Adventures In Television #8 – Kinda I Want To

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Adventures In Television #8 – Kinda I Want To

By voodoojoe

“Hey there, cutie,” Elisha Cuthbert said, leaning against the table I was working at.

“Uh, hi?” I said, unsure what to say.

Normally I’d be thrilled a smoking hot blonde was apparently flirting with me but seeing as how she was the longtime girlfriend of Richie Tozier, my part boss-part mentor, it wasn’t something I was particularly comfortable with. Besides, while she’d always been nice, she’d never really shown much interest in me so I was naturally a little skeptical.

“Whatcha doin’ later” Elisha asked, leaning forward just enough to show me a healthy amount of cleavage.

“I don’t know, working? Continuing to avoid any movie with the word ‘Twilight’ in the title?” I replied, trying desperately not to look down her shirt. “Maybe hit the gym to get in a workout.”

“Damn, Richie was right,” Elisha said, laughing. When I look confused she laughed even harder. “Richie said you wouldn’t flirt back and man is it bad for a girl’s ego when a guy barely pays her any attention like that.”

“So you were just trying to play a joke on me?” I asked, faking as angry a face as I could muster.

“Can I make it up to you with hockey tickets?” Elisha asked, fishing tickets out of her purse. “I’m taking Richie to Hawaii for New Year’s and he said I should see if you wanted our Kings tickets while we’re gone. Maybe take Selena Gomez with you”

“I would’ve settled for bikini pictures, but sure, I’ll take your tickets,” I said, grinning.

“Ah, there we go,” Elisha said, smiling as she handed over the tickets. “Now my ego feels much better.”

“Did you ask him?” Richie asked as he neared.

“He totally asked me to get a hotel room and spend the weekend having kinky sex,” Elisha said.

“He completely shut you down, didn’t he?” Richie chuckled.

“Couldn’t even get him to look down my shirt,” Elisha sighed. “So I had to promise him bikini pics while we’re in Hawaii.”

“I’ll bring my camera,” Richie said, turning and nodding his head at me. “Dan, you’re with me.”

“Have fun at the game,” Elisha said, smiling as I got up and followed after Richie.

“What are we doing today?” I asked as he motioned for a couple other staffers to join us.

“Today is our annual holiday shopping episode,” Richie answered, pulling a manilla folder out from under his arm. “Each of you will grab a camera and follow around a celebrity for a few hours as they do some shopping for gifts for friends and family. Jenkins, here, you get Willa Holland.” Opening the folder he pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it off. “Dan, I was going to give you the incredibly awesome Emmy Rossum, but Linda gave you Dianna Agron instead. So Strickler gets to spend the afternoon in complete awe of her, trust me, I’ve been there.”

“Who did you get?” I asked as Jenkins and Strickler peeled off to go do their segments.

“I gave myself Jessica Chastain,” Richie said, grinning. “I just hope Elisha is still talking to me after I spend the day flirting with a hot redhead.”

“Want to trade?” I asked. After talking to Dianna on Halloween I wasn’t sure if she liked me or not and if she didn’t then it could get ugly without any kind of chemistry there.

“No can do,” Richie said. “Like I said, I was going to give you Emmy but Linda overruled me and she’s the boss. So go spend the afternoon with a gorgeous woman with great cheekbones and think about how few other jobs would pay you for that kind of work.”

+ * + * +

“What are you doing for lunch?” I asked Emma Stone as I held the phone to my ear while I walked to my car.

“Spending it with Andrew,” Emma said. “Why, did you want to come too?”

“No, have fun with your boyfriend. I just have to go follow Dianna around for a couple hours and since she doesn’t like me I was hoping to maybe offset it by spending a little time talking to someone that does like me,” I explained.

“What are you talking about? Dianna thought you were great,” Emma said. “I just had dinner with her and Taylor a couple days ago and when the topic came around to you she kept saying how she totally gets what Taylor sees in you.”

“Are you sure we’re talking about the same Dianna? Because the one I met at Halloween seemed a little standoffish like she didn’t like me,” I said, baffled by Emma’s comments.

“That’s just Dianna. She can be a little odd in her sense of humor but once you get used to it she’s one of the nicest people out there,” Emma said.

“If you say so,” I said, still unconvinced.

“So, should I change the reservations to three for lunch?” Emma asked.

“No, tell Andrew I said hey. I think I’ll grab something and then go meet Dianna and see if you’re right about her liking me,” I answered.

“Just turn on those dimples of yours and if I’m right she’ll be putty in your hands. If I’m wrong then good luck with your thing,” Emma said, laughing.

“Not helping,” I groaned, trying not to laugh at her mischievous sense of humor. It was just like her to set me to get crushed under Dianna’s heel if she wasn’t interested.

As hard as it was to believe, Selena had been completely correct when she’d predicted that things would get weird between Emma and I until we finally had sex. And since Halloween we’d gone back to our usual casual flirting without much of the sexual tension that had enveloped us since the Spider-Man premiere.

I personally chalked it up to both of us knowing that nothing could come of it. We were both pretty hung up on other people, Emma with her boyfriend and me with Taylor, so with the sex out of our systems we’d somehow managed to skip most of the awkwardness that tends to come from people trying to be friends after they’d seen each other naked.

“Whoever told you I liked to help needs to have their pants checked for fire damage,” Emma said, the evil twinkle in her eye audible even over the phone.

“I have to go but I’ll call you later,” I said, opening my car door.

“Just remember, if you don’t give me every detail, I’ll just get them from Dianna,” Emma said, acting as if she expected something to happen. But knowing Emma it could as easily be her expecting massive failure or even just to hear me say that she’d been completely right and I had gotten along with Dianna.

“Name, rank, and serial number, that’s all you’re getting,” I joked. “Now go have lunch with Spider-Man before I decide to take you up on your offer of being a third wheel.”

+ * + * +

“Ooh, look at this,” Dianna said, holding up a necklace as she browsed through some jewelry. “Isn’t this cute?”

To my surprise when I’d shown up Dianna had grabbed my arm and whisked me away to look at jewelry while chattering on about this and that. To every outward appearance it looked like we might be friends, which baffled the hell out of me. Maybe Emma was right and I’d completely misread everything from Dianna on Halloween because the difference was night and day.

“I have to get this for my mom,” Dianna said, handing the necklace to the woman on the other side of the counter. “Time for the next store.”

“Yay?” I said semi-sarcastically.

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” Dianna said, sounding so upbeat that she almost had me believing it.

“If you say so,” I said, letting her grab my arm and pull me to the clothing store next door.

+ * + * +

“What about this one, doesn’t it just scream Taylor?” Dianna asked, holding up a cute little flowery dress that did seem like it would fit right into Taylor’s wardrobe.

“It does, but I’d actually go for that one over there,” I said, pointing to one a couple hangers down on the same rack.

“Wow, you’re right, that’s perfect,” Dianna picking it up. “It’s even her size. You should get this for her.”

“Not at these prices,” I said, knowing that the price tags would seem more appropriate on flat screen televisions.

“Too bad because she’d love it,” Dianna said, putting the dress back on the rack before moving on to another one. “Look at these shorts. I have to try them on.”

“Shopping for yourself now?” I asked with a grin. Though looking at the pair of tiny denim shorts I had to admit I kinda wanted to see her try them on.

“I was going to try them on so you could buy them for me,” Dianna said so dryly I couldn’t tell whether she was joking or not.

