Adventures In Television #7 – Red Herring

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Adventures In Television #7 – Red Herring

By voodoojoe

“My name should be on the list, Daniel Eastman,” I told the big bouncer at the door as he looked me up and down. At first I didn’t think he was even going to bother looking at the clipboard in his hand but finally he lifted it and started flipping through pages.

“You’re in,” he said in a very deep voice as he lifted the velvet rope designed to keep the undesirables out.

“Thank you kindly,” I said, nodding at him as I passed.

With the loud dance music blasting in my ears as I entered the club I started scanning the room for Selena Gomez. She’d called and said she needed a ride. Why she didn’t call a cab instead of dragging me out of my apartment when I should’ve been going to bed, I have no idea. She’d just said that she’d been out with a friend and was ready to come home while her friend wasn’t.

So being a good friend, a sucker for a damsel in distress, or just plain sucker, whichever you choose to believe, I ventured out into the night to rescue her. Thus I found myself in a place with loud thumping music that I didn’t particularly care for surrounded by a bunch of sweaty people that barely acknowledged my existence, and those that did for the most part did so with disdain.

“I fucking hate clubs,” I sighed to myself as I made my way to the bar.

I tried to get the attention of the bartender, but lacking breasts he pretty much looked right through me and served the women around me instead. Not that it mattered, I was hoping to pick up Selena and be gone as soon as possible, so I was just looking for a bottle of water or something.

“What do you want?” the dark haired woman next to me asked, taking pity on me.

“Just some water,” I said over the music. “I’m just picking up a friend.”

“That’s nice, but you can spend time with me until your friend if you want,” she said, smiling as she motioned for the bartender.

There was an accent in her voice but with the loud music I couldn’t quite tell what it was. She also looked vaguely familiar but for the life of me I couldn’t place where or why I might know her from.

“Come on, dance with me,” the dark haired woman said, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the bar.

“Shouldn’t we exchange names first?” I asked, suddenly rethinking my desire to find Selena and go as fast as possible.

“If you’re good, we can,” the mystery woman said, leading me to a table where a blonde woman was waiting for her.

“And who is this?” the blonde asked loudly, smiling when she saw me.

“Just some guy I found at the bar,” the brunette responded. “I was going to see how well he dances before deciding whether to give him our names.”

“Sounds fair,” the blonde said, laughing. “If he’s really good, send him back here for me.”

“If he’s that good I’m keeping him for myself,” the brunette responded lightheartedly.

“Have fun,” the blonde said as brunette dragged me towards the dance floor.

I never really got the hang of fast dancing. I was nimble enough on my feet that I could slow dance but finding the beat of a song and dancing to it was never my strong suit. That said, I could at least fake it enough to not look like a complete jackass, especially when I was already surrounded by a bunch of other guys trying to keep from looking like complete jackasses.

As we danced I kept scanning the place and finally spotted Selena leaning against a wall with a couple guys talking to her. Her body language said she wasn’t interested whatsoever in what they were selling, but they apparently weren’t taking the hint. So as the song played I kept one on my new mystery friend and one eye on Selena to make sure there wasn’t any problem brewing.

“Thanks for the dance, but I should be going,” I said when the song ended and there was a moment of relative quiet.

“Found your friend?” the brunette asked, seeming at least a little disappointed.

“Yeah, over there,” I said, nodding to where Selena was still in need of rescue.

“Should have known you’d have a gorgeous girlfriend,” the brunette sighed.

“No, just friend,” I said, making sure she knew I was available.

“In that case, I’m Phoebe,” the brunette said, brightening up. “The blonde over there is Teresa.”

“Nice to meet you Phoebe, I’m Dan,” I said, shaking her hand. “And tell Teresa it was nice meeting her but I really have to go rescue my friend.”

“She’ll be disappointed that you didn’t come back to dance with her,” Phoebe said. “But go get your girlfriend.”

After bidding farewell to Phoebe I made a beeline for Selena. As I neared her she spotted me and brightened significantly Whether the guys around her noticed I couldn’t tell but if they did they didn’t seem to bother wondering why.

“Hey babe,” Selena said, practically throwing herself at me when I came within range.

“Miss me?” I asked, wrapping my arms around her as the one of the guys gave up. The other one looked a little skeptical, but when Selena lifted up onto her tiptoes to kiss me he gave up and wandered off in search of easier prey.

“Thank god you showed up when you did,” Selena said into my ear. “I kept trying to tell them to get lost but they wouldn’t leave.”

“I was watching you from the dance floor,” I said. When Selena looked at me intently I decided that a little explanation was in order. “I couldn’t find you so I went to get water and then got dragged to the dance floor by a very nice girl named Phoebe. I think she was Australian but I guess it doesn’t really matter since I didn’t get her number before I came to save you.”

“Aww, you gave up a hot girl’s number to save little old me?” Selena giggled, pressing her body against mine. “I could make it up to you if you want.”

“Only if you pay the toll,” I said, slipping, my hand under her arm and turning her towards the door. “And maybe if you weren’t drunk.”

“I’m not drunk,” Selena said as exited the club. When I gave her a disbelieving look she rolled her eyes. “I’m a little tipsy, but I’m not drunk.”

“Either way, you’re sleeping in Tom’s room tonight since he’s out,” I said as I led her to my car.

“Sometimes you’re no fun,” Selena pouted as I opened the car door. “Luckily at other times you’re a whole lot of fun.”

“Puke in my car and there won’t be any fun for a long time,” I warned her as I loaded into the passenger seat.

+ * + * +

“Morning,” I said as Selena stumbled out of Tom’s bedroom rubbing her eyes. She had on a t-shirt that came down far enough to almost cover up the pair of boxers she was wearing underneath.

“Coffee,” Selena grumbled, rubbing her eyes.

“On the counter,” I said, nodding towards the coffee maker. “Cups are in the cupboard above it.”

“Thanks,” Selena said, drawing my eye as she reached over her head to grab a cup.

“So, what does the day hold for you?” I asked as poured herself some coffee.

“I have to be on set in an hour or so,” Selena responded, looking at the clock. “Normally I’d go home and shower and change, but I’d just get rushed into hair and makeup anyway. So mind if I shower here and then call a cab?”

“If you hurry and shower while I get dressed I can drop you off on my way to work,” I said.

