After Party After Math

Title: After Party After Math

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Kaley Cuoco, Lea Michele

Codes: FF, oral, drunk, con

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional. This has never happened and never will happen.

“Are you really sure you want to go anyway? I can call them and tell them that you are just not feeling like yourself,” Kaley Cuoco’s manger Debra asked her client as it was clear as day that she was not in the best condition to be going to any kind of party. Kaley thought as this point, her relationship was completely over. After their latest fight, she and her boyfriend had not spoken to each other in days.

For her, breaking up with the asshole was the only logical step from this point. She desperately needed to get her mind of the impending break up so she thought going out and partying with some fellow actors and actresses would help ease her mind.

“No way. There is no possible way I am skipping this after party. There is nothing on this Earth that is going to make me miss this Golden Globes after party for anything. Besides, maybe letting loose and having some fun is exactly what I need,” she replied with confidence as she sat in the makeup chair and watched her fellow actors and actresses pose and walk down the famous red carpet.

“Alright Kaley but you have to remember to be responsible. You know you tend to over drink when you are upset and I have had to make some shady deals to make sure the physical evidence of those nights are never released to the public,” the slightly irritated Debra responded.

“And you doing those things for me is why I have the best manager on the planet,” the actress replied.

“Your smooth talking is not going to get you anywhere with me this time Kaley. If you get caught doing something that makes you look bad one more time, you are going to get yourself into some serious shit that I might not be able to help you get out of,” Debra replied in a tone that sounded like anger, but was more based around thoughts of concern for the well-being of one of her favorite client. .

“Don’t worry about me okay? I promise I will be a perfectly well behaved girl,” Kaley said with a smile, hoping her manager would buy her promise. She was going to try and be well behaved, but at the same time she was going to make sure she wasn’t feeling the pain she was going through by the time the end of the night arrived. Whether that was by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol to the point of public drunkenness or finding someone that could keep her mind off of her failing marriage with offering her a good time.

“I’m trusting you. Please don’t let me down,” Debra hesitantly said as she hoped her client did not let her down again.

“Thank you so much Debra, I am not going to embarrass you or myself,” she replied with a big grin as she went over to her manager for a big bear hug. Debra wasn’t the biggest fan of physical contact in general, but knowing her need for affection right now the manager simply let it slide.

“Okay then. Let’s get your glamour crew in here then,” Debra said as she opened the door and called out for the glamour crew. A large group of people came in with makeup and hair products in order to get her ready for after the main event.

As the so called glamour crew worked their magic on her hair and makeup, Kaley watched in anticipation as the time for the show to start crept closer and closer. She puckered her lips and closed her eyes while lip gloss was put on her lips and eye shadow was placed on her eyes. She did miss some of the opening dialogue but by had already applied her makeup by the time they stopped applying makeup and started to work on her long and beautiful golden blond hair.

She kept her focus on the awards being presented to her colleagues while the hair and makeup team put the final touches on everything. She watched as one of her friends, the lovely Lea Michele, was being focused on by one of the cameras. She always felt bad for the lovely woman when they met, ever since the tragedy of Corey’s death.

She was such a sweet person who always cared for the people she considered friends. She thought that maybe she should go find her at the after party to help her. She was the person most people went to so they could vent. While in the middle of her thought, Kaley was interrupted by a sudden voice.

“Kaley? Hello? Earth to Kaley,” Debra said as she snapped her fingers in her face to get her attention.

“I’m sorry what did you say?” she asked.

“I said you can go put on your wardrobe now,” Debra replied.

“Oh sorry. Just thinking about something, she said back as she got out of the makeup chair and went into her room to change into her dress.

The dress that Kaley was going to wear to the after party was one of her favorites that she did not have the chance to wear before tonight. It was a body length sparkly silver dress. It had a sharp cut that went all the way down to the middle of her rib cage. If she was going to take anyone home to mess around with, this was the dress that would give her the best chance to do that.

It took little effort for her to put on the dress. She stepped into it land pulled it up the length of her body, but the only thing she needed help with was getting the zipper pulled up all the way. She walked out and someone from the makeup team made sure the zipper was pulled up all the way. She looked down at herself in the dress and loved how awesome her tits looked and the amazing cleavage the dress showed off.

The last things that she needed was her purse and her sliver high heels. She was about to get them both herself but two members of her team offered to get them both for her. After a minute or two, the first makeup team member came back with her shoes.

