After Hours

***This story is just that, a story so it is fiction, a.k.a. not real. Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have been amazing. Oh well, enjoy the story if you’re 18 or older***

Celebrities: Hayden Panettiere, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, and Kristen Bell

Codes: MF, M+F, MFF, MFf, Ff, anal, oral, orgy

After Hours
By: The Chemist

“So when was the last time you spoke with your friend miss?” The detective asked Hayden Panettiere, who was obviously startled.

“Last night, before she left for work. She works at some private club downtown called After Hours.” Hayden answered.

“Once again, I’m sorry for your lost. If you can remember anything then please don’t hesitate to call.” Detective Owen Anderson said as he gave her his card.

Over the past hour, Hayden’s world had come crashing down around her when detective Anderson showed up at her door with the news that her roommate and best friend’s body was found murdered in a dumpster. She felt devastated, losing her best friend and spent most of the rest of the night crying while still having to call Kendra’s family to tell them the bad news, deciding it would be better to hear it from her than from some random cop.

Hayden had felt miserable for a few days now, not able to will herself to go to classes anymore, barely able to get herself out of bed, let alone to do much else. However, on this day she realized she was out of food so decided to walk to the grocery store which was only a block away and pick up some groceries and a newspaper to see if they had written anything about Kendra. Once she got back to her room, she started to read and noticed that nothing was mentioned, however in the classified the words After Hours caught her eye. The club had posted an ad wanting a new hostess, obviously to replace Kendra, and Hayden couldn’t help but think back to the detective telling her that he believed the club may have been a factor in Kendra’s death. Hayden decided to give Detective Anderson a call to see what he thought about all of this and he informed her that the owner of the club had a history of violence, but other than that little was known about the club.

“I’m sorry Miss Panettiere, this After Hours is very secretive and there just isn’t enough evidence to get in the club and look around, let alone get a client’s list or figure out who else works there.” Detective Anderson said over the phone.

“But they know something, we both know it. There must be a way to get information.” Hayden said, tears in her eyes thinking of the whole situation again.

“The only people that would know anything about the club are the people that work there.”

“Funny you mention that detective, they had a help wanted ad in the newspaper. I could apply and work undercover to see if they know anything.” Hayden replied

“Hayden, listen to me very closely. You are an 18-year-old freshman in college. You shouldn’t be getting mixed up in this crowd. Those are some dangerous people who would kill you if they suspect that you have your own agenda other than to serve drinks.” Anderson told the young girl.

“My best friend was killed and if you think I’m going to sit back and do nothing while those monsters are out there then you’re sadly mistaken. I’m going to do this so you can either help me or send me in there with no help. Either way, its or choice.” Hayden said with anger in her voice.

“The captain would never go for sending in a civilian into a dangerous place.”

“Yeah but the ad said they needed to be young and no offence, but I doubt any of the women in your precinct.”

“You’re right, none would fit the description. I mean it though, the captain wouldn’t approve so we have to do this off the grid. All the support you’ll have is me so you’ll have to be very careful and report to only me.”

“Okay, I’m going to get a resume printed and clothes picked out for the interview. Thanks detective Anderson.”

“Call me Owen. Report back to me after the interview. Watch your back Hayden.” Owen told her one last time before hanging up, hoping he made the right decision.

* * *

“Well you have experience as a waitress and obviously you look amazing so we are willing to give you a shot. Be here tonight, around 8pm. We’ll show you around then have you do your first shift.” Tom Higgins, the co-owner of After Hours told Hayden.

“Great, I’ll be here. Thanks again Mr. Higgins.” Hayden responded as she shook his hand and left the building. Once she got a block away she got out her cell phone and reported to Owen, telling him the good news.

* * *

Hayden was a little nervous about the shift tonight so she tried to take her mind off of it by trying on practically every outfit she owned to find the perfect look. She settled on wearing a white blouse and short black skirt with black high heels, a classic look for a hostess she thought. Her long blonde hair was straightened so that it flowed down her body, resting around her breasts, which looked amazing due to the push-up bra that showed ample cleavage. Hayden took a cab and arrived outside of the club just before 8pm, so she knocked at the door where a large man opened the thick, steel door.

“Glad to see Hayden. Tom said you were gorgeous and he was obviously right. You’re a total babe, you’ll fit in great here, I hope anyway. I’m Kristen Bell by the way, the owner of this place. The night’s just getting started as you can see so what I’ll have you do is kind of job shadow Megan until you’re comfortable. Tom filled you in on what we expect you to do here, right?” Kristen asked, who was a 5’5 slim blonde wearing a long yellow dress. Kristen pointed Hayden in the direction of Megan, who was behind the bar making some drinks for the few customers who were sitting around the tables.

“Hi, I’m Hayden the new hostess. Kristen said that you would train me or something for the night.” Hayden told the taller brunette who looked like a movie star with long legs, pouty lips and a killer body.

“Right, Tom said a new girl would be around tonight. Why don’t you take these drinks to those guys over there. Business will pick up shortly as most of the clientele will be here in a few minutes. I’m Megan Fox by the way.” Megan said as she shook the smaller blonde’s dainty hand. The sexy bartender was right as for the next several hours Hayden barely had a free minute to herself as she was busy running back and forth carrying drinks for everyone.

At first there were several tables with 8 men and a dealer at each, but as the night went on tables and people were removed until the final four men were sitting around the last table. She immediately noticed Kristen and Tom were among the last few poker players along with 2 other men she didn’t know.

“Guy in the grey pin-strip suit is Steve Stewart, some lawyer who comes often but has awful breath. The other one is John Berry and he’s a businessman, but he can be a bit rough just to give you a heads up.” Megan informed the young hostess as she was finally able to escape from behind the bar to watch the intense finale.

“Wow that’s a lot of money out on the table.” Hayden said, astounded by the cash that was laid out on the table. Just as she said that, Kristen took out her partner Tom, who went all in with a pair of kings but was undone by her hitting a flush on the river.

“Ladies, why don’t you help our two favorite clients relax and sit on their laps. Who knows, you might be there good luck charm.” Kristen said as the dealer dealt out the next round of cards.

