After The Concert With Mila

Title: After The Concert With Mila
Celeb: Mila Kunis
Author: Kash the Priest
Codes: cons, mf, oral, anal, spank, feet fetish
Disclaimer: This story should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 and is not a representation of any celebs or persons named and was just created from the figment of my imagination. Also note that Aerosmith aren’t in concert so even more less of a chance of this being 100% fiction.

Author’s note: Been hooked on Mila Kunis ever since I watched her movie ‘Moving McAlister’ so I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did writing it. As usual, send feedback
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“Do we really need to get there this early?” I asked yawning.

“What the fuck you yawning for? It’s noon!” Andrew said sounding surprised.

“Aw come on! This surprises you?” I asked.

“I know! It shouldn’t but your laziness never ceases to amaze me.” He answered with a stupid smirk on his face.

“Shut your face and go get me a big mac!” I shoved him as we passed a McDonalds.

“Get it yourself!“

“Hey! You’re the loser with no friends, but me, that’s dragging my ass to watch this faggy band live.“

“What?! You love Aerosmith!“ Andrew said his voice getting a little high. “Probably even more than I do!”

“There’s no question about that. But by my clock, there’s no am hours after five. After 5am, comes 2pm…” I started looking at my watch.

“How the fuck did you become so Goddamned lazy?” Andrew cut me off as we walked into McDonalds.

“I have no clue. High school seems like it was a million years ago, you know, the whole getting in for 9am.”

“Can we get two Big Macs to go?” Andrew placed the order.

“And a strawberry milkshake in the largest size available.” I added.

“What? Fine make that two of what he just said.” Andrew gave in very quickly. I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” He said.

“OK. But first pay the good man his money.” I said. I mumbled something as he handed a $20 bill over, took his change and went to the bathroom.

“Anything else, or are you just waiting for your friend to get back?” The guy at the counter asked handing me the paper bag with the burgers.

“Yeah. Can I get seven cheese burgers?”

“Sure.” The guy replied and put seven cheese burgers into a paper bag.

“Why do you have two bags?” Andrew asked as he came up behind me. I held both bags in one hand and the milkshake in the other.

“One’s the big mac’s and the other is food for later.”

“Sweet! You got us food.” Andrew said picking his milkshake up.

“No. I got me food. You want more food for later, get it now or you can come back here later.”

“You god damned ass hole!” Andrew said as he picked up straws for the milk shakes.

We ate our big mac’s inside the restaurant and then started on our milk shakes as we walked out.

“Guess we’re the first ones here.” I said as we approached the line that consisted of no one.

“Not quite.” Andrew said pointing at someone who stood at the front by herself, I had totally missed her. She had long black hair just past her shoulders, in dark blue jeans and a plain black t-shirt. Probably an Aerosmith t-shirt, but we couldn’t tell, she had her back to us.

“That’s a nice ass she’s got. Reckon she’ll do sexual favours for us while we wait in the queue?”

“Highly doubtful.” Andrew answered.

“Lets ask her.” I said picking up the pace.

“What?! No!” Andrew said running to catch up to me.

“I’m just kidding.” I laughed. “You really think I’d do that?”

“Considering you have done it numerous times before, yes. Yes I think you’d do it.” He replied as we got in line behind her.

“Hey!” The girl turned around looking at us. “Finally! Some people actually came! I thought I was gonna die of boredom!” She said, talking to us as if she knew who we were. She confirmed that she was indeed in an Aerosmith t-shirt and oddly, standing beside her shoes, in socks.

“A big Aerosmith fan?” Andrew asked.

“The biggest! I even managed to get on one of their videos.” She answered.

“Which one?” He asked, they seemed to be starting up a conversation, it’s what Andrew did when he liked a girl, start up casual conversation and get to know a few things about her. Which seemed to always work.

“Jaded.” She replied. That’s when it hit me.

“Don’t celebs like you get in for free and have special seats reserved for them?” I asked, entering their conversation. Andrew laughed, thinking I was saying whatever came to my head, but he went quiet quickly when she answered my question.

“Yeah, but I wanna be right at the front. It’s the best seat in the house. The seat we usually get offered is all the way up there away from the band.”

“Celebrity?” Andrew mumbled, looking as confused as he probably was.

“The fool doesn’t know who you are.” I laughed, she had a look on her face like she was trying to stop herself from laughing.

“Not everyone knows who I am.” She said trying to make Andrew feel better.

“Boot camp? Moving McAlister? American Psycho? Family Guy?” I said trying to refresh his memory.

“Oh my God?” Mila said laughing. “You’ve seen those movies?”

“Yeah! Been a huge fan of yours since I saw you on That 70s Show.” I replied.

“Oh! Jacky!” Andrew said. “Why didn’t you say she was from Forgetting Sarah Marshall?”

“Jacky is her characters name.” I said.

“The name’s Mila.” She said introducing herself.

“Mila Kunis!” Andrew said under his breath as he finally realised who she was, realising that he had pretty much ruined any chance he could’ve possibly had.

“Well this ‘tard is Andrew and I’m Kash.” I said introducing myself. Me embarrassing him didn’t help him much either, but her being a celebrity meant there was less chance of anything happening, but at least now, I was ahead of Andrew in the running and if embarrassing him meant I had a better chance then him, I was gonna do it every opportunity I got.

