Adventures Of Rock Solid – Part 1: Miley Gets Her Revenge

The Adventures of Rock Solid: Miley Gets Her Revenge. Part 1
By Rock Solid

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is 100% fiction, I doubt it ever happened or ever will. I also doubt that celebrities would ever act in such a way. But I do admit it would be awesome if this did happen, eh? eh?! Yeah, you know what I’m talking about 😉

Celebs in the Story:
Selena Gomez – 17
Miley Cyrus – 17
Codes:handjob, oral, ff, mf, mff, blackmail

I would love feedback! this is the first time I’ve ever written a story like this so any kind of constructive criticism
would be very much appreciated. Well, without further ado, enjoy!

Hi, my name’s Rock Solid (Rockery Andrew Solid is my full name). I’m a celebrity advisor, if you don’t know what that is; I basically hold the celebs hand when they’re going through some hard times or have a hard decision to make. A couple of years ago I noticed a some of the female stars checking me out, some of them even offered a few blowjobs here and there and being me, I respectfully accepted. So for two years now I have been a “fun fuck” for the female celebs, which has helped me raise a few bucks…Oh! And fuck some hot girls.

So since then I had made two rules for myself:

1- Don’t get attached to a client.
2- Don’t let a client get attached to you.

Even though they were just two rules, I made sure I never broke them…EVER! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about me before we continue with our story involving me taking two hot teenage girls virginities and those two hot girls were none other than Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus, so enjoy!

Once upon a not quite funny Disney program…(then again it’s Disney)

My current client Selena Gomez and I were sitting in her trailer running through her lines for her show “Wizards of Waverly Place”. She was wearing a tight white shirt that revealed some of her 38c cleavage, she also wore denim short-shorts that showed off her sexy light-bronzed legs. We barely ever got through a page before getting bored and jumping onto each other to begin our DAILY make-out session.

Selena pushed me backwards onto the couch and began to slowly walk towards me, beginning with a slow sexy walk, you couldn’t take your eyes off her legs when she did this, then from a walk turning into a crawl. She finally was on all fours in the middle of my legs (only I knew that she wouldn’t do what your thinking since she was Miss. Role-model at the time). She got up and sat right on my lap, she shuffled around a bit which quickly awoke my 11 inch dick from it’s slumber.

We started off normally, I began kissing down her cheek then slowly down her neck. then back up again. Her quiet moans told me she was enjoying it, she loved to get touched by another person, whilst I was kissing her neck, I began to rub her arm with my left hand and put my right hand just below her underarm hoping to get a bit of side-boob at least.

Selena immediately sensed danger when my hand went a bit to far in.

“Whoa, whoa! You know the rules Rock: no boob, only ass if your lucky, but my boobs are a boy-free-zone.”

“Boy free?” I asked noticing her odd choice of words.

“Well, you know what I mean, no one can touch my breasts, ok?”

I sighed and put on my look of disappointment to make her feel bad.

“Don’t pull that face with me! In a few years when I’m a bit older and no one gives a crap about who’s tits are grabbed or who’s dick is sucked, trust me the wait will be worth it.” She said trying to be reassuring.

“Fuck that!” I yelled.

Selena giggled and told me to be quiet in case someone came in.

“Well seriously, even if we did, no one would know. Right?” I asked trying again to get a boob grab.

“I mean it’s not like I’d run out right after and say ‘I just felt Selena Gomez boobs!’ Who wants to smell my hand?'” I joked trying to get a laugh out of her.

“Yeah, I guess a quick peak wouldn’t hurt.” She said looking into my eyes with the same lustful look she has everyday before we make out.

“Not at all” I said.

She gave me a kiss then got off my lap to stand in the middle of the trailer, she picked up the remote to the iPod stereo near the door, “Fever” by Madonna began to play. Selena started off with a little lap dance, she swayed her hips around in front of me, it took everything I had to keep myself from jumping on her. After about 5 minutes she started to lift up her shirt very slowly, I couldn’t believe the sight of her tight teenaged stomach, it was a piece of perfection with her golden skin and great abs, obviously she wasn’t extremely buff with a full 6-pack but just by looking at her you could tell she was in great shape.

Obviously the song had stopped so it just went on to some of Madonna’s other songs, ironically “Like A Virgin” started to play when Selena finally got the shirt off an on the floor. She just stood there for a minute to allow me to take it all in, she still had her shorts on but bedsides that the only thing standing in my way was a sexy pink bra that right now I hated! Selena could see I couldn’t wait any longer.

“‘You ready?” She said knowing fully well what the answer was.

