After Wimbeldon – Part 2

This story primarily features Maria Sharapova, but it also includes many other real people and celebrities directly (and indirectly) associated with her.

The following story is a 4 month long figment of my imagination, i.e. it is no more than a harmless fantasy. It, in no way reflects or portrays the sexual, psychological or thought patterns of the people mentioned, so please treat this story for what is it: a fictional adult-oriented story, so if you’re under 18, immature for your age, or you can’t seperate fact from fiction, please leave.

Otherwise, read on, and enjoy. Thank You.

After Wimbledon by Jib (Mf, MMf, M+f, f/pedo, cons, oral, anal, mast, fant, fist, inc, inter, bukkake)

Part 2

As soon as Michael exhaustedly heaved his naturally perspiring self off the huge queen sized bed, his place was very gratefully (and needfully, from Maria. s point of view) by Juan Carlos Ferrero, her Mixed Doubles partner in Hong Kong earlier on in the year.

As soon as he was hurriedly in position, his hard cock pointing straight up towards the ceiling, Maria gratefully swung her left leg over Juan Carlos. sturdy hips, before gladly, but very rudely, lowering her, freshly rejuvenated young body down onto him, until her disgracefully plugged pussy, stickily kissed his hard awaiting balls.

. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Maria squealed in teenage delight as she felt Juan Carlos. hard 8″ cock roar its way deep inside her sloppily oozing vagina.

Juan Carlos just lay there, looking up into Maria. s lusting blue eyes, and sensuously caressing her warm, smooth thighs as the new Wimbledon Ladies Champion rocked up and down his cock like the giggly, but sexually advanced, teenager she most obviously was. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

. That. s it, honey. Ride my cock. Ride me like a Dallas cowgirl, you cheap tramp, before I pull you off me, and find myself another schoolgirl to fuck, you tight little nymph. Juan Carlos said whilst rapidly returning this young tennis filly back and forth across his hard throbbing cock. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Faced with the threat that this, wonderfully huge, cock would suddenly withdraw from her tight, clenching pussy, made Maria work as hard as she could to keep her gratefully, well-endowed, player underneath her this morning. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

After lewdly, and very ably, rocking back and forth atop the former World No. 1. s cock for just half a minute or so (during which time, the permanently oversexed young blonde experienced another tense and unsurprisingly gushing, orgasm right on top of his rapidly pistoning cock), the young teen beauty felt the bed rock behind her, as Roger Federer, the current World No. 1, now took his customary position behind her. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Holding his huge 10″ cock in his right hand, he squatted down behind his animalistically gyrating young peer, gently pushed her forward until her warm, cotton-sheened, nipples began poking Juan Carlos in the chest, and then& introduced himself into her, just like he had done to every young teenage ballgirl that had the pleasure to . work. during every tournament he played in since his 1998 debut.

. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Maria squealed in teenage delight as she felt the, unbelievably well-endowed, defending Wimbledon Champion mercilessly push his huge, throbbing cock deep inside her tight, desperately clasping, arse.

She grunted sexily through her tightly gritted teeth, as her tight, teenage rectum gradually yielded to the World No. 1. s huge, rock hard cock. She grunted just like when she was hitting her countless winners on Centre Court earlier that day, the sound of which made every cock in the audience of Centre Court twitch, just like it did now, to the other 83 cocks there were being slowly, but tenaciously, feathered by her selected clique of male friends, sponsors and admirers.

It took Roger just 15, very short, seconds before he held onto Maria. s smooth, slim waist and duly grunted in tandem with his young peer, as he hit rock bottom deep inside her tight arse with a final, infinitely practised, shove of his, thankfully unyielding, groin.

. I. m going to break your arse wide open, honey. I. m gonna fuck you so hard, you. re going to dream about it every night, you cunt. And after that, I. m gonna ram it right down your throat so you can suck it clean& . Roger angrily whispered into Maria. s ear, whilst devastatingly sodomising the young, beautiful slut to rapture.

With Juan Carlos frantically thrusting his hard cock into Maria. s, constantly dripping, pussy from below, the two men started, and admirably maintained, a very well established rhythm inside the young, desperately panting, girl. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

With the spaghetti-thin straps of Maria. s erotically sexy, white tennis dress now hanging seductively off her smooth, sensuous shoulders, Juan Carlos just had to effortlessly hook his thumbs into them and slowly lower his hands down her slim, humping waist, before her heaving, permanently flushed, breasts at last came into view.