“Want a cheese burger?” I offered Mila.

“You Don’t mind?” She asked.

“Not at all.” I replied handing her the bag. She opened it.

“Looks like you guys weren’t be hungry waiting in line.” She laughed.

“He won’t be.” Andrew said.

“Sorry?” Mila asked not knowing what he was talking about.

“They’re all his, he won’t be hungry waiting in line.” Andrew elaborated, sounding a little bitter.

“Oh my God!” Mila laughed. “Really?” She asked, raising her eye brows.

“Yes.” I answered proudly.

“There’s….” She started to count quietly. “…Seven here.” Better to have too much food than not enough. Right?”

“That is a fair point.” She laughed. “So how comes you’re sharing with me and mot your buddy?“ She asked taking one out and handing the paper bag back to me.

“You’re cute. And him… unfortunately for him, I don’t swing that way.“ I replied, smirking at him as Mila laughed.

She sat down on the floor, she had some kind of blanket set up, so I sat down on the floor beside her as she started to eat.

“This is very hot.” She said.

“Yeah, we just got out of McDonald’s a few minutes ago.” I said. Andrew continued standing. He was pretty uptight and sitting on the floor in public was definitely a big no for him..

“You need something to help wash that down?” I asked offering her the milk shake.

“Thanks!” She said taking the milk shake off me and taking a sip without wiping the straw.

“So are you Latin?” I asked her.

“What?” She smiled.

“You don’t seem like a regular Caucasian.” I added.

“I’m from the Ukraine.” She answered, her eyes felt hypnotising.

“I never would’ve guessed. I thought you were Spanish or something.”

“I get that all the time cause of my skin tone.” She replied, I couldn’t take my eyes off of hers and I noticed something.

“Are your eyes…. Are they… like different colours?” I asked.

“Oh God! I told you not to smoke anything before you came out!” Andrew said, throwing his hands up, exasperated.

“Actually, my left eye is green and my right eye is blue.” Mila replied, and Andrew started to turn a little red from embarrassment.

“More people!” Mila said as some guys approached us in Aerosmith t-shirts.

“They’re kind of old.” I said.

“That’s not nice.” Mila said. “But it’s true!” She whispered and laughed.

“I guess they were there from the beginning and it seems just right that they’re there right now.” I said.

“So you seem to know a bit about me. What about you?” She asked.

“What about me?” I asked.

“What do you do for a living or are you just a stoner as Andrew has hinted?” She laughed.

“I run my fathers company. I always worked there, everyone hates me cause I was bought in at the top straight away, but I say fuck it! What other position do you expect a man to give his son in his company?”

“I totally get what you mean.” Mila agreed with me. “So what do you do at your fathers company?”

“Well…” I was a little hesitant to tell her what we did. “…We’re not very popular amongst people unless they have an accident, then they come to us.”

“You’re one of those accident, injury lawyers?” Mila asked raising her eye brows.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“That sounds like a sweet set up. There‘s no way your father‘s gonna fire you” Mila commented.

“You say that, but have you seen ‘What Happens In Vegas?’ Ashton Kutcher’s character’s father fires him.” I said using an example from a movie.

“That’s just cause that’s a movie. That wouldn’t happen in real life.”


“So do you spend time off getting high?” Mila asked.

“Don’t listen to him.” I said. “He just said that cause I tried t one time before and he was too scared to and since he‘s used the ‘High‘ joke every time I do something stupid.” I answered.

“Oh!“ Mila said. “You’re not one of those people who get smashed at a concert are you?” Mila asked.

“No! You pay for a ticket and then get so drunk that you don’t remember, you might as well have saved your money on tickets and just stayed at home!”

“Exactly!” She agreed. There was a moment of silence as we watched Andrew converse with the old fans, until Mila finally said something.

“Andrew seems quite comfortable with those old timers.” She commented. He was talking to a woman that looked like she was in her 40’s, definitely a milf.

“Yeah. I always say that he was born into the wrong generation. That he’s a forty something year old trapped in twenty something year olds body.”

“Really?” Mila asked wrinkling her nose. “He does seem like one of those uptight people.” She whispered and then laughed.

As I continued to talk to Mila, getting through the rest of the burgers and Andrew continued to talk to the milf that he was putting the moves on, five guys came out.

“OK everyone. We need you to enter the building in a single file, while we check you and your belongings for anything that you shouldn’t have.” One of the guys said.

“Like what?” A person yelled from further down the line.

“Like your mothers dildo, what the fuck do you think we mean!” The guy yelled back, which caused a lot of people to laugh, including me and Mila.

“Can you believe it’s already time to go in?” I said.

“Yeah, It feels like a couple of minutes ago that you and Andrew got here.” Mila said. As hard as it is to believe, eight hours just whizzed by, but that was probably because I was talking to Mila Kunis to pass the time.

“Just go down that way.” One of the security guards said as me and Mila passed through security first.

“Should we wait for Andrew?” Mila asked.

“I’m sure the security will tell him which way to go.” I replied.

“How are you two friends? He seems like an uptight prude and you see more like a free spirit?” She asked as we headed to the top of the arena where the guard rails were.

