After Wimbeldon – Part 6

Below is my first internet published story. It will come in several parts.

This story primarily features Maria Sharapova, but it also includes many other real people and celebrities directly (and indirectly) associated with her.

The following story is a 4 month long figment of my imagination, i.e. it is no more than a harmless fantasy. It, in no way reflects or portrays the sexual, psychological or thought patterns of the people mentioned, so please treat this story for what is it: a fictional adult-oriented story, so if you’re under 18, immature for your age, or you can’t seperate fact from fiction, please

Otherwise, read on, and enjoy. Thank You.

After Wimbledon by Jib (Mf, MMf, M+f, f/pedo, cons, oral, anal, mast, fant, fist, inc, inter, bukkake)

Part 6

Maria quickly reached over to the bedside table to get her, necessarily expensive, mobile phone, before she gladly lowered herself down onto Josh’s hard 9″ cock, and sat right up on top of him, gently gyrating herself above him, whilst slowly riding herself up and down his rock hard boner.

As soon as she was her handsome former doubles partner was balls deep inside her, she speed-dialled her mother to tell her the good news, the fact that it was nearly 4 o’clock in the morning in the Ukraine, not bothering either of them one bit.

With the spaghetti-thin straps of her erotically sexy, white tennis dress now back onto her smooth, sensuous shoulders, she now began to enact one of her favourite scenes from one of her favourite films: the scene where Penny Stretch, (played by Faye Grant) is riding on top of Dennis Peck’s cock (played by Richard Gere), whilst she was talking to, and constantly lying to, her husband, from the film Internal Affairs (1990).

Maria and Josh just looked into each other’s beautiful blue eyes, as erotically, but with naturally passionate energy, made love to each other, whilst Maria spoke to her mother on her phone. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Hello, mum. I’ve won! I’ve won Wimbledon!!” Maria said as she ground herself lewdly onto Josh Eagle’s hard 9″ cock. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Yes, I know. I was watching it. Congratulations, Maria. I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you, mummy, I still can’t believe it!” Josh was just lying in the centre of the huge bed, lovingly caressing Maria’s smooth, widely parted, thighs.

“You’ve made your whole family proud today. You’ve made the whole of Russia proud today, Maria. I am so glad for you” (Maria looking into Josh’s blue eyes, as she continued to ride him). (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Thank you, mummy.” Maria said, keeping her phone in her right hand, whilst keeping her left hand on top of Josh’s so that it didn’t stop sensuously caressing her warm, young flesh between her sexy, high split, skirt. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“What are you doing, now? How are you going to celebrate tonight?”

“I’m just in my room with Daddy and a few friends, you know, nothing special…” (at least that part was, to some extent, true, this, disgracefully pornographic, orgy was fast becoming a, wonderfully regular, weekly event).

A good five minutes passed with Maria and her mother exchanging small talk about this and that, whilst Maria classily gyrated her young lithe frame on top of her current beau’s hard 9″ cock. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Honey, shall I come over? Is there anything you need?” (Her mother, almost unintentionally, copying Alec Baldwin’s character whilst he’s speaking to his young, curvaceously, adulterous wife. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

That did it! As soon as her innocently commenting mother made that, unintentionally duplicating, remark, Maria collapsed into a tense, gushingly wet, orgasm, right on top of her former doubles partner’s rock hard cock.

Maria admirably suppressed all sound as she shuddered helplessly on top of him, whilst her mother spoke about how things were at home.

Josh grunted calmly, as he felt Maria’s hot, tight cunt clamp hard around his huge, throbbing boner like a tight, velvet glove. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“What was that?” Mrs Sharapova asked in surprise. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Oh, that was just Josh. He’s helping me to… unwind after the game.” Maria replied with a calm aplomb whilst desperately trying to recover from her latest gut wrenching climax. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Maria never felt as naughtily guilty as when she climaxed on top of a hard, unflaggingly thrusting cock whilst she exchanged sweet small talk with her God fearingly devout mother. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

The whole room could sense that, over the next 15 minutes or so, Maria climaxed another 5 times on top of her dashingly handsome, former doubles partner.

After about 25 minutes of making polite conversation and general daughter-mother chitchat about everything and nothing, Maria could once again feel a tense, spasmodically churning, climax well up from deep within the pit of her warm belly.

