Adventures In Television #9 – Indecent Proposal

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Adventures In Television #9 – Indecent Proposal

By voodoojoe

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” a woman said as I felt a hand patting my cheek.

“Huh, what?” I asked, trying to move but finding I couldn’t. Opening my eyes I saw Selena Gomez sitting on my chest with my hands pinned under her knees.

“It’s your big day, I wanted to make sure you didn’t oversleep,” Selena said, looking at me with a smug smirk on her face.

“How did you even get in here?” I asked, choosing to let her stay smug instead of using my strength advantage to lift her as I sat up.

“Tom let me in,” Selena responded, hiking her thumb at the door. “I must be losing it though because he didn’t even offer to let me wait for you in his room or anything.”

“It’s not you, he’s just really into his girlfriend,” I said, yanking a hand out from under her knee to scratch my forehead before letting her trap it once more.

“That’s still going on?” Selena asked, as surprised as I was that a woman had managed to keep Tom’s attention for more than a couple weeks, let alone still had him hooked like a fish three months later.

“Aw, are you jealous that he’s not fawning over you any more?” I asked her.

“Maybe a little,” Selena confessed. “I mean, nothing was going to happen, but a girl kinda likes having a guy wrapped around her finger.”

“Yeah, because I’m sure that’s a real problem for you, finding guys that will fall all over themselves for you,” I said, turning my head and looking at the clock. My alarm was still fifteen minutes from going off.

“It’s tougher than you might think,” Selena sighed.

“Anyway, thanks for waking me up and all, but you mind getting up so I can go shower?” I asked, wiggling my hands to show that she still had them pinned to the bed.

“You know, if you really wanted to thank me,” Selena said, biting her lower lip.

“Fine, Tom left you a couple cupcakes on the bottom shelf at the back of the fridge,” I said.

“Yay,” Selena said, jumping off me. Her skirt flared up just enough to let me know her panties were yellow as she turned and ran for the kitchen

Shaking my head at her mood shift I hopped out of bed. Flicking the switch to turn off my alarm clock before it could go off I stretched my arms out to my sides and then brought them up over my head.

As I stepped out of my room I was greeted by the sight of Selena bent over, her ass waving slightly in the air as she dug through the fridge. When she found her cupcakes she popped up and smiled brightly.

“Tell Tom thanks for the cupcakes,” Selena said as she headed for the front door. “You’re coming over later, right? I was thinking of making enchiladas if you get the movie.”

“I’ll make sure to drop by after the show,” I said as Selena closed the door.

“Your girlfriend comes over first thing in the morning and you don’t even fuck her? Where’s the Danny I know and tolerate?” Tom asked, emerging from his room dressed for work.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I sighed, getting tired of telling people that.

“If you say so,” Tom said, clearly not buying it as he headed for the door himself.

“She’s not,” I hollered after him as he closed the door. Staring at the closed door I repeated it a little quieter. “She’s not.”

+ * + * +

“Are you nervous or excited?” Joan Simmons asked as she applied makeup to my face with a small triangular piece of white sponge. Tall and cute with skin the color of a strong cup of coffee, Joan and I had flirted a bit over the last few months but this was the first time we’d really gotten to really talk.

“A little of both,” I admitted. I was about to host the show for the first time and I could feel the butterflies flitting around in my stomach. If I did well then I’d get to tape two segments for two shows tomorrow with one of them to air on New Year’s.

“I’m sure you’ll be great,” Joan said, touching up my forehead.

“Five minutes,” Linda Kramer, the head producer and show runner, said as she walked through.

“Good luck,” Joan said, when she finished the job.

Grabbing the stack of papers in front of me I skimmed through them to make sure nothing had changed since the production meeting an hour earlier. Feeling satisfied that I had everything down I turned to focus on the camera.

“Five…four…three…” Bill, the cameraman said before silently mouthing ‘two’ and ‘one’ and signaling that I was on. When the red light on top of the camera came on though my brain went blank.

+ * + * +

“Great show everyone,” Linda said, shaking me out of my trance.

Zoning back in I half expected to get fired on the spot but instead I was getting pats on the back and congratulations. I had no idea what had happened while I was on the air but apparently I hadn’t frozen up so much as just gone into auto-pilot.

It was the weirdest thing. Sure there were times where my memory was a little fuzzy because I’d been nervous or whatnot, but never for that long or that complete. I mean, my memory was completely blank, like someone suddenly put a lens cap over the camera and let it keep recording a black screen.