“Got anything I can wear?” Selena asked. “I don’t want to wear my dress from last night and I don’t think these boxers are gonna cut it in public.”

“I’m sure I can dig up some shorts with a drawstring or something so they wouldn’t look too big on you,” I said as we headed in separate directions; me to my room and her to the bathroom.

+ * + * +

“Congratulations, you’re famous,” Richie Tozier, my part boss and part mentor, said with a grin, handing me a tablet computer as I edited together a segment for the next show.

Glancing at the screen my mouth turned up into a scowl. On it was a celebrity oriented blog opened to an entry with pictures of Selena leaving my apartment. Right next to them were pictures of us leaving the club the night before.

“So, how’s the footage coming along?” Richie asked me, changing the subject.

“Just about done,” I said, putting aside the tablet and getting back to work.

“Good, now tell me all about this little cutie you’re apparently all hot and heavy with,” Richie said, grinning again as I groaned.

+ * + * +

“I’ve got a Halloween party tonight if you want to come with,” Selena said as she perused the snack options laid out on the table. “It’ll take your mind off the pictures.”

After finishing up my work I’d made a beeline for Selena’s movie set. Then once she’d convinced me that she hadn’t set me up by having photographers waiting outside the club when I picked her up, she’d started trying to cheer me up.

“I was just going to go home and hand out candy to the kids in the building,” I said. “Besides, I don’t have a costume.”

“A costume is easy in this town,” Selena snorted, grabbing a brownie off the table. “If I find you one, will you go? Taylor will be there.”

“Fine, but no vampires,” I said as she unwrapped her brownie. “Unless it’s an old school vampire and not one of those new age angsty Twilight vampires that equate sex with death.”

“No vampires, check,” Selena said. “So, as long as you’re here, want to check out my trailer?”

“One of these days I’m not going to say no and where would you be then?” I said with a chuckle, shaking my head. “With your face buried in a pillow and a cock up your ass, that’s where.”

“Can’t fault a girl for trying, can you?” Selena asked, grinning.

“Only when they’re as tempting as you are,” I sighed.

+ * + * +

“Okay, I came up with a costume for you,” Selena said, barging through the door without knocking.

“Where? I don’t see anything,” I said, looking at her. She didn’t have any kind garment bag in her hand, or anything in her hands for that matter. In fact, the only thing on her I could see was a trench coat that looked to be several sizes too big for her.

“The coat is your costume,” Selena said, unbuttoning the coat.

As she pulled off the coat my eyes just about popped out of my head. Or at least it felt like they did. I almost had to stop myself from reaching up to push them back into their sockets upon seeing what she was wearing underneath the coat.

“How do I look?” Selena asked, turning around and sending my eyes shooting out of their sockets again.

“Belly dancer? Good thing Tom’s not here or you’d have just killed him with that getup,” I said, trying to adjust the growing lump in my pants.

“Apparently I look even better than I though if the tent in your pants is any indication,” Selena said with a smirk.

Her belly dancer costume was basically a bra with sequins and a few sparkly things dangling off it. And then the bottom was a long white beaded skirt that hung down on her hips rather than her waist to expose even more stomach. It had a small segment near the top cut out on the side of her thigh that threatened to show a whole lot more every time she moved.

“So, what am I supposed to do with the coat?” I asked, trying to get my mind on other things if only so I could get some of the blood flowing back above my waist.

“Go put on some shorts and then a shirt,” Selena said, handing me the coat. “Then put the coat over it and tie the sash. It’ll look like you don’t have anything on underneath and you can walk around pretending to flash people.”

“That’s the best you could do?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Give me a break, it was short notice,” Selena said, stamping her foot impatiently and making that little cutout on her skirt flare alarmingly.

“Fine, give me a couple minutes and I’ll be ready to go,” I said, barely managing to tear my eyes off Selena so I could go change.

+ * + * +

“Danny, you made it,” Taylor Swift said, sounding like she actually meant it. Then when she hugged me I remembered that we were supposed to be friends now and that she probably did mean it.

“Selena made me come,” I said. From past experience I knew that Taylor wasn’t particularly happy with me spending time with Selena but I also figured since it was her friend’s house she would’ve found out sooner or later, if she hadn’t already heard.

“So what are you supposed to be?” Taylor asked, looking at my costume.

“Apparently I’m a flasher,” I said, pretending to look shiftily from side to side before pulling open the coat.

“Cute,” Taylor said, giggling at my choice of t-shirts. I’d chosen a Futurama shirt with a picture of Baby Bender sucking on a bottle of beer with a rubber nipple attached to it.

“Your costume isn’t bad either,” I said, looking at the red and white cheerleader uniform she was wearing. “I must say I wasn’t expecting something like this from you.”

“Dianna came as me so I’m her character in Glee,” Taylor explained as a knock sounded on the door followed by a chorus of kids pleading for candy. “Speaking of which, I’m going to pass you off to her while I go hand out candy.”

“Lucky kids,” I muttered at the thought of kids not only getting candy from Taylor Swift, but also getting candy from Taylor while she was dressed as a cheerleader.

“So, you’re the famous Danny?” Dianna Agron, dressed as Taylor from the Love Story video, asked, sidling up next to me. “I hear you’re a busy guy.”

“I am, but since you’re Taylor’s friend I’m guessing you mean something else,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Funny, Taylor talks about you like you just look at a woman and she’s instantly in bed with you,” Dianna said, eying me up and down. “Yet here I am, not in bed with you.”

“Well, that’s because I have my charm level turned down. Right now I’m at like a four. At seven I become nearly irresistible, but at ten things start to get messy. So I try not to turn it up much past eight unless I really need to, like talking my way out of a ticket,” I said, breaking into a grin to let her know I was joking.

“I guess I can kinda see why she likes you,” Dianna said mock seriously, tilting her head slightly to the side as she continued to study me. “So, you work for one of those tabloid tv shows?”

“I don’t know that we’re a tabloid, but we are celebrity oriented, yes,” I responded. “For instance, the other day I did a segment with the cast of the Fun Size movie.”

“So it’s more of a promotional thing?” Dianna asked.

“Yeah. Really, I’d say we’re closer to the interview portions of the talk shows like Letterman or Conan than to the tabloids,” I explained.

“Interesting,” Dianna said, smirking as I suddenly realized that she’d been playing with me.

