After Wimbeldon

ÿþBelow is my first internet published story. It will come in several parts.

This story primarily features Maria Sharapova, but it also includes many other real people and celebrities directly (and indirectly) associated with her.

The following story is a 4 month long fgment of my imagination, i.e. it is no more than a harmless fantasy. It, in no way reflects or portrays the sexual, psychological or thought patterns of the people mentioned, so please treat this story for what is it: a fictional adult-oriented story, so if you’re under 18, immature for your age, or you can’t seperate fact
from fiction, please leave.

Otherwise, read on, and enjoy. Thank You.

After Wimbledon by Jib (Mf, MMf, M+f, f/pedo, cons, oral, anal, mast, fant, fist, inc, inter, bukkake)

Part 1

Maria was in 7th Heaven. She had just won Wimbledon, and was now the new face (and body) of women. s tennis. And what a body it was.

She had every hot-blooded male. s cock standing up to attention during the two weeks she was at SW19. Especially the poor teenage ballboys. And the horny male judges behind her, who couldn. t help but catch an eyeful of her incredibly pert, teenage butt, as she sexily bent over to receive every serve, as well as watching her short, flighty skirt fly up over her hips every time she made a stroke, so that every hot-blooded male in the court would see her tight, white undies.

This hadn. t escaped her notice either. Having won the coveted Venus Rosewater Dish, and completed the final accompanying activities of the afternoon, she was finally chauffeur-driven to her hotel penthouse suite at the London Hilton Park Lane, where her . appreciation committee. were waiting for her.

Having been given a spare key by her earlier on that morning by the very kind, and well-endowed, owner of the hotel, there were a good 85 men waiting to congratulate, and& reward her properly for her efforts that afternoon.

The men which included her coaches, Michael Baroch and Robert Landsorp; her past coach, Yuri Sharapova; her constantly horny father, Uri; Dr Robert Cane, who helped her family find a place to stay when they first moved to Venice, FL; her agent Max Eisenbud; Nick Bollitieri, who, of course, owned the tennis academy where she had very successfully graduated from; her one-time Mixed Doubles partner . Juan Carlos Ferrero; as well as the two awaiting Men. s finalist. s Roger Federer and Andy Roddick.

As well as those . close to her. , there were a myriad of photographers, journalists and publishers, who had taken so many complimentary pictures, and written so many flattering articles of her during her career; advertising moguls; referees and line judges who had ever so discreetly ruled in her favour in the past; as well as various organisers of every tournament they had let her take part in, on the WTA tour.

With all of them having watched the final, discreetly, but unsurprisingly wanking their hard, incomprehensibly frustrated, cocks the whole time, they knew they had a . real winner. on their hands (and soon to be, their cocks).

Once they all arrived in her hotel room, they all stripped off completely naked, and waited for the gorgeous new Wimbledon Ladies Champion to arrive.

And right on cue, just ten short minutes later, at approximately 4pm on this bright, wonderful Saturday afternoon, she entered her hotel suite, carrying the Venus Rosewater Dish in one hand, and her flowers in the other.

Having carefully set her flowers in water and rested her trophy on a chair nearby the huge queen size bed, she set about claiming her next . trophy. of the afternoon. Or rather 85 of them&

With this carefully organised group of constantly horny admirers and career making decision makers all around her now, they all stood in a long winding line with their wonderfully well-endowed cocks in their right hands, making sure they were all ready to& do justice to the gorgeous 17 year old Russian. s win today.

Having daintily slipped her size 7 feet out of her white tennis shoes, she beckoned her main coach, Michael Baroch, over to her.

Having been a party to this many times before (as did all of them, of course), he knew what to do, as he submissively knelt down in front of her, inhaling her intense, and constant, sexual need unmistakably emanating from her, constantly wet, crotch, and, without any ceremony of anything (she. d had enough of protocol, and procedure for one day), he reached right up the indecently short, split skirt of her, unintentionally sexy, white tennis dress, gripped the waistband of the, now heavily breathing, teenager. s tight, and now sopping wet, shorts, and promptly pulled them down her. wonderfully long, smooth legs, . til they pooled sexily around her white ankle socked feet.

As the beautiful, and constantly horny, 17 year old stepped out of them, leaving Michael to, very obligingly, inhale the dizzily erotic scent emanating from them now, Maria took her cue, to now squat down before her coach, Robert Landsorp, raise herself up onto her teenage twinkle toes as if she were perched on the pair of 3″ high heels that she would now be wearing at the Savoy the very next evening, and again, without any ceremony of anything, promptly wrapped her sweet, lipsticked lips around the base of her coach. s 8″ cock and began very loudly (and very lewdly) sucking it to it. s full potential (something that he had always taught her to fulfil).

