After Wimbeldon – Part 3

Below is my first internet published story. It will come in several parts. ??


This story primarily features Maria Sharapova, but it also includes many other real people and celebrities directly (and indirectly) associated with her.??


The following story is a 4 month long figment of my imagination, i.e. it is no more than a harmless fantasy. It, in no way reflects or portrays the sexual, psychological or thought patterns of the people mentioned, so please treat this story for what is it: a fictional adult-oriented story, so if you’re under 18, immature for your age, or you can’t seperate fact from fiction,
please leave.


Otherwise, read on, and enjoy. Thank You.??


After Wimbledon by Jib (Mf, MMf, M+f, f/pedo, cons, oral, anal, mast, fant, fist, inc, inter, bukkake)??


Part 3??


Maria didn’t see her gorgeously handsome, young boyfriend, David walk into the room. She had her back to the door, as she daintily slipped her ankle socked feet into her sopping wet, tight white tennis shorts, before sexily pulling them up her long, smooth legs, until its tight waistband closed around her slim, curvy hips. To him, it had the hallmarks of an ‘extra-marital’ coupling, even though they were not married…??

Her on-off boyfriend, David, was so turned on by the sight of Maria’s ass, even in her tight shorts, that his cock seemed to look like the Empire State Building.??

David suddenly stood up tall in front of her and knocked her down to the floor. After needing a few seconds to over the shock of such a surprising assault on her, she slowly got to her feet.??

“Where the hell have you been?” yelled David.??

“I was out celebrating with Michael and Robert,” said Maria. She instantly knew it was the wrong thing to say.??

“What d’ya think you’re doing, seeing them after school as well?” asked David.??

“Have they fucked you yet?” asked David. Maria stared at him.??

No, they haven’t,” Maria said, stunned that her boyfriend should need to ask such a thing.??

“I’ll bet you are lying, slut”.??

“David! How can you call me that?”??

“Because that’s what little whores in short skirts are called,” said David.??

“When you fell, I saw your shorts. How about the guys at training school? They feel you up?” Maria stared at him.??

“I am going up to bed,” she announced angrily. “We will talk about this in the morning. You are using words I don’t like.”??

Maria turned to leave, but he grabbed her hand. He swung her back around.??

“You’ll leave the room when I say,” said David.??

“Now, how far have you gone with them.”??

“None of your business!” David slapped Maria, who fell to the floor.??

“How far have you gone?” Maria rubbed her cheek as she stared up at her devilishly handsome boyfriend. She was scared by the look in his eyes.??

“I’m a v-v-virgin,” said Maria quietly.??

“How about that?” he said. “My little slut’s a virgin. How do I know you’re telling the truth?” asked David. “The only way I know is to check you,” he said loudly. He turned to Maria, again on her feet. “Take off your shorts!” Maria stared at him.??


“I said take off your shorts, slut,” said David. “Are you deaf?” Maria started to cry in earnest. She slid her hands under her short skirt, and pulled down her tight, white tennis shorts. David held out his hand.??

“Give them to me,” he commanded. Maria silently handed them over. David held them up.??

“Pull up your skirt,” he said in a loud, threatening voice. Maria’s chest heaved as she started to hold her skirt out. David stared at the wet, hairless pussy of his beautiful, young girlfriend. He found himself getting hard.??

“Now lets’ see if you are telling the truth,” he said. He sucked on a finger, then he slowly traced it down Maria’s nervously panting frame before plunging it deep into Maria’s most intimate young hole.??

“Oh, my god!” screamed Maria. She couldn’t believe her own boyfriend had a finger inside of her. He grabbed onto her shoulder as he started to thrust in and out with his finger.??

“So, you’re telling the truth,” he said, continuing to disgracefully finger-fuck his beautiful girlfriend, something she had never let anyone do.??

Maria had never felt so humiliated as she did for that couple of minutes of so, when her boyfriend stood in front of her, held onto her shoulder with one hand, and vigorously finger-fucked her tight, increasingly wet, vagina with the middle finger of his other hand.??