“You’re almost as evil as Emma, you know that?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“No one is as evil as I am,” a gravelly voice said from behind me.

“See, this is why you’re evil. You come to town and don’t even bother to let me know,” I said, turning around to find Emma Stone dressed as Lucille Ball in a fifties style polka dotted dress and a red wig.

“After our lunch in New York I wasn’t sure you’d want to see me,” Emma said, leaning in and giving me a hug. “But I guess things are much better between you and Taylor nowadays.”

“Don’t be silly, I always want to see you,” I assured her. “And even though I know it’s a wig, it’s so good to see you with red hair again.”

In the months since she’d gone blonde again I’d made my opinion known more than once that I much preferred her with red hair. Don’t get me wrong, she was still gorgeous with blonde hair, but the red hair really made her stand out.

“Keep an eye on him for me,” Dianna said from over my shoulder before moving off to talk to someone else.

“Still making friends everywhere you go, I take it?” Emma asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Always, but I think Dianna’s just being protective of Taylor,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Kinda like someone else I know.”

“Who?” Emma asked, making a show of looking all around. “Speaking of Taylor, where is she?”

“She was here but she went to go push some kids into puberty by passing out candy in her cheerleader costume,” I replied.

“She is looking pretty hot tonight, isn’t she?” Emma asked, scanning the room, presumably for a really tall cheerleader.

“You already know my opinion on the subject,” I sighed. “But if she just wants to be friends, at least that’s better than being radioactive.”

“Hang in there, eventually she’ll come to her senses,” Emma said, smiling.

“So, where’s Ricky?” I asked, figuring if she was Lucy then her boyfriend would be Ricky Ricardo.

“He found a couple guys to talk soccer with,” Emma said, motioning towards a corner of the room. “Which means he’ll be busy for a while.”

“That’s good, it’s always nice…” I said, trailing off as a head of dark hair on the other side of the room caught my attention.

“Yoohoo, earth to Danny,” Emma said, snapping her fingers in my face and bringing me back to the present. “Where’d you go there? One minute you’re talking and then in the middle of a sentence you’re suddenly staring off into space.”

“Sorry, thought I saw someone I recognized,” I said, trying to find the brunette again.

“She must have been really cute,” Emma said, rolling her eyes.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because you don’t space out like that unless a hot girl crosses your path,” Emma pointed out.

“I think it was the girl I met last night but I didn’t get anything more than a name,” I said, beginning to wonder if my mind had played a trick on me.

“Go on, go find her,” Emma sighed, jerking her head in the direction of where I’d been staring. “I have to go talk to Taylor anyway.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“It’s not like I’d get much of your attention anyway,” Emma responded. “Now go make Taylor jealous so she’ll figure out you two belong together.”

Shrugging my shoulders I did as I was told. I headed in the direction I’d thought I’d seen her go but as I worked my way between people I couldn’t find a trace of her. After a while I even started to wonder if I’d just seen a mirage or something.

“My friend wants to meet you,” Dianna said, grabbing my arm and leading away from my search.

“Me? I’m hardly the most interesting person here,” I said, still trying to scan the room for my mystery woman.

“She specifically said she wanted to meet the pervert going around flashing people and you seem to fit both criteria,” Dianna said, giving me a half smirk that I couldn’t quite decipher.

“Well, I guess she knows what she wants,” I said, completely bewildered. I couldn’t tell if she was joking or if telling the truth, or if she was just being a bitch. Either way it wouldn’t do to say anything.

So I shrugged my shoulders and let her lead me. As we got closer I saw a blonde with her back to me and something about her nagged at me but I couldn’t place it, at least not until she turned around.

“Dan, I’d like to introduce you to-” Dianna said before I cut in.

“Teresa,” I finished for Dianna once I recognized the blonde from the club.

“You know each other?” Dianna asked, more than a little surprised.

“Kinda sorta,” I answered.

“We met briefly last night,” Teresa said in a delightful accent that I was finally able to decipher as being Australian now that there was a little less ambient noise to disguise it.

“When you were out on a date with Selena?” Dianna asked.

“It wasn’t a date,” I protested. “I was just picking her up, and why am I explaining this to you?”

“Guilty conscience?” Dianna asked dryly, just enough of a twinkle in her eye to let me know she was teasing.

“Leave the poor guy alone,” an accented voice said from beside me as an arm slipped into mine.

“I knew I saw you earlier,” I said, turning my head to see Phoebe.

“I’ll leave you three alone,” Dianna said, giving me a weird look over how Phoebe was clinging to me before turning and walking off.

“So what brings you two here?” I asked, trying not to think of the way Phoebe’s chest was pressed against my arm.

“You don’t recognize me?” Phoebe asked, letting go of my arm to move next to Teresa.

“Outside of being the cute girl in the club that saved me from dying of thirst while bartenders ignore me last night, am I supposed to?” I asked, searching my brain. When I’d met her last night she’d looked somewhat familiar but I hadn’t been able to place why.

“Probably not. I’m still not well known in the States,” Phoebe said, shrugging her shoulders. “You just looked like you did last night.”

“You do look familiar,” I said, starting to get a little annoyed that nothing was coming to me. Then things started falling into place. The Mediterranean skin tone, the cheekbones, the accent, and the clincher that was the small beauty mark right under her nose. “Wait, shouldn’t you be wearing a tail?”

In college Tom and I had a roommate that loved to watch a certain Australian kids show about mermaids on Nickelodeon. After a while it tended to suck you in no matter how much you tried to resist it, especially the dark haired one, one Phoebe Tonkin.

“I tried to convince her we should be mermaids, but she thought it might be too obvious for her,” Teresa said.

“Well, I like the costumes you did choose as well,” I said, looking them up and down.

Phoebe was dressed as what looked like some slutty Indian squaw in a short dress of beaded faux brown leather with a choker necklace around her neck. Teresa meanwhile had on a short blue dress with her blonde hair pulled up into a bun on top of her head.

“Who are you supposed to be though?” I asked Phoebe.

“We decided on a Disney princess theme, only naughtier,” Phoebe said, grinning. “I’m Poke-a-hot-ass.”

“Indeed you are,” I said, nodding my head. Turning my head to Teresa I looked her up and down and when I got to the clear plastic slippers on her feet I understood. “And I guess that makes you Sin-derella?” I asked, adding extra emphasis to the first syllable.