As Josh began to feel his balls tighten, and his cock starting to twitch with an eruptively conclusive inevitability, Josh slowly reached up to Maria’s smooth, sensuous shoulders, justly hooked his thumbs into them, and slowly lowered his hands down her slim, humping waist, before her heaving, permanently flushed, breasts at last came into view, just like how Richard Gere’s character had done to Faye Grant’s in Internal Affairs when she felt her climax about to helplessly assault her, womanly curvaceous, frame.

“You know I love you” Mrs Sharapova said to her young beautiful daughter, as Maria plunged into a deep, gut wrenching climax. The exact parallel between her words, and that of William Baldwin’s character, (Van Stretch) obviously not lost to her.

Neither was it lost to the, attentively obliging, young tennis player underneath her, as he desperately held onto Maria’s, sensuously slim, waist and fired a, very healthy, 6-7 streams of prime male spunk deep into Maria’s very welcoming womb, prolonging her amazingly gushing climax.

“Me too” Maria quietly squealed as she dizzily attempted to ride out one of the most powerful climaxes she had received this half hour, this time, imitating Faye Grant with a knowledgeable authenticity not lost on anyone in the room today.

By the time 17 year old Maria breathlessly hung up her phone, Josh had finally emptied his large, heavily spunk-laden, balls deep into her hot, claspingly tight, pussy.

After the beautiful young Wimbledon Ladies champion used her, very well practiced, pussy muscles to extract every last drop of Josh Eagle’s spunk deep inside her wet, gooey pussy, she lovingly bent down to kiss him full on the lips, before suggestively raising herself up onto her hands and knees in a simple, but disgracefully rude, doggystyle position, it took just 10 seconds for Josh to slide out under Maria’s heavily panting young frame, and another large cocked admirer to take his place, before she gladly lowered herself down onto his hard 8″+ cock to begin only her 11th airtight triple fuck of the day…

And so on and on, this carefully organised, but uncontrollably, multi-orgasmic party continued, with every aspect continuing to be filmed, narrated, and voyeuristically watched by the whole room. Maria wonderfully enjoyed another hot hour of her bottom getting brutally buttfucked, her pussy getting punishingly pummelled, and her gullet getting gorgeously gagged, all in the name of revelry, celebration and triumph.

After her latest sweatily substantive airtight triple fuck (only her 12th of the evening) gave her another good 14 or so clenching orgasms, bringing the latest admirably scored count to over 150, Maria again adopted the same, disgracefully lewd, doggystyle position letting one of her official photographer’s hard throbbing cocks sloppily withdraw itself out her oozingly cummy pussy, before moving onto her next wonderful fantasy, (this time with the, constantly horny, hotel owner).

As the time now neared half past two in the morning, and Maria’s 6th fantasy of the day got under way, Rick Hilton, owner of the London Hilton Park Lane (and father to, the dazzlingly stunning, Paris, and Nicky) clambered up onto the bed behind the, beautifully pouting, young starlet, placed his hard 8″+ cock at the entrance to Maria’s, disgracefully oozing, back door, and promptly introduced his huge, throbbing cock deep into her tight, desperately clasping arse.

She grunted sexily through her tightly gritted teeth, as her tight, teenage rectum gradually yielded to the persistently horny hotel magnate’s huge, rock hard cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” Maria squealed in teenage delight as she felt her, unbelievably well-endowed, hotel magnate mercilessly push his huge, throbbing cock deep inside her.

She grunted just like when she was hitting her countless winners on Centre Court earlier that day, the sound of which made every cock in the audience of Centre Court twitch, just like it did now, to the other 84 cocks there were being slowly, but tenaciously feathered by her selected clique of male friends, sponsors and admirers.

It took Rick Hilton just 15, very short, seconds before he held onto Maria’s smooth, slim waist and duly grunted in tandem with his young protégé, as he hit rock bottom deep inside her tight arse with a final, infinitely practised, shove of his, thankfully unyielding, groin.

As soon as Rick hit rock bottom deep inside her tight teenage arse, Maria collapsed onto her forearms, and buried her pretty little head into the large, soft pillow in front of her, as Rick began plowing himself in and out of her, squatting down strongly behind her, as her 6th fantasy of the day got under way. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

He picked up Maria’s, temporarily discarded, mobile phone, plugged the earphones into them, and placed the earbuds into his ears, before, unsurprisingly, dialling the number to his palatial home… (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Hello” his beautiful wife, Kathy, answered.