He then pulled his finger out and sucked on it.??

“Mmmnnn, you taste good,” David said. “You’re getting an attitude, though.” “I’ll have to change that.” She couldn’t believe he was so casually discussing the way she tasted, and punishing her.??

“How do I punish you?” asked David.??

Maria started to feel fear for the first time.??

“What are you doing?” she asked, as he walked towards her.??

“You have to be punished for acting like such a snob,” he said.??

“And for being a whore.”??

“But I’m not!” screamed Maria.??

“Lift your skirt, slut!” Maria refused to look at him, and she kept her hands at her sides.??

“Fine,” said David. He slipped his fingers underneath the spaghetti-thin straps of Maria’s erotically sexy, white tennis dress which were balanced delicately on her smooth, sensuous shoulders.??

David just had to effortlessly hook his thumbs into them and slowly lower his hands down her slim, humping waist, before her heaving, permanently flushed, breasts at last came into view. More than that however, he didn’t stop there, as he quickly knelt before her, and pulled her sexy little tennis dress, down her smooth, twinned legs, ‘til they were pooled sexily around her ankle socked feet.??

After again standing up tall in front of her, he angrily led her by the hand just a couple of steps away, so that she now left the, comparatively respectable, wrapping of her sexy tennis dress behind her, as she had been suddenly transported into another world.??

Her ivory white ass jiggled as she squirmed under his eyes.??

David again slid a finger inside. Maria felt herself go even more wet than she already was.??

“Hey, I think you’ll like this, baby. Let’s see how much.” He made her lay on the floor, and spread her legs.??

“Try this, whore,” he muttered, as he slid his hard maleness in. Maria screamed, in a shriek loud enough to wake the dead. She shrieked as her boyfriend, the man she had given her heart to, now thrust deep inside her.??

She felt him sink in all the way.??

His cock was HUGE, and he was still only semi hard. She figured it had to be at least a foot long and horrendously thick, and it was still growing.??

“OH GOD YOU’RE KILLING ME! PULL IT OUT! IT DOESN’T FIT PLEASE!” Maria screamed in pure agony as she felt him throb in her pussy, trying to ram forward. And ram forward he did, hitting her tight cervix with five of his massive inches, Maria’s pussy filled to the limit and then some. He blasted past her cervix, burying most of his cock in her to the bottom of her womb, Maria’s pussy now totally unprotected from the cum in his huge, hanging balls. ??

“FUUUUCK, BABY!!!!! You feel GREAT!” the young ballboy yelled, as he began to thrust and pump Maria’s pussy wide open, not only blasting her open straight on, but also aiming at the sides to really bust her cunt wide. Maria writhed in vain as he fondled her tight body all over, pinning and plowing her with his huge dick.??

“Man, you are tight!” moaned David as he started to slowly stroke in and out of Maria. The young blonde shrieked and screamed again and again, in pain and horror as David continued his assault. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)??

David couldn’t believe just how tight Maria was. He knew that she was performed her PK muscles exercises all the time, but she seemed even tighter than the first time he had fucked a couple of years ago. He smiled as he continued to ride in and out of her.??

He pryed her walls apart with his thick cock, slamming into her cervix with only four of his superthick inches. This guy was forcing her to her limits. He reared back, Maria’s pussy not letting go, and ramming forward. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)??

Maria screamed with every stroke. The dignity, and respectability, she had fought to keep her entire life had disappeared in an instant. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)??

David kept thrusting deeper and deeper. Only then did he start to work in and out of his gorgeous, young girlfriend. He kissed her, then he spread her wider.??

Maria felt so overwhelmed by the pain. She had never felt this kind of pain before. David kept thrusting in and out. He was fucking his girlfriend’s brains out, and there was nothing she could do to stop him as he went faster and faster. He had her spread and he was fucking her, and that was all that mattered. David went faster and faster. He didn’t know which was better: to feel Maria’s pussy as he fucked her, or to be able to look down and see his huge throbbing cock, as he worked himself in and out of her. Maria now hopelessly allowed the pain, and her boyfriend, to overwhelm her. Her mind reeled at the implications of what was happening to her. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)??