“He’s a quick one alright,” Teresa said, smiling.

“Wait your turn, I saw him first,” Phoebe said, clutching my arm. “Too bad he has a girlfriend though.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose with my thumb and index finger.

“That’s not what it looked like last night,” Phoebe pointed out.

“What? When she kissed me? That was just for show to get rid of the guys hitting on her,” I protested.

“Uh huh,” both of them said in unison, more than a little sarcasm dripping off their words.

“Can I confess something?” Phoebe asked. When I nodded she leaned in closer. “I knew you’d be here. I recognized your girl, I mean friend, last night and figured she might drag you to Dianna’s party.”

“And it took you this long to talk to me?” I asked.

“She’s shyer than she looks,” Teresa put in.

“Somehow I doubt that,” I said, remembering how she’d grabbed me and pulled me along through the club within seconds of talking to me.

“I was talking to your girlfriend about you,” Phoebe answered, ignoring Teresa. At this point, I didn’t even bother to correct her because I knew she’d just ignore me. “She’s really gorgeous, you know.”

“Yeah, so they say,” I said, laughing at her understatement.

“She also has quite the crush on you even if you say she’s not your girlfriend,” Phoebe said.

“I’m just convenient,” I said, refusing to believe I was anything more than that to Selena.

“Teresa, isn’t that Jake over there? Don’t you need to talk to him?” Phoebe asked, jerking her head to the side.

“Who’s Jake?” Teresa asked before she caught on. “Oh yeah, Jake. Really need to talk to him.”

“Maybe you two should work on your code for when you want to be left alone with someone,” I said, laughing as Teresa hurried to be anywhere else.

“You probably think I’m being very forward,” Phoebe said, looking down and nervously playing with her fingernails and reminding of Teresa’s words that she was shyer than she looked.

Taking the chance I leaned in and kissed her. I figured the worst that could happen was that I was misreading her and I’d blow my chance. But I was pretty sure if she was so openly expressing her interest then she was open to it and be able to get her number and possibly a date.

As I had hoped Phoebe pressed her body against me and returned the kiss. When her lips parted slightly I took the opportunity to slide the tip of my tongue into the small gap. Taking the hint she opened her mouth the rest of way.

After a moment we broke the kiss, both of us panting slightly to catch our breath. Looking in Phoebe’s eyes I could see a look of smoldering intensity that I’m sure was matched by my own.

“Lets go,” Phoebe said, grabbing my hand.

I wasn’t sure where exactly she wanted to go, but I wasn’t about to argue. Rather than lead me to the front door though she pulled me deeper into the house. Finding an open door she pulled me into it. By the time I found a switch and turned on the light to find we were in a bathroom Phoebe had shut the door behind us.

“Kiss me,” Phoebe said, leaning against the back of the door.

Grabbing her I pulled her to me. Our mouths mashed together and our tongues met somewhere in the middle in a fit of hunger. Pressing her back against the door I let my hands wander down her back to grab hold of her ass.

As I squeezed her butt cheeks Phoebe’s hands slid between us and went for the sash of my coat. Sliding my hands down to her thighs I started to push her dress upwards until it was bunched up around her waist. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of her thong I tugged and slowly peeled it down over her ass before letting it drop to around her ankles.

Hanging onto my shoulders Phoebe stepped out of her thong and wrapped her legs around my waist in one motion. Pressing her body against the door to support her weight for a moment I reached down and pushed my shorts and boxers down over my hips.

With my cock now free and nestled between her legs I grabbed her thighs and lifted her up. Using my fingers to guide my prick I poked around until I felt her opening and then slowly let her drop down onto me.

When I had most of my cock inside her I started to reverse course. Bowing my back I withdrew until I was almost all the way out before straightening up and driving back into her to the hilt.

“Uhhh,” Phoebe moaned, her breath hot against my neck as she nuzzled her cheek against my shoulder.

Realizing that we were essentially in public, I didn’t want to take too long. Sure there wasn’t much chance of anyone busting in on us with the door effectively blocked but that didn’t mean someone wouldn’t come to use the bathroom and hear loud rutting noises on the other side and get curious.

So instead of taking my time I immediately went into overdrive. Putting my elbows against the door with my hands up around her shoulders I set a brisk early pace as I fucked her. Half of my cock pistoned relentlessly in and out of her, her body working to meet every thrust like a well-oiled machine rather than the nearly strangers we actually were.

“Oh fuck me, Dan,” Phoebe grunted, her pussy starting to rhythmically squeeze my cock with each lunge I made into her.

“About to come already?” I asked her, surprised as I sensed that she was getting close.

“Uhh, yeah,” Phoebe responded, small tremors rippling through her lower body.

As surprised as I was I was actually kind of glad because I was really starting to feel it in my legs from supporting her. I was still quite a ways away from coming and I knew that if I could get her off then it would give me an excuse to take a break and possibly move somewhere with a little more support.

Her dress had one strap over her left shoulder so as I redoubled my efforts I pulled the strap off her shoulder. With it down I tugged the rest of her dress down with one hand until her breasts popped free.

Burying myself into her over and over I used my right hand to cup her newly free breast in my hand. I pinched the nipple between my fingers in hopes that it would be just enough extra stimulation to push her over the edge.

“I’m, ohhh, fuck, I’m coming,” Phoebe hissed, hanging on for dear life as her body start to tremble.

As her cunt clamped down on me I slowed down my thrusts but didn’t stop. To keep from screaming, especially with my ear so close, Phoebe lightly bit down on my shoulder as every muscle in her body seemed to spasm at once.

When the shaking started to lessen her pussy let go of my cock and her muscles relaxed. Taking the chance to rest a bit I shoved my prick into to the hilt and then moved my hands down to her thighs. Lifting her up I shifted her over to the sink and gently set her down on the edge of the stone counter top.

“Shit that’s cold,” Phoebe grunted, her back arching as she tried to limit the amount of skin in contact with the cool surface until it warmed up a bit.

“I could always pull out and you can bend over the counter,” I offered.

For my part, I was kinda torn on which I preferred. On the one hand, this way I got to look at her beautiful face as I fucked her. But if she turned around and bent over then I stare at her shapely backside while I took her from behind.

“Don’t pull out,” Phoebe said, digging the heels of her feet into my butt cheeks as a sign that she was ready to go again.

