After Filming Fun

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After Filming Fun

Starring, Eliza Duska, Allison Hannigan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton,

Michelle Trachtenberg

It had been a long week for the three starlets, they had filming a new

horror movie and it all wrapped up today, the three stars had left the set

and decided to spend the night at a local club, as they didn’t have to get

up for filming the next day.

Eliza Duska and Allison Hannigan were the first to arrive Eliza was wearing

Black leather knee high boots, tight leather pants that made her ass look

tighter than hotter than usual, for a top she was wearing a black bra with a

black sting vest over the top of it, behind her was Allison, she wore the

same knee high boots, a plaid skirt so short it ended just below her own ass

cheeks, she also wore a tight white shirt which was only buttoned half way

up to show off her bra and cleavage. As the stood at the bar ordering there

first round of tequila’s Britney Spears walked in she hadthe same outfit on

as Allison only her hair was in pigtails and her breasts seemed to be slowly

spilling out of her bra. She walked straight upto Allison “Bitch, that’s my

outfit” she said jokingly to Allison, “Sorry Brit but hey looks like were

gonna be twins for the night” Allison said with an evil grin spreading

across her face. Eliza turned back from the bar with a tray full of shots,

“Ladies stop arguing or I’ll spank you, now drink up, its party time”.

9 shots later the girls were on the dance floor together, Eliza was grinding

her tight ass into Britney’s as Allison dipped down running her face down

through Britney’s wonderful tits. “Hey” Britney screamed above the music,

“Looks like were the center of attention” Eliza turned to Britney and kissed

her full on the lips letting her tongue explore Brits mouth, “Well if we

weren’t the center of attention before we are now ladies” Allison decided to

get into the act and moved in behind Britney letting her hands explore the

blondes ass and hips. Eliza broke off the kiss and scanned the crowd till

she saw what she wanted, in the corner was a group of men starring at them,

she turned to the other two who by now were kissing and Britney had her hand

inside Allison’s shirt “Ok you two head to the VIP room its time we had some

real fun”. As the two disappeared Eliza walked over to the men “Boys how

would you like to watch Allison eat Britney’s hot sweet cunt whilst you take

turns fucking this piece of ass” The men stared at her with mouth open,

“good then follow me”

As she entered the VIP room Eliza had a surprise awaiting her Britney was

not only eating Allison pussy but sat behind her was Michelle Trachtenberg

licking Britney’s asshole out. “I can’t believe you all started without me

and where did you find this whore”. Michelle turned to face Eliza “They

found me in here, duh, but don’t worry we won’t leave you out”. Britney

pulled her head out from under Allisons skirt, “Chill Eliza you should try

her this girl can lick like theres no tomorrow” Michelle smiled an slutty

smile, “Beside I brought a friend” Eliza suddenly felt a hand on her ass as

another hand grabbed her breast, she turned to see Paris Hilton as she

kissed her.

With all this going on Eliza had forgotten about the guys she’d invited in,

she say them and came back to reality. “Well wat are you boys staring at,

are you gonna fuck us or just stare” She looked towards Michelle who was

still on her knees, “Oh boys do me a favour fuck that little bitchs ass for

me will you it looks so fresh and someone better take care of Britney”

The first guy grtabed Michelle by the hips and threw her over the sofa his

cock was out in a second and heading for Michelles virgin ass. “No not

there Eliza was joking” screamed Michelle, but it was too lae the guy was

already half buried inside her ass.

Britney was pulled off Allison as some guy shoved his cock into her mouth,

Britney was so shoked she gagged and then began swallowing the whole cock

down, the guy grabbed her pigtails and used them to force her head back and

forth along his shaft “Hey boys this slut really likes it, and I love the

outfit, suck me baby one more time”. Another man was already on top of

Allison he tore her shirt open and started fucking her tight pussy as her

sucked on her pert nipples.

Eliza was soaking wet watching her friends getting fucked and needed relief,

she grabbed Paris and pushed her onto her knees, “Eat me slut, work that

tongue of yours” Paris pulled down Eliza’s Leather pants and ran her tongue

up her thigh and then into her tight pussy. Eliza screamed with pleasure.

Michelle was the first was cum as the guy shot his load into her ass, he

pulled out and spun her around “suck it bitch, suck it and taste my cum and

your ass you little slut”.Michelle took the cock into her mouth and cleaned

it happily she loved the taste of ass even her own.

Britney was still sucking happily when the guy pulled out “I wanna fuck your

tits baby” Britney took her shirt off then her bra revealing her large round

pert tits she then took the large cock in front of her and placed it between

her tits and started pumping, the guy lasted less than a minute and blew his

load all over her beautiful face, she started licking the cum up like the

good little slut she is.

Allison was being fucked so hard her body was flying all over the place, but

she was loving every second of it, the suddenly stopped, “Please don’t stop

please”. He smiled “Turn over I want that ass of yours NOW”. Allison was

happy to help she turned over and bang, his cock was plunged right into her,

he fucked her ass so hard she was screaming with pleasure as she came so

hard she blacked out.

Security banged on the door of the room. “Clubs closing time to leave” The

guys slowly gathered up there things unable to believe what happened and

left the girls led in a pile licking the pussy juice and cum off each other

“We should so go out clubbing together more often” Brit said as Eliza licked

the cum off her face. “Brit shut up and lick me baby one more time”

The End

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