After Rehearsal

Title: After Rehearsal

Codes: Mf, nc/cons, anal, oral.

Starring: Davida Williams

Dance rehearsal had just ended all the girls of TG4, except Davida, were leaving the dance room and to the cars, they don’t like using the showers, they perfer the separate showers at their home. Davida was not about to use the shower she was getting hersef ready to go.

“Hey!” A male voice said from behind and Davida turned to see who it was.

“Hey Quinton!” Davida smiled, “I don’t know if you know but Jhene’s rehearsal is tomorrow.”

“I know.” He walked up to Davida and grabbed her hips.

“C’mon Quinton not here.”

“If not here then where?”

“No where. I can’t do this, you’re Jhene’s boyfriend.”

“So, she don’t care and what she don’t know won’t hurt her.”

“Don’t feel like you doing the R. Kelly thing?”

“Nope. So what I’m 18 and she 15, no one know, but me, you and Jhene.”

“I’m gonna tell everybody your real age, if you don’t let me go.”

“Do that and you won’t live to finish regretting it.”

“What are you gonna do Quinton?”

Just as Davida said that Quinton slammed her against the wall and snatched her pants along with her thong down and off her feet. He undid his pants and pulled himself out and wrapped Davida’s leg around his waist and slid her down on his dick. He bounced her on his for a few good minutes, then Davida started getting into it and bounced herself on his dick and moaned, she bit her bottomed lips moved up and down on his dick. “Dayum boi.” she moaned. Davida had never had sex with Quinton, she just had a crush on him, she imagined he had a big dick, but his dick is huge a foot long and an inch to back it up. Not only was she moaning in satisfaction but in pain. She soon got used to it soon and bounced on his dick as she moaned. Soon slid out and put her feet on the floor.

He turned her around and rammed his dick into her tight ass. Davida was about to scream until Quinton covered her mouth and fucked her in the ass. He let her mouth go when he heard muffles of moans. Davida looked back at Quinton and pushed him deeper into her ass as she moaned. Feeling his big dick move in and out her ass made her pussy yearn, but that came to and end when felt Quinton finger enter her hole. Double Penetration. Her moans went wild as she pushed hm deeper into her ass. “Rub my pussy harder.” She moaned and that is what he did. He finger her hole faster and harder and pound her ass. This was getting too much for Davida. “I’m gonna cum.” she moaned. Quinton snatched his finger out her hole and slid out her ass and turned her to him. “Cum in my mouth.” He said as began to eat her out. Davida moaned and screamed as he sucked her clits and pinched her nipples. “Eat my pussy baby, suck it harder… ohh.” she pushed his face in deeper. “I’m finna cum” and she came right there all in hi s mouth as he lapped up every drop of her.

When they finished he fixed himself and looked at Davida and kissed her and he was about to leave. “Wait you tasted me, I wanna taste you.” “You serious” “Mm hmm”. Quinton smiled and unzipped his pants and pulled out that anaconda of his. Davida opened her mouthed wide and slid in his dick and sucked like a pro. Quinton moaned and helped her with his hand. She sucked harder and let her tongue tease his balls. She sucked him for a good 12 minutes, he was holding back, but he could anymore and all his hot seed ran down her throat, she swallowed every drop and wiped her mouth. Quinton smiled and patted her head and put his dick back into his pants and walked up leaving Davida half naked and satisfied.

The End.

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