I nodded, she turned around quickly much to my dismay and unclipped her bra, then she slowly started to peel each bra strap off. I couldn’t handle it any more I had to see them. Selena then cupped the each breast pocket of the bra and turned around to face me.

“Close your eyes, baby.” She whispered over the music.

“But I…”

“Close them or you won’t get to see.” She said firmly.

I decided it was best not to point out how that didn’t make sense and to do what she said, so I closed my eyes.

I could feel her foot steps coming towards me, she then sat on my lap, by this time my cock was wide awake and ready to play, she kissed me again, she then grabbed my hand and began to suck my finger…hard!

“Oh baby!” I exclaimed.

She then took my other hand and brang it up to her boob, I started to massage her breast. Selena started to moan again, but much louder this time. I then leaned forward and took her boob in my mouth (it took my a little while to find it since I wasn’t aloud to open my eyes). I started to suck on her nipple, she began moan even louder. She was definitely enjoying it. She took my finger out of her mouth with a slight popping sound. Selena started breathing much faster whilst ran her fingers through my hair.

“That feels so good Rock but you haven’t seen anything yet.” She said.

“You think?” I joked.

“You can open your eyes now.”

I did so, but only to find all I could see was the inside of a blindfold.

“You know some people find this kinky, but to me…not so much.” I said in annoyance.

“Relax, it’ll be worth.”

“Yeah? How?”

My question was answered with the sound of my jeans being unzipped.

“You know, I think this could work.” I said.

She didn’t say anything, instead she just continued to take off my jeans.

After my pants were fully open off my erection was now half visible (half because my boxers were the only thing holding it back). She started to run her index finger down the shaft through my underwear. To “almost” be touched like that by Selena was basically a dream come true for me. She then ran her finger up again, she hooked the elastic of my boxers and began to tug them down my waist. My cock was now finally free from its fabric prison.

“Wow! H-how big would you say that thing is?” Selena asked.

“Well last time I measured it was about 11 inches” I responded.

“Oh my gosh, it’s just so…big, I have to touch it” She said entranced.

“Enjoy!” I said with a smirk.

Selena started getting used to the cock in front of her by just wrapping her hands around it and studying everything about it, its length, its width, its feel. Then she began to enjoy herself, she began slowly pumping her hand up and down.

After a few moments her speed got faster and faster.

“Oh baby! That feels so good!” I exclaimed.

“We’re just getting started sweetheart.” She said.

She then spat on my cock and started pumping again, I could feel my balls begin to grow tight, my precum began to rise and get spread over my dick as Selena’s hand went up and down on my cock.

Her grip started getting tighter, I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I was going to bust-my-nut all over her cute latina face.

“That’s right baby, come for me! Come all over my face!” She said, I couldn’t believe what she was saying, sweet, innocent Selena Gomez saying she wanted me to shoot my cum all over her face.

I began to moan and breath faster, my dick was about to erupt.

“OOH!!!” I yelled. Selena instinctively put her mouth on the head of my dick and sucked just like vacuum-cleaner.

“Well it looks like I’m interrupting something.” A females voice from the door said.

At the exact same time Selena pulled off my dick but the last bit of suction was enough to push me over the edge and shoot my cum out.

Selena gasped, I guessed that she wasn’t expecting it.

“Rock!” She yelled in surprise.

The female voice laughed.

I pulled off the blind-fold and looked down at Selena, I obviously didn’t come on her face, instead I saw a string of cum hanging from her hair down to her ear then sliding down the side of her neck. I then looked up to find that the girl standing at the door was none other than Miley Cyrus.

“It looks like you two have been busy.” Miley said with and evil grin.

“What the hell do you want Miley?!” Selena said obviously with anger in voice.

“Well for starters I think you should watch your tone you little slut!” Miley said staring at Selena.

“What did you call me?” Selena asked getting up and walking over to Miley.

Miley effortlessly backhanded Selena dropping her to the floor in the middle of the room. Selena looked up at Miley shocked with tears in her eyes and and her hand holding her cheek, I quickly got down and helped Selena up.

“Miley what the hell?” I asked.

Miley crossed her arms and did the classic dumb-girl-thinking look.

“Well the way I see it, is you have two options:

Option 1) You could not cooperate and I take the tape out of that security camera outside that’s been pointing into that window behind you, then I’d post the video of everything you’ve been doing on every site on the web, which would show everyone what you really are Selena and probably put you in jail for performing ‘sexual actions’ with an under-aged girl…”

I quickly looked outside, the camera was indeed there filming Selena and I, I turned back around to face Miley.

“What’s the other option?” I asked hoping it was something like money or a business deal.