With Juan uncontrollably shunting his hips deep into Maria. s wet, sloppy groin at the same time as he squeezed, cupped, and caressed her firm, pert breasts, Maria knew it would only be a matter of time before she, again, climaxed right on top of the handsome blonde Spaniard. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

And true to form, after just a couple of minutes or so, right after Maria crashed dizzily into her 19th climax of the afternoon, Andy Roddick, the, dashingly handsome, World No. 2, now took his cue, to stand up on the bed to Maria. s right side, kneel down beside her, lift her gently by the chin, and kiss her lovingly on her sweet lipsticked lips, before brutally, but acquiescently, jam his hard 8″ cock right to the back of Maria. s warm mouth.

Andy began brutally skull-fucking the pretty, blonde starlet like his favourite . movie star. Max Hardcore . something that both he and Maria had in common, both of them privately trying to increase their already extensive collection of magazines, downloaded videos, and DVD. s of their . porn idol. .

. Choke on it, you whore. Suck my cock like you suck your daddy. s every morning, noon and night, you cute little slut. Andy said, whilst jamming his huge 8″ boner right down the gorgeous teenager. s gullet.

Maria just loved being treated like a cheap, worthless tramp just as much as these constantly horny, official admirers loved treating her like the slutty Barbie doll-esque cooze that Nick Bottitieri, Michael Baroch and Robert Landsorp had very expertly groomed her into being.

And on and on and on this disgracefully lewd humping continued, all three men violently (but very agreeably from Maria. s gloriously humping point of view) triple-fucking the young 17 year old tennis sensation into a series of earth-shatteringly, convulsing orgasms (with the official, but still obviously, well-endowed time-keeper/statistician marking 27 wet, gut-wrenching climaxes at the last count).

By the time the clock showed the time as approx. 5.45pm, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Roger Federer, and Andy Roddick had been screwing Miss Sharapova for the past 30 minutes now, making the tall, disgracefully humping, young girl orgasm a good 8-9 times, they knew that their allotted period of . appreciation. was almost up.

They simultaneously began a concerted effort to show Maria just how much her emphatic victory meant to them today, by vigorously fucking the crap of their new starlet, all three men joining Maria, in groaning in sheer effort, as they started to feel their heavy, spunk-laden balls began to tighten in anticipation of what was to cum.

First to magnificently cum, was Andy, who held onto the back of Maria. s frantically bobbing head, and thrust deeply into her warm, loving mouth until her lipsticked lips were virtually kissing the base of his cock.

He then groaned in sincere effort and release as he finally emptied himself down the young girl. s, continuously gulping, gullet. Andy kept productively thrusting his hard, spewing cock deep down the young teen. s throat as he continued hosing Maria. s warm, girly insides with his hot, boiling spunk, directly into her warm, welcoming tummy.

The sound of Maria desperately, but successfully, gulping down her coach. s spunk, had just the desired effect, as just a few seconds later, Maria felt Juan Carlos hold her tightly around her slim, lithe waist (framed by her, still damp, white tennis dress), before feeling his huge throbbing cock start to twitch vehemently deep inside her tight, gooey cunny until he finally erupted deep inside her 6′, 130lb quivering young body.

With her hot scarlet smudged lips now . temporarily . free of a huge throbbing cock, she now screamed in teen ecstasy, as she felt her strong masculinely aggressive contemporary, completely flood her tanks, triggering Maria. s latest cataclysmic orgasm deep inside the pit of her belly.

Maria. s, simultaneously shuddering, climax was so devastating, that she felt like a clap of thunder had gone off inside of her, as these two, viciously thrusting, young men began to empty themselves inside of her…

As Maria started desperately convulsing on top of the wonderfully gifted tennis player, with his spunk rushing deep into her warm, girly womb, Roger (very aptly named, of course) who had been sodomisingly butt-fucking the new Wimbledon Ladies Champion. s tight, clenching arse for the past half hour now, gripped onto the frantically shunting young blonde. s shoulders, and consummately emptied himself deep inside her, now uncontrollably, twitching, bubblebutt while still constantly spearing his hard throbbing cock, all 10″ of it into, and out of her slim, perspiring young frame.

. Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh. Roger angrily growled, as he wonderfully began spewing a good half dozen of so healthy streams of prime male seed deep into the World no. 8. s desperately awaiting bowels.

She screamed as her climactic simultaneous orgasm heightened in pleasure to the point that she felt like she was on Cloud Nine. I told you she was in 7th Heaven!!

Maria just loved how a cock would start twitching inside her just before it would empty itself deep inside one of her constantly, cock-hungry, orifices.

. Ahhh, Maria, you. re the best Wimbledon Champion I. ve ever fucked. Roger exhaustedly panted into Maria. s right ear, as his cock finally stopped spewing, what felt like a whole gallon of searing, male spunk deep into her guts.

As she turned her head to lovingly kiss her wonderfully sodomising contemporary on the lips, lovingly repaying his very sincere compliment (saying that she was a better buttfuck than the other Ladies Champion. s that he. d fucked, – namely Serena and Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport, and Jana Novotna, – was indeed, such an honour, that she suddenly felt herself gain a new rush of energy, like she had just won a tie break after an exhaustedly draining 13-game set).

After Roger finally withdrew his sticky, constantly rock hard cock out of Maria. s vice-grippingly clenching arse with a lewd, sloppy plopping sound, Maria lewdly deepthroated his, still rock hard, cock to a glistening shine, Maria bent down to kiss her one time Mixed Doubles partner, Juan Carlos Ferrero on the lips, before she assertively lifted herself off him, swung her left leg over him, and laid on the bed next him, his huge 8″ cock also withdrawing out of her tight, gooey pussy with a lewd, sloppy plopping sound.

And so on and on, this carefully organised, but uncontrollably, multi-orgasmic party continued, with every aspect being filmed, narrated, and voyeuristically watched by the whole room.

And no-one was more proud of the new Wimbledon Ladies Champion, than her own father Uri, who had lubriciously wanking his hard 8″ cock with his daughter. s disgracefully discarded, white tennis shorts, constantly soaking with her own tricklingly seeping pussy juices.

. ..;.0.3.>.A.;.>.2.8.B.5. 5.Q. =.5.1.>.;.L.H.8.5. E.;.>.?.:.>.2.K.5. =.>.A.:.8.. (bless her little cotton socks) Uri said, as his young daughter got furiously pummelled by these tremendously well endowed admirers, embodying everything that was free spirited, energetic and enterprising about the new, 21st century, Russia.

With just a 30 second . turnaround. between each orgasmically invigorating triple-fuck, (almost as fast as a changeover on easyjet!!), Maria showed that her exemplary skills in decision making, efficiency, and all-round teenage insatiability were second-to-none.

Her constant love of getting all three of her, tight girly, orifices completely, and unceremoniously, plugged for most of the 12-13 hour weekly celebration, also showed Maria. s immense knowledge of physics, with the lack of oxygen caused by brutally going airtight for a good ½ hour each time causing each, volcanically erupting, climax to make her even more dizzy, and, orgasmically light-headed than normal.

This unbelievably insatiable young 17 year old only needed a good 30 seconds rest, before hurriedly jumping onto the next eagerly awaiting cock, and ride it to her next incredibly shuddering climax.

None of these, voraciously horny, men had seen such an unquenchably unyielding appetite for cock, as in this young, nubile nymph. And between all these directors, doctors, teachers, trainers, coaches, benefactors and porn stars, they had seen thousands!!

With 25 ½hour+ foursomes, and 10 additional wildcard fantasies (see below) to regularly participate in, today was just a weekly run-of-the-mill celebratory gathering, with the obvious benefit that now she the new darling of tennis (and men. s cocks) worldwide, she now had a new legion of male followers to& please her, and do her bidding, everywhere she went. No wonder then, that these parties went on for the best part of a day now!!

As was par for the course for these monumentally lucrative events, sandwiched in between every 2nd, wonderfully multi-orgasmic, three-man screw, (sandwiched seemed to be quite the operative word for Maria. s weekly parties, of course) was what she devised as a . wildcard fantasy. , where the nine men (and her father) remaining after her 25 foursomes, would get to act out one of her ten most depraved (but thankfully, regularly fulfilled) fantasies.

