After The Lights Go Down


Kate Mulgrew – Kathrin Janeway

Robert Beltran – Chakotay

Robert Picardo – Doctor

Roxann Dawson – B’elanna Torres

Ethan Philips – Neelix

Garrett Wang – Harry Kim

Robert McNeil – Tom Paris

Tim Russ – Tuvoc

Jeri Ryan – Seven of Nine

Jennifer Lien – Kes


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories
in your local then please turn away now.

After the official celebration of the end of the series (Star Trek: Voyager) the actors joined in to a more private party in Russ house.

They gave their best to look happy but they knew that the future was very dark for them.

After seven years in those roles it will be difficult to find something really serius to play.

Mulgrew: I am going to miss you guys.

Beltran: We are going to miss you to Kate.

Mulgrew: Thank you Robert.

McNeil: I am going to miss those uniforms.

Wang: Yea Robert, especially the one that Jeri had!

Ryan: I remember the way you wached at my tits!

Picardo: Hey! Jeri said tits!

Ryan: So what.

Mulgrew: I thing we dring to much! Better hit the road home!

Beltran: Why? Its a chance to get the ice break!

Russ: Yea! I played the Vulcanian and you was the iceberg!

Mulgrew: Really?

McNeil: Really!

Mulgrew: Let me prove that i am not cold. Just a profecional actress!

She walked to the Hi-Fi and seasche the CD’s. she chose one and put it to the player. She took the remote with her and walked in the midle of the room. She gave her glass to Jenifer and pushed the play button.

Melgrew: Now you are going to see the ice melt away.

Soft music filled the air. She started to move to the rythm.

The other women knew she had drink to much but they had to. They let her dance that was not so bad.

The men laughet and cheered to Mulgrew. Roxann was talking to Jennifer about how she managed to find job after Voyager and Jennifer was ready to answer when the others stoped.

Roxann and Jennifer look around to see whats going on and they almost dropped their glasses!

Mulgrew had unzipped her dress and it was down her torso revealing her black lace bra!

Before the girls could stoped her the dress was gone and the men cheered to her to take all off!

Kathrin was still dancing when Jeri stoped the music and Jennifer with Roxann covered with her dress.

The men booed them.

Picardo: As the Doctor i tell you that will be very helpful to built down tensions among the crew!

Russ: That’s logical Doctor!

Dawson: Shut up pigs! She is drunk!

Philips: We are drunk too! No one is striping! Also she want to! Let her!

Mulgrew: Yea! Leave me! I am the captain!

They ware also drunk and they ware also curius. They have a joind dressing room but Mulgrew allways go in after they ware out. They sat around between the men.

Beltran started the music again and Kate started to dance.

She unsnapped her bra and droped to Gary who spined it over his head like he did in the strip bar he used to visit together with McNeil.

She pull her hand away and the looked amazed to her pierced left nipple.

She bent over McNeil who was ready to take it to his mouth but she pull back teasing him and making the other girls laugh at him.

She got close to Tim Russ and took of her black stockings.

Philips: I thing thar mr. Vulcanian turn red!

The others laught loud.

She was now dancing waring only her black thong. The other women look jelusy at her. She was fifteen or even twenty years older but she was in very good sape. Her breasts firm and only slighty sagging giggled as she moved to the rythm. Her ass tight and her long legs without any sight of her age.

Kate put her thumbs to the sides of her thong and was ready to push it down.

Jeri wanted to stoped her but Roxann didn let her.

Ryan: Why you did that?

Dawson: I wanna see!

Ryan: You are drunk!

Dawson: Yes! Drunk and next!

Kate roled the thong down her long legs and bent over giving Picardo a great view of her pussy and ass. It was his turn to turn red.

She stud straight again and they all saw that she was shaved. She looked much younger so.

They all aplaused and she thank them. She took her glass and sat between Beltran and Wang who desparetely tryed to hide their erections changing the way they sat.

Roxann run to the Hi-Fi and change CD. She choose something faster and with more beat.

She started to dance but not soft as Kate. It was an agressive dance like those in the lap dance bars.

Jeri looked at Jennifer who was in the other side of the room. They both knew there was no way out. They ware next!

Roxann was dressed in a two piece red dress that make her dance even more provocative. The men started to cheer her up and she reward them by leting her skirt fall down, she had more flesh in the bones then Kate and that make her look curvier. Well trained tights, round butt covered by a red lace underwear. She removed the upper part revealing a bra who matched her panties and kept dancing.