“If I’m buying then I should at least get to see you in them,” I said sarcastically.

“Deal,” Dianna said, grabbing a couple more things before pulling me towards the dressing rooms.

“I didn’t actually mean it,” I said, picturing myself having to pay absurd prices for clothes for a woman I wasn’t even dating.

“Too late now,” Dianna said, giggling as she pushed me into a chair right outside the changing rooms.

“At least she didn’t make me hold her purse for her,” I sighed, looking around for something to maybe read while I waited.

“How do I look?” Dianna asked, stepping out of the dressing room where the shorts and blue blouse that when she held her arms out to her sides crept up just enough to show a little sliver of stomach above the top of the shorts.

“Wow,” I said, forcing my eyes to stay up on her face rather than drift down her her legs in the short shorts.

“They’re not too short?” Dianna asked, turning around and nearly making me fall out of my chair.

“Is there such a thing as too short to guys?” I croaked, wishing I had some water for my suddenly dry throat.

“No, I don’t think there is,” Dianna said, laughing as she stood up on her tip toes and moved from side to side to look at herself in the mirror. “But you really think it’s okay?”

“I repeat my ‘wow’ from when you asked the first time,” I said.

“Stay there,” Dianna said, heading back to her changing room.

After her show with the shorts I wasn’t going anywhere. Of course, part of it was the tent in the front of my pants that needed a moment or two of thinking of other things before I could stand up without knocking things over.

“Can you zip me up?” Dianna asked, sticking her head out of the curtain a few minutes later.

Getting up I went over and she pulled the curtain aside and turned around so I could pull up the zipper on the dress she was trying on. I noticed the lack of a bra strap as I grasped the zipper in my fingers and tugged it up to the top.

“Thanks,” Dianna said, stepping out of the dressing room. “It’s a really cute dress, isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is,” I said, letting my eyes rove up and down her for a moment as she turned this way and that to look at herself in the mirror. The dress hugged her midsection before flaring out at the waist into a loose skirt that came down to about her knees.

“Unzip me?” Dianna asked, turning her back to me.

“Sure,” I said, grabbing the zipper and pulling it down.

Turning her head to smile at me she reached out and pulled the curtain shut. With my task apparently over I went back and sat in my chair. And then while I was waiting I tried to dissect the smile she’d just given me. Normally I wouldn’t have given it much thought but there was just something about it that struck me as being more than a smile of thanks.

“Ready to go?” Dianna asked, snapping me out of my thoughts as she emerged from the dressing room wearing the knee-length dress she’d started the day with.

“Where to now?” I asked, jumping out of my chair.

“Since you’ve been a good boy you can help me pick out presents for a couple guy friends,” Dianna answered, draping the clothes she’d taken into the changing room over her arm.

“Well, are we talking boyfriend or hopeful boyfriend or just regular friend?” I asked her as I followed her to the sales counter.

“No, no boyfriend, just regular friends,” Dianna said as she paid for her purchases.

“Well, you could make a donation to the Human Fund in their name,” I joked. “Or, you know, you could get them some cool new gadget or something.”

“Human Fund? Haven’t heard that in forever,” Dianna giggled as she picked up her bags. “So, shop some more or stop and get something to drink? Because I’m feeling thirsty.”

“We’ve probably got enough footage, so whatever you want to do,” I said, taking the bags from her.

“I feel like a smoothie, what about you?” Dianna asked, leading me out into the sun.

“Sounds good, I know a place not far from here,” I said.

“Do they use soy milk and yogurt?” Dianna asked, causing me to give her a blank stare. “You’ve never had a vegan smoothie, have you?”

“Can’t say that I have,” I replied. I try to eat healthfully but the problem with going vegetarian or vegan is the whole no meat thing.

“I know a couple great recipes if you want to try one,” Dianna offered. “I’d need to stop by a store and get a few ingredients though. You can with or you can meet me at my house in, say, a half hour.”

“I should take the camera back and drop off the footage so it can be edited later,” I said, wondering not for the first time at the seeming change in her demeanor since the first time we’d talked. Maybe it was as Emma said, once she got used to me she’d just opened up and I was seeing the adorable, incredibly nice version this time. “But I’ll be there as quickly as I can get in and out.”

“You like strawberries, don’t you?” Dianna asked as I started to walk back to my car.

“Who doesn’t?” I said, smiling at her.

+ * + * +

“Dan, hold up,” Richie said, causing me to turn as I headed for the parking lot after turning in my camera.

“Hey Richie, is Elisha still talking to you?” I asked, grinning.

“Talking? Yes. Letting sleep in my own bed tonight? Time will tell,” Richie joked. “I just wanted to tell you that you might be spending a little less time in the field in the future.”

“What? Why?” I asked, wondering if I was being demoted, or even worse, on the verge of getting fired.

“Well, I’ll let Linda give you details tomorrow, but it looks like you’ll be filling in for me as host once or twice while I’m on vacation,” Richie said, patting me on the back.

“Why me? I don’t have any experience with that kind of thing,” I protested.

“And how exactly do you think you get experience?” Richie countered. “You’ll be fine. I’ve seen you on camera, you’re calm under pressure and don’t get rattled. You won’t be the only one filling in for me, but if you do well you might put yourself at the top of the list to be the new weekend host.”

“Wow, that’s a lot to take in all at once,” I said, my mind spinning at the information.

“Just thought I’d give you a heads up to give you a little more time to process it,” Richie said before heading off on some other business.

+ * + * +

“I was beginning to wonder if you were coming or not,” Dianna said when she opened the door for me.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Had to take care of something before I could leave,” I said, still a little shaken as I followed her to the kitchen.

“That bad?” Dianna asked, mistaking my disbelief for dismay.

“No no, actually really good,” I said, relaying the story to her as she blended up a batch of smoothies.

“That’s awesome,” Dianna said, handing me a glass of strawberry and orange smoothie as I took a seat at the counter with her sitting next to me.

“So is this,” I said, taking a sip of the smoothie. “I mean, it’s possibly the best smoothie I’ve ever had.”

“Thanks,” Dianna said, beaming at my compliment. “You should try my banana smoothie, it’ll knock your socks off.”

“I guess I’ll have to come back another day and try it,” I said, effectively inviting myself back.

“You know, I wasn’t sure about you at first,” Dianna said, resting her chin on her on hand as she focused her green eyes on me. “All I knew was that you were some reporter trying to cozy up to Taylor and maybe get a story or something you could hold over her. But she insisted you weren’t like that, and then Emma started talking about how great you are. Then even when I gave you a hard time at the party you took it with good grace and even a little humor, so when your show asked me if I’d do their holiday shopping thing I said I’d only do it if they gave me you.”

“So that’s why Richie got overruled when he tried to give me Emmy,” I said, laughing.

“What I’m trying to say is that I’m glad I took the time to get to know you better,” Dianna said.

“To tell the truth, I thought you hated me,” I said, shaking my head. “I even tried to pawn you off on Richie because I didn’t think we’d get along.”

“You tried to get rid of me?” Dianna asked, her mouth open in mock surprise as she playfully hit my upper arm with the back of her hand.

“Hey, you said it yourself that you didn’t trust me and thought I had ulterior motives,” I said, poking her in the side with my finger.

“I said I was wrong,” Dianna said, giggling as she tried to push my hand away.

“Ticklish, eh?” I asked, reaching out with my other hand to tickle her other side.

“Stop,” Dianna gasped, squirming in her chair.

“Say I’m awesome,” I said.

