Adventures Of Delonte And T

Adventures of Delonte and T #1…from ntbr

Delonte and Terrell sat in a Ford Explorer with the windows down in a nice neighborhood in Santa Monica.

Delonte said, “What time is it?”

Terrell puffed on his blunt and looked at his watch, “11:30.”

Delonte sighed and reached for the radio dial from the passenger seat and Terrell smacked his hand. “Mother fucker we have to keep our ears open.”

“T that bitch has been in there forever, she ain’t comin out for a minute.” Terrell just glared at him and Delonte explained, “We can fuckin have our ears open with the radio on.”

A black limo came
down the driveway and Terrell said, “Shut up, that’s her.”

It turned right and Terrell turned the key. The truck started and they took off down the road. Delonte reached under his seat and pulled out two Glock 17 pistols. He clicked them together and said, “That’s what I’m talkin about.”

They followed the limo for about 30 minutes until it exited from the interstate. They were in an open area and approaching a stop sign. Delonte rear ended the limo with the Explorer as the limo stopped and the driver got out.

T exited as well and walked to the car. He was wearing jeans and a white tank top. The driver said, “Fuck man, what the hell!”

The driver knelt down to survey the damage and T put a silenced gun to the back of his head. He pulled the trigger and the driver went limp, falling in a pool of his own blood. Delonte had exited the truck and was alongside the limo. He tried opening the door and it was locked. He used his elbow, which was inside a leather jacket, to smash the window. It caved in and he reached in. Screams were radiating from inside the cab and he unlocked the door, yanking it open.

Inside Hilary Duff was in the far side of the limo holding onto some guy for dear life. She was wearing black knee high boots over black pants and a tight black tube top. She said, “Please, don’t hurt us!”

He pointed a gun at them and said, “Get out here, both of you.”

They paused and he said, “Did I fuckin stutter?”

The guy got out first and said, “Look, we hav…” His sentence was interrupter by Delonte’s fist. He fell against the limo and to the ground.

Hilary said, “Jayson!”

She kneeled down and Delonte pulled her up. She began screaming, “Help!”

Terrell slammed her on the trunk and said, “Nobody can hear you bitch, all you’re doin is pissin me off.”

As Delonte held her down T came and handcuffed her. She was struggling and Terrell grabbed her ass through her crotch and she screamed louder. T wrapped a roll of duct tape around her mouth and head several times. She was shaking her head and kicking around.

Delonte backed up and Terrell led Hilary back to the truck. Once he threw her in the back he nodded at Terrell who promptly shot the guy from the limo in the chest three times. He ran back to the truck and said, “Punch it!”

They rolled off and Delonte looked at Hilary in the back. Terrell had wrapped duct tape around her knees and she was struggling mightily. Tears were streaming down her face. He said, “Fucking bitch almost kicked me in the nuts.”

Terrell lit a joint and took a hit. He passed it to Delonte and said, “Chill the fuck out and hit this.”

Delonte puffed and kicked back. He turned on the stereo and started bobbin his head.

After 30 minutes or so they pulled over by an abandoned house. T pulled in and around the back. He parked right next to an Impala. Delonte said, “I’m takin her first.”

T looked at him and said, “Aight man, I got lookout.”

Delonte smiled and T walked off towards the road. Delonte opened the back of the truck as Hilary’s terrified eyes moved towards him. He took off his jacket and set it on the back seat.He was grinning and pulled her out. He grabbed her elbows and forced her into the house. She was screaming against the tape and they went by a horribly smelling bathroom. Around the corner was a bedroom, with nothing but a mattress in it. He threw her on the floor next to it and returned to the truck.

He came back with a camera and a tripod. He set up the tripod and said, “You’re a movie star, right? I like makin movies too.”

He mounted the camera and said, “I ain’t really into that kid shit or whatever the fuck you do. I’m more of, into action films.”

He got behind the lens and focused so he had a wide view of the mattress. He stepped aside and pulled off his shirt revealing his tattood upper body. He was ripped and picked her up. He pulled out a knife and cut the tape around her knees. He uncuffed her hands and shoved her on the mattress. She glared up and he said, “What are you gonna do? What you wanna fight me?”

