Adventurous Minxes

Title: Adventurous Minxes

Author: Money

Celebs: Elizabeth Gillies, Bella Thorne, Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard

Codes: MF, MFF, oral, anal, orgy

Summary: Celebs have flashbacks of author having sex with them and compare notes only to find a surprise when they track him down.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality any feedback send to now on with the story


It had been a week and Elizabeth Gillies was still sore she had tried breaking up with Dozer but he always talked his way back into her pants somehow.

“Not going to relapse he’s not talking his way back in again.” she thought

Sitting down with her coffee was a welcome change from the morning sex poundings she got in her holes depending on what day of the week it was she shifted at the thought that if they were still together Liz would have a very thick 24 inch monster up her ass now.

“So many memories.” she thought again

The raven haired actress got a smile on her face for a moment before her body started aching again in waves making her stretch her left arm.

“I need food.” she thought

Dozer was a fantastic lover and had the enthusiasm of a big kid when it came to sex so Liz couldn’t really fault him for working her over as the food arrived she focused on eating.

“Maybe I should let him off the hook.” she thought

The next day

Liz came back to the coffee shop for her usual morning routine but something was off today.

“Not much sleep again.” she thought

Liz fell asleep right in the booth for about 5 minutes before snapping awake with a number of staff looking at her.

“Wow you look like you got hit by a train.” someone said

Her brain was still waking up but a small part of her memory accessed a fun night with Dozer where he plowed Liz 6 times almost counting as having a train run on her.

“Well that’s a visual.” Liz thought

She tried to repress the memory his smell, his touch, his piercing green eyes, the first time they had sex she wasn’t sure if she would walk right again after it.

(Begin fantasy sequence)

Dozer’s place

“Liz…got a major case of morning wood here…little help.” he said

“You always have morning wood babe your wearing me out.” she said

Liz had to think fast she had 2 minutes before she would be naked and a 2 foot long dick in a hole pounding her.

“It’s not anal day…maybe something with a little more adventure.” he said

“I’m still sore from the blowjob a few days ago.” she said

“Hmmm….been a while since a titfuck if your up for it.” he said

“Deal just watch the spray from the hose.” she said

The busty brunette threw the nightgown in a corner her ample chest full of energy ready for action this was a nice alternative to his monster wrecking her ass.

“Forgot your really good at this.” he said

“Just sit back gotta get you warmed up.” she said

Liz got 18 inches of the monster down her throat making it bulge before placing it between her big tits starting to hump away.

“So hot watching you do that.” he moaned

“Had plenty of practice.” she said

Dozer could barely focus on Liz the feeling between his legs overloading his brain even watching her boobs and hair bounce was hypnotic.

“Can’t…hold.” he groaned

“Oh hell.” she said

Dozer unloaded right in Liz’s face catching her totally off guard the thick spunk running down her boobs her hands still on his shaft.

“Still…got wood.” he said

“I need to shower this off and no you can’t follow me.” she said

20 minutes later

Liz came out of the bathroom peeking her head out expecting some kind of ambush where Dozer would be fucking her senseless somehow.When she saw nothing she creeped out into the bedroom heading for the walk in closet to put on the days outfit she never made it.

“Hey sunshine.” he said

“Give me a heart attack.” she said

Dozer had been hiding in the closet meeting Liz at the door picking her up and dropping her on the bed in one quick motion her boobs bouncing from the movement.

“Still have a case of morning wood.” he said

“I don’t remember the last time that thing was limp.” she said

Dozer gripped Liz’s boobs giving them a massage she was sure Ariana would rip on her if she couldn’t handle his big dick like before or be ripped apart herself.

“Well hello there big bra.” he said

“Very funny.” she said

He always made her laugh at some point during sex which was just the distraction he needed to plunge his full length inside her pussy with what he was doing to her ample chest she was willing to let it slide.

“Interesting you didn’t scream this trip.” he said

“Give it time I almost have an orgasm when that thing saws at my clit.” she said

That was just what Dozer wanted to hear and Liz knew she was about to pay a hefty price with her body he kept massaging her boobs while building speed with his thrusts inside her pussy.