Heading back to the room that was serving as my temporary dressing room I reached into my pocket and turned on my phone. I’d turned it off so it wouldn’t accidentally ring while the cameras were rolling.

Finding an e-mail from Richie Tozier I opened it up. My eyes opened wide when a picture of Elisha Cuthbert in a bikini waving at the camera popped up on my screen. Scrolling down I laughed when Richie made a comment about Elisha insisting she owed me the picture before reminding me that I’d promised to check on their house while they were gone.

Tucking the phone back in my pocket I started wiping the makeup off my face. When I was confident I’d gotten as much off as I was going to get I shrugged off the jacket and tie I’d had to wear on camera. Grabbing my coat I ducked out and went to see if Linda needed anything from me before I could go find some dinner.

+ * + * +

“You’re just in time,” Selena said when she answered her door. Technically she still lived with her parents, though she’d had an addition put on one side of the house with an outside entrance that served as an apartment of sorts and turned the house almost into a duplex.

The smell of Mexican food wafted through the place as she moved aside to let me through the door. Taking off my coat I hung it on the rack next to the door and with the DVD in hand I followed her into the kitchen.

“Anything you need help with?” I asked her as she started cutting up lettuce for a salad.

“Think you can handle grating some cheese?” Selena asked, knowing I was largely useless in the kitchen if it involved more than boiling water. That’s why I kept Tom around, he was the one that knew how to not only turn on an oven but to keep stuff from burning inside it.

“No guarantees,” I said, grabbing the block of cheese and the grater.

“Selena, your dad’s taking me out tonight. Do you think I can borrow your earrings? Oh, hello,” Selena’s mom, Mandy, said as she rounded the corner and saw me.

“Mom, you remember Dan, don’t you?” Selena asked, picking up the lettuce and depositing it in a bowl.

“Your ‘friend’, right?” Mandy said as she followed Selena towards her bedroom.

As I grated cheese I tried not to listen but snippets of their conversation drifted by as Selena tried to tell her mom that there really wasn’t anything between us. When Mandy didn’t seem to buy it Selena assured her that I was interested in Taylor and not her.

“Bye Dan,” Mandy said as she walked by on her way out. “Nice meeting you again.”

“Goodbye Mrs. Teefey,” I said, using her married name.

“Now we just need to sprinkle the cheese over the enchiladas and let it melt and we’re good to go,” Selena said, opening the oven and pulling the dish out.

+ * + * +

“You’re going to make me fat, you know that?” I joked as I set the empty plate down on the coffee table. The enchiladas had been delicious with just enough heat to make them enjoyable but not enough to numb your taste buds and overpower the flavors.

“I know a way you can work off some of those calories,” Selena said, raising an eyebrow just in case I hadn’t caught her suggestive remark.

“I can’t tonight,” I said even though my eyes definitely lingered over the cleavage in her dress. “I have to pick up a friend’s mail while they’re on vacation.”

“Fine, but you’re not leaving until the movie’s over,” Selena said, turning on the movie. “What’d you bring, anyway?”

“Ted,” I responded. I’d seen it in theaters and Tom and I had already watched it a couple times since I’d picked it up when it came out on DVD.

“I love this movie,” Selena said, leaning against me and curling her feet up on the couch next to her.

“It is pretty funny,” I said, putting an arm around her.

“Sometimes I wish I had a real boyfriend,” Selena sighed, leaning her head on my shoulder. “Someone I could go on a real date with or hold hands with in public. You know, all that sappy romantic stuff.”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find one,” I told her. “There’s gotta be thousands of guys out there that would kill to be your boyfriend. Maybe even a couple that don’t live in their parents basement making dirty comments about you on message boards. You mean there’s no one you’re even kinda into?”

“Maybe, but he’s not into me,” Selena said, cuddling up to me and making it pretty clear that was the end of the discussion.

+ * + * +

After leaving Selena’s I headed for Richie’s house. He’d said that his friend Matt’s young son had wanted to watch their dog while they were gone so I didn’t have worry about that, but I still had to water plants and stuff.

As I walked through the house my phone started ringing. Pulling it out of my pocket I looked at the screen but didn’t recognize the number. I thought about ignoring it but my curiosity was piqued.

“Hello?” I asked as I answered the phone.

“Is this Dan?” a female voice asked on the other end.

“That would depend on who’s calling,” I answered.

