taken aback by the whole situation I merely let Ashley lead me by the hand into the bedroom in the back of the trailer.

Leaving the door open Ashley set about undressing me. With everything already undone in the areas that matter most it wasn’t hard. While she was pushing my shirt down my arms I let go of my pants and let gravity take over. After kicking off my shoes and socks I stepped out of my pants leaving me in my boxers, though they weren’t doing much good considering my cock was still sticking out of the hole in the front.

Finally getting my wits about me again I dropped to my knees in front of Ashley. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her thong I gently tugged it down, slowly exposing inch after inch of smooth skin before the fold of her pussy came into view.

“Lick me?” Ashley half asked, half demanded as she sat down on the bed and let the thong hang from an ankle before kicking it off.

Grabbing her knees I pulled them apart and took a moment to settled down on my knees in front of her. Sticking out my tongue I leaned in and ran the tip along the length of her slit, but stopping just short of her clit. She grunted as I started over and then gripped a handful of hair on the top of my head when I skipped over her magic button a second time.

Hearing a rustling behind me I lifted my head just in time to see a naked Lucy slide onto the bed. Ashley loosened her grip on my hair and instead focused on her girlfriend as Lucy kissed and cupped one of her breasts in her hand.

“She loves being fingered,” Lucy said, breaking the kiss with Ashley so she could move down to suck on her girlfriend’s nipple.

Taking Lucy’s tip, I brought my hand up. Extending my middle finger I dragged it along her folds, wetting the tip with her juices. When I was sure it was well lubricated, I slowly pushed, easing it inside her tight snatch.

“Uhh,” Ashley moaned, lifting her hips to meet my slowly pistoning finger.

Not wanting to make her come, I took a different approach than I would normally take. Instead of attacking her clit I licked my way around it while I worked the finger in and out of her. I did give her clit the occasional flick just to keep Ashley from screaming in frustration.

“Stop teasing me,” Ashley grunted, reaching down and grabbing my shoulders. “Lay down so I can be on top.”

Deciding to let her take the lead I did as she wanted. Laying down on the bed I watched as Ashley moved to straddle my waist. As if to pay me back for teasing her, she moved her hips with my cock trapped between us, slowly dragging her pussy along the length of the shaft.

With a grin she finally lifted up. Reaching down she grabbed hold of my manhood and lined it up with her pussy. Apparently still wanting to tease me Ashley slowly lowered herself onto me, and then paused with just the head inside.

Luckily Lucy came to my rescue. Sidling up next to me Lucy leaned down to take suck on one of Ashley’s nipples again. The stimulation must have been enough because Ashley moaned and let herself drop about halfway down my cock.

Turning my head I noticed that Lucy’s knees weren’t far from my shoulders. Contorting my upper body I twisted until I could almost slide under her. When I touched her leg to lift it so I could finish the job Lucy practically jumped out of her skin she was so engrossed in what she was doing to Ashley.

Realizing what I was doing Lucy lifted her leg and let move her into a more comfortable position. When she was in place I grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and pulled her down to my waiting tongue.

With Lucy’s pussy now in my face I lost sight of Ashley, but I could feel her bottom out on my cock. Her pussy gripped me like a vice as she rested a moment to savor the feel of being fully penetrated before slowly lifting up about halfway.

As Ashley bounced on top of me I put my focus on Lucy. Darting my tongue out I flicked her clit with it, eliciting a moan and causing her hump her hips at my tongue. As Lucy’s hips moved I tightened my grip on her ass in an effort to try and keep her as immobile as possible.

“Oh yeah,” Ashley moaned, increasing the length of her bounces until she was sliding up and down almost the entire length of my cock.

Remembering Lucy’s comments about Ashley liking being fingered I decide to see if it went for her as well by letting go of her ass with one hand. I brought it down so I could suck on my middle finger before pressing the tip of my lubricated finger against Lucy’s pussy, easing it inside her.

As my finger entered Lucy I couldn’t believe how tight she was. Ashley’s cunt was currently gripping my cock like a python putting a death grip on a squirrel, and even she didn’t compare to the squeezing Lucy was putting on my finger.

“Fuck,” Lucy gasped, the combination of my tongue on her clit and my finger doing a pretty good job of getting her all worked up.

“So good,” Ashley moaned, her hands on my stomach as she shortened her bounces into short, quick thrusts.

Sensing that Ashley might be getting close I started to lift my hips to meet her lunges with as much power as I could muster in my position. It would’ve been more if my hands hadn’t been occupied with Lucy, or if I could see what I was doing, but it seemed to serve its purpose.