“Hi, honey. It’s me” Rick said, as he continued buttfucking the young, energetically rutting 17 year old in front of him. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“I just called to say I’m staying at the London hotel tonight. I have to… entertain some guests” (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“That’s fine. I’ll see you when I see you. Is there anything else?”

“No, love. That’s fine. Just put Paris on, will ya?” Rick said, as he kept both hands onto Maria’s slim, smooth waist as his hard cock skewered in and out of her tight bubblebutt. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Hello” a wonderfully sexy, but familiar, voice spoke into the phone.

“Hi, honey. It’s me” Rick said, as he continued buttfucking the young, energetically rutting 17 year old in front of him, knowing that Paris was in her luxuriously decorated bedroom. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Hi, daddy. When you coming home?” Paris said in an innocently sexy drawl.

“In a couple of days, honey.” Rick said. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“I’ve got a lot of work to do.” He added. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Boy, did Paris know it, too. The relentlessly unstopping ‘work’ involved exhaustedly fucking every beautiful female guest that had the honour to stay at his 5 star, internationally renowned, hotel.

Of course, there was no doubt amongst all the thousands of rich wives, mistresses, heiresses, princesses, businesswomen, and schoolgirls that had stayed at his hotel, that the real honour of staying at the London Hilton Park Lane, was the, thankfully long drawn out, pleasure of getting consummately sodomized into a virtually delirious stupor, by the wonderfully, well endowed hotel magnate. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

It was with no doubt that Paris could hear the, disgracefully recurring, flesh-slapping sounds of him buttfucking another lucky young pretty girl, as she now needfully lay on her back on her own, needfully huge, queen-size bed, imagining just what he was doing to his latest luckily sodomized young guest. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

As Maria moaned silently into her large, soft pillow, Rick just kept on fucking her constrictedly gripping arse, as he and his beautiful young daughter exchanged small talk of what each other had been doing over the past few days. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

After a good 5 minutes of getting solidly pummelled out of all logical sense, Maria squealed with girly innocence into her pillow, as she experienced a tight, vice-grippingly clenching orgasm, right onto Rick’s, continually thrusting, cock.

After he and Paris had finished conversing in innocent father/daughter chitchat, the tone of their conversation became, very obligingly, sexy.

“So, what you wearing, honey?” Rick said, disgracefully fantasising that he was fantastically buttfucking his own beautifully insatiable daughter. (Thrust-thrust-thrust)

“I’m a wearing a short, tight white T-shirt, and a tight, white thong.” Paris said, putting on her own hands-free earphones into her phone, so that her, dutifully roaming, hands could now be more, usefully employed.

“The thong goes into the crack of my tight, firm ass” Paris said, as her right hand now found it’s way into the front of her tight, white knickers.

This was turning Rick on no end now, as he continued pummelling the beautiful young starlet beneath him with a gloriously new found sense of purpose, his large swinging bollocks slapping stickily into Maria’s, erotically dribbling, young pussy, every time he thrust balls deep inside of her. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Turn your TV on, honey” Rick said. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Go to channel 99, press the decode button on the remote, and then press receive.” Rick said, as he now reached round between Maria’s, disgracefully parted, young thighs.

Maria screamed in ecstatic pleasure once again, as she climaxed at the faintest of touches to her hot womanly vagina, her warm pussy juices seeping lewdly into the viciously pumping right hand of her latest ‘fantasy bearer.’

As this handsomely virile ‘lover’ admirably rode out Maria’s latest clenchingly gushing climax, Maria moaned in teenage ecstasy, as Rick continued his work.

“My nipples are so hard through my, tight hugging T-shirt, that they feel like they’re gonna poke through it” Paris breathlessly narrated to her buttfuckingly sweating father, as he screwed Maria Sharapova’s arse like it were a train going through a tunnel at over 125mph… (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

When the admirably frigging young woman tuned her large wall-mounted plasma TV to her father’s constantly changing encrypted channel, she gasped in intense arousal, as she saw a very clear, reception of Maria’s welcoming committee.

The actions of the day’s events were being beamed live into Paris’ lavishly decorated bedroom!

Of course, her father would bring the, hotly sought after, DVD of this whole party, like he always did (right before sodomising his own beautiful daughter into a near coma for most of his 1st night back).