McNeil: Give it to me! Give it to me!

Roxann removed her bra and gave it to him. Her breasts were bigger then Kate’s and rounder. She was younger and trained, they didn sag at all.

She pressed them together and pulled them upwards licking her own nipples! She rubed her ass to Garret’s croch and felt his erection. She was also wet.

She pull the edge and give to him. He snapped it with his teeth and with her help he pull it down her legs. As he stand up again he placed a kiss to her buttocks.

She pushed him aside angry.

Dawson: Hey! Keep away!

Wang: Okay, okay. I pay!

Dawson: How?

Mulgrew: I know a way. We are two to zero for the girls! Its time for the boys to undressed! And you Garret

just had volunteered!

Wang: What the other ladies say?

The ladies cheered but the men didn’t liked the idea watching a man striping. Especially now that they know they were very close to see Jeri’s huge globes! They hoped that Garett will end fast.

They were happy as he did so and as he droped his boxers the men turn to the other side. The womens stared at his ten inch full erect cock. Kate and Roxann licked their lips and started to rub her clits. Why not? The men rub their cocks as they danced!

The men looking with the corner of their eyes compared their cocks with his.

Russ: Okay now ladies! Jennifer? Jeri? Which of you is next?

Mulgrew: Wait a minute! We are two to one! If you want to see another one its you who is next!

Russ: I never said i will strip!

Mulgrew: Afraid of his size?

She curled her fingers around Garret’s cock and smiled to Tim Russ. Garret kept his breath not to came right there!

Tim angry of this comment and without music took of his clothes wille Kate had forgot herself and kept strocking Garret’s cock!

He was twelve inches and thicker then Garret. Kate let Garret loose and took Tim in her hand.

Mulgrew: Sorry if i said something to offend you!

Russ: Forgiven and forgoten. Keep strocking

Jeri and Jennifer knew that if they stripped too it will all end in a big orgy as the things go by now.

Kate was strocking Tim’s cock while Picardo and McNeil fondled Roxann’s tits.

Jeri stand up.

Ryan: Gentlemen i dont have a problem striping.

They cheered.

Ryan: But you are six and we are four! We started with that and WE will finish it! That mean that the rest of

you have to strip first!

She hoped to win some time until the drinks they had make them slippy or something. She didn had much luck.

The strip of Kate and Roxann, plus the idea of seeing her naked had make them wake again! No sign of drunk in them!

In five seconds McNeil, Philips, Picardo, and Beltran ware naked with huge erections!

Jennifer and Jeri knew they lost and they stripped too.

Kate laid her on the carpet and then the men tit fucked her! In the same time Kate eat her pussy!

Beltran wached her ass aiming the celling and make his move.

He rammed his cock in her ass! Kate moaned in Jeri’s pussy and Jeri came in her mouth!

Roxann was sucking Tim’s cock while she was rubing her clit and finger fucked herself.

McNeil and Philips had santwiched Jennifer and fucked her pussy and ass! They were fair and change positions every few minutes!

Garret who was the last to tit fuck Jeri sprud his cum all over her big breasts and her face. Jeri pulled Kate from the hairs away from her pussy over her body.

Ryan: You started with this! Now clean up the mess!

Mulgrew: I guess resistance is futile!

She smiled ironical and started to lick the sperm from Jeri.

Roxann laid back and Tim stuffed her cunt with his black cock. She moaned very loud and Garret was <> to keep her quit by stuffing her mouth with his cock.

When Kate finished with licking Jeri clean from Garrett’s cum she go to Roxann and waited.

Tim was ready to come. He pull his cock out and she jerked him. She was holding her open mouth in front of him and when he shot his load she swallowed the most of it. Some drops that had failed her mouth were resting in her forehead and left chick.

At the same time Garrett came too and he unloaded his balls to Roxann’s throat!

As he withdrew from her mouth he shot a last time hiting her in the face! As Kate saw this she get closer and started to lick Roxann’s face. Roxann licked back cleaning Kate’s face. They ended french kissing eachother.

Kate felt fingers in her pussy and turn to see who it was. It was Robert Picardo. She smilled and opend her legs as far she could without loosing her hold on Roxann.

