After The Masks Come Off

After The Masks Come Off

Codes: F/F, cons

Alex Kingston

Written by icestorm

Disclaimer: If you ain’t 18, begone! This is for the adults, and Sweetness, you’re not.
Hope you enjoy it, if you don’t well, I tried.
I don’t take requests, sorry.

And remember, there is no spoon.

Cammie Parker was at her best friend’s masquerade party. She was wearing a lovely number, a dark blue corset dress. The corset top really pushed up her breasts. The bottom was a long flowing skirt. Her mask was silver, and her jet black hair spilled down her back. She danced with all of the guests. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. While she was resting, she found herself scanning the room, wondering who she was going home with. “May I have this dance?” She turned her head to the side and found herself staring at a woman in a black corset studded with diamonds, and a long black skirt. Her mask matched the corset. The woman’s long curly hair was pulled up. Cammie took her hand and they danced together. They twirled around and around, eventually making their way into the kitchen.

Out of the sight of everyone, the mystery woman pulled Cammie to her and gave her a deep kiss. After a while they pulled away. “Wow!”, Cammie smiled. “I’ve wanted to do that since you entered the room.” The woman licked her lips, and smiled. “I’m Alex Kingston.” “River Song Alex Kingston?” Alex nodded. “Wow! I’m Cammie Parker.” They headed back to the ball and mingled with the others. Soon, the party-goers were saying goodbye and going home. Cammie said goodbye to everybody, and walked home. What she didn’t know was that Alex was following her. She sensed someone was behind her and turned. “I thought you’d need help getting out of your dress.” Alex explained. Cammie let the woman in. They headed to Cammie’s bedroom. Alex closed the door, and moved closer to Cammie. They removed their masks, and Alex let her hair down, the long tresses spilling down her back. Alex slowly unhooked Cammie’s corset, and slowly pushed it off. Cammie shivered at the action. Alex pushed Cammie’s skirt down slowly, taking her panties down as well. She stood up and Cammie started undressing her just as slowly, the other woman shivering as well. When Cammie stood, she kissed Alex tenderly.

Cammie’s hands caressed Alex’s tits, the nipples hardening under her touch. She bent her head and sucked a nipple, nipping it, causing Alex to gasp and moan. Cammie switched to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. Cammie kissed her way down her lover’s body, taking her time. She opened Alex’s pussy, she stares at the most beautiful clit she’s ever seen. She licks it tenderly, eliciting a shuddering gasp from above. She buries her face in and sets to work, licking and sucking where ever she can. She alternates, going slowly, then quickly. Cammie’s hands make their way to Alex’s ass, caressing, and squeezing. Her lover plays with her own nipples, adding to the ecstasy. Alex screams “CAMMIE!!!!”, throwing her head back and cumming, Cammie sucking on her clit, not stopping until she feels the spasms wane, then stop.

Cammie stands up, licking her lips, as her lover catches her breath. Alex grabs Cammie by the wrist, they move toward the bed and Alex sits down. She instructs Cammie to sit on her lap. She does as she is told. Alex kisses Cammie’s neck, making her way up to her ears and nibbling them. Cammie gasps, and squirms. Alex then plays with Cammie’s tits, pinching the nipples. She alternates between kissing Cammie’s neck and nibbling her ears, while playing with her tits. One of Alex’s hands slides down Cammie’s body. As Cammie’s legs are on either of Alex’s thighs, she is able to open her own, causing Cammie’s to open as well. Alex slides her hand onto Cammie’s pussy, rubbing it, making her lover shiver. ” I need you,” is all Cammie can say.

“You wanna cum? Alex whispers in Cammie’s ear, causing her to shiver. Cammie nods. “Say it, Cammie. Say make me cum.” “Alex, make me cum!” Alex smiles, then sticks two fingers inside Cammie’s pussy. She then adds a thumb, which she uses to rub her clit. Cammie moans, and squirms against Alex, who continues to play with her tits, and kissing her neck, and nibbling her ear. Alex goes harder, the nibbling becomes painful, her fingers move fucks Cammie’s pussy harder. Her other hand pinches first one, the the other nipple. Cammie’s ass is rubbing against Alex’s pussy, causing her to cum. She groans and shivers. She then angles her fingers, and rubs. Cammie arches her back, and cries out as her orgasm washes over her. Alex kept her fingers and thumb going, until her spasms stop. Cammie waits for a bit until she can move again. She gets up and moves to the side of the bed. Alex following. Cammie pulled down the sheet and both she and Alex climb in. Alex pulls the sheet over them and they fall asleep snuggling.

Cammie woke up first and gently untangled herself from Alex. She climbed out of bed and went to use the bathroom. Afterwards, she turned on the shower and got in. The hot spray hitting her felt good. After she got out, she pulled on a tank top and a pair of panties. Cammie looked over to her guest, who was still sleeping. She left the bedroom, went downstairs and got breakfast started. As she was setting the table, Alex came downstairs wearing Cammie’s nightgown. They greeted each other with passionate kisses. Alex helped Cammie put the food on the kitchen table. While they ate, they played footsies. After putting the dishes in the sink, Cammie stretched, her tank top riding up,exposing her breasts. She felt Alex sucking on one then the other nipple. She moaned softly. Alex pushed Cammie to the floor, removed both of their panties off and proceeded to grind against her. They ground their way to orgasm. For the rest of the day, they gave each other orgasms in every room of Cammie’s house.

Cammie came out of her reverie. She focused on her screen, reading Alex’s email asking if she could come for a visit, promising more fun. Cammie smiled and sent her reply.

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