“Okay, ‘I’m awesome’,” Dianna joked, making me tickle her with even more zeal.

“Oh, now you’re going to get it,” I said, my fingers dancing over her stomach.

“Fine, fine, you’re awesome,” Dianna hissed, gasping for breath.

“See, now was that so hard?” I asked, pulling my hands away.

“You’re mean, you know that,” Dianna asked, panting from exertion.

“I’ve been told that, yes,” I said, casually taking a sip of my smoothie.

“Are you ticklish?” Dianna asked, suddenly lunging for my ribs.

“Not really,” I said, reaching down and tickling the back of her knee with my index finger.

“I give, I give,” Dianna screamed, practically falling against me because she’d been leaning forward when she’d jumped at my unexpected move.

Putting arm around her to support her as she leaned against me and tried to catch her breath I couldn’t help but notice the scent of her perfume. Becoming very aware of he the way her chest heaved against me I looked down and her eyes locked onto mine.

I started to lean in to kiss her but about halfway there I stopped. I really wanted to kiss her but for some reason my conscience was telling me not to. I’d worked this hard to earn her trust and seemingly her blessing to date Taylor, should that ever come to pass, and I didn’t want to screw it up by banging another one of Taylor’s friends.

My conscience ended up not mattering much because Dianna reached up and pulled my face to hers. The moment our lips touched my crotch took over and the little voice of reason in my head got lost in a sea of horny screams coming from my pants.

Standing up I put my hands on Dianna’s waist. Leaning her back against the counter I bent my knees and pressed my body against hers.

“Bedroom,” Dianna said, breaking the kiss to wave her hand in the direction of where I’d taken Phoebe during Dianna’s Halloween party.

“Sure,” I said, lifting her up and setting her down on the counter instead.

Putting my hands on her knees I pushed them apart so I could slip between them. Leaning in to kiss her I slid my hands up her thighs underneath her dress. As they moved closer to her crotch Dianna spread her legs even wider and pressed her chest against mine.

When my hands reached the tops of Dianna’s thighs I extended my thumbs and rubbed them against the front of her panties, just above her snatch. Hooking my middle fingers in the waistband of her underwear I slowly tugged them down.

Wrapping her arms around my neck Dianna used me to help lift herself up so I could pull her panties down over her ass. Once they were down far enough I broke the kiss so she lower herself back to the counter. Taking a step backward I pulled her panties down her legs until I could pull them off over her feet.

Standing there with her panties in my hand I looked at Dianna with what could only be described as an evil grin. There were a number of things I could do to her from such a position but only one that I knew I had to do first.

Stepping up to Dianna I gave her a quick kiss before sinking to my knees. She moaned as I put my hands behind the backs of her knees and pulled her forward until her ass was right at the edge of the counter. Draping her legs over my shoulders I flipped the skirt of her dress up, exposing her bare pussy with its well trimmed landing strip to my hungry gaze.

Reaching under her to grab hold of her thighs I lightly blew a stream of air across her pussy. Dianna moaned and her grabbed the top of my head in response. As she tried to pull my head closer I stiffened my neck and refused to budge as I exhaled against her pussy again.

“Please?” Dianna groaned, grabbing a handful of hair to pull me closer.

Finally relenting I leaned in and ever so lightly ran the tip of my tongue along the length of her slit. I don’t think it was what she was looking for though because she let an anguished grunt at my teasing.

“Want me to lick you?” I asked, looking up at her.

“Yeah,” Dianna mewled, using her thighs on my shoulders and her hands in my hair to try to lift herself off the counter and get her pussy a couple inches closer to my tongue.

“Tell me what you want,” I said, using my hands on her thighs to hold her down on the counter.

“I want you to lick meeeeeeeeeeee,” Dianna moaned, her body twitching as I finally let my tongue dart out to flick at her clit.

Done teasing I moved a hand between her legs to spread her labia with my fingers so my tongue could bat her clit around like a kitten with a ball of yarn. When she started to gasp for air I changed tactics by moving my tongue down to slither through her folds, collecting moisture.

“Ohhhh, fuck me,” Dianna gasped, her grip on my hair tightening as she hunched her hips against my face.

Moving back up to her clit I wrapped my lips around her little pearl. When I gave it a suck Dianna stiffened like she’d been shot, her hand in my hair twitching hard enough that it felt like she could’ve pulled out a whole hank of hair.

Keeping one hand on her thigh to keep her from bucking me off I moved the other one up to where she was trying to scalp me. Grabbing her hand I groped around until I was able to pry her fingers loose from my hair. As her hand wrapped around mine instead I brought it to her stomach where I lightly pushed, urging her to lay back.

As she leaned back her hands went back to my hair but the grip stayed loose enough for me to deal with. Of course, with her back against the counter it gave her leverage to buck her hips, which made it more difficult to hang on.

So rather than continue to suck on her clit I changed again and flattened my tongue against it. Bringing my right hand down between her legs I teased her opening with my index finger. Swirling my tongue around her clit I slowly pushed my finger into Dianna’s tight cunt.

“Ohhhh,” Dianna moaned, her body jerking involuntarily as I kept her on edge.

Sensing that she was getting close I went in for the kill. Holding her as still as I could I let my tongue flick at her click in as rapid-fire fashion as I could. Meanwhile added a second finger to the one in her pussy and started to pump them in and out of her.

“Fuck, fuck,” Dianna hissed, her thighs clamping tightly against my ears as her hips started to buck.

Focusing all my attention on keeping track of her love bud in all her gyrations I curled my fingers inside her. Finding her G-spot I stroked it with my fingertips and was rewarded with a loud scream as her whole body tightened up like a drum.

As she soaked my hand with her come I kept flicking my tongue against her clit to prolong her pleasure. But as her orgasm wore on her dance training came to the fore with her muscular thighs gripping my head tightly and with each twitch it felt like she was going to snap my neck.

Finally calling off the dogs I pulled my fingers from her pussy and after one last flick I pulled my tongue back into her mouth. After a couple moments without stimulation Dianna finally started to calm down enough to unlock her legs from around my head so I move.

“Oh god,” Dianna gasped as her mental faculties started to return.

“Bedroom now? Or should we continue here?” I asked, honestly unsure which answer I wanted to hear. The bedroom would be more comfortable but staying here would mean in the time it took to drop my pants and go at it.

“That was nice, but I want to be in my bed when you take me,” Dianna said, sitting up. As she slid off the counter she had to lean against the edge for a moment until her knees stopped wobbling.

“Bedroom, it is then,” I said, reaching out and pulling the zipper down on her dress as I followed behind her. “That was going to need to go sooner or later, so I figured sooner was better.”

“I bet,” Dianna snorted, trying to hold the dress up while I tried to pull it down. Finally she got tired of having to deal with it while walking and stopped to let me pull it down her body and leave her in nothing but her bra.

“Now the bra,” I said, reaching out to try to unhook it. Dianna giggled and took off before I could though so I had to give chase, my eyes locked on her cute ass the whole way.

As we reached the door to her bedroom I finally caught up to her. Wrapping my arms around her I clutched her to me, my cock pressing against her back through my pants. Lifting her off the ground she giggled and screamed playfully as I carried her to the bed.

Still clutching her to me with my chest pressed against her back I leaned forward until she was laying on her stomach on the bed with me on top of her. Making sure her arms were pinned underneath her I moved to straddle her waist so I was sitting on her butt, though I made sure to keep as much weight on my knees as I could instead of on her.

