After The Late Show

This story is a work of fiction and therefore untrue. Anyone who believes this happened after The Late Show with David Letterman has problems. People under eightteen years of age or happens to be sensitive may stop reading now. Anyone with any questions or comments send them to


By sharkboy

David Letterman smiles at Jennifer Aniston as he finishes up his interview with her. His eyes scan her legs for the one thousandth time
that night. Jennifer rolls her eyes as he does it. “Thank you for coming on my show Jen. Once again love the outfit.”

“Yeah, you said that enough on live TV Dave. I have got to go now. Hope your wife did Tivo the show.”

“Yeah, like that happened. When Gwen Stefani came on the show I made a huge mistake. My wife is not named Gwen.”

Jennifer’s eyes widen at what Dave tells her this. “Dave that is not very nice. Did you screw poor Gwen?”

“Yeah, I am the dad of her kid.” Dave tosses his pen in the air, and he catches it. “Goodnight Jen.”

“If that kid came out with that gap in his teeth Gavin would have hunted you down Dave.” Jennifer rolls her eyes, as she smiles at Dave. She then waves at Paul, “Good-bye Paul.”

Yeah, he would have beat me like an animal, HA!” Dave does the pen trick once more.

Jennifer Aniston laughs hard, as she walks off of the stage of the Late Show. Her cell phone rings and she looks at it as it vibrates inside of her purse. She is so glad this did not happen on the show. Dave would never let her live down her vibrating purse.

She takes the purse from the lady who was holding it. She takes out her phone and she answers it. “What do you mean you can’t pick me up for an hour? I have to get out of here before all of the loud noises sta… Oh crap, hi Rob.” Jennifer Aniston smiles at Rob Zombie and his band members, as they talk to the producer of The Late Show.

Rob shrugs as his eyes wander up her beautiful body, and his eyes meet with her blue eyes. “Not a fan, that’s fine. Just don’t call it noise.” He slips the free CD he was going to give her inside of his pocket. “Don’t worry about it, babe. Go, you have got three minutes before we start to play.”

Jennifer walks to Rob Zombie and she hugs him before she takes off right down the hall. The whole time she walks away from them Rob looks at her fine ass. “I would so go down on that.”

She then walks back into the green room, and she looks at Greg who works on the show. “Can you do me a huge favor?”

“I’ll do anything for you Miss Aniston.” Greg smiles at the beautiful Jennifer Aniston.

“First of all Greg, can you call me Jennifer. Second of all can you get me a ride out of here fast?” Jennifer sighs hard.

“It takes about twenty minutes for our cars to get out front… Jennifer… I’ll call for you.” Jennifer moans some, as she sits down in pain. She can hear them warm up their instruments. She is not going to escape on time.

“Can I get you something for your headache?” Greg asks Jennifer, as he hangs up the phone.

“Something would be nice. I am not a fan of the junk he plays at all.” As Greg hands her the pills, she looks at his forward. “She says to the Rob Zombie fan…” She looks at the pills and then Greg. “What are these? Nice tatoo.” She smiles up to Greg.

Greg hands her the bottle and she reads it. “Okay, so it is not something bad.” She the swallows it. The music then starts, and she holds her head.

“Keep the bottle.” Greg smiles down at the beautiful Jennifer Aniston.

She smiles up at the handsome man above her. She puts the bottle in her purse. “So why do you like Rob Zombie so much?” The music and the words get inside of her head, as she looks up at Greg.

“Because he rocks so much! I have listened to his stuff since he was in White Zombie.” The music continues to play inside of her head so loud.

“So it is a good thing his last name is Zombie then?” Jennifer smiles up at the handsome twenty something year old. He looks down at her like she is clueless. “Okay, stupid joke. Can you accept my apology?”

“Can I touch your legs?” Greg smiles down to Jennifer and she rolls her eyes.

“Why do guys like my legs so much?” Jennifer shakes her head. “I know men follow my legs online. Heck, I even read the story by a jackass where I screwed Courteney and the kid who delievered my pizza, he got my eye color wrong. He pays good attention!”

“They are tan, shapely and you dress well for them. Most women who have legs like you tend to wear a lot of pants or really long skirts. By the way I love your beautiful blue eyes too.”

“You don’t want to touch them now do you?” Jennifer smiles up at the handsome man above her, as she hears the music. It is not that bad really now.

“Yeah, I am the Eye Man. Fear me!” Greg says with a smile, as his eyes cover her beautiful legs.

“Same jackass.” Jennifer smiles, as she remembers another story she read from that author. She then sighs and she brings her leg up to the handsome man. “What the hell kid. Thanks for the pills.”

Greg takes her leg in his hand and he looks down it. He then looks into her beautiful blue eyes.

She smiles up at him. His hands move over her flesh, and Jennifer moans so hard, as his excellent hands move up her long and sexy legs.

She looks up at the handsome Greg, as he kisses down her leg. Her chest heaves, as she moans so hard up at him. She giggle some as the stubble from his beard tickles her legs. “You might want to shave before you do this next time.”

His hands are much farther up her leg than she ever intended them to be. Greg gets face to face with her, as she smiles wide. He moves in for a kiss with her, and she kisses him with passion. His hands do not leave her leg, as he and she continue to kiss for a long time.

When they break the kiss Jennifer smiles at the handsome man before her. She then looks behind him to a couch. “Please, will you make love to me?” The music plays in her head so loud, but it does not bother her at all.