“This is Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone gave me your number and said I should call you,” she said.

“She did, did she?” I said, smelling some sort of joke. “And what do I have that Emma thinks you need?”

“Not over the phone,” the woman claiming to be Christina responded. “Meet me at the Winter Thorne Hotel downtown in an hour.”

“Sure, I’ll just run downtown because someone calls me claiming to be someone famous,” I snorted. “Tell Emma she’ll have to do better next time.”

“Don’t hang up,” the woman said. “Just come to the hotel, I promise you it’ll be worth your time.”

“Fine, I’ll meet you in the hotel bar,” I said.

I figured the worst case scenario was that I waste an hour sitting in a hotel bar nursing an overpriced drink while no one shows up. But if she really was Christina Hendricks then I could at least spend some time staring at her tits while she explained why she dragged me all the way downtown. And if it was really Emma playing a joke, then I can spend some time having a drink with a friend.

“See you then,” ‘Christina’ said before hanging up.

+ * + * +

“Heineken,” I told the bartender as I took a seat.

“I’ll have the same,” a woman said from behind me.

Spinning around in my chair I came face to face with perhaps the most impressive rack I’d ever seen. It was so impressive it took every ounce of effort I could muster to forcefully drag my eyes away from it and up towards the woman’s face.

“Dan?” Christina Hendricks asked, sliding into the chair next to me.

“I guess you were telling the truth about who you were,” I said, then stopping to figure out whether what I had just said was actually grammatically correct. Finally I settled on ‘maybe’ and turned my focus back to Christina. “So, what can I do for you that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?”

“I want you to have sex with me,” Christina said, almost making me choke on my beer.

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that,” I said, my suspicions of Emma playing a practical joke on me growing even more. “Aren’t you married?”

“Yeah, but he really likes to watch,” Christina answered. “I was talking to Emma and when it came up she said I should talk to you.”

“Ah, so there’s the joke,” I muttered to myself, knowing Emma would find it hilarious just thinking about the situation she’d put me into. “Look, I love Mad Men and think you’re awesome and all, but I can’t. It’d just be too weird to have some guy I’ve never met sitting in the corner jerking off, and even weirder knowing he’s your husband.”

“So there’s no way?” Christina asked.

“Not with him in the room, no,” I said, feeling weird just talking about it.

“What if he wasn’t in the room?” Christina asked.

“Would we be on closed circuit television or something?” I mused, wondering how exactly she thought her husband might watch and not be in the room.

“A camera could work,” Christina replied.

“So now you want me to make a sex tape with you for your husband to watch? I’m not sure that’s much better,” I said, though at least it might eliminate the creepiest part of the equation.

“Are you sure? Because he got pretty excited when I mentioned I might have found someone and I don’t want to disappoint him,” Christina said.

I started to say no, but then I realized it was the husband watching part that was likely Emma’s practical joke. Christina was actually one of Emma’s few self-admitted girl crushes so there was a good chance that Emma actually wanted me to fuck her, if only so I could report back and she could fuck Christina vicariously through me without having to worry about trying to seduce her and getting shot down.

“Fine, but you do everything I say. If you don’t feel like doing something, I’ll delete the video and we go our separate ways,” I said, hoping I wasn’t pushing it too far.

“I’ll have to talk to him about that,” Christina said, taking a sip of her beer.

“You have my number, let me know what you two decide,” I said, dropping some cash on the bar to cover our drinks. As I headed for the door I honestly couldn’t decide whether I wanted her call or not.

+ * + * +

“You’re going to what?” Selena’s voice echoed from my phone as I searched the apartment for my video camera.

“She has to talk to her husband and make sure he’s okay with it before anything gets decided,” I said, trying to remember what I might have done with such an important piece of equipment.

“You’re going to tape yourself having sex with Christina Hendricks, and you’re not going to let me see it?” Selena screeched.

She’d called to say she’d watched my show and thought I’d done a great job. Then when I’d told her about my little meeting with Christina her reaction had naturally revolved around whether I was going to let her watch the footage or not. Most women would’ve objected on some moral level, or even over how I’d turned down her advances and suddenly was willing to accept an offer from another woman, but no, Selena just wanted to see the video.

“Sorry, not gonna happen,” I said. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to watch the video on my own let alone let Selena watch it, just a little too weird.

“Then you’re going to have to make it up to me,” Selena said and I could hear the gears turning in her head even over the phone.

“Might as well come on out and say what you want,” I told her.