“That bra is coming off,” I said, dragging a finger along her spine as she squirmed under me. Reaching her bra strap I deftly unhooked it with one hand while the other one set about unbuttoning my own shirt.

When my shirt was unbuttoned I lifted up and rolled off of her. As she started to roll over I grabbed hold of her bra and pulled it down her arms, stripping the last stitch of clothing from her body.

“No fair, now I’m naked and you’ve still got all those clothes on,” Dianna observed.

“Then I guess we should do something about that,” I said as I shrugged off my shirt.

“Definitely,” Dianna said, going for my belt.

Between the two of us we made short work of my clothes. When I tried to push her down onto her back though Dianna merely smiled and slipped off the bed completely. Sinking to her knees she reached out and ran her fingertips along the shaft of my cock from crown to nut sack before wrapping her hand around the base.

Grinning at me with a twinkle in her eye Dianna lifted my cock until it was straight up and down. Leaning her head in she blew a stream of air across the shaft, obviously trying to pay me back for teasing her earlier.

“Not funny,” I grunted as she smirked up at me.

“A little,” Dianna giggled before sticking out her tongue and licking the underside of my cock.

“Better,” I said, leaning back on my hands as Dianna took the head of my cock into her mouth.

Swirling her tongue around the crown of my dick Dianna slowly bobbed her head, taking a little bit more of me into her mouth at a time. When she had about half my cock in her mouth she stopped, took a breath, and reversed course until only the head was still between her lips.

“Much better,” I grunted as her tongue worked wonders on my knob.

Ignoring my comments, or maybe even inspired by them, Dianna started to push her head down. When she got to the halfway point where she’d stopped last time she kept on going, seemingly as if on a mission to take as much of me into her mouth as she could.

Feeling the head of my cock bump against the back of her throat I thought that was it but instead Dianna kept pushing. She tried to relax her throat and I could feel myself start to push even further into but when she started gagging she pulled off me completely, a thick strand of saliva running from her lips to the tip of my cock.

Reaching down I brushed a lock of hair out of her face as her eyes watered. Stroking her cheek with my thumb I smiled at her as her hand stroked my cock.

Leaning back down Dianna took me back into her mouth. This time when I bumped against the back of her throat she stopped and let her tongue caress the shaft as she worked her way back up.

“Very good,” I mumbled as she expertly worked my cock. She may not have been able to able to pull off the deep throat, but she sure knew what she was doing otherwise.

Redoubling her efforts Dianna cupped my balls and fondled my testicles as she increased the suction she was applying to my cock. Grunting, my head rolled back on my shoulders and my hips bucked as she drove me towards the edge.

Just before I could reach the point of no return though Dianna suddenly stopped and pulled all the way off. As I groaned my disapproval and lifted my head to stare daggers at her for leaving me so close she just smirked at me.

“I want you inside me when you come,” Dianna said, pushing me onto my back.

Thankfully, or maybe not so thankfully, she took a moment or two to let me calm down and back away from the brink before moving to straddle me. It was a good thing because if she hadn’t I probably would’ve popped within moments of entering her, but it was bad because it left me quivering through a minor case of blue balls.

Throwing a leg over my hips Dianna sat down on top of me, my cock trapped between us. Sitting up on top of me she shifted her hips, dragging her pussy along the underside of my cock and causing me to twitch, seeing as how I was still a little overheated from her blowjob.

Smirking at me Dianna finally raised up. Reaching down she grabbed hold of my cock. Aiming it at her hole she rubbed the tip along her slit as if to let me know that she wasn’t quite done teasing me yet before finally lowering herself enough to let the head slide between her labia.

When she started to lift back up until I slipped out of her I groaned and gritted my teeth. Glaring at her I took hold of her hips and when she started lowering herself onto me again I pulled her down while lifting my hips to drive myself all the way into her in one smooth thrust.

“Fuck,” Dianna gasped, her head leaning forward and her eyes fluttering shut at the sudden penetration.

“It’s not nice to tease,” I grunted, giving both of us a moment to get used to having my cock inside her tight pussy.

“You did it first,” Dianna pointed out as she raised up about halfway off my cock.

Ignoring her point I drove up into her pussy again. When she moaned and leaned forward with her hands on my chest I lowered my hips and let her resume control.

Still leaning forward Dianna slowly lifted up about three quarters of the way before pausing. Biting her lower lip she suddenly dropped, taking me all the way into her cunt. Moaning she immediately rose up again.

With my hands still on her hips I let my eyes rove first to her pussy where my cock was sliding in out before moving up her tight little tummy to her breasts. Even though they were on the small side, they still looked fabulous and I made sure to spend an extra moment or two memorizing every little detail before letting my eyes continue their journey.

As Dianna started to increase the pace of her bounces on top of me I studied the way her lips quivered and curled in concentration to help divert my brain from the fact that I really wanted to blow my load inside her. Luckily it worked, at least a little, as thoughts of hosing down her insides with my jizz got pushed towards the back of my head.

Moving my hands to her back I pulled her down until her chest was pressed against me. As she leaned down to kiss me I slid my hands down to her ass and gripped a cheek in each hand. Holding her still I lifted my hips and drilled up into her with as much power as I could.

“Ohhhh,” Dianna moaned into my mouth as I pounded into her.

After a little bit I slowed down and lengthened my thrusts to cool down a bit. Stroking most of my cock in and out of her snatch I set a moderate tempo. When Dianna moaned and leaned her head on my shoulder while clutching at the sheets I realized that she was closer to coming that I’d thought.

Putting a hand on her lower back I rolled over. With me now on top of Dianna I put my hands on the bed on either side of her and straightened my arms. As her thighs gripped my waist and her heels dug into my ass I set about making the final push towards both our orgasms.

Arching my back I drove the length of my cock deep into Dianna. Before she even had a chance to moan I was pulling back. With almost the full length outside of her pussy I lunged forward slamming back in to the hilt once more, drawing a low guttural moan from Dianna.

“Fuck me,” Dianna gasped as my cock slid in and out of the tight cocoon of her pussy with authority.

As I drove into her we locked eyes for a moment and I could see need in them behind the almost golden circle on the inside of the irises of her otherwise green eyes. It was enough to push me right to the edge but I gritted my teeth and tried to hold out long enough to make sure she got there as well.

Just as I was reaching the point where I was going to be unable to hold on any longer Dianna arched her back and grabbed hold of my shoulders. Taking that as a sign that she was close enough for my orgasm to trigger hers, I drove forward one last time.

“Here it comes,” I grunted, my toes curling as I felt the come erupt from the end of my dick.

“Oh god,” Dianna moaned, the feel of my seed spurting inside her causing her to go off as well.

As her pussy clamped down even tighter on me it squeezed rhythmically, trying to milk every last bit from my balls it could. When I’d finally emptied my balls I dropped down onto my elbows, both of us panting and gasping for air as my cock started to shrink and fell out of her.

“Wow,” Dianna said, her skin glistening both from the thin layer of sweat and the afterglow of the sex.

“Wow is right,” I sighed, rolling off of Dianna to lay on my side right next to her.

“Be back in a minute,” Dianna said before hurrying off to the bathroom before the cream pie I’d just left made a huge mess.

+ * + * +

“Can I make a confession?” Dianna asked as she settled onto her stomach next to me.

“As long it’s not about how you used to be a dude, sure,” I said, reaching out and running a finger along the curve of her ass.