Picardo entered her wet pussy carefully. His fragile frame was well hunged! He was the second in size after Tim Russ!

Kate moaned as she felt her pussy streched. Roxann left them alone and walked to Beltran.

Dawson: Hey Robert! I thing it is time to learn eachother better!

Beltran: I am ready as you see!

He was ready indeed. He was seating in the flor were few minutes ago he had ass fucked Kate.

Roxann lowered her body over him and impaled her self in his cock. They both moaned and stared to fuck faster and faster.

McNeil and Philips knew they were in their end. They pull their cocks of Jennifer’s small body and hold her from the hairs. They jerked few times and their cum covered her pretty face.

Ryan: Go to Kate! She will clean you up!

Jeniffer did as Jeri said and Kate clean her up. She had now had tasted the sperm of four of them. She needed to taste Picardo and Beltran to do the half douzen!

Jeri who has lost her last restrictions got to all four and wiggle with her ass.

McNeil and Philips jump up to take the chance!

McNeil: Lets do her like Jennifer!

Philips: I want to be first in the ass this time!

Ryan: Easy boys! I want to be fucked doggie style! That meen that only one will go!

McNeil: What the other sould do?

Ryan: Okay. I suck the other!

Philips: Okay with me too! Rob?

McNeil: Okay Ethan! Take her ass! Suck whore!

Ryan: Hey! I am not a who….

McNeil stoped her protest by shoving his cock in her open mouth. Ethan rammed his cock in her pussy.

When he thought he had enough lubricant on it he aimed her ass. McNeil could feel her moan in his cock as Ethan violated her back door and he moaned in pleasure from that feeling.

Picardo pull his cock out of Kate’s cunt and turn her around. He spud his sperm in her mouth and face and she swallow as much she could. She walked in all fours to Roxann and Beltran. She licked his balls and his shaft as he fucked Roxann. She also licked Roxann’s pussy lips and ass.

Roxann thankfull for Kate’s tongue in her ass stand up in the moment Baltran came. Kate wraped her lips around his cock head and tasted Roxann’s juices and the hot sperm that he was shooting.

She had the half dozen!

She looked aroun and saw that the last men standing were McNeil and Philips.

Wang and Picardo were already sleeping, Russ was limp and even Jennifer tryied to suck him back to life she failed. Beltran go limp to.

McNeil and Philips were near their edge. The four girls kneeled in a half circle and the two men feed them with their semmen.

The girls started to lick each others face and french kissing while Philips an McNeil sank to the floor powerless.

When the girls finished they looked the bodys around them. The alkool had made them fall already fall to sleep.

The girls looked to the closet and took some blankets. They covered the curled mens who were sleeping like babys without a noice from them. They were sleepin very very deep!

The girls hit the shower helping each other to clean up. They got dressed and very quiet leave Russ house.

They had called a taxi and to go home.

Kate was the last one since they left the others out in their houses and Kate spend them the ride.

She opened her purse to pay and her jaws falled down. She had no money with her?

Mulgrew: Do you get plastic?

Driver: No! What’s up try to cheet on me?

Mulgrew: I forgot my money….wait i go inside and hold some!

Driver: Lady! You are not going out of this taxi without paying!

Mulgrew: Yes! But how i should….

She saw him rubbing his croch and she knew.

Mulgrew: I understend.

Driver: I hoped that your big tited blonde will be the last but what the hell! A cunt is a cunt!

Mulgrew: I dont thing you will have the same opinion after you try me!

She smiled and bent to his croch. She unziped his pant and his cock srang free. She smiled and deep throat him.

He moan and he knew what she was talkin about!

Jeri walked in to her appartement and throw few dollars in the table. She hoped that Kate had a sence of humor and she will not be mad at her for taking the money away from her purse!

The next day well in the noon the men wake up. Tim Russ run to check the four cameras he had installed and worked the whole night. The others waited. They hoped to make a lot of money in the Net with this tape!

They knew that many Star Trek fans will pay to see the women of Voyager nude and they have them fucking around like whores!

Russ: They are not here! The tapes are gon!

They started to fight. After theend of Voyager they hoped to make some money that way and now they lost everything.

Jennifer wake up and streched her body. She looked at her video stand. The four tapes she stoled from Russ house ware there!

She had to erase herself from the tapes, to make copies, and sale them!

It will be her revenge for beeing so unfair out of the show!

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