Aging And Wet: Part One – Jules Asner

Aging and Wet: Part One – Jules Asner

I had always wondered about celebrities who were “past their prime”.
What happens to beautiful women when they get to their 30s? I noticed
that in most of the L.A. and Hollywood area in which I lived, many stars
seem to go into hiding once they get to 30 or so. Many are still hot, if
not HOTTER at that age then when they were 20 or 25. I wondered if they
still craved young meat like myself. This is a journey to find out if I
could tag various aging celebrities.

My first attempt would be the lovely Jules Asner. I had a previous
internship at E!Studios and had seen her quite
a few times there, so I
could use that to start. She was always too busy to make a long
conversation with me and my co-workers, but I managed to get the
occasional giggle and slight flirtation out of her. She said many times
during my 2 year intern that I was “sweet”, “too funny”, and on my final
day in the office her exact words were “I am gonna miss you… you’re so
cute the way you tell jokes”. Damn, Jules said I was ‘cute’. I would
remember that for a long time to come. I was thinking of it at that
moment too…. the moment that I saw Jules sitting all alone at the
night club in a pink floral summer dress.

I took a deep breath and made my way over to her, thinking what I would
say after not seeing her in person for all most a year.

“Ah… hey Jules.”

I quickly scanned her from head to toe. She was hiding a little under a
big hat, slouching at the bar, trying to go unnoticed. She hesitated a
bit, before she glanced at me and squinted.

“Ja… Jason? Oh my gosh!” she said with a big excited smile on her

I could tell she was a bit buzzed, maybe even drunk at this point
because she had that look on her face like of
‘I-am-looking-through-you-not-at-you’. Still sporting a smile, she
offered me to sit with her. I sat, and began to tell her about what I
had been doing for the past several months.

Hours passed in which she touched my arm 4 times while talking, then my
leg 2 times, laughed dozens of times, and drank several more drinks. I
simply sipped on my cockscrew with heavy ice, trying to stay as sober as
possible for what I had planned.

I offered to take her home, noting that it was getting late and “a nice
girl like you shouldn’t be out this late Jules”. She replied with a
slurred version of “I am not as nice as you think I am” followed by a
stare and a smile that made my cock twitch. I offered to take her back
to my place for more drinks and to talk more because the music was too
loud and she agreed.

During the short drive to my place, she kept making various sexual

“Jason… what do you think about OLDER women?” she asked.
“Well, how old exactly?”

“Ummm… about 33 or so,” she said as I felt her hand barely brushing my
pant leg. I swallowed, not thinking she would be this forward.
“Well, I do like a mature woman.”

“Even one that is more than 10 years older than you?” She was now facing
me and staring at the side of my face as I tried to concentrate on
pulling in to my driveway.

“Ten years isn’t a lot. Really, Jules, it’s not. Especially if the woman
looks like you…. er.. looks good, I mean.”

I saw her grin in the shadows.

“Well Jules, here we are.” I got out and walked around, opening the car
door for her.

I watched her long tone tan step get out of the car and then she stood
up inches from my face. Either she was too drunk to realize how close
her face was to mine, or she was seducing my young body.

“Thank you Jason,” she said with a huge sexy smile, her mouth 2 inches
from mine. I could practically taste her lips covered in cherry lip
gloss. Yum.

She walked past me and straight to the front door. I watched her big ass
sway in the thin material of the summer dress. I literally ran up in
front of her to unlock the door. I was now very nervous, but my cock was
half hard already. I jingled the keys, trying to get the right one. She
approached me as I was bent over and her warm hand brushed my butt and
landed on my back, gently rubbing it.
“Find the key yet hon?” she quietly said.

My cock twitched again. (She called me honey!) I tried several keys
until one finally slid in the lock. I glanced down and snuck a peek at
her legs one last time before I opened the door and hit the lights. I
put the keys on the table and she shut the door.
“Are we alone here Jason?” she asked.

“Yep. I live all alone here. It’s kind of…” as I turned to face her
she jumped in to my arms, wrapped her legs around my standing figure,
and started kissing me very aggressively.
Like a moron, I slightly protest.