“Lets just leave it as a favor for now, but I’m sure you’ll like whatever I choose,” Selena said as I pictured the evil grin on her face.

“You wouldn’t happen to know where my video camera is, would you?” I asked her when I’d finished searching every inch of my room.

“Did you check with Tom? I’m sure he’s probably used it to make a video or two of his own,” Selena answered.

“Maybe I should just buy a new one,” I said, pondering whether I wanted to venture into Tom’s room to look for it.

“I’ve got one you can borrow, but you have to take me to the hockey game on Wednesday,” Selena offered.

“Man, you come with all sorts of strings attached tonight, don’t you?” I asked, laughing. Tom was busy and didn’t particularly like hockey, so I was already planning on dragging Selena, but I couldn’t just come right out and agree.

“I can come with strings attached on Wednesday too if you want to tie me up,” Selena said, making me groan at her pun.

“Wow, that was almost as bad as it was hot,” I said, feeling like I should be checking out the price of restraints online for the next time she stayed over. “I’ll be over in a bit to get the camera.”

+ * + * +

“Has she called yet?” Selena asked as she let me in. She’d changed out of the dress she’d been wearing earlier and into t-shirt and shorts that somehow made her look even hotter.

“Not yet,” I answered as I followed her, unable to get my eyes to venture above her waist. No matter how hard I tried they kept wandering back to her ass and legs.

“Well if she doesn’t call, you can always stay here if you want,” Selena offered.

“Talk about tempting,” I said, having to work very hard to resist throwing her over my shoulder and dragging her off to her bedroom like a caveman.

“Now I kinda want her to not call so I can have you an extra night,” Selena sighed as she handed me the camera. “But I also want to watch those big tits sway as you’re fucking her. Talk about torn.”

“You’re not watching the video,” I hissed at her.

“It’s my camera, I should get to watch what you filmed with it,” Selena pointed out.

“If Christina and her husband say you can watch it, then knock yourself out,” I said, rolling my eyes at her persistence.

“Would I have to fuck Christina to get access to it? Because I’d definitely be willing to risk getting smothered by those tits of hers,” Selena sigh dreamily.

“Speaking of Christina,” I said as my phone beeped with a text from Christina that merely said ‘WTH 2112.’

“Oh well,” Selena muttered. “Anyway, I thought you might need some of this.”

“And what exactly do you think I might need this for?” I asked her as she handed a bottle of lube.

“Well, it never hurts to have some in case she needs a little extra lubrication. Or if you wanted to slap your cock down between those tits and go to town,” Selena said. “Plus I really want to watch you fuck her in the ass, that would be soooooo hot.”

“Maybe I’ll save it for Wednesday after the game,” I said, winking at her.

“You don’t need to,” Selena said with a smirk. “Ashley told me how much you liked that cherry flavored lube she and Lucy had, so I got some of that for when my ass stops feeling so sore.”

“You’re making it really hard to leave,” I grunted, trying not to imagine my cock sliding into Selena’s ass because if I did then I’d be there all night.

“Then go, but be warned, it’s been a couple days so I’m planning on wearing you out on Wednesday,” Selena said, pushing me in the back and steering me towards the door when my brain went into meltdown.

+ * + * +

“You figured out the message,” Christina said as she opened the door to room 2112 of the Winter Thorne Hotel.

“Wasn’t hard,” I said, surveying the room as I moved past her.

Selena hadn’t given me a tripod so I need some place to set the camera to get a good view of the action. Setting the camera down next to the tv on the table across from the bed I turned the view finder around so it could be seen from the front of the camera. It still wasn’t quite as high as I wanted it so I rummaged through drawers until I found the room’s bible and slipped it under the camera to lift it up a few more inches.

“I hope I’m not committing blasphemy using a bible to prop up a camera to make a sex tape with another man’s wife,” I muttered to myself before turning my attention to Christina. “If you want to give your husband a show, a little strip tease for the camera wouldn’t hurt. Just stand in front of the bed while I make sure the camera is zoomed in properly.”

Remembering my condition about her doing anything I said Christina started an impromptu dance for the camera. As she swished her hips she undid the belt of her dress. Reaching down she grabbed the fabric of the skirt and started to pull it up her legs until she had it up around her waist, exposing a purple thong as she turned around to show the camera.