Grabbing hold of her hips I pulled out almost all the way before shoving my way back in. After the bit of rest and without having to hold her up I had some of the strength back in my legs and it showed. The thrust had more power behind it than the ones I’d been giving her before.

“Oh god,” Phoebe moaned as I set a slightly slower tempo this time but with longer strokes.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last,” I said, feeling my orgasm starting to creep up on me. I wasn’t in immediate danger, but I didn’t think I’d be able to hold out long enough to get her off a second time. “Want me to slow down?”

“No, keep going,” Phoebe answered, using her feet against my ass to help pull me into her. “I want to feel you come inside me.

With her permission I started fucking her as hard as I could. It was glorified masturbation with little concern for Phoebe’s needs, though her moans and groans seemed to indicate that she wasn’t having a terrible time either.

Feeling the come start to rise in my balls I gave Phoebe a couple final thrusts before I buried myself to the root inside her. Arching my back my eyes narrowed to slits as the first spurt of semen erupted out of me. A low grunt issued from my throat as I emptied my balls into the furnace of her pussy one jet at a time.

“Oh fuck,” Phoebe moaned , a small orgasm igniting inside her as she felt the hot jizz basting her insides.

“Is it too early, or maybe too late, to ask you for a date?” I asked, leaning my thighs against the counter as we clung to each other while we caught our breath.

“Give me your mobile,” Phoebe said, holding out her hand.

Straightening up I reached into the pocket of the coat I pulled out my phone. I handed it to her and watched as she called her own phone. Then when she had my number in her phone she called me so I had it. Then for good measure she held my phone at arms length away from her so she could take a picture of herself with it.

“There, now you can ring me tomorrow and we talk more about that date,” Phoebe said, smiling contentedly at me.

“First thing too early, or should I wait a couple hours?” I asked, slipping my phone back into the coat pocket.

“Whenever you want,” Phoebe said, sliding off the counter as I stepped back. “I swear don’t usually do this kind of thing. I just saw you last night and knew I had to meet you. Then you left with your friend and I couldn’t get you out of my head all day so when I knew you’d be here I made Teresa come with me. And now you must think me mad.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve been kicking myself all day that I didn’t get your number last night,” I said as we straightened out our costumes. “And when I saw you earlier I went looking hoping I wasn’t just imagining it or something.”

“Really?” Phoebe asked, looking surprised. As if I was the super hot television star and she was the one surprised to be allowed even in the same vicinity or something.

“Go ask Selena, all I could talk about on the ride home was how I should’ve gotten more than just your name before we left,” I said.

“Then make sure to ring tomorrow or I’ll be crushed,” Phoebe said, kissing me on the cheek.

“Of course, and tell Number Six I said goodbye.” I said as Phoebe opened the bathroom door.

Shortly after figuring out who Phoebe was, Teresa’s last name had clicked for me. I’d watched I Am Number Four for Dianna Agron, which is what ultimately had connected the dots since Dianna had dragged me over to introduce me to her.

“So you know her as well,” Phoebe said, smiling at me before closing the door behind her and leaving me standing there.

With a spring in my step I headed back to the party, but even though I was in a really good mood I wasn’t really feeling like partying much. I was a little worn out from the encounter with Phoebe, but mostly I just wanted to find Selena and see if she needed a ride before heading home to see if anything needed to be cleaned off our door from mischievous kids.

So I went in search of Selena and found her not-so-subtly trying to pick up on Teresa. I spent several moments wondering if I should stick around long enough to see if Selena succeeded, but eventually decided to cut in just long enough to let her know I was leaving. I figured since I’d given her a ride to the party she could use the excuse to get one from Teresa if she wanted to.

After saying goodbye to Selena I bumped into Emma and gave her a hug before telling her to make sure to call so we could hang out while she was in town. Then I made sure to find Taylor so she wouldn’t get mad about me leaving without saying goodbye since we were supposed to be trying to be friends and all. And since she had been standing with Dianna at the time I said goodbye to Dianna as well.

+ * + * +

I’d been home a half hour, maybe longer when there was a knock on the door. Looking at the clock I figured it was a little late for kids but I grabbed a handful of candy and headed for the door anyway. When I opened it I got a little surprise.

“Are you okay?” I asked, seeing Emma on the other side with red puffy eyes like she’d been crying. Reaching out for her I pulled her into a warm hug.

“I’m fine,” Emma said even though she didn’t look or sound fine as I led her into the apartment. She still had her Lucy costume on so something had obviously happened after I’d left the party and before she could get home.

“Can I get you something? Water? Something stronger?” I offered as she sat down on the couch.

“Got any tequila?” Emma asked, offering a wan smile to show that it was a joke.

“Seriously, what’s wrong,” I said, sitting next to her.

“Andrew and I had a big fight,” Emma said, wiping her eyes with her fingers.

“What? What happened?” I asked. I didn’t know her boyfriend all that well, but the couple times we’d talked he’d seemed like a really great guy and I must admit I’d been rooting for them

“It’s the same fight we’ve had a few times in the last couple months,” Emma sighed. “He’s just enough older than I am that he’s starting to think about things like marriage and kids and I’m just not ready for that yet. I want all that at some point, but I’m not even twenty-four yet. We’re living together and that’s enough for me for right now but I don’t know if it’s enough for him any more.”

“Come here,” I said, putting my around her shoulder and giving her a little squeeze. “I’m sure everything will work out in the end. He loves you and I’m sure he’ll wait until you’re ready for the next level of your relationship.”

“I know,” Emma said, resting her head on my shoulder. “Sorry for bursting in and laying this all on you like this. Normally I would’ve gone to Taylor but she’s got enough issues with relationships without adding on.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her sincerely as I held her. “I’m here whenever you need me.”

Tilting her head look at me our eyes locked and before I knew it I was leaning in closer. Even when I did realize what I was doing I couldn’t seem to stop myself. It was like slow motion as our faces inched closer together. When our lips finally touched it was like a jolt of electricity passing through me.

And as slow as we’d seemed to move before the kiss it turned into a blur afterward as all thought went out the window. As if on some sort of non-verbal cue both of us simultaneously start grabbing at clothes and blindly working buttons and zippers as we lost ourselves in the moment.