“Might take a while….OH SHIT there it is.” she moaned

“No time at all.” he said

Liz’s brain was on fire as Dozer’s thick member sawed across her clit at a near blistering pace just as it stopped moving one direction it reversed with the momentum of a freight train between her legsher desires turned to pudding letting him do whatever he pleased she could see her abs bulge hoping his dick would erupt inside sending her over the edge.

“Blast my pussy with that hot cum you fucking bastard.” she hissed

“As you wish.” he said

Liz was holding on for dear life as Dozer exploded inside her sending an earth shattering orgasm through her body all at once making her scream 3 octaves higher than her normal vocal range and soak the sheets in girl cream her body spasms continued as Dozer pulled his full length out plastering her boobs in another load of spunk while she lay on the bed spent Dozer’s dick finally limp.

“Fuck it…I’ll clean up later.” she said

“That might take a while.” he said

(End flashback)


A few days later

Liz had kept her routine going the morning coffee a welcome change for using her hands instead of them roaming around her body while graphic sexual memories played in her brain the grip on the cup got tighter when she noticed a curvy redhead at the counter.

“Wow the curve fairy sure hooked you up.” Liz said

“Your one to talk boobzilla.” she said

The redhead was Bella Thorne she had grown up with a vengence her life away from the camera a shadowy mystery but not uncommon for a child actor as she sat in the booth with Liz.

“I’m single now I dated this really hung guy that acted like a big kid.” Liz said

“No way it might be the same guy I dated a few months ago before I went bi.” Bella said

The girls traded story after story comparing notes laughing at the antics or remembering their own versions of similar events with Dozer.

“First time I had anal with him I screamed setting off a car alarm down the block…neighbor never caught us.” Liz said

“My first blowjob with him he unloaded so much in my hair it took a months supply of shampoo to get it out…didn’t help I wasn’t hungry for 2 days.” Bella said

Bella kept drifting back to her days with Dozer her minds eye remembering small details in a larger picture of hedonism between them.

(Begin flashback sequence)

Dance studio after hours

Bella was done with her practice for the day a pulled leg muscle the culprit for the lingering pain and dull throb in the redheads calf.

“Good thing I’m not driving home.” she said

“Your taxi service has arrived.” Dozer said

“Hey babe had to shower to relax a pulled muscle I’m nearly ready with my bag.” she said

“Well that’s a nice brain visual.” he said

Bella’s leopard print leotard put up little resistance to his charm her boobs nearly sitting on a platter of fabric begging for attention.

“So ready to go home and rest.” she said

“I told miss Liz that I’d lock up after we were done.” he said

Dozer ripped open Bella’s leotard at the chest getting handfulls of her perky boobs in his grip as she watched in the mirror his massive rod obvious in his pants her body tensed opening her legs more.

“Shove that thing in my ass.” she moaned

“Will do.” he said

Bella’s leotard was a pile of colored rags quickly making the redhead naked Dozer’s 2 foot long snake pounding into her while she watched in the mirror her screams drowned out from the soundproof walls and windows.

“I know I’m relaxed but this still hurts like hell.” she said

“And you look so hot.” he whispered

Bella was nearly bending the railing her anal ring was shattered watching her abs bulge his cock head clearly visible her boobs bouncing with his hard thrusts.

“So close.” she whimpered

“Your getting off on this.” he said

Bella’s legs were wet her orgasm just behind a thin wall of lust and sex ready to explode the redhead humping away her eyes fixated on the mirror watching herself getting plowed hard.


The orgasm nearly caused her heart to stop she felt a little detached and light headed the warm seed flooding her ass with every pump pulling out a thick load landed on the mirror turning it white some of it deflected onto Bella getting in her hair.

(End flashback)

A few days later

Liz and Bella had made a friendly bet to see what Dozer was up to currently Liz thought he would be jerking off in bed while Bella thought he would have some poor petite girl bouncing on his rod in the shower turns out they were both wrong and shocked when they opened the bedroom door.