Still holding the skirt of the dress around her waist with one hand Christina reached behind her with the other to pull down the zipper. With the dress now loose she lifted the whole thing up over her head, leaving her in just the thong and her bra doing a heroic job of keeping her breasts corralled.

Stopping any pretense of fiddling with the camera I stopped and watched as she reached behind her to unhook the bra. Though I’d never really considered myself a boob man, as evidenced by my general choice in women, I think my eyes bugged out of my head when Christina pulled her bra away and those massive jugs came into view.

Sensing my fixation, or possibly just knowing what pretty much every guy fixates on with her, Christina put her hands underneath her tits and hefted first one boob and then other towards her mouth. She shot me a quick look as she licked each of her nipples.

While she was doing that I kicked off my shoes and socks. As I started undoing my belt Christina hooked her fingers into the waist of her thong and pushed it down her thighs to reveal a perfectly shaven snatch.

By the time she was completely naked I’d gotten my pants down around my ankles. As I stepped out of them Christina dropped to her knees in front of my and grabbed my boxers. While Christina pulled down my boxers I turned to the side to make sure the camera could have a good shot.

As I stepped out of my boxers Christina reached out and took hold of my cock. Lifting it up she gave it a couple strokes before leaning forward to lick along the underside of the shaft. When she reached the crown she made sure to look up at me as she ran her tongue along the ridge.

“Suck it,” I grunted just before she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head.

Gripping my cock Christina slowly lowered her head, taking more of it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. As her mouth took care of the head and top of my shaft, her hand wrapped around the base and slowly stroked me.

“Very good,” I grunted, putting a hand on the back of her head and gently pushing her head a little further down on my cock.

Applying suction Christina lifted back up. Reaching the tip she let my cock slip from her mouth. As her hand stroked my shaft she lowered her head and took one of my testicles into her mouth. Sucking my nut she tilted her head to look up at me.

“Do you want to keep sucking, or do you want to get fucked?” I asked Christina as I looked down and saw her other hand busy between her legs.

“Fuck me,” Christina said breathlessly.

“Hmm,” I said lifting her up. “Hands and knees on the bed.”

As Christina snapped to do what I said, I looked in the viewfinder of the camera and adjusted it to make sure her entire body was in the frame. Satisfied that the angle was right I moved around and crawled onto the bed on my knees behind her.

Gripping her hips with one hand I grabbed my cock with the other and aimed it at her snatch. Like a heat seeking missile the moment the head of my cock felt the wet warmth of her pussy it lunged forward, burying itself within the snug confines of her pussy.

“Uhh,” Christina grunted, pushing back against me.

Grabbing her hips with both hands I pulled back until half of my cock was out of her. Lunging forward I slammed back into her, causing Christina to lower her head and moan. Wanting to put on a good show for the camera I didn’t bother pausing before immediately pulling back again.

As I drove forward into Christina she turned to look back at me. The cheeks of her ass rippled with the force of my thrusts as I drilled into her. Her massive tits shook so violently underneath her that I was at least a little worried that she might hurt herself if she got hit by one of them.

“Harder,” Christina grunted even though I was already giving her almost as much as I could.

Sacrificing a little speed in the name of power I slowed down a bit and started to pull on her hips with all my strength as I pushed forward. The force of my pelvis meeting the cheeks of her ass echoed through the room with a violent crack like I’d just punched her or something.

“Fuck,” Christina moaned as I gave her what she wanted.

Continuing to slam into her with as much force as I could muster I raised a hand. Without warning I brought it down on her ass with moderate strength, just enough to make a nice sound and leave a red print where I’d spanked her.

“Ow,” Christina hissed, nonetheless pushing back to meet my thrusts with a little extra gusto.

“Is this what you wanted?” I hissed as I brought my hand down to smack her ass again.

“Uhhh, yeahhh,” Christina grunted, turning her head to look back at me with a snarl.

“You like it a little rough, huh?” I snapped as I gave her a spanking that even hurt my hand.

“Oww, fuck,” Christina hissed, pushing back even harder against my thrusts.

“Huh, you want it rough?” I asked, leaning forward and turning her head to look back at me. But in doing so my palm pressed against her throat and Christina pushed her neck down, applying a little more pressure.

I was taken aback more than a little by the fact that she seemed to be encouraging me to choke her, but it was her show. Even though I was taking a more dominant role, I was really little more a than guest fuck toy to be used for the enjoyment of her and her husband when he watched so if she wanted something she was going to get it.