As her horny father and herself shared their most, sensuously erotic, fantasy, i.e. Uri lovingly deflowering his little girl of her tight, girly virginity, this draw was basically a . bye. for her father.

The other nine remaining men were lucky enough (not that the other 77 men complained about their end of the bargain, of course) to get to pick a numbered card from 02 to 10 stating exactly how they would . congratulate. this pretty, young filly on her triumph this afternoon. All it needed to say was the number, as they all knew, by now, by heart what each number denoted:

01. Her father (or other randomly selected male) lovingly deflowering her, previously staunchly kept, virginity;

02. Her getting viciously raped, a fantasy she had had regularly fulfilled since her, defloweringly exhausting, 11th birthday (today drawn by the above mentioned ballboy);

03. A brutal anal rape just like in her favourite . mainstream. movie, Irreversible (here, to be done on the carpet, and drawn today by one of her favourite photographers);

04. Getting screwed out on the balcony (drawn today by her former mixed doubles partner Ellis Ferreria);

05. Riding a huge, well-endowed cock, whilst speaking on the phone just like in another one of her favourite movies, Internal Affairs (today drawn by another former doubles partner, Josh Eagle) . of course, today she. d call her mother to let her know of her magnificent victory today, something which she couldn. t do out on Centre Court earlier that afternoon;

06. Her getting wonderfully sodomized whilst he. s on his (hands-free) mobile to his wife and daughter (drawn today by Rick Hilton, the, constantly overworked, owner of the hotel);

07. Blank. Basically they could screw Maria in any way they. d want to for as long as Maria wanted him to (luckily drawn by Dr Robert Cane, – see above);

08. A rude, disgracefully indiscreet, standing fuck up against the suite. s main door (drawn today by her agent, Max Eisenbud);

09. A hard, squealing fuck concluded by a, gushingly squirting, orgasm, just like in a one of her many DVD. s by Seymour Butts and co. (luckily picked by one of a new wave of bank-breaking/butt-fucking advertising moguls);

10. A free pick of any half dozen positions from . The Kama Sutra. which was also part of Maria. s, intensively vigorous, tennis training regime since her preteen years (picked by her very handsome, and extremely well-endowed, Indian psychologist/spiritual healer).

(Seen from Yuri. s point of view) Maria quietly sat the bed, innocently crossing her ankles, and sitting on her hands like a beautiful cherubic preteen, waiting to be wonderfully defiled by her babysitter, her uncle, or any other horny man, who just happens to say a kind word to her& .

. Maria, do you want to take off your panties for daddy?. Shyly, she rose from the bed and removed her tight, white tennis shorts, placing them on the nightstand. I paused from my disrobing, walked over to the nightstand, and lifted Maria. s tight shorts to my face.

Inhaling the scent from my little girl. s pussy, I groaned with need, my, already hard, cock twitching in impatience. Breathing heavily, I forced myself to calm down, or I would find myself ejaculating before I ever even got close to my baby. s pussy. Turning around, I asked Maria to sit on the bed, with her legs crossed and her skirt pulled up. Like a dutiful daughter, she complied.

Shrugging out of the rest of my clothes, I paused to grab a bottle of oily lube before joining Maria on the queen size bed. Motioning to the bottle of oil, Maria asked in a tiny voice,

. Daddy, what is that for?.

I sprawled my naked form next to Maria, and moved my hand to her hairless pussy. As I answered, I inserted one finger into her vaginal opening. My eyes flared as I encountered her drenching fluids; Daddy. s striptease must have turned on his seventeen-year-old daughter, for her to be this wet already.

. Do you like the way my finger feels inside of you?. Maria nodded her head.

. Well, Daddy really wants to put his penis inside you, the same way my finger is inside you now. Maria, do you want Daddy’s penis inside you?.

She nibbled at her lips with tiny, white teeth,

. But Daddy, your penis is so much bigger than your finger..

Groaning as I pulled her slight body next to my full-grown frame, I moaned,

. Oh, baby, I know. That. s why I brought this oil, to help us out..

Her lips moving against my chest, she sighed,

. I trust you, Daddy. I want you to put your big cock in me.. She whispered back, panting into my mouth. . I want you to be the first to fuck my hot little virgin pussy!.

At her words, I pulled her tight, white tennis dress off of her, before she whipped off her white trainer socks off her dainty, girly feet.