“You need someone the opposite of you to keep things interesting. If someone is the clone of you, you‘ll just be agreeing with each other and have nothing to talk about” I replied.

There was a little step in front of the rails, that made you about two inches higher than everyone behind you when you stood on it. Me and Mila stood directly in the middle as Andrew came and stood beside me.

“You guys wanna meet the band after the show?” Mila asked.

“Seriously?” Andrew asked, his eyes lighting up.

“Yeah, I got backstage passes.” She replied.

“If you were a dude, I would totally suck you off!” He said showing his contentment.

“Wow!” Mila laughed. “I would expect a comment like that from him, so it’s a little strange hearing that come from you.”

As the arena started to fill up, it started to get a bit more crowded, people started pushing and shoving and music was starting to play, to get the crowd riled up. Luckily it wasn’t that loud, you could still here what the person at the side of you was saying.

“This guy on the side keeps pushing and touching me.” Mila said into my ear.

“Touching you?” I asked. She had this uncomfortable look in her eyes.

“Let’s switch.” I said as I moved behind her, standing very close to her as she shuffled to where I was standing, her butt brushing past my crouch that got me a little aroused. I stepped forward to where she was standing.

I looked at the guy and he was bald in an Aerosmith t-shirt and looked like he was in his mid thirties. I put my arm around Mila’s waist protectively, placing my hand on the railing, bringing her closer to me. Mila looked at me and smiled, placing her hand on top of mine.

Although, I would’ve liked to stay in this position, which we did through the backing act, mainly cause they sucked, but once Aerosmith came out. That wasn’t the case. Everyone just came to life, jumping and singing along to all the songs.

It made me glad that Andrew dragged my ass out of bed so early and when Steve Tyler said goodbye, I wanted him to carry on. It was a great show and I didn’t want it to end.

People started to clear out slowly and Mila led me, Andrew and the woman he was talking to who had now latched on to him, to the back. She flashed a card or something at the security and they let us back.

“I’ve been going to Aerosmith concerts for 20 years and I’ve never been able to get backstage.” The woman said.

“Well it’s all thanks to this cutie here!” I said putting my arms around Mila’s shoulders, hugging her and kissing her on the top of her head.

“I’m Mila by the way, and this is Kash.” Mila introduced us to the woman.

“I’m Helen.” She smiled.

It was a little quite as Mila led us to Aerosmith’s dressing room and when we went in, Helen nearly fainted and Andrew was as giddy as a school girl. Mila had already met them before and was even in one of their videos, so it was no big deal for her. I played it as cool as possible, standing back with my arm around Mila’s shoulders while the other two drooled over the band.

“So who’s this?” Steve Tyler asked Mila.

“I’m Kash.” I introduced myself.

“It’s about time you started dated.” Steve said.

“We’re not…” I started but Mila cut me off.

“Yeah. It helps that he’s really cute.” She laughed holding and kissing the top of my hand that was around her shoulders. Steve started to ask her more questions about our ‘relationship’ and Mila came out with more lies.

“Well… She’s a freak in bed if you get what I mean.” I said as I moved my hand off her shoulders and slapped her on the ass, grabbing hold of her butt cheek and squeezing it.

“Oh!” Steve laughed as he got what I meant. “Likes deliveries in the rear?”

“Yes. I love it. I can’t get enough!” Mila replied, I was expecting her to be a bit more objective to what I had said, but she just went with it.

“We better get going.” Mila said to Steve. “I need to take some more deliveries in the rear. We have a lot of sex to get to and every second here is another second spent not having sex.” Steve started to laugh quite loud.

“You!” I’m not sure if her believed her, I highly doubt that he did.

“Get going.” He laughed as Mila started dragging me out of the room by my hand before Steve had even finished talking.

“Young love.” I heard him say as Mila closed the door behind us.

“What was that about?” I asked her, my voice slightly low.

“He’s always bugging me about getting a boyfriend and how I’m young and I should be getting laid, so I decided to avoid all that crap by saying that we’re together. And you!” She playfully slapped my arm.

“Making it seem like I’m some kind of anal freak!” She added, looking pissed off, but still looking like she was amused and trying to hold her laughter back.

“I just said it. You didn’t deny it, you just confirmed it.” I reminded her. “So we’re not heading off to have sex?” I joked.

“No!” Mila laughed.

“Get a man’s hopes up and then crush them like a bug.” I threw in another joke.

“Unless you want to.” Mila said looking down at the floor as we walked, her hand still in mine. I felt my heart start to beat faster, my throat dry up and my palms get a little sweaty at the thought that Mila Kunis is asking me if I wanted to have sex with her.

“Errr… What…. What do you mean?” I asked, stuttering a little, wanting clarification.

“I think you like me and I know I like you and I’d…” She started to trail off.

“One of the things that has made this one of the most memorable concert for me is you.” She said looking up, mesmerising me with those beautiful eyes.

“Really?” I asked putting my hands around her waist, pulling her closer to me. “Cause you have made this the most memorable day of my entire life.” I said, feeling like I was sounding a little bit cheesy, but at the same time, it was 100% true.

Mila got this look on her face and she wrapped her arms around me, pressing her lips against mine hard, I kissed her back instantly, and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist.