Hayden was slightly taken aback by the owner’s request, but when she saw Megan walk over without hesitation she knew it would be best to follow suit. As soon as she took a seat on John’s thigh she felt his hand on her thigh, right below the hem of her short skirt. Hayden made a face that displayed her disgust, but before she could say anything Megan caught her eye and mouthed for her to calm down. Hayden considered her advice and convinced herself that nothing was wrong as he was just touching her leg, nothing more.

“I guess I wasn’t you’re luck charm tonight Mr. Stewart, maybe tomorrow night though.” Megan said as she stood up from the lawyer who was just taking out of the game by John.

“You might not be good luck but it appears this little lady is,” John said as he looked at Hayden with lust in his eyes, which she found quite creepy.

“You know what John, your luck here is pretty shitty usually and its getting pretty late so I’m going to concede defeat and declare you the winner.” Kristen said as she stood from the table and walked to the bar to grab a drink. “So as if I have to ask, but who is your reward tonight, Megan or the new girl Hayden?”

“Without a doubt I’m picking my luck charm Hayden.” John said as he stooped in and started sucking on the blonde’s neck as she sat on his lap.

“Get off of me you creep, what are you doing.” Hayden yelled as she pushed the wealth businessman off of her and stood up.

“What the hell is going on Kristen! Since when did the rules change? I won, I get to pick my reward and I chose to fuck Hayden so what gives.” John yelled at the owner.

“John calm down, Hayden is new and apparently doesn’t know the rules yet. I thought Tom explained to you the rules but I guess not. Hayden, the winner of the poker game gets to pick the girl that they want to celebrate with. I suggest you go with Mr. Berry if you want to be a part of the After Hours staff.

“I didn’t sign up for this, I quit.” Hayden said as she turned and walked out of the club.

It wasn’t until she put a few blocks between her and the club until she stopped and realized that she had just walked away from the place that would explain her best friend’s murder. She pulled out her cell phone to explain the situation with Owen, but instead just text him that she was fine and was heading home.

Meanwhile, back in the club Kristen had a fire to put out immediately.

“I’m sorry John, good help is so hard to find these days. Why don’t you take Megan, I’m sure she will be more than eager to help diffuse the situation.” Kristen told the businessman who was still upset over the whole ordeal.

“Well, that will be more than adequate. I haven’t gotten a chance with Ms Fox in quite some time.” John said as he took the leggy brunette to the bedroom at the back of the club.

Once inside, John pulled Megan in for a sloppy, wet kiss with more of his tongue landing on her face then in her mouth. He immediately pulled the straps of her dress of so that the silky material could slide down her body and fall the ground. He kneaded her C-cup sized tits as he backed her up until the back of her legs made contact with the bed, sending her sprawling on her back with her legs wide open. John pulled down her panties before burying his face in her cleanly shaven pussy, paying particular attention to the clitoris.

“My turn,” John said after a few minutes of going down on the tanned goddess.

The eager costumer stood and removed his jacket and shirt while Megan kneeled on the bed and undid his pants. She got down onto all fours so that she was at a better level to suck him off, which she did by putting half of his cock in her mouth while stroking the other half with her hand.

“Come on baby, get all that meat in your mouth. Make daddy proud,” John said encouraged.

He had one hand groping her tits while the other reached down her body and was smacking her ass. Megan did as she was told, grabbing hold of the base and allowing all 7 inches to pass by her lips and enter her throat without gagging at all. He wasn’t terribly long but his girth was impressive at about 2 and a half inches.

“Alright let me fuck that pussy,” John Berry said as he flipped Megan around again so that she was on her back again. He threw one of her legs up on his shoulder to give him more leverage as he took his cock and plowed into her box.

“Oh yeah John, you’re so big. Fuck me, please fuck me hard.” Megan cooed as he worked her over with hard thrusts.

“Move back, let me lay down too slut,” John said as he pushed the beautiful brunette back further on the bed.

He rolled her so that she was on her side before he laid down behind her, putting his dick back into her hot twat. He kept her legs pinned together so that she felt extra tight, but it stopped him from fucking her hard, so he hoisted her leg up into the air so that he could really give it to Megan.

“Yeah, do me fast. Oh it fells so good.” Megan cried out as her pink mound was being pounded. “Why don’t you let me work on you for a bit, give you time to lay back and relax.”

Megan pulled off of John as he rolled onto his back. She squatted over him with her ass facing the wealthy businessman as she lowered herself back onto his dick, feeling it slide into her pussy as she got on her knees and rode began to ride him.

“You always did know how to ride a dick, didn’t you Megan,” John said.

He then laid back and watched the tanned beauty work up a sweat as she rode him hard, her bronze skin glistening off the dim lights.

“Let me get back to fucking that pussy though, I love giving it to a hot girl from behind.”

Megan moved off of the handsome man and got onto her hands and knees as John moved in behind her and stuck himself back into her love-box. John went back to slapping her ass again, loving the look of her round ass with big red handprints on it.

“Play with your asshole baby as slap your ass.” John said as he brought his hand crashing against her backside again.

Megan was use to fulfilling all of her clients wishes so without hesitation she reached her hand back and used her fingers to start rubbing her puckered hole before she slipped her middle finger in to the knuckle.

“Um, this pussy gonna make you cum while you watch me finger my asshole baby,” Megan said as she could tell that her client was close to his orgasm. “Come on my big boy, cover me with your hot jizz.”

Almost on cue, John pulled out of her pink snatch and blew his load onto her ass, the cum running down her crack and onto Megan’s fingers, which acted as lube as she pushed 3 of her skinny digits into her stretched rear.

“That was great. Be sure to tell your boss that you made up for that little scene earlier. I’ll back tomorrow, hopefully I win and will be able to get more than fingers in the hot ass of yours.” John said as he dressed before leaving the brunette in the room alone.

“Good news, I knew Megan would be perfect to make up for that bitch Hayden,” Kristen said to Tom who watched the whole sexual episode on the TV in their office.

“I’ll put the tape with the rest of them. These guys don’t even know were gathering evidence on them to blackmail them later.” Tom said as he removed the cassette and put it with the other in the bookcase behind his desk.