Paris now bent over doggystyle onto her slender forearms, keeping her industriously frigging right hand deep inside the front of her tight white thong, as she watched in wonderment as her father screwed the arse off the, now distinctively recognisable, young Ladies Wimbledon champion. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“Oh, baby.” Rick said, panting as he put all his efforts into his work this dark, warm night, (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“I can’t wait ‘til I’m home. I’ll call you an hour I arrive home. Wherever you are, I want at home, wearing exactly what you’re wearing now, bent over on your bed, like you are now (he knew his daughter so very intimately, by now), and just wait for me. I’m going fuck your tight, butt so hard, you’re gonna need an ambulance by the time I’m through with you” Rick breathlessly panted into his phone, now buttfuckingly sodomising the 17 year old blonde with such an added vigour, that Maria began wailing in extreme teenage ecstasy and effort in to her soft pillow and beyond. (Thrust-thrust)

“Paris,” Rick said, almost angrily fucking his hard 8″+ cock into Maria’s arse through, yet another, cock-grippingly tense, climax, (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

“I’m gonna do to you, what I’m doing to this cheap whore right now. You’re gonna squeal for me to stop at the same time as you’re gonna beg for more, just like you do every day I’m home, aren’t you, you little cunt!!” Rick said, professionally taking out his supposed anger on Maria’s tight butt, fucking her as hard, if not harder and faster, than when he plunged his huge, rock hard, boner inside her tight back door over 20 minutes ago. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Maria just loved being called such disparagingly insulting names. It turned her something rotten. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

As Rick heard his young desperately masturbating young daughter reach a gushingly tense orgasm on her own blurringly returning right hand, he held onto Maria’s firm heaving breasts through her, acknowledgably damp, white tennis dress, and grunted in sincere effort as he carried on screwing the teenager into near oblivion. (Thrust-thrust)

Maria was now unconsciously mirroring the young Paris on her own bed, as she now began desperately frigging her own gushing pussy to an inevitably sloppy conclusion. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Indeed just two minutes later, she screamed as came hard on her own vigorously returning right hand, with the hotel magnate above her, gladly not missing a single balls-deep thrust inside of her. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

All Rick could hear now, were his young daughter very honest, but very lewd, moans and heavy breathing, as she visibly mirrored what the beautiful young girl underneath her father was doing, jealously longing that it was her who was getting violently buttfucked by his rock hard cock. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

Having achieved a tense, gripping climax half a dozen times underneath him, the intense vigour with which he shagging the newly rejuvenated young filly began to take it’s toll on the incredibly energetic father, as began screwing the blonde star to his own climactically gushing conclusion… (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

And so it came to pass, that just a couple of minutes, and about a 100 or so balls-deep, arse splittingly, hard thrusts later, Rick gripped onto the frantically shunting young blonde’s shoulders, and consummately emptied himself deep inside her, now uncontrollably, twitching, bubblebutt while still constantly spearing his hard throbbing cock, all 12″ of it into, and out of her slim, perspiring young frame.

Maria just loved how a cock would start twitching inside her just before it would empty itself deep inside one of her constantly, cock-hungry, orifices.

“Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh” Rick angrily growled, as he wonderfully began spewing a good half dozen of so healthy streams of prime male seed deep into the World no. 8’s desperately awaiting bowels.

She screamed as her climactic simultaneous orgasm heightened in pleasure to the point that she felt like she was on Cloud Nine. I told you she was in 7th Heaven!!

“Ahhh, Maria, you are one of the best guests I’ve ever had” Rick exhaustedly panted into Maria’s right ear, as his cock finally stopped spewing, what felt like a whole gallon of sizzling, male spunk deep into her guts.

As she turned her head to lovingly kiss the wonderfully sodomising hotel magnate full on the lips, lovingly repaying his very sincere compliment (saying that she was as good a buttfuck than the countless thousands of rich wives, mistresses, heiresses, princesses, businesswomen, and schoolgirls that had stayed at his hotel – was indeed, such an honour, that she suddenly felt herself gain a new rush of energy, like she had just won a tie break after an exhaustedly draining 13-game set).

After Rick finally withdrew his sticky, constantly rock hard cock out of Maria’s vice-grippingly clenching arse with a lewd, slewy plopping sound, Maria lewdly deepthroated his, still rock hard, cock to a glistening shine, and after he listened to his beautiful young daughter reach another knowingly gushy orgasm, he playfully slapping the pert 17 year old’s tight bubblebutt flush on her smooth buttcheeck, and clambering off the large queen size bed.

Maria stayed on her hands and knees, impatiently waiting in the middle of the queen sized bed in a simple, but disgracefully rude, doggystyle position.