“That room!” She pointed taking her lips off mine momentarily just to give directions. I walked backwards, holding her up and reached back behind me, my back pressed against the door. I reached back with my hand, fiddling around for the door handle and then opening it.

“What is this room?” I asked as I walked in still carrying Mila.

“One of the rooms that gets used as a dressing room.” Mila replied getting off me and trying to undo her jeans. Clearly it wasn’t in use right now.

“It’s too fucking tight!” She said getting irritated.

“Let me get…” I started but then she quickly stepped forward kissing me again. I could feel her hand go down onto my sweat pants and undo the front and her petite hand go under my boxers waist band and onto my cock.

“It already feel so big!” Mila said breaking the kiss and dropping onto her knees in front of me, pulling my cock out.

“How much bigger is it gonna get?” She asked looking up at me with those beautiful eyes as she held my cock in her dainty hands, softly stroking my man hood.

“Ooohh! Very big by the looks of things!” She squealed as she moved her head forward, opening her mouth and taking my swollen cock head into her warm mouth.

“Oh shit!” I moaned as I felt my dick get as hard as it was gonna get as she began to tenderly suck my cock head whilst she continued to stroke my cock.

“You have no idea how good that feels!” I said.

“How about now?” Mila asked taking her mouth off as she stroked me pretty fast with both of her hands.

“Better.” I replied.

“What if I put my mouth on it again?” She asked, moving her mouth so close to my cock, that I could feel her warm breath every time she breathed out.

“Oh please! God yes!” I said and she slowly opened her mouth, just enough for my cock head to fit in, her teeth pressed on the top and underside of my cock, her teeth gently scraping up my cock head as she took the tip of my penis back into her mouth, reverting to using only one hand.

“More!” I moaned.

Mila looked up, her hand still stroking my cock slowly, she didn’t even stop for a second since she wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She opened her mouth more and started to take a couple more inches into her mouth. This slow sensual blow job was turning me on so much that I felt like I’d blow my wad if she didn’t speed up.

She was so petite, that she was struggling to handle my entire length, but what she couldn’t fit into her mouth, she used her hand to pleasure. Her mouth strokes started to speed up rapidly and was quickly catching up with her hand strokes, which I was grateful for, cause if she continued at the brutally slow pace she was going at, I probably would be filling her mouth with cum right now.

Every time she moved her mouth forward, I could feel the back of her throat on my tip and this just turned me on even more and I could feel my pre-cum spurt out on to her tongue.

“Mmm!“ She moaned, stopping her mouth movement for a second as she looked up at me her eyes half closed as she savoured the taste of my cum.

Once she got her first taste of my cum, she sped up rapidly, both her hand and mouth movement was at a incredibly fast pace, like she wanted more cum now that she had gotten a taste.

“Keep going!” I moaned. “I’m close! Keep going faster!” I moaned and Mila complied, her lips feeling incredible against my sensitive prick, her tongue constantly licking my pee hole every time she worked her lips up my shaft.

“That’s it! Keep doing that! I’m close!” I moaned and Mila moved her other hand onto my shaft as she went back to using both hands to stroke my thick shaft whilst she kept my cock head in her mouth, flicking it rigorously with her tongue as I felt my balls start to tense up.

“YEAAAHHH!” I yelled. “I’m cummmm….” I moaned out loud as I felt my cum shoot up my shaft. Mila looked up at me, keeping her hypnotising eyes on mine as my cum shot out of my cock and into her mouth.

Her hand strokes slowed down to the pace that my cum was spraying out into her mouth, like she was milking my cock for all the cum she could get with her lips wrapped around my cock head.

I could feel my cum on her tongue as my cock head also rested on her tongue and once I had finished orgasming into her mouth, she took her mouth off and swallowed my semen.

“Mmm!” She moaned, giving me a horny smile as she stroked my cock. “It doesn’t feel like it’s gotten that soft.”

“That’s cause it wants to be inside of you and knows if it goes soft, it has blown its chance.” I replied.

“Talking about your penis in the third person?” Mila laughed.

“You started it.” I replied, causing her to laugh some more as she gently stroked my cock and she pouted as she put it away.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“We’ve been in here for a while, we can’t run the risk of getting caught, so I will have to wait before I can feel this huge thing inside of me.” She said slowly getting up and just at that point, I heard the door handle.

“What are you two doing here?” A security guard said once he opened the door. Probably doing regular checks to make sure that no one was any where they shouldn’t be.

“Just… talking.” Mila said holding my hand as she led me out.

“Well talk somewhere else okay?” He said as he locked the door.

“So should we go back to mine or yours?” I asked.

“I’m about a 15 minute drive away. What about you?” Mila answered.

“About 5 give or take a minute.” I replied.

“So we’ll fuck at yours! “ Mila smiled, putting a stick of gum into her mouth.

“You want anything to eat?” I asked her.

“No. I’m still full from all those burgers.” Mila replied.

“Did you drive here?” I asked.

“The parking here is a rip off, there’s no way I’m gonna spend that much money on parking even if I can afford it.”

“I totally get what you’re saying.” I said as we started to make our way towards my apartment. We held hand and I led the way to mine.