So I closed my fingers around her throat. I didn’t tighten them and squeeze or anything, but put just enough pressure to make it feel like I could if I wanted. And when Christina actually seemed to moan at the contact, I upped the ante a bit.

“Is this how you want it?” I demanded, putting just enough pressure on her throat to let her know I wanted her to lift up. “Answer me, you fucking whore.”

“Yeah,” Christina moaned, straightening up on her knees and pressing her back against me. Her breasts were fully exposed to the camera from the side, bouncing wildly as I continued to slam my cock into her.

“You want to come, don’t you?” I hissed into her ear as I felt the early tremors inside her.

“So bad,” Christina moaned, clearly getting off on what I was doing to her.

“I’m not sure I should let you,” I said, slowing down my thrusting just enough to make her grunt out a complaint. “What will you let me do if I make you come?”

“Fuck my tits,” Christina croaked out, desperately pushing her pussy down on my cock.

“I was already going to do that whether you said I could or not,” I snarled. “I was thinking something a little more like shoving my cock up your ass.”

“Huh? Uhh, I never,” Christina said, her eyes opening wide in panic even as her pussy clenched a little tighter around my cock. When her snatch started to try to milk me I couldn’t.

“I guess you don’t want to come then,” I said, moving my other hand to her chest to cup as much of her breast as I could manage and lift its impressive girth.

“Please,” Christina moaned, practically doing all the work as I slowed my thrusting to an almost standstill.

“Tell me to fuck your ass and I’ll make you come,” I whispered into her ear, giving her a sharp thrust to keep her on the verge.

“Make me come,” Christina pleaded.

“Say it,” I hissed, giving the bottom of her breast a light slap to set it jiggling. “Say it right fucking now or I’m fucking leaving.”

“Oh god, fuck my ass,” Christina finally gasped. “Make me come and then fuck my ass.”

“Was that so fucking hard?” I snapped, roughly pushing her back down onto her hands and knees so I could grab hold of her hips.

“Fuck me,” Christina moaned as I started slamming into her as hard as I could once more.

The little break had removed any risk of me coming so I didn’t hold back. As my hips slammed into her ass the sound echoed through the room, drowned only by the sound of Christina’s moans. With a dozen or so strokes I felt the first wave of tremors start to radiate from her center.

“Oh fuck,” Christina gasped as I changed things up a bit by shortening my strokes, sacrificing power for speed.

Putting a hand in the middle of her back I pushed her down until her chest was against the bed. The only thing sticking up from the bed was her ass and she buried her face in the mattress as her orgasm finally took hold.

Her pussy clamped down on my cock and her body shook wildly but I kept right on thrusting, barely slowing down because of the increased tightness. As my cock continued to churn away at her cunt her muffled cries grew even more intense before finally her whole body went limp.

Realizing I was in no-mans-land, I quickly pulled out. I wasn’t quite in danger of blowing my load, but if I’d kept going much longer I would have, and would have done so long before she was ready again. On the other hand, I was also close enough that my cock throbbed a little uncomfortably as if angry that it had been yanked out of such a nice hot environment to wave helplessly in the air, but the break allowed me to regain some stamina.

As Christina sighed blissfully I focused my attention on her ass. It was still sticking up in the air and I ran a finger along the length of her pussy to gather some of the fluids that were currently abundant on the heels of her climax. With my finger nice and soaked I moved it up to run around the edges of Christina’s asshole.

“Uhhh,” Christina grunted, starting to stir as I lightly probed at her back door. I was barely pushing against the center, not hard enough to actually enter but enough to let her know I was there.

“Keep your ass in the air,” I told her, letting go so I could dig through my pants to find the bottle of lube Selena had given me for this exact purpose.

When Christina’s ass started to waver, I gave it a sharp smack to remind her to keep it still. She grunted at the pain but the message seemed to get through because she made sure to keep her butt up in the air as I squirted some lube onto my fingers.

Rubbing a lube covered finger against her rosebud again I slowly pushed against center. But instead of easing up right as it started to give way, this time I pushed on until the tip of my finger had penetrated her to the first knuckle.

“Ohhh,” Christina moaned, pushing against the finger as I eased more of it into her asshole.

Pulling back until just the tip of my finger was in her ass, I paired a second finger next to it and pushed both of them into her. Christina made a noise again, but this time it was more of a throaty growl as her ass was stretched further when I slowly parted my fingers while they were imbedded in her ass.

“Lets try the piledriver position,” I said.