She put one foot in one silver heel followed by the other. With the heels, Kaley was at least 2 to 3 inches taller which always made her feel more confident. The other member of the makeup team came back with her black clutch purse, which had her cellphone and her keys inside.

With everything that she needed to go out, the actress waved goodbye to Debra and the makeup team. She grabbed the sides of her dress so she didn’t step on it and left her house. She walked down to the end of the driveway, where a big fancy limousine was waiting for her.

The limousine driver stepped out of the driver’s seat and walked over to the back door.

“Good evening Mrs. Cuoco. Thank you for choosing our limousine service for your transportation needs this evening, the light skinned bearded man say as he opened the door for her.

“Wow. What a gentleman. Thank you very much,” she replied as she carefully bent down and tried to get into the vehicle without wrinkling or damaging her dress. As she got in the vehicle, she made sure her whole dress was in the limousine before she gave the man the okay to shut the door.

The door slammed shut and the limousine driver got into the driver’s seat. As soon as the wheels started to turn, her anxiety started to kick in.

“Oh god I’m going to look like a loser going to an after party alone,” she thought to herself as she felt like she was going to be ridiculed for not showing up with her husband. As she slowly started to feel the panic take over her, her eyes took notice of the one thing that could help calm her nerves in a situation like this, the alcohol container. The internal struggle began in her mind.

“Should I or shouldn’t I?” she thought as she took the bottle of champagne in her hands.

“I mean I promised Debra that I wouldn’t get into any trouble, but this is a really nice champagne. I mean it wouldn’t hurt to drink a little to just loosen up the nerves right?” she asked herself as she grabbed the champagne bottle and popped the cork off.

“Be responsible Kaley, this will be your only drink until you get to the after party, she said as she grabbed a glass and poured herself one drink. She put her lips up to the champagne glass and let the alcoholic liquid slide down her throat with relative ease. It started with one drink, then another, and another, and another. Soon enough, there was no more champagne in the bottle for her to drink. Luckily there was more alcohol in the tub where the champagne came from.

Before she had realized what she had just done, she downed a whole beer bottle plus the entire bottle of champagne. To say she was going to be past the pointed of intoxicated was a huge understatement. She did not have more to drink than in her younger days but now at age of 31 her body just could not handle that amount of alcohol.

She was doing her best to fight off the effects of being drunk as best as she could and she was surprisingly doing well. Only problem for her was her limo had arrived at the entrance of the red carpet for the after party.

“Calm down. You are a strong woman who can handle her alcohol. You can do this,” she thought to herself before the door of the limousine was opened and her eyes were exposed to the flashing lights of the paparazzi’s camera. She covered her eyes the best she could.

“Would you like some help Mrs. Cuoco?” The limousine driver asked her as he held out his hand for her to grab onto.

“Thank you very much,” she said taking his hand and using it as a weight to pull herself up with. Getting up and out of the seat, she steadied herself before working her way down the red carpet. She began to panic in her mind as she did her best to control herself. The flashing of the lights from the cameras hurt her eyes but she was doing pretty well for being mostly drunk at this point to look like she wasn’t drunk yet.

“Come on. You can do this. Just smile and wave to the cameras like you normally do and you are going to be just fine,” the blond thought to herself as she did her absolute best to keep the smile on her face even though she didn’t want to smile at the moment due to her slowly descending into drunkenness. After what seemed like an eternity, she approached the final stop on the red carpet. Finally finishing posing for the camera, she ran into the actual after party itself.

She looked around the room and saw bodies everywhere. Most of the people in attendance were dancing on the dance floor, sitting at their table talking to those who actually to the event, or they were waiting in a ridiculously long line to go to the bathroom. With the amount of people currently on the dance floor, it was going to be tough to maneuver in between people to get to the bar the other end of the room, but she pulled off the greatest moving in between people and not bumping into them while being drunk in the history of man in order to get there. She sat down on a bar stool towards the end of the bar and waited for the bartender to notice her down at the end.

She got onto the bar stool as carefully as possible to make sure she did not rip any part of her gorgeous silver gown. While waiting for the bartender in her bar stool, her head was beginning to pound from the loud music that played throughout the venue. The loud music had caused the venue to slightly shake form the bump of the speakers. She regretted getting this drunk before actually getting to the after party but she thought a few more drinks would make her forget everything and enjoy the night away from her problems. The wait for the bartender was surprisingly short so she was able to get her order to the bartender relatively quickly.

“Bartender! Can I get one beer please?” Kaley said.

“Can you make that two please?” A surprise female voice added.