* * *

Hayden woke up the next morning in her bed, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that those bastards at the club would escape without punishment for killing Kendra. She realized that giving up her body once or twice would be worth it to bust them for murdering her best friend so she quickly showered and threw on some clothes that would help her get her job back. She grabbed a cab that took her back downtown to After Hours, hoping that Kristen or Tom would be there so she could beg for her job back.

“Well look whose back, if it’s not Miss Morals herself. What do you want priss.” Kristen said as she greeted her at the door. She left the door open and walked back inside, Hayden taking that as an invitation to continue the conversation in the club.

“I deserve that. Listen Ms. Bell, last night caught me by surprise, I didn’t know what was going on so I panicked. I’m here to ask you for my job back and to tell you that it will never happen again.” Hayden said, doing her best to act as though she was sorry.

“Why should I give you your job back? Sure you’re hot, but you’ve embarrassed our company.” Kristen told her.

Hayden didn’t really have a speech worked out, but she really needed the job so she resorted to what she thought would work best.

“This is why you should hire me again,” Hayden said as she grabbed Kristen’s head and pulled her in for first ever girl-on-girl kiss. She felt Kristen resist at first, thinking that her plan was dead in the water, but a millisecond later the owner was shoving her tongue into her mouth.

“That’s more like it. I always thought you could hack it at this place,” Tom said as he emerged from the stairs at the back of the club. “And dressing up like a school-girl has never hurt anyone’s chances for a second shot.”

“Hayden here is convincing me why I should take her back. You’re a co-owner and have a say in all hiring’s so come join, unless you have a problem with that Hayden?” Kristen asked the shorter blonde.

“Not at all. I also embarrassed Tom last night so I should make it up to both of you.” Hayden said, doing her best to act remorseful.

“Tom go make yourself a drink, I want a little one-on-one time with the innocent girl right now.” Kristen told her partner.

Tom followed her instructions while she brought the younger blonde in for a passionate, sloppy kiss before breaking it so she could spin Hayden completely around and bend her in half over a bar stool. The attractive owner reached up the tiny skirt and pulled down the microscope black thong that was underneath, Hayden’s private parts exposed to the musky nightclub air. Kristen got a look at her newest employees shaven snatch before she dove into it with her tongue, alternating between lapping her inner walls and licking her slit with particular focus on the clit. Although Hayden was no stranger to sex, she had been doing the deed since she was 14 on a regular basis, it had never been with a woman, especially a woman with such an anal fixation. Kristen had shifted her focus from her hot pussy to kissing and tonguing the teenager’s asshole, pulling apart her firm cheeks to get access.

“Mmm,” Hayden moaned unknowingly as the delicate attention that was being paid to her once taboo backdoor was making her excited.

“Hey Bell, it seems you’ve converted another chick into an ass lover,” Tom said as he sip on his whiskey on the rocks. “Where do you find all these bum sluts that you hire around here?”

“Well you like the tongue up your ass, lets see how you like something a tad firmer,” Kristen said aloud as she spat on her asshole before slowing working in a slim finger with extreme care. “Hmm, it seems like my spit might not be as good as lube as I was hoping, let’s try yours Hay,” Kristen said after a minute of working in her finger only to the first knuckle.

Hayden was in her own little bliss-land that she willingly took the finger that was in her own ass and sucked on, being sure to add ample lubrication so that it would be swiftly placed back in her rear. Kristen didn’t leave the young girl wanting as her finger slid right back up her tight chute, only stopping when her hand was smacking against the perfectly rounded globe of Hayden’s.

“Alright Tom, I’ve had my appetizer, come and join in.” Bell said to Tom who didn’t bother walking around the bar as he simply hopped the wooden barrier, not wanting to waste another second with the newest employee.

He went straight to work in unbuttoning her white blouse and tie, discarding the bra in no time as well to leave Hayden in just her plaid kilt and knee-high stockings. Tom grabbed her blonde head and pulled her in for a sloppy kiss full of tongue before he applied pressure on her shoulders until she got the hint that he wanted her on her knees. Hayden made equally quick work of removing his clothes before she wrapped her plump lips around his swollen member, bringing groans of delight from the well-endowed club owner. Hayden had given countless blowjobs over the past years but she was working on making this one her best ever, knowing that she had to make a good first impression so she used only rhythmic fashion of swirling her tongue, sucking hard, deep-throating and tonguing his balls to best effect.

“You like sucking cock don’t you whore,” Kristen said as she say the desire in Hayden’s eyes as the pint-sized teenager didn’t break her eye-contact with Tom as she serviced his member. “Tom, don’t you want a taste of her sweet snatch now?”

“I love teen pussy,” Tom said as he laid flat on his back on the ground and got Hayden to sit on his face so that her mound as right on his mouth.

Hayden loved the attention of an experienced man getting her off with his tongue, meanwhile Kristen walked around and sat on Tom’s lap to start riding him hard. Bell then bent right over and separated Hayden’s ass cheeks so that she could wiggle her nimble tongue back into Hayden’s rear. The young blonde loved the dual licking that both her pussy and asshole were getting and her moans were proof enough as she was screaming very loudly.

“Alright, Hay, let’s see how much you like pussy. Let me get some meat while she munches on my twat.”

Reluctantly Hayden pulled herself off of Tom’s face as Kristen moved down to take his pole into her mouth, letting it go deep into her throat. Bell had opened her legs far enough apart to let a head fit between them so Hayden got the message and slide on her back between the creamy white thighs and was soon mouth-to-pussy for her first ever lesbian experience. Ex-boyfriends had made Hayden watch porn with them so she was quite thankful for their perversion as she had seen girls going down on each other hundreds of times. Kristen knew that Hayden was either an experienced dyke or a natural born carpet muncher as she tiny blonde was eating her out like no one’s business.

The trio all got up and the two owners placed the youngster reclining on a stool where Tom stepped between her soft thighs and plowed into her extremely wet pussy before finding a rhythm and fucking her with great pace. Kristen looked on while Hayden’s medium sized tits jiggled as Tom fucked her hard, eventually grabbing one in each hand and playing with her pink nipples, pulling and sucking on them, which Hayden greeted with blissful moans.

“Alright Tom, my turn for you to fuck my pussy,” Kristen said as the lankier blonde bent herself over a stool and waited for her business partner.

