After the Comic-Con

Title: After the Comic-Con

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Karlee Perez (Catrina), Melissa Santos

Codes: MFF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments? is where to find me.

I’ve never been the kind of guy to ever picture myself at a Comic-Con convention, but this year was different, since I had gotten wind that the two hottest chicks in Lucha Underground, Melissa Santos and Catrina, were going to be appearing at the one near me.

Admittedly, I had never considered myself a fan of the promotion before knowing about their appearance, but I was hoping that was all going to change soon enough.

Because even though I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the show, I was a fan of hot women, and though I had up until that point not seen any of the show, I knew all about how sexy both girls were and in my own sick and twisted fantasy world, I was hoping I could coerce them both into sleeping with me in order to make me a fan.

Turns out, I didn’t know how right that was going to end up being.

Like there is at every Comic-Con, the place was just teeming with hot celebs, but I already had my targets picked out, so naturally I made a beeline for Catrina and Melissa.

There was a surprisingly short line at their table, which both surprised me, since I thought there would be a longer line, and benefitted me since I was ultimately able to get more time to talk with them.

I had always been able to have any woman I wanted as far back as I could remember, and as I approached the two hot Latinas from the Underground, Catrina in her tight black shirt and tight black pants and Melissa in her tight white belly shirt and painted-on blue jeans, I knew this would be no exception.

“Surprised that there’s not a line around the block to meet you sexy ladies,” I said to them as I came up to the table, Catrina immediately making eye contact with me and smiling at me as she called me over to start a conversation with her.

“Aw, you’re sweet. What can I do for you?” she asked me as Melissa wandered a few steps over, joining the conversation as I tried my hardest not to leer at them till I had at least one of them hooked.

“Well, how about a pic with you two? I seem to be a little low on cash, though,” I said to her as I rifled through my pockets, flustered at this sudden turn of events.

“It’s okay. I got this,” she whispered to me, her large tits brushing against my arm as she bent down to stick some money in the jar at their table, smiling seductively at me as she motioned for Melissa to join us for the pic.

“You know we’re actually supposed to make money off of this, right Catrina?” Melissa asked her as she looked me up and down, still a little leery of my true intentions.

“But we’re also here to make new fans Melissa. Besides…he looks pretty harmless to me…” Catrina replied to her, cocking her eyebrow as she laid her gaze on the growing erection I had in my pants.

“If you say so,” Melissa answered her, finally beginning to let her guard down in my presence as we took the picture together, Melissa wandering away to talk to some other fans that had gathered as Catrina continued on with me.

“Like what you see Catrina? Maybe you should invite me back to your room later so I can rock your world,” I cockily told her a I brushed her arm and “accidentally” squeezed her tit, hearing her stifle a moan in response.

“Kinda forward since we just meant don’t you think? I mean, I don’t even know your name,” she playfully flirted back, her brown eyes shining with the clear attraction she had to me.
“Trust me. It’ll be better that way,” I told her, licking my lips as she turned and bounded over to the desk, my cock hardening again at the sight of her ass jiggling in the pants she was wearing.

“What can I say? I seem to be attracted to you in ways that I can’t really explain, so here’s my extra room key if you’re really serious about this. The hotel’s right next door,” she told me as she stuffed it in my pocket, smiling at me and winking as I turned to go.

“Oh, and don’t be alarmed if Melissa is already in there with me when you get there. We kind of have a thing for each other,” she finished, making my cock jump even more at the thought of them fucking each other, and then the thought of me getting to stick it inside both of them.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” I told myself as I left the Comic-Con later, walking the short distance from the convention center area to the adjacent hotel and rushing up to the room that I had every reason to believe was actually Catrina’s.

“OH FUCK! OHGOD! Fuck me Catrina!” I heard a familiar voice shouting out as I slid the key in the door and walked in on Catrina fucking Melissa’s pussy with a strap-on.

“Yeah, you like that Melissa? Wait till I shove it up your ass,” Catrina teased her as she drove her hips into Melissa’s, looking over at me right as Melissa started to cum on the fake dick, screaming out in orgasm as Catrina shoved the plastic phallic up into her one last time.

“What’s he doing here? I thought it was just going to be us,” Melissa told her, coming down off of her orgasm and making no mistake she didn’t want me there.