“So if you didn’t drive here, how’d you get here? Did you take the bus?” I asked.

“As if!” Mila laughed. “I managed to get a friend to drop me off on her way to work.” She answered.

“Me, take the bus!” She laughed.

“What? You’re walking right now, taking a bus is a definite possibility.” I argued my point.

“True, but if walking is the only way to get to your apartment, then that’s the way it’s gonna have to be.” She said.

“You know? I don’t think that I had actually found out things about anyone as quickly as we did about each other.” I stated, changing the subject.

“Yeah. That’s true.” Mila said. “But the amount we found out about each other is the amount you’d find out in like eight hours of talking spread over a longer period of time. It just so happened that the eight hours we spent together was all in one go.” She smiled as she came up with a very good point.

“It’s probably the reason why I’m gonna jump into bed with you right now even though we only met this morning.” She added.

“Yeah. I feel like we’ve known each other for months.” I said getting my keys out as we approached my apartment. I opened the front door to the building, Mila spat the gum in her mouth out onto a patch of grass in front of the building before I led her up the stairs to the front door of my apartment. I opened the door and the lights were already on.

“Andrew probably got home before us.” I said and we could hear faint voices of a male and female talking.

“Sounds like Andrew and Helen.” Mila laughed.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“but we left first.” Mila said looking puzzled.

“We sort of got side tracked with the…” My words drifted off and I mimed sucking a dick, making my cheek bulge with my tongue.

“Oh yeah!“ Mila laughed. “So which way is your room?” She asked.

I started to feel a little anxious now. Having Mila Kunis in my apartment and heading to my room. I know I had already gotten felatio from her, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but be a little restless now.

What if I cum too quickly when I’m inside her? What if I can’t make her cum? What if she thinks my naked body looked disgusting? It was normal questions that come into your head when you’re about to have sex with a woman for the first time, but this time, it was magnified by like a thousand cause it was with someone famous that I had lusted after for a while now.

We went in to my room, I kicked my shoes off and Mila did the same and then we sat down on the bed. Mila put her hand around my shoulders and kissed me.

“You seem a little tense.” She said. “You aren’t nervous about this are you?” She laughed.

“A little.” I replied honestly.

“Well you shouldn’t be, not with a dick that big.” She said standing up and pulling her t-shirt over her head to reveal her breasts. They were a decent size, with dark nipples.

“How did I not notice that you had no bra on?” My question caused her to laugh. “Your nipples must’ve been poking out at one time or another.” I added.

“Yeah. Every time they did, I’d fold my arms in an attempt to cover them.” She replied.

“Ah! That explains it. They look really nice.” I said adding a compliment.

“You wanna suck them?” She asked walking forward, not waiting for a reply and pushing her chest towards my face. I opened my mouth and eagerly sucked her dark nipple.

Whilst I sucked her nipple, she reached down and undid the button on her jeans that she seemed to struggle with back at the arena and pulled her zip down.

“Pull my jeans down.” She said, gently pulling away from me.

“That’s what you get for buying jeans two sizes too small and having an ass that’s so big and round.” I said reaching around with my hand, cupping her ass.

“Shut up and just do it!” She giggled.

I pulled her jeans down, I had to use a little extra force as I was having a little problem getting her jeans down her hips, it’s a small price to pay for being so curvy. I got it down her hips and her toned thighs.

“It looks like every part of you is flawless.” I said as I moved my head forward, kissing her thighs. She had a heavy scent coming from her underwear and I kissed up her thighs before placing a kiss on her panties, just on her pussy.

“Mmm.” Mila moaned. “God, it’s been so long since I’ve been touched there.” She said. I quickly reached down and pulled her jeans down her calves and she stepped out of them.

I started to push her panties to the side, trying to get in from the side of them. Mila spread her legs apart slightly, trying to lift on leg as I started to lick around her pussy lips and once she spread her legs enough, I was able to push my tongue into her cunt.

I start to push my tongue in and out of her hole and she was getting wet very rapidly. I quickly pulled my tongue out and yanked her panties down, seeing that she had a small patch of neatly trimmed dark pubic hair just above her pussy. My mouth instantly went on her moist cunt and pushed into her moist hole, tasting her sweet nectar.

“That feels good!” Mila said, her knees buckling as I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, luckily the bed was right behind her and she landed on her ass on the bed, her pussy being pulled away from my mouth much to much displease. She quickly moved her head forward and kissed me, tasting herself on my lips and tongue.

“I’ve been wanting to feel that huge dick in me since I first saw it.” Mila moaned out the side of her mouth.

“That was only like twenty minutes ago.” I said breaking the kiss.

“Twenty minutes of wanting nothing but to feel that huge thing inside me. Come on baby! Put it in me! I wanna feel you inside me!” She moaned.

I quickly pulled my sweat pants and boxers down, stepping out of them as I went onto the bed on top of her, my dick was already erect and ready to go again.

I could feel my boner pressing against her wet pussy lips, I tried to manoeuvre my dick into her without using my hands and just moving my hips around, but being on top of her and not being able to see, I had to reach down and use my hand to guide my member into her love tunnel.