“No, I, wait, what?” Dianna asked, turning to look at me with mouth open.

“It was a joke,” I said, covering my head as Dianna playfully smacked me.

“What I was going to say is that I was kinda hoping something like this might happen today,” Dianna said when she stopped trying to hit me.

“Really? I never would’ve guessed when you invited me over for vegan smoothies,” I said, grinning at her as my finger traced random designs on the small of her back.

“No, I mean even earlier,” Dianna said, blushing slightly. “I requested you to follow me around today in hopes that this might happen.”

“Not that I don’t appreciate the interest, but why me?” I asked.

“Well, after Taylor, and then Emma and Selena, I kinda wanted to know what the big deal was,” Dianna said quietly.

“So you guys just thought you’d pass me around like some kind of gigolo?” I asked, looking at her.

“It’s not like that, really,” Dianna protested, shaking her head. “They don’t even know, I was just curious, and horny.”

“Don’t worry, it’s actually kinda flattering,” I said, moving my finger further up her back. “But I think you’re going to have to make it up to me.”

“Oh, and how do you would I do that?” Dianna asked, smirking as she folded her hands under her cheek.

“Tell me one of your fantasies,” I said.

“What kind of fantasy? Just a general fantasy like having sex in an apple orchard, or something I might actually let you do to me?” Dianna asked.

“Anything you want, but it has to at least interest me, so make it good,” I answered, rolling onto my stomach as well.

“Lea and I, you know, Michele, we once kissed on a dare and, well, it made me think about what it would be like to be with another girl,” Dianna said nervously.

“So you’re saying you kinda want to have sex with a girl?” I asked, feeling a twitch in my groin at the idea. Okay, so maybe ‘twitch’ wasn’t the right word so much as ‘earthquake’ but you get the point.

“Is that bad?” Dianna asked, blushing so furiously that she tried to hide her face.

“If you really want to, I know someone who would help in a heartbeat,” I said, thinking of Selena.

“What? No,” Dianna said, suddenly fidgeting as the prospect of turning her fantasy into reality stared her in the face. “Besides, who could you possibly get?”

“So you are interested,” I said, raising an eyebrow. If she hadn’t been interested, she wouldn’t have tried to go fishing for a name.

“No, I’m just curious,” Dianna insisted.

“Hypothetically, if I called Selena and had her come over, would that interest you?” I asked, not wanting to push too hard.

“Selena?” Dianna asked, trying to play it cool but failing. “I guess she’s cute, but I don’t know.”

“So I shouldn’t go grab my phone and have her come right over so she can lick your pussy or let you lick hers?” I asked, reaching for my pants on the ground. Pulling my phone out of the pocket I held it up. “If you don’t want me to, I can put this down and we can find something else to do.”

“She’d really do it?” Dianna asked, goosebumps popping up on her arms.

“Only one way to find out,” I said, scrolling through the phone book until I got to Selena. When Dianna didn’t object I dialed.

“Hey, I was just about to call you,” Selena said when she picked up. “If this is a booty call, I can be there in no time.”

“It’s a call and there could be booty in it for you,” I told Selena, watching Dianna blush and hide her face. “But you have to come to Dianna’s to get it.”

“Dianna? As in Agron? You fucked Dianna?” Selena asked, surprise evident in her voice along with something else that sounded almost like jealousy but I immediately shook that thought off as being absurd.

“If you’re not here in ten minutes, we’re starting again without you,” I said, grinning as I heard Selena practically growl on the other end at the thought of being left out.

“Make it five,” Dianna said, apparently getting really turned on by the thought.

“Dianna says you have five minutes,” I relayed to Selena.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, don’t start without me,” Selena hissed.

“I make no promises,” I said as Dianna rolled over and sat up.

“Fine, but you better not finish without me then,” Selena demanded.

“That one I can feel pretty safe in promising,” I said before Selena hung up.

“God, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Dianna said, her body shaking slightly. It wasn’t cold in the room so I was pretty sure it was due to nerves and excitement.

“You can always change your mind,” I pointed out as I set my phone down on the table next to her bed.

“No, I want to,” Dianna said, a nervous smile spreading across her face.

“You want to eat Selena’s pussy? And let her eat yours?” I asked, hoping the dirty talk would spur her on.

“Yeah,” Dianna moaned, nodding her head.

“And you want to watch me fuck Selena, or would rather Selena watch me fuck you?” I asked, reaching out and slipping a hand around her back to pull her to me.

“Mmm, both,” Dianna moaned, her hand going to my cock.

As we kissed Dianna’s hand closed around the shaft. The talk about the threesome and the dirty talk had given me a partial erection but as Dianna stroked me it quickly grew.

“Dammit,” I grunted when I heard the doorbell. “I’ll get it.”

Getting up off the bed I grabbed my boxers and tossed them on just in case it was someone other than Selena at the door. Of course, with the way the shorts were tenting thanks to the aborted hand job, if it wasn’t Selena then they were about to get a major surprise.

“Wow, is that for me?” Selena asked, her eyes going right to the tent in my boxers.

“Dianna’s in her room,” I said, nodding towards where I’d come from. “And she’s naked.”

“Goodie,” Selena said, clapping as she dropped her purse on the small table just inside the door. After giving me a quick kiss on the cheek she scampered away.

As I followed Selena I started finding articles of clothing. First I found Selena’s jacket in the hall, then her shirt hanging from a doorknob, followed quickly by a black bra strewn across the floor. There was several items in one pile where she’d apparently started taking her pants off before realizing she’d have to remove her shoes first.

“You didn’t need to leave me bread crumbs, I already knew where I was going,” I told Selena when I got to Dianna’s room just in time to see Selena stepping out of her panties.

“I wanted to make sure you were motivated,” Selena said, practically pouncing on Dianna.

“Trust me, that wasn’t going to be a problem,” I said, taking a moment to watch Selena kiss Dianna before moving towards the bed.

With Selena’s ass up in the air I couldn’t help myself. Pushing my boxers down with one hand I reached out and softly caressed the globes of Selena’s butt with the other. As Selena moaned and pushed her ass further up in the air I moved my hand between her legs and dragged a finger along her slit.

“Mmm, fuck me,” Selena gasped, her twat already soaked.

“Dianna wants you eat her pussy,” I told Selena as I slipped a finger into her snatch. “Don’t you, Di?”

“Ohhhh, yeah,” Dianna moaned as Selena started to kiss down her body.

“Ooh, you left me a treat,” Selena cooed when she realized I’d come inside Dianna. “You should’ve called me over earlier, there’s barely anything left.”

“Maybe I’ll have to leave you another one later,” I said, slowly fucking Selena with my finger.

“You better,” Selena said, pushing back against my finger before going to work on Dianna.

Licking her way around the outside of Dianna’s pussy Selena collected as much of our combined juices that had leaked out as she could. Bringing her hand up to Dianna’s crotch Selena used her fingers to spread Dianna’s labia.

“Mmm,” Dianna moaned as Selena’s tongue dug into her pussy in search of my secret sauce.

“I bet you want me to fuck you, don’t you?” I asked Selena, pressing my crotch against the side of her ass as I worked a finger in and out of her.

“Yeahhhh, fuck me,” Selena grunted.

“Does that mean you’re willing to pay the price?” I asked her, removing my finger from her cooch and moving it up to lightly rub the area around her anus.

“Fuck me now,” Selena hissed, bowing her back and hitching her ass up in the air.