“Option 2) You and your slut there are gonna fuck me then I’ll erase the tape.” Miley said completely losing the dumb-girl-look and replacing it with the look of an evil genius.

Selena and I traded shocked and confused looks.

“Excuse me?” Selena asked still rubbing her cheek.

“You heard me, either I get your dick and your clit, or the world does.”

“Can we have a while to think about it?” I asked.

“Well you have about 2 hours until security comes and replaces the tapes, so take all the time you need.” Miley said as she walked through the door and waited outside the trailer.

Selena and I sat back on the couch and talked it over. We agreed that we shouldn’t destroy her rep’ because she may lose her job with Disney, so we decided to do whatever Miley wanted us to do.

She came back in and scanned our faces, she seemed to know our answers already.

“Come here Selena.” Miley said.

Selena sighed and walked towards Miley.

“For the next 2 hours you’re going to be my little whore…”

Selena went to interrupt but was cut-off by the look in Miley’s, a look that told her that Miley would not take any shit from her.

“Like I was saying, you will be my slave, you will do whatever I want you to, no questions asked, do you understand?” Miley asked with a firm tone.

“Yes, Miley.” Selena said looking at her feet.

“Good little whore, now Selena, it seems your boyfriend there is fully naked but you aren’t, so how about you give Rock and I a little strip show, hmm?”

“Yes Miley.” Selena said raising her head and turning to face me.

Miley sat down next to me, which I found rather uncomforting since I was fully naked and the only thing hiding my dick was my fedora that I was wearing before I came to see Selena.

Selena started pulling down her shorts, but Miley stopped her and told her to turn around with a rotating gesture with her finger. Selena nodded and turned around, she then continued pulling down her shorts and slowly bent over as she did so. Her denim shorts soon got around her ankles but Miley told her to stay still. I actually enjoyed that part because I got a great shot of Selena’s perfect, round, firm ass. It looked liked it had absolutely zero fat on it at all, I had to grab a piece.

Miley saw the look of complete lust on my face.

“You like what you see Rocky?” She said.

I didn’t respond.

“Answer me Rock.” Miley said in her firm tone again.

“Y-yeah, I guess so.” I managed to get out.

In the past I’d managed to get a squeeze of Selena’s ass, but I never actually saw it. It was indeed a fine piece of latin-teen ass!

“Why do you like it Rocky?” Miley said getting up and walking towards Selena.

“I dunno.” I said nervously.

Miley began to rub Selena ass cheeks.

“Well by what I’m feeling it is indeed very, very nice. There has to be something you like, right?” She continued.

“It’s uh…very cute.” I whispered.

“Cute?” Miley and Selena said in unison, Miley more of a curious tone, Selena’s slightly cocky.

“Well uhh…”

“Selena I think your boyfriend just insulted you.” Miley said giving Selena’s ass a slight pat.

“No, I meant it looks very hot and uh, sexy.” I said hoping that was the answer Miley (and Selena) wanted.

“Do you think he’s telling the truth babe?” Miley asked Selena.

“Yes Miley.” Selena said growing confidence.

“Well then Selena, it’s agreed, you having a fucking hot ass!” Miley said grabbing a good chunk of Selena’s ass, making her let out a slight moan.

“Now that we’ve discovered that, let’s see what else your packing, hmm?”

Miley sat back down next to me, but this time she took the fedora from my hands and chucked it aside.

“Well it looks like you are enjoying yourself.” Miley said noticing my erection.

She then put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my leg, right next to my dick, this just made it worse for me to try to get the boner down.

“Well then Selena, continue.” Miley instructed.

Selena stood up straight again and turned around to see Miley’s hand near my dick. She looked at me shocked, but all I could do was shrug.

“Selena, I gave you an order.” Miley said with a less than usual firm tone.

Selena nodded with a pissed-off look on her face. She then sighed and began stripping again, she slowly started pulling her matching pink panties off. Her underwear was now around her ankles and her tiny patch of pubic hair was now visible to the room.

“Very as Rocky would say ‘cute’.” Miley said admiring Selena’s body.

Since Selena’s confidence had began to rise she decided to strike pose. It wasn’t show-offy just a hand on her hip and her other in her hair.

Miley just chuckled.

“What do you want to do with her Rock?” Miley said immediately.

“What?” I asked.

“How do you want to fuck her?” She whispered in my ear.

“I dunno.” I answered, not knowing really well what the right answer would be.

“Well, your gonna fuck her, I just want to know how you want to do it.” Miley said surprising both Selena and I.

“Fuck?” Selena asked.

“Yeah, what did you think was gonna happen?” Miley chuckled.