“Oh shit!” Mila moaned, breaking the kiss, throwing her head back and wrapping her arms around me. I wanted to take my t-shirt of, but she had a vice like grip around me that just got tighter. So I wrapped my arms around her body as well, pulling her close to me, kissing her neck as I slowly pulled back and then thrust forward hard.

“Oh shit!” Mila moaned, her pussy seemingly getting tighter around my shaft. I slowly pulled back again leaving the tip in and then thrusting forward again hard, getting the same reaction from her. The long slow thrusts seem to be working so I kept on doing them repeatedly until she started to beg for more.

“Please!” She moaned. “Give it to me! I want it hard and fast!” She screamed as I instantly began to quicken the pace while she was in the middle of asking me to.

“Oh fuck… mmm… yeah! That’s it! Fuck me faster!” She moaned holding me tighter as I started to pound her cunt as fast as I could, feeling like I was going as fast as I physically could and hoping that she doesn’t scream for me to go faster.

“YEAH!” She screamed throwing her head back. “Keep fucking me! Yeah! Just like that!” She moaned as I felt her pussy start to contract and rapidly get wetter.

“You’re cumming already?” I asked, panting.

“Yes! It’s so big I can’t hold back any more!” She moaned letting out a loud ear piercing scream, throwing her head back and thrusting her hips up, but I continued thrusting and pounded her pussy back down on to the bed.

“OH GOD!” Mila screamed, gasping for air as I felt her pussy contracting less around my shaft, I slowed down the pace almost to a stop, just gently working my dick in and out of her slowly.

I watched her beautiful face breath as she started to try and get her breath back, which I just noticed that I was doing too.

“Fuck that was awesome!” Mila smiled, half laughing. “You know what I wanna do now?” She asked.

“Fuck some more and orgasm prematurely?” I replied, which caused her to laugh.

“Obviously to the first one and as long as I‘m the one orgasming prematurely, it’s all good!” She laughed some more.

“But I want to see what your cock tastes like when it’s covered in my pussy juice.” She said with a lusty look in her eyes. She didn’t need to tell me twice. I quickly pushed myself up and got on my knees in between her legs and pulled my dick out of her moist, hole.

Mila quickly sat up, lowering her head onto my dick, impressing me with her flexibility as she took as much of my man hood as she could in to her mouth and started sucking my member hard, like it was a pacifier.

She took her mouth off my dick and started to lick up and down my shaft really fast and nosily, making loud breathing sounds as she did.

“I love the taste of my pussy!” She said looking up at me with those hypnotic eyes. She then grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up, I quickly grabbed the top and pulled it over my head.

Whilst I was doing this, I could feel Mila’s lips on my stomach and chest, and when I looked down, she was gently biting my nipple, scraping her teeth against them.

“How do you want me now?” Mila asked with a look of lust in her eyes. “You want me to ride it or…” She paused as she got onto her knees in front of me, placing my hand on her ass.

“…Or do you want me on all fours so you can see my big, round ass jiggle as you pound me hard from behind? Maybe even spank my ass?” She said with an innocent look in her eyes, pouting.

“I-I-I-… I wanna pound…” I found myself so mesmerised that I found myself stuttering. Mila let out a laugh and turned around, getting on all fours.

“The ass it is then!” She smiled looking back at me, wiggling her round ass.

“Damn! That is one fine ass!” I said as I stared at her thick, tanned looking ass. It was way bigger than it should be on someone as small as her and that just made it even hotter.

Mila reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart, reaching down with her fingers and pulling her pussy lips apart, showing my the inside of her cunt.

“Fuck my pussy!” She urged me. I quickly grabbed my dick, thrusting my hips forward and at the same time using my hand to guide my dick into her.

“Oh yeah!” She yelled. “That’s it! Fuck me baby! Give it to me!” Mila moaned as I thrust my hips forward, working my full length into her, my thighs slapping against the back of her thighs.

“Come on! Give it to me faster!” Mila moaned and I started to work my hips back and fourth faster, adding more pace with every thrust until I had worked up to a steady pace.

I could feel her feet at the side of my calves, she still had her socks on and they felt warm against my skin. I looked to the side and her feet looked incredibly sexy in the socks. They were white with a grey patch on the heels and on the tips of the toes.

Her toes looked like they were curled. I had realised that I hadn’t really seen her feet properly. I’d seen the tops of them or the sides in movies but not the soles, so I reached down and pulled her sock off, causing Mila to gasp as the cool air hit her warm foot.

Her socks had a slight odour and I tossed it onto the floor. Mila started to wriggle her toes as they felt air probably for the first time since the morning. I quickly pulled the other sock off her other foot and tossed that onto the floor too.

Considering she had been in socks all day I was expecting her feet to give off some sort of odour, but they didn’t. Any odour that there was before, was all from her socks.

The soles of her feet glistened from the light in the room, her feet looked a little clammy and I was starting to get even more turned on by her feet that I decided to pull out of her pussy, much to her dismay

“What are you doing?” She asked looking back at me.

“You have really small, cute little feet.” I said as I lifted her feet up, as I backed up a little.

“Oh!” Mila said, a huge smile forming on her face. “Got a little feet fetish?” She asked, her feet in the air, as she wiggled her toes.