It took just 10 seconds for another large cocked admirer to slide underneath her understandably heaving, frame, before she gladly lowered herself down onto his hard 8″+ cock to begin only the 13th airtight triple fuck of the day…

And so on and on, this carefully organised, but uncontrollably, multi-orgasmic party continued, with every aspect continuing to be filmed, narrated, and voyeuristically watched by the whole room.

After her latest couple of sweatily substantive airtight triple fucks gave her another dozen+ clenching orgasms, she elegantly hopped off the bed, padded over in her, still pristine white, innocently erotic ankle socks, to her proud, sacrificing, father, and kissed him flush on the lips for a full minute or so, disgracefully wanking his hard cock something rotten through her sloppy, white tennis shorts, which were dangling lewdly off his hard, throbbing cock.

With the time now ignorantly nearing 4am, this beautiful blonde starlet took a brief respite from the thoroughly comprehensive, but magnificently satisfying, airtight triple-fucks, and wonderfully executed fantasies that she had been, very professionally, receiving since yesterday afternoon.

She slipped her shorts off of her father’s lewdly sticky cock, stepped into them, before sexily pulling them up her long smooth legs, until its tight waistband closed around her slim, curvy hips.

She then stood in front of the huge plasma screen on the wall opposite, watching the last couple of games played during the previous day’s emphatic victory.

Standing tall on her left leg, whilst daintily supporting herself on her teenage twinkle toes on her right, she gasped when she felt an unknown, but unswervingly welcome, man stand behind her, put his hand up her skirt, and began delicately, but very purposefully, rubbing her hot, wet pussy through her sopping wet shorts.

The only sounds that could be heard now, were the intermittent click of camera shutters, the sound of the TV, and of Maria’s occasional gasps and moans of desire as this person, very skilfully, manipulated her hot teenage sex to a point of distraction.

The tension built up inside Maria’s tight wet shorts as the action reached the final game just a couple of minutes later, with his right hand viciously rubbing Maria’s sloppily wet pussy through her achingly constricting shorts ever faster, as the final reached it’s, gloriously resounding, conclusion…

And it was with natural ease, and expertise, that just about a minute later, as her TV image was seen dropping to her knees in an emotive show of poignant celebration in front of hundreds of applauding spectators, Maria’s knees gave way underneath her, as she gushingly climaxed right there in her shorts, in front of 84, animalistically horny, men, a fresh rush of warm, sticky pussy juices leaking copiously into the hot, sloppy crotch of her tight white tennis shorts.

Of course, every person in the room knew that she reached a couple of hot, wet orgasms every time she played, as she would call her trainer down to her at least once a set, and he would obligingly, but with an erotic innocence, massage and caress Maria’s legs and thighs, quietly, but audibly, whispering such lewd, disgusting filth about how hard he was going to fuck her arse after this game, that, after hooking her feet inside the legs of her chair to innocently spread her thighs apart, she would gushingly reach a hot, wet climax, right in front of him, (not to mention the hundreds of admiring spectators all around her), with him having no doubt about how much wet pussy juice had lewdly seeped into the front of her white tennis shorts.

After the game he would fuck her tight, teenage bubblebutt so (obligingly) hard, that she would usually have to sleep for a couple of hours, before gladly mounting his hard 12″ cock to ride it to another half dozen dizzily gushing climaxes…

Back in her hotel suite, as the clock struck 4 o’clock on this warm celebratory morning, Maria’s father adoringly knelt down in front of her, inhaling her intense, and constant sexual need unmistakably emanating from her constantly wet crotch, and, without any ceremony of anything, reached right up the indecently short, split skirt of her, unintentionally sexy, white tennis dress, gripped the waistband of the, now heavily breathing, teenager’s tight, and now sopping wet, shorts, and promptly pulled them down her wonderfully long, smooth legs, ‘til they pooled sexily around her white ankle socked feet.

As Maria sexily stepped out of them and turned back to clamber onto the, temporality vacated, bed, her father disgracefully sniffed them, inhaling the unbelievably erotic scent of his young daughter, constantly needing sex, feeling completely intoxicated by her, aromatically sensuous, need.

The gorgeous 17 year old Russian just had to lay on her back with her thighs disgracefully spread apart for just a few seconds, before, a wonderfully, naked Dr Robert Cane, who helped her family find a place to stay when they first moved to Venice, FL, lay on top of her and promptly placed his huge throbbing boner at her, lewdly oozing, front entrance.

To be continued…

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