“Not quite,” Tom said as he walked over and put his cock into Bell’s ass, bring a sharp grunt of surprise from the blonde. “Hayden, don’t just sit and watch, kneel by Kristen and be ready to apply more lube. Her ass is a little dry so it could use some.”

Hayden didn’t know how gross another woman’s ass would taste like in her mouth, but she was pleasantly surprised as Tom offered his cock into her mouth and allowed her to savor the taste. After a minute, Tom put himself back into Bell’s gaped asshole, fucking her with power as the diminutive blonde watched on. It wasn’t long until her ass was bone dry again so Tom turned to Hayden to get him back to fucking with ease, even getting her to eat out Kristen’s asshole for extra lube.

“How about your turn for an anal pounding,” Tom said to Hayden as her tongue was still buried in her boss’s rear.

“If taking it up the butt will help me get my job back and prove my loyalty then take my cherry,” Hayden said, acting cool and calm but was freaking out on the inside.

“Hate to cock-block you Tommy but we can’t take the risk of you tearing her sphincter. There is no way in hell we’d get the lounge cleaned up in time before the guests arrived tonight.” Kristen told him as she held Hayden’s mouth to her asshole by her long, blonde hair.

“Alright, but I will take that anal cherry of yours eventually Hayden and that’s a promise.” Tom said as he broke Bell’s hold of the teenager.

Tom lead Hayden over to the poker tables and bent her over one of them, the perfect height to get the most force to plow into her tight pussy. Kristen came over and knelt at Hayden’s side just as she had done when Tom was fucking her. Seeing Bell wait on him while he gave it to Hayden caused him to split time with his cock, alternating between the tight pussy and face fucking his co-owner.

“Going to cum, where do you want.” Tom declared as he felt his balls tighten as the cum working up his member.

Hayden knew that her ex-boyfriends loved cumming in her mouth so hoping it was a guy thing, she sunk to the floor and popped his head into her mouth just as Tom erupted. Tom had apparently been saving up for a few days as the eager blonde wasn’t able to hold the entire load in her mouth as come of the thick fluid dribbled out of her mouth and dropped onto her tanned boobs and thighs. Hayden made eye contact with Tom and held his gaze as she swallowed the massive load then opened her mouth to show him her good work.

“Here you missed some cutie,” Kristen said as she lapped up the cum that had escaped her mouth and passed the gathered-up juice to the younger blonde, which she happily gulped down again.

“You have my approval back here, what do you say Bell?” Tom said as he gathered his clothes.

“I’m always willing to give a second chance, especially after the convincing apology. Listen tonight is the big game of the week so be here by 9 and be ready to serve drinks and entertain the guests, especially the winner if chosen.”

* * *

Later that night, Hayden arrived back at the club around 8 again wearing a short green dress that barely covered her ass. Her and 5 other girls were busy for most of the night bringing drinks to the customers, but also taking time to flirt with as many as possible. Hayden was doing her best to fit, constantly sitting on laps and letting the pervs feel her up or snake a hand under her dress to grab her ass her play with her pussy. It was about 1 o’clock when the final table was down to the last 4, both Kristen and Tom not being part of it.

The first to lose out was Reggie Jones, a wealthy banker who made most of his money one stocks while poker was a favorite hobby. Before he left Kristen cut him off and told him to wait at the bar and that the next drink was on the house. She did the same thing when Joe Sanders, a lawyer-turned-politician was knocked out of the tournament as well. Eventually Al Young, a real estate tycoon, beat out Matt Robinson, a successful architect to win the game, all the money and the special reward.

“Congratulations Mr. Young, a most impressive victory indeed. As always, you can pick one of the lovely ladies here to grant your every wish.” Kristen said to the winner.

“I’m going to pick the new girl, Hayden,.” Al said, glaring at the petite blonde who was leaning at the bar. Hayden didn’t show any nerves as she pushed herself off of the bar and took Al by the hand to lead her into the bedroom.

“Mr. Robinson, please hang around with the other three gentlemen. Tonight we are feeling especially generous and will reward the top 4 finalists, but first relax and have some drinks. You will get a turn shortly.” Tom said as he and Kristen went up to the office to watch Hayden’s performance.

In the room, Hayden was acting the more aggressive by taking charge and telling Al to lay down on the bed as she got on top of the balding 50-year-old to straddle him and began making out. It wasn’t long before the man almost 30 years her senior sat up and pulled the short dress over Hayden’s blonde head, leaving the girl with only her high heels on, which Al soon removed as well. He took turns sucking on her pepperoni-sized nipples before she pulled away, settling between his legs and taking off his dress pants. Her kissing and letting him grope her body had obviously been enough to arouse the older man as he was already rock hard, standing at 8 inches. She took the cock into her hand before lowering her head and working it over with her mouth and tongue. Al thought to himself that this girl was a professional as he was enjoying the best blowjob of his life. The little vixen was energetic and seemed to love sucking dick as she making audible slurping noises as she covered him in saliva, all while wearing a big smile.

“I would really like it if you sat that tiny pussy on my face as you did that,” the real estate broker told her in his Southern accent.

Hayden had no problem and re-positioned herself so that she was 69-ing the rich man, letting him stick his tongue and fingers into the shaven pussy as she went back to her sloppy blowjob. It wasn’t long before she felt Al tap her on the back to get her to stop so she rolled onto her back where the older man quickly pounced on top of her and slide his well lubed cock into her wet pussy without any problem. Al wasn’t taking it easy on the young girl, ramming his full length in and out of her tight twat while she moaned underneath him.

“Get up baby, I wanna fuck you against that wall.” Al said as he lifted the smaller girl into his arms and pinned her against the wall, bringing her up and down so she was bouncing on his cock so that he was entering her even deeper.

“Oh yeah fuck me, do me, do me!” Hayden yelled as the real estate mogul was getting her off. Sensing that he was getting tired of holding her in the air, “Why don’t I lay on the ground and you drive into me big boy.”

Al liked the suggestion and put the 5’0 blonde back on the ground where she got on her back and rolled her body up so that her legs were dangling by the side of the head leaving her ass wagging in the air. The older man wasted no time and stood right over here and buried himself back in her juicy twat and fucked her hard until he felt his balls start to tingle, knowing he was about to cum. Al pulled out right before he came, blowing his load onto her pussy which dripped down directly onto her face with her doing the best she could to catch it in her mouth.