“Well I just thought it was gonna be, you know…oral stuff, blowjobs, muff diving, etc.” She said looking hopeful at Miley.

“There’s an etc?” Miley asked.

“Yeah I think so.” She said.

“Well anyway, that stuff is gonna happen…” Miley said getting up off the couch and walking back over to Selena.

“But that’s not all.” Miley said grabbing Selena’s left breast with her left hand giving her slight shock.

“Do you like that?” Miley asked Selena.

“Yes Miley.” Selena whimpered.

“You do? Well, do you like when I do this?” Miley said as she swung her other hand around Selena’s body and started rubbing her pussy as she kissed her neck from behind.

“Wait!” Selena suddenly shouted past her moans.

“I’m still a virgin.” She whispered.

Miley turned Selena around and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

“Not for long.” She whispered back before kissing her fiercely again.

Miley told Selena to sit on the counter next to the door and spread her legs. She then started stripping off herself, as she did she told Selena to rub her pussy to the sight of Miley stripping.

Miley started taking off her blue plaid shirt, she had no bra underneath her stone hard dime sized nipples were then exposed to the room, Selena started rubbing her pussy much faster and breathed harder. Miley’s breasts were a bit bigger than Selena’s and her stomach was also much tighter. Miley spun around once to show us both her body she then gave Selena a little wink and then continued stripping. She started pulling her shorts very slowly down her lightly tanned legs, she was wearing a black silk thong that made Selena rub her pussy furiously.

Miley kicked off her shorts and twirled around one last time before taking off her thong, she walked over towards me and stopped to turn and face Selena, she blew Selena a kiss before bending forwards to show me a great view of her ass-hole and pussy, I couldn’t stand it! I had to put my dick in both holes on both girls! Miley started sliding her thong down her legs, but I paid no attention to that, I was stuck on how tight her bare pussy looked, it looked as if I wouldn’t even be able to put my little finger in it. I managed to look over at Selena who was rubbing her pussy and thrashing at her tits wildly, I hadn’t even noticed how hard my cock was by this point, but both girls had.

Miley had gotten on her knee’s in the middle of my spread legs and stared intently at my hard dick. She gripped it hard, almost viciously, but it seemed to just make me hornier, Miley moved in and started licking up and down my throbbing cock, she got to the tip and starting dipping her tongue lightly at the hole, when she pulled away, a few inches a thin string of either saliva or precum was hanging from my dick to her tongue.

“Why don’t you come join us, baby?” Miley called out to Selena.

“But I’m almost…” Selena began to complain.

“Selena, I do believe I gave you an order.” Miley said sternly.

“Yes Miley.” Selena groaned.

Selena sat down behind Miley and gazed at my saliva soaked dick.

“How’d I do so far?” Miley asked Selena.

“Pretty good, but you missed something.”

“Oh, it seems I have do you want to get it for me?” Miley instructed Selena talking about my balls.

“Well I think I can handle ’em” Selena said.

Selena and Miley swapped positions so that Selena could get to my balls more easily, Miley sat back on the couch next to me and took my hand to put it on her pussy, I started rubbing her pussy about the same time Selena started stroking my hard dick, I tried to match the strokes but it became more difficult when Selena began suck harder on my balls.

Selena was getting used to the peculiar taste but she started to enjoy the feeling of me in her mouth more. She continued stroking my dick, the sensation of my nuts getting sucked and my dick stroked was incredible. Miley began to moan and groan as my fingers rubbed at her pussy.

“Yes! That feels so good! AAAAAH!!!” Miley shouted in orgasmic pleasure.

Miley and Selena both began to rub and pinch at their own boobs. I could feel my dick getting ready for round two as Selena’s soft hands went up and down, I groaned in pleasure as she pulled away from my balls and began to suck at the head of my dick as she continued stroking. Miley jolted and screamed as her orgasm rushed out of her tight pussy, she took my wet hand from her pussy and began to lick her up her sweet juices.

“It tastes so nice.” Miley giggled.

“Here have some.” Miley said as she stuck her tongue down my mouth.

I groaned as I pushed Selena’s head down on my dick and my cum shot into the back of her throat, at first she was surprised, but then she kept her head down as my cum squirted into her mouth. She managed to swallow it all in one gulp which surprised both Miley and me.

“Ohhh.” I moaned as Selena pulled away from cock.

Selena then gave me a final lick before sitting up on the couch with me and Miley.

“Well sex-toys, I think we have another hour until the guards change the tape. Who’s up for some good ol’ fashioned fucking?” Miley said with a cheeky grin.

To be continued…

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