After Can Be A Party

Title: After Can Be A Party

Author: Money

Celebs: Kaley Cuoco

Codes: MF, oral, anal

Summary: Author hates his job as a janitor yet finds a way to have some fun with Kaley Cuoco after some crazy after parties.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any feedback send to this story came about during a would you rather session with Grobnar now on with the story

Dozer hated his job. Unfortunately it was all he could find. Dreams of Hollywood glamour had long since faded from when he came to this city. Now he was cleaning it’s aftermath.Sighing, he inserted his key and turned the knob to his newest assignment. As he expected it was a disaster. Plates, bottles, glasses, were all over. Something sticky was on the floor. A table was completely flipped, it’s contents strewn all over the floor. Dozer let out one long breath.He certainly wasn’t being paid enough, especially with the rest of his team absent. With resignation he got started. Starting with the plates and glasses he scooped them all up and put them on his cart. Debris disappeared under his broom. As he went Dozer took notice of a couch in the corner.

Unremarkable really, but the blanket on top seemed to shift ever so often. Did some Hollywood trash wind up crashing here? The thought of putting them in the can with the rest of the trash made him smirk.

“Let’s see what we have here.”

He went up to the blanket and yanked it off. His previous idea was canned. This was not Hollywood trash. This was Kaley Cuoco. One of the ladies on his top 5 list. From the looks of her she had completely over indulged. Her purple satiny top dipped far lower than should be allowed, showcasing inches of tantelizing cleavage. Her black skirt nearly scandelously short . Dozer could almost make out her underwear from where he stood. What was he going to do now.

“I’m ok officer just a nasty hangover.” she said

“I’m actually the janitor.” he said

“Not trying to insult you but that’s worse than a cop finding me like this.” she said

“I’m not offended…that much.” he said

“Oh shit the parties been over for….18 hours fuck I’ll bet the cute guy hooked up with that brunette with the huge rack.” she said

“And you passed out before sealing the deal.” he said

Kaley tried standing up her high heels buried somewhere in the still cluttered room the hangover causing her balance to be off just enough to land in Dozer’s arms.

“With my vision less blurry your really cute.” she said

“Well that’s a new one.” he said

“I was thinking of a new deal.” she purred

“Do tell.” he said

Dozer tossed Kaley’s satin top into a dark corner joining a pile of random clothes already there her boobs on full display he didn’t care if they were fake or not you really couldn’t tell sucking on them making her shudder from the attention.

“So long…” she moaned

“Well then your going to love this.” he said

He couldn’t believe after so long of cleaning up here was Kaley willing all to much to have sex with him an underpaid janitor that hated his job on a couch.

“Not feeling anything.” she said

“Give me a minute.” he said

Dozer started licking Kaley’s pussy his rough tongue sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body while her fingers were digging into his scalp not letting his head up.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH….right….there.” she purred

“Mmphff.” he said

Kaley flopped on the couch letting Dozer go to town on her pussy she was trying to delay him sticking his massive dick in there and maybe wrecking her insides for the most part she didn’t care the feelings between her legs were pure magic she didn’t even notice her skirt being pulled off.

“Keep going.” she cooed

“In a minute.” he said

The delay was shortlived as Dozer slipped his 18 inch dick inside Kaley the blonde bombshell arched her back in an attempt to handle it her scream muffled by his large hand while inches crept into her hole stuffing it beyond capacity making her abs bulge.

“Just fuck me.” she commanded

“Will do.” he said

Kaley bounced around as her body took the relentless pounding of Dozer’s big dick the beast plowing into her slamming her clit more than once she enjoyed it between rather loud screams and yelps of pleasure that noone could hear her orgasm stretched on for what seemed like days but was more like just a few minutes soaking Dozer’s dick in girl cream his own orgasm a fire hose of spunk inside her pulling out he sprayed Kaley again on her boobs and abs before going limp.

“I can’t feel my legs but it’s worth it.” she said

Next Friday

Dozer had a call for his services at a secret after party location the ballroom was huge inside the hotel it was going to take him all night to sort this mess out solo not counting the mountain of dishes and silverware in various piles around the room.

“Again with the crazy antics.” he said

He had run across something sticky on the floor again Dozer knew these days could happen so went to the janitors closet to find some bleach to deal with the stain the door opened and a blonde body fell out he almost called the cops when he noticed it was Kaley again.

“Not again.” she said

“Well I thought you were dead for a moment…glad I’m wrong.” he said

“A champagne bottle turned into body shots with Melissa Rauch and Christina Aguilera a little too quick…” she said

“Then you woke up on top of curtains in the ballroom after passing out in the janitors closet.” he said

The visual in Dozer’s mind was interesting enough figuring out the blonde bombshells positions for the contest hammered off their asses outfits hanging off bodies.

“My brain is curious enough to wonder who won that contest.” he said

“It was a 3 way tie since we were too drunk to remember who was scoring.” she said

Dozer’s heart skipped a beat with that info his hands gripped the broom handle nearly breaking it but mostly with fingerprint dents in the metal.

“For a moment I was suddenly overcome with joy for some reason.” he said

“We had a scoring system in place with Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara watching but we got super competative after 3 rounds and I passed out at some point.” she said

Dozer was still wrapping his brain around the visuals trying hard not to drool at the thought of Kaley either fingering Christina Aguilera to a screaming orgasm eating out Melissa’s pussy or any number of others involving Kaley or the others sucking on their boobs.

“Oh man the after party must have gone off the rails while I was out.” she said

“I’ve had to clean up worse than this.” he said

“Don’t remember a bra hanging from the rafters….maybe Christina Hendricks being that big.” she said

“This is going to take a while to clean even with your help.” he said

Kaley got the cutest smyrk on her face.

“With the doors locked we have the room secured for some fun.” she said

“I don’t see cleaning up as fun….oh.” he said

Dozer picked Kaley up getting her face down on the table her green dress hiked up showing off her amazing ass to him right before he plunged everything he had inside it making her jump.

“You nearly wrecked me before…this may hurt even worse.” she moaned

“Only if you tense up.” he said

Kaley was impaled on his shaft lifted off her feet and hung free Dozer pulled her green dress free her big tits being mauled by his big hands the busty blonde could feel her anal ring opening to a crazy degree his thick dick rubbing on her spine.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck that feels fantastic.” she groaned

“I’ll bet it does.” he said

Kaley caught a glimpse of herself in a wall mirror with Dozer pounding her ass the tv star was hanging on for dear life while he held her up against the wall her fingernails clawing at the wood.

“I can’t feel my ass.” she said

“Give me a minute.” he said

Dozer’s shaft was slowly destroying Kaley’s ass she couldn’t take much more before she wouldn’t be able to sit again.

“Bust a nut already…this is getting painful.” she said

“Just a little more.” he said

Kaley could feel his dick throbbing hard his orgasm was going to be epic her own not far from sending her over the edge of lust like a buzzed sorority girl.


“Can’t hold it.” he said

Both Kaley and Dozer sprayed spunk everywhere Kaley her girl cream on the floor, down her legs, while her brain was drenched in pleasure hormones. Dozer pumped what felt like buckets of cum up her ass while he sucked on her boobs driving her totally over the edge.


Kaley had to wait before having anal sex again it would be a good month before that could happen she mostly kept quiet about fucking a janitor but kept hanging out at after parties hoping he would return her gal pal Melissa Rauch in tow.

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