“Uhhh, shit, gonna, god, come,” Ashley moaned, her pussy starting to clench me even tighter as the first ripples of orgasm started to wash through her.

Pulling my finger out of Lucy I moved my hands to Ashley’s hips. Grabbing hold I held her steady as I drove my hips upwards. Even as her orgasm hit her full force and her snatch clamped down even tighter on me I continued to slam into her.

“Oh shit,” Lucy gasped, lifting up so we both could watch as I drove Ashley to even higher peaks.

“Oh fuck, stop, stop,” Ashley gasped, finally unable to take any more. As I slowed down Ashley rolled off me, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. “Totally Lucy’s turn.”

“Um, okay,” Lucy said meekly as she settled down onto her back.

As I moved over Lucy I marveled at just how small she was. I’d known she was short and petite, but as she laid there she looked downright tiny. Like I’d have no problem picking her up and putting her in my pocket tiny.

“Ready?” I asked Lucy as I positioned myself between her legs.

“Uh huh,” Lucy said, nodding her head.

The combination of the excitement and the foreplay had Lucy practically dripping, but remembering how tight she’d been around my finger I still decided to go slowly as I entered her. And good thing because as her pussy engulfed the head of my cock it felt tighter than any pussy I could remember.

“So big,” Lucy moaned, lifting her hips to try to take more of me inside her.

With about a quarter of my cock inside the moist inferno of her cunt I started to pull back. With just head still seated inside her I pushed forward sharply, burying myself about halfway and causing Lucy to arch her back and moan.

“Wow, that’s hot,” Ashley said, her eyes focused on where I was joined with her girlfriend.

“She’s fucking tight,” I grunted, working more and more of my cock into Lucy.

“Give it to me,” Lucy moaned, digging her heels into my butt and pulling the last little bit of me into her.

As Lucy’s eyes rolled up in her head at being filled so full I gave her a moment to get used to the sensation before slowly withdrawing. When half of my cock was out of her I reversed course and thrust back into her.

“Ooooh,” Lucy moaned, her legs tightening their grip on my waist.

The tryst with Selena earlier had given me enough stamina to last through Ashley. And even though I’d pushed myself pretty close to the brink driving Ashley over the edge, the little rest between Ashley and Lucy had helped restore some of staying power. That said, with the way her cunt had me in lock down I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d be able to last.

“Ashley looks lonely,” I commented, turning my head in the direction of where Ashley was laying on her stomach right next to us watching us fuck.

“I’m fine, this is hot,” Ashley assured us, even though her hand had disappeared underneath her.

“It’d be even hotter if you let Lucy eat your pussy,” I said with a grin as I worked Lucy over with a solid pace.

“Fuck, uh, me,” Lucy grunted, her hands reaching out for Ashley as the blonde scooted around so she could straddle her girlfriend’s face with her ass pointed at me.

As Lucy lifted her head so her tongue could get at Ashley’s honey I couldn’t stop myself from giving Lucy an extra hard thrust or two out of excitement. The tiny brunette didn’t seem to mind though as a series of moans, muffled by Ashley’s pussy, issued from Lucy’s throat.

“Do that again,” Ashley moaned as Lucy’s tongue darted back to tag her tight little starfish. “I bet Dan would like to watch you lick my ass.”

“I would,” I admitted, moaning lowly as Lucy’s tongue started to trace along the edges of her Ashley’s asshole.

“Oh yeah, get it nice and wet,” Ashley grunted, reaching back to spread her cheeks so I could have a better view.

Between the tightness of Lucy’s pussy and the overwhelming hotness of watching Lucy toss Ashley’s salad I was beginning to feel the need for release. My ego didn’t want me to finish before Lucy though so I started to slow down to allow me to extend it out a bit.

“No, fuck her harder,” Ashley grunted, looking over her shoulder as she sensed me easing up.

“I won’t last much longer,” I warned them.

“She’s getting there, aren’t you, uhh, babe?” Ashley asked Lucy, who answered with a grunt. “Just stick a finger in her ass and play with her clit. She’ll go off like a stick of dynamite, trust me. Isn’t that right?”

“Uh huh, lie dyamide,” Lucy answered as best as she could while trying to stick her tongue up Ashley’s butt.

Since Ashley obviously knew Lucy better than I did, I decided to go with her advice by bringing my left hand up to my mouth. After sucking on the tip to get it nice and wet I moved my hand back down and slipped it under Lucy’s back.