Everyone watched in fascination (as well as horny anticipation), as this beautiful young 17 year old admirably sucked on her coach. s hard, throbbing penis, like her coveted Wimbledon title depended on it.

And no-one was more proud than Nick Bollitieri, watching one of his young protégé. s utilising her very admirable cocksucking skills, one that was honed under his own personal supervision ever since she arrived as a shy, pretty 7 year old, back in 1994.

It took just ½ a, very skilful, minute to get Robert up to full mast, before the line moved up one onto Nick Bollitieri himself. (She just stayed exactly where she was, squatting onto her ankle socked toes, and lewdly dripping her teenage pussy juices onto the expensive carpet underneath her achingly unsatisfied pussy).

She held onto his strong, manly thighs, with him holding the back her constantly bobbing head, as she repeated the same commendable skill and technique on his hard, throbbing cock, that she had displayed throughout her training, and tennis career.

And so, on and on and on, this went, the horny, handsome, and well endowed men moving in front of her, and then past her, like a factory line, with Maria now holding onto their right thigh with her left hand, and vigorously finger-fucking her dripping cunt with the other, rapidly bringing herself off to a very spasmodic 6, or so, tense climaxes.

Having beautifully sucked every hard, throbbing cock in the room to a full, and very admirable, erection in just a short 45 minutes or so, she told Michael to lay down on the bed with his cock pointing straight up to the ceiling, and for Robert and Nick to follow her.

With Michael very quickly in position in the centre of the large, very accommodating, bed, Maria swung her long, smooth left leg over his hips before taking his cock in her soft, child. s hand, and slowly lowering her tight, dripping pussy down onto it, until he was, gratefully, balls-deep inside her.

Michael just lay there, looking up into Maria. s lusting blue eyes, and sensuously caressing her warm, smooth thighs as the new Wimbledon Ladies Champion rocked up and down his cock like the giggly, but sexually advanced, teenager she most obviously was.

. That. s it, honey. Ride my cock. Ride me like a Dallas cowgirl, you cheap tramp, before I pull you off me, and find myself another schoolgirl to fuck, you tight little nymph. Michael said whilst rapidly returning this young tennis filly back and forth across his hard throbbing cock. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Faced with the threat that this, wonderfully huge, cock would suddenly withdraw from her tight, clenching pussy, made Maria work as hard as she could to keep her gratefully, well-endowed, coach underneath her this morning. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

After lewdly, and very ably, rocking back and forth atop her coach. s cock for just half a minute or so (during which time, the permanently oversexed young blonde experienced a tense and unsurprisingly gushing, orgasm right on top of her coach. s, rapidly pistoning, cock), the young teen beauty felt the bed rock behind her, as Nick now took his customary position behind her.

Holding his huge 10″ cock in his right hand, he squatted down behind his animalistically gyrating young protégé, gently pushing her forward until her warm, cotton-sheened, nipples began poking Michael in the chest, and then& promptly introduced himself deep inside her, just like he had done to every young protégé that had& entered his school. (He made every girl enter the school through the back door, precisely so he could& reciprocate the favour, just like it was written into every young girl. s contract& including, but not exclusive to, Monica Seles, Anna Kournikova, Mary Pierce, and Iva Majoli, not to mention scores of young, nubile, short skirted young girls, whose limited tennis ability, made them only good for a good, hard airtight rogering, at least twice a day).

. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Maria squealed in teenage delight as she felt her, unbelievably well-endowed, school owner mercilessly push his huge, throbbing cock deep inside her tight, desperately clasping, arse.

She grunted sexily through her tightly gritted teeth, as her tight, teenage rectum gradually yielded to her school owner. s huge, rock hard, cock. She grunted just like when she was hitting her countless winners on Centre Court earlier that day, the sound of which made every cock in the audience of Centre Court twitch, just like it did now, to the other 83 cocks there were being slowly, but tenaciously feathered by her selected clique of male friends, sponsors and admirers.

It took Nick Bollitieri just 15, very short, seconds before he held onto Maria. s slim, clothed waist, and duly grunted in tandem with his young protégé, as he hit rock bottom, deep inside her tight arse with a final, infinitely practised, shove of his, thankfully unyielding, groin.

. I. m going to break your arse wide open, honey. I. m gonna fuck you so hard, you. re going to dream about it every night, you cunt. And after that, I. m gonna ram it right down your throat so you can suck it clean& . Nick angrily whispered into Maria. s ear, whilst devastatingly sodomising the young, beautiful slut to rapture.