“Coming up right away ladies,” the bartender replied. She looked to her right and saw none other than Lea Michele herself. She was wearing a floor length purple dress that made her look absolutely incredible.

She could not help but look at what Lea called her “Bronx booty” as it stuck out of the dress. She was not normally into girls like that but she was what she called a “drunk lesbian”. She had no idea why alcohol made her feel this way, but something about the way the alcohol affected her mind made the female form so much more attractive to her.

“Lea! Oh my god! It’s so nice to see you! How are you girl?” the blonde said to the former “Glee” star as she gave her a very tight hug.

“Hey Kaley. I’ve been better,” she replied while also returning the hug she was giving her.

“What’s wrong? You need someone to talk to?” Kaley asked.

“No, I don’t want to bother anyone with my guy troubles,” the Italian girl replied. Even while being mostly drunk, Kaley knew this was her chance to get at Lea.

“You won’t bother me in the slightest girl, I’m having my own man problems,” she said while pulling a bar stool closer to her for Lea to sit on. “Come on, sit down, and let’s talk our problems out. I know for a fact you’ll feel better letting it out then sitting by yourself. Since I’m inviting you to sit, I will let you go first.”

She knew that her friend had a point. She knew that sitting by herself at the bar was not going to make things any better. She decided to take Kaley’s offer. “Sure why not?”

She carefully sat down on the bar stool so she didn’t ruin her beautiful purple dress. As she made herself comfortable on the bar stool, the bartender had brought them their beers.

“So what’s going on with you and your man?” She asked as she grabbed her beer and took a giant sip of it.

“I honestly don’t know what is going on with Michael and me. I know we are not feeling the spark that we used to when we started dating,” Lea said after taking a big swig of her beer as well. “In the beginning, everything was perfect. He was the perfect gentleman, we were getting along really well. It was some of the best months of my life. In the past couple months though, it just hasn’t been the same. He’s been distant. He won’t even touch me like he used to anymore. I think it is time Michael and I went our separate ways.”

The second to last sentence had caught Kaley off-guard a little bit. In previous talks with her about her personal life, Lea was very hesitant to get into intimate details like that before. Even while being a bit buzzed, this made her realize that she was not alone when it came to drinking before the festivities.

“I’m so sorry about that,” she said as she put a hand on her shoulder to show support.

“Thanks girl. You were right. Talking it out did make me feel a little better about it. So what’s going on with you and Karl right? Lea asked.

“Yeah it’s Karl, and he’s a major asshole,” she said, loving how the sounds of saying he was an asshole out loud made her feel so much better.

“What did he do?” she followed up.

“It’s not what he did it’s more like what he doesn’t do. He is just a horrible person. He is rude, he is obnoxious, and I have never felt more unloved in a relationship than I have with him. Even Ryan wasn’t as bad as Karl has been to me lately.”

“I’m so sorry about that honey. Karl is a fucking idiot if he thinks he deserves a beautiful woman like you if he is going to treat you like that. In fact I got an idea.” Lea said as she put up her hand to get the bartender’s attention. The bartender noticed the tiny girl’s outstretched hand and approached the two beautiful ladies.

“What can I get you lovely ladies?” the bartender asked.

“I would like four shots of the hardest alcohol you got. Two shots for me and two for my beautiful blond friend.” Lea said, much to other girl’s shock. She was almost positive that miss good girl had never taken a shot in her life, and now she was ordering multiple shots of the hardest alcohol. She looked at the bartender who also had a shocked look on his face.

“Are you sure there miss? Our strongest alcohol is a lot to handle for anyone. You are one hundred percent sure you want this?” The bartender tried to warn her.

“I am one hundred percent sure. Bring on the shots!” She exclaimed as she slammed her hands on the bar.

“Alright then, four shots of the strong stuff coming up,” the bartender said before leaving to prepare the shots.

“Lea are you sure about this?” Kaley asked.

“I told him I was so I am. Come on Kaley, let’s get hammered and have a ladies’ night just you and I. What do you say?” Lea asked.

“Fine I’m in,” she said, knowing her body was going to hate her for it in the morning. The bartender quickly came back with their shots.

“Okay ladies here are your shots,” the bartender said as he placed them on the bar in front of them.

“Hope you enjoy,” he said leaving the two heartbroken women with their shots. The tiny actress placed her two shots in front of her and moved her friend’s shots in front of her. She turned to her blond friend with the first shot in hand.

“Cheers to a girl’s night?” Lea said, raising her shot glass.

