After Wimbledon – Part 4

This story primarily features Maria Sharapova, but it also includes many other real people and celebrities directly (and indirectly) associated with her.

The following story is a 4 month long figment of my imagination, i.e. it is no more than a harmless fantasy. It, in no way reflects or portrays the sexual, psychological or thought patterns of the people mentioned, so please treat this story for what is it: a fictional adult-oriented story, so if you’re under 18, immature for your age, or you can’t seperate fact from fiction, please leave.

Otherwise, read on, and enjoy. Thank You.

After Wimbledon by Jib (Mf, MMf, M+f, f/pedo, cons, oral, anal, mast, fant, fist, inc, inter, bukkake)

Part 4

As Maria casually walks into the centre of her room, wearing only her tight, white tennis dress, and her white ankle socks; he confronts her, wearing only his boxers with a flick-knife in the pocket. He walks alongside her, before trapping her against a wall.

AIDAN: . Wait a second, you!.

[Maria tries to run in, first one direction, then the other, screaming, whilst trying to escape from him.]

MARIA: . What are you doing?.

[He then traps her between his arms and the wall]

AIDAN: . Wait a second.

AIDAN: . Wait.

[She pushes him, trying to escape]

MARIA: . Let me go!.

[He pushes her hard against the wall]

AIDAN: . I said wait!.

[She then pushes him hard, making the stronger, man take a step back. He then grabs both her arms strongly]

. Help!. [She screams in vain]

AIDAN: . Shut your mouth! Did I touch you?.

[She screams again]

AIDAN: . Shut your mouth, slut!.

[He reaches into his pocket, and pulled the flick-knife, quickly flicking it open, so she can see the horrific glint of the sharp 4″ blade as he brings it close to her pretty, but scared, face. She looks at knife in frightened horror, and stops struggling, imagining what it could do to her.]

AIDAN: . Is this what you want?.

[Still holding onto her right arm with his left]

AIDAN: . You gonna shut your mouth now?.

[He then takes a step back from her, but still stands only 6 inches away from her. He then looks up, down, and back up her sexy, curvaceous body, still keeping the knife dreadfully close to her, outstandingly beautiful, face]

AIDAN: . Fucking high class bitch.

[He then brings the flat edge of the knife up to her cheek, before bringing the sharp blade to the side of her mouth, making Maria breath heavier in absolute fear now for her life]

AIDAN: . You wanna nice big smile, huh?.

[He then brings the knife to the other side of face, again touching the flat edge of it to her other cheek]

AIDAN: . Stinking cunt!.

[The beautiful young blonde began to feel her knees feel weak, and she began to slowly sink lower against the wall, still breathing heavily in terror as this horrific knife was still pressed against her soft flesh]

AIDAN: . This turn you on? Tell me.

AIDAN: . This turn you on?.

[She continued to sink, very slowly, lower]

AIDAN: . You turned on?.

[He again hornily surveyed her firm body again, taking in just how nubile and sexy she really was]

AIDAN: . Look at you!.

[Continuing to, horrifyingly, scare her, with his knife up against her sweet innocent face]

AIDAN: . You know you. re hot for a cunt!.

MARIA: . Please.

AIDAN: . Shut up!.

MARIA: . Let me go.

AIDAN: . Shut up!.

AIDAN: . Lift your skirt.

[Maria was now squirming very uncomfortably between the wall and the knife]

MARIA: . Let me go.

AIDAN: . Lift your skirt.

. Shut up!.

[He now reached below the hem of her short, tight skirt with his left hand, impudently caressing her smooth right thigh in the process. Maria was now sobbing in sheer sadness and resignation]

MARIA: . Let. s me go please.

MARIA: . Please!.

[He then tenderly kissed her on the cheek and neck, before grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her down to the ground]

AIDAN: . Get on your knees! On your knees!.

[He now had her on her knees, with him keeping her pinned down]

AIDAN: . I. m gonna take care of you.

[Maria was now openly crying, as she was now forced to lay face down on the carpet]

AIDAN: . On your knees! Lay down.

AIDAN: . Lay down!.

[He then lay down on top of her, before putting the knife away]

MARIA: . Help!.

[He then put his strong hand over her mouth to stop her screams being heard]

AIDAN: . Lay down!.

AIDAN: . Shut your mouth.

[He then reached down and started caressing her smooth bare bottom, hornily getting turned on with each passing second]

AIDAN: . Damn!.

AIDAN: . You must have one tight ass!.