“You could say that.” I smiled as I lowered her feet down to the same level as my man hood and bought them together, the sides of her soles squeezing either side of my cock, her big toes touching each other, whilst I held them in place.

“Uuuummmmmmm!” I moaned as the sides of the soft balls under her big toes were squeezing the sides of my shaft. I started to work her feet up and down my shaft and I could feel Mila moving them on her own, so I let go off them and let her take over.

“Does that feel good baby?” She asked, looking back, pouting.

“Yeah!” I moaned as she started to stroke my cock faster and faster with each stroke, the side of her big toe massaging the top side of my cock, her toes curled to apply more pressure as she bought the soles of her feet as close together as she could, the balls of her feet going along the sides of my shaft.

“Yeah! Fuck my feet!” Mila urged and I started to move my hips back and fourth, thrusting forward when she worked the sides of her feet down my dick and pulling back when she worked her dainty feet up my cock.

“Come on! Fuck them hard!” She yelled at me and I grabbed her feet, holding them together as I thrust back and fourth fast, my balls slapping against her heels, the soft wrinkles of her soles felt amazing against my shaft and as much as I was enjoying fucking her feet, the more I thrust, the more I wanted to feel her pussy on my man hood again.

“Fuck! “I moaned letting go off her feet, letting them drop back down as I moved my hips forward quickly.

“You wanna fuck that cunt some more?” Mila asked looking back at me.

“Yeah!” I replied, pushing her legs together, making her pussy even tighter as I forced my cock head into her cunt, instantly thrusting back and fourth once I felt the wetness of her hot love hole on the tip of my member.

“Oh fuck YES! FUCK MY PUSSY!” Mila yelled and I started off at the pace that I had left her feet at, going fast and hard, working my dick as deep into her as I possibly could with each thrust forward.

I had Mila’s legs in between mine as I fucked her doggy style, the tops of her feet rubbing against my calves, her toes stretched out wide as she tried to grab hold of my flesh with them.

“Uhhhhh! Come on! Slap my ass!” Mila moaned, looking back at me. So I gently slapped her on her butt cheek and then on the other.

“Ahhhh! Again!” She moaned, so I slapped her butt cheeks again as I continued to drill into her tight cunt.

“HARDER!” She yelled, pushing her ass back against me. So this time, I used a little more force as I swung my hand back and my hand met her ass cheek with a loud slap.

“Yeah! Now the other one!” She moaned. So I slapped her hard on her other ass cheek, causing another really loud smack. I was starting to get into it and continued to slap her ass as I slammed my dick in and out of her, her ass cheeks going red, but she still kept thrusting her ass back onto my hand every time I slapped her.

“You like being spanked?” I asked.

“YES!” She screamed as her hips started to thrust back faster. It seemed like the smacks turned her on and she was now thrusting back faster.

“Yeah! Harder!” She moaned. “Fuck me harder!” She added, putting clarification on what she wanted me to do harder, cause I was getting ready to slap her on her ass again.

“Keep going! Keep going!” She kept repeating as I felt her pussy start to contract and it seemed like she was getting ready for another orgasm and seeing as though she liked being spanked, I started to slap her butt cheeks again, causing her to moan louder and louder until she pulled right off my cock.

“FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCK!“ She screamed as she started orgasming again. I tried to put my dick back into her but her pussy was so sensitive that her hips just bucked back and fourth when I did. Her pussy was soaked, and it felt like she might be a squirter, but I wasn’t looking down so I don’t know if she did or didn’t squirt.

Her hips were gyrating and when she stuck her ass out, her ass hole looked a little gaped, like you could squeeze a pinky in. I had been lusting after her ass whilst fucking her doggy style and figured this was an excellent opportunity to get in there.

I quickly grabbed my dick and shoved it in between her ass cheeks, feeling her tiny ass hole gape ever so slightly at the tip of my cock, which was still covered in her cum and I pushed the head in, feeling her sphincter contract and widen to allow me access.

“Fuck!” Mila moaned, looking back. “Are you trying to butt fuck me?” She moaned her question as her orgasm started to subside.

“Yeah!” I replied. “Just push back.” I said as my dick inched into her incredibly tight ass hole.

“Owww!” Mila moaned out in pain. “It’s too big! It’s hurting me!” She whined, but I had over half my length in and I started to slowly thrust half my member in and out of her ass hole, feeling that her cum on my man hood was going on her anal walls and lubricating them with each thrust, making the next thrust easier to work into her.

“Oh shit!” She moaned, now leaning forward, the side of her face resting on the bed. She reached down with her hand going in between her legs and rubbing her clit to try and create pleasure as she gave into the fact that I wasn’t gonna pull out of her ass anytime soon.

With every thrust, I managed to stuff more of my thick shaft past her tight sphincter and deeper into her bowels until I had managed to fit my entire length into her anus slowly pulling out and thrusting back into her warm orifice.

“Oh shit! Ummmmmm….” Mila moaned as the pain from the sudden anal intrusion had disappeared and now she was starting to find it more pleasurable and not needing her hand to stimulate her clitoris any more.

“You like having my dick up that tiny little ass of yours?” I asked her as I thrust into her.

