After The Concert

After the Concert

Lila McCann & Sara Evans

Written By: Spyder
Codes: FF, mast, anal

Disclaimer: The following item is a work of fiction. It is meant for adult readers only. The responsibility rests totally on your shoulders. Read at your own risk

A new tour has begun and the show has two of the hottest stars in country music sharing a stage every night for the next few months. Opening the show is young up and comer Lila McCann, while the headliner is the ever-sexy Sara Evans. Sara has left her children with her mother and Lila has been having
marital problems since she caught Michael her husband fucking the 19 year old next door. Of course not many know of her tryst with a young man known as Gary. On the first night of the tour the ladies confide in each other about what has transpired over the last few months since agreeing to go on tour together.

Sara recounts her sexual pleasures to her young friend saying that a young radio producer has had her lips all over his cock and that she needs to get back to Canada to get some. Lila smiles and says with agreement that she should go find Joe and let him inside one more time. Sara is not shocked that Lila knows of him and wonders what he did to her.

Lila starts off by saying that Joe interviewed her in the studio in Canada and they wound up fucking on the table and the floor before she was well fucked. She then adds that her newest lover is the father of her child and that she wants him so bad that a divorce from Michael is the only option to give the child a chance to be with the real father once born. Sara holds Lila and says that she should do what her heart tells her and to listen to advice from her mom. Lila tells Sara that her mom has agreed with the idea of having the father be part of the birth and life of the baby.

Sara sits back and sighs, letting Lila know that she wants to relieve some tension. Lila opens her jacket and removes it feeling the heat of the lights in the suite. Sara asks what Lila does for pleasure while on the road alone. Lila says usually nothing as she yearns for the touch of a man. Sara says that when she is lonely for any man, she simply pleasures herself until she cums fast.

Lila, who is a virgin in such matters, simply asks Sara what she is talking about. Sara undoes her jeans, lowers them to the floor, revealing an uncovered ass and pussy. Sara stretches on the recliner that she sits on and licks her fingers to penetrate her pussy. Sliding two fingers into her gaping pink mound, Sara peeks over at Lila who is removing her skirt and panties. She looks timid at first and then drives a couple of digits into her fuzzy peach. She pulls back and licks her fingers only to plunge them hard into her quivering mass of woman ness. Lila closes her eyes as she dreams of being fucked by Gary once more.

Sara sees what pleasure Lila is getting, moves over to the couch and sits by the now climaxing Lila. Lila shivers as she cums on her fingers, Sara tales Lila’s hands and licks the juice dripping from her fingers and shocks Lila with the goings on.

Lila moves away in horror, waits a minute and is passionately kissed by the hot singer next to her. Sara jabs her tongue inside Lila’s mouth and she drives her fingers inside the pussy of the young star. Lila wants to back away, but her heart tells her to enjoy the proceedings as Sara kisses her one more time. Returning the passion, Lila reaches up the squeeze the heavy tits of Miss Evans, hearing a muffled moan Lila licks the nipples and jams two fingers into Sara’s tight ass. Sara has never felt female fingers penetrate her tight once fucked ass, as she remembers the moment Joe ass fucked her the only time she has had cock up their.

Lila sucks on the now swollen areolas of the hot singer and moves quickly to her pussy, kissing every step of the way down to her hot pink cavern. Sara thinks to herself that Lila would be a great lover if they were to give up men and live together. Lila’s tongue digs inside the pussy of Miss Evans and brings her to climax faster than she has thought she might.

Sara, not to be left out, turns Lila on her back, opens her tan muscular thighs and kisses the region around Lila’s hot pussy. More moans fill the air as the two ladies continue to drive wild screams of delight from one another.

Separated for a few moments, Sara goes to her bag and grabs out the longest dildo that Lila has ever seen. She smiles wickedly as she takes the apparatus and drives it into Lila’s well-fucked ass. Lila moans frantically and moves her body to meet the plunging dido as it opens her hole wider.

Lila reaches to wards the angelic singer and grabs to dildo to use it on her lover and friend. Driving it into Sara’s gaping pussy, Lila licks around the region as she brings it in and out. Sara moves into the plunging hands that are Lila’s and finally smiles at her and says, I have an idea, just follow my lead.

Sara takes hold of the dildo, widens her thighs and slides it inside her cunt, Lila does the same with the long rubber dong and the ladies fuck the apparatus while gyrating in unison.

The final climax comes an hour later as the two visions of loveliness lie exhausted on the couch, kissing one another until they flop apart to sleep. Wishing each other sweet dreams Lila and Sara drift off to sleep.

The End

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