[He then strongly grips her left arm with his left, whilst still gagging her with his right]

AIDAN: . I. ll take care of you, slut!.

[He began pulling the spaghetti-thin straps of Maria. s erotically sexy, white tennis dress off her smooth, sensuous shoulders]

AIDAN: . Who buys your classy dresses?.

AIDAN: . Your man dress you like that?.

AIDAN: . Only a fag would let you go out like that!.

[Having pulled her dress straps down off her shoulders, her firm, left breast now shamefully exposed to him, he began hornily caressing her warm breast underneath her, desperately pinned down, frame]

AIDAN: . Little whore.

[Maria, again, tried to scream, but by now, her screams were almost permanently muffled by his strong right hand, now clamped tightly around her lipsticked mouth.]

AIDAN: . Shut your trap, or I. ll strangle you!.

AIDAN: . Got it? Shut up, or I. ll strangle you!.

[She squirmed underneath him, unintentionally making her pert, smooth bottom rub up against his, now rock hard, 8″ cock]

AIDAN: . Spread your legs!.

[He splayed her long, sexy legs apart, keeping his inside hers, so that she couldn. t, disobediently, close them shut again]

AIDAN: . Spread your legs, bitch!.

[Maria desperately tried to pry his strong right hand off her mouth, but to no avail, as he tried to now unbutton his boxers, and free his rampantly detained manhood]

AIDAN: . Shut up!.

AIDAN: . Don. t move. Don. t move!.

AIDAN: . I. m gonna fuck your ass!.

AIDAN: . I. m gonna blast your shit hole!. (Maria now squealed in fearful desperation of losing her, long withheld, anal cherry).

[Him still trying to unbutton his boxers. Unbeknownst to them, someone silently walked into the room behind them, and waited a few seconds to see what was happening, before seeing what was going on, and leaving them to it& ]

AIDAN: . I. m gonna fuck your ass like never before!.

AIDAN: . Fucking little whore!.

AIDAN: . Don. t move. Don. t move!.

[Maria was desperately trying to move his hand away from his crotch, but, again, to no avail]

AIDAN: . You like being fucked up the ass?.

AIDAN: . Your old man fuck you up the ass?.

[Maria was now sobbing at these most degrading insults]

AIDAN: . You like that?.

[He was now making progress, but was still not there yet]

AIDAN: . Wait.

AIDAN: . Don. t move, cunt!.

AIDAN: . Don. t move. Don. t move.

[Whispering now]

AIDAN: . Don. t move, don. t move, don. t move.

[Angrily growling]

AIDAN: . Don. t move, shit!.

AIDAN: . Don. t move, don. t move, don. t move, I said!.

[He then suddenly rammed his hard 8″ cock deep inside Maria. s tight, virginal rectum, causing Maria to wail through this rapist. s hand, as she felt her most intimate orifice get viciously invaded]

AIDAN: . Fucking shit!.

[He powerfully held onto her left wrist, as he finally got his whole, throbbing cock, balls-deep inside the beautiful 17 year old in just 3 short, sharp thrusts. Maria continued to squeal in immense pain and helplessness]

AIDAN: . What a fucking tight ass you got. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

[Maria still helplessly squealing underneath him, unknowingly turning him on all the time. He now held onto her desperately thrashing ponytail to gain himself extra leverage on top of her, as he continued brutally sodomising the poor, young girl]

AIDAN: . Fucking high class swine. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

[Maria now bleating uncontrollably beneath him, as her she feel this rapist. s cock viciously fuck her arse to the point of distraction& & This went on and on and on for another 10 minutes or so, with her, helplessly reaching out in front of her for some kind of miraculous saviour, and him continuing, just as he. d promised her, to . blast her shit hole. ]

AIDAN: . Shit, you. ve got a tight ass!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . A real little faggot. s ass!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . I don. t normally like this. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . Fucking rich bitch. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . But this ain. t bad? Huh?. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

[Poor Maria kept squealing like a stuffed pig in vainly into this rapist. s strong right hand, as he continued brutally sodomizing her tight virgin. s arse. He then pulled her swishing ponytail hard, yanking her bobbing head right back]

AIDAN: . You gonna shut up, little whore?. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

[This violently brutal sodomisation of this beautiful young cherub continued for another 10 minutes, this cruel, sadistic rapist absolutely loving the way her tight, teenage ass gripped his huge, throbbing cock like a warm, contracting vice.]