“Shit.” Liz said

“Wasn’t expecting this.” Bella said

The girls walked in on Dozer’s 24 inch rod being ridden by Rowan Blanchard in a cheerleader outfit the shirt on the floor the skirt barely hanging on and Sabrina Carpenter in a schoolgirl outfit her boobs getting sucked on with her shirt open broken buttons everywhere.

“Oh hey guys wasn’t expecting an audience tonight.” he said

“Really?…I’m barely gone a week and your already fucking a girl who could be my kid sister this is messed up even for you.” Liz said

“How can she handle that massive thing I nearly passed out during anal.” Bella said

“Come on join in.” Rowan moaned

“I want boobs that big.” Sabrina cooed

Dozer pulled at Elizabeth’s top popping buttons with one hand while doing the same for Bella her leopard print shirt a rag as Sabrina wraps her up in a 69 going down on her Dozer sucks on Liz’s ample boob Rowan bouncing on his monster shaft pumping her full of thick jizz while making out with the stacked brunette.

“Fuck that’s hot wish I could drain some milk out of those.” Rowan moaned

“Sounds like fun.” Liz cooed

Liz dove right in sucking on Rowan’s boobs driving the jailbait into overdrive.

“Oh shit no wonder moms like this it’s pretty kinky.” Rowan purred

“I can’t wait for yours to grow bigger when your older.” Liz cooed

Rowan kept slamming her hips down pounding Dozer’s dick into the bed thinking of herself all grown up and doing just this getting railed into oblivion while watching her bff in a lesbian 69 she thought she was seeing things with Sabrina and Bella doing just that.

“Get on top.” Dozer said

Liz crawled up on Dozer’s face his long tongue opening her pussy sliding in making her shudder in pleasure as he started licking hitting her clit with what felt like a hammer dragging across it.

“Looks like it’s my turn.” Rowan said

She latched onto Liz’s ample orbs like a baby the busty raven haired minx was getting double teamed and there was nothing she could do but take it.

“Can’t take….much… more.” Liz purred

Liz let out a rather loud shreek as her orgasm hit full force her girl cream flooding Dozer’s face with happiness that he was licking up like a water starved dog triggering his own sperm cannon to plaster Rowan’s insides with thick spunk nearly causing Rowan to pass out but she held on digging her finernails into the bedpost her own earth shattering orgasm on full display that caught everyone off guard.

“Before this is over I want one of those.” Sabrina said

Sabrina was getting eaten out by Bella the bi redhead was going for broke on the teen sensation her legs wide open for the tongue lashing Sabrina’s schoolgirl outfit a pile on the floor.

“Gotta get in on this.” Dozer said

He slipped in finding his opening Bella’s hair was flying around focused totally on Sabrina so he slipped 2 fingers in Bella’s pussy making her jump.

“Oh shit that’s nice just those 2 if you try for 3 I might not be able to handle them being so thick.” Bella said

“Less yap more lap.” Sabrina said

The 3 bodies had found a rhythm together pumping and sucking each other Dozer even used his free hand to feel up Bella’s boobs they were surprisingly firm for being so young he did the same for Sabrina getting a moan out of her arching her back.

“Bodies going into….overload.” Sabrina said

“Gonna be an epic mess for sure.” Bella said

“Only if I explode more than you expect.” he said

“Given your track record the walls might get sticky pretty soon.” Bella said

Bella was in heaven with Dozer’s thick fingers working her over while her rough tongue was causing Sabrina’s brain to short out from the pleasure between her legs making the petite blonde suck even harder on Dozer’s massive dick putting it between her perky boobs.

“Can’t hold out much longer.” he groaned

Sabrina was sucking and jerking off Dozer like her life depended on it her brain a jumble of sexual thoughts running together as Bella was bringing her to the home stretch of her orgasm Bella’s own legs spread open her pussy nearly getting fisted by Dozer’s massive fingers.