He now sunk six inches into her, hitting the back of her womb with half his enormous cock, stretching her to the very limit. He pumped and slid his huge cock almost all the way out to all the way in, his flared cockhead catching against both her cervix and her vaginal opening, jolting Maria’s pain level each time. He kissed and tongued her incessantly, Maria at this point just weeping, crying and moaning in pure pain and misery. He felt her firm, full, round bouncy breasts crush against him, fondling her delicious ass as he did his best to keep her pinned down. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)??

He raped her cunt for almost half an hour, speeding up and slowing down to prolong his wonderful feelings. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)??

David shuddered, then he moaned as he peaked, shooting his hot, wet spunk deep in the tight, teenage pussy of his gorgeous girlfriend. He knew he would never forget this afternoon. Maria screamed and yelled even louder, as she felt her boyfriend pull out of her pussy, with a wet, disgusting slurping sound.??

He then stood up above her, towering above her, and slowly wanking his still rock hard, juice covered cock, directly above her young, understanding head.??

“Oh, that was great, Maria. You’re even better than Daniela” David said, exhaustedly trying to get his breath, and his energy, back after wonderfully ‘raping’ the new Wimbledon Ladies Champion for a good ½ hour.??

He was obviously referring to the cock-stirringly gorgeous, Daniela Hantuchova, the beautiful World No. 38, whom he had similarly, and brutally, raped, just an hour before Maria consummately completed her day by thrashing her 6-3, 6-1 in the 3rd round.??

Actually, ‘rape’ wouldn’t quite be the word to use here, as although that’s what it most definitely started as, the week before, by the end, David had ravished her so vigorously, and so consummately, that he had seemingly gone where no man had gone before. He reached places with her pussy (and her psyche) that she didn’t know existed, and, as such now, the beautiful, leggy, Slovakian was now as easy a lay as Maria had been for the past 6, wonderful, years. Although, of course, she was not a patch on the gorgeous teen Russian now desperately recovered from such a delightful ‘rape’, neither sexually, or in her tennis ability.??

Now, just like the gorgeous 17 year old tennis hottie in the London Hilton Park Lane Penthouse suite this evening, it only took a kind word from a, seemingly genuine, admirer, to get Daniela to drop her knickers, bend over the nearest suitable object she could find, and take this latest cock right up her tight arse for as long as he (or usually, they) would last.??

And examples of such wonderfully poetic ‘requests’ would include such delightful compliments/requests like:??


a) “Wanna feel my balls slapping against your arse?”??

b) (said whilst already rubbing her dripping pussy through her knickers) “Hey, honey, if I said you had a hot, wet pussy, you would let me fuck it all night?”??

c) “If I were to rape your tight arse for ya, would you be grateful?”??

d) “My dear, if you don’t bend over for my cock right now, I’m gonna go and fuck some other slut like, Anastasia (Myskina), Elena (Dementieva), or Maria (Sharapova, of course).??

e) Daniela, honey, drop your knickers, bend over this trash can, and I’ll make you feel good about yourself, once again.??


Hearing that she was a better fuck than the beautiful, but notoriously tight, 21 year old, made Maria immediately perk up, rubbing her dripping fanny in front of him.??

It was not lost on him either, that while he animalistically raped his on-off girlfriend for the past ½ hour, she climaxed underneath him at least 6 times or so, shuddering uncontrollably beneath his violently defiling self, as he very skilfully performed another one of Maria’s daily-practised, but still, favourite, fantasies.??

She then looked into each of the six cameras that had captured every minute detail for the group’s collective posterity, and winked naughtily, licking her lips and sensuously blowing a kiss into them, before quickly jumping on the bed, to mount another, impatiently waiting, 8″+ cock, and begin another couple of, hedonistically fulfilling, airtight fucks, achieving another good 15 or so climaxes, before moving onto her next wonderful fantasy, (this time, with Aidan, one of her favourite photographers)….??


To be Continued.

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