Grinning I moved behind Selena. Grabbing hold of my cock with one hand I pressed it against the opening of Selena’s pussy. Locking eyes with Dianna I gripped Selena’s hip with my other hand and held on as I lunged forward.

“Oh god,” Selena gasped into Dianna’s pussy as I buried my cock into her cunt in one thrust.

Knowing Selena, I didn’t bother to give her time to adjust before sliding out until only the head of my cock was still inside her. I paused for a moment before I pulled on her hips, tugging her back to meet my thrust as I pushed forward.

“Fuck, I missed this,” Selena grunted as I slammed into her from behind.

“Lick me,” Dianna mewed, grabbing the back of Selena’s head and pushing it against her cunt.

After already having come once I was in no danger of coming again so I didn’t bother holding back too much. Besides, it was clear Selena needed it hard and fast and I wasn’t about to disappoint her.

“Eat that pussy,” I told Selena as the sounds of my pelvis bouncing off the cheeks of her ass echoed through the room.

As Selena moaned into Dianna’s pussy I lifted a hand and brought it down with a loud smack on Selena’s butt cheek. It wasn’t a super hard spanking but it was hard enough for her to feel her and Selena to feel it.

“Ow,” Selena gasped, her body instinctively pulling away from the pain.

“Too hard?” I asked, rubbing my hand over the red spot that was already starting to develop on her ass.

“Do it again,” Selena demanded as she worked a finger into Dianna’s pussy.

“Like this?” I asked, as I delivered a nice moderately powered spanking to her tight little ass.

“Uhhh, yeah.” Selena hissed, pushing back to meet my thrusts. “Fuck your cock feels good.”

“You better hope it feels just as good in your ass,” I said, moving my left hand over far enough that I could rub the thumb against her puckered asshole.

“Ohhh,” Dianna moaned, her eyes going wide. “You’re going to?”

“She owes me,” I said, pressing my thumb against Selena’s anus until the tip pushed its way in.

“Holy fuck,” Selena gasped as I pushed my thumb into her butt up to the first knuckle.

“I’m going to make you come, and then I’m going to shove my dick up your ass,” I hissed to Selena as I delivered another spanking with my right hand.

“Oh god,” Selena moaned, the combination of the pain from the spankings mingling with the pleasure from my thrusts into her and the newness of the thumb in her ass to create a volatile cocktail inside her.

“And when I’m done fucking you in the ass I’m going to pull out and shoot my load down your throat,” I said, knowing that Selena was a bit of a cum slut.

“Oh yeah, come in my mouth,” Selena moaned, her pussy starting to milk my cock as she neared her climax.

“Now come for me so I can get your virgin ass ready to get fucked,” I told Selena, cranking up the speed until I was making short quick bursts in and out of her cunt.

“Make me come, babe,” Selena panted, resting her head on Dianna’s lower stomach as her orgasm threatened to erupt.

With Selena so close I reached my right hand around and found her clit with my middle finger. As I did that I wiggled the thumb still in her ass and then tried to hold on as she exploded. Her pussy clenched down on my cock as I continued to slide in and out of her.

“Coming, all over your cock,” Selena screamed, her body quaking as I rode out her orgasm.

When she finally went still I withdrew my cock from her pussy. If it wasn’t for her knees being underneath her she probably would’ve collapsed but as it was she merely bowed her back a little as her body went limp.

“Got any lube?” I asked Dianna as she groaned in frustration that Selena stopped when she was close.

“Top drawer,” Dianna said, trying to get out from under Selena. “But don’t open it.”

“Oh, wow,” I said, opening the drawer and finding a vibrator sitting next to a small bottle of lube.

“It was a gift,” Dianna said, blushing as I lifted the long red toy out of the drawer by the base.

“I say good for you,” I said, grinning at her. “But mind if we use it?”

“Sure, I guess,” Dianna responded as I set the vibrator on the bed.

“If you want, you can slide underneath Selena and hold her ass open for me,” I said as I picked up the bottle of lube from the drawer. “And if you really want, I’m sure she wouldn’t complain if you lifted your head and gave her pussy a little lick.”

Dianna hesitated a moment as if deciding whether she wanted to take the next stop or not, but she must have decided she did because she got onto her back and then maneuvered herself  underneath Selena. When she was in place she reached up and took one of Selena’s butt cheeks in each hand and pried them apart for me.

With Dianna holding Selena’s ass open for me I leaned forward. Making sure to make eye contact with Dianna first I stuck out my tongue and made a show of licking all around Selena’s tight little starfish. I heard Dianna gasp but she didn’t let go or run away so I considered that a good sign.

“Oh shit,” Selena moaned as my tongue licked around the edges of her anus, gradually spiraling in towards the center.

Pulling back I let my finger take the place of my tongue. I locked eyes with Dianna again as I let my finger rub around the outside of Selena’s asshole before pushing lightly at the center. I could see the amazement in Dianna’s eyes as Selena’s ass started to open up and take my finger inside.

“Lick her,” I said to Dianna, nodding my head towards Selena’s pussy.

Again Dianna hesitated for a moment, her eyes darting between me and the pussy staring her in her face. Just as I was about to assure her that she didn’t have to, she lifted her head and gave Selena’s bald beaver a tentative lick. She must have liked what she tasted because she went back for a second lick that drew a moan from Selena.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” I asked Dianna as she craned her neck to lick up some of the juices gushing out of Selena’s hole.

“Mmmhmmm,” Dianna responded, nodding her head as she went back to flicking Selena’s clit with her tongue.

“You should try licking her ass too,” I told Dianna as I slipped my finger from Selena’s ass so I could go back to rimming her tight little butthole.

“Ohhh yeah, lick my ass,” Selena grunted, pushing back as I poked my tongue against her anus.

“Can I try?” Dianna timidly asked.

“Do anything to Selena you want,” I said, pulling back so Dianna could get at Selena’s crinkled rosebud.

“Oooooh,” Selena moaned as Dianna’s tongue knocked at her backdoor.

While Dianna had Selena well in hand I grabbed the bottle of lube. With one eye on Dianna’s tongue as it got the hang of giving its first rim job, to a woman at least, I squirted some of the slippery stuff onto my fingers.

“Ready for the next step?” I asked, patting Selena on the ass to make sure she knew I was talking to her.

“Do it,” Selena hissed, her voice muffled by Dianna’s cunt.

“Feel like warming me up?” I asked Dianna, dangling my cock in her face.

Without a word Dianna answered by taking the head of my cock into her mouth. With Selena’s ass vacated I rubbed a lubed finger around the rim of her asshole before pushing inside. I wiggled and twisted my finger to spread the lube around a bit more before adding a second finger to help loosen her up.

After slipping my cock from Dianna’s mouth I smeared what lube was left on my fingers along the shaft before aiming the head at Selena’s winking asshole. Pressing it against Selena’s anus I slowly pushed, easing up when I felt Selena instinctively clench up to repel me. But when Dianna took the opportunity to lick Selena’s clit Selena moaned and relaxed just enough for me to push the crown past the tight ring of her anus.

“Oh god,” Selena gasped, her body going completely rigid as even two fingers hadn’t prepared her for the size of my cock.

“Grab the vibrator,” I told Dianna, motioning towards the toy that was sitting next to Selena’s leg.

“What should I do with it?” Dianna asked, picking it up and holding it out for me.

“Use it on Selena however you’d use it on yourself,” I said, pushing a little more of my cock into Selena’s ass when I felt her start to relax a little.