With Michael frantically thrusting his hard cock into Maria. s, constantly dripping, pussy from below, the two career-making men started, and admirably maintained, a very well established rhythm inside the young, desperately panting, girl. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

After just a couple of minutes or so, right after Maria crashed dizzily into her 8th climax of the afternoon, Robert now took his cue, to stand up on the bed to Maria. s right side, kneel down beside her, lift her gently by the chin, and kiss her lovingly on her sweet lipsticked lips, before brutally, but acquiescently, jam his hard 8″ cock right to the back of Maria. s warm mouth for the second time today.

As a dashingly handsome 17 year old head bellboy made a belated, but still very welcome, entrance into Maria. s palatial penthouse suite, the first thing he saw, was the new Wimbledon Ladies Champion, (still wearing her, erotically sexy, white tennis dress) going very pleasurably airtight on three, almost unbelievably, hard cocks, her earnest moans of teenage effort, lust, and sheer wantonness, being lewdly drowned out by the hard 8″ cock delightfully forced down her warm, sloppy gullet.

. Ah, bless her little cotton socks. the young, but, obviously well endowed, bellboy said, as he slowly stripped off to now become as naked, proud and desperately eager, as the other scores of men in the room with him this warm, sunny afternoon.

As he surveyed the room, it. s content. s, and the constant hive of activity going on (this was his the 1st time he was participating in Maria. s, close-knit, but privately legendary, . appreciation parties. ), he saw at least 6 professional cameramen filming and photographing every aspect of the afternoon. s event. s from every possible angle; he saw a huge TV screen now running a delayed recording of Maria. s hot, flustered frame running around on Centre Court on her way to her magnificent victory that afternoon; he saw the coveted Venus Rosewater dish taking pride of place on an ornate chair to the left of the needfully huge queen-size bed, as if it were the motivation and reason for today. s . gathering. ; not to mention about 20 or so men gathered around the bed shouting all manner of disgracefully filthy words, phrases, and sounds, all successfully designed to continuously turn on Maria even more (if that were possible), lewdly encouraging the three men currently on the bed, to fuck the living daylights out of this, constantly unsatisfied, young tennis nymph.

With every last aspect meticulously prepared in advance to the last detail by the, unsurprisingly astute, young girl, everyone knew what they could do with the pretty ankle socked teenager; what order they would go in; and how long they could spend fucking her, dizzily energetic, young frame before gloriously emptying themselves deep inside her slim, Russian body. But, seeing as they had until the next day to properly congratulate her, the last point seemed fairly academic&

Of course, speaking of the gorgeous young teenager. s frequently underrated intellect, she booked out the penthouse at the London Hilton weeks in advance for just such a necessary occasion like today.

Meanwhile, with Robert Landsorp brutally fucking Maria. s pretty sweat-sheened face, Michael Baroch uncompromisingly screwing Maria. s tight, squelchingly gooey, pussy, and Nick Bollitieri consummately sodomising Maria. s, vice-grippingly tight, arse, for the past 30 minutes now, making the tall, viciously humping, young girl orgasm a good 8-9 times, they knew that their allotted period of . appreciation. was almost up.

They simultaneously began a concerted effort to show Maria just how much her emphatic victory meant to them today, by vigorously fucking the crap of their new starlet, all three men joining Maria, in groaning in sheer effort, as they started to feel their heavy, spunk-laden balls began to tighten in anticipation of what was to cum.

First to magnificently cum, was Robert, who held onto the back of Maria. s frantically bobbing head, and thrust deeply into her warm, loving mouth until her lipsticked lips were virtually kissing the base of his cock.

He then groaned in sincere effort and release, as he finally emptied himself down the young girl. s, continuously gulping, gullet. Robert kept productively thrusting his hard, spewing cock deep down the young teen. s throat as he continued hosing Maria. s warm, girly insides with his hot, boiling spunk, directly into her warm, welcoming tummy.

The sound of Maria desperately, but successfully, gulping down her coach. s spunk, had just the desired effect, as just a few seconds later, Maria felt Michael hold her tightly around her slim, lithe waist (still framed by her, now damp, white tennis dress), before feeling his huge throbbing cock start to twitch vehemently deep inside her tight, gooey cunny until he finally erupted deep inside her 6′, 130lb quivering young body.

Maria just loved how a cock would start twitching inside her, just before it would empty itself deep inside one of her constantly, cock-hungry, orifices.

With her hot scarlet smudged lips now . temporarily . free of a huge throbbing cock, she now screamed in teen ecstasy, as she felt her strong masculinely aggressive coach, completely flood her tanks, triggering Maria. s latest cataclysmic orgasm deep inside the pit of her belly.