“Cheers to a girl’s night!” She cheered as she made the two shot glasses touch. Both girls threw their heads back and allowed the shot of alcohol to slither down their throats. Before allowing themselves to taste the first shot, they each grabbed their second shot and let it pour into their mouths. Lea and Kaley coughed heavily as the shots of the alcohol went down their throats. Lea got up off the bar stool and grabbed her friend’s wrist.

“Come on! Let’s get on the dance floor and shake our asses,” she yelled as she pulled her friend onto the dance floor with her. The blonde was yanked off of the bar stool and quickly joined her friend on the dance floor. They were moving their bodies to the music as the shots started to slowly work their magic on them. Ten minutes on the dance floor and the girls were hammered.

“Go Lea go!” she screamed as Lea started moving her body in a sexy manner that was messing with the blonde’s head. She was completely memorized by her friend’s big butt as she shook it back and forth. Her mind was racing with a thousand dirty images a minute as she started to get wet down by her crotch. She wanted Lea and she wanted her now. The song had finally ended before Lea turned around and looked right at her.

“That was pretty hot right?” Lea managed to say before she grabbed her by the hips and pulled her in close to kiss her. She didn’t fight back as she felt the blonde’s wet tongue invade her mouth. She could feel the blonde’s hands as they went from locked together around her waist to grabbing at each individual ass cheek. She did quickly break the kiss and looked to see if anyone had noticed, which they didn’t.

“What’s wrong you didn’t like it?” Kaley asked in an extremely disappointed tone.

“No it’s not that. Let’s just go back to my place so we don’t cause a scene here,” Lea said.

“That is a good idea,” the blond girl managed to say. “So your house or mine?”

“Why not my house?” It’s only a couple minutes away and my limo driver is just around the corner,” Lea explained.

“Yeah that sounds good,” she replied as both girls held on to each other’s hands and their purses from the bar. They made their way through the crowd somehow and managed to get outside and find her limousine. They got in the limousine and Lea asked for her driver to take her home. The driver stepped on the gas and headed to her home while both girls continued their make out session from before.

Both of the drunk girl’s mouths were mashing into each other as they passionately rubbed their tongues against each other. The feeling of their warm wet tongues rubbing each other was getting both drunk ladies wet and ready to do much more to each other. Kaley reached for Lea’s famous ass with both hands and grabbed a good amount of the black haired woman’s behind. The sensation that she felt from the blonde’s hands as they massaged and pinched her supple flesh made Lea want to return the sensation. She took her hands off of her waist and slid them up her torso until both hands grabbed her lover’s breasts.

Kaley’s skin felt like it was on fire as the black haired girl rubbed her soft palms across her hardening nipples. Both girls loved what the other was doing to them. They started to moan into each other’s mouths more than kiss. The drunk lovers just wanted to rip off their expensive gowns and take each other right there. They didn’t care if they were to be caught by the spying paparazzi, they both wanted to finally feel love and compassion that they were not getting from their current partners.

Both girls continued to kiss and move their hands all over the other when the driver of the limousine stopped the car and knocked on the door, causing the drunk girls to stop for a moment. Neither of them seemed to believe they were already at the Glee star’s home. It felt like their passionate session was only getting started by the time they had arrived. They separated from each other and fixed their hair to look presentable before the limousine driver opened the door.

“Here we are ladies,” the limousine driver said before helping each woman out of the car.

“Thank you very much for the ride,” Lea managed to say, still in a fog from her session with Kaley in the backseat.

“Would you ladies like me to escort you to the front door this evening?” the driver asked.

“No that’s fine. Thank you for the offer though,” she quickly replied.

“Okay then. Thank you for choosing up for your transportation needs this evening. Good night ladies,” he responded before getting back into the vehicle.

“Good night!” They both said as they waved and blew kisses as the driver left her property. She turned to look at her lover for the night.

“Thank god he’s finally gone. Now let’s get inside so I can finally have you and your incredible body to myself,” the big bang theory star said as she leaned in and gave little kisses on Lea’s neck, causing the short girl to giggle uncontrollably.

“Sounds like a plan babe,” Lea said as she took her hand and somehow lead both girls up the steps without tripping or falling. As they approached the front door, she let go of her lover’s hand and grabbed her keys of out her clutch purse. She was able to get the key in the door on the first try, due to being in this similar situation before, and pushed the door open.

The moment the door was open, both ladies ran in and slammed the door behind them. They both kicked off their high heels before meeting again for another passionate lip lock. She pulled back for a second, which made the drunk blonde upset for a second.