With the zipper on the back of Emma’s dress unzipped I grabbed the sleeves and pulled them down her arms rather than try to lift it over her head and have to break the kiss. When her dress was bunched up around her waist my hands went around her back to grasp the strap of her bra.

Deftly unhooking her bra I grabbed the now loose ends of the strap and pulled them with me as I moved my hands towards her sides. As the straps slid down her arms and the cups fell away from her breasts I broke the kiss to pull the bra the rest of the way off.

With the kiss broken Emma too the opportunity to grab my shirt and pull it up over my head before going for my shorts. Lifting up on my knees so she could tug my shorts down I pulled her back in for another kiss.

Pushing Emma down onto her back I brought my mouth down to her chest as my hands went to help her pull my shorts and boxers down to my ankles. Sliding one leg out of my shorts I kicked the other one out behind me and managed to shake them off my ankle without dislodging the nipple from my mouth.

With me now naked I went for Emma’s dress. When she lifted her butt off the couch I slipped it down over her hips and worked it down her legs. Finally letting go of the boob in my mouth I pulled the dress off over her feet, leaving her in a pair of socks and a navy blue pair of panties.

Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her panties I started to pull them down. I half expected her to try to cover up a little as I slid her underwear down her legs but she just lifted her legs to pull her feet out of her panties.

After pulling off her socks while I was down there I took a moment to look at her in all her glory. I’d seen Emma naked when Selena had seduced her after the Spider-Man premiere, but this was the first time I’d really gotten to look and enjoy it with my full attention.

Reaching out she grabbed my arms and pulled back on top of her. Grabbing the back of my head she pulled me into a kiss as her other hand slid between us in search of my cock. As her fingers closed around the shaft I groaned and instinctively thrust my hips slightly, fucking her hand.

Putting my weight on one elbow I brought the other one to Emma’s chest. Cupping my hand around her breast I pinched the nipple between my fingers as she guided the head of my cock towards her pussy.

Like a heat seeking missile the moment my prick felt the moist warmth emanating out of her snatch I pushed forward, burrowing my way into her center. Emma moaned into my mouth as I worked my way into her tight cunt.

Putting both elbows on the couch I pressed my body against hers as I started to fuck her with about half my cock. It was the last half though, driving the whole thing deep inside her with thrust before pulling halfway out for the next one.

“Fuck me,” Emma moaned, lifting her hips to meet my thrusts.

Picking up speed I did just what she wanted. Where Phoebe and I had been like a well-oiled machine moving in unison Emma and I were little more than hungry bodies banging together in search of release as months of flirting and carefully controlled lust burst forth.

“Uhhh, yeah,” Emma grunted, a thin layer of sweat developing on her face as she met each of my thrusts with as much zeal as I was giving her.

“You want me to fuck you harder?” I asked her, putting my hands on the couch and pushing myself up.

“Yeah, harder,” Emma grunted, nodding her head.

“Like this?” I asked, slamming my cock into her with enough force to shake the couch with each thrust.

“Yeah, uhhh, like that,” Emma hissed, her hands going to her breasts to tweak her nipples.

“You want to come all over my cock, don’t you?” I asked, reading the desperation in her voice.

“So bad,” Emma agreed. “Make me come with your fat cock.”

As I continued to pound into her with everything I had I realized that I wasn’t nearly as far away from my own orgasm than I would’ve thought either. Despite fucking Phoebe at the party I was already getting dangerously close to popping. Easy answer was that the mental aspect of finally fucking Emma was getting to me, but she was also really tight and we were really going at it.

“Almost,” Emma moaned, her body starting to quiver as if getting ready to blow.

“Me too,” I warned, reaching down to grab her ass and lift it off the bed to give me a little more leverage. “Where do you want me to come?”

“Anywhere, just not in meeeeeeeeeeee,” Emma responded, her back arching as her orgasm hit her full force like a ton of bricks.

As she clamped down on my cock I gritted my teeth in hopes of riding it out. But even as I slowed down I knew it was a lost cause. Best I could hope for was a few extra seconds but I knew I’d have to pull out soon.

My first thought was to pull out and splatter her taut tummy with my seed but then my eyes drifted up her body and my brain thought about covering the milky white flesh of her tits. My eyes continued wandering though and the moment they saw her freckled face frozen in a silent “O” from her climax I knew my answer.

Giving her one last thrust to prolong her pleasure I pulled out. Grabbing my cock I straddled her as I walked on my knees up the couch. Hovering over my chest I gave my cock a couple final tugs to push myself over the edge.

Aiming for her face the first spurt hit her cheek and sent a rope along her cheekbone almost to her ear. The second jet hit her just above the chin and splattered all around her mouth. By the third one I’d pushed my cock into her open mouth to finish draining my balls.

“Need a tissue?” I asked, still straddling her chest as she wiped up my semen with her fingers.

“That would be great,” Emma said, smiling as she nevertheless licked her fingers.

Getting up I padded over to the kitchen to grab the box of tissues we kept on the kitchen counter. Handing her the box she pulled out a couple tissues and used them to wipe up what she couldn’t get with her fingers.

“Where’s Tom?” Emma asked, as if just now gaining enough presence of mind to realize we’d just fucked in the middle of the living room.

“I think he’s with his new girlfriend,” I said, sitting down on the couch next to her as she propped herself up on her elbows.

“His girlfriend?” Emma asked, surprised.

“Yeah, apparently she works with him and she’s managed to keep his attention for more than a couple weeks, so she must really be something,” I said, laying down on the couch next to her.

“You haven’t met her?” Emma asked, rolling onto her side and cuddling up next to me.

“I think he said something about bringing her around this weekend,” I answered, my hand stroking her back.

“Selena will be heart broken that she’s been replaced in his heart,” Emma laughed.

“You know, that was a lot of fun, but we probably shouldn’t do it again,” I said after a moment.

“Definitely, no matter how great it was just a one time thing,” Emma said even though she sounded about as convinced about it as I did.

“Totally one night only,” I said, feeling a stirring in my loins at the closeness of her.

“I should probably go before you start getting ideas,” Emma said, looking down at my rapidly inflating cock.

“I think it’s too late for that,” I said, pulling her over on top of me.

“Then maybe I should go before I start getting ideas,” Emma said, her chest pressed against mine as she straddled my stomach.