Hearing a buzzing sound below me I knew that Dianna had turned on the vibrator. Then when Selena’s head shot up and she moaned loudly while bucking her hips back against me I knew that Dianna had put the toy to good use.

“You like that?” I asked Selena, gripping her hips as I slowly worked more of my cock into her no-longer-virgin ass.

“I, ohhh, kinda,” Selena moaned, turning her head to look back at me.

“It only gets better,” I promised her as I pushed the last of my cock into her.

After giving Selena a moment to get used to the idea of having my entire cock up her ass as well as physically adjust to it, I slowly pulled back until half of it was outside of her vise-like channel. Not bothering to pause I immediately pushed forward relatively slowly and buried my dick inside her once more.

“Ohhh,” Selena moaned as my pelvis hit her butt cheeks, though I was sure it was more about what Dianna was doing to her with the vibrator than what I was doing at this point.

As she was still getting used to the penetration I started with slow, gentle thrusts into Selena’s ass. When she started to loosen up and show signs of enjoying it I lengthened my strokes but still kept them on the slow side.

“Oh yeah,” Selena grunted, turning her head to look back at me as I put a little extra oomph on a thrust into her ass.

“You like that?” I asked, her, giving her another hard thrust up her butt.

“Fuck my ass,” Selena hissed in response, lowering her head back to Dianna’s cunt.

Doing as she wanted, I tightened my grip on Selena’s hips. Sliding about three quarters of my cock out of her I didn’t even pause before pushing forward with as much power as I could manage with her poop chute squeezing me as tightly as it was.

“Oh holy fuck. Fuckity-fuck-fuck,” Selena gasped, her head popping up as her hand slapped at the mattress. It took me a moment to figure out what was happening but as Selena’s anus  tightened up around me even more, I looked down to see Dianna smirking as she pushed the tip of the vibrator into Selena’s pussy.

“You told me to use it like I’d use it on myself,” Dianna said, slowly fucking Selena’s pussy with the vibrator.

“Is that too much?” I asked Selena, stopping my thrusting with my cock fully seated inside her until I was sure she could handle the double penetration.

“Oh my fucking god,” Selena moaned, her voice sounding like she was on the verge of being overwhelmed by the sensations.

“Just relax and focus on the pleasure,” I said, trying not to take my own advice because the vibrations coming through the membrane separating Selena’s holes felt amazing combined with the way her asshole was milking me.

I could hear Selena take a deep breath and then she seemed to relax almost imperceptibly. If I hadn’t been paying attention I might not have noticed but soon she was pushing back against me as if to let me know she was ready for me to move.

“Oh wow,” Selena gasped as I slowly pulled back until I was halfway out of her.

“So hot,” Dianna said as she matched the speed of my thrusts with the movements of the vibrator in Selena’s pussy.

“Fuck me,” Selena demanded, clearly getting into it even though she still seemed a little overwhelmed.

Picking up the pace a little I started to fuck her ass with shorter, harder strokes. I still wasn’t moving very fast, her ass was too tight for too brisk a tempo, but I was at least able to fuck her hard enough to make her butt cheeks ripple each time I slammed into her.

“Oh god, I’m gonna come,” Selena announced in a frantic voice. “I’m coming with a cock in my ass.”

And with that Selena’s asshole clenched up so tightly on my cock it almost hurt. Of course, as every muscle in her body seemed to undulate with pleasure with my cock at the epicenter it was a pain I was more than willing to experience.

“Lick up her cream, Dianna,” I said, still making small thrusts into Selena’s ass as I sought out my own release.

When Selena finally went limp I made a couple final thrusts into her before I felt myself start to reach the point of no return. Pulling out I looked down just in time to see Dianna greedily licking Selena’s come off the vibrator underneath us. The sight made my cock lurch as I moved around on the bed to present my cock to Selena.

“Mmm,” Selena said dreamily as she saw my cock and opened her mouth.

Easing the head of my cock into her waiting mouth I groaned as her lips closed around it. Grabbing the back of her head my hips started to thrust forward of their own volition as my need to come took control. Closing my eyes I fucked Selena’s mouth with barely enough control to keep from shoving my cock all the way down her throat as I felt the come rising in my balls.

Pulling out until only the head was still in her mouth I let the first volley of semen burst forth into her hungry mouth. A moan echoed from Selena’s throat as spurt after spurt erupted into her hungry mouth.

When I’d finally spent myself I let my cock slip from Selena’s mouth but she wasn’t quite done with me yet. Grabbing hold of my cock at the root she started licking along the shaft, as if making sure to clean every inch of it.

“Think you have one more in you? Because you owe me a cream pie and Dianna looks like she could use some more attention,” Selena said, looking up at me as she dragged her tongue along the underside of my cock.

“I really could,” Dianna said, spreading her legs even wider to show her enthusiasm.

“I think I can manage,” I said, my cock already starting to respond to Selena’s ministrations. “How do you want me to fuck her? Should I bend her over? Missionary?”

“I want her to ride you” Selena said, rolling off of Dianna. “You want to be on top of Danny, don’t you Dianna?”

“Mmhmm,” Dianna answered, sitting up to make room for me to lay down on the bed.

“Just a minute,” Selena said, interrupting Dianna as she started to throw her leg over my waist.

Grabbing hold of my cock Selena took me into her mouth. Working her mouth down my cock she stopped when the head of my cock bumped against the back of her throat. She paused to let her tongue swirl around the shaft before pulling all the way off.

“Wanted to make sure it was ready for you,” Selena said, grinning as Dianna straddled me.

As Selena aimed my cock Dianna slowly lowered herself onto it. After a couple orgasms, a cream pie, and quite a bit of Selena’s saliva, Dianna’s pussy was flooded with all sorts of lubrication that allowed me to slide into her effortlessly.

“Mmmm,” Dianna moaned as she settled down with my cock ensconced entirely within her.

“Lean forward,” Selena said, pushing Dianna forward.

As Dianna leaned forward with her hands on my chest she started to rock on top of me. Putting my hands on her hips I helped her along but for the most part I just enjoyed watching Dianna use my cock for her own pleasure.

Feeling the bed shift under my legs as Selena moved around behind us I tilted my head to look around Dianna. I watched as Selena leaned down and felt a tongue tickling my scrotum before she took first one one of my testicle into her mouth to suck on.

“Don’t forget the other one,” I grunted, thrusting up into Dianna.

Mumbling an incoherent comment around my nut, Selena let it slip from her mouth before she sucked my other testicle into her mouth. While she sucked on my ball she used her hand to fondle and caress the other one.

Abandoning my nuts I felt Selena’s tongue move up to my shaft, licking up some of the juices that Dianna was leaving behind as she lifted up. After a moment or two of that Selena’s tongue disappeared and suddenly Dianna stopped mid-thrust and her eyes went wide in shock.

“She’s licking my ass,” Dianna hissed, clearly trying to decide whether she liked it or not.

“You did it to me, so I thought I’d try it,” Selena said before going back to work.

“Does it feel good?” I asked as I lifted my hips to drive up into Dianna.

“Kinda,” Dianna admitted, bending down a little further to give me Selena a better target for her rimming.

“Feels kinda naughty, doesn’t it?” Selena asked, locking eyes with me and instantly I knew I’d been spending too much time around her because I immediately knew what she had in mind without her saying a word.

“So naughty,” Dianna agreed, too busy fucking my cock to notice as I grabbed the bottle of lube and handed it to Selena.