When Christina looked at me a little blankly I realized not everyone watched as much porn as I used to before I graduated and found work soaking up more of my time. So I explained it to her while adjusting the angle of the camera as she laid down on the bed and then carefully slid headfirst off the end. When she had her head and shoulders on the ground with her back leaning against the bed and her legs in the air I climbed onto the bed above her.

Even though I’d greased up her asshole I still made sure to squeeze some lube onto my cock and smear it around as I aimed my cock as her anus. Pushing downward I felt her resist but after another spanking Christina started to open up under the pressure.

“Holy fuck,” Christina gasped as the head of my cock pushed past her O-ring and into her ass.

After giving her a moment to adjust to having a cock in her ass I slowly started to push again. She grimaced a couple times when I gave her a little more than she was ready for, but each time I paused and withdrew a little before continuing my quest.

Finally stuffing the last of my cock into her no longer virgin asshole, I gave her a moment to get used to the feeling. She exhaled sharply and I felt her start to relax before I slowly withdrew. When half of my cock was out of her ass I reversed course and shoved it back in only slightly quicker than I’d removed it.

“Uhhh,” Christina grunted as I slowly fucked her ass.

Watching her face I couldn’t tell whether she liked it or not, but she sure wasn’t stopping me. So as I kept going I kept an eye on her to make sure I wasn’t pushing her too far too fast. Finally her body language seemed to shift just enough and I got the sense that maybe she was starting to get into the act.

“You like having your ass fucked?” I asked with the same demanding tone I’d taken earlier.

“Yeahhh,” Christina moaned, her face turning red from the blood rushing to her while she was upside down.

As I started to fuck her ass with something resembling normal speed I realized that even after the small break to to adjust positions and lube her up, I wasn’t that far from climax. But that was probably a good thing because even if she said she liked it I could still see the occasional grimace on her face as I plunged into her. So rather than try to draw it out and take my time I decided to get it over as I could without truly hurting her.

“When I’m done with your ass I’m going to shove my cock down your throat so you can taste your asshole all over it,” I hissed, watching the shock on her face as my words sank in. “Yeah, you’re going to love sucking your ass off my cock, aren’t you, you fucking slut?”

“Uhhh,” Christina moaned, her hands going to her breasts to play with her nipples.

“Answer me or I’ll stop being so gentle,” I said, slamming into her ass with enough power to make the air explode from her in a loud gasp. “You want to taste your ass on me, don’t you?”

“Yeahhh, make me suck your dirty cock,” Christina hissed.

“Almost ready,” I told her, feeling myself approaching the edge.

Grabbing Christina’s thighs I pushed them down to give me even easier access to her ass. Pounding into her with reckless abandon I waited until I was right at the point of no return before pulling out of her gaping asshole. As I moved around I let her slide down on the floor until she was laying on her back with her legs up in the air.

“Suck,” I said, straddling her chest and sticking my cock in her face.

When she hesitated I reached down and put my hand on her neck. I didn’t squeeze but the move combined with the scowl on my face was enough to get her to open her mouth immediately so I could slide my cock inside.

“You like the taste?” I demanded, my hand still on her throat as I slowly pushed more cock into her mouth.

“Mmhmm,” Christina said around my dick as she sucked her ass off of me.

“That’s what I thought, now be a good little whore and make sure to clean every last inch,” I snapped.

Slowly backing out I started to fuck her mouth. When I hit the back of her throat I looked down and tried to decide whether I should try to push further. She’d responded favorably to pretty much everything else, but I wasn’t sure if a forced deep throat would be received the same way.

“Clean it right down to the root,” I said, giving her some warning as I started to push forward. Her eyes went wide as she started to gag a little but somehow she managed to tilt her head back and relax her throat muscles just enough to allow me to keep going until my balls were resting on her chin. “Look at that, you’d make the sword swallowers in the circus proud.”

Feeling the cum start to churn in my balls I slowly backed out of Christina’s mouth. As much as I would’ve liked to blow my load down her throat, there was something I wanted to do much more. So as my cock slipped from her mouth I moved back down her body just enough to slap my prick down right between her massive melons.

Grabbing her tits I folded them over my cock to make a nice blanket of flesh for my member. With only her saliva as lubrication I grabbed the bottle of lube and as I started to slide in and out of the tunnel I’d created between her mammaries I squirted a dollop of the slick stuff onto my shaft to be spread around with my movements.