“That was fantastic, you definitely have a calling as a whore,” Al said as he sat on the bed to regain his strength before getting dressed, but before he could the door swung open and in walked Kristen, Tom and the 3 other finalists.

“Hayden, since you’re a rookie around here we have a tradition of hazing. So these 4 men are going to do whatever they want with your body and you are just going to have to take it like a champ. Have fun honey,” Kristen said with a chuckle as she and Tom left the room to go back and watch the show from the office.

“5 men actually. I think I’m going to take another turn with Hayden so you’re on your own watching the spectacle Kristen. Besides, a made promise to Hayden that I plan on keeping.” Tom said as he re-entered the room and started taking off his clothes.

Hayden was dumbfounded, just when she thought that she earned the respect of her bosses they make her have sex with 4 more strangers. Before she knew it all 4 of the poker players had stripped down, displaying their cocks to her. Hayden got onto the bed on her hands and knees with her face pointing the pack of men where she grabbed the closest dick and wrapped her lips around it while she grab hold of another to stroke with her free hand. As the blonde alternated sucking off three of the men, the fourth, Joe Sanders, got onto the bed behind Hayden and began fucking the beauty from behind. After getting a few minutes in, Joe pulled out by the vacancy was soon filled by another, Reggie, while Joe went back around to the front. Since the little blonde’s hands were tied up Matt Robinson realized he was in complete control of how fast the blowjob went so he grabbed a hold of Hayden’s head and forced her to take in his entire cock into her mouth and throat. Hayden was deep-throating with ease and until that moment she had never tried to do it before so a wave of accomplishment washed over the undercover beauty.

Reggie pulled out and made way for Tom, as the men were now getting into a rotation of fucking her while the others got sucked off by the eager blonde. Whenever Hayden was switching cocks in her mouth she had a big smile, shocking herself that she actually was loving having sex with 5 men she had barely known. The men decided to change things around so they flipped the tiny blonde onto her back where Al went between her legs to fuck her while the 4 others gathered around her head to get back in her mouth. Since Hayden’s head was hanging over the bed, Reggie walked directly over her face and put his dick in her mouth and started to face-fuck the teenager, his balls slapping with a thud off of her nose with every thrust. Matt got jealous and asked for a turn so Reggie pulled out of her throat but was quickly replaced by the architect’s dick. The men changed things around again shortly with Tom getting on his back with Hayden riding him reverse cowgirl while 2 of the other 4 men got on either side of her head to take turns getting blowjobs.

“I told you Hayden, I’m going to be the first guy you have in your ass, you’re going to remember me forever.” Tom said as grabbed hold of Hayden and re-positioned her so they were doggy-style. He pulled his very wet cock from her pink pussy and popped the head into her tight sphincter, which brought a slight scream of pain out of her.

“Don’t worry blondie, the first few minutes hurt but then you’ll get use to it. You won’t ever have a problem getting fucked in the bum after tonight.” Joe told her as Tom had managed to work over half of his member into her tight hole.

Hayden bite down on her lip as she felt Tom apply more pressure, obviously determined to get the rest of his cock into her backdoor. She was happy to find that Joe was telling the truth, since after Tom had put all of his cock into her ass the pain was slowly being replaced with pleasure. While Tom continued to slam in into her, Matt had slid underneath her and grabbed her head to control how fast and how much of him went into her mouth.

“Hayden, I know I’m the first to ass fuck you, but now I want to be the first to let you taste your ass off a dick so come get some.” Tom said as he pulled out of Hayden’s ass and watched it tighten back up, but not as tight as it originally was. Hayden spun around and instinctively started sucking off Tom, tasting her own ass on his cock, but as she slurped the more she liked the taste.

“Time for some real fun girl. We’re gonna fill up each of your tight holes now.” Reggie told her as he got on his back and pulled Hayden down on top of him.

She straddled his lap then took him into her twat while Al got behind her and eased his swollen member into her ass, taken it slow so he didn’t tear her ass apart. Matt went around to her front and waved his cock in the blonde’s face, which she accepted once she got over the initial pain of having two cocks saw into her two tiny holes. The men continually switched who was fucking her ass and who was getting a blowjob, none of them being to greedy so everyone got a turn at each hole.

The men switched the double penetration around so that Tom was on his back with his cock up her asshole while the 4 other men took turns occupying her mouth and wet pussy. Having a member in each of her holes no longer hurt, in fact it was eliciting pleasure that Hayden didn’t know ever exists.

“Guys I’m almost done, mind if I have a minute alone with her,” Reggie said as he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer.

All the guys agreed and moved away so that Hayden could sit on the bed and roll her body up so her legs were by her head and her ass was up in the air. Reggie pushed his cock into Hayden’s tight asshole again, only lasting a minute until he pulled out and shoved his dick in her mouth so that he could erupt inside her and have it swallowed.

Al took up Hayden’s empty asshole and pounded her for a another minute until he was ready to blow, shooting his load into Hayden’s accepting mouth. The three remaining men got Hayden back into triple penetration with Matt on top of the blonde in her asshole, but he suffered the same fate as Al and Reggie as he pulled out, pushed Tom out of her mouth and shot his load onto Hayden’s face, most landing in the mouth. Tom and Joe didn’t bother to get back to fucking Hayden as they were on the brink of cumming too, so they got on either said of the pint-sized teenager and erupted their load onto her face.

All 5 men got dressed and left the room to let Hayden get dressed, clean herself up and gather her thoughts. She couldn’t believe that she stooped to such a low level but more disturbingly she couldn’t believe that she liked being abused like some common whore, but after all that is what she was now, she told herself. She left the room and walked out of the club to go back to her dorm, but before she could call a cab, Matt dumped into her outside.

“Listen Hayden, you were fantastic in there, the best I’ve ever had anyway. I was thinking why don’t I pick us up a 6-pack of caffeinated energy drinks, rent a hotel room and continue the party. I’ll pay you quite well for you spending the night.” Matt Robinson said from the open window of his limo.