“I’d like it better if you fucked my ass a little harder!” Mila said giving me a horny smile. I had been going slow so I didn’t cause her any pain, but now that she pretty much told me to fuck her ass hard, I started to up the pace very quickly, my groin slapping hard against her butt cheeks and my balls slapping against her wet cunt causing her juices to splash up into the air and onto my thighs.

“Ahhh fuck! Yeah! Like that! Owwww!” She moaned, letting out moans of pain every now and then but never telling me to stop.

“Fuck that ass is so fucking tight!” I moaned as I felt her tight ring grip my dick hard.

“Does it make you wanna cum?” Mila asked.

“God yes!” I moaned.

“Let me ride it a little first.” Mila said with a really horny look, looking at me her blue and green eyes looking so beautiful.

“Sure thing!” I said. “You want me to pull out or…”

“Are you trying to ask me to taste my ass?” She asked.

“No. Unless you want to?” I asked.

“If it comes out of me, I’m gonna have to suck it!” Mila stated as if it was fact.

“You are one dirty slut! “I said and she let out a laugh. I gave her one last deep thrust before I pulled out and moved over to the head board, with my back pressed against it..

“That looks so nasty.” Mila said moving her face towards my cock, opening her mouth. She looked up at me, keeping her eyes on mine as she lowered her mouth onto my manhood.

When I felt her lips close, almost touching I felt some pre-cum spurt out just from the fact that she was about to put my dick In her mouth mere seconds after I had pulled out of her ass.

“Getting really excited I see!” Mila let out a giggle before finally placing her lips over my cock head.

“Mmm!” She moaned as she sucked my cock head hard, tasting both her ass and my pre-cum at the same time before she opened her mouth wider, keeping her lips on my shaft tight as she worked her lips up and down my shaft.

“Holy fuck!” I moaned as I watched her tenderly suck my dick, trying to take as much as she could into her mouth before releasing my shaft from the sweet confines of her mouth.

“You want me to ride it now?” Mila asked, now stroking my man hood slowly.

“Please!” I moaned. Mila gave a triumphant smile and then spat on my cock, rubbing it onto my shaft with her hand.

“You went in a little dry last time.” She smiled as she stood on the bed over me, her legs on either side of me, her back turned to me as she slowly bent over, giving me a great view of her ass as she lowered it down until her butt was touching my hard-on.

Mila reached down with her hand and held my cock in place as she guided her ass hole onto my dick and down my shaft, squatting on top of me with her feet on either side of me.

“Fuck!” I moaned throwing my head back. Mila let out a cocky laugh.

“You like that don’t you?” She said working her hips up and down my shaft. She leaned back, her back pressed against my chest as she started to ride me faster and faster.

“Ahhhh! Fuck! Are you gonna be able to hold on for long?” Mila asked. It seemed like she wanted me to cum, so I saw no reason to try and hold back.

“Yeah, just keep riding me fast.” I told her and she did as I said and she started to increase the pace drastically. I reached around her waist and reached up, holding her breasts in my hand, squeezing them.

“Fuck that tight ass feels good!” I moaned as I found myself thrusting my hips up every time she slammed her hips down to get my cock as deep as I could into her bowels.

“Oh shit! Fuck! ARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” Mila started to scream as she stopped working her ass hole up and down my shaft and just let me thrust my cock in and out of her ass hole as fast as I could.

As I drilled into Mila’s ass as fast as I could, she bought her knees together making her ass hole feel tighter.

“You gonna cum?” She asked in between her moans.

“Soon.” I replied.

“How about now?” Mila asked as she clenched her ass hole making her sphincter gripped my dick so hard that I was finding it hard to thrust into her bowels.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I went as fast as I could possibly go with her clenching, feeling my dick throbbing and stretching her tight ring, struggling to get deeper into her ass hole.

“It feels like you’re gonna cum.” Mila said. “Are you finally gonna give it to me?” She moaned her question.

“Yeah!” I moaned into her ear as I felt my balls finally start to tighten.

“Spread your legs! I said to her and she quickly moved her legs apart and I pulled out of her ass hole. I wanted her to move down so I could cum on her face but my cum just burst out, shooting up Mila’s crotch and stomach, erupting all over pussy and sticking to her small patch of pubes.

“Fuck! “I moaned milking my cock.

“Oooh! That feels so hot!” Mila laughed reaching down and rubbing my cum onto her pussy.

“That was so fucking awesome!” She said turning her head and kissing me. My cock resting in between her legs, pressed against her pussy and I could feel my cum on her on the tip of my shaft.

“I gotta get cleaned up.” Mila said getting off me and standing on the floor. “But first.” She said moving her hair behind her ears and then bending over as she bought her head down close to me dick and took the tip in and sucked my cock head clean of any cum.

“Now that you’re clean, it’s my turn. Where’s your bathroom?” She asked.

“First door on the right.” I said pointing in the direction of the bathroom. She went over to the floor and found a shirt and picked it up.

“Just in case I bump into Andrew.” She smiled putting it on, doing the bottom button and a few in the middle. She looked really sexy in my shirt, which was two sizes or maybe three too big for her. Mila turned around and I stared at her legs as she left.

I have no idea if this was just a one night stand, but considering she lives about fifteen minutes away from me, I was hoping that we had more nights like tonight.

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