“I bet you can’t go a day without someone wanting to fuck your tits, can you?” I asked her as I started fucking her tits with more urgency.

“Sometimes it’s more like hours,” Christina said with a grin before letting her tongue dart out to lick the head as it popped out from between her tits.

“I’m gonna come,” I hissed, letting go of her tits.

Lifting up onto my knees a little I gave my cock a couple jerks with my hand to push myself right to the brink. Aiming at her face I let loose and the first spurt hit across her nose and she was lucky she closed her eyes because the second jet arced over her eye and a big blob landed on her eyebrow. Adjusting my aim a bit the third one hit her on the cheek and splattered out from there.

As the power of the bursts started to diminish I leaned forward and pushed my cock between her lips to finish up. When I’d finally fully emptied my balls I fell off to the side to sit on the floor and catch my breath before getting up to turn off the camera.

“Was it what you were expecting?” I asked her as I pulled the memory card out of the camera.

“Not really, but it was actually almost better,” Christina sighed, shifting around so she could sit up.

“I promise to get you the video tomorrow,” I said as I started getting dressed. “Not that I don’t trust you or anything, but I’d like to edit my face out just in case. Though I’d probably suggest you and your husband watch it and then destroy it so it can’t surface later.”

“I’ll try to talk him into it but I think he likes the idea of having it on tape to watch whenever wants,” Christina responded.

“I can’t tell you what to do with it, but as someone that works for the gossip media, albeit on the nicer side of it, I know what something like this could do. So I really recommend getting rid of it as fast as possible,” I said. “But first I need to go home and make sure I erase anything that might identify me just in case you don’t listen to me.”

“Mind if I call you again some time?” Christina asked.

“Probably shouldn’t,” I said. “I mean, this was fun, but you’re married. And I kinda have a thing for someone else, so we’d probably be better off just being friends.”

“Do I know who this lucky girl is? It’s not Emma, is it? Because while she speaks highly of you, she’s definitely in love with her boyfriend,” Christina said.

“I’m sure you know who she is, but the name is staying a secret,” I responded, grabbing Selena’s camera and slipping the memory card into my pocket. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go return a camera.”

+ * + * +

“What are you doing here?” Selena asked when she opened the door to find me on the other side.

“I came to return your camera,” I said, holding it up.

“You could’ve done that any time,” Selena pointed out with a smirk, obviously seeing through my flimsy excuse.

“Well, I figured I should do some editing to the video to blur my face just in case something happened and the wrong person got a hold of it,” I said. “And I guess if someone were to watch it while I was doing said editing, I wouldn’t be able to stop them.”

“Get in here right now,” Selena said, grabbing the front of my shirt and pulling me inside.

Laughing at her eagerness I let her drag me through the house before pushing me down onto a couch. As I opened up my laptop and loaded the video onto it Selena plopped herself down next to me and leaned her head against my shoulder to watch.

When the video started I could feel Selena press herself against me and her breathing got a little shallow as she watched Christina’s breasts swing back and forth with the force of my thrusts. But as the action started to take on a rougher edge I could feel her start to pull back a little. By the end she was barely even sitting next to me and I knew that no matter how much she’d wanted to see the video, I never should’ve shown it to her.

“Well, that was…” Selena said, trying to find the right word as a look of shock and revulsion mixed on her face.

“She wanted it a little rough and she wasn’t exactly telling me to stop,” I said, trying to defend myself as I thought about how odd it was that someone as brash and seemingly experienced as Selena would be so rattled over some admittedly rough sex.

“I guess,” Selena said, struggling to keep from looking so freaked out.

“I think I’m gonna go,” I said, deciding the mood had been ruined and she needed some time to relax.

“You don’t have to,” Selena insisted as I transferred the video over to a thumb drive and erased any other copies.

“I need to work in the morning, but I’ll call you tomorrow about the hockey game,” I said, reaching out and giving her hand a friendly pat. But when Selena yanked her hand away and looked at me like she was afraid I’d hurt her or something I realized just how badly I’d fucked up. “Or not. On second thought, I’ll just give you the tickets and you can take Taylor or your boyfriend or whoever.”

“Oh my god, I didn’t mean that,” Selena said even though her face showed she was still unnerved.

“Unfortunately, I think you did,” I sighed, feeling like I’d been kicked in the gut as I headed for the door.

“Danny, wait,” Selena said, but I didn’t respond and she didn’t make an effort to actually stop me.

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