“And for my second wish?” Greg asks her, as he looks into her eyes.

“You don’t get a second wish silly.” Jennifer grin at Greg, as he picks her up in his arms. He takes her over to the couch that Jennifer has been eyeing. Greg sets her down, and his eyes cover her beautiful body.

Jennifer looks up at the handsome Greg, and she begins to undo her shirt. Her beautiful blue eyes look up at him, as she smiles. He bends down and he begins to kiss her ample chest, as he unhooks her bra. Jennifer moans and gasps so hard, as his mouth covers her tits.

Her chest heaves, as Greg kisses her all over her chest. Its so beautiful as he kisses it. His hands move over her tits as he looks her square in the eye. She smiles at him, as his hands cover her large chest. “Can you fuck me now?” Jennifer loves the foreplay, but she wants to have the main act happen.

He looks into her eyes, and she blushes hard. He then leans down, and he begins to kiss her lovely thighs. Jennifer coos so hard with enthusiasm, as he does it. His tongue moves down her tan flesh, as Jennifer continues to moan and groan. Then he takes off her shorts. This guy works fast.
She looks up at him, as she has on her opened shirt and her white hot panties. Her body looks so incredible, as she looks up at him. He leans down, and he kisses her flat tummy. Then he removes her panties.

Jennifer smiles up at him, as she sits up and she removes her shirt. Now she sits infront of him naked. She then stands and she kisses him, as she unbuckles his pants. She pulls his pants and his boxes to the floor. Jennifer then lowers Greg on top of her.

Greg takes his dick from his pants, and he shows it to Jennifer. She smiles at his size, and she parts her legs for him. He slides himself inside of her and Jennifer moans so hard, as he works himself inside of her. He looks into her eyes and she nods, before he starts to move inside of her.
Jennifer pushes her hips against him, as he fucks her so hard. She looks into his eyes, as he screws her so hard. His mouth moves over her neck, as he bucks his hips into her so with powerful force. Her pussy feels so incredible around his dick as he screws her.

As Greg screws her, Jennifer moans so loud. Her tits bounce, as she looks into his eyes. His shaft does things to her body no one else’s has ever done to her before. She then cums around his dick so with an enthuisam he could only dream of, as she screams. “You fuck me like the little slut I really am!”

At that moment Greg comes inside of her hard. Both of their bodies shake, as they orgasm together. She looks into his eyes and she smiles. She continues to milk his dick, as they both orgasm. She smiles at the handsome man on top of her, as she says one word. “Yummy.”

“In my dreams you wear black stockings, but I could have not dreamed that any better.” Jennifer blushes, as she looks up at the handsome man inside of her.

“Black stockings. I’ll remember that the next time I cum on the show.” Jennifer shudders, as Greg pulls out of her and she sits up. Then she blushes hard, as she covers her face. “Hello Paul.” She crosses her legs, even though Paul should have figured out what has happened.

“Groovy Greg.” Paul smiles at Greg, and the he looks down at Jennifer. “So you and Vince are not together then?” Paul chuckles some, as he heads on his way.

Jennifer looks to Greg, and she asks. “What are the chances he will tell Dave?”

“Pretty good, I bet.” Greg whispers to her, as Jennifer sighs so hard.

Later, Jennifer attempts to leave The Ed Sullivan Threatre without meeting anyone else. She walks softly, and she sighs hard, as she does. Dave has gone home a long time ago so he is no threat to show up.

As she gets to the door leading out of the threater, the back door, Jennifer then hears a voice from behind her. “Going without saying good-bye?”

She turns around to see Rob Zombie behind her and her eyes widen. Jennifer then begins to walk towards him, as she strips off her clothes. Her blue eyes lock with his eyes, as she climbs his body. She then slides his dick inside of her, and she begins to ride him so hard. The music has not left her head either and she has gotten used to it.

Jennifer squeezes herself around his dick so hard, as she rides the standing Rob Zombie like a horse. She looks into his eyes, as she rides him so hard. Then she cums all over his dick. She continues to ride Rob until he cums inside of the vixen from Friends and so many movies. Her chest heaves so hard, as she looks into his eyes. One thing does occur to her. His music had a worse effect on her then she could have ever have predicted.

Months later, Greg goes outside and he gets the mail and he reads over what he got as he walks up the front steps. A small box from Jennifer Aniston happens to be among his mail. He opens it up, as he walks inside of his appartment. Greg takes a DVD out of his box and he looks at the many others he has inside of it. “She sent me some movies? Cool!”

He puts the DVD inside of his player and it come on. His mouth pops open, as he sees a very beautiful and very naked Jennifer Aniston reading the phone book. She smiles after she reads the first few names that she reads. “You said you wanted to see me in black stockings!” She smiles, as she sticks out her stocking covered legs. She then looks at her body. “Opps, I forgot my clothes!” Jennifer then smiles, as she continues to read the phone book.

Greg sits there for hours as he watches Jennifer Aniston read the phone book naked. As he watches he can then hear the background music. “Is that America Witch?” His eyes then widen, as the DVD ends, and the World Wide Pants logo comes up. “We produced it!” Greg then takes out the next DVD and this is…

THE END! Anyone with any questions or comments send them to Anyone who wonders who the author I spoke of with the eye color thing wrong is it is me. Sorry Jen.

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