Hayden couldn’t believe the offer, she had never been so offended in her life as this jerk was talking to her like a prostitute. But then she remembered that she was a prostitute, whether she was uncover or not, so she accepted the offer, not to maintain her cover but because she really enjoyed what happened inside After Hours.

* * *

“Great work Hayden, it seems like they really trust you there.” Detective Anderson told her as they sat in a local coffee shop.

Hayden had neglected to tell him the part about actually partaking in the prostitution, instead saying that she knew that they made girls sleep with customers. She had also told Owen that Kendra’s murder was probably on tape as it happened in the sex room, so the tape was with all the others in the office. She had found that out when Megan told her that one night sex got really rough for one of the old girls and she got messed up pretty bad.

“So what do we do know, I’ve been working there nearly a month so they trust me with a lot. I work practically ever night and get pick, er, to help out all the time.” Hayden said, wondering when the bust was going to happen.

“Tonight you’re going to get me into the game, just say I’m your uncle or something. We’ll have to get the two owners out of the way then we can search the office for the evidence. We can’t call in back-up until we have proof of what they’re doing so we need to get that tape.” Owen said, still formulating the details of the plan.

“Well I could seduce Tom and with him out of the way you could just over-power Kristen and get access to the office and get the stuff we need.” Hayden said.

“No, there is no way in hell I’m going to let you put yourself on the line like that. We’ll need a different strategy.” Owen replied, shocked at the willingness of the young girl to whore yourself out with little forethought.

“Well then any chance you’re good at poker,” Hayden asked, having her hopes of busting the nightclub fading fast.

“A few years ago I went undercover and the gang always played poker so I got good. We even went to casinos and cleaned up there when drug money was running low so I can hold my own.” Detective Anderson told her as he gulped down the rest of his Americano.

“I have a plan then, but you have to trust me Owen. I knew the risks when I signed up for this and I’m still very much aware of them now. I know a way that we can get both Kristen and Tom out of the way so we can get the tapes, but it all depends on if you can win tonight. I’ll help you as much as possible,” Hayden said as the two ordered another round of hot drinks as they discussed the rest of her plan.

* * *

“Thanks again Kristen for letting my uncle play in the game tonight. I know you have a strict cliental list so I really appreciate it.” Hayden told her boss after the bouncer had let her “uncle” into the private nightclub.

“No problem. You’ve been getting rave reviews from all the costumers so I figured it would be nice to show a little appreciation.” Kristen said as she checked out the undercover detective. “If you would have mentioned how gorgeous he was I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. So he’s your uncle eh?”

“More of a family friend. He was my dad’s buddy all through growing up so he’s always been around so we just got into the habit of calling him uncle.” Hayden said, telling Kristen the cover story that her and Owen had worked on earlier.

Given that it was a Saturday night, the club was packed with all the usually card players so 5 of the girls were working the bar. Owen was seated at a table with a bunch of the weaker players, Kristen obviously doing her a favor to get her “uncle” to progress further in the tournament. Owen did well by being the chip leader at his table while only four of them remained so tables were reassigned and the game restarted. Bell managed to get to the table that Owen was at, conveniently sitting next to the 6’2 former high school linebacker and flirting with each other whenever possible. Kristen was looking sensational, wearing a woman’s business suit consisting of a white undershirt beneath a black jacket and matching short skirt that showed off her near endless stretch of legs. He was able to add more to his chip tally before the final table rearrangement, making it to the final table with a modest stack. Kristen was on her game tonight, eliminating people left right and center as she went into the finals as the chip leader, which also feature Tom who was enjoying a great night.

“Wow what a game so far, eh Hayden,” Miley Cyrus exclaimed.

Miley being the newest girl to be hired at the infamous After Hours. Hayden doubted that the cute brunette was 18, the age she told Tom and Kristen during her interview, as she looked more like 16. Nonetheless the new girl was smoking hot with a great body for a 16-year-old as she had medium sized boobs (which were bigger than her own), long tanned legs and a nice round ass. As the amount of players lessened, so to did the girls hosting responsibilities so they got a chance to just watch as the one-by-one players were eliminated from the finals. Finally the only competitors remaining were Kristen, Tom and Owen, who was in the driver’s seat with the chip lead after taking the last two players out.

“I will re-raise you Ms. Bell,” Owen said as he put in another thousand onto her original one thousand dollar bet after glancing at his hand of pocket tens.

“I’ve told you a million times to call me Kristen. I call,” Kristen said, as she felt confident with her ace-king suited hand before ever seeing the flop. Tom folded so the dealer revealed the next three cards to be a six, ten, and king, which gave Kristen false confidence after pairing her high card.

“All in,” Kristen said as she pushed the remainder of her stack in, which was soon followed by Owen doing likewise, flipping his hand over to show what Kristen was up against. “Shit”

The next two cards didn’t help her cause and Bell was eliminated, leaving just Tom in his way towards victory. Owen made short work of Tom, luck was definitely on his side tonight as he won the poker tournament and saw his and Hayden’s plan working effectively.

“Congrats Owen, first tournament and a win. That is rare but good job. As Hayden has already filled you in on, you get to pick a girl to celebrate with. Who will it be?”

“I hope that it is allowed but I would love to take Ms Be-, er, Kristen as my date for the rest of the evening.” Owen said as he eyed up the leggy blonde.

“I’d be honored,” Kristen said as she sexily walked over towards the victor, but was cut off by Tom.

“It really is your lucky night Mr. Anderson. We have a brand new girl starting tonight and it is something of a ritual to get her in the “main event”, for lack of a better term. So you will get both Kristen and Miley Cyrus.” Tom informed him.

“Well that is extremely generous of you. With that said, lead the way Kristen,” Owen said as he stood from the table and took a lovely on each arm as they directed him to the back.

“Alright ladies, clean up the bar and then you guys can head on out,” Tom said as he gathered up the cards.

“Actually Tom, I was hoping that I could talk to you in private,” Megan said as she made her way out from behind the bar.

“Sure, why not,” Tom said with surprise. “Why don’t we go to my office?”

“Well I was hoping we could go somewhere more comfortable,” Megan replied as she leaned her slender body into the owner and bit her lower lip.