“What about this?” Selena asked, squirting lube on her fingers before pressing one of them against Dianna’s tight anus.

“Uhh,” Dianna grunted as Selena’s finger penetrated her ass.

As Dianna continued to ride my cock I could feel Selena’s finger moving around in Dianna’s ass. Studying Dianna’s face I could tell that she was really getting off on it even if she wasn’t quite willing to admit it yet.

“I want to watch you fuck her ass,” Selena told me.

Dianna turned her head as if to object but Selena had already grabbed my cock and pulled it out of Dianna’s pussy. She slathered some lube along the shaft before pressing the head against Dianna’s asshole.

Putting a hand on Dianna’s cheek I turned her head to look at me. To calm her down I gave her as reassuring a look as I could muster. When she started to visibly relax I used my other hand to pull her down onto my cock.

Dianna’s eyes went wide and she panted for air as the head of my cock popped past her sphincter but I pulled her down into a kiss to take her mind off any discomfort. Feeling her start to relax again I gently thrust upwards into her, stuffing another inch up her butt.

Breaking the kiss I looked at Dianna as she tried a small bounce that took a little more of me inside her. A small grimace crossed her face but it must not have been too bad because she followed it with another small bounce that ended with about half of my cock in her ass.

“Now for this,” Selena said, picking up the vibrator.

Turning the knob on the base Selena felt it hum to life in her hand. Pressing the tip against Dianna’s stomach she slowly moved it down towards Dianna’s pussy before finally letting it press against Dianna’s clit.

“Ohhhh,” Dianna moaned, the vibrations giving her the courage to sink down on the remainder of my cock.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Selena asked Dianna, rubbing Dianna’s clit with the vibe.

“Yeah,” Dianna said, putting her hands on my stomach and lifting halfway off my cock.

“Feels good on my end as well,” I said, Dianna’s ass squeezing me even tighter than Selena’s had, if that was possible.

“Fuck that big cock, Dianna,” Selena whispered into Dianna ear as Dianna worked herself up and down my shaft. “Make him come in your ass so I can eat it out of you.”

“So nasty,” Dianna moaned, a shudder of pleasure coursing through her body at the thought.

“Mmm, don’t I know it,” Selena agreed before leaning down to suck on Dianna’s closest nipple.

“Oh yeah,” Dianna moaned, the combination of Selena’s mouth on her nipple and the vibrator on her clit causing her eyes to close as the pleasure hit her.

As Dianna bit her lip and continued to ride me I realized that Selena was left unattended. While she didn’t seem to mind that she was the odd girl out, and even seemed to enjoy making Dianna the center of attention, I didn’t feel right leaving Selena completely out.

Moving one hand from Dianna’s hip I slid it across the bed to where Selena was kneeling next to Dianna. She was too busy focusing on Dianna and I felt her start a little when she felt my hand brush her thigh, but when my fingers found her pussy she moaned into Dianna’s chest and hitched her ass higher to give me easier access.

Easing my finger into Selena I pumped into her a couple times before pulling out and circling her clit with my fingertip. After a few moments of rubbing her little button I pushed the finger back inside her.

“So close,” Dianna murmured. As if I couldn’t tell by the way her thrusts were becoming more and more ragged the closer her orgasm got.

“Gonna come with my cock in your ass?” I asked Dianna.

“Yeahhhh,” Dianna moaned, nodding her head as she fucked my cock with her ass.

With one hand still busy alternating between finger fucking Selena and rubbing her clit I moved the other one from Dianna’s hip up her body. As my fingers ran over her rib cage I noticed her tattoo before my palm finally settled on the breast that wasn’t currently being attended to by Selena.

“Ohhhh god, I’m gonna, ohhhh fuck, I’m commmming,” Dianna squealed, finally being pushed over the edge.

As Dianna slammed herself all the way down and her asshole clamped down on my cock I gritted my teeth in an effort to try to ride her orgasm. I knew Selena wanted me to come in Dianna’s ass, but I wanted to spend a little more time with my cock up Dianna’s ass. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be as Dianna moved just enough on my cock as she shuddered through her orgasm to push me past the point of no return.

“I’m gonna come in your fucking ass,” I growled as I felt the come rise in my balls.

“Oh yeah,” Dianna moaned as she felt me explode inside her. When I’d emptied my balls inside her, Dianna collapsed on top of me.

Dianna had barely hit my chest before Selena was pushing her off me. Dianna groaned at Selena’s treatment, but turned to a moan as Selena’s tongue went after the jizz already starting to leak out of her gaping asshole.

“Clean Danny up while I clean you up,” Selena suggested between licks of Dianna’s ass.

“What?” Dianna asked, turning her head to look at my cock with a look of revulsion.

“I want you to suck his cock,” Selena answered, pulling Dianna’s cheeks apart so she could eat Dianna’s ass with even more gusto. “Mmm, taste your ass on his cock.”

I could tell that Dianna wanted to say no, but instead she reached out and took hold of my softening cock. Shifting around on the bed she brought her head over my crotch and paused for a moment.

Taking a breath to steel her nerves Dianna opened her mouth and took the head of my softening cock between her lips. She must have decided she liked it because as she swirled her tongue around the head she moaned and started to take more of it into her mouth.

“Kinky, isn’t it?” Selena asked as Dianna tried to inhale my prick.

“Mmhmm,” Dianna moaned, making sure every inch of my cock was coated with at least three layers of saliva before finally letting it slip from her mouth.

“’Mary had a little lamb’? Fan of the old nursery rhyme or something?” I asked Dianna,  reading the tattoo on her ribcage as I ran my fingers over it.

“My mom is named Mary and she always called me her Lamb,” Dianna explained, as she sat up.

“That is adorable,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to have to call you Lamb from now on.”

“Only if Selena lets me borrow you again sometime,” Dianna said, turning her head to look at Selena as she lay on her stomach behind her.

“You can borrow him whenever you want,” Selena said, smiling with a twinkle in her eye that I wasn’t whether I liked or not. “Just remember to invite me to come with on occasion.”

“Do I get any kind of say in this?” I asked, looking back and forth between them.

“Please, you’d come running if Di called and said she had an itch for you to scratch,” Selena said, rolling her eyes at my feigned indignation.

“Okay, but can we at least pretend like I have a little control?” I sighed.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Dianna said, giggling as she got off the bed.

“I think I’m going to go home and catch a nap before the charity thing I have tonight,” Selena said.

“Then I guess I’ll walk you out,” I said, realizing it’d be kinda weird if I stuck around Dianna’s room while they went elsewhere.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to come to this thing with me?” Selena asked me as I grabbed my clothes. “It’s a really good cause.”

“Sure, but I’m not walking any red carpet,” I answered, pulling on my clothes as I followed after Selena while she searched for the clothes she’d hastily stripped off on her way to Dianna’s bedroom in the first place. “It’ll give me a chance to tell you my big news.”

“Big news? Ooh, tell me, tell me,” Selena said, bending over so she could step into her pants.

“It can wait,” I said, openly watching as she jiggled in all the right places pulling up her pants.

“Nooo, noowwww,” Selena said, whining like an impatient kid as she put on her shoes.

“Let’s just say in a couple weeks hopefully I’ll be known for more than just as the guy trying to destroy the happiness of an A list tweener pop star,” I said as Selena pulled her shirt on.

“Now I’m really intrigued,” Selena said, slipping her arm in mine as she grabbed the rest of her stuff before leading me out the front door.

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