“He’s here to help us have some hot, sweaty, sticky tonight fun Melissa. So don’t be a party pooper,” Catrina told her, before turning her attention to me.

“Thought you’d never arrive, my hunky mystery man. With Melissa I love being dominant. But with guys, I like being DOMINATED…” she teased me, stroking my dick through my pants as she hit her knees and waited for me to whip it out.

“In that case…SUCK MY COCK, YOU WHORE!” I commanded her as I released my dick, her hands stroking it once again as she led it to her mouth.

“OHGOD…it’s so big. I bet it’ll feel good inside me later,” she whispered as Melissa laid down on the bed and started furiously rubbing her cunt to the sight of Catrina wrapping her lips around my dick and starting to suck on it.

“Maybe. If I decide to put it in you,” I teased her, getting as much off on the dominant/subservient role play we were involved in as much as she was.

“MMM…please…” she whispered from around my dick, cupping my balls in her free hand as she wrapped the other one around the base of it as she sucked away on it.

“Make me cum and maybe you’ll get your wish,” I told her as she started to deep-throat me, her eyes nearly popping out of her head as she struggled to take it all down her throat.

“MMM…yeah, use those big beautiful pouty lips to suck me off,” I hissed as I placed my hands on the back of her head, her head bobbing back and forth as I placed my cock at the back of her throat and held it there as I came down it.

“MMM…OHGOD…” she moaned, starting to finger her pussy as I spewed my cum to the back of her throat, Catrina eagerly swallowing it down as I began to pull away from her and finished undressing.

“Let me help you with that baby,” I whispered to her as I pushed her down on the bed and shoved her legs up onto my shoulders, lining my stiff dick up with her tight pussy and sliding it into her.

“Do with me what you want,” she whispered to me as I started thrusting in and out of her, her walls beginning to pull and tug on my dick as I fucked her.

“Santos, you’re looking a little lonely over there. Maybe you’d like to join us?” I called out to Melissa, who was still fingering herself, seeing her run over and start making out with Catrina as I blasted away at her insides with my dick.

“MMM…fuck me…dominate my pussy…” Catrina moaned, almost as if she was begging me to do as she asked, Melissa making out with her as I felt her walls starting to pull on my dick as she wrapped her hands around Melissa’s head and forced her mouth onto her large tits.

“I will be having my way with those later,” I assured her as she came for me, screaming into Melissa’s mouth as they started making out again, Melissa’s tight ass and wet pussy staring me in the face as I felt Catrina cumming for me.

“Cum for me, you dominated cum whore,” I teased her as she shot a load of her cum out onto my dick, throwing her head back against the bed as she threw her legs around my waist and started bucking her hips into mine.

“Gonna cum,” I told her, more of a statement than a warning as I buried myself up to my balls inside of her and erupted into her, cumming deep into her tight, hot Latina pussy and filling it to the brim with my sticky seed.

“FUCK YES! Cum inside me! Fill up my slutty cunt!” she hissed as my cum entered her, pushing Melissa off of her as she contorted her body in ways I had never seen before as I started pulling out of her.

“I’m gonna make you lay there and watch me play with Melissa before I dominate you again Catrina,” I told her as I crawled over to Melissa, climbing on top of her and distracting her with a long kiss, since she didn’t seem as willing to play around with me as Catrina was.

“MMMPPPHHH,” she moaned into my mouth as I slid into her pussy and started fucking her, her legs having a mind of their own and wrapping around me as I started thrusting in and out of her.

“Such a hot little pussy. Gonna have to put a load inside you too, Melissa,” I teased her as she shook her head no, still trying to resist me even as her body gave in on her.

“Let me hear you say it Melissa,” I teased her as I drove myself in and out of her, her legs squeezing even tighter around my waist as I bottomed out inside of her and held myself there.

“OHGOD. FUCK. Fuck me…” she purred as I started sucking on her tits, her walls clenching down around my dick as she started to cum for me, her back arching as high as she could get it to go as I started speeding up my thrusts into her.

“I’m getting lonely over here mister,” Catrina softly purred as she looked over at me railing Melissa, winking at me as she shoved a dildo into her snatch to keep herself stimulated.

“You’ll get some more of me when I decide to, my submissive little slut. Right now, this one’s about to get a pussy full of my seed,” I told her as I made one last push into Melissa’s cunt and came in her, spraying a load deep inside of her as she bucked her hips into mine, hooked her ankles into my back and screamed for me to keep going.