Maria. s, simultaneously shuddering, climax was so devastating, that she felt like a clap of thunder had gone off inside of her, as these two, viciously thrusting, young men began to empty themselves inside of her…

As Maria started desperately convulsing on top of her wonderfully . gifted. coach, with his spunk rushing deep into her warm, girly womb, Nick who had been sodomisingly butt-fucking his favourite protégé. s tight, clenching arse for the past half hour now, gripped onto the frantically shunting young blonde. s shoulders, and consummately emptied himself deep inside her, now uncontrollably, twitching, bubblebutt while still constantly spearing his hard throbbing cock, all 10″ of it into, and out of, her slim, perspiring young frame.

. Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh. Nick angrily growled, as he wonderfully began spewing a good half dozen of so healthy streams of prime male seed deep into the World no. 8. s desperately awaiting bowels.

She screamed as her climactic simultaneous orgasm heightened in pleasure to the point that she felt like she was on Cloud Nine. I told she was in 7th Heaven!!

. Oh, baby, you always were my No. 1. Nick exhaustedly panted into Maria. s right ear, as his cock finally stopped spewing, what felt like a whole gallon of searing, male spunk deep into her guts.

As she turned her head to lovingly kiss her wonderfully sodomising mentor on the lips, lovingly repaying his very sincere compliment (saying that she was a better buttfuck than that talentless tart Anna Kournikova, was indeed, such an honour, that she suddenly felt herself gain a new rush of energy, like she had just won a tie break after an exhaustedly draining 13-game set).

After Nick finally withdrew his sticky, constantly rock hard, cock out of Maria. s vice-grippingly clenching arse with a lewd, sloppy plopping sound, Maria lewdly deepthroated his, still rock hard, cock to a glistening shine, bent down to kiss her coach, Michael Baroch on the lips, as a thank you for the wonderful years of him teaching her tennis, and& subsequently rewarding her for a hard day. s work for the past 6 years (by very agreeably, fucking the living crap out of her), before she assertively lifted herself off him, swung her left leg over him, and laid on the bed next him, his huge 8″ cock also withdrawing out of her tight, gooey pussy with a lewd, sloppy plopping sound.

For just as every combination, means of entry, and eventual method of appreciation, i.e. just where each man would consummately empty his spunk laden balls into her, was carefully planned to the last detail, so was the, now generic, stipulations of these, now thankfully regular, victory gatherings which included, but were not exclusive to:

a. Each participant would be willing, enthusiastic, and exhaustively proficient (on the whole, meaning that they must be able to fuck the living hell out of her for at least ½ an hour or so);

b. Each participant would pay an entrance fee linked to their present, as well as potential, salary (normally 0.5% per appointment);

c. Each participant would sign a . no publicity. waiver for the remainder of their lifetime (otherwise the aforementioned . lifetime. would be cut inextricably short by the Russian Mafia, who would also, on a very regular basis, screw, sodomize, and skull-fuck every beautiful 11+ Russian upcumming tennis player including Anna Kournikova, Elena Dementieva, Vera Douchevina, Maria Kirilenko, Lina Krasnoroutskaya, Anastasia Myskina, and Dinara Safina);

d. Each participant would buy the DVD and full colour, professionally created, magazine that each gathering would generate (usually to the tune of approx. US$1,000.00 each);

e. Each participant would empty themselves deep inside one of her constantly, cock-hungry, holes;

f. In addition to the above, no-one must renounce their contractual obligation to her, once they have entered into it/her (or in other words, no one must withdraw their huge cock from one of Maria. s tight pink holes, until they have emptied themselves deep inside her, and helped her to reach a tense, girly climax);

g. Should their professional/personal relationship with Maria end (e.g. they quit tennis, coaching, journalism and the like), so would their involvement in Maria. s appreciation guild;

h. Each participant must attend once they. ve been invited, to make sure that she. s properly& rewarded for her efforts, as well as to make sure her carefully planned routine, and . order of events. for the day are not unduly disrupted;

i. All parties to the day. s event. s must also stay until the end to watch her being expertly slurped out by the . designated female. on the day. s list (which was previously, either a maid, or fellow tennis player, but was now . and for the past two years . her beautiful younger cousin, Dasha, eight years her junior. This new form of revolutionary contraception was fast becoming the most effective, natural, and not to mention, pleasurable, method of birth control worldwide);

j. Every participant, past and present, would be obligated to sign a lifetime contract of non-disclosure, which they were all very happy to do!

Needless to say, that every virile participant was more than happy to abide by the above, fairly reasonable, rules.

To be continued in Part 2…

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