Finding the crack of her ass I followed the groove all the way down until I found her asshole. I rubbed the tip of my finger around it to test the waters before pushing in up to the first knuckle. As Lucy moaned and pushed her hips down against the invading digit I used the thumb on my right hand to rub her clit.

Almost immediately I could tell the combination was working as Lucy’s body started to quiver. Hooking the finger in Lucy’s ass to keep it from falling out I pulled my cock before thrusting back in. Remembering to keep my thumb moving over Lucy’s clit I soon had her on the brink.

“Ohhh, come, gonna, coming,” Lucy stammered as her climax hit her.

“Almost there,” I warned. “Where do you want me to come?”

“Come on her stomach,” Ashley said, rolling off as Lucy got too involved in her orgasm to pay much more attention to her girlfriend.

Gritting my teeth I fucked Lucy’s spasming snatch through a couple more thrusts before it became too much for me. Just before I was ready to pop I yanked cock from Lucy’s squeezing box and rested it against her sex as jizz erupted from the tip.

The first spurt arced out and splattered Lucy’s skin almost to her ribcage. The second one went nearly as far but the next couple only made it to about her belly button, leaving a small pool in her navel. Before I could finish though Ashley pushed me out of the way so she could lick it up.

“Mmm, remember that price you were telling Selena about?” Ashley asked, looking at me sideways from her position hovering over Lucy’s stomach. “Well it’s not a problem for me.”

“Have any lube around?” I asked, feeling a twitch in my deflating cock at the thought of fucking Ashley in the ass.

“Huh? Price? Lube?” Lucy asked, starting to come around from her orgasm. Then her brain started to piece things together and she lifted her head to look at Ashley. “You aren’t-?”

“I am,” Ashley said between licks of Lucy’s abdomen to clean up my mess. “Check under the pillow from the last time we used it.”

“You want that thing up your butt?” Lucy asked, her gaze flashing towards my cock as I lifted the pillowing looking for the vanishing bottle of lube.

“Why not? I’ve let you put toys in there,” Ashley said, lapping up the pool of come in Lucy’s belly button like a cat with a saucer of milk.

“Nothing that big though,” Lucy said, nevertheless looking at least a little intrigued about watching Ashley try.

“Ahh, here we are,” I said, finally pulling a small bottle out from between the mattress and the wall.

“Grease me up,” Ashley said, twisting so she could present her ass to me once she’d finished licking up my DNA deposit from Lucy’s stomach.

Moving behind her I squirted some of the slippery stuff onto my fingers. Putting one hand on Ashley’s ass to steady myself I rubbed my fingers together to warm the lube up a little before spreading the lube around the outside of Ashley’s anus.

Pushing against the center I felt her asshole start to give way. As my finger forced its way into Ashley’s butt I twisted it around, smearing the lube around the inside while also trying to stretch her out a bit in advance.

“Fuck me,” Ashley said, waving her ass at me as I finished getting her as lubed up as I was going to.

“I gotta watch this,” Lucy said. She was still on her back so she wiggled her body until she slide underneath Ashley into a sixty-nine position with her face right under where I was moving into position.

“Ready?” I asked as I moved up behind Ashley.

“I got that,” Lucy said, grabbing my cock and aiming it at Ashley’s asshole.

When Lucy pressed the tip of my dick against Ashley’s asshole I gently pushed. At first it resisted the pressure but as Ashley made a concerted effort to relax it started to yield. Finally her anus opened up and the head plunged in before Ashley gasped and tightened up once more.

“Oh fuck,” Ashley hissed, clearly overwhelmed.

“You’re doing good, babe,” Lucy said, letting go of my cock so she could stroke Ashley’s thighs.

As Ashley took a deep breath I could feel her start to loosen up. When she gave a little push back against me I took the sign and eased forward a little before pulling back.

“That is so hot,” Lucy said as she watched me start to move in and out of Ashley’s ass in small movements. “Does it hurt?”

“A little,” Ashley gasped. “Not as much as I thought it would though.”

“Play with her pussy and take her mind off the discomfort,” I told Lucy as I worked more and more of my cock into Ashley’s ass.

“Oohh,” Ashley moaned as Lucy’s tongue took a swipe at her clit.

With her mind temporarily focused on something other than the large object being shoved into the small hole, I was able to get the last bit of cock into Ashley’s ass. With my pelvis pressed against her butt cheeks I took a moment to let both of us get used to the feeling before slowly withdrawing.