He laughed and said, “Tell ya what bitch, you get by me, you free to go.”

She surveyed the room and wiped her face. She jerked up and ran to the right. He laughed and caught her around the waist, throwing face first to the mattress. He said, “That all you got?”

She rolled over and her boot struck him in the nuts. He fell against the wall yelling, “Mother fuckin bitch!”

She sprung up and ran for the door. He caught her by the leg and she tried kicking him off. He pulled her back on the floor and stood up. She stood up and he threw her against the wall. “Now I’m fuckin pissed.”

He punched her in the gut and she caved over on the mattress. She was weezing and coughing through her nose. He got over her and and unzipped her pants, pulling them down. She began to kick and he eventually got them off, revealing she wasn’t wearing underwear. She put her hands over her shaved pussy and he said, “Yeah, I smell that shit.”

She shook her head no as he straddled her, rolling her on her back. He wrapped his arms through each one of her legs, pinning her down. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect, 8 inch long, ridiculously thick penis. He was holding both her arms over her head with his right hand and used his left to work his penis in. She was freaking out, crying now, as he began loosening her up.

He said, “Yeah, you like this dick don’t you you fuckin slut.”

With each pump more and more worked it’s way in. Soon he was going in all the way. He began fucking her hard, holding each one of her hands to the side. She was crying and screaming pretty much non-stop as she tried getting free. He rubbed all over her body, “Fuckin white bitches get me goin.”

He pulled out and forced her on her chest, pulling her to the edge of the mattress. He slipped the cuffs on and bent her over the mattress, fucking her doggy style. After a while he began groaning and nutted in her. He pulled out and she rolled over motionless on the floor. He said, “You a good actor for real.”

He zipped up his pants and T appeared in the door. He said, “You done nigga?”

Delonte nodded and walked out of the room. He walked out towards the door as he screams began again

30 minutes later, T came out and said, “D!”

Delonte walked back to the truck where Terrell had removed a black leather body bag. They walked in the house and Delonte unmounted the camera. Hilary was now fully clothed, and secured with duct tape all over. Terrell unzipped the bag and D forced her in. “This bitch must weigh 50 pounds.”

Terror overcame her eyes as they zipped up the bag. They carried the body bag back to the Impala, and threw her in the trunk. From the back seat D emerged with a gas tank and walked to the house. He soaked all the rooms and emptied 15 gallons in total, and returned to the car with the camera. Terrell has taken a suitcase and set it in the back of the Explorer, which he then backed up right against the house. They got in the Impala and Terrell handed D a remote. He said, “See that red button?”

D said, “I know how the fuck to do it.”

Terrell looked at him as they turned back on the road. They got about a mile away and D pressed the button. A loud explosion occured behind them and D said, “See?”

Terrell shook his head and said, “Time to get our mother fuckin money now.”

“I heard that shit.”

They drove to a secluded area in northern California, and arrived at a giant gated estate. After winding through the landscape, they arrove at a pillared white mansion. Terrell stopped the car and said, “Aight, c’mon.”

They stepped up to the door and it opened. On the other side was a white haired, middle aged man in a robe. He said, “Ah, Terrell, everything went as planned I assume?”

“Yeh, not bad. This is Delonte, D, Mr. Wilkes.”

They shook hands and the man said, “Call me Mike.”

“S’up Mike. Is the package in the trunk?” D nodded and Mike told two men to go get her. He said, “Step into my office fellas.”

They walked through a main hall into an office that was lined with books. They sat down and Mike said, “Can I get you guys anything to drink.”

Terrell said, “No offense Mr. Wilkes, but we got places to be.”

The man smiled and set a suitcase on the desk. He turned it around and opened the case. “2 million cash.”

D said, “Awww shit.”

He took out a wad of cash and sniffed it. One of the guys who had gone to the car peeked in the office and nodded. He exited and Wilkes said, “Well, it’s a done deal.”

Terrell said, “Aight.” They stood.

“Gentlemen, before you leave, I’d like to offer you another opportunity.” He tossed a picture on the table and said, “You know that girl?”

Terrell recognized her as Lindsay Lohan, laughed and said, “Look, after news gets out that this Hilary bitch disappeared you don’t think all these bitches ain’t gonna have security out the ass?”