When I finally had her beautiful young body naked, I spread some cherry scented oil on my hands and began to rub it into her baby soft skin. I worked my way from her, bouncingly heaving, chest to her pink hairless pussy, parting her fleshly lips with my oily fingers. I rubbed her clit as I inserted three fingers into her hot vagina; Maria moaned in pleasure and had no trouble accepting my, obviously needful, three-fingered invasion.

. God, I want you,. I said, running my hands over the smooth, taut creamy flesh as I slid another finger into her tight, innocently bald, pussy. Maria whimpered.

. Oh, God! Fuck me! I’m so hot! I need your cock in me right now!.

It was time. I drenched my impossibly stiff cock with oil and spread my baby girl. s long, smooth legs as I bent forward and got on my knees between her gorgeous thighs.

. Ready?. I asked. When she nodded warily, I aimed my throbbing cock at her cunt, pressing the tip toward her petite pink slit. Her hands helped to guide me like a seasoned porn star.

Immediately upon contact, my throbbing cock sensed the heat of her steaming womanhood. I pressed harder and Maria could feel my bulbous tip tired to find its way inside her split peach. Slowly I slid my stiff dick into her supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as my tip pushed aside the outer walls. From deep in our throats, we moaned wildly as I felt her tender walls wrap around the tip of my hard flesh.

. Oh Jeeezzus! You. re so tight sweetheart,. I moaned, feeling the walls of her little pussy compress around my cock.

Maria was such a tight fit that I suddenly became worried that that her virgin snatch was too small for my large cock. Sensing my apprehension, she said,

. I’m not afraid.. kissing my ear.

. Fuck me Daddy!. she begged, abandoning her childhood. . I want you to fill me up with you hot cum!.

I grunted as I eagerly slipped the head of my prick between hers swollen cunt lips. . God, she. s tight,. I thought. After I pushed several times the whole head went in.

. Wow!. Maria thought out loud. There was a stretchy feeling inside her pussy. It hurt! But it felt good at the same time, even though my size made her pussy ache. She almost wished she could cast a spell, like was done in the movies, to make my cock smaller and ease her pain, but was soon glad she couldn. t.

I watched as my cock started to saw into Maria. s little snatch, sliding back and forth, into her pussy. Then, suddenly, I slipped in another inch.

. Oh God,. she groaned, . You. re in me, you’re in me!.

I then pulled my prick head almost all the way out. It glistened with her pussy-juice. Maria stretched cunt lips pulled outward clinging to the thick knob. Then I pressed in again and her cunt lips parted wider, she felt them envelop the head of my cock. Her hot pussy lips closed in around the entire crown of my pulsing manhood. With my cock head buried into the hot wet velvety entrance of her virgin pussy, Maria started rubbing my bare ass as my cock poked her tiny cunt.

. Am I hurting you, baby,. I asked, kissing her lovely neck.

. No, I. m okay,. Maria panted, . Fuck me! FUCK ME NOW!.

I lunged forward lifting her ass, impaling her. With a finally deep thrust, my swollen cock stretched her pussy to a new limit. Maria squealed as I finally popped her cherry. She froze, her eyes bugged out as my shaft speared her. Then she gave out a loud moan of pleasure as my cock penetrated deeper into her tiny cunt.

Half way in her now, I found I could rock back and forth only the slightest amount because of the incredible sensation of my hard raging cock inside the tight soft wet walls of her ex-virgin pussy. The friction was incredibly intense. Then it all improved when she spasmed in orgasm again, and her juices dripped down my burly shaft.

. Oh my God! Oh, fuck!. flashed through her brain. Her wails of desire were muzzled as she buried her face in my shoulder. She had never known such sheer abandon before. My dick felt like a huge invader in her tiny cunt. I then began to pulled out and thrust in again and again, pushing deeper with each lunge, seemingly tearing the remnants of her teenage innocence to shreds. After ten or twenty jabs I was buried to the hilt. She let out a shriek as I filled her up. Maria then moaned with pleasure as her vaginal walls moulded again to my intruding shaft. Lust began to take over her actions and she lifted her ass higher off the ground, pulling me in even deeper. Her body jerked as I hit her cervix, nothing had ever touched her there before. Her shrieks turned to grunts, then to low moans.