“Let’s take this into my room,” Lea said as she grabbed Kaley and whisked her down the hallway until she was shoved into her bedroom and pushed onto her bed by the horny brunette. Kaley sat on her back while the brunette slowly approached the bed. She brought one long leg up on the bed, quickly followed by the other as she took the dominant position on top of the big bang theory star.

“You just sit here and relax baby, let me do all the work,” Lea whispered in her ear as she slowly started to disrobe her lover for the evening. Little care was given to their gowns like before as she allowed for her lover to take off her silver gown. She was loving the fact Lea was taking control of the situation. She loved being the submissive in her relationships and feeling completely open to her lover like she was to Lea right now. Before Kaley realized it, Lea had stripped her of her dress, leaving her completely naked since she had decided to go to the after party without any kind of underwear.

“Someone isn’t wearing any underwear. What a naughty girl,” Lea moaned as she ran her fingertips down the length of the naked woman’s body, giving the naked girl goosebumps down the length of her body. She couldn’t help but take in the naked body below her. The moderately sized perky breasts, the tight and toned stomach, and the wet pussy lips that were only covered by a small strip of blonde hair sent the brunette into a lustful frenzy.

“Looks like someone needs to punish me for being so naughty,” Kaley moaned back, wanting the smaller girl to take control of the situation and make her feel good for the first time in a long time.

“I will baby, but I think I should get comfortable too right?” Lea said as she reached behind her back and slowly pulled the zipper of her gown down until she was able to get off Kaley for a couple seconds to slip her curvy body out of the purple dress. Throwing the gown off to the side, she posed and allowed for her partner to take in her naked body too.

“You like what you see baby?” Lea taunted as she did little poses for her lover.

“I really do. You are so fucking hot,” Kaley managed to say before eyes wandered up and down the beautiful Italian’s nude form. Her mouth began to water as she looked at her taunt but cute little breasts as they shimmied back and forth. She looked down further and saw her lover’s beautiful toned stomach and big hips as she swung them for side to side. She could see the juices beginning to drip from her woman cave. It was driving the taller actress mad.

“Thanks. Now sit back and let me do the work,” Lea replied as she lowered her body onto her lover. The Italian girl started by placing slow, passionate kisses on her lover’s neck. She could not help but let out little giggles as the feeling of her soft wet lips tickled against her neck. Things quickly escalated as she lowered herself down to her friend’s busty chest while her arms crept closer to her lover’s wet opening.

“Oh fuck!” Kaley moaned as she looked down to see the tiny actress placing soft little kisses on her nipples. Lea licked at her lover’s left nipple like it was an ice cream cone while her other hand pinched and pulled at her breast.

“Does my girl love her little nipples played with?” Lea teased as she switched back and forth between the nipples. She could only whimper in response to the pleasure her partner was giving her. She started to squirm around as she couldn’t take the sensations of her soft wet tongue dancing and dripping saliva across her hardening nipples. The Scream Queens star sucked on her lover’s nipples harder and harder, keeping up the sexy tongue lashing until the blond could no long contain herself or how her body responded to the pleasure.

Lea’s amazing tongue soon left her tits and slowly slithered down her torso, leaving a shiny trail of saliva behind it. It didn’t take long for her tongue to reach her pelvis. She looked up and saw the passion burning in her lover’s eyes. She could clearly see that her lover for the evening wanted to be fucked now, but Lea got most of her pleasure from the foreplay. She decided she was going to tease the blond woman as her tongue continued passed the blond patch of pubic hair.

She lowered her head down to her lover’s waiting love hole and stuck her tongue out. Kaley thought this was the moment that Lea was finally put that amazing tongue of hers in her cunt and make her moan like a porn star. She was being tortured as she could feel Lea’s tongue everywhere around her thighs but not where they needed to be. Kaley could not take it anymore.

“Please stop teasing me. Please just fuck me already,” the Big Bang Theory actress pleaded as she moaned like she was experiencing pure agony.

“As you wish,” Lea replied as she finally placed her tongue against her lover’s eager beaver.

“Oh fuck finally!” Kaley squealed as she finally felt her lover’s soft tongue wiggle around her protruding pussy lips and slither into her awaiting love pot every now and again.

“You like that baby?” Lea teased as she brushed her tongue across her lover’s clit.

“I love that baby. I love that so fucking much!” She screamed from the top of her lungs as the brunette started to eat out her cunt like a ripe peach. She squirmed around as he lover’s tongue and lips were pushing against all of her pleasurable spots down near her love tunnel. Lea continued to orally stimulate her partner until she decided more than oral stimulation. Lea poked her head up so she could tease her lover one more time.