“So close.” Bella moaned

“Me too.” Sabrina panted

“Finish line for me.” he said

All 3 orgasms hit at the same time Dozer unloaded into Sabrina’s mouth she was swallowing down every drop she could get from his swollen shaft Sabrina in turn sprayed Bella in the face with her sweet girl nectar bucking her hips while Bella finally came on Dozer’s hand her pussy nearly as red as her hair from Dozer having his way between her legs.

Rowan shoved everyone aside impaling herself on Dozer’s shaft her yelp a sign she wasn’t used to anything so thick her body still adjusting to the size humping away with the thought her hips moving would lessen the pain pounding her near virgin womb.

“And I thought taking it up the ass was a challenge.” Rowan moaned

“Shit we can see your abs bulging.” Bella said

The brunette strumpet started digging her fingernails into Dozer’s shoulder her perky boobs on display she couldn’t believe she was the center of attention and really horny when Dozer finally unloaded his thick baby batter.

Bella jumped right on his dick her pussy sliding down easy with Rowan’s girl cream coating the shaft the fiery redhead having sex flashbacks while riding the monster again.

“His dick is really slippery…you must have orgasmed hard you dirty little minx.” Bella moaned

“Yeah she was shaking pretty good on it.” he said

Bella was riding Dozer really hard slamming her hips down on the shaft the loud sex noises could be heard on the next block easy enough when she suddenly went stiff a howl piercing the night air.

Liz was up next waiting her turn was borderline torture so she was going for broke reliving some of the hotter times with Dozer with an audience.

“Time to show these young phillies how to really ride a stallion.” Liz said

“And me without my saddle.” he said

She took as much meat as possible Liz nearly screamed when she felt her clit hit by something akin to a sledgehammer her pussy stuffed and stretched out she powered through the pain while the 2 foot long monster made her orgasm at 3 seperate times pumping her full of thick spunk.

Sabrina slid onto Dozer’s shaft rather easily with the other 3 girls already lubing up the monster that slammed into her cervix stretching the petite blonde out.

“OHHHH shit that feels intense.” she moaned

She was getting pounded but she didn’t care if she was torn open Sabrina was going to ride out this orgasm even if she couldn’t walk right for a month.

The girls kept going draining Dozer’s balls with rounds of oral and anal back to back for what felt like hours without a clock or watch he couldn’t tell the watch was on the living room table the bedroom clock had been smashed after being kicked off the night stand by Rowan during anal and the collapsed bedframe crushing the circuitry from the antics of the group Sabrina and Bella laughed about the situation Liz was finishing a rather sticky handjob part of her black hair streaked with white seed.

“I think I have one more load to give not sure if a coin flip will work.” he said

“I think we all deserve it since we worked so hard to drain you dry.” Bella said

“Well I still have a bit left so you came up a bit short there.” he teased

“Another 10 minutes and we would have finished you off.” Rowan said

“Still can’t believe your not tired yet hell your still hard.” Liz said

“He’s winded you guys just haven’t seen it since he was slamming our asses.” Sabrina said

The girls watched as Dozer jerked off his huge shaft a genetic gift Rowan was amazed something that size could exist even after riding it more than once in the last few hours Sabrina was entranced watching it throb waiting for the moment it would erupt Bella started moving to one side in case the load was more epic than she expected Liz was front and center ready to comment on whatever came out looking right at Dozer trying to motivate him.

“If your drained just tap out.” Liz said

“Like hell just about there.” he groaned

The spunk volume was staggering blasting all 4 girls from their hair down to their boobs his balls finally drained making the group look like band groupies trying to get backstage.

“Ok I think that should do it.” he said

“I think I’m blind.” Bella said

“Who knew it would be that thick.” Liz said

“I’ll be in the shower for a week for this.” Rowan said

“I might be longer since I’m actually blonde and it’s sticky no way I’m going out.” Sabrina said.

The girls held their own with him Rowan ended up pregnant which wasn’t a shock to anyone given her taste for multiple partners mixed in with Dozer, Liz, Bella, and Sabrina stayed in contact for antics but those are stories for another time.

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