Wilkes said, “5 million.”

Terrell looked at Delonte who gave him a look of approval. Terrell said, “7.”

“Done. She is staying with her boyfriend all weekend. He has a place in downtown Los Angeles.”

The news was buzzing with Duff’s disappearance. The police had zero leads. Although Terrell was hesitant at first, Delonte was anything but. He would do almost anything for money it seemed. The place where Lohan was staying had a security booth by the gate. Delonte had snuck over the fence and around back to the circuit breaker. He held a walkie-talkie to his face and said, “T, tell me when.”

“Right, stay put.”

Delonte was behind the house, and heard noises from upstairs. He backed up and looked towards the window. It sounded like people fucking. Delonte laughed.

Around front T was walking down the sidewalk. He crept alongside the booth and peeked in. There were two men, and before they could do anything they both had bullets in their skulls. T stepped inside and opened the gate. Once it was open he pulled a ski-mask on and headed for the house. He said over the walkie-talkie, “Hit it.”

Delonte pulled the switch, cut the phones, and kicked in the door. He charged through the house with his gun all over and as he reached the front of the house T kicked in the front door. T said, “Cleared?”

Delonte said, “This half.”

“Do the other side, I’m goin up.”

T charged up the stairs as Delonte ran through the kitchen. T kicked in the first bedroom door, there was nobody in there. The next room in the hallway was a den, empty as well. He got to the room at the end of the hallway and kicked the door open. He was greeted with a gunshot with landed in the wall. He rolled out the door and bolted back in the room. A man was standing behind the bed and T unloaded a couple rounds into him. He fell back against the wall and Lindsay screamed. He was under the covers crying. T walked to the bed and ripped the covers off. She was wearing black lace lingerie.

Delonte appeared in the door and saw her. “Aw shit, look at this bitch.”

She looked at T and said, “You fucking killed him!”

Terrell got over her on the bed and said, “You’s gonna be dead too in a minute if you don’t shut the fuck up.”

She tried pleading and T stuck his gun to her lips and said, “Open up.” She was hesitant and he stuck it in. He said, “There’s an easy way to do this, and there’s a hard way. The easy way, ends with us leaving, and you staying here. The hard way, which also involves us leaving, also involves us taking your dead body with us. So what’s it gonna be hun?”

Delonte pulled his shirt off and walked to the bed. Terrell pulled the gun out and she said, “Do what you want, please, I don’t care, just don’t kill me.”

Terrell stood up and Delonte pulled out his dick. He said, “You know what to do.”

She rolled over and came to his, opening wide and taking it in. She was almost crying but not quite. She bobbed up and down and T pulled down her panties. She let out a whimper as he stuck 3 fingers in her cunt and began loosening her. T said, “This fuckin bitch likes this shit.”

He got on the bed on his knees and inserted his dick. She backed off Delonte’s dick to scream and he grabbed her by the hair, “Do that again and I’ll cut you.”

She went back on him, bobbing up and down against his dick while being fucked hard from behind. After 10 minutes of fucking her, T busted and backed out. Delonte rolled her over and raped her face to face. He forced her to kiss him, sticking his tongue deep down her throat. T walked out of the room and Delonte began getting very rough. He twisted her nipples and kept one hand around her neck at all times. Eventually he pulled out and busted all over her face. She stood alongside the bed and she rolled on her side crying. She wiped her face off on the bed sheet and T re-entered. He said, “Where’s the keys to the Benz.”

She said, “What?”

He pointed the gun at her and said, “The keys to the motherfucking Benz!”

She pointed to the bed stand and T pocketed them. He tossed Delonte a roll of duct tape and Delonte rolled Lindsay on her chest. He wrapped tape around her elbows, forcing them together. She said, “What are you doing, you said you were leaving?”

T said, “We are, you just coming with us.”

She let out a scream just in time to have Delonte force her panties into her mouth. He wrapped tape around her head and she squirmed wildly. He then wrapped her legs at the ankles and the knees. They carried her naked body down to the Benz, and threw her in the trunk. They exited the garage and drove around the corner. They got to a warehouse where they had stored the Impala, and switched cars, heading back to Mike’s.

Look for Adventures of Delonte and T #2…coming soon.

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