“What kind of ideas would those be? And would I approve of them?” I asked with a smirk as I traced my fingers of one hand from her hips down over the curve of her ass.

“Oh, you’d definitely approve,” Emma said.

“If it involves my tongue and your pussy, then I think we might just have to explore those thoughts a bit,” I said, reaching a hand over the top of her ass so I could slip it between her legs and rub her slit.

“Actually, I was thinking that I wanted to suck your cock, but I like your idea better,” Emma said, squirming and lifting her ass to give my fingers a better target.

“You know, we could do both,” I suggested, slipping a finger into her dripping snatch.

“If only there was a way we could do both at the same time,” Emma said, raising one eyebrow as she started to lift off me so she could spin around.

As she turned around and threw a leg over me to straddle my chest I reached out and grabbed her thighs. She was looking down as she moved backwards but I still felt the need to help guide her, if for no other reason than to stay in physical contact with her flesh.

When her pussy was hovering just above my face I tapped on her thighs as a signal to go ahead and bring the goods right on down. As she lowered herself she bent forward and grasped my cock. She gave it a couple strokes before parting her lips to take the head into her mouth.

While Emma was busy working my cock into her mouth I slid my hands up to her ass. Pulling her the rest of the way down I lifted my head and took a swipe at her clit with my tongue. The reaction was almost immediate as Emma moaned around my cock.

Flicking my tongue at her clit I slid a hand down to drag a finger through the folds of her pussy. Pressing the tip of my middle against her hole I eased it into her snatch and began to slowly fuck her with it.

“Ohhhh,” Emma moaned, pushing back against my finger.

Wrapping my lips around her clit I sucked on it. With her little joy buzzer still in my mouth I tapped on it with my tongue. As I eased a second finger into Emma’s cunt, her concentration on my cock in her mouth started to lapse.

With my middle and index fingers sliding in and out of Emma’s pussy my ring finger rested in the crack of her ass. As I increased the speed of my finger fucking it rubbed against her asshole without realizing it until she gasped and started to squirm.

Deciding to test the waters a little I slipped my fingers out of her pussy. Adjusting them up a couple inches I rubbed them against her anus, paying close attention to her reaction. When she moaned I gently pushed against the center with my well-lubricated digit half expecting her to pull away. Instead of actually seemed to push back against my finger until her anus started to give way.

Not wanting to go too far too soon I eased off and went back to circling around her starfish with my finger. After a couple laps around it I pushed again, this time letting the tip of my finger penetrate her tight asshole.

“Uhhh,” Emma grunted, the head of my cock still in her mouth though she wasn’t doing much with it at the moment as my mouth on her clit and the finger barely inserted in her ass took up her attention.

Easing more of my finger into her asshole I got to the first knuckle before stopping. When she pushed against me I started to slowly fuck her ass with the finger, working up to the second knuckle in and out of her sphincter.

“Fuck me,” Emma hissed, her body shaking as an orgasm ripped through her.

Shifting my mouth from her clit to her hole I lapped up as much of the juices that flooded out of her as I could. And as her asshole clamped down on my finger I left it buried up to the second knuckle to ride out the storm.

When her orgasm finally passed Emma went limp on top of me. Since I was underneath her and I didn’t want to just toss her off me, I decided I might as well keep busy. So after extracting my finger from her ass I stuck out my tongue and swirled it around her clit.

“Mmm,” Emma moaned, starting to stir a little.

Dragging my tongue upwards I pulled her butt cheeks apart and finished with a little flick of my tongue against her anus. Emma’s head shot up and she let out a low moan at the touch so I gave her another. When she moaned again ran my tongue around the rim of her asshole.

“Oh god, lick my ass,” Emma moaned, her hand stroking my cock.

“Did Taylor ever tell you she let me fuck her in the ass?” I asked her, rubbing my thumb over her asshole. “She came like a freight train as I blew my load inside her ass.”

“Ohhhh,” Emma moaned, obviously picturing my cock stuffed up Taylor’s tight little butt.

While the image was fresh in her head I pressed my thumb against her asshole in the closest approximation of my cock I had on hand. As I worked my thumb into her ass up to the first joint I let my tongue go back to work on her clit.

“Fuck me,” Emma whined, pushing back against me. “Pussy, ass, anything, just fuck me.”

I was torn. I really, really wanted to fuck her ass and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get another chance any time soon, if ever. But the lube was in my room and I knew that if we went to my room it would give her some time to cool down and think about it and possibly chicken out.

Emma was already moving off me so deciding I’d rather take the risk of her changing her mind and have the lube around just in case, I sat up. When Emma was facing me I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her as I stood up from the couch.

With Emma giggling and wrapping her legs around my waist at my maneuver I peered over her shoulder to make sure the route was clear. I’d walked it hundreds of times before and was pretty sure I could walk it with my eyes closed but if I was giving a shot at her ass then the last thing I wanted to do was trip and lose even the chance to fuck her pussy again.

Pushing open my bedroom door I carried her to the bed. Setting her down carefully on the edge she leaned back and pulled me on top of her as I leaned in to kiss her.

“I think he needs some attention,” Emma whispered into my ear as she felt my cock bump against  thigh.

“Where did we land on this whole ‘pussy, ass, anything, just fuck me’ thing?” I asked, shifting my hips until I felt my cock poised at the opening of her pussy.

“Whatever you want,” Emma said, the nervousness audible in her voice.

“Are you sure?” I asked, keeping my eyes on her as I blindly reached out to open the drawer of my nightstand.

“No, but your tongue felt really good back there,” Emma answered, her eyes showing some excitement. “And your fingers felt really weird, but in a good way.”

“Then I guess we’ll need lube,” I said, lifting up just enough to be able to look into the drawer and find the bottle of lube. “It’s cherry vanilla flavor.”

“Mmm, sounds kinda tasty,” Emma said as I slid down her body.

Squeezing a bit of lube onto my fingertips I rubbed them together a bit to warm up the cold gel before pressing my finger against her anus. After rubbing a little around the rim of her asshole I gently pushed my finger inside, twisting and moving my finger around as I went to help loosen her up.

“Ready?” I asked, when I was sure she was good and greased up.

“I think so,” Emma said, lifting her head to look at where I was lining my cock up with her asshole.

“Remember to relax or it’ll hurt,” I said, pressing the tip of my cock against her anus.