Megan grabbed Tom by the hand and started bringing him towards the spare bedroom. Tom was dying to get his hands back on Megan ever since he ploughed her during her interview several months ago.

Tom couldn’t wait until getting into the bedroom so he swung the bartender on her heels and shoved her against that wall. He was all over her, plunging his tongue into her mouth and engaging in a sloppy kiss, which Megan naturally encouraged. Tom ran his hands through her long black hair before applying pressure on the top of the girl’s head. She quickly took his signal and dropped to her knees, making hasty work of his pants before taking his soft penis into her hands and stroked it to life.

“Nothing a girl loves more than sucking some hard cock,” Megan said as she shoved the meat in her mouth while maintaining eye contact with her boss. After a few minutes of slurping on his pole, Megan was pulled to her feet and pushed atop of a small table in the hallway.

“Leather and boots is so fucking sexy you bad girl,” Tom said as he pulled off her shoes before pulling down her tight leather pants, removing her black thong just as quickly. Rather than throw her panties to the ground, he scrunched them up in his hand before putting them in her mouth, making her taste her own juices that were on the satin material.

Hayden had heard the commotion and peaked out into the hall where she saw her friend being eaten out by her much older owner. The small blonde was able to make eye contact with Megan and gave her an anxious face and the dark-haired girl knew exactly what she wanted.

“Come on Tom, stop licking my pussy and fuck me in the bedroom.” Megan told him as she started to move her long legs from around his shoulders.

“You want me in that bedroom pretty bad don’t you Foxy. Make it worth my while.”

“I’m going to let you fuck my pussy as hard as you want. I’d say that’s pretty worth it, don’t you agree? I made you cum pretty hard last time we hooked up.”

“I want to put my dick in your ass this time, and I think you’re horny enough to let me do it,” Tom said, knowing that the leather-wearing bad girl was an anal virgin and had no intention of popping that cherry.

“Fine, let’s go,” Megan said through clenched teeth, hoping her sacrifice would be worth it.

The couple high-tailed it into the empty bedroom before Megan removed her white t-shirt and matching bra to stand completely naked in front of her boss, only her thin landing strip gracing her flawless body.

“Just fuck me already Tom,” Megan demanded as she pushed him onto the bed and straddled his lap.

Reaching behind her, she shoved Tom’s thick cock into her awaiting pussy, sliding in with little resistance, as the 22-year-old was extremely horny and wet. Tom wouldn’t accept anything but an active ride so he dictated the pale girl’s pace by controlling her hips, making her bounce on his pole at tremendous speeds.

“I sometimes forget just how amazing these tits are,” Tom said as he took one of her pink nipples into his mouth while roughly kneading the other.

“Yeah, you’re cock feels so good in my pussy Tom, keep fucking me,” Megan moaned as she loved how his girth stretched out for tight snatch.

“Get on your knees,” Tom shouted out as he pulled out of the slim bartender, who got on all fours with lightning speed, her backside pointed at her partner.

Tom wasted no time and clasped his lips around the dark-haired girl’s tight rosebud and used a combination of licks and plunges into the hole, coating it in a thick layer of saliva.

“Tell me where you want bitch,” Tom said before sticking his tongue back into the younger girl’s asshole while bringing his hand hard down onto her round ass.

“Please Tom, put that fat cock in my ass,” Megan said grudgingly, taking in big handful of bed sheets and biting down on her plump lip. Megan barely had the sentence said when Tom eased his throbbing pole to her anal barrier and started pushing his head past her sphincter.

“You really haven’t had a cock up here have you? Fuck this is tight. Okay, push back once you’re comfortable, but don’t take to long. I’m pretty impatient.” Tom said as he savored the fact he was the first person in Megan Fox’s ass.

After adjusting to his size in her anus, the tough-looking chick backed onto his cock, taking more of his length into her asshole. It wasn’t long until Tom had worked up to full speed while plunging into the depth of the rectum, the only thing stopping him from getting further in was his pelvis thumping against her thick ass.

“Good girl,” Tom said to the bartender as he probed her asshole with his thick pole. Megan had stop squirming and wasn’t tensed up anymore, allowing the sliding cock to hurt much less than she was anticipating.

“You’re so big,” Megan groaned in mostly pain, but she had to admit that the stinging sensation was oddly feeling good.

“Just enjoy baby,” Tom said as he slid his hand down her body so that he could rub her swollen clit.

“Come taste your ass babe, I know you’ll love the taste of yourself.” Tom said as he pulled out and walked around to her face. Glad that the hard object was out of her virgin asshole, Megan took his meat into her mouth, forgetting where it had just been.

“Wow. I’m delicious,” Megan exclaimed in both shock and pride.

“Less talking, more ass fucking. Get back on top and ride, but let me watch that cock go in your ass this time,” Tom said, clearly suggesting reverse cowgirl as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Megan backed up between his legs before guiding his fat meat back into her stretched backdoor. Bent completely forward, Megan used her legs to work herself on his dick as she enjoyed the burn from it being up there and the spanking that Tom was giving her firm ass.

“Rub you’re clit bitch, it’ll feel good,” Tom groaned as he watched his hand mark appear in a dark red colour on Megan’s pale cheeks.

Megan did as she was told and couldn’t believe the pleasure she was experiencing as her asshole was being filled with a stiffy and spanked. It wasn’t long until the thin 22-year-old was rocked by her first orgasm generated by being sodomized.

“Oh shit, I need to cum, want to blow in your mouth,” Tom uttered as he felt his balls swell then release from his sack and up his shaft until the thick fluid came pumping out in several blasts, covering her cute face in hot jizz.

“Hayden better hurry up,” Megan thought to herself as gathered up the cum on her face with his ass-drenched cock and pushed it past her juicy lips and into her mouth.

* * *

Meanwhile, Owen and Kristen were engaged in a passionate kiss as Miley Cyrus watched on nearby, licking her lips for her chance with the poker game winner. Owen didn’t know what Hayden’s plan was but if it involved him hooking up with two gorgeous women then it couldn’t be that bad. He was a good looking man but for some reason he hadn’t ever had luck with the ladies, needless to say the women he did end up with were nowhere in the league of Kristen and Miley.