After pulling out until about half of my cock was outside of her I thrust back in only slightly faster than I’d pulled out. She was still too tense to do much more so while Lucy sought to occupy her mind some more I kept the speed of my thrusts down to a more manageable tempo.

“Wow, that, uhh, feels kinda, uhh, good,” Ashley said, moaning as Lucy’s tongue worked its magic.

“Want me to go a little faster?” I asked, giving her a little quicker thrust before she could answer.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Ashley moaned as she pushed back to meet my strokes.

Gripping Ashley’s hips I started to speed up my thrusts. I kept the length of the strokes to about half of my cock but when Ashley didn’t seem to object I added a little more force to the in strokes and watched her ass cheeks ripple with the impact.

Just as I was starting to build up my rhythm I was startled to feel something through the walls of Ashley’s rectum. Looking down I saw Lucy grin at me as she slid a finger into Ashley’s pussy and rub my cock through the membrane separating her holes.

“Oh god,” Ashley moaned as both of her holes were penetrated.

“I think she likes it,” Lucy observed, reaching up with her other hand to cup my scrotum.

“I really do,” Ashley grunted, lifting her hips to press back against my cock as I slammed into her and then lowering them to push against Lucy’s finger in her pussy as I pulled back.

After already having come once, not to mention my rendezvous with Selena earlier, I would’ve thought I would’ve been able to last longer, but the way Ashley’s asshole was squeezing me was starting to take its toll. Not to mention Lucy’s finger rubbing against me or her hand massaging my balls doing their damnedest to push me towards the edge faster than I would’ve liked.

“So fucking good,” Ashley grunted, a small spasm running through her body.

“Lick her clit,” I told Lucy, sensing that Ashley was getting close to coming as well.

“Oh god,” Ashley moaned, a stronger tremor coursing through her.

Deciding it was time to hit the home stretch I stopped holding back. Putting as much force as I could into my thrusts I started to pound into Ashley’s ass as hard as I could without hurting her. I was at the point where Ashley seemed to be well taken care of and I just wanted to come.

“Shit, fuck, ohhh,” Ashley hissed, her body acting like she was right there on the edge.

“Just a little more,” I grunted, feeling the come start to rise in my balls.

“Not yet,” Ashley gasped, desperately pushing back against us in an effort to get over that peak.

Finally with a loud scream Ashley’s body went tight as a drum. Her anus clamped down on me so hard I damn near lost my wad right then and there. Only by a miracle did I manage to pull out before hosing down her bowels.

“Gonna come,” I hissed, as if that wasn’t already clearly apparent. “Where do you want it?”

“Uhh, L-Lucy,” Ashley stammered.

Looking down I saw Lucy open her mouth wide and figured it meant she wanted it. So bending down I placed the tip of my cock at her mouth. When she lifted her head to take the head between her lips I knew I’d figured right.

As Ashley shook through her orgasm I started to plunge my cock deeper into Lucy’s mouth. It wasn’t nearly as tight as Ashley’s ass, but it was wetter and the way Lucy’s tongue caressed my shaft more than made up for any loss of tautness.

“Here it comes,” I warned Lucy, pulling out until only the head was still in her mouth.

With a pulse of my cock the first spurt of semen erupted out of my cock. My lips curled up and bared my teeth from the intensity as my balls emptied into Lucy’s waiting mouth.

“Your turn Lucy,” Ashley said as I fell backward onto my butt.

“No way,” Lucy said, waving her hands in front of her.

“You thought it was hot, didn’t you?” Ashley asked her.

“Yeah, but a finger as far I go. I might let you use the vibrator on me back there later, but I’m not even close to ready to taking a cock in my ass,” Lucy said.

“Good because I’m not sure I’ve got anything left,” I said, panting from the exertion.

+ * + * +

“Got the footage?” Richie Tozier asked as I walked into the studio.

“Right here,” I said, holding up the memory card with everything I’d shot that day.

“Good, make sure it gets edited in time for tomorrow’s show,” Richie said.

“I’ll do it first thing in the morning,” I said.

“Excellent. Oh, and you have something right here,” he said, motioning with his finger to a spot next to his mouth that was supposed to correspond to a spot next to my mouth.

“Oh, where?” I asked, wiping my face. “Did I get it?”

“No, the stupid grin from getting laid while you were supposed to be working is still there,” Richie said, laughing as he patted me on the back.

“You’re not going to tell on me, are you?” I asked, not really worried.

“Just don’t make a habit of it and as long as you get your work done then go ahead and enjoy being young while you can,” Richie responded, shaking his head. “Now get out of here and go take a shower because you smell like a brothel.”

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