“If you love what I’m doing now, I bet you are going to love this,” Lea said as she surprised her lover by placing two fingers into her aching pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Kaley screamed as the insertion of Lea’s fingers caught her off guard. All of the pleasure she was feeling before was elevated to new heights when fingers started to push in and out of her like a piston. She was experiencing a whirlwind of incredible sensations with Lea’s mouth and fingers combining to become a force of pure ecstasy.

While Lea continued to push two of her fingers into her lover’s womb, Kaley started to respond to the stimulation of her cunt by lowering herself onto Lea’s fingers every time they shot up into her. She moved her hips up and down with each thrust in and moved them in a circular motion when the other girl left them inside her so they stretch out and pleasure her inner walls. It didn’t take long for them to find her g-spot as this point.

As Lea’s manicured fingers pushed against her g-spot, Kaley threw her head back and moaned as she felt like she was slowly but surely approaching orgasm. She rode Lea’s fingers quickly as she felt the wave of pleasure begin to rise within her. Her breathing became more erratic with every breath as it was accompanied with moans of joy and pleasure.

“Oh fuck Lea! I’m going to cum for you baby! I’m about to cum!” The blond woman screamed as loud as she could. The wave of pleasure surged throughout her body as she shook from the force of her orgasm. Lea opened her mouth wide as soon as spurts of the blonde’s lady liquids shot of her. She got as much of the girl’s love juice in her mouth as humanly possible before swallowing it all down and licking the leftover amount that was sticking to the blonde’s legs.

Lea was so focused on licking up what was left of her lover’s little squirt show, she didn’t notice Kaley sit up on the bed and grab her. The sudden shock of feeling hands on her own body caused Lea to look up at her lover.

“Your turn,” Kaley whispered as she surprised the dominant Lea by flipping their positions, putting herself on top and the brunette below her. With a seductive look in her eye, she slowly lowered her body down until her face was directly across from the Scream Queen star’s mostly hairless pussy.

“You did such a good job for me baby. Time to return the favor,” she moaned as she stuck out her tongue and began to do the same thing to Lea that Lea had just done to her. She was in pure bliss as her lover began to use her tongue to make movements on her clit that made Lea think this was definitely not the first time that her romantic partner for the evening had ever gone down on a woman.

She felt chills running down her spine as she felt her lover’s tongue thrash into wet hole and wiggle around in her inner walls. The sudden stimulation Lea was experiencing had caused a tiny explosion of pleasure to surge through her, causing the brunette to let out a strong lust filled moan.

Noticing her lover’s reaction, Kaley decided she needed to take the initiative by surprising Lea with her fingers like Lea surprised her. She also knew she needed to step up the intensity by adding another finger into the mix. Waiting for just the right time to strike, she took three fingers and jammed them inside of her lover’s aching cunt.

“Oh holy fuck Kaley!” Lea screamed out as she felt her lover’s fingers wiggle their way inside her. She pushed her fingers in and out of the brunette’s soaking wet cunt while she still lashed at it with her tongue. The intense pleasure from the combination of her fingers and her tongue made her lover start seeing stars.

“You love my fingers inside you don’t you baby? You love it when my tongue and fingers pleasure this cute little pussy don’t you?” She asked as she continued her assault on Lea’s love chamber.

“I love your fingers and your tongue baby!” Lea screamed as she pushed her hips down so Kaley’s fingers went deeper and deeper into her cunt with every push. Looking at her lover’s face, the blonde knew she could not handle much more. Wanting Lea to experience the pleasure that Lea gave to her, she pushed her fingers and tongue into her lover’s cunt faster than any time before.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” Lea screeched at the top of her lungs.

“Fucking cum for me baby!” Kaley screamed, using all of the energy she had left to get Lea over the hill. With a loud shriek, the brunette’s body began to shake and convulse as fluids leaked out of her love tunnel. She removed her fingers and opened her mouth to let the juices slowly fill her mouth. She put her lips right up to Lea’s leaking cunt and sucked out the gushing fluids.

Kaley collapsed onto the bed as she and her lover both got the love and attention they desperately desired. She turned to look at her partner and noticed that her orgasm must have not her out cold as she began to let out a tiny little snore.

Before passing out from the amazing night that she spent with Lea Michele, Kaley thought that she was going to hate herself for getting so drunk and how she was going to explain this to Debra and possibly Lea depending on if either of them remember what happened in the morning, but she would gladly accept the consequences of this after party aftermath.

The end

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