“Woah… wait… slow down…” I said, not even knowing why I am saying
it exactly. She keeps kissing me over and over.
“Mmm… please Jason… mmmuah… muah… I need it… muah… I need
you… mmmmmuah… mmmmuahhhh…..”

Her shoes go flying and she is now standing up still kissing me and
pulling down my pants. I figure she wants me now for sure (duh) so I
kiss her back and get my shirt off. She smiles in between kisses and
pulls off her summer dress. She is now in her skimpy black bra and
matching panties that barely hold her butt in. We continue to kiss and
she shoves her hand down the front of my boxers. I figure I’ll match her
aggression so I kiss down her neck as she pulls me close to her and
begins to rub my balls and shaft. I undo her bra, literally ripping it
off, and suck on her plump nipples as she begins to kiss and suck my
fingers like a cock.

“Ahhh… yeah… mmmuah… muah… don’t stop Jason… muah… it’s been
so long since I had a man…. muahhh… muah… a YOUNG man…. muah..”
I go at her breasts with everything I have, sucking and nibbling them
until her nipples are dark and perky. We move to the couch and she sits
on my legs still in her panties, STILL rubbing my cock. I get two
handfulls of her big butt and suck on her titties some more. I slide my
hand under the back of her panties and feel pussy juice all over them.
She is really panting and flicking her tongue on mine, frenching me like
no other as she wraps her fingers around my cock and begins to jerk me

I decide to take charge a bit and I stand her up. I pull away from her
and leave her standing there, eyes closed a bit, breathing heavy. I pull
down my boxers. letting my cock spring free. Her eyes widen and her
smile returns, still panting. I walk around her and sandwich my cock
between my own abs and her panty-clad ass, rubbing it against her. I
hold both of her breasts from behind and kiss her neck, beginning to
talk to her.

“Jules… you horny girl… you like that?” I tweak her nipples and dry
hump her.

“Mmmm… yes… ahhh…”

“You like me huh? You like my young tight body…. my ripped figure…

huh?” I kiss her neck and see her goosebumps rise.

“Oh yes… I need you Jason… mmmm please…”

“Jules… when was the last time you had a young COCK like mine… huh

“Ohhhh! It’s been so long… mmmm… SOOOO long… I need it…”

I pull away from her, still behind her, and YANK down her wet panties to
her ankles, making her let out an “ahhhhhh”.

I push her and make her bend at the waist, still standing up, and she
balances on the side of the couch. I put my mouth inches from her open
pussy and tease her more.

“Want me to eat your pussy Jules… huh…?” I blow air on her wet cunt.
“Ahhhhh! Yes! Please!” she gasps, her hips moving from side to side.
“Beg me baby… come on tell me what you want….” I blow more air, this
time directly on her clit, making her stutter and moan.

“Ahhhhhhhah-hah-hah-ah…. yes…. mmmm please eat my pussy… please
lick it UHHHH!” She moans very loud as I stick my tongue straight up her
cunt and wiggle it fast. Her hips buck and she cries out as I lick her
all inside. I have to hold her wide hips and big butt as she squirms,
loving the feeling my tongue is giving her.

“Ahhhh… mmmm…. ohhhh ahhh-h-h-h-h-h ohhh yeahhh…”

I lick up and down her slit, from her clit to the crack of her ass and
back down over and over. I suck right on her clit and she moans louder
than ever. I stand her up, take her hand, and I lay on the couch. I have
her sit on my face in a 69 position and she immediately takes my cock in
her mouth for the first time. My initial reaction is to moan of course,
but this is Jules and I really want to get her off, so I try to block
out what she is doing to my cock so I don’t blow my cum already. I
continue to lick and kiss her tender pussy all over. So wet, I can’t
believe she is over 30 and not a horny teenager. She must be backed up
with girl juice because it really starts to flow now as I flick my
tongue directly on her clit and slip 2 fingers in.