“MMM…OHGOD…more…” she squeaked as I thrust in and out of her a few more times, splashing a few more loads into her as I pulled out of her.

“Does watching me fuck your friend turn you on Catrina?” I teased her when I saw her humping the bed as she watched me dump a load inside Melissa, begging me to get her involved again somehow.

“Fuck her pussy and I will fuck her ass. Then after we’re through dominating her, I’m gonna throw you around this room,” I whispered in her ear, making her knees get weak and her pussy get wet as we stood Melissa up and slid ourselves into her, Catrina thrusting in and out of her pussy with the plastic dick while I slid into her big ass and started having my way with it.

“Oh come on Mel. It’s not like we haven’t done this kind of thing before,” Catrina playfully chastised her when she started complaining about the rough way we were double-teaming her, jamming the strap-on deep into her pussy as I jammed my dick deep into her ass.

“UH, UH, OHGOD,” Melissa purred under her breath, Catrina sucking on her tits as she drove the strap-on in and out of her cunt, my dick sliding in and out of her ass as both of her holes were stretched to their limits.

“Cum for us Mel,” Catrina whispered to her, licking her face and then twisting her hips to twist the strap-on deeper into her cunt, setting her off.

“That’s what I thought,” I whispered in her other ear as I fucked her ass, her cunt juice spurting out onto the fake dick as I came deep into her ass, both of us pulling out of her and throwing her to the bed as we started making out.

“That makes me so hot dominating her like that,” Catrina whispered to me as Melissa laid back on the bed in a state of pure exhaustion, watching as I bent Catrina over it and slid my cock into her pussy again.

“I’m gonna pull your hair. Slap you around. Make you cum for me. Then I’m gonna put more cum inside you,” I teased her as she pushed her hips back into mine, yanking on the pony tail that somehow had not been messed up yet through the curse of the night as I started thrusting in and out of her again.

“FUCK. You turn me on so much,” she moaned as I drove my hips in and out of her, her walls wrapping tightly around my dick as I fucked her from behind.

“Does the tough chick like being dominated?” I teased her as I pulled her pony tail, yanking on her hair hard enough to snap her head back and make her cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as my dick sank balls-deep into her cunt.

“Y-YES…” she meekly whispered as I slapped the back of her head a few times, sensing that was turning her on even more, as I sank my dick into her over and over again, her walls beginning to yank and squeeze on it as she threw her head back and started yelling out in orgasm.

“OHGODOHGODYES…” she moaned, the words all running together as she came for me, streams of her cum running down my dick as I grabbed her hips in a white-knuckle grip and buried myself up to my balls inside of her as I started erupting into her, thick, sticky gobs of my cum shooting deep into her willing, dominated pussy until I had nothing left to give her.

“And now I dominate this ass,” I teased her as I kissed her neck, running my dick over her pussy lips and ass cheeks before sliding my dick into her tight ass and beginning to thrust in and out of her last unused hole.

“And you’re not gonna do it by yourself, either. Cause I’m horny again,” I heard Melissa’s voice calling out as she wandered over to the edge of the bed and started squeezing Catrina’s tits, making her moan in perfect rhythm to me fucking her ass.

“Suck on them Mel,” Catrina softly moaned as Melissa laid down on the edge of the bed and took her supple tits into her mouth, sucking and biting on them as Catrina’s body tensed up in impending orgasm yet again.

“Cum in my ass…” she whimpered, her body stiffening up from the double stimulation of me fucking her ass and Melissa sucking on her tits as I held myself inside of her tight back door and came in her ass just as a thin trickle of her cum started running down her legs.

“Which one of ya’ll wants it in your pussy again?” I asked them as Melissa rubbed herself, walking over and making out with Catrina as I placed my hands on her hips and slid my dick back inside of her.

“Fuck her,” Catrina mouthed to me, both of us getting turned on again as I started to help myself to another round of Melissa’s tight, hot pussy, her walls wrapping tightly around it as I thrust it in and out of her again.

“MMMPPPPPHHHH,” Melissa moaned, wanting to protest that she was getting fucked again as part of this, but unable to due to Catrina making out with her and fondling her tits as I drove myself in and out of her.