When she nodded I pushed forward, gently but firmly. At first she resisted and her face wrinkled up into a grimace but soon enough I felt her start to relax and open up. Finally her eyes went wide as saucers as her sphincter opened enough for my cock to slide in just past the crown.

“Oh shit,” Emma gasped, her ass clenching up at the sudden stretching.

“Relax,” I reminded her, moving my hands to stroke Emma’s sides to calm her down.

After a few moments of waiting and caressing she started to loosen up slightly around me. As Emma took a deep breath I slowly pushed forward another inch. When she winced I immediately stopped to give her a little more time.

“Play with your clit,” I told her as her asshole clamped down on me.

Reaching down Emma touched her clit with her middle finger. As she circled the little nub with her finger she moaned and I felt her body start to relax. In no time she pushed against me and I took the chance to ease a little more into her.

“Does it hurt?” I asked her, giving her small strokes to get used to the movement.

“A little, but mostly it was just that initial penetration,” Emma answered, lifting her hips to accept my thrusts as I started to stretch out my thrusts as more of my cock made its way into her ass. “It actually feels more weird than anything, and really naughty.”

“Focus on the naughtiness,” I said, hoping it would continue to take her mind off any discomfort. “Think about how naughty it is to be getting fucked in the ass and loving it.”

“Oooh,” Emma moaned as her finger started to move faster on her clit.

“Feeling better, or should I take it out?” I asked as I finally got the last of my cock into her tight ass.

“Noooo,” Emma grunted, her free hand going to her chest to pinch a nipple between her fingers.

“Want me to fuck your ass?” I asked, slowly pulling out.

“Yeah, fuck my ass,” Emma said, clearly starting to enjoy the experience.

Taking an agonizingly slow pace to start with I slid almost all of my cock out of her before pushing back in only slightly faster. Every couple thrusts though I added a little extra power to my thrusts into her ass.

“Harder,” Emma grunted, hooking her legs around my waist and using them to pull me into her.

Giving her what she wanted I grabbed her hips and added a little more power to my thrusts. I still wasn’t moving particularly fast inside her ass but it seemed to satisfy her for a moment as she closed her eyes and moaned.

“You like having your ass fucked, don’t you?” I asked, shortening my strokes and picking up speed.

“Uhh, yeah,” Emma responded, moving her finger from clit to dip into her pussy.

“Put two fingers in your pussy,” I said, wanting to see how much she could take.

“Ohhh, so tight,” Emma moaned, her eyes going wide as she added a second finger to the one already making squishy sounds in her dripping snatch.

And tight was right. Her ass had already been squeezing me delightfully but when she added the second finger it got even tighter. It was so tight that even after everything that day, it was already starting to take its toll on me. Of course, the fact I was watching Emma’s adorable face contort in pleasure from having my cock shoved up her ass didn’t help my staying power either.

“Oh god,” Emma moaned as I slammed my cock into her ass over and over.

“You want to come, don’t you?” I asked her as she arched her back.

“Yeahhh,” Emma whined, bringing her other hand down to rub her clit while she fucked her pussy with two fingers.

“Then come while being ass fucked,” I demanded. “Feel my cock in your asshole while you’re coming.”

“OHHHH,” Emma moaned, closing her eyes and trying to focus on getting just that little bit extra that would push her over the edge.

“I’m almost there as well,” I said, hoping she’d get there before I did. “Want me to come in your mouth again?”

“Yeah, let me taste youuuuu,” Emma hissed as her orgasm finally struck.

As her ass clamped down I tried to work through it but it was just too tight to continue to move. So I stopped but the seizures of pleasure shooting through her caused her to move just enough to push me to the brink anyway.

Yanking my cock from the death grip of her ass I moved onto the bed on my knees. Crawling up the bed with my cock in my hand I stopped next to her head. As she turned her head and opened her mouth I stroked my cock.

Aiming at her open mouth I let loose. The first jet squirted out and hit her upper lip with the second one following right on its heels and hitting her on the roof of the mouth. As her orgasm wound down she lifted her head and took the head into her mouth and sucked the rest out of me.

Sucking more of my cock into her mouth Emma suddenly stopped and her eyes went wide as if realizing where my cock had just been. But then I caught a little twinkle in her eye as she gave my cock another tentative suck.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked as she went back to cleaning my cock of all remaining lube and ass juices.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned, finally letting my spent cock slip from her mouth when she was sure she’d gotten all of it.

“I’d suggest we do it again some time, but we both know that can’t happen,” I said, completely meaning it this time.

“Mind if I hop in the shower and then go stay with Taylor for the night?” Emma asked as she sat up, pretty much reading my mind. We both knew that if she stayed here we’d wind up fucking at least once more at some point and we’d already done enough to be guilty about without adding to it.

“Towels are under the sink,” I said, taking one more lingering look at her naked body before grabbing my robe for her to put on.

“Thanks,” Emma said, pulling the robe tight and heading for the bathroom.

Sighing I let the events of the night run through my head. I knew I’d feel guilty as shit in the morning but for the moment I was still drunk on sex and tired from said evening’s events to worry too much about that.

So I gathered up Emma’s dress and wig and set them on the counter in the kitchen. Then I dug through the pile of clothes that girls had left in Tom’s room over the years until I found a shirt and some sweats that looked like they’d fit Emma and snuck into the bathroom to leave them next to the sink for her find after her shower.

With that done I set about cleaning up best I could. The couch was a mess but I flipped the cushions over. There were sex stains on the other side of the cushions as well from one of Tom’s escapades no doubt, but at least those were dry. Then I cracked a window so the room could air out a bit overnight.

By the time I had things straightened up enough for me to be halfway satisfied with I heard the water shut off in the bathroom. A couple minutes later Emma came out wearing the clothes I’d left her and looking downright breathtaking for having wet hair and no makeup on, perhaps even a little because she looked so natural.

“Call me later and we’ll have lunch or something,” I said as I followed Emma to the door.

“At the very least we can grab a cup of coffee and talk while I’m in town,” Emma said, giving me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek as I held the door open for her.

“Sounds like a plan,” I said as she walked out the door.

After I’d closed the door behind her I yawned and realized I should’ve been in bed quite a while ago. So I locked the door and headed for my room. Only pausing long enough to make sure the alarm was set I pulled the covers over me and it was lights out almost immediately.

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