“Mmmmph… mmm yeah Jason… ahhhh… that feels so good… mmmph!”
She starts to quickly jerk me off as she sucks away at my big dick. I
know I am about to cum as my balls stir, but with all my might, I push
her off a bit to keep from cumming.

At this point, I don’t know what comes over me. I pick her up and race
to the bedroom and toss her gently on my king size bed. By the time I
put one knee on the bed to join her, she is clinging to me and kissing
me hard yet again. I rub her back and squeeze her ass as she wraps her
legs around me. I push her on her back and spread her legs wide open.
The pink folds of her shaved pussy are sticking out and just waiting for
my cock. Jules begins to simply whimper and whine with her legs bent and
open, spread in the air as I move in to her. I touch my dick head to her
wet lips and immediately push forward.

“Ahhhhhh!!!! Yes!! Put it in me Jason! Please!!!” I push half in her
pussy and then start to make little thrusts forward, putting an inch
more in each time.

“Uhhh! Ahhh!! Oh gawwwww!!!! Uhhhnnnnn!!! So big mmmmmm!”

I get in all the way and fuck her, porno style. I ram in and out as fast
as I can, giving her pussy a wild ride. I lay all my weight on her and
simply move my hips like a jack rabbit. She moans in my ear and matches
my pace, moving her own hips to meet mine. I kiss on her neck and
shoulders as she squeezes my butt and guides me in and out of her.
She rolls to her side and eventually gets up on the bed, hovering over
my cock. With a cute smile she says “I wanna ride your cock… You want
lil’ Jules to ride your cock?”

She touches her pussy lips to my dick and grinds a bit, teasing me now.
“You want me to ride you? Huh Jason?”

I don’t feel like games so I thrust up into her pussy and her grin turns
to a big open mouth that lets out a groan as her eyes close when I enter
her again.

” OHHHH! Oh yeah Jason…. uhnnnnn…. you ain’t playin’ around…

uhhhh… mmmmm… oh your cock is so big… mmmmm ahhhhh! Feels so …
uhhh! Feels so good!!! Mmmm!”

I relax again as she starts to ride me. And I mean RIDE me! She gets all
the way down, my cock in her completely, and she dances and bounces,
wiggling away. I grab her tits and hang on for the ride. Her moans are
so loud I can feel them vibrate on my cock. She lays on top of me and
all I see is darkness and her hair with flashes of light. MY cock is in
suspended wet warmth and it is massaged and squeezed like never before.
She spins around and rides me that way as I hold her big ass and get a
good view of it. I am too sensitive at this point to fuck her back
because I’ll cum if I move, so I just hold my breath and try to hold out
as long as I can. Jules humps and thrusts my cock and I know I am about
to blow my load.

I sit up and push her on her knees now and fuck her doggy style. She
moans and backs her ass up to match my strokes. I hug her from behind,
feeling her titties and her ass all over.

“Put it up my butt…. mmmm ahhhh…. please Jason….”

Don’t need to tell me twice. She is already holding her cheeks open so I
rub my cock up and down her tiny pink pucker. I don’t know if it will
fit, but I gotta try. I push a bit against her little butt hole. I get
the head in and she gasps, urging me for more. Slowly but surely, I slip
my cock up her ass in a matter of minutes. She just gasped and groaned
the whole tme as she played with her cunt. I fuck Jules right up her ass
nice and slow, really deep too. When I felt my nuts contract, I pulled
out and jerked off. She flipped on her back and I came all over her
stomach and titties. I rubbed it in with my cock and she giggeld,
running to the shower to clean up. We both passed out minutes later and
that was that.

I promised to take her home in the morning and that is what I did . She
lived in a huge condo in the LA area and I got quite a view of the
‘rich’ part of the city. After exchanging numbers and a quick kiss, I
made my way back to my place and got to thinking. I wonder who I should
target next in my adventure. There must be MANY famous women 30 or so
who are just dying to fuck a young stud like me. The question is, who
should be next?

Elisabeth Shue? Sandra Bullock? Terri Runnels? Others? Who REALLY needs

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