AIDAN: . Take this in your ass, cunt!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . You ever been reamed like this before, huh?. (Thrust-thrust-thrust)

[This rapist started blasting her tight anal passage even harder now, if that were possible, whilst the New Wimbledon Ladies Champion continued sobbing and desperately squealing from this most degrading humiliation]

AIDAN: . Opens up real good, your ass!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . Oh, that. s so good!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

[Continuously reaming his cock in and out of Maria Sharapova. s arse]

AIDAN: . So fucking good!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . Tell daddy it. s good!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . Say daddy it. s good!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . Call me daddy!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . Call me daddy!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

AIDAN: . Call me daddy, you fucking cunt!. (Thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust)

[He continued jackhammering his huge, rampant manhood deep into Maria. s fantastically deflowered arse, for another 5 heavenly minutes, incredibly increasing the speed and depth of his violently raping thrusts into her rectum until, with an extraordinarily long grunt from deep within himself, he finally began to spew a hot, searing rush of prime male seed deep inside Maria. s burning arse.

Maria. s helplessly muffled screams and wails of sheer agony unwittingly helping her sadistic rapist to carry on fucking her for a good minute or so after her tight, constricting arse milked every last drop of his hot, blazing spunk. He now caressed her warm, teenage body all over, as a kind of sick reward for making him happy this afternoon. Having grudgingly pulled his, still rock hard, cock from the depths of Maria. s devastated arse a good 25+ minutes after he had brutally entered her, his now heavily perspiring form now lay down by her side, naturally needing to recover from probably the best fuck of his life . and without a doubt, the worst of hers& ]

AIDAN: . Shit!.

AIDAN: . Fucking awesome!.

AIDAN: . Oh, honey! That was the best fuck I. ve ever had! You. ve got the sweetest hole in tennis, baby!.

[With that, with this fantasy. s allotted ½ hour nearly up, Maria turned onto her back, and began sensuously fingering her dripping vagina, energetically rejuvenated by the most flattering of compliments.]

. Thank you, Tony. You were great. I loved every second of it. I haven. t been buttfucked that hard for a least a couple of weeks. Maria said in a voice that was purposefully audible to the whole room, as if it were a kind of shameful rebuke to the rest of her group today, saying that none of them had been able to satisfy her, constantly cock-hungry, arse like Aidan had just done.

Maria must. ve inadvertently climaxed about 5-6 times while she got buggered out of all reason. (Her, industriously searching, right hand had been desperately frigging her tight, dripping snatch the whole he was mercilessly buggering her, a fact not lost to the 6 cameras constantly filming her today). Their joint knowledge of the infamous rape scene in . Irreversible. , helped to make one of Maria. s favourite fantasies, as authentic, dizzyingly satisfying, as possible.

She then looked into each of the six cameras that had captured every minute detail for the group. s collective posterity, and winked naughtily, licking her lips and sensuously blowing a kiss into them, before quickly jumping on the bed, to mount another, impatiently waiting, 8″+ cock, and begin another couple of, hedonistically fulfilling, airtight fucks, achieving another good 15 or so climaxes, before moving onto her next wonderful fantasy, (this time with her former doubles partner Ellis Ferreria).

After Maria sloppily dismounted the latest 9″+ rocket to frantically empty itself deep inside her tight, dripping cunt, she energetically swept her young, vibrant frame off the bed, daintily slipped her ankle socked feet into her sopping wet, tight white tennis shorts, before sexily pulling them up her long, smooth legs, until its tight waistband closed around her slim, curvy hips.

After the expected knock on the suite door was answered, two very handsome, and very virile, young valets entered wheeling in a virtually banquet-size feast for the scores of people attending Maria. s appreciation party this evening.

As they all heartily tucked into the finest 5 star cuisine this side of the pond, Maria joined them at the table, to similarly replenish her, vigorously tested, stamina this evening.

After taking a very welcome break for about ½ an hour or so, the two tall, dark valets told the beautiful princess, that they would bring breakfast tomorrow morning at approximately 7am, right before they finish their shift for the night.

Maria responded silently, as she lewdly started sucking on a tall, ripe banana, before slowly polishing off, and gulping it down her warm, cum soaked gullet.

She then daintily slipped her ankle socked feet back into her awaiting white trainers, and laced them up, before walking out onto the balcony for a spot of fresh air&

Little did she know, that, as she stood on the terrace, innocently leaning over the railing, her former mixed doubles partner, Ellis Ferreria was standing behind her, delicately wanking his, already rock hard, 8″+ cock, waiting for just the right moment to ravage his beautifully bent over, former doubles partner (as well as his fuck partner..)

To be continued…

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