As I continue to hump in and out of her fresh cleft she closed her eyes and fell silent. I felt her cunt wall quivering around my dick, as I drove it all the way in. I withdrew and entered again and again, stretching her further with each thrust. She let out another cry, not of pain, but of lust. Trying to fuck back as best she could, her grasp tightened as I began to fuck her even harder … in and out; in and out. Her tight pussy wrapping around my dick felt very good! (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

As I thrusted faster and faster into her, Maria felt my balls slapping against her ass crack with each hard, balls deep, thrust. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Maria really pleased me when she begged, . Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me faster!.

I began seriously fucking her tight teenage cunt. Her pussy muscles clenched around me like an oiled fist, clamping my dick so hard it almost hurt.

. Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, do it even faster!. she gasped.

. Do you like it?. I grunted, pumping so hard and fast that the bed shook. . Do you like me fucking you?. slowing my humping as I asked.

. Yes! Yes! Don’t stop!. she groaned. My dream had, at last, come true. My little girl was turning into a hot little slut. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Waves of pleasure in our sexual centres grew more frequent and intense. Soon we were in perfect rhythm. Our lewd, incestuously frenzied, humping continued unabated. My lunges were met by Maria pelvic thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on her luscious flesh. We didn. t notice our rapid hearts and our heavy breathing as the room around us became a blur. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Maria knew this was her moment, and would never know another like it. She was changed forever, and I was so proud that it was I who had given her this life-defining moment. It almost felt as if this was the last minute of her life and she didn. t want it to end. The horny young enchantress wrapped her long, smooth legs tighter around my strong, hard working, back, pulling me even deeper inside of her, as if she was terrified of letting me go. Matching every stroke of mine with her own, her heart and lungs were out of control, as she plunged into the abyss of passion.

Maria felt her orgasm build as she felt mine rising to a peak … and soon. The supple girl entwined me with her legs, her heels tapping my moving ass. Tilting her pelvis, giving my dick a different angle of attack, the new position did the trick. Her stomach jerked and her legs became weak as the young, ravaged teen felt my hard cock penetrate a fraction deeper. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

The gorgeous little girl shivered, then moaned, followed by screams of . Daddy, Daddy. as my cock impaled even deeper inside her adolescent cunt. Maria was unaware she had screamed. Her body trembled out of control and new emotions shredded her young body in this one flawless instant. Maria gasped for breath and sighed as my cock continued sliding in and out of her. Suddenly, Maria felt something new, my cock jerking. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

My erection having swelled and my butt muscles tightened, my balls throbbed again. I shouted,

. Fuck! Fucking Yes!. as I ejaculated loads of hot semen into the teenage seductress. tight slit. Her pussy already filled with my cock, was now flooded with my boiling seed. Maria. s flawless pussy was so tight that there was no room for the hot jets of cum blasting into her. The pressure of the building load squeezed my molten seed past the seamless joint where the skintight O-ring of her snug, little fuck hole encircled my swollen cock. With each outstroke I pumped her full, with each in-stroke sperm squirted out of her perfect pink pussy. The adorable blonde could feel the expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and ass crack.

I held tight to my darling-gorgeous doll, as my cock jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky cum into her.

. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,. I moaned as my spasms continued even after I had nothing left to give. I spurted my load into the depths of my baby daughter. s womb and fell into the ravine of the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced.

I then slowly pulled my large, sticky cock out of her, and knelt down between her thighs watching as a warm river of cum flowed like a country stream out of her tight, pink pussy, and trickled into her invitingly untouched ass crack& ..

. Thank you, daddy. That was wooonderful!!. Maria breathlessly gasped, before I kissed her lovingly on her sweet lipsticked lips, and heaved my exhausted frame off the bed.

Maria then quickly slipped on her tight, white tennis dress, slipping the spaghetti-thin straps onto her smooth, slender shoulders, before sexily slipping on her white trainer socks onto her dainty girly feet.

She then looked into each of the six cameras that had captured every minute detail for the group. s collective posterity, and winked naughtily, licking her lips and sensuously blowing a kiss into them, before quickly mounting another, impatiently waiting, 8″+ cock, and begin another couple of, hedonistically fulfilling, airtight fucks, achieving another good 15 or so climaxes, before moving onto her next wonderful fantasy, (this time, with David, her occasional boyfriend, as well as the aforementioned ballboy)

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