“One minute Owen, I think that Miley wants in on some action,” Kristen said as she stepped away from the undercover cop and walked to Miley.

Miley was dragged onto the bed so that Kristen was on top of the young brunette. After a brief make-out session, which turned on Owen to no end, Kristen peeled away Miley’s panties from under her short blue dress before nestling in between her legs.

“Mmm I love teen pussy,” Kristen cooed before lowering her mouth back onto Miley’s pink pussy.

Kristen loved the fact that the teenager’s pussy was cleanly shaven excepted for a thin strip of brown hair. Never expecting to be as into this as he thought, Owen removed his own blazer and pants and took a seat at the edge of the bed so he could stroke himself as he watched the hot lesbian show going on in front of him.

“Here, why don’t you let me do that,” Miley said as she crawled over and took Owen’s stiff, 8-inch cock into her mouth.

“The only thing better then teenager pussy is teenager ass,” Kristen stated.

Kristen pulled apart Miley’s round cheeks and inserted her tongue into the brunette’s backside. The brunette was disappointed when she felt her boss’s tongue leave her asshole but was pleasantly surprised when she felt hard plastic penetrate her soaking wet snatch as Kristen had left to find a double-ended dildo.

“Miley why don’t you let me and Kristen have a little time together,” Owen said, not able to hold off any longer without getting his hands on the petite blonde.

“Take the dildo and keep playing with yourself. Oh and work some fingers up in your ass, its so tight and it’ll make us even hornier to watch.” Kristen instructed.

Owen, who had her out of her business suit in no time flat, ravished her. He was kneeling behind her on the floor as he had her bent over the bed so what her slim ass was sticking up in the air, giving him easy access to lick both her twat and backdoor.

“Why don’t you make better use of that toy,” Owen said to Miley, who was in a world of pleasure as she was pumping a dildo and 2 fingers into herself.

“Wait, get on your knees on the bed Miley, I’m gonna fuck you,” Owen demanded.

Kristen said as she sprung to her feet and took the dildo from the younger girl. Inserting one end into Miley’s twat before doing likewise with her own, Kristen began to really pump the smooth plastic in and out of themselves, both of them moaning in the process. Kristen pulled out of Miley and rubbed the tip of the fake cock against her tight asshole before applying enough pressure to breach the barrier. The blonde eased more of it into Miley’s bowel, which made Owen the horniest he had been ever in his life.

“I’m not going to break Kristen, I’ve been taking it in the ass for awhile now.” Miley shouted, taking both of her partners by surprise as the brunette looked completely innocent.

“Please, allow me an opportunity then,” Owen said.

The undercover cop moved Kristen aside and plunged his dick into Miley’s awaiting anus, taking no time at all to be fucking her deep and at full speed. Kristen wanted some action too so she moved around to Miley’s face and laid down in front of it. It didn’t take long for the brunette to get the hint and she lowered her mouth and licked her boss’s clit while pumping the dildo into the blonde’s snatch.

“So that’s what teenager ass feels like, but how does your ass feel?” Owen asked.

The burly officer pulled out of Miley and moved closer to the blonde who had jumped quickly onto all fours. Although Kristen Bell was rather skinny, her ass was amazingly shapely by being big and round. Owen wasted little time and pushed his cock into her asshole slowly before picking up the pace and causing her cheeks to ripple with every thrust into her rectum.

“Fuck my ass baby,” the blonde club owner demanded.

“You know what would make this even sexier,” Miley asked. When no one answered she continued, “If you were handcuffed.”

“I love this girl,” Kristen screamed as she grabbed the brunette by the face and bringing her for a long, wet kiss.

“Get them from my bag,” Owen told to Miley.

“You brought handcuffs with you?”

“What can I say, I’m kinky,” Owen replied.

Kristen flipped back over onto her back and moved closer to the metal bars of the headboard. Miley returned promptly with Owen’s police handcuffs and passed them to him. He quickly slapped them on Kristen’s slender wrists so that she was bound tightly to the strong metal.

“Damn that metal is cold. Now fuck my ass again,” Kristen commented.

Owen’s plan was to stop with the sexual encounter once the suspect was neutralized, but the chance to get back in her asshole again was too tempting to pass up. He only hoped that Hayden and Megan’s situation had went just as smoothly as his.

“Here it comes,” Owen announced, entering her bowels again.

Owen slipped right back into her gaped asshole and resumed his hard fucking. Kristen was loving every minute of it and let everyone know it by screaming loudly in pleasure. She would have liked to have been rubbing her clit but being at the mercy of the stranger was also getting her off in a different way.

Miley figured that Owen’s testosterone had steered him off course of the plan but she was complaining either as she found a way to have pleasure too. With Kristen’s face unoccupied, Miley swung her leg over and sat right on the skinny blonde’s mouth. The club owner loved the idea and was eagerly eating out the delicious pussy of the teenager.

“Rub my clit bitch,” Kristen was able to yell out before going back to licking.

Miley did as she was told and massaged her boss’ clitoris while the detective continued to plough into her asshole. It was shortly thereafter that Kristen started to have an orgasm and that started a chain reaction. Her rectum tightened on Owen’s cock, making the burly man reach his own peak and empty himself into her. Kristen’s extra screaming also made for more stimulation of the young girl’s pussy that was sitting on her face. Miley’s orgasm reach her then and her sweet nectar covered her boss’s face completely.

“Suck him dry newbie,” Kristen ordered.

“You don’t have to Miley,” Owen replied swiftly.

“Trust me I want it,” Miley answered.

The horny brunette leapt off of Kristen and onto the carpeted floor below, right at the feet of the policeman. Grabbing his thick base, she steered his long member into her member, being sure to enjoy the taste of Kristen’s ass. Ever since she accidentally took her boyfriend’s cock into her mouth after anal, she was in love with the taste of ass.

“Should we tell her now,” Owen asked once Miley was satisfied she got all the flavor from his pole.

* * *

“And now we go to Paula Cole with the latest developments.”

“Thanks Michael. This story has real broke quickly. What we can assume is that an employee of the exclusive club After Hours has handed over incriminating video tapes of the two owners discussing the murder of now deceased employee. The two owners have been arrested and are awaiting a bail hearing.”

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