“Your sexy, slutty little cunt is getting another load in it too Melissa,” I whispered in her ear as Catrina pulled her head onto her tits, keeping her unable from protesting as I felt her cunt tighten up around my cock as she came for me again.

“MMMPPPHHHH…UH,” Melissa softly purred as her spasming cunt spewed a fresh load of her cunt cream onto my dick, the pressure she was putting it on it too much for me as I started spurting out a second load of my seed into her pussy in streams.

“OHGOD…it feels so good cumming inside either of you…” I groaned, grunting as I filled up Melissa’s cunt with a full load of it before pulling out of her and leaving her a sweaty, exhausted, cum-filled mess on the bed, trickles of my cum exiting her pussy as I mounted Catrina for one last fuck.

“I could go all night with you Catrina. Especially since you’re letting me dominate you like this,” I told her as she parted her legs and let me slide my dick into her waiting pussy once more, throwing her legs around me as I started to thrust in and out of her.

“Choke me…” she whimpered as she gazed her brown eyes up into mine, starting to lose herself in the moment again.

“Say it louder if you want me to, you submissive little slut,” I teased her, her eyes starting to roll back in her head as I sucked on her tits, her back arching and her legs squeezing even tighter around me as I waited for her to give me what I wanted to hear from her.

“CHOKE ME!” she shouted as I wrapped my hands around her throat, gently applying more and more pressure with every thrust I made into her tightening pussy.

“Yeah, I always figured you liked it rough bitch,” I teased her as she bucked her hips up into mine, my hands briefly slapping her around to her encouragement before I started choking her again.

“MMM…OHGOD…choke me…fuck me…gonna fucking cum on your hot cock again…” she moaned as my hands squeezed ever so tighter around her throat, just about to choke her out when she came all over my dick.

“Don’t…stop…choking…me…” she softly whispered as she sprayed her love juice all over my dick, my thrusts getting deeper and sharper as I continued applying pressure on her throat.

“Cumming,” I whispered to her as she started to writhe under me in both pleasure and the feeling of being choked as she climaxed, her cunt walls putting a death grip on my dick as I started to cum in her for the final time.

“UH…UUUNNNGGGGHHHH,” she moaned as she felt my cum shooting deep into her pussy for the last time, gently rubbing it with one hand and her throat with the other as I placed my dick between her tits.

“You deserve a reward Catrina,” I told her as I started moving my cock back and forth between her tits, Melissa crawling over and making out with her as both girls ramped each other up sexually one last time.

“You know, after I get done fucking these fun bags, there might still be enough cum in here for both of you,” I teased them as I fucked Catrina’s tits, quickly feeling myself reaching climax despite how often I already had that night.

“Gonna cum. First one to grab it gets my load,” I told them as I fucked her tits a little harder, slapping tem and pinching her nipples as I pushed myself to the finish line.

“Damn…I guess we’re both gonna have to get it now,” Melissa teased her friend as each of them grabbed my dick with one hand and started stroking it, each of them winking when I started cumming, spraying a fresh, sticky coating of my seed on both of their faces like a defective fire hose and then grunting as I reached my breaking point.

“Looks like we need to clean this mess up …” Catrina teased Melissa as the two queens of the Underground started licking my cum off each other’s faces, turning it into a full-on make out session with strands of my cum hanging from both of their mouths when they were done.

Sometime after the last make out show they gave me, we ended up falling asleep in one great big group hug, only to wake up the next morning to the realization that it all had to end at the night before.

“We’d love to spend some more time with you so we can both drain you of more bodily fluids, but we have a flight to catch,” Catrina whispered to me, Melissa spanking her on the ass playfully as they got ready to leave me, and the debauchery we shared after the Comic-Con behind them as I wondered when or if they had done this sort of thing before.

“Thanks for all the hard cock you gave us stud. And hopefully we paid you properly with pussy that was just as good,” Melissa continued, having finally embraced her inner-slut by the time I was cumming into her pussy for the second time, and now a bit sad to be leaving me herself.

“Better than anyone could imagine or believe ladies. But don’t worry, what happens at the Comic-Con stays at the Comic-Con, so your secret is safe with me,” I told them as they each blew me a kiss and rushed off to catch their flight.

As I walked across the parking lot to my car, the thoughts of what I did with them the night before were going through my mind as I wondered when, or if, I would ever see them again.

But either way, I’ll always have the Comic-Con.

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