After A Hard Days Work

Title: After A Hard Days Work

Author: Proudstar81

Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 and aren’t opposed to
consenting sex between adults, or two women having sex with each
other. If you are under 18, stop now.

Angelica Bridges had just finished the shooting of one of her many
miller lite poster ad campaigns and she was exhausted. She headed
back to her hotel room, once she arrived she had a drink at the bar
then went to her room. She closed the door behind her and headed to
her room, once there she slid off her top to reveal her boobs
clasped in a black lacy bra she removed that and
began to play with
her nipples causing them to go hard instantly, it had been nearly a
month without any sex from her husband ice hockey star Sheldon
Souray of the Montreal Canadiens and she was so horny she could feel
the heat coming from her sex, she quicky kicked off her shoes and
slid down her mini skirt and sliped her hand inside her panties and
felt how wet she was, Angelica let out a soft moan as she slipped
one of her fingers into her pussy and began pumping it in and out at
a high speed after 5 minutes of pumping she stopped, removed her
panties and pulled out her new 9 inch black dildo from the bed side
dresser and layed back down on the bed and slipped the tip of the
dildo between her lips and held there before thrusting it all the
way into her cunt – she let out a scream as she hadn’t had anything
that big inside her for quite some time she was pumping away and
could feel herself building up to climax so Angelica quickened the
pace trying to bring herself off quicker, after about 5 minutes her
body began to shake and she let out a scream as she came, pussy
juice flowing everywhere from her cunt – once the orgasm had
sub-sided she removed the dildo from her dipping wet snatch and
headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Angelica entered
the shower and began to lather herself up she was still feeling hot
from her masturbation session, so she grabbed the end of her back
brush and slamed the handle up her tight little arse letting out a
scream as it peiced her arse, she began pumping with one hand and
with her free hand slipped her fingers into her cunt pumping both
holes in unison it wasn’t long before she came this time harder and
longer than before nearly causing her to fall over. Angelica
finished her shower and cleaned herself up and got dressed into a
sexy leather piece checking herself out in the mirror, giving
herself a wink of approval and headed out the door hoping to see if
she could pick someone up for a one night stand.

The End

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